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Queenie: What kind of birds do you guys eat?
Jacob: Chickens.
Queenie: Us too. Amazing.

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 5: Sister City)

Power Rangers

Spoilers most likely so look away if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want spoilers…but…

This movie was amazing.

You have Zack a non cliche Asian man who is well developed and has a scene about his Mom and how much he loves her that just hits all the right emotional spots.

Trini who is an lgbt character who isn’t defined by that aspect, who isn’t apologetic about it and shows the struggle of accepting herself and the struggle that her family may not accept her. She’s strong and yes more could have been done with it, but it was an awesome step.

Kimberly who starts off as kind of the bland cheerleader girl but through the film we see that she’s not perfect and she has struggles and guilt. She fucked up and she knows it, it shows that one mistake won’t define who she is and she comes to terms with the fact that she has to live with it.

Billy who is arguably the best part of the movie is a male, black, canon autistic character who doesn’t falter from who he is and it’s beautiful. And there isn’t fun poked at his autism. When Jason has his wounds healed by getting the powers, Billy remains the same because their is nothing wrong with him and I think that sends an amazing message to both adults and kids. He is so well built and he deserves to be recognized for how well his character is done.

Lastly my boy Jason. What could have been the cliche white male jock leader is morphed into someone with flaws. He needs the others because he isn’t whole without them. He is allowed to cry, the team male leader is allowed to cry. That’s just so huge. Not only that but he builds a beautiful friendship with all of them and he hugs the other men, shows male affection without fear or homophobia or acting like being vulnerable and intimate is anything other than normal.

The fight scenes are okay, the plot is cheesy at times, the nostalgia is ripe. But, at the end of the day the core five are well done and have way more depth than I ever expected. I felt for these characters and even teared up at points in what was effectively a kids movie. I loved this and I think the representation in this film is crazy important.

Critics and other people can say whatever they want, I thought this was a damn fun and enjoyable movie.


Happy 28th Birthday, Alfred Enoch! ♥ 

I’m always amazed when people recognize me from that because in my mind, I didn’t do very much! As a kid, I read the books and absolutely loved them, so getting to work on the movies was really cool, and people really care, which is wonderful. It does still happen, and it never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes people are like, “Hey, you played Dean Thomas!” and I’m like, “Wow, you actually know!” It kind of shocks me because when I think about movies I love, and if I saw someone who essentially did what I did in Harry Potter, I probably wouldn’t recognize them walking down the street. I’m always impressed by that, I’m like wow, fair play. The least I can do is be like, “Yes, that was me, hi.“ 

Tumblr will never cease to amaze me...

So we get Fantastic Beasts. A movie that, I believe, explores the horrible damage abuse does, the importance of preserving wildlife and respecting animals, the damage that segregation of any kind does, a great look into the intolerance of mental health problems, contains an allegory for police brutality, not to mention the idea of government corruption… and what does tumblr do?

It complains. As always.

1) why have they cast and “abuser”
2) god this movie is so white
3) why does there have to be a romance between Newt and Tina, he’s my precious, gay, autistic baby
4) JKR doesn’t mention slavery in this, it’s so white focused
5) OMG they killed Credence that’s so ableist.

It’s almost as if. Nothing. Pleases. You. People.

1) the abuse cases were dropped and there was also accustoms aimed at Heard but you’ll ignore those, I’m sure.
2) the head of MACUSA is a black woman, which I thought was awesome.
3) They are married in canon. That’s why she’s even in the movies. Newt isn’t any of the things you headcanon him to be. He avoids eye contact because he spends all his time around animals which, news flash, hate eye contact.
4) It’s. a. Movie. About. Magic. And. Fluffy. Animals.
5) He’s signed on to the next 4 films and has been quoted as one of the main characters going forward. If you actually researched or paid attention to the film you’d have noticed a bit of the obscurus float away at the end.

God damn it people. Just be happy with something for once.

IGN: You and Finn [Wolfhard] play out this big bond Eleven and Mike develop. Was that interesting for you guys to figure out, especially because your character isn’t very verbal?

Brown: Yeah, definitely. Me and Finn are very close in a strange way. We’re very close. We talk movies, we talk school quite a bit. But we have this kind of strange friendship. It’s not a friendship, it’s more like a bond that we have together. If I feel uncomfortable he’ll just immediately know, so it’s always that sort of way and I think with the boys especially, as well. So it’s been amazing to have fun with him off set but especially have fun on set and have that amazing chemistry that everybody’s talking about. It was kind of hard to kiss him, but it was easy in a way.

