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Imagine Chris thanking you in his speech.

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“Oh God,” Chris mumbled under his breath when Jennifer Lawrence finished her speech. You glanced over at your husband, whose hand was now adjusting his tie as a nervous tick. “My category is next,” he said to himself then swallowed the lump in his throat.

“You’re going to be fine.” You assured him, placing your hand on his knee and giving it an assuring squeeze under the table. “Stop fiddling, you’re going to mess up your tie.” You told him but his hand remained on his tie, adjusting and readjusting.

“Why aren’t you nervous?” He raised an eyebrow, glancing at you before focusing his attention back on his perfectly fine tie. “It’s your screenplay I directed, it’s your work on the line too.” He reminded you and you chuckled. “Martin Scorsese won best director for your last screenplay, what if I don’t win one for this one?”

“You will because you’re an amazing director, you wouldn’t have gotten a nomination if you weren’t. Stop, Chris.” You chuckled softly and wrapped your hand around his wrist, pulling his hand away from the tie that he would not stop adjusting. “No matter how many times you adjust that tie, you’re still going to be nervous. Just-” You slipped your cool, dry hand into his clammy one. “Hold my hand and breathe.”

“But my hand is all clammy.” He told you as he tried to pull his hand from yours, only to have you tighten your grip by entwining your fingers with his. “Right,” he chuckled softly, “you don’t care about that. Thank you,” he pressed a kiss to the side of your head and you smiled.

“Let’s move on to our next category, best director.” Your dear friend and husband’s co-star, Robert Downey Jr.- the host of the 89th annual Academy Awards- started. You glanced at Chris when you felt him tense in his seat next to you. “Please put your hands together for Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner, two people I’m proud to call my friends, to present the next award.”

The crowd erupted into an applause as Scarlett and Jeremy walked out, they hugged Robert before stepping in front of the podium with the golden envelope that had the information that could make or break yours and Chris’ heart. You weren’t all that concerned about your screenplay getting best director, you were more concerned about your husband getting it because he was an amazing director who deserved all the recognition in the world. Now it was your turn to fiddle; your hand reached for your clover necklace which you wore whenever you felt you needed the luck, and you definitely needed it now. You knew your husband was very talented but talent wasn’t always what got you an Oscar; Leonardo DiCaprio had incredible talent but he only had one Oscar, you could only hope Chris wasn’t as unlucky as Leo.

“And the nominees for best director are…”

You lost focus on Scarlett’s voice when you heard Chris mutter, “I feel sick.” You turned to him and chuckled softly, giving his hand a light squeeze. “I know it’s nerves but- I genuinely feel like I’m going to throw up. Can you do something to distract me?”

“I could kiss you but I’m afraid you’ll throw up in my mouth,” you told him and he chuckled. “Just keep your eyes on me, focus on my touch, and match my breaths.” You instructed and he followed. “How did you manage award shows before me, Christopher Evans?” You teased him and he chuckled again.

“With great difficulty.”

“And the best director award goes to…” You and Chris turned to the stage as Scarlett opened the envelope. Both her and Jeremy’s smile reached their eyes and you felt your heart skip a beat. Could it be? Was Chris’ name inside the envelope? “Chris Evans!”

Applause and cheers broke out around the two of you. You knew what had just happened but Chris was still in a daze, only realizing it was his name that was called when you pulled your hand away to give him the standing ovation he deserved. He rose to his feet and hugged you tightly, kissing your cheek and whispering an “I love you” in your ear before making his way to the stage.

“Good job, Dorito.” Robert patted him on the back as he walked past.

“Congratulations, Chris,” Scarlett passed him the Oscar then hugged him tightly.

“You deserve it, man.” Jeremy smiled and shook his hand before leaving him to his speech.

The crowd settled and you sat back down as Chris took the podium, he looked at his award then looked out into the crowd at you with a wide smile. You felt tears well in your eyes out of pure adoration and joy for your husband; he was finally getting recognized for something other than his good looks. He was very handsome- there was no doubt about it- but he was so much more than that which was why he enjoyed directing; directing got people talking about his talent rather than his physical appearance.

