this movie is my soul mate

Myths about Soul Mates

1. The relationship should be natural, easy and uncomplicated: The truth is that all relationships take time, effort, commitment and energy. You need to make time for each other, to do fun things together, to work on communication, and to learn to negotiate and compromise.

2. The relationship should be conflict free: Because we are each individual and unique we all disagree with others at times, so conflict is natural, and not to be feared. In fact, conflict can force us to confront our differences, and to grow as individuals, and as couples too.

3. Soul mates are romantic: Real life is not the movies, and love can be expressed in countless different ways, and still be genuine. Look out for all the signs that show your partner cares, and don’t be disappointed if they’re not “the stereotype”. Don’t force them to be something that is maybe nor their style.

4. You should always see things the same way and have the same opinions, outlooks and beliefs: You both have different backgrounds and have individual brains so you’re going to sometimes differ in the way you look at life. That needn’t be a problem – you don’t want to be clones.

5. My soul mate will always like and love me: Consideration, respect and a concern for your partner are symptoms of a loving relationship. But being rude and disrespectful or irresponsible are not endearing qualities that build relationships. Instead, we need to give to get – as it’s not “all about me”.


Can you imagine, finally showing your true self to your spouse, your soul mate, and having him not like you?

classicwom  asked:

1) Matthew Crawley or David Haller; 2) David Haller or Beast/Prince; 3) Answer to #1 or Answer to #3 😈

Anon or not, make me choose between (and i’ll gif it):

Matthew Crawley / David Haller

Can you kill me now… 

1) I can never not choose Matthew. My soul mate. Syd defends her man… I”ll bite the head off of anyone who hates on Matthew.

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2) This one is more difficult… David Haller / Beast-Prince

I love the Beast. He’s the heart of the movie. His humor, his love of books…his understanding that love and beauty is more than superficial appearances… 

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And the Prince…well…. 

I mean look at that kiss…

and the dance…. Gawd help me… 

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But …. David. Powerful David. 

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So in love David


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 Tortured David…

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It’s David. He’s so good. So complex. I can’t wait to see where they take this show and this character.

Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT]

Title: Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [Smut]

Pairing: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) x reader

Characters: Reader, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark (There is no one better to interrupt smut)

Request:  #4 “There you go again: walking away from me when I’m trying to have a decent conversation with you." 

#10 "It’s not what it looks like…" 

#11 "Screw you." 

Loved this request anon :) So much fun to write <3

Summary: You love the doctor, no doubt about it. But happens when he confronts you about your feelings in the kitchen? Smut ensues…

Word Count: 1520

Warnings: Smut ensues with the cape of levitation getting involved… Read at your own risk for some smutty cape scenes with the Doctor himself. 

A/N:  Christine doesn’t exist for this request even though I love her character in the new film. I wrote this to the song Starboy by the Weeknd ft. Daft Punk. It inspired me I suppose, I’m not sure how… Perhaps the beat? 

I loved Doctor Strange so much! I can’t wait to see it again tomorrow with my best friend!!! :) 

If you have any requests then please do message me or drop a comment on here :)


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Myths about Soul Mates

1. The relationship should be natural, easy and uncomplicated: The truth is that all relationships take time, effort, commitment and energy. You need to make time for each other, to do fun things together, to work on communication, and to learn to negotiate and compromise.

2. The relationship should be conflict free: Because we are each individual and unique we all disagree with others at times, so conflict is natural, and not to be feared. In fact, conflict can force us to confront our differences, and to grow as individuals, and as couples too.

3. Soul mates are romantic: Real life is not the movies, and love can be expressed in countless different ways, and still be genuine. Look out for all the signs that show your partner cares, and don’t be disappointed if they’re not “the stereotype”. Don’t force them to be something that is maybe nor their style.

4. You should always see things the same way and have the same opinions, outlooks and beliefs: You both have different backgrounds and have individual brains so you’re going to sometimes differ in the way you look at life. That needn’t be a problem – you don’t want to be clones.

5. My soul mate will always like and love me: Consideration, respect and a concern for your partner are symptoms of a loving relationship. But being rude and disrespectful or irresponsible are not endearing qualities that build relationships. Instead, we need to give to get – as it’s not “all about me”.

Her Smile (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

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Warnings: Mentions of cancer

Word Count: 500 (short sorry) 

Her photograph still sits on the bedside table. It still shows her beautiful face; blue eyes, perfect smile. Its been two years, but I still wont accept it. I refuse to accept the fact she’s gone.

It was the cancer that took her away from me.

It took my wife.

I remember the day we met in the little record shop in our town. It was one of those movie scenes, where the boy and the girl are both looking at the same things, and as they both go to reach it their hands touch and realise “This is my soul mate”. It was exactly like that, accept when we both reached for the new Blink 182 album, she stared so threateningly into my eyes, almost as if her glare would burn into my skull and make me drop it.

I did.

And that was where it started.

I remember every day, how she laughed, how she made stupid comments about how my band wasn’t punk rock, it was shit. I remember how she begged me to put my lip ring back in. I  remember the day I knelt down on the beach, pulling out a ring and asking her to spend the rest of her life with me. I remember our wedding day, how she looked so beautiful as she walked down the aisle. I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let go. I remember how had our first dance, as she looked right into my eyes as we moved to Blink 182, the band that started it all.

I remember how she held my hand as we went on midnight walks. I remember the fights, the tears, the anger, but how we both realised we couldn’t stay mad for longer than 5 minutes. I remember the way she looked at me, with her eyes so bright and her smile that could light up the room. I had never seen anything so beautiful.

But I also remember the day I came home from the studio, and saw my wife on our bedroom floor with tear stained cheeks.

And then I forget. I refuse to remember what happened next. The way she cried all night in my arms, begging me to help.

But I couldn’t.

There was no way I could take it from her.

I remember how she grew weak, and fragile, but tried to remain strong as possible. I remember how she bought seven beanies, one for each day of the week after she had gone through her chemo therapy.

I remember how her eyes slowly grew tired, but the smile never faltered. Not once.

Not even when they gave her two weeks.

Not when she became too sick to move.

Not when she held my hand and told me she loved me.

No, the smile never left.

And two weeks later, when her heart stopped beating, the smile stayed.

