this movie is full of reactions

Your problematic fave: Mike from SING

· Will insult your talented ass

· Will not own up to the public that he took a great deal on causing the destruction of a theater.

· Got a girl muddled into a mess he made, that could probably kill them both.


More Drarry Feelings

I want Harry and Draco slow dancing to the same records James and Lily danced to when Harry was a baby.
I want Harry taking Draco to his first muggle film at the theater, not even paying attention to the movie because Draco’s reactions are better than any plot line.
I want Draco to realize his dream of writing poetry and writing down pretty words he hears on Harry’s hands when they walk around town (“Harry, if you think I’m going to fuck up my tattoos with a ballpoint pen, you’re wrong. Give me your arm.”)
I want the secret drawer full of photos of Draco Harry has taken from the time they started dating, full of hidden smiles Draco seems to save only for him.
I want Draco and Harry trying to cook Christmas dinner together for the first time, and opting for Chinese takeout instead (with making out to follow, of course).
I want Draco introducing Harry to the world of true Wizard literature, and Harry exposing Draco to the magic of muggle libraries.
I want Harry and Draco’s 2AM drunken dance parties when the memories of the war are too much and they just need to let loose and forget and love each other.
I want my two boys living their best lives together and knowing what real love and happiness is for once.

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Hello~! Do you think I could request the rfa with a hopeless romantic MC. She constantly watches old romance movies like Dirty Dancing and The Princess Bride, reads romance novels and has a full bookshelf of them, has hours of cute love-y music on her ipod, that sort of thing? Love your writing by the way! I've been scrolling through your blog all day!! :)

A/N: This was so hard for me because I’m actually a REALLY big tsundere and i just yeah lmao im so sorry ^^;; ~Admin 404


           -He’s sensitive and all

           -And he’s so hung up on finding love!!! He wants to love and be loved!!! Only wants one person in his life!

           -And it’s you!

           -You have the same idea, so the two of you work very well together

           -So much love between the two of you oh my god


           -Seriously, there’s so many small, cute kisses between the two of you that even Zen pretended to barf

           -The two of you THRIVE off of romance movies!!! Those and Disney movies are about the only things you two watch

           -That being said, he’s a-okay with you being a hopeless romantic, he is too!!!

           -He just didn’t know it until you came along <3


           -He’s such a hopeless romantic omfg

           -He will burst into rooms with grand gestures

           -Constantly singing love songs to you

           -10/10 you always sing along

           -Always spins you around, pulling you into a dance

           -Completely ecstatic that you’re the same way!! Y e s MC, burst out into love songs from movies and plays, he’s gonna jump right on in

           -He always brings you flowers! And you just live for it you don’t even have to mention it to him hype hype hype

           -Both of you are so emotional during movies but there’s never any judgment

           -He’s even worse than you though??? Like, cliché kisses in the rain happen every time it rains

           -Since he’s 10x more hopelessly romantic than you, he’s completely okay with it, you do you MC


           -Secretly loves those old romantic movies

           -Lowkey judges you for crying at happy movies but you turn it right back around on her when she cries at beautiful love scenes played by Zen

           -The two of you listen to the music on your phone constantly

           -“MC, these are all love songs” “Yes, I’m aware”

           - secretly downloads them all onto her own phone later

           -You’re always dancing around the room with such grace, bringing her along

           -You somehow always seem to sweep her off her feet and she loVES IT

           -She gets so flustered!!!!!

           -Oh my goodness, she has no idea how to handle the flowers you shower her in??

           -MC our house is overrun with flowers where is the remote? The DVD’s? MC where is tHAT DOCUMENT IT’S HIDDEN UNDER FLOWERS I NEED THAT


           -He noticed fairly quickly what your taste in novels were

           -You had a shelf full of these romance novels, so he attempted to read one

           - is this truly what MC wants???

           -You come home to a whole floor-to-ceiling bookshelf full of romance novels for you to read

           -He started to come home with flowers every now and then, and you were so!!! Happy!!!

           -The smile on your face was to die for, so he vowed from then on to do whatever it takes to get that smile

           -You love to talk about the future with him, plan your ideal dates, things of that sort


           -Your ideal dates are now reality, he’ll make sure of it

           -Therefore, he absolutely loves that this is part of your personality, because you’re so cute! So innocent! And he is going to do everything he can to enhance it!!


           -Both of you cry to 10 Things I Hate About You

           -He put it on for the first time, hoping he could console you at the end

           -Both of you were complete sobbing messes

           -He doesn’t surprise you with actual flowers

           -Makes bouquets of HBC wrapper flowers thanks saeyoung

           -You tell him how much you love him multiple times a day and it gets to him every single time

           -Seriously, he cries sometimes because??? How did he ever get you??

