this movie is just so gif able

Skynet obviously knows the human resistance is going to send someone back in time; why even entertain the option? Why not wire the machine to just explode after the T-101 goes back? Then no one goes back to help anyone, and Sarah Connor is dead. We’re five movies into this franchise now, and every single damn instance where something goes back in time, something else follows it. This is really predictable. Someone needs to close the window so the flies stop getting in. Even Skynet should be able to figure that one out.

7 Ways Skynet Could Have Won By Now


Billie Piper - Rare Pipers Collection

 ↳ Angel - The Calcium Kid [2/?]

If you could design your own comic book character, what would they be called and what would their power be?

If I could design my own comic book character, I don’t know. I feel like we had in Wretched And Divine, the concept album. We had kinda all the members of the band had in some ways superhero powers or abilities. So being the Prophet or whatever. I don’t really know what my power was. ‘Cause it seems like in the movie I’m mostly just like kinda looked really sullen and I carried people. So I guess the ultimate ability to carry things like a lot of things. To be able to bring in all the groceries at once. Ya know, not have to do multiple trips to the trunk back to the house. Just an ability to carry lots of groceries. You could call me Groceryman. Or Marketman. That might be better. The alliteration is good.