I list of seriously under-rated animated movies that Tumblr needs to scream about as much as The Big Four but don’t for some reason:


Reason: It had an openly gay charector. And did not make him into a stereotype, they made him the complete opposite of a “gay stereotype”.They also taught very important lessons about not sinking down to other peoples’ levels, how scarey it can be to be different, why adults have such a big problem with people who are different, ghosts, witches, zombies, the antagonist is literally the ghost of a little girl who was KILLED FOR BEING A WITCH IN SALEM TIMES AND ALL SHE WANTED WAS A FREIND Tumblr you scream about these themes in movies you want and here they are

External image


Reason: Johnny Depp plays a pet chameleon who is terribly lonely and doesn’t know who he is as a person who ends up stuck in a desert pretending to be a sheriff battling a sharp-shooter snake, that should be reason enough, but it includes Beans, who has a type of panic disorder (yes she’s a lizard and alot of lizards do but the way they made a big deal of it sort of made me think of it more in this term) and the entire story is really centered on finding yourself and that’s precious, plus Johnny Depp plays a lonely lizard do I really need to say anything else?

External image

Ice Age

Reason: Well to begin with Scrat is the living embodiment of someone from Tumblr, as is Sid, it has Dodo Birds who have a fighting style called “Tai Kwan Dodo”, the first movie is about a mammoth, a sloth, and a Sabertooth Tiger taking care of a human baby, it also deals with alot of dark points like the food chain, betrayal, family genocide, neglect/abandonment on Sid’s part, the death of a mother trying to save her baby (well let’s be honest most animated movies have that for some reason) and these themes tend to persist (although not as heavily) in the other three films, paticuarly, the theme of loneliness and forming your own family out of odds and ends because your blood family isn’t healthy (abusive like Deigo’s, neglectfull like Sid’s, dead like Manny’s oops) Deigo is the king of sarcasm and is somehow charming, let’s be honest Ice Age is gold

External image


Reason: Shrek DOES appear on Tumblr more than anything else but mostly as a joke and I don’t understand that because Shrek has all the themes Tumblr cries about wanting in movies/kids movies, non-traditional princesses, non-traditional female leads, non-traditional romances, a princess not conforming to beauty standards and a male-lead her loves her not “despite that” but FOR that, he doesn’t “accept her”, he LOVES her, Shrek himself is the definition of a charector Tumblr should love, anti-social, sarcastic, awkward, passionate about food, and Donkey, the sarcasm machine who had hybrid babies with a dragon (again laughing in the face of traditional gender roles y the way) a cross-dressing wolf, a prince who’s actually a selfish mama’s boy, Puss In Boots- and if you don’t love him I just want to know, WHY?- who has his own spinoff movie with another BAMF, non-traditional female-lead who, instead of having to be a loyal princess, is more of a “I love you but let’s not make a big deal of it so I’ll come around when I come around” bandit in her own right, and although I honestly think the hay-day was the first two movies, the latest one DOES have Fiona as the leader of a rebellion war group…

External image

The Croods

Reason: Besides the explosive humor and adorable animals, it has an amazing female lead, the male lead isn’t just some pretty-boy love interest, he’s actually USEFULL, but I think what I love the most is actually the father role, because he isn’t presented as a clueless push-over, nor a stereotypical “No daughter of mine will __!” type, he actually represents a very accurate portrayal of the difficult to walk line between “I need to protect my family” and “I need to loosen up and let my kids make their own decisions”, he doesn’t do anything out of the “power of being a man” or just wanting his family to do what he says because he’s the leader, he very genuienly is afraid of losing his family because as the days pass the population IS getting thinner and thinner, and like most people, especially most parents, he doesn’t know how to handle that fear without going overboard, it also represents the fear of change without making that in it’s self a joke

The Secret World Of Arrietty

Reason: No animated movie list would be complete without a Ghibli film, but I’m really surprised that Arrietty doesn’t get the same love on Tumblr that Holw’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Ponyo, Spirited Away, and other Ghibli films get, it was almost swept under the rug, besides having a common thread on this list with the female lead being strong and independant and having a great family dynamic, I’m mostly impressed with the male lead, who doesn’t take the typical role of a male protagonist by using strength to overcome his obstacles as much as he uses cleverness, Sho (Shawn in the English dub) has a very strong since of compassion and moral values that isn’t usually there in the beginning of the movie for male protagonists, it’s usually a learned trait, but he’s very understanding to start with of Arrietty’s compromising position and only wants a freind, he also has a heart condition that plays a part in his loneliness in the movie, Arrietty, like many Ghibli movies, also ends with the leads remaining only close freinds and not love interests, as well as with going their own ways but hoping to see eachother again, they do so in a way that leaves the ending still sweet, rather than the usual bitter-sweet feel of these sorts of things, not to mention the breath-taking animation is enough to keep your eyes on the screen even if the sweet story doesn’t interest you

Hotel Transylvania

Reason: With Monster High being the sensation it is, paticuarly on Tumblr, I’m increasingly shocked that Hotel Transylvania hasn’t made a splash, besides the absolutely adorable personality of Mavis- and Dracula makes it easy to see where she got that from- most of the charectors that so much as have speaking roles have some level of amusement to them, Mr. Wolf’s family on it’s own could be a movie as far as I’m concerned, but what really makes me love the movie is the plot, it’s more than the typical vampire/human soul mate romance (although the quirkiness of this one and the awkwardness of Johnathan) it’s more than anything about Dracula, like The Croods it shows the father role as more than the typical “I don’t want my daughter to date because of reasons” thing, it depicts a very justified fear of humans and how the death of his wife pushed his already astoundingly strong love for his daughter into a hyper-drive of overprotectiveness, and it shows that, although he is willing to go to any length to protect her, he very often has a hard time justifying his extreme actions to himself, and unlike most fathers in this sort of plot, he doesn’t just “accept” his daughter’s decisions, he actively seeks to help her get what she wants from them, and if nothing else I’d have thought that the references to cosplayers and Twilight would make Tumblr giggle, but really Dracula wins the Best Dad Ever award