Here’s my theory:

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Remember this guy? The swooping evil? Of course you do, because he’s amazing (and I feel like he kind of epitomizes slytherins but that’s a different thing).

And remember when Newt squeezed its venom out and explained its properties? The fix-all for the movie was foreshadowed when Newt explained to Jacob that the Swooping Evil’s venom is a powerful memory wiper.

“That’s all fine, but what’s the point to this cheesy post?” You may be asking yourself. And I’m getting to that. Please be patient.

Newt says that the venom wipes bad memories. He doesn’t say anything about the good memories.

So when Jacob stepped into the magical thunderbird-swooping-venom-rain, he lost all the memories of magic that weren’t pleasant (like running from a sex-crazed erumpent, being taken away by MACUSA, watching Credence’s obscurus destroy NYC, etc).

He “woke up” with all his good memories intact, but there were numerous holes where the bad memories had been. Without his friends in front of him anymore, and with New York looking as normal as ever, he chalked it all up to dreams (as no-majs/muggles are apt to do). 

This explains how he remembers Queenie and the beasts (new movie idea disney) and doesn’t question what an Occamy is (Newt slipped up a little in his letter) but can’t explain how he remembers them. In the next movies he’ll probably get all his memories back together and figure out it wasn’t a dream after all.

I don’t really have a snappy ending to this or whatever, but I hope you enjoyed my theory, anyway.

k bye

(Swooping Evil Slytherins coming soon maybe probably when I feel like it)


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) - David Yates

5 bullets on this film:

  • First of all, don’t watch this film thinking it will stop the crisis you’ve had since Harry Potter ended, because it’s set in the same universe and it has some similarities, but it has nothing to do with the movies we know and love. There are some little details that remind you of the Harry Potter films and that was so cute and it made me feel nostalgic. 
  • The characters are awesome and it was amazing to see the american magical community, but many things were left unexplained (maybe because there will be other films) and I felt like many concepts were kind of forced into the movie.
  • Eddie Redmayne is great, but Ezra Miller and Dan Fogler made the entire movie. Honestly Johnny Depp was a terrible choice to play Grindelwald, I’m sorry, that was a huge turn off. 
  • The special effects are not that good and some scenes were kind of awkward because you could really notice that everything is fake, even the scenery, so the magical vibe wasn’t really there.   
  • I really loved the beasts, though. This may sound kind of silly but they were really cute and now I want my own briefcase full of magical animals.  
As someone who wants to go into the mental health field as a mentally ill person themselves...

Split is gonna be an amazing movie.

Hell my Psychological Adaptations teacher BADLY wants to take a small group of kids to go see it with her. We watched the trailer in class and kids who knew nothing about mental illness asked questions on how DID affected someone.

We’ve watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, read the book it’s based on and even watched Bates Motel. We’ve gone into the nitty gritty of what kind of trauma it takes to get to this level. And let me tell you the kids in this class LOVE breaking down why the human brain deals with trauma like this. Kids who all(except for the few mentally ill in the room) had an ableist point of view when it came to mental illness

(I stated I was bipolar during a discussion and immediately got looks but they all did ask for me to explain it more and they realized they were misinformed)

They’ve managed to understand that this is purely fiction IN LITERALLY THE EQUIVALENT OF 3 HOURS.



For fucks sake my final paper is even gonna be about if Anthony Perkins(Norman Bates in Psycho)is accurately portraying the body language of someone who has DID according to the DSM-5. Mind you THE MOVIE WAS MADE IN LIKE THE 60’S.

A lot of kids are doing a creative writing piece about Normal Bates seeing a psychologist and are going to be graded on if it is a normal sensible piece.

My teacher (who has a masters in Psychology a masters in English and is working on a PHD and is also mentally ill) is so excited about this movie she’s patiently waiting for the DVD so she can base a whole class around it like she did with Psycho(and is doing Lolita in three weeks I’m so mad I don’t need more English credit after this)


Instead of yelling why this is ableist, take a moment to ask the person if they know any facts about DID. If not kindly explain that this is a work of fiction instead of yelling at them.