“Wow,” Chris began speaking and the crowd fell silent. “This is incredibly surreal. I always thought that I’d only ever be up here to present an award, never in a million years did I think I’d get a nomination- let alone a win. I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity so thank you to the Academy.” The crowd clapped. “And now for the more personal thank yous. To my mom and dad, for giving me the chance to pursue my passion. To Anne, my agent, who got me the jobs that brought me here. And of course, to my beautiful wife, Y/N, who has only made my already wonderful life better with each passing day.”

You smiled and wiped away a tear that fell unknowingly.

“Without you, sweetheart, my life and all of this would be meaningless.” He told you and your smile widened. “You give me all the support and love I need to get through each day and- I just- I wouldn’t be here without you.” He glanced at his Oscar then chuckled, “like literally because she is the reason I had a movie to direct in the first place. Without your talent, I wouldn’t be able to apply mine and I wouldn’t have this Oscar so- from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for being so talented, thank you for trusting me with your work, and thank you for being the light in my life. I love you, Y/N.” He said and smiled when you mouthed the same three words back.

The music started playing which gave Chris his cue to make his exit and return to your side. “Aren’t they just the cutest?” Robert teased as Chris disappeared back stage with Scarlett and Jeremy. “You should see them when we have them over for dinner, with their heart eyes and their hands all over each other.” You shook your head at Robert, biting back your smile. “Congratulations Chris, and Y/N. Your screenplay got him best director, let’s see if it gets you best screenplay,” he reminded you of your nomination and you suddenly felt the same nerves Chris did earlier. “Let’s move on to the next category, shall we?”

Your nerves disappeared and you redirected your attention when Chris returned; he wrapped his arms around you as you wrapped yours around him. “I told you you’d win,” you whispered as you pulled away. “I didn’t marry you for your good looks, you know.” You teased him and he chuckled, dipping his head to kiss you ever so tenderly on the lips.

“I know,” he whispered when he broke the kiss, “you married me for my Oscar.”

“Like I need yours when I have three at home,” you poked his side and he laughed.

7 months. 7 months since you had last seen Harry’s face, 7 months since you had last felt his touch, heard his laugh… 212 days of daily Facetime sessions, usually lasting about 5 to 10 minutes before he had to disappear to go film something for the movie or go to some kind of meeting. In all honesty, you thought you’d be able to handle 212 days. When he was on tour with the boys, he’d leave for about 10 months, so what was new here? It was just… You had gotten so used to him being home, it was kind of a shock to find out you’d be waking up alone for the next 7 months. At first, you were completely fine. During the first few weeks, you told yourself that a couple months would whiz by and Harry would be home soon enough. When you dropped Harry off at the airport with a sad smile and a quick goodbye kiss, you told yourself that it was going to be fine. It really wasn’t a big deal, if you thought about it more carefully. You knew this was what you signed up for when Harry first asked you to be his girlfriend. Coming home to an empty and quiet house wasn’t something you enjoyed. 

“Whoops, be careful!” You smiled lightly, a younger fan brushing past you to get to the doors. Obviously, you weren’t the only one who got the memo that Harry was coming back today. The airport was packed with fans, all excited to see their favourite pop star walk through those doors. You weren’t particularly sure of the reason as to why you were so… calm. Harry, your boyfriend, was coming home for the first time in 7 months, and you didn’t seem phased at all. 

It was only when you heard collective screams of excitement that you snapped back to reality, getting up on your tiptoes to see if you could see- “Harry…?” You breathed out, time seeming to slow down when his eyes locked with yours after he spent about a good 30 seconds trying to find you. A wide grin grew on his face as he adjusted the strap of his duffle bag, beginning to make his way over to you - obviously pausing for some pictures and autographs first. Soon enough, the news of ‘Harry’s finally home!’ sunk into your brain, your heart beginning to pound wildly in your chest and your energy levels shooting straight through the roof! You found yourself jogging towards the crowd, the jog turning into a full on sprint not even a second later. “Harry!” 

