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“W-what?” Lara stuttered out a moan as his fingers found their way into her mound. She let her head fall backwards as he wiggled another finger in and then pulled it out.

Lucas smirked at her expression and rubbed the tip of his finger against her throbbing clȋt. “You belong to me now, little sister.”

“Mm,” she nodded, biting her bottom lip as he continued teasing her, “yours.”

“Now that you’re mine,” he whispered huskily, “you’re going to have to follow my rules.” Lara nodded, completely lost in her pleasure, “No one is going to touch you the way I touch you, understood?”

Her grip on his shoulder tightened as he slammed his fingers into her with every syllable of the sentence. “No one will touch what’s mine, do you understand, Lara?”

“Yes,” she moaned, “oh shit, yes.”

The sexual beast inside of him took complete control. He was no longer her brother; he was her sexual partner. “Yes, what?”

With each thrust of his fingers, Lara arched her back, unable to keep her pleasured moans hidden. “Oh god yes! I’m yours! No one will touch what’s yours!”

“Good,” he grinned, slowly rubbing her folds and then huskily whispered, “I don’t want anyone else to see this püssy either, do you understand me? This is mine and I get to do whatever the fuck I want with it, yes?”

“Mm,” Lara nodded quickly, gasping as her orgasm came closer. “Whatever…you…want.”

“That’s nice,” he whispered, rubbing her clȋt faster, “does this feel good?” She nodded unable to actually speak to him and he chuckled, “Now that you’re mine,” he sucked her hard nub into his mouth, making Lara throw her head back as he licked at her breast, “you will not wear any underwear.”

Lara frowned, running her tongue over her bottom lip and groaned, “W-what? Why?”

He smirked, sliding his palm up and down her mound. “Easier access, Zee.”

“O-o-okay,” she shuddered against his arms and groaned quietly, “Luc, my legs hurt…I can’t keep—oh!”

She threw her head back and cried out as her climax arrived, taking complete control of her body as she shuddered in his arms. “Oh god, oh god,” Lara dug her nails in his strong shoulders and bucked her hips against his fingers quickly.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered and kissed her forehead, “I have to go to work in an hour, so I’m going to take a shower.”

Lara frowned. “You work? Since when?”

“Well,” he sat her down, admiring her voluptuous body, “Jackson talked to his boss and I have an interview today. Then we’re going out to watch a fight at his house, so I’ll most likely get home late tonight.”

“That’s fine,” she closed her eyes, trying to come off her sexual high and ran her fingers through her blonde hair, “damn, Luc; that took all of me.”

Lucas chuckled, his sexual beast long gone and he knelt down to help her up. He carried her bride-style up the stairs and left her on her bed, kissing her forehead before going to shower.

Lara closed her eyes, a smile forming on her lips as she realized that her dreams were finally coming true. Her brother was slowly adjusting to the idea of making her his bȋtch. No longer did he see her like a little girl, now she was his lover and she loved every moment of it.

Her phone vibrated on her stomach and she groaned; he had honestly taken most of her energy and she didn’t mind it one bit, but she felt too weak to even answer the phone. It was a call from her best friend: Adrianne.

“Hello?” she yawned into the phone.

“Baby!” Adrianne squealed on the other line, making Lara grin, “How are you?”

“I’m good; just lying down on my bed. You?”

“Just got home. I’m in New York for a couple of days! Can we meet up today?”

Lara bit her bottom lip, as much as she loved her best friend; she didn’t exactly want to leave the house. “Dree, I don’t want to go out today.”

“Fine,” Adrianne huffed, “can I go over to yours, then?”

“Sure,” she shrugged, even though she obviously couldn’t see her, “I don’t mind. Lucas is going out with his friends tonight so we’ll have the house all to ourselves.”

“Ooh,” Adrianne cooed, giggling, “I know what I’m bringing over tonight then! Do you still like Dracula’s wine?”

She laughed, “Hell yeah I do!”

“Awesome! Then I’m bringing that over along with some movies.”

Translation: they were going to be watching pörn. Since they became close friends, they loved watching erotica. They never did anything, just watch it and drink a little, but it was their favourite pastime.

“I’ll be here,” Lara laughed, “okay, bye Dree, I’m really tired. Call me whenever you’ll come, alright?”

“Will do, honey. Bye!” She ended the call.


Adrianne called around three to tell her that she was going to be at her house at seven. By that time, Lara was watching sappy chick flicks because her brother wasn’t there to keep her company.

Although, she usually would spend most of her time doing something sexual, their morning was amazing enough to surprisingly satisfy her. She hadn’t thought about sex the entire time.

Afore leaving, Lucas gave her a soft kiss and then smirked her way before whispering: “Remember, Zee; no panties.” And then closed the door, leaving her alone with red cheeks.

She could not believe how things were turning out in her favour; it was grandiose. Her sexy step-brother, whom she had been fantasizing about for a long time, was finally going to be her first!

The realization made her giddy.

The time surprisingly went by quickly and before she knew it, her best friend was waltzing in her house like she had lived there her entire life. They hugged tightly, squealing about how much they missed each other tried to catch up on each other’s life.

Adrianne was a gorgeous dark haired American beauty. She was literally stunning and if Lara hadn’t been equally beautiful, she might’ve been jealous. Adrianne had bright green eyes that seemed to hypnotize guys and a body worth starting wars over.

She could’ve been a model if she so desired, but she chose to be a nurse. It was strange for people that didn’t know her. She could’ve been a movie star, yet she chose to help others; it was one of her many admirable qualities.

Out of all of her qualities, her best was persuasion. Adrianne made her spill the beans. Lara told her all about her conquest to get her step-brother to use her body in the most sinful ways. And she made sure to know every detail.

Lara had to even describe Lucas’ body—every single part as if she were filing a report to the police.

By the time they caught up, it was already ten and they were ready to watch their movies. Adrianne always chose them and that night she chose a threesome for them to watch.

Two girls and a guy. The girls were fairly attractive and the guy was alright-looking, but the girls seemed to be more into each other than their opposite sex.

They were both sitting on the floor, with their backs leaning on the end of the bed. The lights were off; giving the room a bit of intimacy and the light from the TV was dim as to not blind them.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Adrianne asked quietly, taking a sip of their sweet wine.

