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There is a very, very long literary criticism post sitting on my dash right now about the failings? shortcomings? of The Force Awakens as a part of the Star Wars universe because it lacks the mythic quality of the originals. I realize this is an extremely superficial rendering of the post’s actual, lengthy analysis and argumentation, but that’s not what I’m here for.

What I am here for is to take up two bits from that very interesting post AS THEY RELATE TO ME, A FAN OF COLOR, PERSONALLY. 

The first is the assertion that:

“While The Force Awakens has its merits, they are few indeed, and the only one that deserves listing is the diverse casting.”

The second:  

Rogue One, on the other hand, does not fall victim to this. It does not claim to be a part of the Saga. It exists without intentionally altering facts crucial to the plot of the myth. It exists as a supportive side note only. The writers of R1 did not fall victim to the same hubris that haunts Abrams and Disney. R1 knows exactly what it is. It’s C-canon. Continuity to be utilized or ignored at whim, or as needed.”

To be perfectly honest, I spend a *lot* of time thinking about representation in the media; I don’t write about it very often because other people have done it already, and in far more eloquent ways than I can. But it’s an incredibly important part of how I think about my work as both a fan and a (temporary) academic. And it’s something that means a LOT more to me as a fan of color than just one line in a very, very, very long piece about why some people disliked TFA

Like the post’s original author, I too consumed a significant quantity of Star Wars material after watching the movies. From where I sit on my living room floor I can see my collection of EU novels–it’s not sizeable, but they are well-worn and loved. I played KOTOR and KOTOR II and cried over both. But unlike George Lucas, I never differentiated between the levels of canon; yes, I did take up particular aspects to be my own headcanons and resisted incorporating others, but for me, the most important thing about the EU novels and the games was being able to continue engaging with the Star Wars universe. 

Not the mythology that closed me out.

I love the originals. I have no idea how many times I’ve seen them, because aside from having them on VHS, I watched them every time they were on SPIKE TV in the early 2000s. I still plan to cosplay Cloud City Leia when I have time to make things again. They are a hugely important part of my identity (oh god why did I decide to go into an education phd when I should’ve done media studies, fml). 


I have never cried harder at a movie than during either TFA or Rogue One. (It was worse during Rogue One.) 

So many better authors than I, again, have spoken/written about how amazing it was for them to see themselves onscreen in a Star Wars movie for the first time. For Rey to be the central heroine of the new saga. So much of the press around Rogue One in particular is about the diversity of the cast. The cast members themselves shared anecdotes about being a part of something that reflects how global the stories of Star Wars really are (Diego Luna’s accent, for the most prominent example). 

For me, the diversity of TFA’s cast (and, obviously, Rogue One) is not just one line of praise. It is not, as Riz says, “an added extra.” It is everything. It’s about saying THERE ARE PILOTS AND MECHANICS AND GUNNERS WHO LOOK LIKE ME. THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO MATTER IN THIS HUGE AMAZING STORY THAT LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE LOVE. It is about opening up the whole GFFA in which the mythic Skywalker saga exists. The universe–the world-building, I’m not entirely sure what to call it here–is so much more to me than the central story of Luke, and Anakin. And that, too, is something the actors themselves have spoken about, that you really feel like you’re part of a lived-in world. 

(Shit, I’m getting off-track; there’s a whole other post about context that I dont’ have time to think about rn, I’m actually supposed to be getting ready for class. Suffice to say that the Saga doesn’t exist in a vacuum, nor do I think it should!)

Relegating Rogue One to “C-Canon,” to me, denies the significance of opening up the GFFA’s universe to be more inclusive. (Again, other authors have done quite a lot with the notion that the most diverse Star Wars film to date also…kills them all off, canonically supporting the white leads’ efforts.) It says that yes, you can come play in this universe so long as you don’t think you’re an important part of it. 

Rogue One made a billion dollars. I don’t think most people saw it–and its story of sacrifice and hope–as something to be ignored. 

So. TL;DR: I don’t take up Star Wars as just the central myth of Luke and Anakin, because it’s part of a much larger universe, a universe which is finally opening up to include more of the people who love it. The diversity and inclusion of the new movies is incredibly important to me, perhaps even moreso than the originals (which, again, I love). I mean–okay, sorry, this is getting into TL;DR territory in and of itself–I have loved Star Wars since I was twelve years old, I’ve always loved Luke in particular, and it’s only now, with these two new movies, that I’ve fallen this fucking hard headfirst into the fandom and show absolutely no signs of being able to climb out again. 