           -The two of you like to talk and theorize about your OTP’s

           -That’s your dinner talk, not “how was your day” it’s usually “sO LISTEN, WHAT IF-”

           -Every now and then, the two of you dance around the house, blasting love songs he puts on a dress and heels and everything




           -Do I even need to talk about all the adorable candid pictures he takes of you? No? Too bad I just did

           -If you’re ever sad, he hangs up pictures of the two of you EVERYWHERE what a DORK NEED ME A FREAK LIKE THAT

           -You make him playlists full of love songs all the time

           -You even write down why you picked each song!!!

           -God damn he loves it??? He needs someone soft and loving like you


           -He feels so blessed?? Like, you want to act out your own personal love story with him???

           -Sign him right the fuck up,  he’s so happy and toTALLY DESERVES THIS


           -If he’s honest, it makes him uncomfortable sometimes

           -You watch all these romantic movies and cry and just

           -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO????

           -He does like watching you dance around and sing to those sappy love songs of yours though

           -He doesn’t pay much attention to the lyrics, he just pays all his attention to you

           -When you aren’t paying attention, he reads a lot of your romance novels just to see what they’re about

           -He actually gets pretty insecure because?? He isn’t like the guys you read about, he isn’t smooth with his words and he doesn’t know how to be so…. spirited

           -So when you take the role of being the passionate one, he’s actually pretty relieved! Maybe he can learn from you before attempting it on his own

           - still refuses to dance with you though, it isn’t happening

           -He does surprise you with flowers every now and then though, sometimes he even plays a love song to describe the feelings he has for you

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Hello!!! Can I pls request a bts reaction to their crush watching a tv show/movie with them and gets really engrosed in it, starting to shout and talk to the tv and intense parts or conversations. (Lowkey why I only watch stuff alone lmao)

BTS Reaction to their crush yelling/talking at their tv

Hi! So I really liked this one because I do the exact same thing all the time. 😂

sorry for the wait :3


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

He would find it quite funny when you were starting to yell at the main character to run for their lives. In the end he wouldn’t watch the movie and would watch your reactions instead.


Originally posted by ksjknj

Jin would find it rather cute and funny when you started to talk back to the tv and have a full conversation with it.


Originally posted by sugagifs

He wouldn’t understand why you started shouting at the main character of the movie at first and smile slightly at your strange reactions. But he would get used to it and wouldn’t even notice in the end.


Originally posted by bishesgonnahate

He would judge you hard each and every time you talked to the tv but would find so funny he couldn’t stop himself from laughing.


Originally posted by okayoongz

He would laugh at you not quite understanding what was going on. But he wouldn’t mind that much.


Originally posted by taemybae

He wouldn’t mind one bit. In fact he would join the conversation between you and the tv and would yell each time something stupid happened during the film. 

“Why would you do that??” 

He would enjoy watching movies with you because of that.


Originally posted by myjaebutt

Jungkook would laugh every time you shouted at the tv. He would join in sometimes while laughing because he couldn’t get over your funny reactions thinking you were cute. 

(gifs are not mine credit to owners) 

  • so basically a relationship with this squish ball is full of surprises
  • like one day you’d just be sitting on the couch watching a movie and suddenly hoseok’s jumping on you and telling you that you’re going on holiday to spain or something
  • he’d buy you a lot of gifts
  • and a lot of sweaters so you can playfully fight each other with sweaterpaws.
  • his cuddles are always warm, comforting and inviting like one day you’d just be in a cuddly mood and see hoseok sitting on the couch and you’d just snuggle under his arm and he wouldn’t even care to be honest
  • he’ll be quite dramatic over the simplest things
  • you’re sad? oh no lets go out and buy the biggest teddy bear and cake i can find and cry with them 
  • he’s really sweet, though
  • he remembers all the important things - to when you first met, to when its your birthday, anniversary etc.
  • learning all their dances since you watch them practice so much
  • always making sure he’s healthy and eating properly and getting enough sleep everyday
  • he loves it when you wear his shirts 
  • he’d always attack you with kisses all over your face when you wear them because he can’t contain his feels over how cute you are.
  • he loves to kiss you in public but if you’re not a fan of pda he’d whine a lot
  • like a lot
  • “why don’t you accept my love?”
  • “don’t you love me??”
  • you get the point
  • him randomly texting you at odd hours saying he found a picture that reminded him of you
  • turns out it was a sloth.
  • ok anyways, he lives for surprise kisses
  • just one day you’ll be in the grocery store and suddenly he kisses you and he finds your facial expression so cute
  • ok anyways basically dating this fluffy sunshine is so fun and cute and affectionate !! he just loves you so much and yeah !