“Y/N-” Harry didn’t even get a chance to say his hello’s before you had launched yourself into his arms, making him stumble backwards before he swept you off your feet in one swift movement, hands cupping the underside of your thighs. “Christ, love. Could’a given me a warning before attacking.” He laughed lightly, dropping his duffle bag to the floor so that he could get a better hold on you. (You’d kill him if he dropped you on your ass in front of a hundred fans and paps.) Your face was tucked into the crook of his neck, arms wrapped around him in a death grip. You didn’t even care that you were currently the center of attention because the only thing that was on your mind was the fact that Harry was home, and he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“Wha’s the matter, button? Don’ tell me you’re cryin’. I know how much you hate cryin’ in public.” Harry teased, turning to bump his nose into the side of your head gently to get you to look up. “You’re never usually this emotional. Miss me that much?” He cooed, giving your thighs a squeeze. “C’mon, lemme see tha’ pretty little face. You didn’t give me a chance to look at yeh properly!” You pulled away, cheeks already streaked with tears and eyes already swollen. “Ooh, never mind.” You scowled at your boyfriend, flicking your fingers against his forehead before reaching up and rubbing at your eyes. 

“You’re a terrible person.” You muttered, voice wavering slightly. “Your hair’s a little longer, too.” 

“Figured I’d let it grow so you’d have more to tug on.” Harry joked, leaning in to press a sweet kiss to your lips. “How about we go home?” 


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Reiner Relationship Headcanons (AU)

• When you are going out, he always wraps his arm around your waist… and his hand occasionally moves to your butt because he loves it and therefore praises it.

•… By constantly wrapping his arm around your waist, he shows everyone that you are his and vice versa. However, the latter seems to be more necessary, because Reiner is extraordinary popular with the girls. They always stare at him and giggle or even try to flirt with him. He knows how popular he is, but he unhesitatingly shows that he is already YOURS to everyone.

• Sports are a big part of his life, so you will see him training every day without exception. He would love it if you join him sometimes and do some butt exercises because they are his weakness.

• When it’s sunny outside, he likes to play some ball sports with you. Even though he won’t admit it (to save your ego), he goes easy on you on every match and you two end up in a tickle fight.

• We all know how well built and strong Reiner is. So when he is holding you, his grip is unintentionally firm, as if he is afraid to lose you.

• … Even if he is asleep his grip won’t loosen - on the contrary! He tends to have nightmares and therefore his grip intensifies sometimes. That’s why you have to wake him up and he will seriously apologize after that => This is one of the rare occasions you will see him being fragile, since he is always so strong and confident. You (and Bertholdt) are the only one who have ever seen him like that.

• Talking about Bertholdt: You and Reiner will go on many double dates with him and Annie - Reiner always persuades Bert to invite Annie on a date and he does so… without mentioning the “date” part. That poor guy is just too shy :,)

• If you are having a movie night and it’s your turn to choose, you are making him suffer by choosing a romance movie - He will definitely fall asleep… while you were cuddling. So you won’t be able to go to the toilet without waking him up, since his grip is too firm.

• One of Reiner’s biggest quirks is his urge to constantly demonstrate you his “manliness”. He won’t voluntarily let you pay, never let’s you carry things that might be too heavy for you in HIS opinion and doesn’t like to accept help. Whenever you remind him that you are not made of glas, he likes to answer: “but I am made of boyfriend material, so I won’t let you do that”. Luckily, you two always manage to compromise somehow. => He WILL learn to ease up, just give him time ;)

“I am here joined with the amazing and handsome Eddie Redmayne and the equally amazing and beautiful [Y/N] [L/N].” The interviewer started, “So, I’ve got to say that I am obsessed with this film, [movie name]. I have literally seen it for the third time tonight.” She gushed, “You two were absolutely phenomenal!”

Eddie, always being completely and utterly touched by people who complimented his work by any means, clutched his chest. “Oh, wow, thank you so much.” 

You felt quite moved that someone would voluntarily watch a movie three times in just two weeks of it being released. Smiling, you blushed slightly. “Yes, thank you. That’s insane.”

It took no time for the interviewer to start asking questions, being completely equal and making sure both of you were able to give your answers. After taking part in a little game, she turned towards Eddie to ask her final questions.

“Eddie, could you tell us how it was to work with [Y/N]? This is the first time you’ve done a movie with her, correct? I still think after seeing it three times that the on-screen chemistry is brilliant.”

