this movie is freaking amazing

Can we talk about how freaking amazing the Lego Movies are?

Like, I feel people just look at the movies and think ‘Haha, merchandise, legos, this is for little kids and it’s dumb’ when honestly it’s so much more. Not only are the visuals fantastic and the writing is clever, but the messages the movies deliver are so important.

The Lego Movie talks about how you don’t have to be the bad guy. It talks about how talented and creative you are, how you hold so much potential, and how you are so important in this world. You have the power to make a change, and to influence the world with creativity and positivity.

The Lego Batman Movie talks about how you don’t have to push people away. Just because something bad happens in your life, it doesn’t mean you have to push everyone away. Friends are your family, they are here to help you. Even the most unusual, most unsuspecting people are important.

All in all, if you haven’t seen The Lego Movies, I strongly suggest watching them. Not only are they visually appealing and hilarious, the messages are sweet, and will leave you with a positive mindset.

The Arrangement (Part 11)

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Summary: Dean reflects on the evening, and the two of you have a heart to heart

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: mild smuttiness, language because I generally swear like a sailor, anxiety, some sadness, discussions of a breakup

A/N: this part isn’t super eventful, per se, but there’s plenty in there, like the sexy times I promised to you guys AND to Dean let’s be real (it’s not true smut b/c I’m bad at writing it so I didn’t, but there’s plenty discussed) and there’s a pretty serious chat… so enjoy! There’s still more to come!

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Last Holiday (2006)




Ahkmenrah x Reader: Bluebeard

I don’t own the image or Night at the Museum.  Other than that, enjoy!

“I’m telling you, that has to be one of the freakiest movies I’ve ever seen!” Nicky shuddered.  You and him had just returned from seeing Krampus, and he was still freaked out.  You, on the other hand, weren’t impressed by the film.  “Like, thank God it was just a movie!”

“Actually, it’s a myth.”

“What?” Nicky turned to you.

“Krampus.  He’s an actual myth.  He takes bad children on Christmas and beats them with sticks.” You said nonchalantly.  Nicky’s eyes bulged out and he looked around nervously.

“You don’t think he’ll be here one day, do you?”  You rolled your eyes.

“He’s not real, Nicky.”

“Yeah, well neither was Lancelot, and he almost destroyed the Tablet.” You shook your head and went back to texting.  Ahkmenrah came in a moment later.  

“What are we talking about?” He smiled and sat down.

“Y/N’s being terrifying again.”


“We went to see Krampus.”  Ahkmenrah opened his mouth.  “Don’t ask.  I won’t sleep for weeks.  Anyways.  We went to the movie.  And Y/N’s not freaked out by it.”

“Really?  That’s amazing,” Ahkmenrah looked at you in admiration.

“No, it’s not amazing.  This guys abducts and beats bad little kids with sticks and she’s just like, ‘nah it’s cool.’”

“It’s not that bad, Nicky.” Ahkmenrah said.

“I highly doubt it.”

“No really; it’s not that bad.”

“Well what could be worse?”

“Shesmu.” Ahkmenrah said simply.

“Bless you.” You said.  Ahkmenrah looked at you and you shrugged.

“Shesmu is one of my gods.  He greeted the good in the afterlife by serving them wine.”

“That’s not so bad.” Nicky said.

“I’m not done yet.  He served them wine made from the heads of the evil.”

“Seriously?!”  Nicky shouted.  

“That’s so gross!” You laughed.

“How are you laughing about this?!”  

“Because it’s not bad, and I can prove it!”

“You people are insane,” Nicky said.  He still listened though.

“When I was little my grandparents told me stories of Bluebeard.  He was a man with—”

“A blue beard?”

“Yes.  Now shut up.” You threw your shoe at Nicky, which hit him in the shoulder.  “He was considered ugly and asked a local noblewoman to give him one of her two daughters to marry.  At first neither wanted to because he had been married many times before but no one knew what happened to his wives.  But after a week of partying, the youngest decided to marry him.  A month into the marriage, Bluebeard had to go away on business, but he told his new wife to have as much fun as she wanted.  He gave her two keys, the big one for all the rooms, and the small one for a closet.  He said she could go anywhere in the house she wanted, but if she ever went into the closet she’d be punished.  With that, Bluebeard left.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Nicky said.  Ahkmenrah hushed him and urged you to continue.