Reason: Following the trends of strong female leads, we have this peice of gold, I would think Beyonce playing a Faery Queen would have put Epic on Tumblr’s radar but apparently not, the animation is stunning, by far one of, if not the, best movie on this list in terms of the animation quality, the charectors are all clever and unique, with a familiar sense of searching for where “home” is and what’s really important in life, it also puts a new spin on the faery/human relationships that we so often see repeats of, it isn’t the classic “Humans hunt faeries but learn their lesson” movie, nor is it quite as innocent as Arrietty, not to mention that the concept of the Queen and the Leaf Men are very unique in their construction

External image

Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies movies

Reason: All I ever see of Tinkerbell (this one atleast) on Tumblr is hate about wishing she was the same amount of sassy and bad attitude that she was in Peter Pan’s world, but two things aren’t being taken into consideration here (and I think the reason for that is that most people on Tumblr don’t bother to see the movies) and those are 1. Tinkerbell DID have alot more attitude in the first two movies, paticuarly the second, and she was very easily riled and very easily frustrated, traits shown in Peter Pan (although I have honestly not watched Peter Pan in yeaaaaars so I don’t remember her from there very well) in Tinkerbell’s second solo movie it was highlighted the most and she also saw just how strong those traits were in her and she decided to change, 2. This PRECEEDS Peter Pan, if I’m not mistaken Pan’s Tinkerbell had been cast out of Pixie Hollow, it would be understandable that Tinkerbell, who already had these qualities in a lower dose, would only increase in frustration and jealousy if she had been an outcast, the thing is, people change, something obviously happened for Tinkerbell to decide to join Peter and leave Pixie Hollow, the Disney Fairy movies don’t demonstrate that, they show her adventures from before she joined Pan, they may eventually show a flittering relationship/meeting between the two but I doubt it, the Fairy movies have alot of classic Disney qualities and speak out most against following rules and conformity, from the first movie when she found herself put down for being a Tinker fairy and wanting to change her talent, to Secret Of The Wings when she meets her fraternal twin sister Periwinkle against the rules of Pixie Hollow, to The Pirate Fairy when the story centers not on Tinkerbell, but on Zerena, who was constantly spoken down to and made to feel unwelcomed just for wanting to experiment with the laws of Pixie Dust, it has a carefully strung balence between “The rules are in place for a reason” and “Sometimes you need to break them and that’s ok” and it’s done quite nicely

External image

Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

Reason: If I had to pick ONE movie that is the most underrated from this list, it would be Spirit, although it may look like a cute little movie about horses and rebellion, that really isn’t the case, the theme is very strong throughout the movie that the white men fighting against the Lakota tribe were in essence trying to break/imprison them just as much as they were the horses, Spirit is the only movie I know of that shows just how wrong the attack from Europeans on Native Americans was without it being a documentry of some sort, and although I think Disney’s version of Pocahontas TRIED to give off this vibe, I think it did poorly with it and gave a little too much (ok, alot too much) credit to the white men who came in and took everything the native people had,Spirit had none of that, I myself am white, but with some strong Native roots, I may be missing something that someone who’s purely/mostly Native American would find offensive, but as far as I can tell, Spirit does very well at representing the severely underrepresented group of people, and very accurately represented the cruelty of the Europeans, especially during that horrible war, even more than that though, it gave, in my opinion, a representation of Spirit and Little Creek’s relationship without making it corny or stereotyped, honestly, if I get pick any animated movie to get as much reckognition as Frozen does, Spirit would be it, because it isn’t JUST a good movie, JUST gorgeous animation, JUST a cute story… it’s all of those things, but more than anything, it’s a message that DESPERATELY needs to be heard in America, that just keeps getting shushed: Native representation, white power and how wrong it is- and was most especially when the Europeans took over- treating ALL people, as well as animals, with respect, free will, and I could just go on and on…

As much as I love the popular animation on Tumblr, Disney Princesses, Frozen,Rise Of The Guardians, How To Train Your Dragon, Finding Nemo, etc, these movies REALLY need to get out there, they have some important things to say

Snow Queen

Pairings/ Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel, (OFC) Iryania (sister)

Summary: What happens when a sister goes too far and gets between soul mates?

Prompts: #LoveSexMagic Challenge, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen (my take on his classic story mixed with the movie Snow White & the Huntsman: Winter’s War).

Word count: 4,507

Warnings: Angst, death, violence, fear, rage, love, SFW, this is gonna hurt y’all…

A/N: @neversatisfiedgirl, #LoveSexMagic Challenge, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, beta

*Italics are flashbacks/inner dialogue*

*Bold is spellwork* *GIFs are not mine*

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15 years ago

“Iryania! Come quick! I have something to show you!” Y/N yelled from within the woods. Iri races towards her sister in fear that she found something dangerous. What she sees is far worse than anything she could have imagined. Iryania comes across Y/N kissing a strange man but the obvious love and affection chills her to the bone.

“Iri! This is Dean and he’s my soulmate. He was hunting a ghost the next town over with his dad and I was visiting mom and dad in the cemetery. They save people Iri. I want to help him and his family. They know what’s it’s like when the supernatural takes a part of your family. Dean lost his mom just like we lost mom and dad. Are you not happy for me?” Y/N asks innocently as she hugs Dean close to her side. A mask of affection quickly replaces her fear and anger.

“Y/N, I am so happy for you! Dean, welcome to the family.” Iryania hugs them both and tells them to come back for a big dinner at her house to celebrate. As the happy couple leaves, hugging and kissing, Iryania’s gaze turns from loving to a mask of rage that would have scared her sister to the core. Her mind was racing with thoughts of how Y/N was the better witch with her growing powers, her spells are stronger and more complex, and now she has a soulmate too. “No way should she be this happy. No. Time for big sister to give her what she deserves, just like she did her parents….”

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cold-heart-warm-hands  asked:

Are there any books you like to see made into miniseries or movies that haven't already had/are getting that treatment? Also, if you had to pick one book to read for the rest of eternity which would it be?

Interesting questions. So many of my favorite books have been made into terrible movies (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Unbearable Lightness of Being). But… since I love the movie version of The English Patient so much, I’d love to see a big screen adaptation of another Ondaatje book, In the Skin of a Lion. I think The Awakening could make a beautiful movie, too. 

Regarding one book to read for the rest of eternity, I’d have to choose The English Patient. I’ve already read it seven times, and I get something new from it each time. That book is my literary soul mate. :) 

I’d love to hear everyone else’s answers to these questions. 