An embarrassed smile was placed on his face but quickly wiped away as he pondered for a moment. He glanced at you, smiling and took a deep breath. “Uh, well, yes, this is the first film I’ve done with [Y/N] and to be quite honest, I hope it isn’t the last. I mean she’s just, her acting is completely unparalleled. She’s incredibly professional but knows not to be too stiff, if you know what I mean. We’ll be right before a take and we’ll be goofing off, dancing, being absolutely silly and then the director will call action and in that split second of the marker closing shut to mark the scene, she’s back into her character. It’s mind blowing to watch her work, it’s incredible especially for her age. 

I’ve got twelve years on her and man, she absolutely blows me out of the water among a lot of other actors. I could not tell you how many times I would sit there and think of how wild it is to watch her work. She’s absolutely incredible. I mean there are very, very few of her peers that can do the things that she can. It’s rare to find such talent and professionalism in someone so young. It’s either they’re completely by the book or they’re quite possibly the most immature beings in the industry. You don’t see that in young actors anymore. So when you do find it, it’s this beautiful rare gem. I thoroughly enjoyed working with [Y/N], she made the process fun, cracking jokes, making fun but when it came down to crunching to get it all shot and done with, she was right there ready. I’ve had quite a few colleagues work on other projects with her and have said nothing but great things and I know why. 

It’s easy to work with someone who can bounce from being serious to fun because it makes the entire process easier. As for our on-screen chemistry, it worked so well because we’ve made an equally great off-screen chemistry. I’ve made a good friend out of her. It was an absolute pleasure working with [Y/N]. I’m lucky to have been apart of her growth, years from now, she’ll probably out-award me by a landslide. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the film industry. She’s so adaptable, it’s incredible.” 


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You and Kai have a pillow fight (Hope you guys like this one)

You grabbed a handful of popcorns, taking it one by one with your mouth. It was finally a movie night for you and Kai. It only took you about three weeks to talk Kai into this. A little bit of winking at him, kisses and puppy eyes and he agreed, which made you feel really happy, even though you didn’t know why you were so happy for this. You kept looking at the screen, concentrating on the movie, but it was kinda hard to fully concentrate when Kai kept looking at you.

‘Stop staring.’ You said, without looking at Kai. He laughed and quickly kissed your cheek. He finally looked at the tv to watch the movie. It was all fine until you felt a popcorn flying into your face every few seconds. Your shirt was covered in popcorn.

'Stop!’ You laghed and hit him playfully, giving up on the movie, because you clearly wouldn’t be able to watch it even if you wanted to. You turned off the tv and stayed still, laying on the bed without saying a word to Kai. He threw a popcorn at you, then poked your arm. Popcorn, poke, popcorn, poke, popcorn, poke. It was driving you crazy. Just when you turned your head to say something to Kai, your face got a hit of a handful of popcorns. You took a deep breath and looked at Kai. He was acting like a child. You were dead serious so he stopped, but all of a sudden, without expecting it, you hit him with a pillow right in the face. He looked at you wide eyed and after a few seconds, he started laughing. You joined him and then placed a bowl of popcorns on the night stand. As you turned around, you got hit in te face with a pillow, aswell.

'Oh, you’re going down, Parker!’ You said, both of you getting up, Kai standing across from you, on the other side of the bed.

'Not if you go down first.’ He said, running towards you, hitting your shoulder. You started laughing so hard, trying to hit him back but it was impossible. You swinged your pillow, but instead of going for Kai, it slipped out of your grip, leaving you empty handed.

'Crap!’ You yelled as you got up on the bed, trying to avoid the pillow everytime it went in your direction. Kai threw down the pillow and caught you by the ankles, tackling you down on the bed. He got on top od you and laughed. At first he didn’t do anything but then, the real torture started. He started tickling you, making you squirm underneath him. You were out od breath from laughing and running around the room, you didn’t even have to strenght to keep this going. Kai laid beside you on the bed, trying to catch his breath. You looked at eachother and laughed again.

'We should do this again!’ Kai said cheerfully, raising his hands like he was about to tickle you again.

'No, no, no.’


'Fineee! But only if you clean this up.’ You said, as you both looked around the room. White feathers were flaoating across the room, the carpet covered in feathers. You quickly got up and laid down on the floor between all the feathers. Kai came closer, looking at you.

