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Sick Days

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Peter Parker X Reader

By: The Daydreamer, Brenna

Warnings: Nothing, just fluff

Word Count: 575, sorry for it being short, it just felt like it should be short

Request: “So I’m super sick at the moment and feel like crap. Could you write a Peter imagine where his girlfriend is sick and he takes care of her? Thanks, I love your blog!” 

I willing to accept requests and my tag list is always open.  Thank you all so much and enjoy!


A/N: I hope that this works as a good answer to your request.  I have had somewhat of a writer’s block and so writing has been kind of hard the past few weeks.  Thank you for the request though, I love to see what you come up with and I love writing stuff that my readers will like.

You were curling up on the couch, turning on a movie and cuddling up in blankets, when there was a knock on the door.  You flipped around to see Peter peeking through the door.  He smiled as you motioned for him to come in.

“Hey, what are you doing here?  Don’t you have school?”  Your sore throat made your voice quiet and raspy.

“So do you, but you are sick and need someone to take care of you.”  He set a brown grocery bag from the nearby grocery store on the counter.  From it, he pulled a container of chicken noodle soup, several Sprites, and a bottle of cough syrup.

“Peter, you don’t need to do that.  You do need to go to school.”  He tried to stand up but sat back down after the world started to spin.

“Yes.  You know that your powers make your sickness worse.  You shouldn’t be alone when you are sick.”  He came over, opening the bottle of cough syrup.  “Now open your mouth.”

“Okay, Dr. Parker.”  You gave a little raspy laugh, taking the cough medicine from him.  You poured out the recommended portion and gave the bottle back to Peter.

“Good.  Now, what are watching?”  He went over to the counter, sticking the cough syrup back in the bag.  He then grabbed two spoons and the chicken noodle container.  

“Just the Disney Classics.  Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, all of them.”  You settled back into the couch, making room for Peter.  He came over and sat next to you, handing you a spoon.

“Perfect.  We have all day, so let’s start.”  You smiled and turned the movie back on.

“You shouldn’t be sharing food with me.  It will get you sick, Peter.”  You gave him a concerned look as he opened the container and stuck a spoon in it.

“Well, I am willing to take that risk because I am not going to let you sit here and eat this soup by yourself.”  You let out another raspy laugh and turned to the TV.  After some time, when the chicken noodle soup was gone, Peter got up to take care of it.  He came back with a bottle of Sprite for each of you.  You smiled and cuddled up close to him, stealing some of his warmth to heat your freezing body.  You eventually fell asleep in his arms.

When you woke up, you looked up to see Peter asleep next to you.  You smiled, trying not to shift and wake him up.  It didn’t work.  He stirred awake and smiled when he saw your face.  

“Hey, sleepy head.  How are you feeling?”

“Better, it helped to have you here.”  You shifted to look Peter in the face.  You felt his hands pushing back your hair from your face.

“Well, I would do anything for you.  After all, you are my girlfriend.”  You smiled at the pure admiration in his eyes.  Man, you loved this brown-eyed boy.

“Thanks.  It makes my life so much better to know I have the world’s best boyfriend.”  You leaned up slightly and gave Peter a peck on the nose.

“Careful, you will get me sick.” He gave you a teasing look. You just slapped him lightly.

“Shut up or you won’t another one.”

“Okay.”  He then leaned down and gave one of his amazing forehead kisses.  You just smiled and closed your eyes, enjoying this sweet day you had had with him.