Look. I don’t mean this as a repudiation of the original post and its opinions; this is kind of the definition of YMMV, I think. But those two parts, and my own experiences with fandom and inclusion–this all kind of had to come rushing out. 

questions tag

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1. drink: water

2. phone call: my boyfriend

3.text message: my best friend

4. song you listened to: Beez in the Trap (ft 2 chainz) by Nicki Minaj (dont judge me I just have my playlist on shuffle all the time)

5. time you cried: last night :/


6. dated someone twice: yes

7. kissed someone & regretted it: yess

8. been cheated on: yesss

9. lost someone special: yea

10: been depressed: yessss

11. gotten drunk & thrown up: once


12. pink

13. blue

14. anything pastel (basic colors I know)


15. made new friends: yesssss

16. fallen out of love: nope

17. laughed until you cried: yessssss

18. found out someone was talking about you: no

19. met someone who changed you: i dont think so

20. found out who your friends are: yesssssss

21. kissed someone on your facebook list: my bf lol


22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: i have no clue

23. do you have any pets: my dog Oreo that i live for

24. do you want to change your name: no

25. what did you do for your last birthday: went to top golf

26. what time did you wake up: 7:00 AM

27. what were you doing a midnight last night: dead sleep

28. name something you can’t wait for: to take a nap

29. when was the last time you saw your mom: like 2 weeks ago

30. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life: my body (yes I know I can change this I just want it to happen now lol)

31. what are you listening to right now: nothing

32. have you have talked to a person named tom: my bf’s dad lol

33. something that is getting on your nerves: my chem prof

34. most visited websites: tumblr & blackboard 


35. mole(s): 2 on cheeks

36. mark(s): not sure what this is supposed to mean

37. childhood dream: to be a princess lol

38. hair colour: brown

39. long or short hair: long

40. do you have a crush on someone: my mans

41. what do you like about yourself: my time management skills

42. piercings: ears and belly button

43. blood type: i honestly have no clue is that bad?????

44. nickname: dont have one

45. relationship status: in a relationship

46. zodiac: leo

47. pronouns: she/her

48. favourite tv show: sons of anarchy

49. tattoos: not yet

50. right or left handed: right

51. surgery: nope

52. hair dyed different colour: not right now

53. sport: volleyball

54. no question?

55. vacation: Texas, South Carolina, Hawaii, Cozumel Mexico.

56. pair of trainers: nikes


57. eating: nothing

58. drinking: water

59. i’m about to: go to my next class

60. waiting for: christmas

61. want: to go back home :(

62. get married: when my bf proposes who knows

63. career: graphic design or software development??? ugh idk what im good at

64. hugs or kisses: kisses

66. shorter or taller: taller

67. older or younger: older

68. nice arms or nice stomach: nice stomach

69. sensitive or loud: sensitive

70. hook up or relationship: relationship

71. troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker


72. kissed a stranger: no

73. drank hard liquor: yessssssss

74. lost glasses/contact lenses: dont have any

75. turned someone down: yea

76. sex on first date: no

77. broken someone’s heart: yup

78. had your heart broken: yes

79. been arrested: almost

80. cried when someone died: yeah

81. fallen for a friend: no


82. yourself: kind of

83. miracles: yeah

84. love at first sight: no

85. santa claus: no

86. kiss on first date: yea


87. current best friend name: idek honestly I dont have like one bff i just have a few good friends

88. eye colour: blue

89. favourite movie: balto 1 2 & 3 

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How soft your fields so green - ravenbringslight - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Fuck Or Die, kind of, Public Sex, Anal Sex, Sibling Incest, Post-Ragnarok, Not Serious, pretty silly, dramady

The Asgardians’ ship stops for supplies. The price is not what Thor and Loki had expected.

Loki whirled furiously to Thor and dragged him by the elbow to a spot several yards away. “Thor,” he hissed. “Do something.”

“What do you expect me to do?” Thor shot back. “Kill them all? I probably could, but I’m not committing genocide over some hard tack. We need these supplies.”

Thor,” Loki repeated. “You’re not seriously considering -”

Thor smirked. “Come on,” he said. “It wouldn’t even be in the…top five weirdest things we’ve done.”

timedrake  asked:

tbh remember this cold ruined me in the best of ways bc now when i watch the movies again im like "where's Loki?" or "where's Steve?" if either of them are ever alone in a scene and when they're in other fics together I'm like wait why aren't they madly in love??? anyways big fan!!!! love u & happy u have a lovely day!!!!!