'Snow angel?’

'More like a feather angel.’

'You’re so weird.’ Kai said and tried to get away but you pulled him down and lightly sat on his stomach. You picked up some of the feathers and covered Kai with them.

'So pretty’ you whispered as Kai got up, still holding you up, your legs around his waist. You looked down at him and ran your fingers through his har, taking out a small feather out of it. He smiled at you before you leaned down and kissed him deeply.



“What’s going on guys?” Sebastian asked.

“(Y/n) and I was just about to go and get some sushi.” Chris answered oblivious to the awkward vibes coming from you. You had been so close to not running into Sebastian.

Sebastian seemed a little surprised and looked back over at you, “Oh really?”

You nodded not knowing what else to say. You couldn’t even form words.

“Yeah, there’s a nice place down the street we were going to go and try.” Chris said.

Sebastian had this look on his face that you knew quite well. When you guys were young, you often knew what he was feeling since you could read him like a book. He often hated how you could tell when he was upset or annoyed so easily.

Now, you could tell that he was upset.

“Well, have fun you two. Maybe I will see you guys later?” Sebastian questioned.

“Yeah maybe.” Chris spoke before the two of you walked into the elevator. Sebastian had walked off and you felt a little relieved.

“Are you going to tell me why that seemed so awkward?” Chris chuckled as the doors closed.

“It’s a long story.”

“I’ve got plenty of time.”


“So he didn’t tell you that he was seeing someone?”

You shook your head as you looked down at your plate, “Nope. He gave me all of the signs that he was probably interested and then when you told me he had a girlfriend, I was completely shocked.”

“I’m sorry for being the bearer of bad news.” Chris reached over and grabbed another piece of sushi.

It didn’t take long for you to open up to him once the both of you reached the restaurant. He was just such an easy person to talk to. He didn’t interrupt, didn’t give you judging looks. Chris listened until you were done before asking any questions or giving any advice.

“It’s not your fault,” you mumbled, “I shouldn’t have been so stupid to think that after all of this time, he would still be interested. We were young but…. seeing him again, it just..”

“It was like how it was all those years ago.” Chris finished for you.

You nodded and rested your arms on the table, “Yeah. Maybe I should just get over it. It’s probably smart if I move on. He clearly has.”

“I see the way he looks at you, (Y/n). There’s something there.”

“It’s doesn’t matter. I’m not the kind of girl that gets in between someone’s relationship. I hate that I feel this way but there isn’t anything that I can do. I just have to try and avoid any possible conversations with him or something.” You knew that it was easier said than done and so did Chris.

“I don’t think that’s possible. We are going to be seeing each other everyday for the next few months. It’s going to be long hours and close quarters. You can’t avoid him.”

You sighed, “I know. It’s hard being around him and having to hide how I feel.”

Chris looked at something behind you, “Well, you might want to start figuring out how you are going to be around him.”

You sat up a little, “Why?”

“He’s coming.”

It was like every nerve in your body froze. Goosebumps formed on your arms.

Sebastian spotted you and Chris at a table near the back. He made his way over and thought that the two of you seemed pretty cozy.

“Hey guys.” He said once he walked over to the table.

You looked up at him and saw that he seemed to be in a better mood.

“Hey Sebastian.” You said trying to act like you were completely okay.

“After you guys left, I realized I was in the mood to get some sushi. Figured I would join you guys if that’s okay.”

Chris glanced at you, “Yeah, it’s fine.” Sebastian slid into the side of the booth that you were on. You wished that the waitress had given you guys a regular table.

You moved your plate over and yourself to make some space between you and Sebastian. Chris noticed how uneasy that you were.

“So, what were you guys chatting about?” Sebastian asked.

“Just about the next couple of days. Busy schedule and all.”

“Yeah, it’s been so crazy that I’ve hardly had time to catch up with (Y/n).” Sebastian looked over at you. You tried to give a convincing smile.

“Are you scheduled for the promo shoots tomorrow?” Chris asked Sebastian. The majority of the cast were going to be together that following day for the promos. It was the time that they did the photo shoots that would end up on billboards, cereal boxes, and the movie posters.