Lara shook her head, rolling her eyes as the man tried to talk dirty to the girls. For some reason, Lara only found it attractive when Lucas spoke naughty; no other guy could top the way he spoke. It was as if he knew exactly what she wanted and needed to hear.

Adrianne smiled down at her, her soft lips pulling up in a wicked grin. Lara gulped slowly, feeling completely out of her league. Part of her wanted to say no, but the other part; the part that needed sating urged her to let her friend keep going with her sexual advances.

“Come on, Lara,” she purred, “you honestly have never kissed a girl before?”

She shook her head, turning her head back to pay attention to the erotic movie and shrugged. “It’s never crossed my mind; I like guys.”

Adrianne rolled her eyes. “No shit, Sherlock; I like guys too. But…” she placed her hand on Lara’s soft thigh and softly said, “you’ve never thought about…you know? Experimenting?”

If this was how she made Lucas feel, she needed to apologize. Her cheeks were heated; feeling like they were going to melt off and the quick beats of her heart should’ve been unhealthy. “No, Dree, I’ve never thought about ‘experimenting,’” She gave her friend a friendly laugh, trying to avoid further sexual talk.

But Adrianne wasn’t satisfied with the answer. Maybe it was the bit of alcohol in her system, maybe it was the erotic film playing in front of them or maybe; just maybe she had gone to her house to look for this all along.

She crossed her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes and said, “I call bullshit on that.”

Lara chuckled, shaking her head as she took another swig of the wine bottle next to her and said, “Dree, I honestly have never thought about kissing a girl. Yeah, I can say a girl’s attractive but I’ve never been sexually attracted to them. Now will you stop asking me and let me finish watching this damn pörn?!”

Adrianne laughed, settling next to her and nestled her head on her friend’s shoulder. “I’ve thought about it before,” she whispered quietly, playing with Lara’s soft fingers, “I mean, lesbian pörn turns me on the most. Besides, I bet it’s like kissing a guy. My friend said it’s even better, but I don’t have the guts to go up to a girl and ask her to kiss me.”

Lara stayed silent. She had honestly never thought about it, but the further Adrianne pressed, the more she found her curiosity sparking. What if kissing a girl was as soft as people said? Lesbian pörn was nice to watch, especially the way they did oral sex

A couple of minutes later, the erotic scene ended. Adrianne felt her püssy drenched, but it wasn’t from watching the film. It was from thinking of her best friend’s mouth on hers. She always thought Lara was gorgeous, but seeing her so close to her, with her hands softly caressing her breasts, was such a turn on to Adrianne.

Of course, Lara was completely oblivious; she was too busy thinking of Lucas’ return. She wanted him to please her for all the time he had been gone. Her naked püssy called for attention and after watching the erotic films, not only was her püssy begging to be touched, but it was dripping wet.

“Lara?” Adrianne whispered, turning the TV off.

“Mm?” she responded after taking another swig of alcohol.

Adrianne cleared her throat, sitting in front of her and whispered, “Do you think that I could…you know? Try it with you?”

Her blue eyes slowly widened in confusion. “Try what with me?”

“You know?” Adrianne smiled, shyly, “Kiss you.”

“Like on my mouth?” Lara blurted out, feeling awkward as all hell.

She nodded, watching her best friend with dark eyes. The lights were off and now that the TV was off, she could only see her silhouette thanks to the light coming from the moonlight. It only made the scene more appealing than ever before and Adrianne couldn’t help herself.

“I don’t know, Dree,” she whispered uncomfortably, yet her püssy hummed in anticipation, “won’t that like…what if we don’t like it? Won’t that mess up our friendship?”

Adrianne laughed, her silky brown hair falling behind her shoulders. “Of course not, silly! It’ll be like…you’re helping me with something. I want to try it out and you’ll help me. I don’t trust anyone else; I feel like they’ll just laugh. But you’re my closest friend; I can trust you.”

After seconds of consideration, Lara sighed, caving in. “Fine…”

“Yay,” she giggled, sitting forward. Adrianne placed both of her hands against the bed on either side of Lara’s face, and took a deep breath as she leaned into her best friend.

Lara gulped, staring intently as Adrianne closed her glistening green eyes and inched closer to her face. She kept her eyes open, watching her every move until they began to cross. The kiss was a featherlike touch; simple and sweet.

But Adrianne wanted more.

She slowly opened her mouth, taking Lara’s bottom lip into hers and swiped her tongue across it softly. Lara’s eyes snapped open, staring at her best friend in disbelief as she continued to urge forward and found herself giving in.

Lara parted her mouth, allowing Adrianne to suck on her tongue sensually and kiss her sweetly. The kisses were nothing compared to what Lucas did to her, but it was still pretty damned amazing.

Adrianne shifted, moving so that Lara’s legs were in between hers and she pulled her closer, entwining her fingers in her soft blond hair. She tugged on her lip, eliciting a moan from Lara and slowly moved her hands up to her breasts.

The sudden touch made Lara pull away abruptly. She was flushed with embarrassment and excitement, but she tried to control her breathing and whispered, “I thought you just wanted to kiss me.”

“I did,” Adrianne admitted sheepishly, “but…I don’t know! It just,” she ran her fingers through her hair, still sitting above Lara and eyed her red lips, “I’m just so damn horny and you smell so good.”

Lara blinked slowly, trying to wrap her mind around everything that was happening and whispered, “But…we like guys.” She sounded like she was trying to convince her to stop making moves on her, but her eyes told a different story.

They both wanted release.

“Babe,” Adrianne ran her fingers down Lara’s face gently, tucking back a strand of blonde hair, “we’re best friends; we help each other. There are no guys here and I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell can’t wait for some dumbass to get here and fuck me senseless.”

Slowly, Lara nodded, liking the idea more and more. The reality of the situation was that her head was clouded with alcohol and the lust was driving her mad. Whatever they did would stay behind closed doors, no one needed to know what they were going to do.

“W-what,” she stuttered and blushed embarrassingly, “what do we do?”

Dree shrugged, “I don’t know,” she let out a giggle, “what those girls do in pörn.” She scooted closer, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of her mouth and began brushing her lips down her collarbone, “I can…kiss you,” she began running her fingers down her thighs, “touch you,” Adrianne suckled gently on her neck, “Whatever I’ll do to you; you can be guaranteed that it’ll feel good.”

“Okay,” Lara nodded, “what do I do to you?”

She shook her head in response, her voice deepening with desire. “Nothing; just letting me touch you is enough. I promise.”