“Well, the wife’s friends all came over and were amazed at how much wealth she had.  While they looked around the house, the wife thought about the closet.  She was worried about her husband’s warnings, but wanted to see what was inside.  Eventually the curiosity became to great and she opened the closet.  Inside…WERE BODIES!” You shouted the last part.  Nicky let out a very unmanly yelp and Ahkmenrah laughed.  “They were the bodies of all of his previous wives.  She locked up the closet and ran back to her room.  Her key was covered in blood, and no matter how much she washed it, it would not come off.  When Bluebeard came home, he asked for the key.  Eventually the wife returned it to him.  He asked why blood was on it, but she said she didn’t know.  He didn’t believe her, and accused her of opening the closet.  He told her he would kill her, but she asked for time to pray. While Bluebeard left her to pray, she called for her sister Anne, begging her to send their brothers to save her.  Eventually, Bluebeard lost his patience and called for his wife so he could kill her.  Her sister told her that her brothers were coming, but were still a long ways off. Bluebeard grabbed his wife by the hair, and prepared to cut off her head.  She begged for more praying time, but he refused.  Just before he could kill her, knocks sounded at the door and two officers strode in.  Bluebeard tried to run, but was killed before he could get far.  With Bluebeard gone and no children, the wife inherited his riches.”  You finished.  Nicky had left during the story, but Ahk was giving you his full attention.  You blushed at his stare.   “So yeah.” You said awkwardly.  “Krampus isn’t that bad.”

“That…was amazing, Y/N!” Ahkmenrah exclaimed with a grin.  “Do you have any more?”  He asked eagerly.  You laughed.

“Honey, I’m German.  I have tons.”

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OMFG. DANGAL IS ON NETFLIX. Even if you don’t watch Bollywood movies you should watch it. It is so freaking amazing and one of the only movies about female empowerment in Bollywood that I have seen. I cannot wait to rewatch it. And I hope that you watch it. Okay bye. ALSO Amir Khan is in it and I love any and all movies that he is in. Okay now I’m done.

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I am writing a Mark as Starlord thing because of your edit. I even adjusted the timeline of the movie just so we could have actual Mark. I am even setting up an alternative Awesome Mix he could gotten, and all in all Mark is a giant nerd about space no matter what universe. Also gonna have appearances by Amy and Jack, so should be fun! Amy as another Ravager backing him up, Jack just for fun and I swear i will have explanations when I submit a link. - Goofed Anon

aw geez!!! i’m so honored??? dude i’m still geeking out about the second guardians movie, so seeing a guardians au would be freaking amazing!!

and the whole awesome mix thing would be just as amazing too! i can’t wait to read and see all that stuff omg 💙

My Thoughts on the Chaos Walking Movie

I remember reading the Chaos Walking trilogy in the eighth grade and coming to the conclusion that this was the first trilogy/series that had ever made me cry in the span of a half hour. When I heard that this masterpiece was becoming a movie I had a small heart attack and screamed so loudly my mum thought something terrible was happening. My heart is not ready for this, but I’m too excited at the same time!!!😄




My heart is pounding

I can’t stop watching this

What’s Awesome About Practical Magic

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I mean, there’s a lot to love about this movie: the magic, the midnight margaritas, the soundtrack, the relationship between the sisters, to name a few.

But here’s what a lot of people don’t talk about.

Throughout their whole lives, the Owens family was ridiculed and excluded for being different. But not just because of the weird stuff that happens around them - but because they never talk about it. So all the people in town had a distorted version of the story, as we see in the scene with Hallett interviewing the townspeople. They didn’t understand the nature of the curse or the family’s powers, so rumors and secrecy turn the Owens women into something to be feared rather than supported and appreciated. They only see what makes the family different.

Then Jimmy Angelov possesses Gilly, and Sally, desperate, admits the truth to the mothers of the town. She tells them her sister is in trouble, that she’s being haunted by a man more monster than human. 

And every woman on that call relates to her story, either through fear or experience. They immediately put aside years of bitterness and misunderstanding, and rally around the Owens women. They turn into a coven powerful enough to trap and banish an evil spirit. And then they go on to defend the Owens family to the rest of the village, so that by Halloween next the whole population turns up to cheer the witches on. 

Sisterhood, not just between the blood sisters, but among all the women in that movie, reversed what abuse, heartbreak, and misunderstanding brought about. 

And that’s pretty freaking amazing. 

2017.05.20 OEdo no Candy 2 Event and Movie Review!

I got a chance to go to another OEdo Candy event and I got to go to the showing of the new movie plus they had a butai aisatsu (stage greeting) from some of the cast after.

*PSST: if you just want to read about the stage greeting then Ctrl F and ‘Stage Greeting’. It’s at the bottom of the page/post.



