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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

I doubt anyone cares about my opinions or will even see this but I need to put my thoughts on this movie out there because I’m in love.

I must be honest with you guys, I never thought much about the whole “we need more diversity in movie casts” because — and let me be real honest here — I’m not a minority and I have never been affected by that sort of thing. But let me tell you, the diversity of this movie was honestly just as beautiful as the design of the castle and costumes. The beginning scene shows men and women of all different colors and there are not just one or two dark skinned people in the back, there is an equal mix and it was just so refreshing to see. Beautiful.

I fell in love with the fact that this remake stuck to some of the basics from the original story of Beauty and the Beast but also kept a lot of the same things from the animated film. At some parts I found myself already knowing the lines and speaking then under my breath with the actors. That was quite fun!

JOSH GAD. GAH, I don’t know why I was nervous about him portraying Le Fou, I honestly don’t. I think I was nervous because I know just how goofy Josh Gad can be and I didn’t want to see Le Fou as a fool once again. BUT JOSH GAD WAS PERFECT FOR THE PART. I CANNOT SEE ANYONE ELSE PLAYING THIS PART. He was perfect and I don’t know how to describe his portrayal any other way.

All the movie theaters that banned this movie because of Le Fou’s “sexuality” are going to be pissed because, as promised, it was a very natural scene. Everyone who was upset because of the fact that Le Fou was thought to be portraying the stereotypical gay pining after the oblivious jackass will (in my opinion) be pleasantly surprised. I was actually quite disappointed because IT WAS SO NATURAL that I almost didn’t pick up on the fact that Le Fou was to be gay — which I think is exactly the way it should be!

I was a little disappointed in all the auto tune that went into this movie, but it will have to do because Emma Watson was lovely.

Also slightly disappointed that they stuck with Gaston’s same fate from the animated cartoon ((spoiler???))

I wished we could have seen more of Dan Stevens in his human form, but he played a wonderful Beast and brought such charm and a new breath of life into him. Very Dan Stevens-y and I loved it.

This movie is a masterpiece, it did not disappoint and I’m sorry to say that it just might take the place of the original animated film???? Maybe they’re neck and neck???

~ these are just my first view thoughts. I’m sure if I go see it again, I’ll have more intelligent thoughts about it. But right now I’m just buzzing with excitement because it was definitely worth the wait! ~

*EDIT* I just came back from my second viewing of Beauty and the Beast and I just want to point out a few more awesome things. The relationship between Lumiere and Plumette was a very romantic one and I was very overjoyed to see more light shed on it. They’re so infatuated with each other and I think that’s romantic and I loved that. I’m STILL in awe at Josh Gad’s performance. EVERY TIME. I will not ever get over the fact that he is perfect for this part. This movie was very good about answering some of the unanswered questions from the animated film. This movie gave more back story to the characters, to Belle and even the enchanted furniture! Why did Belle and her father come to “this poor, provincial town” in the first place? Why was everyone else in the castle cursed along with the prince? Why is Gaston so popular aside from his good looks? Your questions have been answered! It’s not a “plot” twist (and I’ll try not to give too much away because I really enjoyed this bit) but the twist on the villagers is one that I was very happy was included. I just think it tied everything together so nicely and it was just overall very cute!
My current ‘to watch’ list.

If you have any recommendations, let me know!

Two Days, One Night
An Honest Liar (James Randi documentary)
Gone Girl
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
No Country For Old Men
Good Will Hunting
I’ve Loved You So Long
Black Dynamite
White Ribbon
The Sound of  Noise
The Kid with a Bike
The Raid / The Raid:Redemption
The Protector 

It’s time for ANIME OF THE MONTH !