100 Writing Prompts

1. Describe the color green and what it makes you feel.
2. What do you feel at midnight?
3. Talk about one guilty pleasure movie.
4. Describe your first crush.
5. Talk about what it’s like to fly in an airplane.
6. What state is your favorite? Why? Have you ever been there?
7. What is one book no one knows you like?
8. What does your favorite fruit taste like?
9. Describe the mannerisms of your best friend when they are angry.
10. Do you like musicals or plays more? Why?
11. Describe the most easy going or relaxed day you can remember.
12. Do you believe you have a soul mate?
13. The biggest lie I have ever told is…
14. My parents’ religion has played a role in my life by…
15. What was your favorite show as a toddler? Do you remember the values of the show?
16. How important are your grandparents in your life?
17. If you could control everyone’s emotions would you?
18. What does no one know about you? Why is this a hidden part of you?
19. Have you ever questioned your sexuality?
20. Listen to Novo Amor’s song “Holland” and describe how it makes you feel.
21. Are you a good singer? Why do people sing?
23. Talk about your favorite instrument.
24. Can fame bring you happiness?
25. Is happiness only temporary?
26. Think about a character in your head and write a paragraph describing what they’d think about your life.
27. Do you wish you could read more? If so, why don’t you?
28. Is school worth it?
29. Who is the most influential teacher you have ever had?
30. Is it important to have a plan in life? What is yours?
31. Write a metaphor for Donald Trump.
32. How does gender expression play a role in your life?
33. Do you like walking barefoot in wet grass? Why or why not?
34. Write a paragraph describing lips. Feel free to include a drawing.
35. What do you image you mother was like at your age?
36. What is your dream car? Why does it’s aesthetic appeal to you?
37. Describe what snapping fingers makes you think about.
38. Talk about the nicest thing anyone has done for you in the recent past.
39. What is an experience you would hate to repeat but do not regret living through?
40. Do you have a hunch about when you are going to die? If so, discuss it.
41. What is your ideal afterlife?
42. Write a scene describing a car crash.
43. What is your favorite point of view to read a book from? (This would be either first person, second person, or third person.)
44. Do you over complicate/ over think things in your life? How does this affect aspects of your life?
45. Do you wear makeup? Is makeup gender specific?
46. Create a set list that makes you feel calm.
47. Ask a companion to write a list of emotions you have made them feel. Reflect on this list.
48. When you feel under attack do you tend to become defensive quickly?
49. Can you see yourself working a 9 to 5 job in an office cubical? What connotations does our society have about office jobs?
50. What is one movie or television show that your parents have introduced to you?
51. Describe your favorite place in your city or town.
52. Have you ever considered going vegan or vegetarian? How would this impact your daily life?
53. Create a set list that can make you cry.
54. Write about your first impression of someone you would now consider a trustworthy friend or mentor.
55. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Does your view change based on the situation?
56. When you give advice, is it advice you know the receiver wants to hear or advice they need to hear? Why?
57. Make a list of words that can hurt you.
58. When is your favorite time to write?
59. Would you consider your self more artistic minded or scientific minded? Is it possible to be balanced in this way?
60. Why do we as humans fear death?
61. When do you seek human touch for comfort?
62. Does the idea of undergoing surgery scare you or excite you?
63. What is your economic background and how has it influenced your views on money today?
64. What are your favorite numbers? Why?
65. What is the most defining feature of someone’s face?
66. Is it possible we are living in what would be considered another dimension’s dystopia?
67. Describe your dad’s music taste. Feel free to include a set list.
68. Talk about a dead musician.
69. What is a famous classic book that you have read either on your own or in a class that you found to be not worth the hype?
70. Would you consider yourself to be conservative or liberal? Do you think that either of these categories perfectly describes your beliefs? What are common misconceptions about the category you identify with?
71. What is ignorance? How do you respond to it in your day to day life? How have you become less ignorant over time?
72. Create a list of places in your own country that you’d like to visit.
73. Listen to slam poetry. (My favorite place to do this is on the Button Poetry channel on YouTube.) Find a poem you connect with and talk about the speaker’s voice.
74. Create a set list of songs only created before you were born.
75. What are you favorite names? Why are these your favorites?
76. Watch the movie “6 Years” on Netflix, describe the problem of domestic violence on men in our society.
77. What is a phrase or word that you commonly say? When do you say it?
78. Do you believe in unconditional love?
79. Make a list of quotes you find solely on Tumblr.
80. Spend 20 minutes resting quietly with music playing if you’d like and just let your mind wander. What did you think about? Was this time beneficial to you in any way?
81. Do you believe opposites attract? Has this ever happened to you or a friend?
82. Discuss your biggest insecurity and why it is an insecurity for you.
83. Describe the social concept of virginity and how it plays a role in your life.
84. Write a letter to your past self.
85. Write a letter to yourself 3 years from today.
86. Talk about rejection. How does it feel to reject someone? How does it feel to be rejected? Write about rejection in multiple aspects of your life?
87. Have you ever gone though a time of depression. Write about that feeling. If you haven’t talk to someone who has a write about what you learned from talking to them.
88. Talk about traits you find physically beautiful.
89. Write about your favorite words. Create a list and discuss their meaning, the way they sounds, and the connotations you have about them.
90. Do you have an accent? Describe your accent.
91. Talk about three people you find entirely miserable and try to understand why they are that way.
92. Describe the act of holding hands.
93. Discuss the following quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Your tomorrow depends entirely on what you do today.”
94. Is hate too strong of a word to use? Do you use it in your day to day life? Create a list of words conveying the same meaning as the word hate.
95. What is one experience that has taught you a lot about being grown up?
96. How do you learn best? What do you need from a teacher?
97. Can you write from the point of view of someone with a mental illness if you do not have that mental illness yourself? Is this an ethical issue?
98. Do you think our society is over sensitive or under sensitive? Why do think we are this way?
99. Write a list of things you do not know.
100. Write a list of things you have learned from solely your own experiences.



Joshifer Daily Reminder: There’s a lovely and super accurate passage from the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love when Steve Carell’s character talks about how he feels about his wife, Julianne Moore’s Emily:

“I met my soul mate when I was fifteen years old and I’ve loved her every minute, every day since I first bought her that mint chocolate chip cone. I have loved her through the birth of our three perfect children. I have loved her, even when I’ve hated her. You married couples will understand that one.”