I never rant about anything on tumblr but I can’t stand all this “boycott” bullshit.

Edit: A vague call out by someone who blocked me immediately afterward is now a thing. Funny. Edit 2: I have officially gotten my first “kill yourself” anon. Thank you for your compassion.

Firstly, it’s cute because all the kids are dressing up in Rey costumes, and I’m like, that’s amazing! A lot of people have found something in Star Wars that they might not find in other places. The movies are like people’s family, people’s friends. Obviously, it’s never gonna answer the world’s problems, but all those people who might be feeling lonely and then think about all the characters that they share some similarities with — for that to be some kind of buoyancy in someone’s life is incredible.


The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire | Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF

(made by two dorks on the internet, @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil)

I’ve been watching them for almost 6 years now and although I never got the chance to see them in real life, these two movies/videos really summed up everything I love about them and more. The performance was incredible (cringey but amazing) and the documentary brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Dan & Phil for always making us constantly smile and inspired with everything you do! Also thanks to the Phandom for embracing me into this community. This is the most fun, I’ve ever had :’)!

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I saw the post @zootopepo made about the blog banner of @judy-hoppswilde‘s blog, and it looked so amazing! i had to do some digging to find out if there was more, and I found some cool ones! 

They’re done by a Russian artist, and his art is labelled as “2D among us”. he takes all kinds of animation characters and put them into real life scenes! 

the artist has got a ton of work, and I found a bunch that I like, chances are if you like some sorta animation character or popular movie, there’s one for that. 


One of the biggest chunks of trivia to waft through the internet recently was Rogue One’s use of full-on CGI necromancy. And while you might have all kinds of loud opinions about that, the most unfortunate detail is how much that news distracted people from the amazing not-computer effects work whizzing by the screen.

Nope, that’s not some ridiculous test of the next desperate movie theater gimmick; it’s how director Gareth Edwards insisted on shooting the interior X-wing scenes for Rogue One. Instead of a traditional green screen, the effects people set up a giant LED display to show the futuristic dogfights in sync with the set – allowing the cinematographer to film in the handheld, balls-out guerilla style that Edwards is known for.

And that’s pretty much the story of Rogue One’s production, which built 360 degree sets and traded green screens for real visuals that actors could react and improvise to. 

7 Special Effects You Didn’t Realize Weren’t CGI


I Origins (2014) - Mike Cahill

5 bullets on this film:

  • This is one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. The story, the details and the characters are so inspiring and deep that I was kind of shocked when the movie was over. Indie movies are the best, man.
  • I really like the contrast and the connection between science and religion, and this movie used this theme very well. I was expecting a boring love story but it ended up messing me up for weeks because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
  • The cinematography and the soundtrack are amazing.
  • The actors are so beautiful, damn. If you like hot people talking about science and religion, that’s it. Astrid Bergès-Frisbey made me question my life choices.
  • Stop saying that this film is not scientifically accurate because no one cares!!!! The story is good, and that’s it. It’s a movie, not a Stephen Hawking’s theory. And it’s not about religion either, it only ‘explains’ the connection between the ‘spiritual world’ and science. 

anonymous asked:

I just realized.... wtf happened to his spider senses???? There were so many moments during the film (like ant man taking back the shield) that nothing happened no spidey senses w t f

They actually mentioned Peter’s senses when he was talking to Tony in his room.

“When whatever happened, happened… It’s like my senses have been dialled to 11. There’s way too much input so, they (the goggles) just kind of help me focus.”

You can even see in a scene when his spidey sense works. His eyes narrow and you can hear the shutters in his eyes focus and he senses that thing Bucky threw at him even though it didn’t make a noise.

I actually made 2 GIFsets on my personal account, one of all the amazing stuff spidey did throughout the movie, and one with all the times he messed up.

As for the specific scene you’re talking about, Scott owning him, Peter says “Guys… Something–” until he gets hit. So he knew Scott was there before anyone else but he didn’t act fast enough on it.

And I absolutely LOVE how much he messed up.

He mentions how he only got his powers 6 months ago. Plus he’s 15. PLUS this was probably his first intense battle.

I love that he’s still very much a rookie and still trying to understand the powers he was given. While I love the Toby and Andrew’s spidey movies, they were so perfect as spidey as soon as they were bitten.