Kay..The beautiful anime I recommend this month is* blows noses* 

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Wolf Children!!….*blows nose*  

What can I say, it has everything.

adorable and/or traublemaker babies  *blows nose*

beutiful moments of happiness……*blows nose* 

beutiful moments of sadness…*blows nose*

beutiful couples i cant get over ….*BLOWS NOSES*

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ADORABLE couples i cant get over ….*blows nose*

beautiful moments in general …and HANA …*blows noseeeee*

kay i will stop here …. im out of tissues …actually anime of the year


[get to know me meme] 10 Male Characters (10/10): Tony Stark (Marvel)

The Power of Mabel

Day 5: Missed Moments

I will forever mourn the fact that we never got to have a boxing episode wherein Stan teaches Mabel how to box (I’d like to imagine the episode would be titled either “Raging Ma-Bull” or “Million Dollar Mabel”. Can’t quite decide…)

Not sure what the plot would be but here are some general ideas for a plot: 

  • It’s time for the Gravity Falls’ Semi-Annual Children’s boxing match (for charity purposes, of course)! Stan used to enter Soos into the boxing match to give the Shack some free publicity but 1) Soos no longer legally qualifies as a kid and 2) ever since Soos saw “The Karate Dude”, he’s lost a bit of interest in boxing (he hopes to get his brown belt next fall!)
  • Looking for a replacement, Stan decides to train Mabel in the basics of boxing. After all, he saw her in action against the zombies and knows she can handle herself in a fight.
  • All Mabel knows about boxing comes from the movie Stony IV staring the Norse Horse himself, Stony van Bobkinson (Mabel only originally watched it because that Russian boxer was quite the looker and it had a cute robot friend!) So her understanding of boxing is limited to “a 3-minute inspirational montage will make me the best in my sport and also stop communism!”
  • Stan comes up with a plan, though. If he lugs around a big boombox and follows Mabel, then she’ll stay motivated and be an expert in no time. So for the next week, no matter where they go or what they’re doing (training, eating at a diner, scrapbooking current events), Stan and Mabel hang out together with inspirational eighties songs in the background.

And I have no idea where the plot goes from there; I just really wanted to see Mabel and her Grunkle Stan bond over boxing and goofy dated sports movie from the 80’s!

High School Never Ends

A/N: So I watched ‘Ten Inch Hero’ over the weekend and I’m so in love with the movie like I honest to god think it’s one of my faves. Loved all the characters and of course Jensen’s character: Priestly. So I had … please forgive me… Part 1 of this series lol

Priestly x Reader

Warnings: None I dont think… Triggers for Emotional Abuse (Maybe?) 

Word Count: 1173

Priestly watched as you smiled along with the girls from the shop. Watched as you tucked your hair behind your ear and mindlessly biting the edge of the pen as you listened to Trucker go on about something he hadn’t bothered to pay attention to.

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Beach Day

Eggsy Unwin x Reader

A/N: Hello again! So, in case you do not know who Eggsy Unwin is, he is the main character of the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. To be completely honest, I loved this movie and all of the characters in it. If you haven’t already seen this movie, I highly recommend that you do. Anyways, on the with the story!

Also, just a warning, there is some strong language in the story.

You close your eyes as you absorb the warmth from the sun’s rays. When you found out that it was going to be beautiful today, you knew you couldn’t hang out in your room all day. So, you slapped on a bathing suit, some suntan lotion, sunglasses, and hopped outside onto your balcony. You had just started to really relax in your red and blue stripes chair, when you heard the door to your room open.

“Eggsy?” You called out as the male figure began walking towards you.

“Hey (Y/N).” Eggsy replied, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what you were wearing.

“Calm down Eggsy. It’s just a swimsuit.” You said, glancing down at the mint green bikini, not seeing what the big deal was. You were covered, after all.

“U-Uh, well, you, uh, you look great.” Eggsy stammered while rubbing his neck awkwardly and giving you a shy grin.

“Thanks, so do you.” He was wearing the same thing he always does, snapback and t-shirt, but ditched his usual jeans for swim trunks.

You pointed at his plaid bottoms saying, “Enjoying the sun as well, I see.”

“Oh, yeah. I was gonna go to the beach actually. Wanna join?”

“Sure!” You agreed excitedly, happy that you have someone to spend such a beautiful day with.

You ran over to your closet, throwing on a grey and white chevron sundress and tossing a bunch of stuff into a beach bag, slinging it over your shoulder.

Grabbing your phone and Eggsy’s hand, you open your door and say, “Let’s go!”
After what seemed like hours walking along the beach, you and Eggsy finally found the perfect spot. You had a, surprisingly, perfect view of the water and there weren’t many people around you.