No one drives you as crazy as the one you love the most. And that was one of the biggest changes between Jen and Josh in this last promo for MJ2.  There were so many instances of love (kisses, hugs, constant touching) but there were also soooo many instances of real-life, long-term couple bickering.  Here are two people who presumably only see each other a few times a year, yet they drive each other crazy and are arguing about everyday, mundane things - like playing your music non-stop or constantly being late and making the other person wait.  That happens every day in my house and it happens ever day in Jen and Josh’s too.


Gifs by @jennifirlaurence, @dianaflynn22, @lilieaurelie

Dating Stiles Stilinski would include...

Anonymously requested

Originally posted by teenwolfobsessed

  • Starting out as friends
  • Him being extremely nervous around you
  • Literally everyone in the pack knowing about his feelings for you and constantly trying to get him to do something about it 
  • Scott trying to help Stiles get over his fear and just talk to you
  • Lydia bringing you over to the group constantly, the two of you becoming close
  • You fitting in with the pack
  • Stiles warming up to you and becoming less nervous
  • You knowing he likes you causing you to tease him a lot
  • Flirting
  • Sarcastic comments
  • Sarcastic flirting
  • Being asked out on a date by a flustered and babbling stiles
  • You cutting him off with a kiss on the cheek
  • Hand holding
  • Tight hugs
  • Kisses on the head, forehead and nose (his way of keeping you close)
  • A life full of laughter
  • Jawline kisses
  • Star Wars marathons (’Ready for round two babe?’ - ‘Is that even a question?!’)
  • Passionate make out sessions
  • Him always making sure you’re safe
  • His hand having a resting place on your lower back and mid thigh
  • Him placing your legs on him almost every time you sit or lay down
  • Lydia prepping you for hours before your dates 
  • Stiles constantly in awe of your beauty, inside and out
  • Stealing his flannels and jackets
  • A lot of cuddling (him usually being the little spoon)
  • Becoming the ‘it’ couple of the pack and the school
  • Being apart of the pack and knowing everyone’s secrets and promising to keep them
  • Helping the pack on missions
  • Helping stiles cope through night terrors
  • Singing him back to sleep
  • Massages
  • ‘Studying’ together
  • Nicknames (You- Angel, babe, baby, sweetheart, beautiful, my girl. Him- Sti, babe, hun, stilinski)
  • Staying up all night worrying about his safety
  • Begging him some nights to stay with you instead of going out on dangerous missions with the pack
  • Reassurance and trust
  • You being his ‘anchor’ and the only reason he keeps fighting
  • Loving each other completely
  • A lot of sex
  • Roasting each other and the other pack members
  • Lydia becoming like your sister
  • Movie nights
  • A lot of kissing, everywhere
  • Becoming like Scotts little sister
  • Having an amazing relationship with the Sheriff
  • Always having each others backs (’I still can’t believe Scott hasn’t watched Star Wars yet’-’I KNOW RIGHT?!?!’)
  • Tender kisses and other forms of affection
  • His sweet spot being his jawline and you constantly teasing him about it
  • ‘I love you angel’ - ‘Eh, You’re alright’ - ‘You better say you love me right now’ - ‘Just a joke, god stilinski., but I love you too. So, so much’
  • Sheriff constantly joking on how he has no idea how Stiles caught such a lovely lady like yourself
  • Stiles completely agreeing causing you to list every single reason why you love him, ending each reason with a kiss on the lips
  • Bone and Vein tracing
  • Watching Disney movies and getting up to belt them
  • ‘You’re my girl’ - ‘Wouldn’t want to be anyone elses’
  • Never not some form of physical contact
  • Stiles looking at you like you hung the stars and planets just for him
  • Looking at Stiles as the center of your universe
  • Planning your future together
  • Promises
  • ‘I don’t know what I would be with out you’ - ‘And you’ll never have to find out’
  • Falling asleep on his chest 
  • Him playing with your hair while lightly rubbing your arms
  • Being each others soul mates and never doubting each other
  • Supporting him at every single one of his lacrosse games
  • Wearing his jersey
  • Riding around constantly in his jeep, even learning how to fix it due to the many times she would break down
  • Piggy back rides 
  • His eyes glowing up whenever you enter a room and vise versa
  • ‘She’s a keeper Stiles’ - ‘Trust me dad, i’m well aware’ 
  • everyone: you know what would be such a great idea uwu?? story where you see black and white until you meet your soul mate and then u can see in color and everything is perfect, your life is found!!
  • everyone: or how about you are half of a shape until you meet the love of your life and they complete you and now you can be happy!!
  • every movie: person is sad, but now, romantic love,
  • so many people: wow, i'm so glad i've found romantic love; i feel so sorry for everyone who hasn't found it /yet/!
  • so many people: sometimes i hate crushes but my life would be so boring and devoid of anything important without them!
  • so many people: see, true love is like friendship, but better,
  • everyone: we're /just/ friends
  • me: so i'm aromanti-
  • everyone: you'll find love someday, don't u worry,
  • me: constant aro screaming
dear future girlfriend

I want to warn you that I’ve been damaged more than I can keep count, and I know you probably have to, but I want to be the one to pick up the pieces and make you feel alive, loved, and cared for again because you deserve all of the love, support, and confidence in the world. I am shy at first, you may have to break through some walls to get to me to be the girl I truly am. Who am I? I am a sweet girl who loves to be held, who wants nothing more to lay on a couch with you and watch movies while I’m the little spoon and your arms are wrapped around my waist. We’re intertwined in each others love. You’re my best friend and my soul mate, we can never get enough of each other and we’re always learning more. I want that type of love that cant be matched.Of course arguments are inevitable, but can we at least agree to never go to bed mad? Promise me that if something is on your mind we can talk about it and not shove it away, because how you feel is important to me.Just as you take care of me, I want to take care of you. I won’t treat you like you’re typical. i will treat you like your out of this world and my entire world at that


And I’ll always want to be best friends with Gilbert. But in a romantic way. The best friends who are soul mates and we’d hold hands and watch silly movies and we’d be in love. And we’d hang out all the time because we love each other so much.

