this movie is messing with my brain

i like you (this is a problem)

“Here’s the thing-” Lily said, marching into the pub and pulling out a stool.

“We’re closed.” James interrupted without looking up from wiping down the bar.

“I want a dog.” Lily barrelled on without hearing him. “But my landlord doesn’t allow pets so I was wondering-“

“I’m not getting a fucking dog for you.” James said firmly.

Lily blinked at him. “I was going to ask if you thought it was morally wrong to raise it in my air-vent.” There was a silence. James was caught between hoping she wasn’t serious and knowing that she was. “Your idea seems better.” Lily admitted.

“Really. Talk me through that, is it because there is no animal abuse involved?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of then you’d have to clean up the poo, but the no animal abuse is also good.”

“Y’know” Sirius was lying on top of the bar, waving around a beer and staring at the ceiling. Nobody looked up. “I always thought once we owned a bar we would spend a solid 60% percent of our time drunk, and that hasn’t happened.” 

Remus, still wiping down tables, said “I shudder to think what you’d be like on your own.”

“Since we bought the bar we spend more time drunk than we used to?” Peter consoled, baffled.

Sirius sat up. “I would say we spent about 15% percent of our time drunk before the bar, and after the bar we spend about 25%. That is an increase of only ten percent.”

“Where are you pulling these numbers from?” Lily asked while holding the ladder for James, who was avoiding the dishwasher by pretending to fix the squeaky window.

“On top of being an excellent barman I double as a statistician.”

“You are neither of those things.” Remus said. Sirius glared.

“Fuck you Moony. At school you were always saying I didn’t do enough math, and here I am, doing math, and you’re abusing me.”

Remus threw a dishtowel at him and gestured to the kitchen. “Go unstack the dishwasher.”

“Fantastic.” Sirius said, throwing his hands in the air. “This is what I get for my brief foray into math. Insulted and unloading dishes.” He jumped off the bar and mockingly gave Remus’ back the finger. James laughed.

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i can’t focus on things for long. my brain doesn’t let me. if i need to focus, i need to move. my leg has to bounce, i need to fidget.

i can never finish what i started. tasks I start off excited about quickly get left behind in favour of new, more stimulating things.

i need to have a million things going on to feel satisfied. music and a book, a game and a movie, i have to have constant stimuli of every kind.

everything is a distraction. noise, lights, etc. even without physical distractions, my brain wanders off. i have to re-tune in to things, often after several minutes.

i never know when to shut up. i try, but it’s hard. and i always interrupt people. i hate waiting for turns, i need to be engaged constantly. listening to other’s is a struggle.

organizing is impossible. my room is always a mess, no matter how much i want to clean it. i lose everything constantly: my phone, my keys, my wallet, the remote, my pen. everything.

if i don’t like it, i can’t do it. even if i have to. if i like it, focusing is easier, but my attention still waivers.

some days are worse. some days, my brain is jumping from activity to activity. staying on tasks i usually enjoy wont happen. sitting still is impossible. when i can’t move or i feel bored, i get extremely frustrated and angry. everything in me wants to scream.

i always forget to do things i need to. notes and reminders don’t help. i have needed to pay my brighthouse bill for 2 months and i still haven’t.

i got so frustrated in class when i couldnt focus that i had to leave and i cried in the hallway. this isnt a first.

in elementary school, id read instead of paying attention in class because my books could hold my attention and didnt make me restless.

in middle school, i doodled instead of paying attention. i almost failed algebra because i couldn’t focus on the content. somehow i got a 5/5 on the exam.

i cried in the shower tonight because my brain doesn’t work.
this sucks.

Jongin - Come Home (M)

Jongin x (Y/N) scenario

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Oral sex, vanilla sex

Word count: 4552

Saturday mornings always bring tired eyes and lazy Netflix binges tangled in a blanket on the sofa. At least, they have for the past month. I don’t have anything better to do anyway. My roommate won’t be back from her home-stay for another 6 months. I’ve nearly forgotten the scent of her floral perfume wafting through the apartment as she scurries around getting ready for work. She hates her job, but keeps a smile on her face regardless. Despite frequently working overtime and off-duty business calls, not to mention lowkey harassment from a coworker (something she doesn’t trust will be properly dealt with if she notifies her lackadaisical boss), she remains optimistic. She’s like a ticking bomb. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, I know that she has a limit. It’s only so long until she explodes, and I’m not ready to see such a mess sprawled out before me.

But honestly, as I sit flipping through an endless scroll of B-movies I can’t be bothered to waste brain cells sitting through, all I can think about is one person, and it certainly isn’t my optimistic roommate. Letting the remote go limp in my hand for a moment, I grab at my phone lazily perched on my hip. No new messages. Damn. How long has it been anyway? 3 days? He could at least drop a text to say “Good morning” or “Sweet dreams” or “I love you~”. Even a “Thinking of you” would do. But he’s been completely silent for far too long (3 days can seem like a long time when you’re completely and utterly in love with someone who isn’t near you). It’s not like we promised to talk everyday, but considering that he’s 92093842347 miles away from where I am, I would be willing to hear even just a small peep from him at least once a day. He must be busy, I tell myself, setting my phone aside again as I begin to harass the remote buttons. “God damn it, there has to be something to watch on here!” And yet there isn’t. Either I’ve watched everything already or there’s nothing interesting left. So I pull up YouTube instead. Perhaps a few random tutorials and Story Times down the road, I’ll actually find something to binge on. As soon as I open the screen, however, one thumbnail catches my eye and I feel a pang in my chest. ‘170425 EXO’rDIUM in NY - Acoustic Medley’. I try to hide my frown, if not only to trick my spirits into staying light. My fingers move on their own, and I’m sucked into the melodic harmony of all the members singing Call My Baby and Love, Love, Love, and other songs he’s sung to me while I fall asleep nestled in his warm embrace. He looks so content, sitting there among his near brothers, lifting the mic to his lips when it’s his turn to sing, gazing out at all the fans who adore him so passionately. And it’s almost the same look he gives me when he comes home sometimes after work and holds me in his arms, something we aren’t able to do as much as we’d like. I know that I’m the only one who gets that extra special look, that look of “this is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met in my life”. I give him the same one.

Kim Jongin is warm-hearted to a fault. Literally anyone who meets him could tell you that he’s always a gentleman, and he’s always polite, but he also knows how to joke around. He’s the epitome of the perfect sweetheart. It’s no wonder he has young girls worshiping him around the world. But, of course, what they see on the screen, even what they are sometimes lucky enough to see in person, is only a part of the man we know as Kim Jongin. Behind closed doors he’s so much more. He shows me aspects of his personality that he’d never show anyone else. There’s so much to know about Jongin. There’s so much to understand, and adore, and protect. Although he’s undoubtedly tough, he also has a certain fragility about him, which only makes me care for him more deeply.

I just want him to come home. A month is a long time to be deprived of seeing the one person you love above all else. He’s been really good about replying to my texts of encouragement and also the ones that say things like “Oh my god, when the fuck are you getting home, I’m about to die!!!” Although I know he’s busy and probably isn’t supposed to be on his phone. I get his messages and have to remind myself that it’s not, in fact, 4am where he is when he sends them. I can only imagine how the time difference affects him. Poor baby works too hard anyway. We’d tried calling each other once only to have to keep it short because he was getting ready to go to rehearsal at 8am while it was 9pm in Korea. Before we’d even had a chance to talk heart-to-heart, his manager called him away. He promised he’d call another time or maybe even Facetime, but his schedule got more detailed as the days went by. Even before the tour, they were so preoccupied with preparations that he decided it was best to just stay at the company for the time being until after their return. Hence why we haven’t seen each other for a month. EXO’s schedules get especially rigorous during comebacks and tours. I feverishly worry for him, for all of them.

The video ends and I scold myself when I realize a tear has trickled from my eye. “Come home…” I murmur, my voice cracking. My phone buzzes and my hand has never flown so fast to pick it up. A big smile graces my lips when I look at the screen.

'Sorry, we got really busy. It’s times like these when I really, really miss you… xoxo, Nini <3’


The tour comes to an end. EXO is finally coming home. I’ve spent the entire day preparing dinner, creating a nice romantic atmosphere. The dining room has been expertly transformed into a more fancy setting with a table for two all dressed up with a brand new tablecloth and candle, and a little vase of lavender. I’m thoroughly impressed with myself, though I don’t like to brag. I collapse onto the couch when everything is ready, dinner only needing to be put into the oven. Holding my phone above my face, I open my texts, reading over the last message Jongin sent me. 'Omg omg omg can you believe I’m coming home to you today?!’ which was a more giddy response than usual. This is the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in at least a year. We’ve grown accustomed to being able to be together at least twice a week. Sometimes we get lucky and EXO’s manager will secretly let me come to practice on the condition that Jongin won’t get too distracted.