I mean…same. I feel like there’s a part of my brain all the time every time I watch a movie that’s like “okay so how am I going to work with this for Remember This Cold” and also damn my OTP forever, I mean, I can read other things still but…

I’ve kind of never gone for a ship this hard before, it’s great, I love it

(thank you so muuuuuch. I mean like I just said in the tags, I love all the nice things people are saying lately, like, did it just turn into ‘compliment Lise month’ when I wasn’t looking or something?)

Random Things Meme

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1) I don't like chocolate: never have, but I like Chocolate cake 

2) I shave my head: I like the feeling of having no hair

3) I don't like Cats: I just really love bunnies so naturally, I'm not crazy about cats 

4) I'm a lesbian and A-romantic: but I read a lot of love stories 

5) I want to be a motivational speaker: I just don’t know where to start 

6) I wear a lot of black: it makes me feel and look very powerful 

7) I'm only 5 foot 

8) I like animation movies the most: any kind is fun for me 

9) I have dyslexia: I can barely read or write 

10)  I also have Dermatillomania: it really sucks and I try not too, Art helps and so does work but anytime in between and I have a hard time stopping 

I tag @cptnleesartship @snakecrown @rei-kay @teaskull @littlewisefox I dont know 10 users 0__0 

Get to Know Me

I was tagged by @an-author-in-progress (curse youuu!). Why do you want to know me, I’m a trashcan??? – I gotta answer questions and tag some peeps. >:3

Relationship status: Single and kinda ready to mingle?? I got social anxiety ;x;

Favorite Color: PURPLE FOREVER. Doesn’t matter what kind. ANY kind.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. Always chapstick.

Last Song I Listened ToIstanbul Not Constantinople by They Might Be Giants. XD

Last Movie I Watched: A Christmas Carol (1984)

Top 3 TV Shows: Monk, Bob’s Burgers, and basically anything that has to do with animals.

Top 3 Characters: That’s super hard! Some of the characters I like (not top 3) are Adrian Monk and Leland Stottlemeyer from Monk, Raymond Holt from Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Jim Halpert from The Office

Top 3 Bands: I don’t really have favorite bands, just a biiig collection of songs I like, lol. But I have a lot of songs by Shaka Ponk, Elizaveta, and Mother Mother

Books I’m Currently Reading: I am currently making my way through two books (that I definitely recommend): Ocean Country -One Woman’s Voyage from Peril to Hope in Her Quest To Save the Seas- by Liz Cunningham, and Voices From Chernobyl -The Oral History of A Nuclear Disaster-by Svetlana Alexievich 

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Interview Questions

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1. Favorite Book Series?
This is so hard. Harry Potter was like my entire childhood tho so I’m prob gonna have to go with that.

2. Favorite Genre?
Fantasy. But not like high fantasy stuff? More like YA or urban kind of fantasy.

3. Favorite Holloween Story and or movie?
Idk if I have a fav Halloween story. The only Halloween type books I can think of that I’ve read was goosebumps (in which case I always loved Night of the Living Dummy). I think Halloweentown is the heart and soul of Halloween movies tbh.

Hmmm lets see. I’m gonna tag @papersky-pencilstars, @bloodlust-king, and @flannelandsarcasm

My Questions:

1. If u weren’t a writer what might u be doing instead? (Whether that means a different hobby or different career).

2. Is there a work you’ve posted that ur most proud of? (Perfect time to include a link!)

3. What’s one aspect of ur writing u wish to improve?

The Houses + Romance

Hufflepuff: Will probably pick up a new interest/hobby in order to get closer to their crush. Likes dates that involve going out to eat or staying in and getting delivery. The kind of person who is content to just be around their crush. Probably likes holding hands.

Ravenclaw: Will only develop a crush once they know what they’re getting into. Hard to read, others may never even notice they’ve got a crush. Likes their dates to feel intimate. Very good at stalking social media- has only accidentally liked a post from 9 months ago one time. Good at smooching.

Gryffindor: Needs upfront communication above all else. Likes dates that are outside the norm, they need something more than dinner and a movie (think hiking or going laser tagging). Loves to laugh and needs someone who will keep up with them. They give the warmest hugs.

