this movie is honest love

It was one of the best experiences of my life. It was amazing. It was a real challenge. I think the movie’s gonna be great. I think he’s amazing. It was pretty amazing to be involved in the whole project. I’m a massive fan of his movies in general. I really loved being the new guy, to be honest. I loved kinda being so far out from my comfort zone. It felt really good to kinda have no idea what I was doing for a little bit.
—  Harry talking about Dunkirk

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) dir. Jon Watts:

- Don’t make me come down here, you punk!
- I think he larps you
- Pretty sure this guy is a war criminal now.
- *stressed dad yells while talking on the phone* Sorry, Teenager.
- This is your chance Peter, kiss her!
- *Activating instant kill*
- I just love to come here and sketch people in crisis 
- Don’t hang me off when I’m complimenting you
- *enhanced interrogation protocol*
- *puppy dog eyes* The guy in the chair<3 
- You deserve this! Bye Mr Criminal!
- I’m…… looking at….. porn
- want me to activate instant kill?
- C’mon Peter, C'mon Spider Man! C’MON SPIDERMANNN!!!
- Young bud
- I’ve been carrying this since 2008
- WHAt the FU-
- Patience. 

Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.

Kimi no na wa -  Taki and Mitsuha aquarelle 

When Sasha used Love instead of Like
  • Mikasa: So, uh. You're cute.
  • Sasha: Ya?
  • Mikasa: Yeah, I really like your face.
  • Sasha: Awh, shucks! Thanks, babe. I really love your face too.
  • Mikasa: love my face?
  • Sasha: *looks at Mikasa confused* Uh, yeah? It's what I said didn't I?
  • Mikasa: like you love my face which is attached to does that mean you love me?
  • Sasha: ...
  • Mikasa: ...
  • Sasha: *sighs* I share my food with you, I cuddle up beside you when you're reading a book, I sit on your back when you do push-ups, and I willingly let you sit on my face during sex knowing you could crush my skull with your thighs, ofc I love you 'Kasa.
  • Mikasa: *sighs in relief* oh, thank Titans. I love you too Sas'.
  • Sasha: Good, now lets cuddle and watch this movie based on the book you were reading. Feel free to point out the inaccurate stuff ya?
  • Mikasa: *chuckles* you're amazing, and that sounds like a plan to me.

It was hot. Way too hot. And there was no place to hide from the heat. Well there was inside, but due to being the hostess of this little get together you couldn’t hide indoors all day. You almost regretted planning this little shindig for the middle of summer but Harry had convinced you it’d be fun. Plus today was the only day everyone had off and could come together.

Harry and you had spent all morning getting the food prepped, the back yard set up, and the pool cleaned. People were set to start showing up any minute now. You were hoping maybe you’d have a minute to run inside, cool yourself off a bit, maybe apply some more deodorant. You looked at your phone to check the time, seeing that you had pretty much no time to do any of that. “Uugggghhhhh, noooo.” You whined under your breath.

“What was that for love? Not excited for our guests?” Harry chuckled. You rolled your eyes before you turned, pointing a finger at him. “Don’t even. You know I am excited to see everyone, and am happy we all finally can get together. But why does it have to be so bloody hot today?!” You stated as you wiped the sweat off your brow. “I just wanted one moment to run inside and cool down, maybe apply some more deodorant before guests arrived”

Harry walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your waist as you placed your arms around his neck. “Here lemme see…Ooh yeah, you do stink a bit” You smacked him upside his head. “Ouch okay, I’m just joking love. No need to get violent.” He chuckled and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “You do know that to answer the door you have to go inside? Which means, you can cool off in doing so and then you can send them outside to me and you just run upstairs real quick and do whatever you need”

You huffed. “Damnit, how come I didn’t think of that?!” Harry just stuck his tongue out at you in response. “Uhm excuse me Styles, put that thing back where it came from or so help me”

Harry let out a quick loud laugh. “Did you seriously just quote a children’s movie to scold me?” You just smirked and shrugged. “Wow, you watch way too many kids movies love”

You just rolled your eyes at him. “Well I do work as a Nanny H. With two kids under the age of 5 all you ever watch is kids movies or tv shows. I can’t help it if lines from it get stuck in my head from time to time. But you have no room to talk, you knew that was from a children’s movie!”

Harry pulled you into him and gave you a quick peck. “Let’s be honest with one another love. You watch kids movies even when you’re not working. You watch them at home and make me watch them with you. You’re a kid at heart” He smirked at you. You just rolled your eyes at him again, but smiled.