'When does your plane land?’ I type, looking at the time to see that it reads 1:23pm (I got too excited and prepared everything way too early in advance, but oh well). I would go to the airport, but I’ve been warned that because somehow no one has figured out about mine and Jongin’s relationship yet during the two years we’ve been together, it’s risky to show up and have people suspect anything. We aren’t ready to reveal anything just yet, partly because I’m not famous or anything, so both of us want to protect my privacy for as long as we can. There’s no way I want to touch the surface of sasaeng territory.

My phone buzzes almost immediately. '6 more hours… >.<’ I giggle at the cute little emoji. Even when he’s not with me, he still manages to make my heart flutter just as much. I send back a crying emoji and tell him to get some sleep (if the boys will let him). And then I go to take a shower. Dinner and ambiance aren’t the only surprises I’ve conjured up. A cute little pink parcel with a silk bow tied around the handles sits waiting at the end of my bed. I’ll slip that new gem on later tonight after dinner when he least expects it…

6 hours pass by agonizingly slow. Even Netflix isn’t helping to make time fly quicker. Every now and then I’ll get a cute little text from Jongin saying he wants to call, but the guys won’t shut up so hearing each other would be difficult. I tell him it’s fine. We talked on the phone just yesterday anyway, and we got a good hour in. He says he wants to hear my voice. I reply that he will soon~

We text for a little while and then he says he’ll get some shut eye so he’ll have energy when he gets home to me. His manager has generously arranged for him to be allowed to see me first thing when they arrive. The clock ticks mockingly above the mantel piece. It’s only 4 now… 3 hours to go. It’s never felt so long. If time keeps acting like this, I’m never going to let Jongin go on tour again… But that would be selfish and how would I even be able to pull off something like that? Still, Jongin has me missing him like there’s no tomorrow.

Finally, the clock reads 8pm. 'We’re landing!’ he texts and sends an excited gif to go along with it. I chuckle to myself and jump up from the couch where I’ve been wasting time on nothing in particular.

I push the braised chicken into the oven and turn on the timer. After quickly checking to make sure that everything is in place, I go to the bedroom to make sure everything looks neat and the lingerie I bought is out of sight in case he happens to go into the bedroom for some reason. It’s a strapless black and red lace piece with garters and stockings and everything. There are even tiny pink bows down the bodice. Best of all, it fits me perfectly in all the right places~ I’ve only ever gotten one set of lingerie in the past, but after using it twice, I figured it was time for something fresh that Jongin has never seen me in before. This certainly was a contrast to the rather plain white one I had before. I was much shier then and I’d never worn anything so scandalous in my entire life. Jongin had told me then that he didn’t care if it was the plainest one in the whole world. “You look stunning in anything~” I blush remembering those words, just imagining our night steadily approaching.

I slip into a cute little dress and finished up dinner just as I get a text from him. 'On my way over~ ;)’ My stomach does flips in anticipation. Seeing his face in person for the first time in what seems like forever, hearing that voice that sounds like melted caramel, feeling his arms tightly wrapped around my figure as if our bodies are perfectly molded together, breathing in his familiar scent, kissing him with all the passion I’ve saved up while he’s been gone, these are the things that have me practically sprinting around the apartment in excitement. He’s minutes away and yet those minutes feel like 6 hours all over again.

Suddenly, a soft knock comes at my door. Without even meaning to, I hold my breath. Taking one last look in the mirror to make sure I appeared just right, I speed over to the door and collect myself before turning the knob and opening it to see him standing there, smiling bright with a bouquet of lilies in his hand. I stare at him, starry-eyed. He stares right back, his smile never faltering as we both drink in each other’s presence. He hands me the bouquet, a bashful look on his face, and my heart skips as I breath in their sweet aroma. Where did he find the time…? Breathlessly, I speak first. “Jongin…you’re home…” And then he suddenly rushes forward and scoops me into his arms, twirling me around in the air as I hold on, giggling with pure joy. He kicks the door shut and immediately attaches his lips to mine. I wrap my arms around his neck as he massages my waist with his thumbs.

“God, I missed you so fucking much…” he says in almost a whisper, his forehead pressed against mine. I smiled blissfully and caress his cheek with my hand.

“Honey, you can’t even imagine know how much I missed you.” He smirks, pecking my nose.

“I think I can guess~”

He practically gapes at the setup I’ve prepared. “Woah, you actually cooked for once?” I playfully shove him and tell him to “just sit and enjoy it because now might be the only time you get something like this from me.” He laughs and we sit, and over dinner, he tells me all about the tour and how the boys drove him nuts, but it was okay because being with them was always worth it. He tells me the story about how Sehun, Junmyeon and Jongdae got lost on their first day in New York and they had to pretend that they totally meant to be in some shoe store when really it was the only familiar thing to them in the vicinity. And he tells me about how after one show, he a few others got drinks in their rooms and he had a little too much. “The guys told me the next morning that I had been crying and acting like a total baby, rambling on about how I didn’t deserve you and how you were probably going to find somebody else way better than me and then what was I going to do because you’re my world and…” He trails off, seeing the look on my face. “Babe, what’s wrong?” I reach across the table for his hand and give it a tight squeeze. I want to hold him when I hear him say those things. What you say when you’re drunk is often what you’re actually thinking in the back of your mind, even if you don’t realize it.

“You deserve me more than anyone, love. I’m not going to find anybody else. Why would I need to find anybody else? I love you, Jongin. I can’t imagine loving another person quite like how I’m in love with you…” I gaze into those gorgeous chocolate pools, a serious yet soft expression on my face. He gets all shy then and grins like a little boy. I love the small moments like these. They’re never awkward, although when we do stuff like this in front of the members, most of their reactions go something like “gEt a rOom!” and “jUNMYEON JONGIN AND (Y/N) ARE DOING THAT MUSHY THING AGAIN-” or “help! the cheesiness in slowly killing me!” (of course Junmyeon and Yixing are in the corner, cooing at us like doting parents).

After I’ve put the dishes away, I tell Jongin to wait in the living room while I change into something a little more comfortable. Unlike the last time, I feel not a tinge of embarrassment while putting on my lingerie because I know Jongin genuinely loves this kind of surprise and would never want me to be ashamed of showing him my body. And the hungry look he gets in his eyes when we do these things is honestly the hottest look in the universe, way more so than what he displays on the stage. Once everything is in place, I sneak back out into the living room. He sits on the sofa with his back towards me. 'The perfect opportunity’ I think, tiptoeing over to him. I lean down and cover his eyes with my hands, getting close to his ear and murmuring in a husky tone, “Guess who~” I can feel his entire body tense. I remove my hands and make my way around the sofa to stand in front of him, letting my hair fall loosely around my shoulders. His jaw hangs as he looks me over.

“Is that new?” he asks, and I can hear a tinge of excitement in his voice. I nod, swiveling my hips a little. He smiles. “Do a little turn so I can see it better.” I do this, and when I’m facing him again and I can see that he’s swallowing hard, starting to imagine things.

“Do you like it?” He stands up and stalks over to me, pressing his body against mine with his hands squeezing my hips.

“Do I like it?…” His lips come dangerously close to my ear as his breath tickles the sensitive skin around it. “I love it…” I lean into him as his hand travels a little farther and grabs my ass, pulling me closer. Our lips collide and his tongue soon slithers out to fight with mine. This. This is what I had desperately waited for during those 2 months. After not having it for so long, I never knew it could already feel this good.

Suddenly, he hoists me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, our lips never parting for more than a second so that he can adjust my position to be more comfortable. He then makes his way towards the bedroom. My heart pounds with excitement. I can barely contain myself and I know he can tell. My fingers become tangled in his hair as he pushes the door shut with his foot and sets me on the bed, immediately crawling over me. I let my hands wander up his shirt to feel his toned stomach as he attacks my jaw and neck and collar bones with his kisses, leaving a few marks in their wake. He’s already got me sighing, wanting as much as I can get. As he moves to my shoulders, he pulls one of my legs to his hip with the hand that isn’t propping him up. His fingers tease down my thigh over and over and my entire body begins to tingle. Jongin pulls away for a moment to that I can assist in discarding his shirt. “Thank you, that was really in the way,” I breathe, my fingers returning to his exposed skin right away. He places a hand over mine and guides it against his stomach. His eyes bear into mine all the while, as if daring me to go further. Not just yet…

With my other hand, I reach up to grab his shoulder, pulling him down and rolling on top of him. I straddle his hips, carefully dragging my lips from his chest to his neck where I leave my own marks. They’ll fade before he needs to be seen in public again. The boys will have a couple of days off anyway. A small groan leaves Jongin’s throat and I chuckle. “Already?” As I scatter his collarbones with small but noticeable love bites, he writhes underneath my touch as my hands inch closer and closer to his growing erection hidden behind the fabric of his skinny jeans. I pull myself up to admire my work and that’s when he turns the tables and again I’m beneath him. His eyes are full of beastly hunger. I can see it dripping through his skin almost and it immediately ignites something within me. He scours my laced intimate and cocks his head, rolling his tongue against the inside of his cheek in thought. He traces his thumb over a bit of the delicate material just above my breast. “As much as I could drunk on seeing you in this,” he says in a deep voice that’s already getting me heated. “I’m afraid it’s going to have to come off right this minute.” My tongue darts out over my lips as I reach up and gently drag my finger across his jaw.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” I say, my voice laced with honey. “Take it off of me~”

He wastes no time in doing so. He promptly rips the lingerie from me and absorbs my body in all it’s naked glory. “Fuck, you’re so gorgeous~” he coos, kissing my breasts, and then my stomach, and then my hips. “How is that a person can be this beautiful no matter what?” I gently grab a fistful of his hair as he props up my legs and teases my inner thighs with his butterfly kisses. “I’m the one who gets all of this,” he murmurs, getting dangerously near to my gradually aching womanhood. “Tell me how you want me to make you feel good, baby~” His lips press against my thigh again. “Here?”