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Nickname: Sunny; Rere if we’re real close
Star sign: Capricorn 🌽
Height: 5′1″
Last thing I googled: “eating disorder resources near ucla” and “mitosis cleavage furrow” on my laptop and my phone respectively
Fave music artist: SO many, but at the moment, I’m vibing really hard with Catey Shaw!
Last movie you watched: Les Mis– is anyone even surprised?
What are you wearing? Black pencil skirt, gray sweater, full makeup, and jewelry 
When did you create your blog? 2012 for this one; 2015 for synchronysymphony 👌
What kind of stuff do you post: Aesthetic things, social justice, linguistics, and things that I think are cute or funny! (On my other blog, it’s memes, academic stuff, and p much anything else I’m interested in)
Why did you choose your url? Because I love sunshine ☀️ (and for the Syncc, it’s because I like synchronic linguistics and classical music)
Gender: Cis girl
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Pokemon team: Mystic 💙 
Fave color: Pink!
Average hours of sleep: Who even knows at this point? Probably around 6?
Lucky number: 3, 4, 9, and 13
Fave characters: Enjolras and Cosette! And also Violetta and Carmen and Musetta, Eustacia Vye, A.E. Housman’s Terence, Sydney Carton, Raskolnikov (for some reason), Kurapika, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, and Yoosung and Adrien Agreste, even though I’ve never played Mystic Messenger or watched much of Miraculous Ladybug 💕
How many blankets do you sleep with? If it’s cold (which it usually is, because I like the window open), then three!
Dream job: Professor and researcher, and I wanna own my own lab!
Fun fact: I use way too many emojis 😇 (holy hecc u can italicize emojis what)
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Name: Renata

Height: 167 and something, I don’t remember 

Ultimate Bias: AAAAA, it’s hard, may I say the whole BIGBANG and BTS? :D

Nicknames: Rena

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite Fruit: Orange, kiwifruit, strawberry

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Color: emerald green, nude pink, blue

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Tea

Favorite Animals: all animals

Last TV Show I Watched: 7 Day Queen

Last Movie I Watched: Beauty and the Beast

Dream Trip: I have a huuge list but let’s start with East Asia

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1-2

Song Stuck in My Head: Eternity by VIXX (bc I was making an edit with its lyrics)

What Kind of Stuff Do I Post? Asian dramas, kpop and sometimes asia related aesthetics

Last Thing I Googled: stars textures

Side-blog: it’s my sideblog lol

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When Did You Make This Blog?

I don’t remeber exactly when, but I think it was August 2016

Do You Get Asks Regularly? unfortunately, no

Why Did You Choose Your URL?

it’s my almost like my main’s blog url but instead of paris it’s asia

Average Hours of Sleep: 8 hours

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Relationship Status: Now why would anyone want to know that?

Favorite Color: Black? Orange… it’s hard to pick a favourite colour

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

Last song you listened to: Breakfast In Bed - Ella Mai

Last movie you’ve watched: UP with @endangeredtreealligator & @disasterartistfangirl ! (I am so attached to Doug sobs)

Top three characters: Oh man, just three? Obviously ….. uhhh…. Mic….. and Aizawa? Izuku? Hmm;; I have a lot of top characters aaaaaaaaahh

Top three ships: Hasashi Toshinko, Kacchako, Erasermic, (I really haven’t gotten around to ship characters? At least not recently)

Books and manga you are currently reading: Boku no Hero Academia, Yumi’s cells, 31 I dream….. I realised I haven’t read much lately. It’s often one-shots and the like (but BNHA very actively!) And I watch stuff!

Top five musicals: Oh man it’s been a long time since I’ve seen an actual musical but um, bollywood-movies?? Are literally musicals in movie-form lmao

- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

- The Sound of Music (a rewatch)

- Salaam Namaste (rewatched)

- Zanjeer

- Lagaan (a rewatch)

