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Relationship status: Single

Favourite colour: Burgundy

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

Last song I listened to: My Number by The Foals

Last movie I watched: Brimstone

Top 3 TV shows: (at the moment) Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Timeless

Top 3 characters: Ahhhh this is so hard 😣 off the top of my head: Sherlock Holmes, Jon Snow, Alex Parrish

Top 3 ships: (again, at the moment) Buckynat, Adlock, Coliver

Books I’m currently reading: I’m only reading one at the moment which is A Storm Of Swords (1)

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answer 11, ask 11 3.0

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who is your celebrity crush?

: tom felton♡, andrew garfield, and asa butterfield

what’s your favourite food?

: oh no this is hard ;;-;; something in the middle of thai and chinese cuisine?

what’s your favourite movie?

: probably night at the museum secret tomb

what kind of bed do you sleep on? (i.e king, queen etc.)

: i think it’s a bit smaller than queen size bed

if you were stranded on a desert island and had to choose someone to take with you, who would it be?

: loollll mingyu from seventeen? he’s so talented in cooking, fishing, literally doing everything! i think i’ll survive if i take him with me ;)

are you in a romantic relationship? If so, for how long?

: does crush count? bc i have a crush on optimus prime since i was 7 lol

do you prefer headphones or earbuds?

: headphones!

iphone or android?

: iphone

if you had to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

: ahhh i’d choose harry potter series since i’ve never ever getting bored by watching these

what time is it where you are right now?

: 21.30

my question

1. leader or follower? ordinary or special? why?

2. favourite thing about your hometown?

3. if the time suddenly stops, everything stops but you, what would you do?

4. if you have loads of free space in your house, what would you do with it?

5. if you need to exchange 2 things in your life with your biggest dream becoming real, would you risk it?

6. having angelic voice but can’t make any money from it or being well-known but everyone hates you?

7. unique thing about yourself?

8. favourite element?

9. sea or sky? waterproof or fireproof? past or future?

10. if you can go back in time, would you make any change to our world history? if yes, what would you change?

11. describe yourself in 3 words

and i’m tagging everyone who wants to do this <3

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Relationship status: ahh… it’s a little hard to explain, I would say taken but it’s not that kind of ‘couple relationship thing’…more a ‘companionship‘? But love her very much °//v//°

Favorite color: lime green

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick??

Last song I listened to: ‘Take it easy boy’ by Donny Montell ((I hope that is the right title))

Last movie I watched: ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’

Top 3 tv shows: ’Eurovision Song Contest’, ‘Hetalia’ and 'the adventures of Merlin’.

Top 3 characters: Feliks Łukasiewicz, Toris Laurinaitis and now I can’t decide between Latvia and Estonia.

Top 3 ships: LietPol, Robul and EstLat c:

Books I’m currently reading: ‘No Greater Ally‘ by Kenneth K. Koskodan. But I’m very slow with it. Mainly because it’s written in english and I have to look up quite a lot. OTL

Another Tag game °v° ((I put it in one post I hope no one minds)):

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Name/nickname(s): I don’t really have a nickname. My name is Neele °U°

Favorite colors: lime green

Last song I listened to: ‘take it easy boy’ by Donny Montell

Favorite TV show: ‘Eurovision song contest’, ‘Hetalia‘, ‘The adventures of Merlin‘

First fandom: Detective Conan, Pokémon °V°

Hobbies: Drawing, sleeping, watching cooking shows on TV.

Worst thing i’ve eaten: Shrimp, Parsley and Liquorice.

Favorite place: My Bed.

I was tagged by @skysolowalker I so sorry my dear friend! It took me forever to do this but at last! I have arrive!

Rules - tag 9 people you want to know better

Relationship Status: Taken. In a relationship (and is not a sheep with the word relation in it)

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick, the kind that stays until you rub it really hard, so that way I won’t leave stains all over my fucking house.

Last Song I Listened to: Bounce by Iggy Azalea

Last Movie I Watched: Hotel Transilvania (Mavis is the reason I started using black lipstick)

Top Three Characters: Lord Voldemort or Tom Marvolo Riddle (Harry Potter), Yennefer of Vengerberg (The Witcher) and Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock BBC)

Top Three Ships: WHY!? ONLY THREE!? WHY WOULD SOMEONE PUNISH ME LIKE THIS??? Nut anyways… I think it would be Reylo (Rey/Kylo Ren from Star Wars), Caulscott (Max Caufield/Nathan Prescott from Life Is Strange) and Yennefer and Geralt (From The Witcher) I don’t know if there’s a label for this ship. Bonus: *I fucking know I’m cheating* Rebelcaptain (Jynn Erso/Cassian Andor from Rogue One: A Star Wars story.)

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Pick five of your favourite YouTubers. If they were actors/actresses what roles would they most likely be cast for?