“Yes…” I breathe. He kisses a little closer to my core.

“Here?” The heat within me only grows. I nod.

“Yes~” His lips inch closer.

“How about here?” A soft whimper emerges from my mouth. I need him already! He finally kisses my womanhood, which is becoming wetter by the moment. “And what about this spot…right here?” His tongue flicks out and I slightly arch my back, squeezing the fistful of his hair a little tighter.

“Yes, Jongin!” I moan. He laughs breathlessly.

“So that’s the spot, hmm?” His tongue teases it again. My lips purse. “Should I keep doing it like this for a bit?” He gives a long lick right up to the tip of my folds. I nod enthusiastically. I hear him do that smug grin he always does when he’s about to do something really “good”. All of a sudden, his tongue begins to swirl around my core, pumping in and out, swirling, in and out, more spirals. I’m a writhing mess, but his hands on my waist keep me grounded. I can tell he enjoys seeing me so vulnerable under his touch. As I’m approaching my high, he incorporates his fingers and I whine a bit at the sudden contact. One finger, then two, then three. I’m almost there. I can feel a knot twisting in my stomach, slowly growing more intense. My back arches off the mattress and that’s when he ceases his actions. I give a little noise of discomfort at the suddenly cold air hitting my womanhood. “Don’t worry, baby, you won’t be upset for long.” He crawls up over top of me again and takes me hand in his, leading it to the button on his pants. He gives a small smile, a mischievous one. My whole body is throbbing with want. I quickly unbutton his pants and he kicks them off of the bed. He’s getting impatient, too, just like I am. Now he’s just in his boxers. I eye them for a moment and then look back up at him, my hand moving to the bulge pressed against the fabric. As I start to palm him, his brows furrow with pleasure and his eyes shut momentarily.

“Look at me, Jongin,” I command sweetly, going a bit fast. He kisses me roughly and then he can’t stand it anymore. I grabs my hand and pins it above my head, tearing his boxers off and letting his member spring free. My mouth opens silently as I anticipate what’s going to happen next. “Don’t go easy on me, hmm?” I say, letting my free hand slowly travel up his tones bicep.

“Oh, I won’t, so get ready.” He positions his cock at my entrance. Before I can even prepare myself, he’s pushing into me. I squeeze my eyes shut. It’s been a little while since we’ve done this, but luckily I’m wet enough so that it’s not all that painful. “Are you okay?” he asks, his tone suddenly laced with concern. I tighten my grip on his arm and nod.

“I’m fine, keep going…” He slows his pace when inserting and finally I’ve taken all of him. He pauses to let me adjust. “Okay,” I signal. Jongin starts thrusting at a leisurely pace, making sure I’m not uncomfortable. He’s such a sweetheart, no matter what. I look at him with an arched eyebrow. “I thought you weren’t going to go easy,”

“Yeah, but if you-”

“Jongin…” He knows what that means. I nod as one final reassurance that I can handle him. He inhales and all of a sudden his pace picks up. I hold back my moans for a bit, but soon he’s pounding into me and I can’t help out. I let out a loud whine and the smug grin returns as he starts to pant. My hand wanders over every inch of his body that I can reach, but he teases and places it with my other hand so that I’m completely pinned underneath him. My torso twists with pleasure as he abuses my womanhood in only the best of ways. Low grunts and groans simmer in his throat. A few moans of “(y/n)” lathered in sex emerge from his lips. The noises coming from me become more frequent, too, more needy. His name slips out every so often in the form of a cry whenever he hits a particular spot.

The room is filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin and feverish breathing and whines and pleasureful moans of ecstasy. In that moment, I’m so thankful that the walls have been somewhat soundproofed so the people in the apartment next door won’t be able to hear as much. Jongin buries his face in the crook of my neck, his steamy breath trickling over my skin. I’m getting close and so is he. “Cum on my stomach, baby,” I tell him, hardly any strength left to speak. He groans in response, picking up the speed a bit. My back arches to meet his chest as his thrusts become uncontrollable and lose their rhythm. My orgasm explodes within me and I swear I’ve never felt anything so beautiful in my life. White strings of release flow out onto him as Jongin rides out my high. His breathing get more staggered. He inhales sharply and pulls out quickly before his release quirts out onto my exposed stomach. He lets out a loud groan as he strokes himself off, leaning his head back in pure paradise as he calls out my name. Once he’s finished, he collapses on his side next to me, both of us completely out of winded.

“I should have come home sooner,” he pants, turning my head to face him. He plants a passionate kiss on my lips, taking my bottom lip between his teeth.

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Once we’ve composed ourselves, he sits up and goes into the bathroom. I hear the bathtub running and a smile comes to my face. He appears again with a towel in his hand and gently helps me to wipe away the excess on my stomach. I give him a look and confirms my thoughts with the same one. 'We’ve never done it in the bath before,’ I think to myself. Oh well, there’s a first time for everything~

I don’t often think about fancasts and stuff, but sometimes something good drops into your brain and it just happens to be a thing you don’t usually think about so you think about it anyway. I was talking to tumblr-user @deandominos and a thing happened, so…

The thing is this:

Locke Lamora movie or high budget miniseries adaptation – with my preference being for the latter because book-to-movie dealios are so likely to streamline things to death and mess with pacing – with Locke played by Riz Ahmed. And possibly Jean Tannen played by Howard Charles, please.

I mean…look at this appropriately pointy and chameleonic, unremarkable and yet remarkable boy.

And then there’s just…


anonymous asked:

are you excited about the soukoku movie akutagawaprize-senpai

I’m excited about the movie, yes, but despite the first poster revealed showing only Dazai and Chuuya, I am still convinced it is not a “soukoku movie”. Since the Dazai featured here is post-Dark Era Dazai, there is no good reason why Atsushi and the rest of the Agency members won’t be featured. Even though it’s a production that will make use of an original story, I want to believe Asagiri will supervise the staff so that the plot won’t stray too far from the original one.

By the way, I’ve always thought 55 minutes would have made fine movie material, though I can’t claim to not know the reason why they didn’t go with it.

Ragethirst highlights: City of Darkness

You guys.

You guys.

I honestly don’t know if I can do this movie justice. There was just. So Much™ going on. But I will try.

Also, shout out to Chuch’s brother, who bravely joined us for his first ever Ragethirst and somehow managed to keep up with us. Truly a worthy soul.

  • We begin our journey with the villain nutting to Wagner-esque music. We know he’s a villain because he listens to classical and waxes rhapsodic about wine. (He didn’t actually nut, but suffice to say we know what Collin Chou’s O-face looks like.)
  • His #1 henchman is basically Chinese Snape with more scimitars per square inch.
  • While Snape is busy killing people, the villain offs a guy with… an ice cube. (The victim wet himself, we crossed piss off the kink bingo. Not five minutes in.)
  • Cut to a K-pop looking boy (Joe about pissed herself) aggressively playing guitar. He runs afoul of more villains, plays the guitar at them, kicks everyone’s asses, and runs into a herd of cyclists to escape.
  • Listen. I lost track of the “plot” right about here. Basically all I can do is give you random highlights of things that happened from then on, but don’t expect any of this to make sense.
  • Donnie’s at the supermarket shopping for his cop boyfriend, who’s talking to him on the phone. Donnie scolds him that he wants to make him some good food for once because Pen only eats crap stuff. (Seriously, you expect us to read them as straight?)
  • Guys with machine guns burst into the supermarket. Donnie tells Pen they’re making a movie, holds the phone up to one of the bad guys, realizes they’re not making a movie, and proceeds to kick ass.
  • Random point of interest: Donnie wears tracksuits almost exclusively throughout and I hate that he looks so good in them.
  • Pen, aka cop bf, shows up as the villains have two people hostage and he and Donnie proceed to Road to El Dorado them. 
  • This is getting long already, Read More it is.