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  • favourite colour: red definitely red i breath red my blood is literally red
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  • last song i listened to: walk by kwabs (this song is so good like really, his voice is amazing)
  • last movie i watched: captain america - the first avanger (about 10 minutes ago)
  • top 3 fictional characters: this is hard. but i guess han solo from star wars (yeah), abalyn from the book the drowing girl (she’s just amazing), aaand koizumi risa from the anime lovely complex (this is one of my favorite animes for life okay)
  • top 3 ships: kaisoo - exo (they’re my parents i love them so so much), jean marco - shingeki no kyojin (i ship practically everyone in snk tbh), aristotle and dante (you know from the book? they’re just sO CUTE I WANNA FEED THEM)
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nickname: Nila is kind of hard for making nicknames
zodiac: libra
height: 176cm (I refuse to convert that into inches it’s too hard)
last thing i googled: terbinafinum
favourite music artist: honestly no idea
song stuck in my head: turn loose the mermaid by nightwish
last movie i saw: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men tell No Tales
what am i wearing right now: black shorts and red oversized t-shirt
why did i choose my url: I blame acowar!
do i have any other blogs: nope
what did your last relationship teach you: no relationships mean no lessons
religious or spiritual: both
favourite colour: green
average hours of sleep: as many as I can but at least 6
lucky number: 6 maybe?
favourite characters: so many! Hermione Granger, Bellamy Blake, Raven Reyes, Nina Zenik, Aelin, Rhysand… the list goes on.
how many blankets do i sleep with: one duvet when it’s cold and one blanket or sheet when it’s warm!
dream job: I’d like to work at bookstore or library

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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: happily married to a bog frog

FAVORITE COLOR: warm ochre, peach pink and turquoise 


LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: chvrches - gun

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: kubo and the two strings (i cried so hard at the end)

TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: ahhh this is a tough one uhhh. kanaya maryam, marceline the vampire queen and nozomi toujou

TOP 3 SHIPS: rosemary pricefield and bubbline

BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: none because mandatory reading in highschool got me fucked up

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1. What is your favorite movie?

Maybe The Prestige? It combines a lot of my favorite things- period drama, magic (well kind of not really), sci-fi, and psychological thriller.

2. What are the top 3 places you’d like to visit?

Anywhere in Italy. But especially Florence. And I think I’d really like London. And also India. But a ton of other places too! It’s hard to pick just 3 actually. I haven’t traveled much so my list is pretty long.

3. What is the last song you listened to?

Purple Rain by Prince.

4. What is your favorite memory from 2017 so far?

Oh god I’m not really sure actually. Drawing a blank, or maybe nothing too extraordinary has happened. Well there’s more than half the year left, so I suppose I’ve got time to mend that.

5. What superpower would you want to have?

To control time. 

6. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?


7. What skill do you wish you had?

I always wished I could sing. 

8. What is your opinion on swearing?

Do it if it’s just what comes naturally to you. But nothing irks me more than people swearing to impress someone or seem edgy. Just stop. But aside from that who the fuck cares.

9. If you could talk to one species of animal, which one would it be?

Cats maybe. I feel like we’d have a lot in common. I mean gotta have stuff to talk about right? Like imagine having an awkward silence with a zebra or alligator or something.

10. What food do you really not like?

Pears. Even the smell of them makes me want to vomit.

My Questions

1. What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on? Why?

2. Is there a celebrity you just hate for no reason? Who? 

3. What is your favorite album of all time?

4. Do you believe in karma?

5. There’s a love potion from Harry Potter where the smell is based on what attracts the person. What 3 things would you smell if you came across this potion?

6. Do you remember your dreams when you wake up? Describe one. 

7. What is your go to order at your favorite restaurant? 

8. If you could travel the world with someone, dead or alive, who would it be? Where’s the first place you would go?

9. What historical event/story would you tell if you were featured on Drunk History? 

10. What’s your favorite quote? (It can be wise, funny, from a book, from a movie, something your mom said the other day- totally up to you.)

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The Houses + Romance

Hufflepuff: Will probably pick up a new interest/hobby in order to get closer to their crush. Likes dates that involve going out to eat or staying in and getting delivery. The kind of person who is content to just be around their crush. Probably likes holding hands.

Ravenclaw: Will only develop a crush once they know what they’re getting into. Hard to read, others may never even notice they’ve got a crush. Likes their dates to feel intimate. Very good at stalking social media- has only accidentally liked a post from 9 months ago one time. Good at smooching.