Lara nodded again, taking a deep breath and closed her eyes as Adrianne leaned forward and kissed her again. Their hearts thudded quickly as their kiss deepened. Adrianne tilted her head, biting Lara’s lips teasingly as her hand lowered to her treasure.

She widened her eyes slightly, as her fingers came into contact with Lara’s bare püssy. Then a devious smirk grew on her lips and she pulled away from her lips, to kiss her jawline. “Mm,” her sultry voice whispered, “someone’s eager; why don’t you have any panties on, honey?”

Lara gasped at the electric sensation that buzzed throughout her once Adrianne parted her püssy lips and breathlessly said, “Lucas…he said…not to wear…oh…them.”

Adrianne’s grin widened as she suckled on her friend’s earlobe, rubbing her slȋt a bit faster. “Oh what a naughty little boy he is…and you too, baby. Walking around the house with no underwear; going all commando.”

She nodded, closing her eyes as Adrianne soaked her index finger with her juices, just teasing. “But you know what turns me on the most?”

“W-what?” Lara gasped.

Slowly, Adrianne slid her finger inside her heat, earning quick moans and whispered, “That you actually listened; you submitted to him. That is so hot, baby. God, the way you described his cȯck earlier got me all wet. Can you imagine how good it would feel, if instead of my fingers inside your tight little püssy, you had Lucas’ fat big cȯck?”

“Shit,” Lara moaned, arching her back away from the end of the bed and widened her legs. “Goddamn, how I want him.”

She stopped pumping her fingers once she felt Lara’s hymen; she didn’t want her fingers to be the cause of her lost virginity. That was strictly for Lucas and Adrianne knew how important that was for Lara.

“I know, baby,” Adrianne whispered quickening her handy work, “I know how much you want him. I can feel it; your püssy’s so wet. I’m actually surprised you haven’t cummed.”

“Mm,” was Lara’s groaned reply. She somehow managed to slip her oversized t-shirt off and arched her back closer to the girl.

“Lara?” She whispered softly, her lips brushing against her earlobe. “Can I taste it? Can I taste your tight little püssy?” Lara widened her eyes unable to respond and Adrianne kept speaking as if she were in a trance, “It’s just so wet and it smells so good; I’ve never tasted one either. So will you let me?”

With every plead, Adrianne hardened her touch on Lara’s clȋt, making sure to get her point across. “Will you let me shove my tongue deep inside you and suck your püssy dry?”

“Yes,” Lara moaned, “oh shit; go ahead, Dree, you can eat me out.”

“Mm,” Adrianne smiled sexually, “just what I wanted to hear.” She bowed, taking Lara’s hard nipples in her mouth and stimulated them each until they were hard enough to burst. She kept rubbing her fingers in Lara’s wet cünt as she lowered her mouth closer to her treasure.

Lara’s body ached with hunger; she needed Adrianne’s mouth against her cünt and she needed them soon. Otherwise she was going to die from all of the lust going through her. It surprised her how shy Adrianne had started and now she was smirking down at her bare püssy lips.

“They’re so soft,” she murmured, “and you have no hair. I love looking at shaved püssies and yours is the best, baby.”

A nervous giggle escaped Lara’s lips as Adrianne propped herself on her elbows and slowly parted her slȋt apart. She breathed in deeply, the air tickling Lara as it escaped her body and she mumbled, “Goddamn, you smell so good; like pineapples and wine.”

Lara looked down, biting her bottom lip as Adrianne gazed at her treasure hungrily and then gasped as she rubbed her nose along, simply savouring her scent.

“That feels so good,” she moaned.

Adrianne smirked, “Yeah,” Lara nodded in response, unable to speak. “Well,” she grinned deviously leaning in closer to her püssy, “imagine how good you’ll feel when I lick you clean.”

“Oh god, Dree; stop talking and actually do it!”

At her desperation, Adrianne giggled and finally caved in. She darted her tongue out and licked her slȋt all the way up to her clȋt. Lara gasped, widening her legs and squeezed her breasts.

Adrianne suckled her püssy hungrily, feeling unbelievably voracious for her best friend’s cünt. She couldn’t believe how one moment they were talking about how good it must’ve felt to feel Lucas’ cȯck , to the next sucking her friend’s mound.

“Shit,” Lara moaned, bucking her hips slowly as Adrianne slowly teased her cünt, sucking on her püssy lips as she avoided her clȋt at all cost. “Damn, fuck, that feels so fucking good, Dree; we should’ve done this a long time ago—oh!”

Adrianne chuckled lowly, enjoying her friend’s reaction as she began to suckle her little clȋt into her mouth. It slowly grew, getting harder with all the stimulation it received and Lara cried out, biting down unto her finger.

She looked up at her friend, smiling as she drank her püssy juices as if they were water and then moaned at the expression on Lara’s face. “Damn, baby,” she breathed, making Lara moan at the cold gush of air on her exposed heat, “you look so hot doing that.”

Lara gave a small giggle, quickly moaning once Adrianne continued her assault on her lower lips and ran her fingers through her hair, arching her back in pleasure. “Damn, Dree I wish you had a cȯck so you could fuck me right now.”

“Mm,” Adrianne grinned, grazing her teeth on her folds, “I’d fuck you so hard.”

“A cȯck like Lucas’; so big and meaty. Ugh, I want him to fuck me so hard, I want him to take all of me,” she gasped as if in a trance.

Adrianne slipped her finger in Lara’s cünt, grinning up at her and whispered, “You’re so naughty; Lucas will have to punish you tomorrow. Look at me, baby.” Lara tried looking down, but the pleasure was overbearing, making it hard to abide to her request.

“Tell me what I’m doing,” Adrianne whispered huskily.

Lara gasped; groaning once Adrianne slid her tongue as far as her püssy would let her. “Y-you’re fucking…my p-püssy with your…tongue.”

“Yeah,” Adrianne nodded, bobbing her head up and down as she slid her flat tongue on her entire mound, “and what am I?” Lara frowned. “Like what’s my gender?”

She didn’t understand what she was trying to get at, but she still tried to answer her. “Y-you’re a girl…”

Again, Adrianne nodded, practically making out with her püssy and then whispered, “A girl’s eating your püssy, baby. How do you feel? Do you like it? Do you like me sucking on your tightly little püssy?”