Once the perfect spot had been found, you took off your sundress, revealing the bikini you had on earlier. As you bent down to lay out your towel, you knew Eggsy was staring at your butt.

Slowly standing up, while still feeling his gaze on your ass, you turned around smirking, “Hey! My eyes are up here buddy!” Which made Eggsy’s face flush immediately as he looked away quickly saying, “S-Sorry!”

“Whatever.” You said jokingly. “I know I have a great ass.”

“Damn straight.” Eggsy said quietly.

“What was that?” You asked him, having heard what he said under his breath.

“Nothing!” He exclaimed.

After you had put down all of your things, and settled into your spot, you grabbed your phone out of your bag asking Eggsy if he minded you listening to some music.

“Not at all, go right ahead.” He replied with a soft smile.

“Thanks.” You smiled back before putting on one of your favorite songs.

“What the fuck is this?!” Eggsy exclaimed.

“Watch it bud. That’s my favorite song you’re talking about.” You jokingly snapped back at him.

“This is your favorite song?!” He asked, shocked that anyone would actually listen to this song. “What the fuck do you listen to (Y/N)?!”

At this you ran over to Eggsy and playfully, began hitting his chest while he laughed. All of a sudden, he started tickling you mercilessly.

You managed to get a few words out in between giggles, “Eggsy! Stop! Please, I can’t breathe!”

But Eggsy ignored your pleas and tickled you even harder, which ended with the two of you falling onto your towel.

With Eggsy hovering over you, you both have stopped laughing. Eggsy’s gaze kept switching from your eyes to your mouth, as you did the same. Finally, your eyes met, Eggsy leaned in, placing his lips softly against yours.

It was the best kiss you ever had. It felt like it had lasted for hours. When you both broke away, smiling, you thought to yourself, I’m glad the sun decided to shine today.

Thank you for reading!

frantic-realm  asked:

Hi, i get a teen wolf and Harry Potter ship please? I'm a Slytherin, Leo, INFJ, demiromantic, bisexual female. I'm 5,6, ombré shoulder length hair with green eyes,a light tan and slim build.I'm charismatic, sarcastic, laid back, observant, resourceful, sweet, honest, loyal and protective. I love animals, reading, movie marathons, running, road trips and making the people I care about laugh, smile and blush.

Teen Wolf

I ship you with…

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Stiles Stilinski!

No matter the time, you and Stiles would always be up for marathoning the latest film releases and maybe Star Wars again. You fully supported his sarcastic inputs and would often challenge his sarcasm with your own. Your observant eyes would detect any faults in any bad plan that pack would have to offer, and would help Stiles with his research. Your parents even allowed you to go on a ‘roadtrip’ with the pack, knowing that you adored them, to Mexico (though you failed to mention to your parents that it was Mexico you were travelling to). Your admiration for making those close to you laugh and smile always cheered up even the darkest of the pack’s day and Derek Hale.

Harry Potter

I ship you with…

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George Weasley!

Put it this way, you and George would never stop having fun (even in the more serious moments). Due to your laid back personality, Fred and George would have prank competitions to see who could the biggest reaction out of you. Being a Slytherin student, you would always find a way around the punishments which led you to not particularly worry about Filch or Umbridge. Also, you would try and sneak the twins into the Slytherin common room and since they were male, they would be allowed in the boys’ dorm. This came in rather handy when they were looking for new victims or Draco for their pranks. Your sarcasm would often come in handy when battling a wild Draco.

A little less than a year ago now I had watched this movie, which triggered my love for all things 80s. To be honest, for the most part of it I did not think it was anything particularly special and only when one of the final scenes came where the main characters sat together and explained how each of them ended up at school on a Saturday blew my mind. I was astonished how brilliant and relevant (up until today) that dialogue was, given that the movie came out in the 80s. Imagine my surprise when I started researching more about the movie and found out that the scene was improvised as the mighty John Hughes let the actors come up with their own ideas. That, in my opinion, was one of the best decisions made in the history if cinematography. Applause. That eventually led me to watching more 80s movies, discovering my love for 80s pop music and currently writing this post for, quite possibly, nobody but still. So thank you, Breakfast Club. You taught me a lot, you brought me so much more appreciation and passion for 80s movies and culture, and you will always have a special place for me.