Gryffindor: Needs upfront communication above all else. Likes dates that are outside the norm, they need something more than dinner and a movie (think hiking or going laser tagging). Loves to laugh and needs someone who will keep up with them. They give the warmest hugs.

Slytherin: Sends pictures/posts they think their crush will like. The kind of person who stays up late talking/texting their crush. Stuck between “I’m worried I’ll say the wrong thing” & “They better like me for who I am”. Probably likes to be the little spoon.

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Last movie I watched: Half of Raiders of the Lost Ark during our not really school day. 
Last song I listened to: Everything Ends, from AVPSY. 
Last book I read: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Last thing I ate: A cookie yesterday
Where I would want to time travel: To the release dates of every Star Wars movie past and future, or to the opening of Disney World’s Star Wars section of the park. 
Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: NICO DI ANGELO or percy whatev. For a minute I forgot Zuko existed and now I don’t know. 
If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: With my two friends who moved away and/or the friends I won’t see again next year. 
Current Fandom Obsession: Avatar: The Last Airbender
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HI!! :] How would a first date be with the GOT7 membersss?

Hiiiiii! Thanks for being our first requester!!!! 

Mark: I feel like Mark would be the shy but super sweet kind of guy on the first date. He would pick you up, open the car door for you, and help you buckle your seat belt. He’d be the most likely to take you to a quiet, fancy dinner and maybe go on a nice scenic walk. He would speak in a very calm tone to you, and whenever you’d make eye contact he’d bashfully smile and look away. The date would end with him taking you back home and walking you to your doorstep… and I’m sure a little kiss on the cheek from you would make this boy’s entire week.

Jaebum: We all know how Jaebum likes being an oppa that can take care of his girl, so I think on their first date he’d take her to a horror movie. He would tell you to go order what you wanted for snacks, making you think you had to pay for yourself, and then when it’d be time to pay, he’d step in front of you and pay for it himself, flashing you his cheeky little grin. I imagine that if you guys both reached for the popcorn and brushed hands, he’d laugh it off if you pulled your hand away from embarrassment. I also see him as the type to be smiling in satisfaction when you bury your face into his shoulder when the scary parts of the movie come on but comforting you that it’s okay and letting you know when it’s over. I also see him as the type that would casually drape his arms around your shoulders and pulling you close to him for the sake of the scary movie, of course.

Jackson: I feel like Jackson would be the type to take you to do something active, like trampoline jumping or laser tag. He’s someone who jokes around often he would love to show you his fun side when it came to games. If you did laser tag, he would totally get competitive and try to beat you, but not without establishing some kind of bet with a reward at the end. I can imagine him trying super hard to beat you and when he does, requesting a kiss on the cheek like the sneaky little weasel he is. But after you guys are done playing I could see him dragging you over to the arcade so he can show off even more, but then win you all the adorable and gigantic plushies for you to take home.

Jinyoung: I feel like our little romantic country boy would want to take you on a quaint little picnic at the park. After he picks you up, you’d notice the large picnic basket and bundle of blankets he had in the backseat in preparation for your first date. When you two finally arrive at the park and pick out a nice spot, he’d bust open that picnic basket and start laying out all the food he made for you, a cute little vase with flowers to set the mood, and little pastries for dessert. You guys could spend this romantic, peaceful time getting to know each other on a more personal level and really just enjoying each other’s company. Ugh, I’m imagining him all dressed up in a button up shirt and his hair pushed back in a little combover, ugggghhhhhhhh.

Youngjae: Our shy little Youngjae, awwww. I think Youngjae would also take you on a dinner date for your first, but he’d be even more shy than Mark. He would pull your chair out for you and push it in as you sat down and then he’d hurriedly walk over to his own seat across the table and stifle his signature awkward giggle. Although a bit awkward, I think he would really make an effort to keep the conversations going and ask you about your interests. I feel like he’d be the type that’d really admire when you talk about something you’re really passionate about it and he’d adore the way your face lit up when you really got going. Just for the heck of it, I can also imagine him taking you to get ice cream later, paying for you, and feeding you a bite but the both of you laughing after realizing how cheesy that was.