You had been extremely excited to be able to put on your costume for the first time. Once you were shown the sketches of it, it hit you that you were playing a superhero. You had been more excited than ever.

“Yeah, I am,” Sebastian answered and looked over at you, “Are you?”

You nodded, “Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Great, maybe we could get some breakfast before. Finally get to catch up like we wanted to.” He smiled a little. Sebastian felt like you were avoiding him. He could feel it after you blew him off earlier.

“Well, actually Chris and I were going to workout tomorrow morning before heading to the studios.” You lied looking over at Chris hoping that he would go along with it.

Sebastian’s eyebrows furrowed a little and looked at Chris, “I thought you told me earlier you had to be on set at six?”

Oh crap.

“Oh yeah, I do. I forgot to tell you that (Y/n), I can’t make our workout tomorrow morning.” You could tell that Chris was sorry that he somewhat got caught in the lie.

“It’s okay. I’ll just go alone.” You grabbed your fork and ate more sushi before any more lies would blurt out.

“I can go with you. I think we have to be at the studio around the same time so it all works out.” Sebastian offered. He wondered if you would turn him down twice in one day.

“Uh,” you looked at Chris and remembered what he said about trying to make it all work, “Yeah that would be great.”

Sebastian was surprised that you agreed. He figured that when you guys were alone, it would be the perfect time to try and talk to you. He wanted to know why you seemed a little off around him.

“Seven o'clock good with you?”

You nodded, “Yeah, that sounds good. Could you scoot out for a second? I need to go to the ladies room.”

Sebastian got out of the booth and so did you. You walked away from the table and to the bathroom to have a minute to yourself. You didn’t want to be around him and now you were making plans with him.


Chris watched as you walked away from the table. An idea struck him as Sebastian sat back down.

“So, how is it working with your old girlfriend?” Chris asked him. He wanted to gage Sebastian’s reaction.

Sebastian thought about it for a second, “I’m really glad that she’s around. I haven’t seen her in so long and when I heard that she would be in the movie…..I got excited.”

“Why haven’t you guys connected in the past?”

“I don’t know. I guess I was upset with how I left when I was younger. I promised her that I would keep in touch with her but I didn’t. I took it up as my responsibly because I was the one leaving.”

“I don’t think she resents you for it. She seems fine.”

“Does she?” Sebastian questioned, “To me it seems like she’s upset with me about something.”

“Can you think of anything that you could’ve done to her?” Chris wanted to say exactly why you were upset with him but it wasn’t his place.

Sebastian shook his head, “No, I can’t.”

Chris decided to turn it up a notch, “She’s not seeing anyone right?”

Sebastian froze. Was Chris interested in you? “Uh, no she’s not. Why? Are you planning on asking her out or something?”

Chris shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know yet. I wouldn’t if you weren’t okay with it.” Chris had no intention of asking you out. He just wanted to see what Sebastian would say.

You started walking back to the table and saw Chris and Sebastian talking. After a moment to catch your breath and collect your thoughts, you felt okay to sit at the table and finish dinner.

“Okay, you guys can stop gossiping. I’m back.” You said as you stood at the table. Chris got up and gestured for you to sit at his side of the table.

Sebastian looked at you and watched as you sat down and then Chris followed. He noticed how Chris sat closer to you than he previously had when you were by him on the other side. He noticed that you seemed to be happier when you were next to Chris.

He didn’t like it one bit.


It took you three times to hit the snooze button on your alarm before you actually got out of bed. You felt nervous to see Sebastian at the gym. You had to think of anything and everything else to try and distract yourself as you got ready.

You dressed in shorts and a tank top with sneakers before grabbing your gym bag and leaving your hotel room.

Sebastian was there waiting for you in the gym.

“Good morning.” He smiled when he saw you walk in. There was a few other people there in the gym but it was huge so it felt like you and Sebastian were alone.

“Hey, good morning.” You said back.

You set your bag near Sebastian’s and started to stretch.

“Did you have fun last night?” He asked as he stretched too.

“Yeah I did. Did you?”

He nodded, “I always have had fun when I’ve been around you.”

You looked away from him to hide the blush that crept up on your cheeks. You used to love when he said cute stuff like that, now it just made you feel more upset.