“Mm,” Lara nodded, the familiar clenching in her stomach made her gasp and blurt out words that held no meaning to her emotionally, “I love that you’re sucking my tight little püssy; it feels so good.”

“You’re so bad,” she giggled, pressing a soft kiss to her slȋt and then suckled on it hungrily once Lara’s climax began to break through. It felt like electricity was rushing all throughout her body; she couldn’t stop it. It was glorious.

She came loud and hard, panting for air as sweat dripped down her face and moaned, shoving Adrianne’s face into her cünt to prolong the amazing feeling.

Both of them so into their sexual desires, that they didn’t notice their one-man audience; Lucas.

He had been standing there long enough to hear his step-sister cry out how she liked what her friend was doing and the anger coursing through his body was wild. He was jealous as all hell; that treasure was his.

Lucas clenched his jaw, along with his fists at the sight before him. Most males would’ve been thrilled about having two gorgeous girls touching each other; but he wasn’t most males. Lara was his—and he was not fond of anyone touching what was his.


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Alright people. I’ve been seeing so many posts of “OMG the RTTE animation is so horrible compared to the movies” and “Give us the better animation DreamWorks!” also “The animation is so crappy if they’re going to make a show why not actually make it good” and more and more hate comments about the shows animation.

People. Think about this for just a couple of minutes, and then you’re opinion may change. 

So, animators usually have a couple of years to work on a movie, and it took five years to make HTTYD 2. Guys, now compare that to how long RTTE animators have to animate thirteen, 25 minute long episodes. They have only about half a year to do that people! A half a year to animate 325 minutes of 3d animation! Do you really expect the animation to be spot on perfect when they only have that much time to do so much? That’s what the movies are for. If you want a really high definition, lots of detail and all that DreamWorks awesomeness, go watch HTTYD and HTTYD 2. The tv show is awesome as well, and the latest season was terrific. You can tell that the animation and effects have been improved, and even though it’s still not nearly as good as “the movies” that hasa to be expected. The series is terrific given to the amount of time they have, and I think we should be thankful that DreamWorks takes the time and effort to make it for us. So please, stop complaining. If you don’t like the animation, stop watching it and stop complaining. You can complain once, but stop complaining over and over everywhere you go about it. The show isn’t bad, and although it may not be “terrific” like the original movies, the tv show is still good. The storyline and plot is awesome, and the animation is really good, compared to some of the crappy 2d animation we have today. (I have nothing against 2d animation, actually, I like it just as much as 3d, I’m talking about some of the other Nickalodean tv shows) So please, be grateful to the writers and animators for doing such an awesome job on the time they have.                

Thank you DreamWorks for Race to the Edge, especially season 4. You made me proud. :D

Reblog if you agree with what I said above.

Just saw the new It Film.

Me as person who FUCKIN HATES CLOWNS with a passion was skeptical to go see it. No BS even Harley Quinn gives me the creeps, I’d still smash but she’s still creepy. But as a Horror fan I really enjoyed it, I’d say its easily better than the 90s Mini series though Tim Curry will always be great. Though I will say after watching Stranger Things it does feel like a movie version of that although you wouldnt have stranger things without books/movies like the original IT. The actor who played Pennywise was great and the CGI effects were awesome. 

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Also the chemistry between the kids was great to watch and I had fun. Though a few jump scares got me bad. I’d honestly give it a spill/double toasted rating of Full Price. Def worth the watch and the ending gets you hyped up.



This is my entry for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge.  My quote was  “You seem troubled. Course that’s a primary aspect of your personality so I sometimes ignore it.” - Cas

Summary: Your senior year of high school isn’t turning out as epic as you hoped it would.

warnings: Cas fluff, HS AU, slight teenage angst at the beginning

word count: ~1650

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You sat on your front porch, cradling your chin in your hands and staring blankly at the street in front of you.  Here you were, senior in high school, finally the “top dog” at school instead of just some dorky underclassmen.

Wasn’t senior year supposed to feel…better than this?

You didn’t feel any different than before.  In fact, you felt a little more like a loser, mainly because you hadn’t all of a sudden become super cool, like you hoped would happen.

Sure, you had your friends, your family, a few college acceptances that were ready to go.  But you weren’t quite…

There were no words – you must just be in a funk.

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a tale of two dogs tied together

one can’t howl before he bites

one was never taught to sit

{instrumental mix for “i” // them}

timber timbre: souvenirs ||  His face was pale, but his eyes were red, and his lips and chin were pink with washed away blood. His mouth was full of gauze, and he was looking at nothing.Until Flint walked in. Then he was looking at Flint.

zack hemsey: silver crimson black || He should have died a dozen times over with each raid, but somehow he always wound up alive, covered in blood, surrounded by more bodies than Flint himself, mouth opened in a black, soundless howl.

ludovico einaudi: twice || A couple months after Charles Town, Flint walks into his cabin to find Silver, staring out the window, with a gun pointed right at his heart.

alexandre desplat: Un Héros Très Discret: La Vérité Ou La Mort || With Flint’s attention finally on him, Silver takes the opportunity to mouth, loud and clear, “No.” And Flint hears him.

john murphy: in the house - in a heartbeat ||  Flint raises his hand, and Silver strikes. Flint speaks, and Silver is the echo, rumbling deep into the earth. 

nicholas britell: the spot || Dobbs is the first to take the vow of silence, after Silver had publicly beat him within an inch of his life.

trent reznor and atticus ross: it catches up with you || His men are mine, and mine are his. They follow my orders, and his. They fight for him, and for me.  Because I am his man, and he is mine.

zack hemsey: vengeance || Like walking beside a rabid, hungry wolf, and the only way she’d been safe was because he hadn’t seen her yet. 

angelo badalamenti: fire to the stars || The sleeves of Flint’s shirt are rolled up, and Silver’s fingers linger there on the soft, freckled inner part of his arm. It takes her a minute to realize he is tracing letters into Flint’s skin.

hans zimmer: the tide || They’re the haunting that clings to every abandoned ship, sunken ship, and ghost ship – dragged out onto land by storm and tide. 

john murphy: how to leave your body ||  But he also keeps watching, so he sees when Flint stands, hands dripping with blood. He walks to Silver, his Right Hand, dripping with blood. 


not-so-perfect-porcelain  asked:

No matter what I do, I can't make myself try in school. I'm a solid B student, but I know if I applied myself fully,instead of procrastinating until the last minute and handing in first drafts, I could be a ninties student. Ugh. I keep fucking myself over. Advice?