Overall: This is partly what I was expecting and partly not. I was expecting it to be fantastical and romancy、 BUT I wasn’t expecting it to be so fairy-like and lots of glittery special effects and weird colour tones and such. It definitely makes it all the more magical and luckily, isn’t too distracting. Also it wasn’t as BL-y as I was under the impression of. I wish this movie had been longer. I needed and wanted more character development. The visuals were amazing, it was very funny (which I also wasn’t expecting) and the characters were great. It’s definitely an Indie-styled movie. It’s not a clean cut, it’s not professional looking, the editor purposefully leaves in real actor mistakes that happened for comic relief. BUT it’s enjoyable, fascinating and I’m glad it ended with a ‘To Be Continued’.
Rating: 7/10

Now for cast and spoiler section and everything:

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Survivor! Jaebum

so this is a inspiration from train to busan bc i freaking loved the movie and it was amazing. one of the lovely followers suggested that i do this AU with got7 so here it is! if you guy like please tell me, i’ll do this for the rest of the members too. if this doesn’t get likes/reblog then i’ll probably not write anymore.

  • in less than 24 hours you had killed a man, saved a pregnant lady and barely pulled two kids out of the box 11 where there were zombies.. yes zombies. you thought these were simply myths or made up stories but here you were holding a bloody baseball bat and covered in guts and blood of many. 
  • even you didn’t know how many you had killed so far.. but it was more than 10.. you had to kill your own friend.. you even killed the old lady who was nice enough to share her food with you. 
  • you looked at the broken watch of a dead zombie and saw it was 6:00 in the morning and there were no more than 20 people left.. those who weren’t infected… at least for now. 
  • since you were in the business class it was cleaner and bigger but not enough for all. everyone was frantically trying contact their family/friends to see if any of their loved ones survived or not.
  • each one in box 3 looked terrified and shocked.. how could one day change this much? all of the ports had been closed off or were under quarantine the only station open was busan.. where you were supposed to go but the chances of reaching there were a mere hope. 
  • you gripped the bat tighter in your hands and sighed as you finally sat down. your body ached and legs were shaking.. how could you possibly make it?. there was not enough food or water for everyone and the biggest priority was getting safe and sound to busan.
  • the radio was still on and so was the tv so you knew the police would be there. a guy named jb had contacted them, he was kind of your partner in killing zombies atm. he looked at you with exhausted eyes and sat next to you. 
  • “so no connection?” you mumbled and he shook his head no. you both sat in silence as the others tired to come with terms as to what had happened.
  • you could hear the screams and gurgles of the zombies who were banging on the windows and trying to break the door, it wouldn’t be easy but it wouldn’t be hard either bc they were stronger and faster. 
  • the driver of the train had said they were stopping to refuel and told everyone to stay where they were the less movement there was the less chances of being found out. the only sound that could be heard were the little whimpers or the flush of toilet whenever someone used it. 
  • the two kids you saved wouldnt let go of you and you didn’t mind either.. they told that their parents were infected too and now they were sleeping and you took your jacket off and covered the younger one with it. 
  • seeing how awful things were there wasn’t anything you could do to make things better but you did what you could. the pregnant lady was sick and you didn’t know what to do.. it was a race against time and you were losing. 
  • jb tapped on your shoulder and said in a low voice”do you think we can break the hinges off the other compartments?” you thought about it for a few seconds and your eyes light up bc you remembered seeing a tool box in the further compartments and nodded. you guys took steady and light steps and entered box 6 and saw a few zombies trying to break a door.
  • you quickly took out a few tools and started to work your way to losen the locks but one of them heard you and you saw it look right at you. it surged forward but jb was quick to his feet and kicked the zombies neck and it fell instantly dying as its head rolled off. 
  • the others followed this time you quickly handed him to undo the hinges and swung the bat and hit the lady sending her back. with a few more hits they both were dead and sight was clear. he quickly pulled out the hinges and you jumped back on the safe side. 
  • you both gave it a few pushes and soon the back box were left behind. it was good bc the latter boxes contained the infected ones. you both went to give the good news to the rest but suddenly a zombie jumped on your back and you fell hard on the blood covered floor. 
  • the zombie was pulled off and jb punched the man in the face a few times but he refused to budged, so you picked up your bat again and thrust the bat in the mans mouth and pushed. his jaw and neck broke and he fell on the ground. 
  • you fell back in one of the seats and almost cried, bc you had almost died. jb pulled you into a hug and cooed you. once you were relaxed you pulled back and apologized. “no need to apologize.. it’s tough.. you’ve been so strong.. it’s okay to cry rn”.
  • you both walked back to the others and told them what you had done they all thanked you and some even cried in joy. it was all good.. for the moment. there was only one more compartment ahead that was empty so you all picked up your things and started forward when a few more came into the box 3 where you were.
  • you once again gripped the bat and looked at jb who gave you a little smile and said “looks like this will never end uh?.. but as long as you’re by my side.. i don’t mind” and ran towards the zombies and you following his steps.