HA HA HA HA HA HA as if I have more than five

Okay we’ll start with Mark. Like specific roles in a specific movie? Or a kind of trope? I like tropes, because I never fucking watch movies. 

Mark Fischbach

Best Friend Rival.
It took me a long time to think about this one, but Mark is definitely The Guy You Wanna Beat. He’s got the looks, the voice, the brain, but he’s got too many good skills to be Action Hero, and besides, irl he plays support in team games too much, yet charges ahead with the Gnome of Healing regardless of what’s happening. So I think he’s the Too Perfect Guy, but not antagonistically so. Perfect hair, perfect voice, perfect humor, everybody loves him, including the audience. 

He’d be cast as the Cool/Successful Guy or Talented Mentor in a scrappy underdog story that the protagonist wants to gain the approval of. He’s the measure of success that the protagonist must meet or surpass before he knows he’s Finally Made It. 

Dan Avidan

Eyes of the Audience.
Dan would be the main character in a story about discovering yourself while escaping a life of hardship. A struggling artist who wants to make it, but a relatable person. Sweet, trusting, he’d be the kind of protagonist with self-esteem issues who’s being exploited for his natural talent and looks, but doesn’t believe he has either. 

He needs someone, like a certain Best Friend Arin Hanson or Caustic but Fair Mentor Brian Wecht (or both) to fight back against the Forces That Be and show us all that we, too, can conquer our demons and defeat the things that are holding us back from What We Can Truly Become. 

Ethan Nestor

Crazy Best Friend. Ethan would be the catalyst of a fast-paced comedy or action movie. He’d get in trouble, or cause trouble, or push the main character into the office of the executive in the middle of a meeting and then shut the door behind him. 

Ethan would be the guy to accidentally or purposefully kickstart the plot of a Wrong-Time-Wrong-Place-Wrong-Person story. And he’d be the one holding a secret to resolving it, too. Scrappy, resourceful, boundless energy, but three quarters of the way through he’d reveal something earth-shattering that makes his character the deepest and most prone to speculation in the entire cast. 

Wade Barnes/Bob Muyskens

I’m torn between the cliched Buddy Comedy Duo and Professional Goofball and Sick-of-His-Shit Handler.
I think I like the latter. Wade Barnes would be the practical joker of a heist or spy crew that everybody loves until the joke is on them, but they’d join in on the fun whenever it’s NOT them. He’s the guy who disappears halfway through the plan and you think he’s dead, but he comes back in a blaze of triumph and everybody cheers that he’d made it through. He’s the guy who glues everyone together, and reminds them to keep their chin up. 

Bob, on the other hand, is the one guy in the crew who doesn’t join in on the fun. He doesn’t play jokes, and the last time he had a joke played on him, someone got a brand-new leg cast. But it wasn’t Wade. Bob is the Information Feeder/Team Coordinator, the guy who seems serious because he hates Wade’s disruptions, but he’s always making sarcastic commentary over the headset and his wit is fan favorite. He’s the level-headed guy who keeps everyone focused and on track. He’s not Top Dog, but he’s 100% the Guy Who Knows Everything. And in the end, he understands the necessity of Wade’s antics in keeping group cohesion. 

Sean McLoughlin

Guy With Something to Prove.
He’s another Eyes of the Audience type, but he’s not being held down by money or power like Dan Avidan’s character would be. He’s the guy with no opportunities, the real pull-myself-up-by-the-bootstraps type. He’s another boundless energy type like Ethan, who throws himself into his passion and work and lives off scraps while everyone tells him he’s crazy and he won’t amount to anything. Genius Inventor/Artist type

And then, unbelievably, somebody spots him in a crowd, or he has the Right Conversation with the Right Person in a Random Coffee Shop, or some crazy exec trips over a piece of his work and Loves It, and gets the kid a contract doing the big time for something he loves. His story is the exact opposite of Dan Avidan’s - he gets his happily ever after by getting the big break he always hoped for. The movie gets a sequel, but the focus is on a new character, either someone he has to convince will be the Next Big Thing, or someone who reminds him of Where He Came From. 

How’d I do? What do you think? That was really fun!