Hiya there!
omggg i understand. i really do. this happens to me too :((
thing is procrastination strikes at times just as this & youve got so much potential & can easily score well. but dont worry, with some time, hard work & patience you can tackle it!
i haven’t put the basic things you find on websites cuz you prolly know/ read em. i put a few things i use & find helpful. 
(sry if somethings sound harsh, it’s just that being honest is the best thing you can do to combat procrastination)

some tips: 

  • do you have a goal in life? a thing you’re working towards? maybe an ambition, or something personal that you want to achieve in life? everyone you sit down to study & feel like you dont want to, remember it. think of it. remember why you stared in the first place. maybe if you dont have a career choice for yourself yet, maybe have some small goal.
    for egs i want to be happy in life. if that’s your goal, do something that makes you happy. prioritize things that make you happy. 
  • a lyric by eminem i stand by:
    ‘look if you ever had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?’
  • procrastination is the thief of time. i know its cliché lol but look at it this way; you have 2 weeks for an exam, you can either spend 2 weeks spreading out your work load and studying OR you can spend everyday wasting time & cramming in the last 2 days. 
  • what’s something that you procrastinate doing? like for me its reading books or youtube or just scrolling through tumblr. i cut out reading books during exam time & read only at night. i cut out youtube during exam time as well. tumblr is something i come to once a day fr a few minutes. this all took time & it wasn’t easy.
    so cut out things that you procrastinate on. one by one. every small action matters. 
  • try the pomodoro method. give this a read & try it. you can download the app as well!
  • read this from this awesome site:
    “ I have friends who almost never let themselves do the really fun things they want to do during the semester.
    They’ll talk about how much they want to play a certain game or watch a new movie, but when I suggest that they just go play it, they’ll say: “I really can’t; I have way too much homework and I’d feel guilty.”
    Five minutes later, though, I’ll see them scrolling through their Facebook feed.
    I call this low-density fun.
    Scrolling through your news feed or watching a few funny videos on YouTube is easy, and it’s sort of fun to do.
    However, because it’s so easy and feels so unlike “real” fun, it’s easy to not feel guilty about it – which leads to a lot of procrastination.
    The solution? Commit to having your high-density fun.
    If you want to play a video game later, commit to starting it at 8 p.m.
    Then, make sure all your work is done by then.
    Let your high-density fun create a deadline that propels you into focused work. “
  • a quote i LOVE:
    “effort never betrays you”
  • try the 2 minute method. 
    study for JUST 2 minutes. and then maybe just 2 more minutes? then maybe just 2 more! 
    trick your brain like this. trick your brain into thinking that studying is actually fun & that you’d want to do it just for 2 more minutes & keep going on. it really works for meeee!
  • try this study method: 
    • do the easiest or most fun thing the first
    • then do the hardest
    • then the 2nd hardest
    • then something that HAS to be done
    • then finish off with something easy & fun!
  • eat the frog lol pls not really
    if you have something which you HATE doing, do that first. finish that first & then go ahead with the rest.
  • is there something you really like doing? for egs if you loooove chocolate, you can buy a small stash & keep it away. then you sit down & do some work & then IF and ONLY IF you’re satisfied with yourself, indulge in yourself. if you’re unhappy with the work done, do not take it.
  • if youve got a lot of things to do, make a timetable for yourself or a to-do list. also allocate an hour of activities/ exercise/ something you can do to get fresh air. it gets the blood flowing & helps a lot!
  • if its a subject you hate:
    just using my egs here, i hate physics & I’m bad at it but doing sums & questions make me happy cuz then with some hard work, i get the correct answer! so if you have a subject such as this, try to do something which helps you get an answer which might motivate you!
  • if you’re an audio learner (you can find you which type of learner you are here) try listening to some videos while you jog/ exercise. Khan academy (an app) lets you download the videos you want and u can listen to em offline. they’re really really good!!
  • if you know what type of learner you are, study using those methods!
  • think of the effort you have put in, in the past few years!! youve been in school for so long & if you dont put in the effort for this year, you’re basically wasting the time you spent in the past few years!
  • think of the effort, time & money your parents put to get you this education. work hard & make em proud ☺️
  • do you have a park in your area/ a coffee shop/ library? go there, DO NOT GET WIFI!!! delete all the games off your phone  a well if you want to, & study there.
  • think of all that you can do for this world. youve got so much potential & so much to give. why waste it? 
    if you ever fail in anything, that is okay, you can always try again! just remember, its the effort that counts.
  • be a sincere student. you’re not only lying to your teachers, you’re lying to your parents & yourself.
  • if it really gets out of hand, call your mum/ dad/ sibling t sit with you in the same room & study while they’re there, or better, teach them! that way they can call you out when you’re wasting time.
  • switch off your wifi modem? ask ur family members if its okay lols
  • give ur phone/ computer/ tablet/ etc to your patents, tell em to lock it in a cupboard & not give it to u. tell them to hide the key as well 😂
  • study with friends if that helps you! prom each other when you waste time 
  • try fear?
    the day before your exam, work up all the things that might happen if you dont do your exam well or if you dont study. that might get your motors running? warning: this is kinda pessimistic. this is not for everyone. also if you have anxiety pls ignore this 
  • remember, just be you. having fun is no crime but trying to escape your responsibilities is well kinda. try to get eternal happiness NOT momentary happiness.
  • do not let the toxic mixture of laziness & fear mess everything up 
  • watch this 😂 
  • watch this as well! then get back to work k!!
  • this post by @emmastudies on how to beat procrastination is v v good!!
  • make a good timetable if you’d like & stick to it. again u can force your fam to help u
  • discipline is MUST. try to follow a strict routine!
    “suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”
  • do NOT compare yourself to others.
  • everybody makes mistake, everybody has those days but the goal is to nOT make the same one again. try not to!
  • look, you can do it. set your mind to it. sit down, get your things out & just begin.
    i know you can. YOU know you can!!!! the only thing stopping you is you. do not let your dreams be crushed by a the needs of momentary happiness.

sry if this post is kinda long oops
i hope this helped! 
ace this, hun! you can do it. if you ever want to talk/need help, pls do send me an ask/ message.  
i know that its hard to break procrastination but trust me, you will get over it. just keep trying, k?
take care & good luck. 💕

The trailer really did not do the movie any justice though. I thought it looked like trash when I saw the previews but honestly I was so mistaken. Please go watch the movie. It’s fucking awesome.