I love seeing this clumsy, swearing boy who is just trying to do his best. We’ll see him get better and better like we are on this journey with him. We get to see him grow and become possibly one of the strongest Avengers. But right now he is a kid who has only had these gifts for half a year and has no idea what he’s doing, and I love it.

You probably didn’t want an essay but I gave ya one anyways, haha.

Let’s Talk about the Wonder Woman Trailer

OK…I’m already PISSED at the way people are responding to the TRAILER.  Like the movie is not even out yet and its getting bad hype…why?  Because apparently it isn’t feminist.  Like let’s break this down into why this movie is amazing AND feminist:


2) Its Wonder Woman’s origin showing her on an island of women warriors run by women who are all strong and fierce and intelligent.  I saw that much from the trailer.  They train and fight like men, even better than men, and their main weapon can only be wielded by the fiercest warrior, who isn’t a man.

3) Wonder Woman chooses to leave her island to save her people and help the world as a whole.  I’ve heard that she just ‘follows the man like a puppy’ but…when?  Like in the trailer we see Steve crash on the island I believe during WWI which means that a pilot would 99% of the time be a man.  And he comes to the island and tells her that bad shit is coming that will mostly likely kill her people, who she one day will rule over, and destroy everything she loves.  WHO WOULD NOT LEAVE TO GO HELP SAVE THEIR PEOPLE?  And she kind of has to go with Steve since he is her only link to the outside world, the only one who can help her.  Her decision is not based on some ‘O I love him the minute I see him I must go and become a good little housewife’ its based on the knowledge that her land and people are being threatened and she will save them.

4) She is NOT a damsel in distress.  She wasn’t one in Batman v Superman and she certainly doesn’t look like one now.  She looks like she is going in to kick ass and save her people.  I’m sure at some point in the film we will see one of those ‘haha a little lady thinks she can fight’ moments but you know what? She is going to fight them and kick their asses. 

5) This movie is full of men at one point and I believe, based solely on the trailer, Diana is going to outshine them all, including Steve.  Even if they rush a romance just because its in the comics and is canon I think it will just show how strong she is because he will most likely die in the movie and drive her to do more, to continue helping the world as a heroine, turning the ‘woman dies to drive man’s plot’ on its head which I love to see because it is a rarity.

Sorry for the rant but I’m so excited for this movie and I don’t want it ruined already by people who can’t let DC/superhero fans, have anything nice.

Meeting the real Percival Graves. That would be kind of awkward

It’s been a while since I’ve doodled something, so I drew this while taking a little break from my internship. :’) (I’m really sorry for the hiatus)

I watched La La Land for the second time today.. and it is just the kind of movie that makes you want to make movies… I absolutely adore musicals. the vibrant colors and how they’re emphasized because they’re meant to be prominently symbolic, the work oh god the woooork that’s put into every musical number, the opening scene that was shot in one continues take????? that’s in the middle of a highway in downtown la??? who does that anymore???? and how the whole damn thing was able to just really.. transport you into another level of catharsis.. ugh it’s so amazing. Damien Chazelle is brilliant. not to mention that the last movie that I saw in theaters that blew my mind as much as this one did was Whiplash. he’s on a roll. I hope this film takes over the Oscars next month. 

A little ISAK+EVEN rant (SKAM)

So this whole Romeo & Juliet reference in the show seems to have made people scared/afraid that Even might die in the end.

Especially the line Even said early in the season “That for a love story to be epic, the main character has to die”.

In Norway SKAM is known for portraying real life events in a real life manner. Other shows often exaggerate these kinds of “cliches”.

I think the whole point of this season, is to make a point to say that life isn’t like a movie.

Someone doesn’t always have to die for people to experience real love. People are in love all over the world.

It’s clear that Even’s mindset is stuck in this cycle. He tries to recreate these epic moments with Isak.

I think in many ways Isak can be the one person to help Even realize that not every moment has to be GRAND and amazing.

So what is Isak’s “lesson” in all of this? There has been much focus on mental health. Accepting yourself (gay) - but also accepting others.

Isak has grown up with a mom who’s made him detest all kinds of mental illnesses. This is where I think Even is crucial.

Maybe, just maybe - Isak and Even’s relationship will open Isak’s eyes on what mental illness is - and that it’s not the end of the world.

Because, if the whole point of the show was to recreate the tragedy we saw in Romeo&Juliet, why just not air that movie on TV every Friday?

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