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Newt: Let’s begin our conversation.
Graves: What’s on the note cards? 
Newt: They’re possible topics of conversation. 
Graves: Whales. Parades. Electricity. And the rest are blank. 
Newt: Yeah, well I couldn’t think of anything else. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 2, episode 4: Practice Date) 

full offence anyone saying that the possibility of cutting li shang out the live-action remake of mulan is okay because “mulan” is about her saving china and being a model female protagonist not about her and shang can come and fight me because asian men are just as important as asian women being represented in the media??? there are children who grew up with li shang as their oNLY representation!! li shang was the son of a captain who wanted to make his father proud, wanted to protect his country and lead a good army for the emperor, and in the end, went against the law to save mulan’s life for his and helped her when she came to the capital to defeat the huns like you’re sitting here and saying that it’s 100% okay to cut that narrative away??? “mulan” wasn’t just about mulan saving china, it was about her rising to the ranks in her army through preservance and struggles, it was about mulan changing the minds around her to shape people that ended up respecting her through and through, as both a man and a woman, and if you take away li shang you’re taking away an integral part of mulan so fuck you, disney, if you go through with this, fuck you.

y’all i was chilling, finishing working on my theme and then i Remembered that fox is planning on doing the dark phoenix saga again and i’m…… y’all……….


You Can Tell She’s a Princess - Barbie Princess AMV

I just finished reading ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ and oh my god, I so hope it’s true that Kristen is gonna play Audrey Griffin- the character is perfect for her and has some amazing moments! Like-

“'I attempted to pull Ms Griffin off the teddy bear which appeared to be causing her distress…’”

“…While Ms Griffin was engaged in stating her extreme displeasure with ‘the person who invented alcohol’ to the closed door of 1601…”

@montparnassee tagged me to share six movies I could watch again and again

1. The Princess Bride
2. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
3. Midnight In Paris
4. Water For Elephants
5. Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart
6. Amelie

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Sony: We’re making a Venom movie!

Me: Alright, this is great, I love Venom.

Sony: He won’t be part of the MCU and will be in his own self-contained universe!


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