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Unmistakable~Part 1 (Prince Caspian)

A/N: So my friend and I watched the movie together and now everyday since we watched it, we sit down to eat lunch at school and I ask her a million questions so that I don’t mess up to many details ‘cause I’m kinda crazy about that stuff (but I probably still messed up something so I’m sorry in advance)

Summary: Nope, I’m done writing summaries, today has been way to long for me to let my brain do that.

Pairing: Prince Caspian x Pevensie!reader

Word Count: 1057

Warnings: Like one swear word

Other Parts: Prologue-Part 2-Part 3


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All I wanted was to go back to the place where I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time. Where I felt like I was actually making a difference in the world, where I was more confident and didn’t slink back into the shadows or disappear into a crowd but rather stand out as a warrior who wasn’t some helpless girl, waiting for someone else to take care of everything. So when I felt the unmistakable pinch of magic at my back while on a bench in the train station with the others, I was beyond thrilled. What I didn’t know at that point was why we were being brought back or that the person who called for us was going to change my life. 

We had been running after Lucy who claimed she saw Aslan standing in the forest in a dream, when Peter ended up in a sword fight with a stranger. Lucy screamed for them to stop and when they did, I finally saw the face of the person who attacked my brother. That was the first time I felt it. A pull at my heart. It was a feeling of shock. I was immediately intrigued by this stranger. I wanted to know who he was very badly. In Narnia, I tended to be like that. More curious and interested in what was going on outside the life of my family. Had I seen him back in England, I wouldn’t have given him a second glance, but one look at him here and I had the suspicion that he was part of the reason we were here.  Turns out, I was right. His name was Prince Caspian and he was being hunted by his uncle. I was so intrigued by this new story. I had been so bored in England and finally, here was some excitement. Not that Caspian thought this was exciting. Being hunted by your family isn’t exactly anyone’s definition of fun. As soon as everyone understood the situation and stopped trying to kill each other, we started to walk through the forest and I went straight over to walk with Caspian.

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #155 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #429.

Format: Blu-ray

1) Before anything else, I will say this: you never need to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture unless you are a MAJOR fan of the series. Wrath of Khan is a much better first film for the series and just a much better film in general, and the original motion picture has no bearing on the plot of ANY of the sequels that I’m aware of. Spare yourself the boredom.

2) I don’t often talk about how great the opening credits of a film are, but the movement through the stars and James Horner’s grand score creates a rousing score which helps you get in the mood for the space adventure to come.

3) The Kobayashi-Maru.

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The opening of the film is great largely because it plays with expectations vs reality. You EXPECT Kirk in the captain’s chair, and while it plays out like a standard scene from “Star Trek” but it ends with everyone dead. And even though it turns out to be a simulation, the image of watching almost all the series regulars die before you prepares you for the darkness to come. It is an incredibly great and memorable opening to a film which can be described as the same.

4) Kirstie Alley as Saavik.

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Despite being Vulcan (and, depending on what you consider canon, half-Romulan) Saavik has more in common with Kirk than she does with Spock. She may have the appearance of being a logical and decisive creature, but she is stubborn and proud. And I love her for that. I think Saavik as at her best in this film when played by Alley (she would be replaced in Star Trek III and IV). Alley gives Saavik a unique flavor, making her more than just your typical Vulcan and holding her own with the original cast.

5) The scene where Bones and Kirk “celebrate” his birthday is great.

This is the introduction of Kirk’s key conflict and possibly the best analysis of it the film features.

Kirk: “Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young, doctor.”

Bones [later]: “This is not about age and you know it.”

Kirk’s conflict here is not about aging, it is about aging INTO something. About being stuck behind a desk and bureaucracy. Of becoming obsolete. Age on it’s own does not result in that, but the choices we make as we age. It is in this film that Kirk will have to determine his future when faced with a threat from the past.

6) Carol Marcus and her son David.

Both Carol and David as individual characters are interesting, but by balancing out each other (with Carol being well reasoned and patient and David being more like Kirk with his stubbornness/rashness) they create an interesting dynamic that entertains in a way beyond their relationship with Kirk.

7) Ricardo Montalbán as Khan Noonien Singh.

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Montalbán takes a memorable role from the original series and in this film turns it into not only one of the greatest villains cinema has ever featured but also a career defining performance. Khan is able to be both chillingly collected and show off fear-inducing anger. His intellect, physical strength, and progressing madness/drive is showed off brilliantly by Montalbán. There is a ruthlessness to this character established as soon as we meet him (specifically with his use of brain slugs) that let’s us know, “Oh shit, don’t mess with this guy.” He is totally frightening, with many of his decisions and scenes making your stomach turn. Only open my third (fourth?) viewing of this film did I realize just how long his intro scene is, but it doesn’t feel long. It is perfect, and Montalbán captures your attention for the entire time.

8) Hey that’s…that’s Tony from the Witch Mountain movies!

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I would not have noticed that if I didn’t watch the Witch Mountain movies in March for the (Re)Watch.

9) So usually at this point in the (Re)Watch I talk about the writing and performances of the main cast of a film. I find it nearly impossible to do that for Wrath of Khan however as the cast from the original series are such mainstays of cinema and pop culture I’ve no idea what to say. What on earth could I possible say Kirk, Bones, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov that hasn’t been said before? In my analysis of the 2009 film I probably will, but right now I think I’ll just say they’re great and leave it at that.

10) I love how Kirk is freaking out when Spock lets Saavik pull the Enterprise out of dock.

(GIF originally posted by @readysteadytrek​)

11) I love Saavik and Kirk in the elevator. It speaks not only to how rash she is (which I love on it’s own) but will later show how similar they really are. She doesn’t really believe in a no-win scenario and as we’ll learn later neither does Kirk.

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12) I love when Spock hands the ship over to Kirk. There is no bruised ego (as he himself says), there are no hard feelings, it’s not an issue of power or anything. He knows Kirk is the best guy to take the wheel. He trusts Kirk and Kirk trusts Spock back and they can just cut through the bullshit and do what’s best for everyone. I’m a sucker for good friendships like that.

13) Damn, Spock.

Kirk: “I would not presume to debate you.”

Spock: “That would be wise.”

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14) There is one scene early-to-mid picture which is recalled HEAVILY later on and I always think it is best when the ending of the movie ties into something at the beginning of the film. You want it to feel like one picture, you don’t want to be sitting at the end going, “Oh right, that part early on was the same movie.” Spock’s speaking of how…

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And how he has been and always shall be Kirk’s friend tie together at the end in very heartbreaking ways.

15) I was always impressed with the Genesis visual, keeping in mind this was 1982 and CGI was hardly in its prime.

16) The very first encounter with the ship Khan has taken over - Reliant - before they know it is Khan is incredibly tense and Hitchcockian. Because we as the audience KNOW it’s Khan. Pacing is derived not from faster pacing but from slower pacing. The uneasiness simmers in our bones as Kirk unknowingly wanders into a trap, even though everyone seems to suspect something is up. And it features one of the best quotes in the film:

Khan: “Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish best served cold? It is very cold in space.”

17) And then Khan and Kirk finally encounter one another.

Montalbán and Shatner never share any scenes as Montalbán was making “Fantasy Island” at the time, but that does not undermine just how equally matched these adversaries are. Their very first encounter in particular feels like a chess game. It is not so much a battle of strengths as it is a battle of wits, yet still very interesting. And we as the audience really have no idea who is going to come out on top. Each is able to surprise and throw the other off balance, only to come back and deal another blow. It makes for great conflict. We know Kirk’s disadvantage: Khan is genetically engineered to be better than him. But in this scene we see a weakness of Khan’s which will become greater later on: his ego. He cannot see his own weaknesses and shortcomings. He is hundreds of years old comparatively speaking, so obviously some ways of thinking are foreign to him. But he can’t get past the fact he’s a genetically engineered super being to work on this. I love bad guys with flaws.

18) Oh no! Tony dies!

Preston [Ike Eisenmann’s character, after Kirk arrives]: “Is the word given, admiral?”

Kirk: “The word is given. Warp speed.”

[Preston dies]

Scotty [obviously torn up]: “He stayed at his post when the trainees ran!”

The fact that this death of a character we spent all of thirty seconds with packs such an intense punch speaks greatly to the craft with which this film was made.

19) The scene with Kirk, Bones, and Saavik on the scientist space station feels very Alien and I love it. For just a few minutes we are in a horror film, in an enclosed space where obviously SOMETHING is wrong and some sort of danger lurks. It is pulled off wonderfully well.

20) Part of the tension comes from the fact that we TRUST Chekov. He’s original series cast and he seems to have shaken the alien slug Khan was using on him. Why WOULDN’T we trust Chekov? Making the fact that he and his captain are still controlled later on all the more powerful.

21) This. Freaking. Scene.