“When a gift sack full of kittens gives Santa a bad allergic reaction, the kittens have to take over and deliver the presents on time.” Would you have me believe, sirs, that Santa, a magical man with centuries of experience, has never planned for this contingency? I find your premise questionable!

We begin with two cats watching Santa deliver presents to the beautiful suburban home of someone who works for the production company. The older cat explains Santa to the kitten. This would be cute if their CGI jaws didn’t unhinge like they were about to swallow entire bags of kibble.

The 3 Xmas Movies That Most Completely Misunderstand Xmas

241 channels and nothing to watch.

Hello love bugs!

Dan x reader.
Warnings ⚠️ slightish smut?
Please send requests. Also should I do a smutty part 2??

“Ugh I hate these stupid crappy romantic movies, I don’t need some ditsy characters to remind me how pathetic my love life is.” You say as you sit beside Dan on the couch. He was flipping through the channels and happen to stop on a romantic movie. You vaguely remember it and wanted to call it the notebook? Either way it made you feel sick. You honestly wouldn’t have such a strong reaction if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re still fresh from a breakup from your long term relationship. Almost a full year of your life gone in an instant.

“You’re exactly right! You don’t need them, you have me for that.” Dan says with a smirk on his face as his dips his hand into the popcorn on your lap.

“I’m serious!” You say pushing him by the shoulder. “Love seems so overrated right now. You fight then you make up. You say you’ll change ,and you may for a bit. Then you always go back to the same thing as before and so the circle repeats itself.” You say with a huff. “ I just need to find someone who is more like me. Is it possible to clone yourself and then marry that clone? I know what I want from a relationship in life. Who better than myself to fulfill that need.” You say looking at Dan with questioning eyes. You had finally gone off the deep end and Dan was elected to fix it.

“First things first. Only sheep have been cloned. I guess you can call twins some form of a clone but that would be incest. Second, you just need to find someone that’s compatible with you and can give and take in the relationship. You were with a taker. You need a giver.” Dan says looking at you trying to read your face for any evidence of what he just said was being comprehended by you. “Please tell me you didn’t get stuck after the sheep named Dolly.” He says with a quizzical look.

“No I understand.” You say looking into Dan’s eyes for some answers. “What I don’t understand is where you think I can find someone like this.” You say feeling a tear slip down your face. Great now you were crying. Emotions have got you all fucked up and now you can’t even control yourself.

“Hey now.” Dan says wiping the stray tear from your cheek with his thumb. “You will find someone.” He says with a smile. “I would never let you be that perpetual old lady with a million cats.” He says making you crack a smile.

“How do you always know what to say?” You say putting your head on his shoulder. “I’m so glad I have you. I need you in my life more than ever.

Dan chuckles making you head bop up and down to his movements.” If anything, I need you in my life. I hate to say it but fuck it.“ He says exhaling a breath he didn’t know he was holding. "I’m over the moon that he is out of your life. I hated every moment I saw him with you. I never said anything because I wanted you to be happy. If I said anything i thought I might lose you and I could never afford that.” He says looking down at you. This time his chocolate eyes were the ones talking on there own. It’s as if he was begging to kiss you and fill the small space you two had created between each other.

Your eyes were filled with so many questions but also with lust. A lust to feel something again. Human contact that was more then a I’m sorry hug. So before you could think to much your lips crashed into Dan’s. It started as a soft innocent kiss, but quickly began to fill with passion. Clearly a passion that had been demanding to be felt for a long time. Your hands tangled behind Dan’s neck as he pulled you closer onto his lap. Only breaking apart to take breaths. After a heated snog the two of you broke apart panting pressing each others foreheads together.

“That was.” You say breathing heavily as if you just run a race. Before you could finish your sentence Dan was attacking your neck with kisses,sucking,and nibbling as he went. Your imitate reaction is to run your fingers through his hair. Little moans escaping your lips as he found the spot on your neck that drives you wild. You hadn’t made out like this since you were a teen. The feeling that you just needed to ravish each other’s bodies as if each of you were going to melt away at any moment. You finally find your voice again pulling away from Dan. Let’s continue this in your room you say. Dan agrees nodding his head and pushing you off his lap to then present a hand to help you up. You take it willingly. You weren’t sure were this was all going to go. All you cared was that you finally felt that you were with someone who was right for you.