Slytherin: Sends pictures/posts they think their crush will like. The kind of person who stays up late talking/texting their crush. Stuck between “I’m worried I’ll say the wrong thing” & “They better like me for who I am”. Probably likes to be the little spoon.

anonymous asked:

HI!! :] How would a first date be with the GOT7 membersss?

Hiiiiii! Thanks for being our first requester!!!! 

Mark: I feel like Mark would be the shy but super sweet kind of guy on the first date. He would pick you up, open the car door for you, and help you buckle your seat belt. He’d be the most likely to take you to a quiet, fancy dinner and maybe go on a nice scenic walk. He would speak in a very calm tone to you, and whenever you’d make eye contact he’d bashfully smile and look away. The date would end with him taking you back home and walking you to your doorstep… and I’m sure a little kiss on the cheek from you would make this boy’s entire week.

Jaebum: We all know how Jaebum likes being an oppa that can take care of his girl, so I think on their first date he’d take her to a horror movie. He would tell you to go order what you wanted for snacks, making you think you had to pay for yourself, and then when it’d be time to pay, he’d step in front of you and pay for it himself, flashing you his cheeky little grin. I imagine that if you guys both reached for the popcorn and brushed hands, he’d laugh it off if you pulled your hand away from embarrassment. I also see him as the type to be smiling in satisfaction when you bury your face into his shoulder when the scary parts of the movie come on but comforting you that it’s okay and letting you know when it’s over. I also see him as the type that would casually drape his arms around your shoulders and pulling you close to him for the sake of the scary movie, of course.

Jackson: I feel like Jackson would be the type to take you to do something active, like trampoline jumping or laser tag. He’s someone who jokes around often he would love to show you his fun side when it came to games. If you did laser tag, he would totally get competitive and try to beat you, but not without establishing some kind of bet with a reward at the end. I can imagine him trying super hard to beat you and when he does, requesting a kiss on the cheek like the sneaky little weasel he is. But after you guys are done playing I could see him dragging you over to the arcade so he can show off even more, but then win you all the adorable and gigantic plushies for you to take home.

Jinyoung: I feel like our little romantic country boy would want to take you on a quaint little picnic at the park. After he picks you up, you’d notice the large picnic basket and bundle of blankets he had in the backseat in preparation for your first date. When you two finally arrive at the park and pick out a nice spot, he’d bust open that picnic basket and start laying out all the food he made for you, a cute little vase with flowers to set the mood, and little pastries for dessert. You guys could spend this romantic, peaceful time getting to know each other on a more personal level and really just enjoying each other’s company. Ugh, I’m imagining him all dressed up in a button up shirt and his hair pushed back in a little combover, ugggghhhhhhhh.

Youngjae: Our shy little Youngjae, awwww. I think Youngjae would also take you on a dinner date for your first, but he’d be even more shy than Mark. He would pull your chair out for you and push it in as you sat down and then he’d hurriedly walk over to his own seat across the table and stifle his signature awkward giggle. Although a bit awkward, I think he would really make an effort to keep the conversations going and ask you about your interests. I feel like he’d be the type that’d really admire when you talk about something you’re really passionate about it and he’d adore the way your face lit up when you really got going. Just for the heck of it, I can also imagine him taking you to get ice cream later, paying for you, and feeding you a bite but the both of you laughing after realizing how cheesy that was.

Bambam: We know Bambam’s just a hyper lil shit, so I’d say he’d like to take you to an amusement park for your first date. Although he’d act all tough and manly when he’s in line for the ginormous, scary roller coasters, on the inside he’d be freaking out. If he saw that you really liked roller coasters, he’d get on just for you but he’d probably offer to let you hold his hand if you got scared… but in reality, he’d be the one squeezing your hand because he was scared. I can also imagine you two walking hand in hand around the park while you both enjoyed an ice cream and matching hats he bought for you two. If one of the rides took pictures while you were on it, I think he’d suggest that you two do a coupley pose, like a heart.

Yugyeom: Maknae Yugyeom is so precious and cute around girls, but I think on your first date, he’d really make an effort to make you feel comfortable. I feel like he’d take you to a concert so that the loudness could fill any awkwardly quiet voids but at the same time, so that you two could enjoy the music together. I can picture him being the type to nod his head to the beat and dance along whenever a good part came on. And if you were going crazy at the concert, he wouldn’t mind it at all, he’d let you let loose and do your thang. After it’d be over, he’d probably just want to go somewhere quiet to talk about all the highlights of the concert and to get to know you better.