This is when both are pushed to their furthest. Khan believes he has killed Kirk only to immediately learn he hasn’t, and Kirk is beyond pissed with Khan for all the death and destruction he has caused. This is where Khan accepts that he has defeated Kirk if only because it has become so difficult to kill him and it is where Kirk hates Khan the most (uttering the film’s famous line, “Khaaaaaan!”). But even through his hate Kirk is trying to play Khan. He is trying to get Khan in the same room with him so he can fight him face to face. But Khan is too smart for that and works against Kirk, leading to that yell. This is one of the best scenes in the film and it is because the conflict plays out so wonderfully.

22) The fact that David is Kirk’s son not only gives Kirk some personal stakes, but it ties into the idea of the choices Kirk must make in life. He is now dealing with two choices which are coming back to haunt him: how he handled Khan and not being a part of his son’s life. And that will directly influence the choices he makes in the future. Because life is too short.

23) This is so indicative of Kirk’s character.

Saavik: “Admiral, may I ask you a question?”

Kirk: “What’s on your mind, Lieutenant?”

Saavik: “The Kobayashi Maru, sir.”

Kirk: “Are you asking me if we’re playing out that scenario now?”

Saavik: “On the test, sir… will you tell me what you did? I would really like to know.”

Bones: “Lieutenant, you are looking at the only Starfleet cadet who ever beat the no-win scenario.”

Saavik: “How?”

Kirk: “I reprogrammed the simulation so it was possible to rescue the ship.”

Saavik: “What?”

David: “He cheated.”

Kirk: “I changed the conditions of the test; got a commendation for original thinking. I don’t like to lose.”

Saavik: “Then you never faced that situation… faced death.”

Kirk: “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.”

24) The climactic chase through the nebula ties into Khan’s biggest weakness: his ego preventing him from admitting his flaws.

Spock: “He’s intelligent but not experienced. His pattern suggest two-dimensional thinking.”

I think this is the past scene to showcase space as a three-dimensional space. Ever watch a space film where characters encounter an asteroid field and think, “Why can’t they just go above or below it?” That’s what this film does. Like the initial Kirk/Khan mental face-off, the time in the nebula greats great tension from slowing down pacing while never being boring. There are surprises, there are twists, and they are on truly equal footing. And Khan, well he’s at his breaking point. How mad must this person be if even his crew - who were established to live and die by his word at the beginning of the film - are questioning his judgment? And what exactly will it lead him to?

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That final visual of Khan’s face is also a great presentation of how he is on the inside. He is torn up and burned to a crisp with vengeance, and now he will die that way.

25) Spock’s ultimate fate.

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First of all, he KNOWS what he’s about to do. You can see it on his face before he goes to the reactor room to save the ship: he is fully aware that this will lead to his death and it does nothing to change his decision. And even though Khan has died, he has succeeded in his goal to, “keep on hurting,” Kirk from beyond the grave by killing his best friend.

Kirk [trying to get to Spock]: “He’ll die!”

Scotty: “He’s dead already.”

There is this intense feeling of sorrow and helplessness as we watch one of the greatest - if not the greatest - characters to come out of the original series die, tying into the conversation he and Kirk had earlier.

Spock: “The needs of the many…”

Kirk: “Outweigh the needs of the few.”

Spock: “Or the one.”

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26) David and Kirk unfortunately don’t get too many moment together, just the two of them. But he did help Kirk through this tough time in his life.

David: “Lieutenant Saavik was right. You never have faced death.”

Kirk: “Not like this.”

David: “You knew enough to tell Saavik that how we face death is at least as important as how we face life.”

Kirk: “Just words.”

David: “But good words. That’s where ideas begin. Maybe you should listen to them. I was wrong about you. And I’m sorry.”

Kirk: “Is that what you came here to say?”

David: “Mainly. And also that I’m proud - very proud - to be your son.”

27) But of course, this is a sci-fi movie…

Death is not as permanent as we like to think.

The Wrath of Khan is quite possibly the best film in the entire Star Trek canon. It balances high-stakes action and adventure with the intelligence, philosophy, and thought expected from the series. Ricardo Montalbán is freaking fantastic as Khan, with the rest of the cast delivering standout performances as well. The direction and writing blend together beautifully and it is just an incredibly fun and well done film. If you haven’t seen any Star Trek and you want to, Wrath of Khan is a very good film to start on.


Summary: “You know, my boy. Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, and some in gloss…But every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”

A/N: Loosely based on the movie (and book of the same name), Flipped. Summary and title taken from the book. No copyright intended. Written for the @staliasecretsurprises​ Easter Bunny event. Special gift for @celestallison who said she loved aus, childhood friends turned soulmates, and when Stiles and Malia protect each other. Happy Easter, Samantha! I hope you had a great Easter and that you enjoy your Easter Bunny Surprise! Special thanks to @staliasupportsfeminism for all her wonderful work organizing and keeping the Stalia love alive. Apologies in advance for the messed up tenses. I wrote most of it in past tense, but when it came to the home stretch my brain started thinking in present tense, and it completely screwed me over. I’ve tried my best to fix any mistakes I’ve made but I’m sure there have been some that have slipped through. 

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I’m just hoping that the time loop thing Doctor Strange did effected the whole universe and somehow reversed Yondu’s death. It was implied several times during the movie, that you shouldn’t mess with time. That every cause always has its effect.

I mean, GotG 2 takes place only months after the first movie, which means it’s still 2014 or 2015. And Doctor Strange takes place somewhere in 2016-2017.

So, yup, that’s what I’m foolishly lingering onto, since Yondu is rumoured to appear in Avenger’s: Infinity War.

Just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion, End of Evangelion, and all the rebuild movies in about two weeks. I feel like I need a long shower and an even longer nap…my brain is pretty much pudding at this point. 

I think I like the original show best, it was just brilliant (in a dirty, messed-up kind of way). Shinji and Asuka have such an…interesting relationship. 

Edit: a few people politely pointed out that it’s “dummkopf” not “dummkoph”…thank you! Clearly German is not a language I’m all that familiar with :)

Gone With the Wind

So I totally messed this up. I, for some reason, thought @kittenofdoomage‘s Movie Quote Challenge ran until January 31st … which turned out to not be the case at all. But this idea had been burning in my brain ever since I got my prompt, and I feel like today, the 77th anniversary of Gone With the Wind, is a poetic kind of culmination. Sorry this is so late, but I hope you guys enjoy.

RATING: Mature
CHARACTERS: John Winchester, female reader, Sarah Blake, Donna Hanscum (mentioned), Bobby Singer (mentioned), minor original unnamed characters
WARNINGS: THIS IS AN AU–characters are actors on the set of Gone With the Wind in the late 1930s; language, angst

PROMPT: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

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It was the last day for you on the movie set, and you couldn’t be happier. The past months had been nothing short of a roller coaster, and you’d be damned if you’d do another film for a good long while after this one.

Of course, this wasn’t just a regular movie. No, this was an epic tale of times long past, and somehow certain to give America the hope it needed in such dark times.

You stared into your teacup, letting out a breath. At the sound of something behind you, you lifted your head, looking into the mirror of your vanity, which gave a perfect view of the door behind you.

“Miss Y/N? They’re ready for you in makeup.”

You smiled at the young man who’d knocked lightly on your trailer door. You stood up, taking one last sip from your cup of tea, then sliding your feet into a pair of slippers and following the boy out to the makeup trailer. You faltered just a bit when you passed by his trailer, doing your best to keep looking forward instead of at him. He was standing outside the trailer door, a white shirt on with his brown pants and suspenders, hair tousled like he’d just woken up, which …

“Excuse me, what time is it?”

The young boy in front of you looked at his wrist.

“Half past eight, ma’am.”

You nodded. He had just woken up. Which meant the cigarette he was currently smoking was his first of the day. You quietly coughed into your hand, more to clear your head than your lungs, and stepped into the makeup trailer. Sarah walked over to you, a wide smile on her face, dark hair pulled back and twisted up.

“Last day, Y/N. You ready?”
“God, yes. I’m ready to get this over with.”
“You’re not going to miss us?”

You gave Sarah a smile.

“Oh, honey. Of course I will. You, I’ll miss terribly.”

She didn’t comment on your emphasis on the word “you,” immediately picking up on what you left unsaid. She went to say something, but the door opened, and by the look on her face, you kept looking straight ahead.

“Good morning, ladies.”

Your eyes drifted shut at the deep, raspy voice that rang through the trailer. Sarah, you knew, was smiling, because she was kind.