Squee!  Thank you!  ^___^  Ah, yes!  Good.  I needed the happy after all that angst!  (Reference to this post)  I’m sorry this took so long.  I did the first two ages ago and then just… forgot what words were, I guess.  XD

Optimus:  Since he’s so large, he has a hard time with the actual construction of the pillow fort.  However, he makes for a great support structure.  He’ll gladly let you secure a blanket tent around his legs so you can have the biggest pillow fort ever!  You stuff the inside of the tent with dozens of cushions and curl up against his foot as you pop in a dvd to watch.  Optimus doesn’t mind sitting still while you enjoy your cozy fort, provided there’s no Decepticon activity that day that is.

Ratchet:  He’s a bit perturbed when he sees you stacking pillows against the wall of his medbay at first.  (Why are humans so weird?)  When you explain the concept of pillow forts to him, he scoffs.  “You call that a fort?  Give me those cushions!  I’ll show you what a real fort looks like!”  He spends nearly an hour building a veritable fortress for you out of couch cushions. He’s so in the zone, that he won’t even let you help, despite the fact that it was your idea in the first place (you’d just mess up his masterpiece.)  The end result makes it all worth it however, as you now have the greatest pillow fort ever constructed.  Be sure to take lots of pictures and tell Ratchet how awesome he is.  He’ll appreciate it.

Bumblebee:  Next to cowboy movies, pillow forts are his favorite thing for you two to do together. He’ll help you gather up all the cushions and blankets around the base and build a massive fort for you two to watch movies in.  He likes to try and stack the pillows as high as they will go, which often leads to the whole thing toppling over and having to start again.  You don’t mind though, as the little giggle-ly buzzing noises he makes when it happens are utterly adorable.  Once your fort has been successfully completed, the two of you curl up for a marathon of your favorite movies.  Anyone passing by can hear soft whispers, giggles, and happy bleeps coming from inside the mass of blankets.

Arcee:  It’s not something that she’d come up with herself, but she’s happy to help you build the perfect pillow fort, mostly because it’s a good way to spend some quality time with you.  She looks on in interest as you stack the cushions on top of each other, occasionally holding the pillows in place so they don’t fall over.  Arcee also has a real knack for figuring out where to secure the blankets so you guys can have a totally rad, boho, indoor tent to hang out in.  The different colored blankets give the inside a soft, comforting glow.  Arcee suggests adding faerie lights or some sort of star projector to complete the scene.  The result is probably the most beautiful pillow fort you’ve ever seen; you totally need to blog that later because holy scrap!  Aesthetic!!!  But for now, you’re content to doze against her frame as the soft twinkling lights glimmer overhead.

Bulkhead:  He’s always happy to spend time with you, no matter what the activity is.  He chuckles as he attempts to stack a large pile of pillows on top of each other.  “Heh.  I’m used to knocking things over, not trying to build ‘em.”  If you wanted to, he’d let you use the back of his alt mode to build your fort.  The smaller area makes it easier to keep all the cushions in place, plus it’s way more cozy.  You build a nest out of blankets and curl up like a happy burrito.  You can’t be sure, but you’re pretty sure you hear Bulkhead softly chuckle something about seekers.  Once your nest is complete, he turns on his heaters to just the right temperature and plays your favorite music station for you.  If you end up falling asleep, Bulkhead will stay in alt mode with you until you wake up.

Wheeljack:  He’s sees you trying to put together a pillow fort one day and is instantly intrigued.  He offers to let you use the Jackhammer as your base of operations, to which you eagerly agree.  Wheeljack watches you work in quiet amusement, always lifting a hand when needed, or bringing you more raw materials.  After a while the gears in his mind start whirling and he turns to you with a sly grin.  “You know what would make this even cooler?”  Ratchet is jolted out of a much needed stasis nap by the sound of music blasting from somewhere outside.  He angrily marches over to the Jackhammer to find you and Wheeljack huddled in what looks like an armored pillow fort, complete with a massive-sized big screen tv and super sonic subwoofers blasting the climax of your favorite action flick.  Ratchet slowly closes the door behind him and walks away, having resigned himself to his fate a long time ago.

Smokescreen:  He’s all about competition, so more often than not it turns into a contest of who can build the best fort.  Both of you like to play dirty when it comes to wining, whether it be one of you stealing the other’s cushions, friendly trash talk, or even the occasional pillow fight.  It’s like watching one of those competitive reality tv shows, but way more fun.  You two have even managed to rope some of the other autobots into being judges on occasion.  Most of them take it seriously, but then you have Wheelkjack (who watches a lot of those competitive tv programs) who will take advantage of his nonexistent power.  “Alright!  Challenge mode!  Y/n has to complete theirs blindfolded and Smokescreen has to only use his altmode!”

Ultra Magnus:  As longs as you’re not in the way or making a mess, he doesn’t mind you building the occasional pillow fort around the base.  (Though, he would prefer you not build one in the main hangar in case agent Fowler or somebody else dropped by.)  If you asked him sweetly enough, there’s a good chance that he’ll give you some great pointers on building the perfect fort.  He won’t actually build one with you, but he might be willing to hold a blanket or two in place for you as you work.  If you’re interested, he’d love to tell you about some of the buildings he’s seen on Cybertron, and how even their shortest structures are four times higher than your planet’s tallest building.  Mags enjoys these rare moments of downtime.  It’s nice to find someone who actually likes spending time with him for a change.