Master List!~



Survive (Rap Monster)

Paging DR.Tae (V)

Block B:

First Fires (P.O) chp.1 , chp.2 , chp.3 , chp.4 , chp.5, chp.6, chp.7,chp.8,chp.9, chp.10 mino, chp.11 jihoon,chp.12, ending 1, ending 2

Reaction To You Imitating P.O’s Voice

(Zico) Reaction to you having a dirty box full of toys under the bed you both share

Still (Zico)

Ice cream and kiss (P.O)

Movie Night (P.O)

Blossom (B-Bomb)

Jellyfish (Taeil)

Big Bang:

Let Me Pleasure You (GD)

Words Hurt (Daesung)

GD’s Reaction Opening the mail your enemies glitter

T.O.P Snaps

Reaction Seeing You All Dolled Up For The First Time

Just One Night (Seungri)

Your One Of A Kind BF ( GD snap)

Reaction to them farting in front of you for the first time while you two were making out

Tutoring Session (T.O.P)


Do Something About It (Sehun)

Will They Like Me? (Baekhyun)


Reaction When They Try To Style You For A Day And It Doesn’t Go The Way They Expected

Reaction when they hear you singing to yourself & you’re not that good…


Jinhwan Scenario

reaction seeing you wear high black socks

Imagine Bobby Sending You A Snap Of Him And BI Making Derp Faces

Reaction to you winning in a fight against a girl who was disrespecting your relationship.. (Bobby)

Monsta X:

Monstas of Mayhem chp.1 , chp.2

Stay Strong (Jooheon)

Memory Lane (Jooheon)

Kill The Enemies (Shownu)

Make-Up Sex (Jooheon)

Reaction When They Find A Dirty Box Of Toys Under The Bed You Two Share

Kihyun Confessing To A Girl He Really Likes

Reaction to you being a curvy cutie with a big booty


Sleep Over (Vernon)

Woozi Snaps


Attention (Jonghyun)

Onew Scenario

Reaction Of Them Coming Back From The Military And They Find Out They Have A Kid

Reaction Seeing You All Dolled Up For The First Time


First Fires (Mino) chp.1 , chp.2 , chp.3 , chp.4, chp.5, chp.6, chp.7, chp.8,chp.9,chp.10 mino, chp.11 jihoon, chp.12, ending 1, ending 2

Strip Tease (Seunghoon)



Loco’s Reaction To You Pulling Him In By His Belt Loop

Loco’s Reaction To You Giving Him Head When He’s Stressed Out

Loco’s Reaction To You Walking In On Him…

Jay Park:


First Time

Breaking Point

Reaction to you having a dirty box full of toys under the bed you both share

Reaction to you sending him a nude and a sexy text

Reaction to you winning in a fight against a girl who was disrespecting your relationship..



Giri Snap/Imagine When Black Nut Tells Him You Like Him


 Nicotine(Part 2)

Reaction when he does your make up & dresses you for a day

Mad Clown:  


Simon D:

Something New


Reaction to you having a dirty box full of toys under the bed you both share

Camping night

Reaction to you winning in a fight against a girl who was disrespecting your relationship..


Scream My Name

Optional Bias:

Too Deep

-Admin Jinx


‘Death Stranding’ - Mads Mikkelsen Behind the Scenes & Minor New Details:

Mads is writing and leaving a chalkboard note to Hideo at the Kojima Productions offices, which reads: “YOUR GLASS IS ALWAYS HALF FULL HIDEO!”

Per YongYea, Hideo revealed three tidbits of information during the HideoTube taping, which could reveal itself in Mads’ character in ‘Death Stranding:’

1) Since Mads spoke German in the movie, ‘The Door,’ which Hideo mentioned, Mads’ character could speak German, or be of German heritage, or in relationship to Germany in some way.

2) Hideo mentioned Mads’ physicallity, athletic and aesthetic abilities, along with his range of motion and his movements, as in, supernatural movements. Also, Hideo showed screen tests with Mads in combat gear with weaponry, which could mean … “Hello!” … Combat scenes, no doubt!