The two of you lapsed into a comfortable silence as you both did your respective workouts. You used the elliptical while he did some weights.

The both of you would sneak glances to the other while the other wasn’t looking.

Sebastian working out was very distracting. His muscles bulging out. The sounds he would make. It was giving you inappropriate thoughts.

You looked away and focused on what you were doing.

Once you were done with the elliptical, you wanted to get a few minutes in at the punching bag.

Sebastian noticed you walking over to it and followed you, “Need some help?”

“Yeah thanks.”

Sebastian wrapped the tape around your hands. You tried to ignore the stirring feelings you got by him touching you. Sebastian felt it too.

He helped you out your gloves on and held the bag while you started punching.

“Got quite the punch there. I would hate to be on the opposite side of it.” Sebastian smiled.

“I’m sure you would.”

It was silent for a few moments as you jabbed left and right. You could feel your arms burning from the impact but you continued through.

“So, want to tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” Sebastian asked out of the blue.

You stopped what you were doing, “I’m not avoiding you.”

He chuckled, “Not right now but you have been. Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you haven’t. I’m not avoiding you, Sebastian.” It seemed like you were getting better and better at lying.

“(Y/n), I can tell that you’re lying. You can’t even look me in my eyes.”

You ignored him and started punching the bag again.

“Is it because something is sort of happening between you and Chris?” Sebastian hated the words that were coming out of his mouth.

“No, I’m not avoiding you.” You repeated.

“So something is happening between you and Chris.”

You were getting more aggravated so your punching became more frequent. You put all of your energy into it.

“Nothing is going on with me and Chris.” You answered curtly.

“Seems like it is.” Sebastian mumbled.

You stopped, “And if it is?”

Sebastian let go of the bag, “What?”

“If something was going on between me and Chris, why would it bother you? We haven’t dated in years.”

“It does bother me, (Y/n)!”

The other people in the gym were leaving, probably annoyed with the conversation going on between you and Sebastian just like you were.

“Why?! You’ve got a girlfriend!” You shouted. Sebastian froze, “How did you–”

“Does it matter how I found out?” You cut him off, “Just know that I do and I hate the fact that I allowed myself to start having these feelings for you all over again! I know it’s been years since we’ve laid eyes on each other but looking at you…. it takes me back.”

You took off the gloves and threw them to the ground. Hurrying and grabbing your bag, you walked out of the gym, Sebastian calling after you the whole time.


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Its Three in the Morning Peter

Words: 766
Peter Parker x Reader
Request from @allineedisconnor
“One where it’s like lazy days with peter and like maybe you lie on his lap and he plays with your hair or vice versa.”

People always thought they knew everything there was to know about Peter Parker. In High School he had the reputation as a bit of a klutz. Always fumbling with something, dropping his textbooks or adjusting his glasses. Once you got to college Peter had built up a new status as a bit of a know it all. His classmates said he asked too many questions. He couldn’t help but to correct professors when he thought they were wrong. After becoming Spiderman the world thought they knew him as the wisecracking web slinger. But only you knew the real Peter Parker.

It was three in the morning when you heard a commotion from your living room. You’d been awakened from a dead sleep and knew it was your boyfriend coming home late from a night of day saving. You stumbled into the room, half-asleep, to find Peter laying on the floor in his Spiderman suit; his mask half on his face. You ran to him and tugged his mask off.

“What happened?” You asked frantically.

“I tripped on the cat.” He groaned. He lifted a shaky hand to point over at your TV stand. Your black cat Whiskers’ bright green eyes could be seen peeking out from behind.

“Oh my god!” You smacked him playfully. “I thought you were actually hurt. C’mon, let’s get to bed.” You got back on your feet and headed towards the bedroom.

“Mmkay.” He mumbled from the floor. “Hey, [Y/n]?” You looked back at him over your shoulder.

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FIVE TIMES OLIVER CALLED FELICITY ON BOYS NIGHT (Or Stages of Their Relationship Through Drunk Talk) 

Inspired by last night’s Colin and Stephen goodness. I have no idea where this went. Tommy Merlyn is alive and well (and in my head he lives in Bali and that’s who Oliver and Felicity visit on the show). 