Bambam: We know Bambam’s just a hyper lil shit, so I’d say he’d like to take you to an amusement park for your first date. Although he’d act all tough and manly when he’s in line for the ginormous, scary roller coasters, on the inside he’d be freaking out. If he saw that you really liked roller coasters, he’d get on just for you but he’d probably offer to let you hold his hand if you got scared… but in reality, he’d be the one squeezing your hand because he was scared. I can also imagine you two walking hand in hand around the park while you both enjoyed an ice cream and matching hats he bought for you two. If one of the rides took pictures while you were on it, I think he’d suggest that you two do a coupley pose, like a heart.

Yugyeom: Maknae Yugyeom is so precious and cute around girls, but I think on your first date, he’d really make an effort to make you feel comfortable. I feel like he’d take you to a concert so that the loudness could fill any awkwardly quiet voids but at the same time, so that you two could enjoy the music together. I can picture him being the type to nod his head to the beat and dance along whenever a good part came on. And if you were going crazy at the concert, he wouldn’t mind it at all, he’d let you let loose and do your thang. After it’d be over, he’d probably just want to go somewhere quiet to talk about all the highlights of the concert and to get to know you better.

@cryptandkeep was extremely kind in tagging me (and others) in a post, requesting “a song, movie, food, challenge, or some other thing that you like or find interesting“. Since I enjoy being the center of attention, however, I will choose to create my own post instead of replying to one in which other people were tagged.

To answer your question, although I do not profess myself a fan of music, my flame Lea has been getting me into watching horror movies. Although the appeal to them is lost on me, as human worries would be hard-pressed to frighten someone of my occupation and mental fortitude, they are rather enjoyable to critique with proper company. Food is, once again, not within my domain of mastery, as I only know enough to know that raw food is substantially worse in the long run than burnt food. I don’t quite know how I haven’t perished yet from lack of nutrition, but here I stand.

As for something I find interesting, however, I can speak more readily. Acquaintances of mine have recently gotten me into more physical challenges, such as parkour. Skydiving of sorts is also fun, although do be sure to bring a parachute. Killing monsters is always an enjoyable way to pass the time, so long as you don’t mind the occasional gutting.

  • Thomas: Newt. Newt, we broke the maze. Newt.
  • Newt: You wha-
  • Minho: Excuse me, 'we'? It was Thomas!! Newt, I swear it wasn't me!
  • Newt: ...
  • Thomas: Newt?
  • Newt: ...
  • Minho: Newt? Did you hea-?
  • Newt: You bloody idiots.
Thoughts on Rogue One

1. Fit so well into the time just before the OT! The little cameos were fun and smart and emotional, it was good to see expanded roles from a few of the recognizable people, and just generally fit in well.

2. Or rather, it fit well in the cracks between. It’s very much a story about how a lot of hard, dirty work gets done outside of people being heroes with destinies for a story to have its eventual happy ending. From pretty much the first time we meet Cassian that becomes extremely obvious, and it’s reinforced down to the fact that for the first time I can remember, we see stormtroopers whose armor is dirty when there wasn’t a battle to dirty it up.


4. More under the cut because spoilers.

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Riiiiiiight, gather around children, its time for THE TALK.

We have all by now seen Sebastian’s mustache that he is sporting for I Tonya, and both here and on facebook i have seen the resulting discussions as some people aren’t sure how to handle the content of the film, and are worried how the fandom (and those outside of the fandom) will react to Sebastian playing a ‘negative’ role - ie someone who in real life is a very horrible person.