3) And, finally, the chemical reaction that Mads’ character will/may have with Norman Reedus’ character.–rNY

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*REQUEST* Daesung Scenario - ‘Fluffy smut’

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Laymedown

“Ah I’m so full.” He sat next to you with a huge huff. “Do you want to go on a walk instead?” He begged his final plea, but you were stubborn.
“No, now stop being a baby.” You kissed his cheek as you reached over him to grab the remote. “I have no one else to watch this movie with me right now. You’ll be fine.” You told him as you pressed play to the suspenseful horror you rented before leaning into him.
At first, his hold around you was loose, but the further into the movie you got, the tighter his hold became. There was no way for you to take the movie seriously as Daesung nearly screamed at every little damn thing.
You were only halfway into the movie when you started to become too conscious of how close he was holding you to him. You don’t think he realized exactly what he was doing as he was too entranced on what was going to happen next. But his scent, his racing heart beat, his quiet whimpers (even if it’s from fear), and the burning sensation his touch left you was overwhelming. You’ve never felt such a pull towards him like this before, you were always able to control yourself.
You subtly nudged your face into his shirt, no longer caring about the movie. You’ve always wondered how you would know when the time was right to take the next step in your guy’s relationship. Was this how it felt when you knew it was okay? You took in one last deep breath before you let your mind go. No more overthinking things, the lust you felt for him was unbearable.
Daesung jumped slightly in surprise at your sudden movement. You straddled his lap looking deeply into his wide eyes. You would’ve been surprised too if he did the same to you. You didn’t give him a chance to question you as you kissed him roughly. There was a surprised moan that escaped him as he kissed back. His hands gripped your hips tightly, pushing you down and closer to him.
Once he took over the kiss he flipped you over onto your back without breaking the kiss. You felt him lightly grinding over you, as if he were still trying to hold back. But it was probably worse than him actually grinding into you. Just the tease of fabric brushing over you was making you want to beg for more. Your hands weaved underneath his baggy shirt, feeling each ripple of muscle underneath.
A noise you never heard yourself make before escaped you when his hands squeezed your breasts roughly. However his hands had yet to venture underneath your clothes. It only made you want him more knowing he was still holding back for your sake. He broke the kiss when he felt you shuffling out of your shirt. You heard his breath hitch a bit when you also took off your bra after taking your shirt off.
“Is is okay?” He asked. It almost seemed as if he was holding his breath. You didn’t even know how he could still speak though, as your mind was already lost. You leaned up, wrapped your bare arms around his neck, locking lips with him again.
He threw his own shirt off quickly and resumed kissing you. But not on your lips. He kissed and bit the nape of your neck, and then your collar bones, then his tongue slid over your bare nipple while his hand played with the other one. Your back arched a bit, the waves of pleasure becoming bigger and bigger, but that also made you long for more.
It was almost too cold when he pulled away. But the lustful glare he gave you caused you not to complain. Suddenly his touch became gentle, as he slid your shorts and underwear off. Your hands flew to your mouth when his tongue brush over your clit. His hands gripped your thighs tightly as he began to eat you out. The more you moaned and cried out his name, the tighter his hold on you became.
You could feel your body shaking when he pulled away once again. You could only watch as he removed the last of his clothes. You always thought there was nothing more that could make him more beautiful, but you were wrong. Seeing him as vulnerable as you, well there was nothing else you could think of at that moment. Nothing but that you loved him. And as if he heard your thoughts, he bent down and kissed you once more, this time it was gentle and less rushed.
“Jagi, I love you so much.” He caressed your face as his eyes bore into yours.
“I love you too.” You somehow got the words to form.
“Just let me know if I’m hurting you.” He said so softly.
“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s you Daesung.” You reassured him.
“How is it that you can always make me fall deeper for you?” You always wondered yourself why someone like him ever fell high over heels for you. But at this moment it didn’t matter at all. He has done everything to show his love for you and being with him like this, you couldn’t imagine yourself being anywhere else but right here.

film industry begot a discipline of spectator. movies taught us being uninterfering spectators. in theater the viewer can express her presence in a number of different ways, in a movie theater, a spectrum of her reactions won’t as much as scratch a glimmering surface of the vision; show will go on–what is left apart from the munching of popcorn because nothing could be done. the sensibilities of the film / television viewer are the sensibilities of the political actor: she observes in the full awareness of her impotency.

Zico,Dean: what kind of a movie would you guys be?

aomg and mino will be posted soon…


mr & mrs smith: a relationship with zico might start of pretty smoothly but will for sure come across some up and down throughout the way. zico is a guy with a lot of rough edges. put that along with your personality and you have yourself chaos, some nasty fights and a roller coaster full of drama. at the end of the day tho, you always manage to get through the troubles together and always care deeply for each other. the two of you are still couple goals and the brangelina of the town


aesthetic. thats one word to describe your relationship with dean. as long as the two of you are together, you can always turn the poopiest situations into the most unforgettable and fun time of your life. music is one of the most important things in the life of both of you and it is what connects you and keeps you together at your toughest times.



Monsta X Reaction: Watching a Horror Movie w/ You

GUYS. IT. IS. HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!! <3 <3 <3
This is the finale to the Halloweek series for Monsta X! I’m so happy I got to do this and I hope you guys enjoy them! I hope everyone has a super spoopy day and that your night is full of Halloween spirit if you’re into that sort of thing! I always like to psychologically scar myself by watching horror movies on Halloween so I thought this reaction was fitting! Much love!