He was right, of course he was. You had seen more kids movies than adult movies probably. Or at least knew them better. You were a kid at heart, but that was what had attracted you to him. Your carefree, goofy, happy go lucky attitude instantly won him over. Sure it meant lots of kids movies but it also meant lots of laughs, smiles and someone to always keep his mood up. Also his heart warmed any time he saw you with the children you nannied for. He couldn’t wait till until the he got to watch you with your own children. Children that you two would have together. He would be done for then.

Harry smiled and leaned down to be eye level with you. “But that’s what I love about you.” He placed a sweet soft peck on your lips. You wrapped your arms back around his neck, and started kissed him back. Your kissing had started to turn into more when you heard the doorbell ring. You groaned.

“Well our guests await love. Go let them in, send them out to me and go freshen up if you still want” He shot you a smile and a wink, placed a kiss to your cheek before you removed your arms and started to walk inside the house.

You turned your head back to him before you got fully indoors. “Hey H?” He looked up from his phone, “Yes love?”

“I love you” You said with a smile. Harry smiled back at you, a small one, the one reserved for only you. “I love you too”

“To the Bone” (REVIEW)

I finished watching “To the Bone”, which is Netflix’s second (viral) attempt to represent a delicate topic such as mental disorders, illnesses and eating disorders. I have to say: I REALLY THINK THEY DID A DECENT JOB.

To the Bone tells the story of Eli (or Ellen), a girl who’s been struggling with anorexia for a long time. The movie represents her journey through her recovery and touches several things such as social media, mental illnesses, family and more. I’m going to give a brief review and then write about something more personal in the end, so…

Things I Liked:

  • The acting is amazing. It really drags you to the story. Every actor makes a great job. 
  • The photography that contrasts everything so natural and yet so perfectly. 
  • The research they did on the subject they wanted to show. It’s quite noticeable that Netflix took some time to search about it.
  • The hints they do towards social media (especially Tumblr) and how some pages make mental illnesses look like something cool to wear (which as some of you may know, are not). Also, I believe that was a throwback to 13 Reasons Why and the debate it created about glamorising depression and suicide. 
  • The message which humanises people with mental illnesses more. People struggling with any kind of mental disorder are often shown as martyrs or below every “normal” person. This shows plays with that idea and offers more empathetic characters. 
  • The humour. This show is filled with black humour without ridiculing the subject.
  • The way they portrayed reality as something raw, but also beautiful at times. I really loved that. 

Things I… sort of didn’t like (?):

  • Some of the script was cheesy. Especially towards the ending. However, I’m cool with that. Brings some good vibes, lmao. 
  • The way they minimise therapy. Although I’m a guy that believes in not whining a lot and growing some balls (as Keanu’s character would say), I also believe that this movie represents therapy in an unrealistic way, but I’m not sure about it, so, I can’t complain a lot about it either.

Something more personal about “To the bone”:

I have to say, I was expecting something more like “13 reasons why” which I didn’t hate, but I didn’t enjoy at all. However, this movie really brings the concepts and topics differently. It shows a more humane, mature and evolved way of approaching subjects like these. And I have to emphasise this: I’m used to eating a lot of junk food while watching anything, but I couldn’t do that with this movie (and as Trump would have said: “believe me, I tried”).  It just felt really uncomfortable for me to watch a lot of the scenes shown in there while eating. The reason I write this is to show that this movie makes you empathise with the characters, a lot. 

As a person who deals with depression I have to say, I’m really glad more shows and films are taking a more delicate way of dealing and showing things like this without making the persons who suffer from disorders as freaks. I can only recommend this movie. :) 

P.S: To anyone who’s dealing with any kind of mental disorder, illness or is just having a bad time, BE STRONG. I believe in you. :D !!

Three years later, and I’m STILL not over the naked emotion in Veronica’s face during the pillar scene.  

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I have this habit of pulling back from scenes and trying to view them from other perspectives.  What if it was my first viewing?  What if I was anti-L/V?  How would I minimize this moment?  

But there’s no possible way to view this scene as merely a culmination of restrained lust.  If that was the case, she wouldn’t look so shattered.  She wouldn’t be practically in tears. 

She has the expression of somebody who’s experiencing something world-changing, and allowing it to happen.  Not shutting down her vulnerability.    