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Gimme some hoennchampionshipping AUs I'm dying without any content of them

Coming right up, nonny! Thank you for being so patient! *kisses*

  • Bounty Hunter AU where May is the brawns and Steven is the brain. Hoenn went to hell after the battle and now the remains of the country have turned to anarchy and lawlessness. May and Steven work to bring in criminals and try and help restore some form of order to the country. 
  • Disneyland AU because why the hell not? May is working as Belle and isn’t the biggest fan of this until she meets this really hot nerd who describes to her how she’s such an inspiration to him for being so bookish and smart even though people think she’s weird. Maybe this job isn’t so bad, especially since he seems to keep showing up in her area.
  • Mix-Up AU where Steven and May accidentally pick up the wrong Pokemon from the daycare and have to track each other down. Cliche but cute rom com adventures ensure and their Pokemon work together to get their two very awesome but very oblivious trainers to go on a date with each other.
  • Perhaps a Moulin Rouge AU? I’ve never watched the movie but I know that’s a popular one in many fandoms to utilize.
  • Twinsies AU where May has a twin sister named Sapphire. Imagine all of the events of ORAS but with another May who’s more wild and prone to acting on impulse. Steven doesn’t realize they’re two different people until he sees them both standing next to each other.
  • Doctor AU where May is a new doctor who happens to fall for the really hot surgeon who just happens to be the best at the hospital. And he takes a liking to her.
    • Alternate idea is an AU based on that one Tumblr post about the person in the hospital who seduced their doctor with the “fight me” thing. Steven is May’s personal doctor (or vice versa) and she tells him to “fight me”, even though she can barely breathe. He then leaves her number with “fight me?” on the side.
  • Red Riding Hood AU, perhaps? Or any variant on the fairytales? A cute one might be the Tin Solider :)
Miss Congeniality (USA, 2000)

Predictions: We had both seen this movie before. OBVIOUSLY.

Plot: Thanks to a handful of sexist classmates as a child, FBI agent Sandra Bullock has no table manners, no friends, and no…hairbrush???? Who doesn’t own one hairbrush?! She is very good at her job, though, sort of, except for being kind of reckless and difficult to work with. After screwing up an op, she gets benched, but then, lucky for her, colleague Benjamin Bratt needs someone to go undercover at the Miss United States pageant, which has been getting bomb threats, and nobody else fits in the metaphorical bikini. The only problem? SANDRA BULLOCK DOESN’T OWN A HAIRBRUSH.

With some help from pageant coach Michael Caine, however, Sandra Bullock gets all glammed up, Aishwarya-Rai-style, and sets out to pretend she’s a pageant girl. She alienates her fellow contestants, commits several gaffes such as leaping off the stage onto an audience member, and offends psychotic pageant host Candice Bergen. Although, to be fair, Candice Bergen seems somewhat easily offended. Especially by “feminists” and “intellectuals.” Tsk.

Eventually, Sandra Bullock manages to genuinely befriend some other contestants, and realizes that the pageant girls are more than they seem – well, just a little bit. She also discovers that the bomb-threat culprit is likely Candice Bergen, except, by then, the FBI has caught someone else (not to mention been so horrified by Sandra Bullock’s performance), so their boss is pulling the op. Not even Benjamin Bratt will agree with her theories! Sandra Bullock hands in her many weapons and stays behind alone.

Obviously, she is vindicated. Candice Bergen goes to jail, Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt make out, and Sandra Bullock is voted the pageant’s “Miss Congeniality.” HILARIOUS, RIGHT?! She still doesn’t seem pleasant enough to be “Miss Congeniality,” tbh. Maybe after another couple of weeks with Michael Caine.

Best Scene: This movie is pretty consistent – it’s hard to choose! Perhaps the scene where Sandra Bullock goes into the warehouse with all the beauticians and dentists and stuff and then comes out all shiny? Or the scene where she uses Benjamin Bratt as a prop in her self-defense demonstration? Or the scene where the other girls help her with her makeup after she’s been abandoned by Michael Caine and the FBI beauticians?? (Aw.) Lots of good scenes!

Worst Scene: Probably the scene where Candice Bergen’s terrible disgusting son is standing by the bus, harassing every contestant who passes by. Makes the FBI’s workplace behavior (also not great) seem totally fine and awesome!

Best Line: All of the lines! Seriously, though, Sandra Bullock has tons of funny lines, and a delightful song about how Benjamin Bratt is reluctantly into her. Literally everything out of Michael Caine’s or Miss Rhode Island’s mouth is amazing. And…other stuff, too, probably. This movie is very, very funny. And touching! And dated! (Shhhhh.)

Worst Line: Surely something said by Candice Bergen’s disgusting pig-son.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: Well, at one point Benjamin Bratt, frustrated with how the op is going, storms out of the office to “do laps” in the pool and claims he’ll be “back in fifteen minutes.” WHAT???? Who is he, the lovechild of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps?! Who could possibly get down to the pool, change, swim MULTIPLE LAPS, change, shower, dry off, and BE BACK IN FIFTEEN MINUTES?!?!?! We don’t believe you, Benjamin Bratt. You are a liar.

How Many POC in the Film: A reasonable number, for a film made in 2000. Benjamin Bratt, of course. Their FBI boss, Ernie Hudson. Some other FBI people. Several contestants, including three of the five that Sandra Bullock gets to know best.

Alternate Scenes: Hmmmm. Perhaps we would axe some of the early FBI workplace behavior, most notably when Benjamin Bratt slaps Sandra Bullock’s ass in the gym while trying to persuade her to take the job. (WHY IS THIS HOW YOU WOULD GO ABOUT IT, SIR????) Otherwise, this movie is pretty much perfect. OR IT WAS, UNTIL THEY MADE A SEQUEL. Ah, yes. We would like to live in the alternate universe where Miss Congeniality 2 never happened.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse, obviously. First of all, the movie is great. Second of all, WHAT is happening in this poster?! Is she a stripper? Is she a cop posing as a stripper?? Is she a Fox News anchor????

Score: 8.5 out of 10 describe-your-perfect-date smooches. Struggled with this one a bit, as, like Legally Blonde, it’s not really a romcom and probably shouldn’t rank this highly as a romcom, but is a great movie. But we couldn’t find a copy of TiMER, you guys; get off our backs!

Ranking: 11, out of the 92 movies we’ve seen so far, but, like we said, it probably shouldn’t be. We ultimately just decided to place it near Legally Blonde, but boy, was it hard to choose between boring Luke Wilson and slightly-offensive-at-the-beginning Benjamin Bratt.

(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 22 - BTS 2/3/4 Shot Member Talk

V x Jin x Jungkook
Q: The origin of your name?
V: My real name is Kim Taehyung and Chinese characters is 金泰亨. The ‘亨’ means all wishes come true. It has the meaning of even if I encounter something difficult, I will be able to pass it smoothly. My grandfather is a (professional) namer. He was the one that gave me my name. The meaning of my dad’s and my name is very similar.

Jungkook: My real name is Jeon Jungkook and Chinese characters is 田柾国. My grandfather, who has past away, gave me the name. I don’t know the origin of it (laughs).