- Admin C


Originally posted by bubble-te

You were the one that suggested watching the movie. He’d just be happy for the time he got to spend cuddling with you. This robot wouldn’t react to the jump scares but would definitely enjoy your reactions when you snuggled closer to him as the music got more intense and the anticipation started killing you. He’d smile fondly when you covered your eyes because he thought you were cute. He wouldn’t tease you much besides maybe one or two comments maximum. This cutie would just be happy you cuddled with him.
“Well.. that was fun. Wanna watch another one?”


Originally posted by kihyeun

Pretend you’re Minhyuk comforting the scared child

You are going to need some moderate convincing with this one. He will eventually agree after you challenge his masculinity. But he is still going to cling to you just as much as you cling to him. When the music starts to get intense he’s going to groan and talk a lot to try and ease his fears. It will be entertaining for anyone else watching the two of you. But for the two of you it’s just total immersion in the movie and it’s terrifying antics at making you scream.


Originally posted by kihyeun

He will like the idea of watching a horror movie with you so he’d be the one to suggest it. Thinking that it’ll be you clinging to him for safety. Once the movie starts though he will laugh at himself out of embarrassment whenever he jumps or squeals. He’d clutch his heart and giggle while wrapping his other arm tighter around you. At the end he would tease you for every time you jumped and ignore the fact that he did the same. He’d make himself seem fearless and laugh at his own lie.
“You screamed so loud it made me scream! That’s why I seemed so scared the whole time. I was just worried about you and didn’t want you to feel lonely.”


Originally posted by wonkyuns

Watching the movie would be a group activity for the two of you when the rest of the members wanted to watch a horror movie. You’d initially sit beside each other with his arm around your shoulders and a smile on his face. But by the time the half way mark struck you were curled up in his lap and he was giggling at how cute you were. You’d clutch one another’s hands as the protagonist walked down the creepy hallway following after a noise when you felt Kihyun’s chest vibrate with a groan. He would get tense when he prepared himself for the upcoming scare and when it came he’d jump and let out a sigh that told you he was done with this experience even before it started. He wouldn’t admit if he was ever scared but would suggest that maybe…. if YOU wanted to… then you could stay the night because you must be SO scared.
“Why did we agree to this? We could’ve been making pumpkin pie!”


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You’re Minhyuk

SCARED. AF. It will take you and all of the other members to convince him to watch the movie in the first place. So there he sat, 30 minutes later, wrapped in a blanket with you and cuddling you into his lap. Whenever you turned to him he’d be covering his eyes and shaking. When the music got intense he’d groan loudly and the others would shush him. Would definitely scream in your ear when he uncovered his eyes and something jumped out onto the screen. Afterwards would INSIST that you stayed the night and would cling to you for dear life the whole night. Every time he hears a noise he would dig his face deeper into your chest or neck and hug you tighter.
“Why do you do these things to me?”


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Would be up for anything you wanted to do, so you suggested watching a horror movie and he was alright with that. You snuggled up to each other on the couch and started the film. He’d wrap his arms around you when he noticed you were covering your eyes. Whenever the music lulled and you relaxed a little he would scare you with a low pitched “BOO!” to keep you on your toes. He thought you were cute and would laugh whenever you got scared. But also flinched a few times himself whenever a loud noise came from the screen. Would be more freaked out by the roaming terror (slow moving scenes with demons or dark basements) and you’d notice how he subconsciously grips you tighter as he watches with hitched breath. Afterwards you’d want to stay with him and he’d be happy with that. But you wouldn’t escape without some light teasing.
“On the bright side, I get to cuddle with my little scaredy-cat!”


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Is chill before the movie starts. Watching the intro to the story with an emotionless face and even breath. His arm slung over your shoulders as you’re cuddling into his body, your legs slung over his lap. Once the real action starts he would tense at the jump scares and only let out yells when things got loud and startled him that way. He’d cover his ears and enclose you in his arms when he notices that you’re trembling. You’d turn around at the end of the movie and his head would be back and his mouth slack with sleep. You had no idea how long he had been asleep but he definitely was. You’d wake him up and he’d shyly apologize for falling asleep, standing up to take you to his room with him and falling asleep almost directly after laying down and cuddling you close to him. You’d find comfort in his calm heartbeat. Counting your lucky stars for your sleepyhead.
“It’s over already? That didn’t feel long at all, I guess I slept through quite a bit of it.”