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When I left [Stephen Hill’s] office I felt accomplished that he’s messing with me, but I need more than one episode. So my brain starts going again. ‘Jay Z!’ He got TIDAL. So I went and met with Jay Z in Los Angeles and I was like 'Yo, Jay, could you do movies or TV on TIDAL? You should compete with Netflix. Netflix is the juggernaut! I don’t know no subscription streaming service that does music, movies, TV, the whole shit.’ He immediately got the lightbulb over his head. I said 'I got a show on BET, I’ll give you the second window.’ So when it comes on June 27, thirty days later on July 27 [TIDAL will] get the raw, rated-R, nudity, violence, all of that—what I want the show to be after BET chops it up. Like, for 'Fuck the Police’ right, after I edited it, it was an an hour and 43 minutes, it was a movie. But for BET it’s gotta be 80 minutes—so 23 minutes is chopped. I want the audience to at leats have the opportunity to see what my vision, and all the director visions, of what the episode is. So then, like Jay Z does—Jay Z’s a deal closer, right? You wanna close a deal? Walk in with Hov, 'cause everyone’s just lights up, and they get happy and excited they doing something with Hov—so that one episode soon turned into eight.
—  Irv Gotti, speaking on his partnership with Jay Z and TIDAL in producing and releasing his Tales television show, in an interview with “The Breakfast Club” on Friday. The series premieres on BET on June 27, and a month later the raw and unedited episodes will be released on TIDAL.
Things often said in Psych

I’ve heard it both ways.
You know that’s true.
*singing* suck iiiiiit
*angrily calling people Jack*
*confusing hushed whispers then…* Fine!
Did my eyes just see what my brain is telling my eyes just saw?
Hello! I am Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer and this is my partner, *not Gus’ real name*
I would rather *something totally illogical and ridiculous*
Come on, son.
This is like that scene in *movie name* where I’m *main actor* and you’re *black supporting actor*
You must be outta your damn mind!
Stop making up words, Gus.
Did you hear about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?
It’s semantics/It’s not semantics

Single Father [Justin Bieber Imagine]

It was a pretty relaxing afternoon for you. It was Friday and you, thankfully, had the day off so you were using the time to catch up on some shows and do the things that you enjoyed doing in your spare time. You slept most of the morning and after taking a long shower you made yourself something to eat and curled up on the couch. Now the food was long gone and so was your brain as you neared the end of the latest episode of your favorite tv show. You couldn’t even collect your thoughts at the end of it because your phone began to ring, taking advantage of your short attention span. There was a picture of your close friend, Justin, and his adorable daughter on the screen so you knew you had to answer it.

“Hello?” you answered.

“You know you’re the best, right?” he spoke into the phone. You rolled your eyes, knowing better than to just take this random compliment blindly. He wanted something and even though you didn’t know what it was you knew he was desperate if he called you with that line.

“What do you want, Jay?” You repositioned yourself on your couch and balanced your phone between your ear and shoulder as you waited for a response.

“Well, you know that date I have tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah, with uh-” you snapped as you tried to remember the girl’s name. “-Lena, right?” you asked.

“Yeah, Lena. My babysitter just cancelled on me so I was wondering if you could watch Brielle for me. You know I would never ask this if I didn’t absolutely need you right now. If you’re busy, that’s fine, I’ll just cance-”

“When do you ever go on a date, Jay? You’re not cancelling. Bring that little cutie over here and we’ll have a girl’s night while you’re on your date.” you told him.

“Really? Are you sure?” You could hear his level of happiness rising in his voice.

“Of course. When is it ever a problem for me to watch Bri? Get ready for your date and drop her off on the way.” you told him.

“Okay, thank you so much. I’ll start getting ready now.” You both said your goodbyes and hung up the phone. Once you did you immediately got up to clean up your house a little bit and gather a couple of things for you and Brielle to do. You always had materials for some kind of fun project or activity for the two of you to do when she came over. It’s always the kind of stuff that you wished your parents and babysitters did with you as a kid, instead of just putting in a movie or turning on the tv and leaving you to watch that while they did whatever else in another room. It’s the kind of cool, fun stuff that occupies a child’s brain and tires them out so they’ll fall asleep easier and have a great night’s rest.

By the time you gathered all the materials and changed into something you didn’t care about messing up, the doorbell was ringing in the annoying fashion that Justin always rang your doorbell in. You rolled your eyes and walked to the front door to open it.

“I swear you’re going to blow out my bell one day.” you said as you opened the door wide and stepped to the side, letting them in and closing the door once they were.

“It can always be fixed.” he said with a smile. He reached out his arms to hug you, but you swerved him, going straight for the little angel in front of him.

“Hi, Brielle! How’s the cutest girl ever?!” you greeted her. Her adorable smile adorned her face and she laughed as you picked her up and hugged her. “You’re so big now. I always forget you’re not a little baby anymore.” you said, putting her down.

“Daddy says I’m a big girl now.” she told you.

“You are a big girl. Probably too big to hang out with me, huh?” you asked, pouting.

“No! I love hanging out with you!” Brielle said, making both you and Justin laugh.

“Well, good, because I have a lot of fun stuff for us to do in the other room while daddy’s gone.” A loud gasp escaped Brielle’s lips before she ran into the room where you two always did activities. Both you and Justin shared another laugh. You turned in the direction of the room and tried to walk away until Justin grabbed your wrist, making you turn around.

“So Bri gets a hug and I don’t?” he asked. You playfully rolled your eyes and let him pull you into a tight embrace as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“How is it possible that you’re a bigger baby that your five year old daughter?” you said after he released you. He bumped into you as you walked down the hallway and you laughed at his childish gesture.

When you both got into the room, you saw that Brielle was at the table full of goodies, looking over everything even though most of the stuff made no sense to her because it wasn’t exactly kid stuff even though it’d make something that is.

“Woah. What are you two going to do while I’m gone?” Justin asked.

“We’re making slime.” you said.

“Slime?! Ewwww.” Brielle said, making you laugh.

“Yes, slime! But pretty, girly slime not icky, daddy slime.” you told her.

“Heeeey!” Justin said, making you and Bri both laugh. “I’ll be back to get her tonight, okay?”

“Are you sure you’ll be.. free.. tonight?” you asked, with one eyebrow rose and a smirk on your lips. His face turned a light pink-ish shade of red and he scratched the back of his neck.

“Oh, no.. I will definitely be free tonight.” His statement ended with an awkward laugh. Normally he isn’t so weird about this topic, but you figured he was just nervous for his date tonight since he hasn’t been on one in so long.

“Well, you look nice. I’m sure the date will go well.”

“Hopefully…” he trailed off.

“Well, you’ll never know if you don’t get out of here!” you said, laughing. “Brielle is in great hands, go have some fun.” You pushed him towards the door until he started to move his feet on his own.

“You’re the best, y/n.” He opened the door and turned around to give you a kiss on the cheek. He sprinted out the door afterwards and you watched to make sure he got in the car safely before you closed and locked the door and went back in the room to see what Brielle was getting herself into.

When you walked into the room she was sitting on the floor in front of your little coffee table. Her eyes were fixed on the tv and she seemed to be in a daze as the latest episode of your favorite show played again. You turned it off, not knowing if Justin would be okay with his little girl watching the program. Her head snapped towards you and you smiled at her.

“You ready to make some slime, cutie?” you asked her. She smiled and nodded her head excitedly. You sat down at the table next to her and grabbed the two bottles of clear glue, pouring half of one in your bowl and half of the other in hers. “Okay, now, we get to pick whatever color glitter we want.” you said, picking up the package of assorted glitters and showing Brielle. “Which ones do you want?” You watched as she pointed to three colors, light purple, pink, and blue.

“Oh, that’s gonna be pretty.” you opened the package and the bottles of glitter and gave them to her, showing her how to shake the glitter out into the glue filled bowl. After picking a few colors that you wanted, you did the same and moved the watercolor dyes so Bri could see them.

“Now you can pick some colors and we’ll stir them in.” you told her. You both picked some colors and you put them in her glue for her, not wanting to let her make too much of a mess. After adding the colors you added liquid starch and you both started to stir everything altogether. All of the colors came together and made a  pretty galaxy affect that you hoped for. Brielle smiled as the mixture changed and thickened to form slime.

“I told you it’d be pretty. Now we can pick it up and play with it.” you picked the slime up and played with it to show Bri and she mimicked you afterwards. A couple minutes of you two playing with the sticky, messy substance passed. The room was filled with her adorable laughs and some of your own.

“See, you have fun when you come over here, right?” you asked her.

“Mhm. Daddy says you’d be a good mommy.” You paused everything you were doing once she said that. It wasn’t the response you were expecting to hear from her.

“Oh, he does?”

“Yeah, but he says you don’t wanna be a mommy. So he won’t make you a mommy.” she said, completely unaware of what she was saying exactly. She was still playing with the slime, pulling it apart and smashing it back together all over the plastic that you placed on the table.

“How do you know all of this, Bri?” you asked her.

“He told grandma.”

Brielle ended up playing with that slime for a long time, way longer than you expected. You were happy she got so much enjoyment out of the activity, though. That was always your number one goal when you picked stuff for the two of you to do. You always wanted her to have the best time she could when she was with you. She had so much fun that she tired herself out and fell asleep after you cleaned her up. You put her in your bed upstairs so she would be more comfortable and you wouldn’t disturb her as you cleaned up.

