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🎁 Appreciation crafting and gifting for big & gbig 🎁

Q: I recently got my big and it’s been great! I know it’s my “job” to be spoiled as the little of the family, but do you have any ideas/crafts that I could make for my big and other family members, without one-upping them, and to show them I appreciate them?

A: As a new little, you don’t have to give lavish gifts and crafts, but showing appreciation is always nice. It’s never wrong to be generous and thoughtful. It really is “the thought that counts.” These are some things littles often give to their bigs and gbigs to say thank you and show their love! 

CRAFTING & GIFTING for Big Sisters:

  • Show your gratitude with a candy bouquet, cookie bouquet, basket of baked goods, box of fancy cupcakes, etc… Showing you care doesn’t have to break the bank. Make it fun and delicious.
  • With some poster paper, balloons and creativity you can decorate your big’s door, bike, or car and surprise her with a little sugar. 
  • Order custom family tee shirts for everyone and plan a day out at the amusement park, winery, concert in the park, or other special entertainment event. 
  • A treat in a mason jar or gift bag - with a clever saying attached - is a fabulous way to show your appreciation. Use one of the sayings on this list and make a super sweet impression……. 


  1. Mason jar filled with gum balls: “Thanks for CHEWSING to be my Big. I have a ball with you!”
  2. Baked goods: “Thank you for being so sweet.”
  3. Starbucks drink or gift card: “Thanks a LATTE for all you do!”
  4. Jute tote bag: “You’re a TOTE-lly terrific big.”
  5. Nice emory boards or fancy file folders: “Big, I’d FILE you under ‘A’ for awesome.” 
  6. A book or bookmark: “Thank you for helping me write a new chapter in my story.”
  7. Packet of s’mores ingredients: “XYZ sorority needs S’MORE bigs like you.”
  8. Basket of fresh apples, or candy apples: “Roses are red and APPLES are too, I can’t wait to spend this year with you.”
  9. Strawberry shortcake in a mason jar: “Thank you for being a BERRY good big.”
  10. Basket of fresh strawberries: “ I am BERRY thankful for all that you do.”
  11. Sorority tumbler filled with gummy lifesaver candy: “Big, you are a LIFESAVER. Thank you for everything.” 
  12. Plastic beach bucket filled with candy & a scooper: “Here’s the SCOOP! You’re the sweetest big.”
  13. Mason jar filled with Reece’s Pieces: “Thank you big for being such a big PIECE of my life this year.” 
  14. Sorority tumbler filled with sweet tea or tea bags: “Thanks for being a TEA-RRIFIC big.”
  15. Bag of donuts: “DO NUT ever doubt that you’re the best big ever.”
  16. Potted plant: “Thanks for helping me GROW.”
  17. Pop Rocks candy: “Big, you ROCK.”
  18. Blow Pops: “Thank you for BLOWING my mind.”
  19. Bottle of luxury hand lotion: “HANDS DOWN you are the most amazing big ever.”
  20. Goodie bag of Extra gum: “Thanks for always going the EXTRA mile.”
  21. Gift basket of pink colored gifties: “I’m tickled PINK that you’re my big.”
  22. Mason jar filled with manicure supplies: “MANI THANKS for being my big.”
  23. Bag of Swedish Fish candy: “You are O-FISH-ALLY the most amazing big.” 
  24. Nuts or nutty candies: “I’m NUTS about my big.” 
  25. Fresh muffins: “There’s MUFFIN like a fantastic big.” 
  26. Painted and decorated clay pot filled with Jolly Rancher candies: “Thanks for a JOLLY good year.” 
  27. Vase of sorority flowers: “Thanks for helping me BLOSSOM.”
  28. Sorority notebook or notepads: “TAKE NOTE! I think you are awesome.” 
  29. Bottle of Simply brand juice: “You’re SIMPLY the best.” 
  30. 12 pack of your big’s favorite soda: “Pop Pop. Fizz Fizz. Oh what a great big you is.” Or - “You are SO-DA bomb.”
  31. Popcorn box filled with movie night treats: “Thank you big for making me feel like a STAR.” 
  32. Gold gift box filled with gold candy or gold colored gifts:  “Big, you are worth more than GOLD.”
  33. Mint candies: “We were MINT for each other.”
  34. Starburst candies: “You are the STAR of my life.”
  35. Custom sorority cap/hat: “HATS OFF to the world’s best big.”
  36. Bag of your big’s favorite chips: “You’re all that and a bag of chips.”

These appreciation gifts and matching sayings can be adapted for littles, membership recognition and scholarship honors too! Get creative and show your sisters you care! xoxo ;)