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- Relationship Status: In a relationship. Kind of a common law marriage actually, at least according to Swedish law.
- Favorite color: Green
- Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick for every day use, lipstick on the rare occasions I go out. 
- Last song I listened to: Heathen by twenty one pilots
- Last movie I watched: How to be single 
- Top 3 tv shows: Vikings, Game of Thrones & Brooklyn Nine Nine
- Top 3 characters: Ooh, that’s a hard one. Ivar the Boneless, obviously. Maybe Arya Stark and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter was my entire childhood).
- Top 3 ships: Ok, please don’t take these too seriously because I don’t really have any specific ships XD 1. Arya Stark/Gendry 2. Spencer Reid/books 3. Ivar the Boneless/victory
- Books I am currently reading: I download a bunch of e-books to my tablet and then I switch back and forth between them, sooo…last time I did this I read There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other, The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok and The Hypnotist 

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Name : Sophie
Star sign : Cancer
Height : 162ish cm
Current time : 11:03pm
Favorite music artist : asdhdsag…… Lady Gaga…..
Song stuck in your head : Orange Colored Sky (the Lady Gaga version no surprise here)
Last movie watched : I had to think really hard for this omg med school is getting out of hand but probs Rent i know i’m a loser
Last show watched : Arrow
When did you create your blog : ????
What kind of stuff do you post : gay stuff, lots of gay stuff. these days it’s mostly clexa and supercorp tho
Other blogs : no sideblogs we create an incoherent mess like men
Why did you choose your URL : lexa and candles is the true otp tbh
Hogwarts house : Gryffindor
Pokémon team : good question
Favorite color : ………. orange yes I’m a weirdo and a loser
Average hours of sleep. : sleep is for the weak
Lucky number : 22
How many blankets do you sleep with : 1
Dream job : surgeon
Following : 389
Followers : 340 (porn blogs free)

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NAME. jess / jessie.
STAR SIGN. virgo the least organized and highly critical of oneself. 
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST. lately, it’s bee tom waits.
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD. hard sun - eddie vedder.
LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED. john wick 1 & 2.
LAST SHOW WATCHED. sex in the city.
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG. march ( something ) 2014. 
OTHER BLOGS. i had too many blogs and deleted them but @cemeterygiiirl is my personal. 

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL. wild is a trait that is good and bad and symbolizes who mia is perfectly. + the tenesse williams poem a prayer for a wild heart trapped in cages is another reason. 
HOGWARTS HOUSE. don’t know. 
POKEMON TEAM. don’t know.
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH. one or two depending on how i feel. 
AVG: HOURS OF SLEEP. lately, it’s been like 1-3 hours?
DREAM JOB. food and travel writer and a professional food blogger. 
FOLLOWING. naw son.
FOLLOWERS. naw son.

All The Creative Things

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

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This is my writing and art that’s in the works or on the drawing board.

P.S I Love You

I’ve been having a hard time with writing the next part of this. Reason being I want to stay true to the movie as much as I can but also with it being Avengers-esque I kind of can’t. And the idea is to do a military funeral since I have experience with one but it’s really emotional and I don’t want to over do it too much. I’m probably going to visit the next part some time this week though, let’s hope I can suck it up and actually get on with writing it.

Get A Grip

The month of February for this series is in my drafts right now, and has been for weeks. I think I’m just having trouble with how exactly I want it to play out. Because in general I already know what I want to happen a long the way but I guess it’s filling in the months in between that I’m kind of having trouble with. I’m definitely going to look over it this week though, see how I can work on it.

What I Am

To be honest, this is just a working title for a photography project I’ve been working on (more like, I’m in the drafting stage). It’s meant to be an androgynous photo shoot with me as the model and I have a photographer friend of mine taking the photos. It’s really only taking it’s time because of me, I need to lose weight and dye/cut my hair and buy the outfits. Location I’ll be leaving it up to my friend. But it’s going to be a really fun shoot with serious looks and glitter and laughter and drinks and just an all around good shoot. 

Enamel Pins

This in a sense is a project but more of a business if you think of it. The idea is to turn my artwork into enamel pins, so pins people can wear on hats or jackets or wherever else people put pins. The problem is just that to order pins, it’s expensive and I know a lot of the audience I would love to reach is all over the world and shipping around the world is expensive. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t ship internationally, because I will ship internationally. What I want to do is this - I have already… 5 different designs that are ready to be turned into pins. Once I raise the money for each pin design and if the response for all of them is great and there’s a large demand for more, I’ll start looking into international shipping because I know there are tons of people outside of the USA that would want some of the pins I’ve designed.

* For 100 pins for just one design, it would cost me 300$. So 300$ x the 5 pin designs? I would have to raise 1,500$, sell all of them and hope and pray the response is amazing so that I would be able to order and make more and hopefully ship outside of the USA.

There’s honestly a lot of projects that I have just written down in a notebook for a ‘if I can make this happen then let’s do it’ kind of thing. I would love to share all my projects with you guys, honestly I would. But it would take me forever to write each and every one of them out with how in depth some of them can be. I know that once they’re completed and ready for the public eye, I’m definitely going to be sharing with my tumblr family.

I’ll be tagging @zeannastardust @aubzylynn @iwillbeinmynest and anyone else who wants to take part in this.

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Don't worry about writing for tonight! Do your homework and try not to stress! But when you get a chance could you tag me in the logan imagine you posted. My friend is having a hard time after the logan movie and I know it will cheer her up! But do your homework first!