Mr & Mrs Smith - Part 8

Dean x Reader

A/N: Some answers in this part, but not too many, since we’re gonna find out everything pretty soon. A big big thank you to @shortandawkward94 for editing this! ^-^ 

[Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7]

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Don’t Say You Love Me | Park Chanyeol ft. Oh Sehun

Genre Fluff, Little Comedy

Word Count1.9k

SummaryYour singleness becomes a bother to your brother like bestfriends Baekhyun and Junmyeon. This results in them setting out to find you your so-called soul mate, without consulting you of course. But will they both decide to agree on the same guy to be your perfect match?

Part 1 Part 2 >>

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“You ask me one more time which one I prefer, I’ll pour my drink equally over each of you, walk out of this coffee house and never speak to either of you again… ” You calmly threatened, resulting in a very scared looking beagle and a much more concerned looking bunny. Although the question of ‘Movie or Picnic Date?’ seemed like a pretty simple one to answer, it had to be at least the fiftieth cosmopolitan quiz Baekhyun made you take and you were growing more than annoyed and snappy.

“Yeesh movie night it is! You need to appreciate the fact that we are going out of our way to make sure you aren’t spending your Friday nights or the rest of your life alone. Now…big hands or broad shoulders?” He read out with a sheepish grin whilst you fought the urge to accidentally murder him. Obviously it didn’t enrage you to that extent, but you complained once about not being able to find the right guy and all of a sudden you have two personal dating assistants who are on a hunt to find you a boyfriend.

“Yeah! We have lives too but no, we’re sat here trying to find out what type of guy you’d actually be happy with. What other best friend cares so much about the other’s happiness? None that I can recall” Classic Junmyeon answered his own question, causing you to instantly groan at their assumptions of you not appreciating their efforts.

“Guys the only thing that would make me the happiest girl in the world is if you guys finally go back to practice and leave me some peace and quiet” You requested sweetly and they scoffed at your apparent ungrateful attitude before slowly getting up and making their way back to their dance studio. You couldn’t help but wonder who they’d decide to set you up with based on the few years they’d known. You were also a fellow idol with your girl group under the same company, so you were also friends with their group members but not as close. You didn’t expect much from either of them, as long as they didn’t throw you into anything complicated, you were fine.

Sat leaning against the cold practice room mirror, you took a sip of water before to call Baekhyun back after seeing you had ten missed calls and received at least fifteen messages from him. Mentally preparing yourself for the excited screech that was about to erupt from your phone, you waited for him to pick up.

“I FOUND THE PERFECT GUY FOR YOU!” His voice boomed across the line, causing you momentarily hold the phone away from your face. Regardless of how stupid you thought this was, you couldn’t help but feel your stomach flip at the idea of an apparently perfect guy. You began to wonder what he actually might be like… Did he have the same music taste? Was he a night or morning shower person? Did he know what he was getting himself into? You were soon snapped out of your thoughts when Baekhyun screeched your name multiple times into his receiver.

“Gosh I’m still here Baek! My ability to hear may not be though” You muttered, sighing at the consistent ramble he fell back into as soon as he got your attention.  You found that he decided to set you up with his best friend Chanyeol, who you’d run into on multiple occasions but neither of you had decided to initiate anything because… It never came up?

“Umm Baekhyun are you sure you’re okay with me dating your best friend?” You questioned; obviously hoping that he’d taken all of that into consideration because… Park Chanyeol.

“Obviously! How awesome would that be? Two of my best friends in a relationship and if it works out, you can thank me at your wedding and name your firs-”

“Woah woah woah there! Calm it, I haven’t even said yes to this” You teased, instantly hearing him gasp because you knew full well that he already told Chanyeol that you said yes. But you didn’t mind because you actually liked Chanyeol as far as you knew him.

“He’ll pick you up at twelve thirty in the afternoon tomorrow, he has a surprise date planned for you! I hope you like roller coasters!” He spilled causing you to physically face palm at his inability to keep secrets. Poor Chanyeol, you kept a note to act surprised the next day.

“Okay I’m hanging up before you drop anymore clues, because the last one was obviously so vague. Bye Baek!” You chuckled before locking your phone and making your way back to your dorm.

As you walked along the long corridors, you saw someone running almost at the speed of light towards the dance studio you had just been in.  Figuring that it was probably someone who forgot something in the room, you continued to walk but you were soon stopped by a familiar voice calling your name. You quickly turned around to find a pink tinted Junmyeon walking towards you, he seemed slightly out of breath from his bolt but he looked extremely excited.

“I found the perfect guy for you!” He exclaimed, making you smile again at the thought of Chanyeol.

“I know I know Baekhyun told me, I’m really excited to go out with him” You tried to play it cool, but you couldn’t help but let out a little squeal at the end of your sentence. He looked happy with your reaction but slightly confused as to how Baekhyun knew already.

“Wow news spreads fast… So make sure you’re ready by eight tomorrow night, he’ll drop by at your dorm” He smiled, but now it was your turn to get confused as Baekhyun had clearly told you a different time.

“Umm no isn’t he picking me up at twelve in the afternoon? I’m pretty sure that’s what Baek said” You clarified, causing Junmyeon’s eyes to widen as he almost solved what went wrong.

“Sehun must’ve told him something different I guess. Anyways, have fun on your date!” He shrugged beginning to walk towards the elevator.

“Why would Sehun tell Baekhyun what time I’m going on a date with Chanyeol?” You asked after him, resulting in him stopping dead in his tracks and slowly turning to you with those wide eyes again.

“Why are you going on a date with Chanyeol?” He asked quietly, but you began to panic at his oblivion because… Who were you supposed to go on a date with?

“Because Baekhyun set me up with Chanyeol… Why are you asking?” You questioned with a cautious tone.

“Because I set you up with Sehun!” He blurted and your heart instantly stopped. You had been set up on two different dates on the same day; by the idiots you called your best friends. Deciding not to take the confusion farther by just talking to Junmyeon, you invited both of them to the dorms because you know… you just wanted to talk.

“Let me get this straight, you dimwits decided to set me up with two different people and agreed for me to go on dates with both of them on the same freaking day?! How did you not talk to each other before talking to Chanyeol or Sehun? Actually, how did you not talk to me before agreeing? Did you think about how messed up this situation is? Can you imagine how awkward it’s going to be for me to choose between whom to actually go out with tomorrow?” You ranted as you paced back and forth in front of the couch they both sat at, looking half-guilty and half determined. The pairs of eyes that were once following your back and forth movements, were now widened at your last question.