This very much reminds me of about 2 ½ years ago when Tom Hiddleston signed on to play Hank Williams in I Saw The Light, a movie about the tragic singers life. He transformed physically, he lost a drastic amount of weight and a few people did not find him attractive. Others were concerned about romanticising aspects of a persons life that were far from pretty or kind, in fanfiction. Well, what happened was a pleasant surprise. There was very little to no erotica fanfics written about Hank. There are some out there which are AU Tom ones, the kind where someone hooks up with him in his trailer after a days shooting etc, but generally everyone just kind of thought as a collective ‘smut aint right for this’. And THAT is what i am sure will happen in the Standom. You can however do as you damn well please as its your blog and no-one can/should/has the right to, police a fandom.

I personally am looking forward to Sebastian really pulling on those acting muscles (yes i know there technically isnt a muscle but just shhh), as I Tonya is the kind of film that would hopefully do the Festival circuit, and be the kind of thing that gets labelled with that ‘Critical Acclaim’ tag, perhaps even win some awards. And dammit that boy deserves it, he’s been working so hard, and i think this coming year will really prove that he is more than Bucky (a role we all love), as we’ve got what, at least 4 independent movies coming out that all cover darker tones and genres? When you look at his TV back catalogue, with Political Animals, Kings, even Once Upon A Time, all were roles with deep characters, and he was completely believable in every. single. one. 

So a big thumbs up from me for the mustache, and an even bigger double thumbs up for that boy doing some awesome movies

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So! Normally, I don’t make these posts, but this is just kiiind of a little thing I need to point out!

So, the new episode, “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service” came out recently. Which is nice! Really! It was a great episode!

Buuut I kind of just need to bring up an old movie:

Originally posted by maudit

“Kiki’s Delivery Service”!

Yep, you can tell that the new episode’s name was most likely based off of the movie’s name. Buuut, that makes a biiit of a problem… Everyone’s started tagging art, posts, theories, etc about the SU episode as “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and NOT “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service”! This doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, but the Kiki’s Delivery Service tag is being absolutely swamped with stuff not even related to the movie, which makes it incredibly hard to find content for one of my favorite movies.

If you’re going “Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill!”, please just think about this:

There’s a show or movie you really like- so much that you browse the tag often. It’s not a big fandom, though, so even though it updates often, it’s still not too active. Suddenly, a ginormous fandom makes a refernece to said show or movie, and EVERYONE starts posting about it! And tagging ANYTHING related to the episode or something gets tagged as said show or movie! And now you can’t find ANY content for the movie, because it’s clogged up and covered by the larger fandom not understanding the difference. It’d be even more annoying if you did not like the larger fandom (even though I do like it in this case). And now you’ll have to scroll through the tag with little to no content for your show or movie? Fun, right? Not really.

Tl;dr: Please tag the new SU episode as “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service” and not “Kiki’s Delivery Service”.