That’s it guys! This is the end of the Halloweek series! I hope everyone enjoyed this! Happy Halloween and much love! <3 

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Jealous Taehyung

Taehyung scenario for you sexykimtaehyung

You were livid. You had waited one full week to spend some quality time with your boyfriend, and what does he do? He invites the rest of his band members to movie night with you. Did he not understand that although you loved the guys, and you did, with all your heart, the one you wanted to see was him?

And if that wasn’t enough, instead of picking the seat next to yours, he ran off and cuddled with Jungkook on the loveseat. So much for missing you. You stared at those two dorks arguing over the pop-corn with a jealous expression plastered on your face, Namjoon who was sat next to them shrugged and gave you a semi-apologetic look. He had tried to talk to Taehyung, discreetly trying to hint at him sitting with you, but the younger boy brushed him off. That’s it.

You threw one last dirty look at your boyfriend before turning over to Suga, who happened to be on your right, and giving him the cheekiest smile. For a second a panicked expression flashed across his face, but soon enough he caught on to your plans, and nodded slightly.

“AHHH Yoongi Oppa you are so warm and comfy!” You exclaimed, as you wrapped your arms around him and nuzzled your head into his chest. Yoongi placed his hand gently on your head and chuckled slightly, bringing you closer with his other arm. You noticed Taehyung look at you from the corner of his eye, but he quickly turned back to the movie. You decided to up your game.

“Yoongi Oppa, you look really handsome today! And you smell so good!” You told him, caressing his cheek and bringing your face closer to his neck. You noticed you had given the older boy goose bumps; he was blushing slightly as he felt your warm breath on his neck. You took in a deep breath through your nose and moaned slightly at the scent of his cologne. You saw Taehyung tense on his seat, his hands gripping tightly onto the almost empty bowl on his lap, knuckles turning white.

The movie progressed, and you could see your boyfriend getting more and more frustrated as Suga and you cuddled each other, messing about and being extremely overly friendly. You knew he was close to breaking his cool, and you had just the right idea to bring him over the edge.

You gently slid over onto Yoongi’s lap, and smiled at him. You knew by this point he had grown a little uncomfortable with the idea of torturing his friend like this, but you stared at him with pleading eyes, so he sighed and grabbed onto your waist. You could hear the movie hit it’s finale somewhere behind you.

“Oppa, you really should teach me how to rap, you are a god at it. You are soooo cool!” you giggled at him, giving him a kiss on the cheek that was much closer to the mouth than it should have been. This did it for Taehyung, he stood up, throwing the bowl forcefully at the floor, his eyes narrowing, nostrils flaring, and shoulders rising and falling harshly with each heavy breath he took. You could see his hands held into tight fists beside you, and his body shaking slightly. For a second you were scared of having made the wrong decision.

“Out” He called, stopping the movie, and turning towards his friends, who sat there staring at him in shock.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said OUT!” He growled, pointing towards the door with one hand before pulling you away from Suga, who he glared at so harshly if looks could kill, Suga would have already been dead. The guys hurriedly gathered their belongings, and rushed to the door, muttering weak goodbyes. Namjoon and Yoongi shot you worried and apologetic looks, but you were too entranced by Tae’s intense stare to take notice.

“What did you think you were doing?” He growled, once he heard the door click shut. You tried to reply but your voice failed you.

“So Yoongi is so handsome, and so comfy, and he smells so good, and he is a god now eh?” He spat at you, you could see the fury and jealousy burning in his pupils. You shuddered, and tried to shake your head, but he grabbed your face with both hands, staring into your eyes.

“I’ll show you who’s a God” He sneered, before smashing his lips against yours. You felt butterflies in your stomach as his lips gracefully collided with yours, his tongue fighting yours for dominance, and clearly winning. You moaned loudly.

With one swift movement, he slid your shirt off your body and tossed it to the side. He peppered kisses down your neck and shoulder, biting at the sensitive skin. You could feel the heat rising. You tugged on the hem of his shirt, and he yanked it off over his head, before pushing you onto the sofa, straddling your hips as he stared at you with hungry eyes.

You smirked, you had finally gotten him to pay enough attention to you. Your one sided smirk drove him crazy, and he fumbled with the hooks of your bra, trying his hardest to get it off you. As his mouth inched closer to your exposed chest, you heard someone gasp and scream out an apology. You both turned to face the voice. Jungkook stood there frozen in his tracks, face blushed a deep pink, his face a mix between shock and a cheeky pervy smile.