  • Thomas: Newt. Newt, we broke the maze. Newt.
  • Newt: You wha-
  • Minho: Excuse me, 'we'? It was Thomas!! Newt, I swear it wasn't me!
  • Newt: ...
  • Thomas: Newt?
  • Newt: ...
  • Minho: Newt? Did you hea-?
  • Newt: You bloody idiots.

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1. What movie genres are you into? anything disney, action/comedy i usually like, or romcom.

2. Are you a gamer? If yes, what are your fav video games? does The Sims count as a video game? I’m not into video games tbh.

3. What’s your favorite snack? any kind of biscuit.

4. Do you read fanfiction? nope.

5. Favorite friendship between fictional characters? oh my god so hard. i love rosa/jake from b99, merlin/gwen, lito/wolfgang from sense8, jim/spock/bones from star trek.

6. What are your fandoms? idk how you count being in a fandom? is it just liking the thing or is it interacting with other people within the fandom and contributing? idk if i’m really in the merlin fandom so much anymore. i make gifs and i talk to people but idk if i really immerse myself in the fandom as much as i used to?? and i’m sort of on the fringes of the b99 fandom, i make gifs and try to get involved but it’s hard lol. i reblog a lot of other stuff too but i wouldn’t say i’m in the fandom as such?? this was a stupidly long answer lmao

7. Have you played Mario as a kid? idk..maybe?? i’ve never really paid much attention to video games.

8. Desktop or mobile? both. depends on what i’m doing.

9. Do you play sports? hahaha no.

10. Do you like to dance? only if i’ve had a lot to drink.

11. Favorite song? i don’t think i really have one atm??

marianhalcombes  asked:

omg if you have time pls do all the marauders. or at least remus. I live for this social media au.

yesssss thanks ok


  • their blog url: A VERY BAD PUN or something like ‘hotterpotter’ sooooo bad
  • the kind of posts they reblog: lmaooo so much sports content he blogs obsessively about it. frightening. also he & sirius have a very popular vine account so he posts all their videos & makes long rambly posts about their shenanigans & prank pulling. out of the four of them james uses his blog most like a blog. he liveblogs football games. people ask him lots of questions about his opinions on sports & also on what he & his friends get up to & his answers are hilarious (he & sirius write them together)
  • the first person they followed: sirius! but then remus then peter then lily. lily does NOT follow him back. 
  • what kind of theme they’d have: hmm ?? probably a souped up version of a generic one, it’s not something james put a lot of time into. he’s a tag RANTER though. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: sad MOPEY PINEY POSTS THAT ARE A MELODRAMATIC MESS LMAO his friends tease him mercilessly, sirius sends him fake anon hate for it. 


  • their blog url: it would either be a stupid last name pun OR a random phrase that looks & sounds cool but means nothing. or imo they all have their nicknames as urls lmao.
  • the kind of posts they reblog: sdfj;lsdf sirius’s blog would be all over the place, all of james’s pics & posts & a lot of aesthetic-y stuff & so many fucking photos of motorcycles. so many. oh & reblogs all his & james’s vines & instagram photos. also wardrobe posts. selfies. sirius does selfie olympics except its like. his face while sitting on a gold monogrammed toilet seat in his family’s house. 
  • the first person they followed: james
  • what kind of theme they’d have: black & white very elegant but hard to navigate lmao. sirius tags haphazardly about half the time & doesnt the other half because he forgets. tags his selfies though. lots of selfies. icon is a selfie that isn’t actually a selfie because its a photo someone took of him. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: selfies. also untagged angry posts about his family & that kind of thing. 


  • their blog url: some kind of film reference probably? 
  • the kind of posts they reblog: movie & tv stuff mostly!! lots of old film trivia & like. old star wars cast pics, that kind of thing. has long tags for each of his friends & always reblogs their pics. also funny animal videos. he makes a lot of posts abt hanging out with his buds & the stuff they get up to 
  • the first person they followed: james
  • what kind of theme they’d have: probably one of those with like the row of gifs down the lefthand side but it looks pretty good anyway, tho he probably would have autoplay on his blog that annoys everyone. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: untagged little worrying posts that he deletes pretty fast


