this movie is killing me send help

BTS reaction when their girlfriend trying to shave their faces

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NONE of these gifs are our.

*he helps you and show you where you must shave*

It’s so cool Honey. You should do it more often.

*during shaving he stares at you and talks a lot*

But I don’t have to shave yet, Honey.

Rap Monster:
Really. I’m just kidding, honey. Don’t do this.

But… You don’t want to kill me right?

Awww… Baby… We can do it like in romantic movies right?


Let’s play Guess the MCU Character

My name is James, but my best friend, who is one of the original Avengers, calls me a nickname. I’ve got military experience as well as powers similar to those of my best friend. My best friend watches me fall from a height that should killed me, but I end up surviving due to my abilities. In my best friend’s second movie, we fight, and I win, but in the third movie, we fight together against a common foe.

There are two answers.