this movie is camp at its finest

The Signs as Autumn Nights
  • Aries: a haunted hay ride, full of actors caked in makeup and children shivering in their seats
  • Taurus: a date inside complete with warm blankets and old 1980's horror movies
  • Gemini: a pre Halloween party with all the traditional decorations and diverse attendees
  • Cancer: a warm camping trip where everyone holds a flashlight up to their faces and tells the eeriest ghost stories they know
  • Leo: a night of ghost hunting, and testing out those urban legends with friends to see if they really work
  • Virgo: late night pumpkin carving and decorating in preparation for trick or treaters
  • Libra: trick or treating at it's finest, smiling after every door and knowing you can never really be too old
  • Scorpio: a concert or a Rocky Horror midnight showing
  • Sagittarius: breaking into an abandoned prison late at night and conducting a ghost hunt
  • Capricorn: a nice evening of raking leaves in your favorite sweater and just enjoying the weather and it's simplicity
  • Aquarius: painting a picture of the way your window looks when the rain leaves droplets on it reflecting to the world outside
  • Pisces: the thrill of a spontaneous night with friends and a potential new love. You don't know what your plans are, but they don't have to be plans anyway. Happiness.