Thank you for understanding :3 It is very kind of you :) and sure! I can try :3 Hope you liked the cuddling one for him XD it was my first one for him

Six movies I can watch anytime

I was tagged by the awesome, amazing @wayward-stranger. This was kind of hard because I like a lot of movies but don’t really rewatch a lot

1. Alice in Wonderland (The live action)

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

3. The secret of Moonacre

4. Any of the Shrek Franchise (It’s my childhood okay)

5. Rise of the Guardians

6. Zootoopia (It was good okay)

(So obviously I like Tim Burton, and childrens films. I do watch adult films but none have been that good yet, although Hidden Figures was spectacular) I tag: @zealousalpacaobserver @i-dont-sell-urls and @starduststormpilot

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Lipstick or Chapstick: um it really depends??? I can’t go a few days without at least one application of chapstick but I also love wearing all kinds of lipstick

Last song you listened to: Smoke by Maddie & Tae

Top three shows: this is way too hard (shows like TV shows or does this include movies? I’m sticking with TV just to be safe) RWBY, Leverage (thanks to @hedgiwithapen ), and Justice League

Top three characters: Keladry of Mindelan, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, and Skye from Agents of SHIELD

Top three ships: Ironwitch, CapHill, and Superbat

I tag: @hedgiwithapen @outside-the-government @sixelamarr @stephaniie-brown @pennflinn @panromanticcassiecain @windona @winking-widow and @doctorandponds and @vale-insurance-company (I know it’s 10 but its okay to break the rules every once in a while)

The Houses + Romance

Hufflepuff: Will probably pick up a new interest/hobby in order to get closer to their crush. Likes dates that involve going out to eat or staying in and getting delivery. The kind of person who is content to just be around their crush. Probably likes holding hands.

Ravenclaw: Will only develop a crush once they know what they’re getting into. Hard to read, others may never even notice they’ve got a crush. Likes their dates to feel intimate. Very good at stalking social media- has only accidentally liked a post from 9 months ago one time. Good at smooching.

Gryffindor: Needs upfront communication above all else. Likes dates that are outside the norm, they need something more than dinner and a movie (think hiking or going laser tagging). Loves to laugh and needs someone who will keep up with them. They give the warmest hugs.

Slytherin: Sends pictures/posts they think their crush will like. The kind of person who stays up late talking/texting their crush. Stuck between “I’m worried I’ll say the wrong thing” & “They better like me for who I am”. Probably likes to be the little spoon.

Name 6 movies you can watch anytime

I was tagged by the @alittlestardustcaught. I had a hard time sticking to just six.

1. The Mummy, that scene where Benny is on the wrong side of the river gets me every time 

2. Pride & Prejudice (2005), it’s my rainy day movie

3. Pirates of the Caribbean, Hellooooo Orlando Bloom… also, the music

4. The Help, you is smart. you is kind. you is important :’(…also that pie scene

5. Stardust, I like had an awakening when Tristan got the long hair

6. The Incredibles, I’m so fucking there for the sequel

Honorable Mentions: Crazy, Stupid, Love, LotR Trilogy, Star Trek (2009), & so much more

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So! Normally, I don’t make these posts, but this is just kiiind of a little thing I need to point out!

So, the new episode, “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service” came out recently. Which is nice! Really! It was a great episode!

Buuut I kind of just need to bring up an old movie:

Originally posted by maudit

“Kiki’s Delivery Service”!

Yep, you can tell that the new episode’s name was most likely based off of the movie’s name. Buuut, that makes a biiit of a problem… Everyone’s started tagging art, posts, theories, etc about the SU episode as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and NOT “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service”! This doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, but the Kiki’s Delivery Service tag is being absolutely swamped with stuff not even related to the movie, which makes it incredibly hard to find content for one of my favorite movies.

If you’re going “Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill!”, please just think about this:

There’s a show or movie you really like- so much that you browse the tag often. It’s not a big fandom, though, so even though it updates often, it’s still not too active. Suddenly, a ginormous fandom makes a refernece to said show or movie, and EVERYONE starts posting about it! And tagging ANYTHING related to the episode or something gets tagged as said show or movie! And now you can’t find ANY content for the movie, because it’s clogged up and covered by the larger fandom not understanding the difference. It’d be even more annoying if you did not like the larger fandom (even though I do like it in this case). And now you’ll have to scroll through the tag with little to no content for your show or movie? Fun, right? Not really.

Tl;dr: Please tag the new SU episode as “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service” and not “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.

Oh my god, your responses to my ‘Dead Tadashi Jokes Jar’ has been so overwhelmingly amazing, I’m laughing so hard right now! 

I guess you could say you guys are killing me with these replies…

Yup we’re gonna need a bigger jar. *shamefully drops quarter in the jar*