Your doorbell rang once as you were finishing up your cleaning. It turned into a little more than just cleaning up the mess you and Brielle made. You had made your way into the kitchen and was cleaning the counters before you dropped everything and went to the door to see who it was. You looked through the peephole and saw Justin. You should’ve expected it to be him, but he always does the stupid doorbell thing that you hate and he didn’t this time so you didn’t really think that it’d be him. You opened the door and greeted him with a smile, letting him in before closing the door behind him.

“So, how was iiiiit?” you sing-songed as you followed him into the living room. He plopped down on the couch and looked at you with a blank expression. Your smile fell.

“That bad?” you asked, sitting next to him. He let out a sigh and rubbed both hands over his face.

“It was worse.” he said. “It’s so hard to find a girl who’s nice and likeable and fun and is also ready to be a mother figure.” he finished. He let his head rest on the back of the couch and you pouted, feeling bad for your best friend.

“Well, on the bright side, me and Bri had fun.” he looked up at you as a small smile formed on his face.

“Really? What’d you do?”

“We made slime. She played with it for a long time and when we were done she fell asleep.” you told him. Justin didn’t say anything, he just stared at you. It wasn’t a weird stare or one that made you uncomfortable. He looked at you lovingly, like he was admiring you. He did this often so it wasn’t anything you weren’t used to or felt the need to address anymore.

“We had a nice little talk about you, too.”

“A talk? About me? What’d she say?” he asked.

“She said you told Pattie that I’d be a good mom, but that I didn’t want to be a mom.. so you weren’t going to make me one. Do you know what she meant?” He looked at you for a few seconds before sighing again.

“It’s just.. you’re so good with her. I’ve told you that before.”

“That doesn’t explain everything else she said.” you told him. He took another one of his pauses before speaking again.

“Y/n, I wouldn’t even waste my time with these other girls if I felt like you were ready to be a real mom to Brielle.” he said. Even though you were expecting him to say something like that it still made your stomach do flips when he actually did. You never thought that he wanted to be with you or that the one thing holding him back from asking you out is him thinking you weren’t ready to be a mom yet.

“Why don’t you think I’m ready for that?”

“I see how much you enjoy your life. You don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself and your choices only affect you most of the time. I just didn’t think that was something you wanted.” he replied.

“You never asked me, either.” you told him. A moment of silence fell between the two of you. You never dropped your gaze on each other. It was almost intimidating.

“So, would you?” he said, breaking the silence. “Would you be up for making us more than what we are now and possibly being a stepmom?” You thought about his question as you continued to look at him. The truth is, you’ve thought about this very situation happening before. It’s been a thought a couple of times during your absentminded daydreaming. You always saw it as a good thing and something you wouldn’t mind happening.

“Yes. I would.” you told him
His eyes widened. You could tell he wasn’t expecting that answer from you.

“Uh.. then it’s a date? Tomorrow? Around six?” he asked. You nodded your head. “Okay, uh, I better get Bri so we can go now.” he said. You walked with him upstairs to get her then walked him to the door as he held her in his arms. Before he walked out, he turned around and faced you. “I guess I’ll call you tomorrow then.” he said. You chuckled how unsure he seemed all of a sudden and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Have a goodnight, Jay. Give Bri a kiss for me.” you told him. He gave you a big smile before turning around and walking out the door. You made sure him and Bri were safely in his car before you locked the door and went upstairs to plan out your outfit for your date tomorrow.

Worth the Wait: Josh Dun

Request:  could you make one of Josh Dun, where it’s a stormy day and you guys spend it inside at your place and end up making love throughout the day, maybe a little riding Josh ending with cuddling. lol Is that okay? :)

Word count: 2,000+

Warning: NSFW

I opened my eyes and let them adjust to the light. Slowly sitting up, I looked beside me, disappointed to see empty, white bed sheets. Josh had gotten back from tour last night and I promised myself I would stay up until he got home. The night before I had bought a new lingerie set that I knew Josh would like, and I had every intention of showing him what he was missing while he was away. Unfortunately, as 11 turned into 12 and then into 3 am, I found that it got increasingly harder to keep my eyes open. Needless to say, Josh came home to his girlfriend snoring in sweatpants; which was not at all what I intended.

Rubbing my eyes, I hopped out of bed and hugged Josh’s hoodie closer to my body as I adjusted to the temperature of the room. I slowly made my way to our bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and oh boy was I looking rough. My hair was in a giant pile on top of my head with random tuffs falling in my face, and I swore I saw a trail coming out of the corner of my mouth were drool had no doubt made its escape.

“Oh man, I need a shower,” I groaned, my voice hoarse from my deep sleep.

I turned on the hot water for the shower and rid myself of Josh’s hoodie and sweats that I borrowed with no intention of returning. I still had the black lacey underwear set on underneath. No matter how many times I saw myself in it, I always marveled at the way the strappy bustier made my cleavage look perky and the black thong complimented my rear. Too bad I’d have to wait another 24 hours to show it off.

Stepping gingerly into the shower, I let the hot water wash over my body. And as much as I wanted to take my sweet time, the fact that my boyfriend, who I hadn’t seen in six months, was downstairs wasn’t lost on me. So after quickly washing my hair and body, I hopped out of the shower, now fully awake and ready to see my favorite guy.

I dried off and slipped back into the hoodie and sweats I had on before. With both Josh and I being notorious nappers, seeing each other in less than flattering pajamas and hairstyles wasn’t out of the ordinary. Regardless, I wanted to make sure I at least smelled flattering before I saw him for the first time in a half a year. Speaking of which, I grabbed my toothbrush and mouthwash and proceeded to get rid of my morning breath.

Taking a deep breath, I walked out of our shared bedroom and down the stairs. I peeked my head around the corner at the bottom of the stairs and as soon as I saw Josh standing in the kitchen I sprinted across the hardwood floor.

“Jooosssshhhhh!” I squealed.

He turned around just in time for me to run into his arms. I buried my face into his bare chest and took in his familiar scent. We embraced each other, neither of us wanting to let go. I loosened my grip around his torso, however, to take a step back and get a good look at him. Josh and I had facetimed plenty and I kept up with all of his and Tyler’s behind the scenes tour videos, so it wasn’t like his face was unfamiliar or anything, but seeing him in person was so much better than through my phone.

He was just as handsome, or even more so, as I remembered. The way his eyes crinkled when he smiled, the soft red curls falling over his forehead, the stubble dotting his cheeks, or his toned chest- they all made my skin tingle in the best way possible.

“(Y/N), I missed you so much,” he breathed out.

I got my tip-toes and finally, after six whole months, connected our lips. Josh was the one to tilt his head and deepen the kiss, brushing his tongue across my bottom lip. Of course I opened my mouth slightly, eager to feel what I had gone without while he was away. When it came to intimacy, Josh and I were nowhere near conservative and masturbation was almost a necessity when he was on tour, but facetime-sex was not even close to the real thing.

We separated for air, “I’m sorry I didn’t wait up for you. I meant to, but I just got really tired and-”

Josh chuckled, “It’s okay, (Y/N). I didn’t expect you to; I didn’t even get home until, like, 4 am.”

“I know, I know. I just wanted to surprise you. But it’s alright, I’ll make it up to you, we can go out and do whatever you want.” He raised his eyebrows at me, “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

He wordlessly gestured behind me, towards the back door. I slowly turned my head and looked out the glass doors. Disappointed at what I saw, I let out a heavy sigh. I had apparently failed to notice the rain falling from the sky in gallons. No way were we going anywhere in that mess.

“Well great, that kinda puts a damper on things,” I looked up at Josh.

“It’s okay babe, we can just watch a movie or something.”

“No, Josh. You are not spending your first day back from tour on the couch. I’ll think of something…” I trailed off, racking my brain for fun things to do.

Movie? No. Board game? Definitely not. Maybe we could-

I gasped, “Oh! Josh I know what we can do!”

Josh chuckled at my enthusiasm, “Yeah? What do you suggest?”

I smirked at him, “It’s a surprise.”

He cocked an eyebrow at me, but before he could question me any further I pecked him on the lips and turned back towards the stairs. As much as I wanted to stay in his arms, I was eager to show him my surprise. I was going to save the “unveiling” for tonight, but what better for Josh to do than me?

I anxiously poured myself back into the black number that still smelt like the perfume I was wearing last night. Removing the hair-tie from my hair, I watched it fall from the top of my head. I fixed it so it looked effortlessly sexy. Finishing with my favorite black nylon thigh high stockings, I smiled at my reflection in the mirror before prancing downstairs.

Stopping halfway down the stairs, I called out to Josh, “Josh? Close your eyes… are they closed?”

“Yes they are definitely closed.”

I sighed, Josh was good at a lot of things, but lying wasn’t one of them, “Joshua! Close your eyes!”

“Okay, okay, fine they’re closed!”

I smiled to myself and walked downstairs. I was met with Josh, standing in the middle of the living room, with his big hands covering his eyes.

“Okay, you can open them,” I said slowly.

Josh removed his hands and opened his eyes. I stood there, waiting to see his reaction. His lips parted as he took in my appearance.