The only possible interpretation I can make is, that (despite all odds, years, and continents), movie canon Veronica LOVES Logan, is being honest with herself about said love, and probably always knew she was meant to end up here. 

Excuse me while I curl up in a ball and sob.  

Dating and having sex with Elijah Mikaelson would include:

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Request:  Can you write a dating and having sex with Elijah Mikaelson headcon? And if it’s not too much can you make on for Dean Winchester

Warning: NSFW, being 100% in the comfort zone.

A/N: SORRY FOR BEING MONTHS TOO LATE. I haven’t watched the third and fourth season of The Originals, so you know, I’m a bit rusty. Also, I’m gonna do Dean because I love him almost as much as I love Sammy.


  • Elijah taking you to the most expensive places he knows, only to impress you. 
    • You being very impressed at first: “That’s… wow…”
    • But of course, you are reaching the point where it starts being too much:“You don’t need to spend money on me, Elijah. Why don’t we go for a walk instead?” 
  • You’re always trying to hold his hand but Elijah is one step ahead of you and puts his arm around your waist, pressing you against his side.
  • Talking about your faverourite things.
    • You being surprised that Elijah actually wants to know everything about you and your life. 
    • Him being reluctant when it comes to his past and his family.
    • You not knowing about the supernatural world.
  • Meeting Rebekah first, then Klaus before he introduces you to Kol, Freya, Finn, Hayley and Hope.
    • Them being nice most of the time whereas a little bit weird.
  • Forehead kisses when he has to leave.
  • Kissing only when you’re alone.
    • Tender and passionate kisses.
    • Make out sessions.
  • Deciding each other’s personal ringtones.
  • Cute and shitty nicknames.
    • Love, Darling, Darls, Sweetie, Baby, Babe, Sugar, Romeo, Suits, Big D, my precious nugget.
    • You’re the one with the shitty nicknames.
  • Cuddling and watching TV together.
  • Introducing Elijah to video games/board games/tv shows/Movies.
    • “So, what do you think?”
    • “To be honest with you, I love Mario Kart.” 
  • Hitting the comfort zone after 13 months of your relationship.
    • Him showering while you’re bathing and shaving.
    • Doing each others laundry.
    • Wearing the most unattractive stay-at-home clothes.
    • Not locking the door when going to the toilet.
    • Crying in front of each other. 
    • No make-up/face and legs shaving.
    • Shopping together and helping each other find new clothes.
    • Talking while being naked. 
    • Elijah telling the truth about him, his family and the supernatural world, only for you to freak out before you realise that it’s still your boyfriend Elijah.
    • “Just so you know, Elijah, I love you to the moon and back.” 
    • “I love you, too.”
  • Moving in together and having a nice appartement.
  • Buying a pet and calling it your baby.
  • Three and a half years into your relationship he asks you to marry him.  
    • “I love you, [Y/N], and I want you to be mine, for as long as you want to have me.”
    • “Forever is a long time, you know.”


  • Both taking your time with foreplay. 
    • Passionate kissing, touching and moaning. 
    • Romantic music in the background.
  • Elijah wearing casual clothes leads to sex. 
  • Oral sex.
    • Elijah loving it when he can bury his face between your legs. 
    • Also, him loving when you sit on his face.
    • You being on your knees and his hands burried in your hair is the most erotic thing ever, right after Elijah’s moans.
    • Grabbing thighs is your thing.  
  • Making love.
    • Bed, couch, car, you name it. Elijah can make love to you everywhere you want to.  
    • Eye contact. 
    • Lots of kissing.
    • Burrying hands in each others hair.
    • Your O-face is his addiction. 
  • Rough sex.
    • Elijah being surprisingly strong. 
    • You being bend over your kitchen table a lot.  
    • Handcuffs and blindfolds. 
    • Playing with wax and ice cubes.
    • Hair pulling when he’s hitting you from behind.
  • Being very creative when it comes to positions.
    • You buying him the Kamasutra for his birthday.
  • Having a long list with things you both want to try out.
  • Goodbye-and-have-a-nice-day blowjobs and quickies.
  • After having fun, you’re both comfortable about the awkward-after-sex-things that might happen.

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“I love what Disney has been doing with all the girl power and happy, cool endings with their new princess movies, but if I’m being completely honest, I really miss the whole love story aspect they had, I don’t care if it’s a princess with a prince, a princess with a princess, or a prince with a prince, I really just want to watch something that will make me say “Awww they’re such a great pair” again.“