“What do you mean you have to choose who you go out with tomorrow? I can’t break Chanyeol’s heart because you decided to pick Sehun” Baekhyun exclaimed.

“So you pick Sehun?” Junmyeon jumped at the opportunity, and the urge to murder both of them brutally, was beginning to build back up.

“I was speaking hypothetically…” Baekhyun muttered though gritted teeth. “She’s obviously going to pick Chanyeol” He shrugged confidently, looking up at my glare with his hopeful eyes.

“My guy has a great date idea and an adorable personality” Junmyeon started, and you threw your hands up in the air as you realised that this was now a conversation between them only.

“My guy composes and can make her laugh” Baekhyun argued.

“My guy has broad shoulders and has a puppy”

“Well my guy… has a deep voice!”

“My guy has an amazing butt!”

“Is it just me, or do you actually want Sehun to be your guy?” Baekhyun cracked, turning to you in hopes of subsiding your annoyance. However, you were not entertained.

“Whatever you two need to decide between yourselves who I’m actually going with, and the other one has to let their friend know that I’m not available anymore” You stuck to your initial decision, but they weren’t ones to back down either.

“Okay, how about you go on both dates? They’re at completely different times of the day. By the time you get back from your date with Chanyeol, you’ll have a good few hours to get ready for your date with Sehun! And at the end of the day, you can let us know who you liked better” Baekhyun simply suggested, but an instinct inside you made it feel like this was wrong.

“Isn’t that two timing though?” You pointed in annoyance. You couldn’t deny that you wanted to go on dates with both of them. Sehun was always that slightly annoying sweet funny guy you hung out with at Junmyeon’s dorm room, and you did have many movie nights together after usually Junmyeon passed out half way through the first movie. But Chanyeol was also someone you’d adored because he was practically with Baek 24/7 and you two had shared many laughs in his studio.

“I mean technically it’s not two timing if you’re actually not in a committed relationship with either of them. We just need to make sure neither of them know that they’re going out with the same girl” Junmyeon finished, making Baekhyun agree with him for the first time that day.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this… You guys are going to take all of the blame if anything goes wrong” You made them promise. 

They began to exit your dorms before once again, breaking into argument about who the better choice would be.

“Sehun’s laugh is precious and he has God sent eyebrows with the strong features of a Greek God” Junmyeon strongly argued, causing both of you to raise an eyebrow.

“Hyung are you a hundred percent sure you don’t have a thing for Sehun?” Baekhyun asked again, earning him a smack behind his head before the two idiots decided to get back to their dorms. You had a big day ahead of you…

A/N: I know neither of them showed up in this Chapter, but this is the beginning of the series and I wanted it to have a little fun intro. The future Chapters will be mainly fluff, but the last Chapter is scheduled to have major Angst (Spoiler much? Lol) Anyways, I hope you Loves liked this Chapter and let me know whether you’re team Chanyeol or Sehun on this one, just for fun.Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you later Loves!

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6 Years With Phil

Genre: Smutty angst fest.

Word Count: 2,035

Summary: Dan has been waking up everynight with Phil, making sure he’s still there. Dan is convinced that Phil is going to leave him eventually. Dan can feel it. Dan keeps waking up, looking around, being scared shitless when Phil isn’t there. But eventually, he gets passed it. He knows that Phil will stay.

~First Night with Phil~

My first night in Manchester was the worst and the best night of sleep I had ever gotten. Ever since I was small, I’ve been super insecure about people leaving me. I have always been afraid that if I let people near me long enough, they’ll realize I’m trash and get rid of me. I’m sat in bed with Phil. Phil. AmazingPhil from YouTube, who I have been obsessed with for quite some time now, and finally we are meeting after months of talking online. It’s 2 in the morning, I’ve woken up twice now, looking at his sleeping form just to assure myself that he’s still next to me. He has been each time, but I’m still terrified that he’ll leave. I go to sleep again, only to wake up at 4:36 am, seeing him still asleep. But I worry none the less. I fall back asleep and wake up at 5:52, he’s still there. I go back to sleep and wake up at 7:34, he’s bringing me coffee and smiling. Never had I ever slept so soundly and so worriedly before.

~A Year Later~

I’m in bed with Phil again, we’ve been dating over a year and I still wake up at least 2 times a night, checking to see if he’s there and falling back asleep once more. I wake up 3 times on this night in particular, just looking over him and assuring myself that he won’t leave. I just know he will though! I feel it deep in my heart because it’ll be like with everyone else, he’ll realize I’m just a pile of trash and leave me like everyone else I’ve been in a relationship with. But I’m learning to trust him, I think…No. I’m not.

~2 Years In~

Once again I find myself in bed with him. It’s been 2 years and every night I wake up, looking around to make sure he’s still there. He’s not in the bed and I’m momentarily panicking until I realize that he’s in the bathroom and peeing or something. I feel better and drift too sleep once more. An hour later I wake up and he’s on his phone. He looks over at me and kisses my cheek bone, smiling and talking softly.
“Hey, love. Everything all right?” He asks me and I sit up a little, sitting back on my elbows and yawning.
“Everything is fine.” I mumble softly and look at him My eyes are half lidded because I’m still half asleep.
“Why’d you wake up, bear?” He asks in a soothing tone. He doesn’t know that I do this a lot, I never told him.
“I can’t sleep.” I lie. If I tell him it’s because I’m afraid he’ll leave he’ll think I’m weird.
“Did you drink anything full of caffeine or something before bed?” He asks me.
“No…Just bad dreams I guess.” That’s kind of the truth I guess.
“Oh okay. Cuddles?” He asks me. I nod and lean into him, cuddling myself into his chest and smiling. He has his arms around me and kisses my hair. I smile and flutter my eyes shut, looking at him once more before falling asleep. I had a nightmare. Or 4.