Introduction ~ Imagine Weekend

*i wrote this at 12am last night. I’m sorry if it’s not my best work*

You breathe steadily as you lean back on the office chair your boyfriend Dan asked you to sit on. Today was the day that Dan was going to introduce you to the Phandom as Dan’s girlfriend. He didn’t want to mess anything up so he decided to let everyone know by making a danisnotonfire video. You weren’t really nervous about filming it, but you just could not stop thinking about how the fans will react. Dan was also nervous for this reason. You were also a YouTuber so both of you decided to do the widely known “Boyfriend Tag” on your channel. He walked into the lounge where you sat limply in the chair. He handed you one of the many celebrity masks he had lying around the flat. “When I turn the chair around to reveal your face to the camera, you will be wearing this Delia Smith mask.” You chuckle. “Then, you’re going to take the mask off however you want to. Dramatically, shyly, or just simply take it off.” You nod at his instructions to show that you understood. At least he’s not gonna make this video 100% serious. Some humor might do some good. Dan took a deep breath. He seemed to have planned everything from start to finish unlike his other videos where he just wings it. He turned the camera on and pressed the record button.
“Hello Internet! As you can probably tell by the title, something possibly life changing is about to happen in my life, and yours. Something I said would most likely never happen, even though some of you denied that fact. Even though this may change the way you think of me, it would be as if a painting was put up on the wall. Some of you will think it completes the room, where as other will see no difference.
” I’m just going to say it and get it over with.“ You can hear him inhale and exhale a several times. "I have a girlfriend.” Dan looks at the camera for a few seconds.
“I first met her 6 months ago and knew that she was the one for me. Every time I look at her, I get this warm feeling in my heart that no one has ever given me before. I love her with all of my heart and I hope you respect her, as well as my decisions.
"Now, I bet you all want to see what she looks like, but first, I would like to say that no matter what you think of her, my opinion on her will not change, though my opinion on you might.
"Where should I start off? She’s amazing to be around. Her smile is contagious and radiates throughout the room. She emits something like an ‘aura of happiness’ that puts everyone around her in a good mood. She is the friendliest and kindest person I have ever met. She is behind this chair right now.” He puts his hands on the head of the chair. You slump in the seat so your hair doesn’t pop out from the top if the chair. Dan swivels the chair around to reveal your “face”. “It’s Delia Smith!” He says laughing. You lift off the mask and smile shyly at the camera. “This is (Y/N).” You wave to the camera and say hello. “I really hope you accept her as my girlfriend, and as a person.” You blush slightly.


The video continues to go on as the two of you filmed “The Boyfriend Tag” for your channel. “Where was out first kiss and how was it?” You ask Dan with a grin on your face. You remembered the day clearly as if it were yesterday. “I believe it was on our second date, about 2 or 3 weeks after we met. It was on the streets of London and the moon was shining along with the stars and it felt kind of like some kind of cheesy, cliché scene in a romantic movie but I still enjoyed it.” Dan didn’t look like he had to think hard when he answered. “That’s right, and how did it feel?” You looked at him. “If I have to be honest, I have this say it wasn’t the best, since you don’t know how the other person is going to react.” Dan chuckled. “True, true.” You continued to ask him questions and Dan answered all but 2 correct. Your mind was now completely free of the worries and you didn’t really care how the fans would react since you already knew that there would always be one person that will love you no matter what.

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What's the big deal with 50 shades of grey? There are movies that promote way worse things than domestic violence. Thing like murder, torture, rape, oppression, robbery, gang affiliation, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and more. So why is it 50 shades that everyone flips their shit about? Plus, some people are into that kind of thing. Look at the bdsm tag on tumblr and you'll find thousands, probably more, that are all about 50 shades of grey style sex.

Oh. Oh hon. 

50 Shades of Grey is not a BDSM relationship. It’s abusive, manipulative, and downright appalling. A real BDSM relationship isn’t even close to that piece of garbage.

The reason we fight so hard against it is because there are young men and women who are watching this thinking it’s normal or okay. Basically, we have a movie that teaches men that dominating and abusing women is okay because women like it. That’s what it’s about.

If you’re in a BDSM relationship, there are safe words and there’s aftercare, two very important things that are ignored in 50 Shades.

You’re right, there’s a lot of shit that promotes terrible things, some that are worse, and they should be fought against as well. But that doesn’t mean we ignore this. It may not be the worst thing, but it’s not good and it’s quite a few steps back. And I think the reason there are more people fighting against it is because it’s so popular.

We fight for rights. We fight to be seen as equals. We work hard to get people to see that consent is important. And then something like this happens and we have to start all over again, or at least start further back. We’re tired. And this is just making more work for us.

Maybe it’s not a big deal to you, but it is to me.

i can’t help noticing in his recent filmography that nicholas hoult has been typecast as the ‘monster with a heart’ trope, to the point where you could probably make a movie wherein all his characters hang out during halloween, are predictably mistaken for costumed youths, and go on a series of wacky misadventures with a roaming band of trick-or-treating kids who rope them into their candy syndicate