One shot. Sort of AU. Canon divergence at least. Hope you enjoy it! :)



It was her phone ringing at an ungodly hour that woke her up. Grumbling, she reached out to the bedside table and touched the phone. Half-asleep, Felicity picked up the call without opening her eyes to see who it was and placed it on top of her ear. The moment she did…


Someone slurred, making her open her eyes to check the caller id. Unknown. 

“Um. Who’s this?” she asked, stifling a yawn, making a mental list of people she knew, men in particular, who could be drunk at this hour and calling her. The number was unsurprisingly zero. 

“This is me,” the heavy male voice rasped out, as if she was supposed to miraculously know exactly who he was, before he burst into chuckles as if he’d cracked the joke of the century. Felicity sat up in her bed, frowning. 

“Who are you?” she asked again, sleep fading from her mind. 

“Who do you want me to be?” the male voice asked flirtatiously, before someone else guffawed loudly from behind him. 

Rolling her eyes, Felicity cut the call and snuggled back into bed. 

It rang again. Same number. She gingerly picked up.

“I’m hurrrt,” the guy said, slurring his words. “Why did you cut my call?”

“I think you have the wrong number, mister,” she told him firmly. 

There was silence for a long minute, before the guy whispered quietly. “But I like your voice.”

Felicity blinked in surprise at the sincerity in the tone, before shaking it off. “Um. Thanks, I guess. But I have to…”

“Your voice is like red wine,” the guy interrupted. “It’s making me heady.”

“I like red wine,” she said before she could stop it.

“Me too. I have my own nightclub. Verdant,” he informed her, pride evident in his tone. Felicity sat mute, stunned. Verdant? No way. There was no way…

Oliver fucking Queen had drunk dialed her by mistake. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth to talk, but he interrupted, again, his voice a whisper. 

“My best friend just passed out,” he babbled without pause. “We are at our party. It’s great. We sang. A lot. And danced too. And I think I’m a little drunk. Do you think I’m drunk? I’m a little sleepy too. I should sleep before I find some girl. Tommy and I have vowed to stay away from girls for a week. It’s compcilated…no…compli-naked… no, that’s not right. Why do I always get to naked? Ah. Do you under…stand?”

Felicity covered her mouth with her hand to stop the giggles from bursting out. His jumbled words and that concentrated tone as he tried to get them out were surprisingly cute. Drunk Oliver Queen sure was entertaining.  

“Yes,” she replied, laughing. 

She heard a soft sigh on the line. “I like your laugh. I like your voice too. Have I told you that? Talk to me.”

Felicity raised her eyebrows.


Well, he’d said please. And she was enjoying this, whatever this was. Decision made, she settled back in her pillows, and started talking. It was a strange, long night.


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Skynet obviously knows the human resistance is going to send someone back in time; why even entertain the option? Why not wire the machine to just explode after the T-101 goes back? Then no one goes back to help anyone, and Sarah Connor is dead. We’re five movies into this franchise now, and every single damn instance where something goes back in time, something else follows it. This is really predictable. Someone needs to close the window so the flies stop getting in. Even Skynet should be able to figure that one out.

7 Ways Skynet Could Have Won By Now

If you could design your own comic book character, what would they be called and what would their power be?

If I could design my own comic book character, I don’t know. I feel like we had in Wretched And Divine, the concept album. We had kinda all the members of the band had in some ways superhero powers or abilities. So being the Prophet or whatever. I don’t really know what my power was. ‘Cause it seems like in the movie I’m mostly just like kinda looked really sullen and I carried people. So I guess the ultimate ability to carry things like a lot of things. To be able to bring in all the groceries at once. Ya know, not have to do multiple trips to the trunk back to the house. Just an ability to carry lots of groceries. You could call me Groceryman. Or Marketman. That might be better. The alliteration is good.



“Mozart’s Rondo in A-minor for piano. I start my day playing this piece. It tells me the day’s story each day, rain or shine, happy or sad. It says this is life and that’s Mozart’s secret. It whispers quietly but it’s not resigned. It tells me to observe quietly, to look deeply, and to love.”
~Lee Sun-jae, Secret Love Affair


Billie Piper - Rare Pipers Collection

 ↳ Angel - The Calcium Kid [2/?]