~3 Years In~
I still wake up. Every night with him the last 2 years I wake up and look for him, wanting to make absolutely sure that he’s not leaving. He’s stayed with me 3 years as of today. He still looks at me with love eyes, like I’m the best thing to ever exist. But lately…I’ve been a bit of a dick to him. I’ve been ignoring him, all because of the stupid video. I know it was an accident. I’m just so stubborn. I wake up and look around. He’s not in the bed. He’s not here and I’m panicking, I’m starting to cry. His phone is gone, and he’s gone so I instantly am led to believe that he’s finally done with my shit and left. But then I hear it. I hear the tears coming from the lounge. He’s crying, no doubt because of me. I’ve been putting a major strain our relationship lately. I get up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and trying to yawn silently so he doesn’t hear me. He’s sitting in the floor, going through pictures of us from 2009 and 2010. He’s smiling and giggling when he comes across certain things. I get up and go sit next to him, kissing his cheek. He frowns at me, and leans away from me as if I have the plague. I can’t be mad. I can’t get angry or be offended because I deserve this.
“Hey, Dan.” He sighs and looks at the picture. It’s of us in 2009. We are in his bed, kissing. I’m in shorts and a gray cardigan and he’s in jeans and a t shirt. My head is tilted sideways and we are kissing. We look like one of those emo couples on MySpace.
“Hey..” I mumble and look through the pictures with him. I’m looking at one of us in a sexier matter. It was the first blow job I gave him that he wanted to commemorate because it took me forever and a day to get the nerve to ask to do these things. He looked over and saw it, smiling sadly. You can clearly tell that he’s been crying for a few hours. His eyes are red and puffy and I look at him and frown gently.
“That was a good night..” He said softly and sniffed sadly. “You said I love you for the first time. We kissed and watched movies…You told me we were soul mates.” I see the tears roll down his cheeks again.
“I still think that.” I mumble and look at him. His yes are wide when he hears me say that. “I love you.” It’s the first time I’ve said it in weeks.
We have sex. I’m crying he’s crying and it’s the first time we’ve had sex in maybe 4 months. He’s kissing my neck, mumbling how much he loves me and I’m saying it back. I’m sobbing during but he is too, he feels so good and I know he means all the I Love You’s and I’m Sorry’s because when I say them back, I know I mean them. I think we’ll be okay. After we finish I go to sleep. I wake up 6 more times. He’s still here. Thank God.

~4 Years In~
We’ve gotten past most of the drama in our life. We still have sex and kiss and say I Love You on a regular basis. It’s 9 pm. I’m looking at him like he’s a god because I have no clue how he’s put up with me the last 4 years. I kiss his lips softly and he grins at me.
“You’re so pretty, baby.” He whispers to me and strokes my hair. It’s a bit long, which makes it easy for him to tug at and play with. After an hour or so of cuddling and talking, we fall asleep. I wake up 2 or 3 times. I have a journal. It’s like a dream journal, except its where I track how many times I wake up each night. It’s about half way filled after 4 years. After the second time I wake up, he’s in the bathroom brushing his teeth. He must have forgotten too before bed. I’m watching him climb back into bed. He wraps himself around me, kissing my head and mumbling that he loves me. I sigh in content, locking my fingers with his as we go back to sleep. I wake up once more before I finally finish out the night. We go to Starbucks the next morning when he springs a question on me.
“Why do you wake up at night so much?” He asks me and sips his coffee. I’m not sure how to answer so I start with the basic minimum of the actual answer.
“I just need to make sure you’re still with me.” I shrug and drink my coffee with the same casual vigor as him.
“Why, baby?”
“Because I know eventually you’ll leave, and I’m just making sure it’s not any time soon.” I say.
He leaves it at that. He kisses me and says he loves me, that he won’t leave. Then we drop the subject and talk about Pokémon and why Pikachu is by far the lamest and most over rated. Even when we try getting sentimental, we just go back to being nerds. It’s what we do.
~5 Years In~
He found the note book. He started crying and asking me why I think he’s leaving. He’s reading all of the little cliff notes and entries and poems I’ve written in there. HE’s reading them out loud, trying to get me to explain.
“He says he loves me, that its meant to be. He says he wants me more than anything, and I guess I just have to believe. I don’t think it’s true, but I don’t know what to do. I love him a lot, and my thoughts are all blocked, all clouded with love, my heart thinks before what’s above. So I think I’ll keep lying to myself, just until he stops lying to me as well.” He reads out loud. He’s never read my poetry, hell, I don’t really write poetry. This just came natural to me. There are only a few more in the journal, but they all came from the heart and were pretty easy to write, even if they suck.
“It’s how I feel.” I choke out. I’m crying with him, because I’m so emotional. It’s not even a poem really so much as random thoughts that maybe rhyme a little. He’s sobbing and holding me into his chest. I’m soaking his shirt with tears, and that’s when I hear him say it.
“Will you marry me?” He asks. I stare at him and my eyes are full of tears. I can’t react. I just nod and cry.
“Yes…” I choke out, I kiss him and basically attack him. We make love for what feels like forever. It’s so love filled and heart felt, I almost believe that he actually wants me. Except I don’t really. I’m just pretending that I know he loves me back. We go to sleep, and I wake up 4 more times. He’s still there. Maybe he does love me.
~6 Years In~
We’re still engaged. Set to be married in 2017. We finally got rings. He kisses me more sweetly and passionately now than he ever has. I’m really starting to think that he does love me. Our 6-year anniversary is coming up soon. I’ve been waking up less and less at night. He kisses me with no tongue, just romance. He smiled at me lovingly and fondly, like I was fragile and important. I know I’m not, I’m way to tall, I’m getting fat. My thighs look like cottage cheese, and I’m pretty sure you can eat cereal out of the dimples in my ass. I’m so gross, I’m getting way to big. Phil can’t even carry me around anymore like he used to be able to do. I’m just too large but he doesn’t seem to mind. He seems to love me just the same. He actually seems to love fat me more than skinny me. Maybe I’m dating a chubby chaser. God I hope.
We are laying in bed together, he’s kissing my inner thighs and nibbling them. He’s leaving marks and I can’t actually see them, but I know they’ll be there tomorrow. He’s licking the sip of my hips, kissing my lips, squeezing my ass and fucking me. He’s telling me he loves me and I actually believe it. Around 9:30pm, we fall asleep. For the first time in our entire relationship, I sleep through the entire night. And every night after. I don’t have to wake up, because I know he won’t leave. He won’t because after 6 years he has proved it enough that I think it’s true. I stop writing in the journal, because I don’t need to.