“Eh… Oh.. Uhm… Sorry Hyung. I forgot my charger and I… Sorry, I’ll ask Jin to lend me his tonight. Uh… Bye!” He stuttered, his eyes not leaving your bare chest, before rushing out the door, slamming it hard. You heard the other boys laugh outside your door, probably at Jungkook’s awkwardness and embarrassed expression.

“Dammit Jungkook!” He shouted out in frustration, lifting his body from yours.  You bit your lip and grabbed the back of his head, lacing your fingers between his hair, and pulled him back towards you, hungrily kissing him. He smiled into the kiss, and effortlessly picked you up in his arms, and sprinted to your room, pushing it open with his hip.

He threw you on the bed, and climbed in straight after you, his body hovering over yours, and his eyes darker than you had ever seen them before. He kissed down your body, leaving visible hickeys whenever he deemed appropriate. You knew he was marking you, his wild, territorial side was showing, and you secretly loved every second of it. You squirmed under his touch, as he flicked your short’s button open, and dragged the zipper down with his teeth, raising an eyebrow at you. You bit your lip harder, and made a mental note to thank Yoongi afterwards, because right now, you were in for a Hell of a good night, and you had all of Tae’s attention for yourself.

A/N: This is my first Taehyung scenario, I was given freedom by the requester, and asked for it to be a little dirty >.< I’ve never written smut before but I would like to try to some day! Please be kind!

Having a Sleepover With Astro


He would be the one who would initiate all the food and pillow fights. Most of the messes created by the next day could be pinpointed to something MJ started. But, he just wants to make sure you remember this day as a one full of joy and laughter without a boring moment.

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Jin Jin:

He would be the one to bring movies from every single genre to keep the movies from becoming too homologous. He would make sure everyone gets their choice of movie played but would always give you more of a leeway and would listen to your opinion more often.

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Cha Eunwoo:

He would want to document the whole night so he could save the memories for the future. His camera would constantly be out and flashing, taking many attractive, and many more unattractive pictures of all of you.

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Moon Bin:

He would blast music in the living room and convince everyone to join him in a dance party. Doing weird moves and tripping over each other’s feet, you would end up in a tired heap on the floor.

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At the surprising rate that all of you consumed food, he would constantly have to prepare more food. Helping him would be so much fun. He would constantly be correcting the way you use a knife, singing random songs out loud, and purposely bumping into you while moving around the kitchen.

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To keep the night interesting, he would suggest putting on a fashion show and would drag everyone’s clothes out into a heap. He would play runway music and strut down the hallway. He would force you to wear his baggy clothes and model for him. When you agree to wear the humongous shirts and sweats that don’t even stay on you hips, he would cheer and yell the loudest as you pretend to strut down the runway.

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The Marauders and Lily’s reaction to the HP movies: Part 5

Imagine that after the Battle of Hogwarts a famous film director made a film adaptation about Harry Potter’s life. Imagine there are TVs in the afterlife and the marauders plus Lily could watch the movies. Here are their reactions…

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After watching the 5th movie…


-          Why the bloody hell did Dumbledore hire that toad woman?

-          He’d be so freaking proud that his son made a full army, teaching them DADA.

-          He would have felt guilty, when Harry found out what they did to Snape during occlumency lessons.

-          He’d have been broken when Harry lost his godfather.



-          Trying to keep calm but failing miserably by the end of her rambling: Hate is a strong word, so I’m going to stick for dislike. I dislike Umbridge. A lot. Tremendously. Horribly. Painfully. How dare you use bloody black quills?! My son isn’t telling lies, you b***!

-          She would have felt sad when Umbridge wanted to fire Trelawney.

-          She’d be so freaking proud that her son made a full army, teaching them DADA.

-         She would have felt uncomfortable during Snape’s worst memory.

-          She’d have cried when Harry lost his godfather.


-          I swear, Dolores Umbridge is worse than a pain in the arse.

-         When Cho and Harry kiss: You go Harry!

-          When he finds out the kiss ended up in tears: Er… well, it could have been worse… She could have slapped you…

-          He’d have not said anything, but he’d be a little ashamed of their times assaulting Severus.

-           He’d have screamed inside when Harry thought he was being tortured. He knew how it would end.

-           He’d have shut his eyes in his death scene, trying to forget about it.


-          Umbridge is even worse than Voldemort. Black quills? She should be the fired one, not Trelawney!

-          He would have felt sorry for Snape, when Harry found out what they did to him during occlumency lessons.

-         He’d be relieved when Hermione tricked Dolores and she ended up with the centaurs.

-         He’d have looked away from the screen when Sirius died.

-          He’d have been afraid of Bellatrix Lestrange.


-          He would have been scared he didn’t accomplish Voldemort’s wishes requiring the prophecy.