  • their blog url: is hilariously awful & bad but i also think he might have ‘professor’ in his blog name somewhere as a joke
  • the kind of posts they reblog: weird shit lmfao remus has a queue running that’s like. autumny pics & music & book quotes & shit but then he posts NONSENSE like the posts remus makes when he’s stoned always seem to go viral & ppl repeat them until they are dead. but he also blogs abt serious stuff like mental health & living w a disability & bisexuality & so forth. when ppl send him shit he responds exclusively w pics of scully making the disgusted face. oh also he has an EXTENSIVE ezra koenig tag. imo more people follow his twitter account but his blog is relatively popular. 
  • the first person they followed: wolfpupy. then all 3 of his friends pretty much all at once, but imo i think they all follow him first. remus probably follows like 25 blogs tops. 
  • what kind of theme they’d have: pretty minimal but his icon is something RIDICULOUS. he has organized tags & sometimes rants in the tags. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: none. remus is almost never awake at 2am. if he’s posting at 2am its to say ‘why the fuck am i awake at 2am’
Thoughts on Rogue One

1. Fit so well into the time just before the OT! The little cameos were fun and smart and emotional, it was good to see expanded roles from a few of the recognizable people, and just generally fit in well.

2. Or rather, it fit well in the cracks between. It’s very much a story about how a lot of hard, dirty work gets done outside of people being heroes with destinies for a story to have its eventual happy ending. From pretty much the first time we meet Cassian that becomes extremely obvious, and it’s reinforced down to the fact that for the first time I can remember, we see stormtroopers whose armor is dirty when there wasn’t a battle to dirty it up.


4. More under the cut because spoilers.

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So! Normally, I don’t make these posts, but this is just kiiind of a little thing I need to point out!

So, the new episode, “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service” came out recently. Which is nice! Really! It was a great episode!

Buuut I kind of just need to bring up an old movie:

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“Kiki’s Delivery Service”!

Yep, you can tell that the new episode’s name was most likely based off of the movie’s name. Buuut, that makes a biiit of a problem… Everyone’s started tagging art, posts, theories, etc about the SU episode as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and NOT “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service”! This doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, but the Kiki’s Delivery Service tag is being absolutely swamped with stuff not even related to the movie, which makes it incredibly hard to find content for one of my favorite movies.

If you’re going “Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill!”, please just think about this:

There’s a show or movie you really like- so much that you browse the tag often. It’s not a big fandom, though, so even though it updates often, it’s still not too active. Suddenly, a ginormous fandom makes a refernece to said show or movie, and EVERYONE starts posting about it! And tagging ANYTHING related to the episode or something gets tagged as said show or movie! And now you can’t find ANY content for the movie, because it’s clogged up and covered by the larger fandom not understanding the difference. It’d be even more annoying if you did not like the larger fandom (even though I do like it in this case). And now you’ll have to scroll through the tag with little to no content for your show or movie? Fun, right? Not really.

Tl;dr: Please tag the new SU episode as “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service” and not “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.

The Nacho Fic

Summary: Dan thought his life as a corn chip was coming to a tragic close, until he met one Phil Salsa

Genre: Smut, fluff 

Extra tags: Hurt and comfort, Friendstolovers, Nacho!Dan, Salsa!Phil, 

Warnings: NSFW, cursing, detailed descriptions of chip disembowelment, major character death

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anonymous asked:

What's the big deal with 50 shades of grey? There are movies that promote way worse things than domestic violence. Thing like murder, torture, rape, oppression, robbery, gang affiliation, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and more. So why is it 50 shades that everyone flips their shit about? Plus, some people are into that kind of thing. Look at the bdsm tag on tumblr and you'll find thousands, probably more, that are all about 50 shades of grey style sex.

Oh. Oh hon. 

50 Shades of Grey is not a BDSM relationship. It’s abusive, manipulative, and downright appalling. A real BDSM relationship isn’t even close to that piece of garbage.

The reason we fight so hard against it is because there are young men and women who are watching this thinking it’s normal or okay. Basically, we have a movie that teaches men that dominating and abusing women is okay because women like it. That’s what it’s about.

If you’re in a BDSM relationship, there are safe words and there’s aftercare, two very important things that are ignored in 50 Shades.

You’re right, there’s a lot of shit that promotes terrible things, some that are worse, and they should be fought against as well. But that doesn’t mean we ignore this. It may not be the worst thing, but it’s not good and it’s quite a few steps back. And I think the reason there are more people fighting against it is because it’s so popular.

We fight for rights. We fight to be seen as equals. We work hard to get people to see that consent is important. And then something like this happens and we have to start all over again, or at least start further back. We’re tired. And this is just making more work for us.

Maybe it’s not a big deal to you, but it is to me.