“Oh… wow, baby, uh… wow,” he breathed out.

I smiled and walked over to him, “You like it?”

He nodded quickly, “Yeah- yeah, I do.”

“I wanted to surprise you with it last night, but… you know.”

Josh brought me into his arms and kissed me, “It was worth the wait.” He mumbled into my lips.

I pulled away from the kiss, “Don’t speak to soon,” I smiled up at him.

Josh trailed his hands down my sides and along the curve of my hips, his hands coming to rest on my bum. He splayed out his hands and pulled me into him. The sudden movement created a lovely friction in a place that had been neglected for far too long.

Grabbing the back of his neck with one hand, I pulled Josh into a heated kiss. My other hand, however, had different intentions. I trailed my manicured finger down his chest and down to the waistband of his sweats. Feeling Josh smirk into the kiss gave me the courage to dip my hand into his sweats and palm him over his boxers.

“Sweats and boxers? Who are you?” I whispered in his ear.

Josh let out a groan, “I know, classy right?”

He hummed and held onto my wrist, “If you keep that up I’m going to cum in my boxers.”

I removed my hand and giggled, “Sorry, I just really, really missed this.”

The red-haired boy nodded and dipped his head to connect his lips with my exposed cleavage, leaving marks in his wake. He traveled all the way from my chest up to my neck. It might’ve been a while since we’d had sex, but Josh clearly still knew my body just as well as he did before he went off on tour. He found my sweet spot, the spot that made goosebumps appear on my neck and all the way down my legs, and I arched my back.

“Joshhhhhhh,” I wiggled my hips, eager to create some much needed friction.

He smiled at me, “Upstairs?”

I nodded and let out a small squeal as Josh picked me up bridal style and headed towards our bedroom.

Josh lightly tossed me onto our unmade bed. When I made contact with the duvet, I already had my thong halfway down my thighs.

“Someone’s a little eager, yeah?” Josh said, slowly trailing his hands from my ankles down to my thighs.

I nodded, “It’s been soooo long baby,” I whined.

Josh chuckled, “I know, I know, but I wanna take it slow, okay? I want this to be special.”

I nodded yet again, “Okay.”

I understood where he was coming from; it was the first time we’d been together in six months after all.

Josh’s calloused fingers finally made their way to my core. He traced a stripe up and in between my folds, gathering all the precum that had dripped down. I shivered at the sensation. The feeling only intensified when he dipped a finger inside me. Adding another finger and pumping them slowly caused a high-pitched moan to escape my mouth.

My hand gripped onto his bicep, “Oh Joshhh,” I moaned, my voice shaky.

“You ready?” He asked, keeping his slow pace.

“Yes Josh, oh god yes,” I groaned as I felt a knot form in my stomach.

Of course, in true Josh fashion, he promptly removed his fingers. I whimpered at the sudden loss of contact, but quieted myself as I observed Josh step back and pull down his sweats and boxers in one swift motion. Watching his arm and chest muscles flex as he did the simple task, made me even more eager for what was to come next. His erection sprung free and I didn’t take my eyes off of it even as he slid a condom onto his length.

I scooted farther up the bed, knowing that Josh liked to anchor himself using the headboard.  

“Get up, please.”

I chuckled at his ill-timed manners, “What? Why?”

He blushed and rubbed his chin, “I was, uh, thinking maybe you could ride me?”

I smiled and got up, making room for Josh to sit with his back against the headboard. Once he was settled, I straddled him, placing a hand on each of his shoulders. Lowering myself onto him, I finally got to feel the length I had been missing.

Finally, I got adjusted and began to move. Josh placed his hands on my bare hips and helped me find my rhythm. Staying true to his word, he kept me going slow and steady.

“Oh my god Josh,” I moaned, Josh’s tip brushing over my g-spot.

Josh groaned, “You’re doing such a good job baby, oh god I love you so much.”

Josh’s words encouraged me to circle my hips, keeping my slow pace. I felt myself clench around him as his tip repeatedly hit my spot. He threw his head back and groaned, eventually matching my thrusts. I looked down at Josh’s hips, thrusting his length up into me and I let out a pornographic moan.

“Ohhhh so so good baby,” Josh mumbled, his eyes screwed shut.

I gasped as Josh’s hand began rubbing slow circles on my clitoris. The sensation was almost too much as he brought me to my high. Moaning Josh’s name, I shook with pleasure as my orgasm washed over me. Josh helped me ride out my high as he chased his own, finally finding it a few seconds later. I let out a string of incomprehensible words as I collapsed onto his chest.

Josh let out a deep breath, “I love you, (Y/N).”

I hummed in response, currently too spent to reply. My legs felt like jelly and my over-sensitive core throbbed.

After a couple minutes, I pulled myself off of Josh and rolled to my side of the bed. He removed the condom, quickly discarding it in the trash, and joined me under the covers. Josh wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on the top of my head.

I hummed, “That was nice.”

Josh chuckled, “Yeah. It was.”

I looked up at him, “Was it still worth the wait?”

“Definitely,” he nodded, “Now how ‘bout round two?”

I groaned, “Nap first, then we’ll see.”

Josh laughed, “I love you (Y/N).”

I sighed contentedly and closed my eyes, “I love you too Josh.”


Okay so I really hope I did your request justice because I really really liked the idea so idk 

anonymous asked:

What I hate about movies like to the bone is that the character with anorexia is always the funniest,wittiest,prettiest,most effortless and coolest. Let's be real when I was starving my brain was just a cranky mess not some clever one liner machine. It really make it seem like anorexia is something that sets you apart from the rest and makes you "better"


almalexiia  asked:

i read ur movie!volturi post, and honestly im still conflicted 🤔 from what we see of sulpicia and athenodora for example... i hate it??? i hate movie aro too, and movie alec & jane bother me. but there are some i like and have accepted as personal hc, like felix (despite how fucking creepy he looks in every movie sjcjkcjkd) and demetri. ive been quietly drawing my own hc appearances for volturi, but a few of them are still kinda based off of movie depiction cos my brain is a perfectionist mess

Me too, my guy! I’ve taken a bunch of headcanons from film Volturi too, ahah! 

Felix in the movies for me is probably the most accurate in appearance, and Demetri is pretty accurate in personality alone. (Actually in a comparison between all the casting of the Volturi the whole felix/demetri/heidi are potentially the most accurate. Again, that’s only figuratively and in a direct comparison to the rest of it.)

But like……… Sulpicia and Athenodora only just hit the bare minimum of being ““casted”” and it absolutely drives me mad. I just.. don’t understand? They could’ve put even a little bit more effort, and it could’ve been so much better than it was.

Marcus and Cauis’s casting I’m just perceptually on the fence about. Marcus has that good “I’m dead inside and literally don’t care about anything happening around me” vibe, and I can appreciate that the actor was a little bit older than the rest of them, which was honestly kind of nice in a series that seems to value “youthful beauty” almost excessively. 

I know Caius’s casting was a little bit less popular. Jamie C.Bower is kind of young, and, at least at the time, had a very baby-ish face with soft features, which contrasts kind of heavily with his personality. But to me I’ve never really cared for the “strict, sharp–edged, and narrowly contoured facial structure = they must evil” stereotype, so I was never really bothered as much as some people were.

However, I don’t know if it’s because he’s the main member/leader of the coven and so kind of takes centerpiece, but good–lord Aro’s casting choice bothers me so much.

This isn’t to say that Michael Sheen is a bad actor, or that the people that enjoy him in this role are wrong in any way (I know some of my followers really like him and get mad when I talk about this lol), it’s just not… a good role for him to play? Aro always had this dangerously charming personality, that was giggly and graceful, but at the same time scary. Actually that was kind of the scary part of Aro, is that he has a very manipulative allure to him. But for me that was never achieved with Sheen’s casting.

I also dislike how the role is played, especially showcased in breaking dawn, as “oh he’s crazy!! why and how?? who knows!! here’s a bunch of laughing!! woah boy guys look out he’s insaneee!!”, or “crazy for the sake of being crazy”, without any real reasoning or motivation behind it? I don’t know, as someone that has mental illness that trope in particular always irritates me a lot, people surpassing all real meaning behind appearing emotionally or mentally “deranged” besides making a point of appearing evil or Edgy™.


Inspiration: Summer Weather & Nature

Call me weird, but after feeling the 90 degree weather today, all I wanted to do was come home and watch Christmas movies. It was the first day that I was feeling kind of icky because of the hot-cold-hot-cold-in-and-out mess. I came home, read for a little while, and started watching movies and just chillin’. Sometimes, you just need to rest your brain, body, and soul. 

I opened up my drafts here on the blog and I will tell you what- I still have some gems saved up! This particular day, with the park and the sketchbook, and the heat…was the last hot day I remember. Funny thing is, I finished that book and have started a new one! Goodbye Spring, hello Summer. And here we are, summer. Do I always do that? Books by the season? Books of phases, books by emotions?