this movie is pure brilliance

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Treasure planet is one of my all time favorite movies. What's your favorite scene from the movie?

all of it????

for real that’s such a hard question but like animation-wise I guess the beginning

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and the part with Jim saving everyone

but emotionally it’d definitely be this one:

really though the entire movie is made of these tiny moments of pure brilliance in subtle character animation that it’s really hard to pick one

im sorry but why is no one talking about this movie?

its about a guy named Pistachio Disguisey who has to dress up in disguises to defeat an evil organisation

he literally dressed up as a turtle man to join the ‘turtle club’

and he dressed in drag as sassy Gammy Num Nums






Grimmjow and Sassquiorra review films made by shinigami

As requested by sakuya-neo. :)

There was a filler episode once about the Soul Society film festival. This list is kind of like that, insofar as various shinigami have made their own amateur films. But this time, Grimmjow and Sassy Ulquiorra (Sassquiorra) are going to review them.

1. Hanataro: As Below, Not As Above

It is a documentary film. 

Sassquiorra: I am now much more knowledgeable about the Seireitei’s sewers.

Sassquiorra: I regret that.

Grimmjow: I kept hoping there’d be, like, a monster or something.

Grimmjow: But there wasn’t.

Grimmjow: Unless boredom was the monster?

2. The Squad 2 Ninjas: The Yoruichi Diaries

It’s a “found footage” film.

Grimmjow: Is this whole movie just footage of that Yoruichi doing stuff? What the hell?

Sassquiorra: I’m pretty sure ninjas just pasted together all of the footage they took for Soi Fon.

Grimmjow: The part where she beat up Yammy was fine, I guess. But WAY too much of her eating!

Sassquiorra: The movie was uneven, to be sure. But even a movie like this can have moments of pure brilliance.

Sassquiorra: Like that part where she yelled at Ichigo.

Sassquiorra: Classic.

3. Rose and Kira: Sweeney Gin: The Demon Captain of Soul Society

It’s a musical. 

Sassquiorra: This may have been slightly derivative.

Grimmjow: Of what?

Grimmjow: Personally, I liked watching Gin stab people. It was perfect comedy!

Sassquiorra: It wasn’t supposed to be comedy.

Grimmjow: What

4. Rukia: Watership UP

It’s an animated film about an old bunny that attaches balloons to his hollow and goes on an adventure.

Grimmjow: This movie was so sweet I wanted to punch it in the stomach.

Sassquiorra: It was far too unrealistic for my tastes.

Sassquiorra: Rabbits can’t even talk.

5. Ichigo: A Comedy of Errors

It’s an adaptation of the Shakespeare play, set in Soul Society.

Grimmjow: This film was confusing as shit!

Grimmjow: What the hell was going on?

Sassquiorra: There were two sets of twins.




6. Matsumoto: The Soul Reaper Wears Prada

It’s a film about a shinigami who gets a job in the human fashion industry.

Sassquiorra: I honestly had no idea humans wore so many outfits.

Sassquiorra: I feel so bad about giving the woman just the one.

Sassquiorra: I was such a fool.

Grimmjow: Pull it together, man!

7. Iba: Cowboys Wear Sunglasses

It’s a western.

Grimmjow: Okay, this film was kind of genius.

Grimmjow: I loved the way you couldn’t see the guys’ eyes. That was great.

Grimmjow: Plus it was mostly guys fighting for no reason! Perfect!

Sassquiorra: You are clearly the target demographic. 

8. Hitsugaya: Zombie Power

It’s a zombie film.

Sassquiorra: A film told from the zombie’s perspective is slightly different, I suppose.

Sassquiorra: But this movie suffered from repetition.

Grimmjow: Yeah! It was like the same scene over and over again!

Grimmjow: Like, you’re a zombie! Eat some new people!

9. Yachiru: The Candy Heist

It’s a heist film. About stealing from the Candy Reserve.

Grimmjow: Personally I don’t get why they went through all that trouble plotting when they could have just broken through the walls and taken the damn candy.

Sassquiorra: You may not understand heist movies.

10. Sasakibe: An Image of Power

Grimmjow: By far, the absolute BEST FILM


Sassquiorra: Have you developed the ability to use sarcasm?

Sassquiorra: This film had no plot.

Sassquiorra: No dialogue.

Sassquiorra: It tried to be artsy but failed.

Sassquiorra: It was THREE HOURS of black-and-white, lovingly-filmed footage of what I’m pretty sure were the head captain’s abs.

Grimmjow: Yeah, it was!


Sassquiorra: Your ab obsession is out of control.