this movie is gonna be gorgeous :')

So I Watched Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa)

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It’s not your regular girl-and-boy-swap-bodies-and-hilarity-ensues movie. No. This is something above and far apart from anything you will ever watch.

It shows a simple connection between two people that transcends time and leaps over even the most adverse obstacles like Death. 

The animation and the blend of nature/city scenes are heartrendingly gorgeous. The plot and the building of the story will blow you away. 

The characters are so simple and relatable, yet each one has something special that they leave behind with you at the end of the journey. 

Don’t miss this one. Trust me. It’s worth it.

Madohomu frustrates me a lot.

Day two of johndave week!

This took me all day to figure out, but this is an AU i’m working on called Fishbones.

If recommending fics is an advised thing to do, I read Sing A Rainbow for a third time today, and it’s still beautiful. Written by the amazing @khemi!!