Jin: My real name is Kim Seokjin and Chinese characters is 金硕珍. My grandfather gave me that name and it means “to become a huge treasure.” I really like it!

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Wow! The movie looks unexpectedly good! I really didn't care about it until now. Most of the times live action animes suck. The characters look more like cosplayers than actors. But the casting in this one looks amazing! Nothing is too much flashy! I was really worried about kagunes. But it looks disgustingly cool (just how I imagine it) in the movie!! I actually got goosebumps while watching the trailer!Touka(she looks perfect!) and Kaneki & the whole movie looks pretty dope!!

100% agreed, I’m so glad that it looks like they’re taking so much care to make this a faithful adaptation. Even the small changes, like making the Rinkaku have feather-like scales moving along them are awesome. It looks like they’re going for a quite alien look with the kagune which suits a live action

And the kakugan!!!! The glowing red Iris is SO cool

Even though Yomo looks quite young, he still has his little goatee so I’m content :’D

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hi! just wanna say that your art is awesome and i hope it feels awesome! did you intentionally "color-coat" the chocobros to their ninja turtles counterpart or did that just happen? hope you stay safe from irma!

Ninja Turtles… Wha…? 

*Looks at doodle*


A wet birthday surprise (Another  Hunter omorashi story)

 “Where are you??” I asked Hunter through the phone. “We’re waiting here outside the house.” I said, irritated at his tardiness. 

“M’ sorry.” he said, his words slurred. It sounded as if he was in bed. 

“Were you sleeping?? It’s two in the afternoon.” I snapped. We had planned to go out together and watch a movie, then get dinner at a nice resturant with two of our friends, then finally head to Hunter’s surprise party, which he didn’t know about.

“Yea.. sorry. I fell asleep and lost track of time.” he said apologetic. I could hear scuffling in the back round. “I’m getting dressed now. Give me ten minutes.” I scoffed and hung up. I scrolled through my phone, texting Tammy and Sammy, both twins, that we might be late. Finally he came down. He was wearing a button up plaid shirt and khakis. He slid into the seat next to me. I couldn’t help but notice how tired he looked. 

“Hey beautiful.” he said, kissing my forehead. I didn’t answer as I started the car. “I’m sorry about being late I just-”

“I don’t care.” I snapped, irritated. He winced slightly and continued

“I was over at my mom’s all night, I had to stay with her until my sister got back from work, which wasn’t until 6 am.” he mumbled. Suddenly, I felt awful. 

“Why?” I asked, still keeping my eyes on the road as we pulled out.

“She was a little ill, nothing serious but..” he said, his voice trailing off. I nodded understanding. After a ten minute drive we were there. We both got out and walked toward the theater. 

“Horror movie?” I asked, suddenly excited. Hunter stared at me blankly. 

“Remember what happened last time? You didn’t leave my house for a week. Not that I’m complaining.” he said raising his eyebrows. I smacked his arm lightly as I said “How about ‘Opening Act’?” 

“Whatever floats your boat.” he mumbled, suddenly quieter. He shifted his weight from foot to foot.

“You okay?” I asked him. 

“I’m fine.” he said forcing a smile “Just a bit tired.” I realized we were ten minutes late for the movie. 

“Okay come on!” I said grabbing his hand and pulling him inside. We quickly ordered a large popcorn and two sodas. We took our seats in the theater. The movie was beginning to start as we sat down. 

“Thank god for commercials.” I joked, getting comfortable in my seat. When he didn’t answer i looked over. He looked a bit pale, and was shifting in his seat, as if trying to get into a comfortable position. When he noticed me staring he stopped. I looked back at the screen. The movie was beginning to get interesting when he started squirming again. He looked uncomfortable as he slid a hand on his drink. He drank it casually until i stopped staring. His breathing, wasn’t heavy, but it hitched every few seconds.

“You sure you’re okay?” he nodded. 

“Just kinda cold. No big deal.” I believed him, and rested my head on his shoulder. That seemed to do the trick as he stayed still, until halfway through the movie. His hands began to trail around his outer thigh. He gently brushed my head off his shoulder. 

“I’m going to go buy more snacks.” He informed me. I shook my head vigorously, if he ate so much now, it would spoil his appetite for later. 

“We’ll eat later, the movies almost done.” 


“Please?” I begged. The restaurant was very high class and had awesome food. It would suck if he didn’t eat anything. 


“Hey can you keep it down?” A voice asked angrily. I knew this was the wrong thing to say, Hunter was very short tempered. To my surprise though, he did nothing but close his eyes tightly and look up at the ceiling, his expression urgent. I had no idea what was going on with him. I watched him, fixated as his adams apple protruded from his neck. After a while the movie was over and the lights turned on. Hunter jumped up, looking relieved the movie was over. 

“You that hungry?” I asked. He nodded as we climbed down the stairs. For some reason I was moving a lot faster then he was. I looked back at him, and realized with a sudden thought, that he had to pee. I knew better then to say anything about it, I knew it would be embarrassing for him, if he knew that I knew he was desperate for the toilet. Again. I waited for him at the bottom of the stairs, and we walked out together. 

“I’m gonna use the bathroom.” I told him, hoping that it would give him the opportunity to relieve himself. He nodded, and I walked inside. I didn’t really have to do anything, and I waited a while before walking out. Hunter was out there, leaning against the wall, still looking desperate. I linked my arm with his, and we walked out together. 

“S-stop.” he suddenly whispered out. I stopped and looked at him, concerned. “I-I-I..” he moaned, and put a hand over his lower stomach. 

“I know..” I said quietly. I rubbed his back softly. 

“I really.. have to go..” he said, avoiding my gaze. His face was a crimson color. 

“How long have you had to go?” I asked. 

“Since I left my mom’s house..” he whined sheepishly. I held back my shock as I helped him into the car. I could tell he was grabbing himself through his pocket, and i tried not to look. 

He looked up at me. “C-c-can you u-undo m-my belt please?” He asked nervously. I felt my heart skip a beat as I nodded.

 I started to undo his belt. He gasped as my hand brushed against his swollen bladder. He bounced his leg up and down. 

“Crap.” he whimpered. But when i took off the belt, he moaned with relief. 

“Thanks Ariel..” he told me. I smiled a bit as I started the car. He had calmed down a bit, but still looked pretty desperate. 

“Why didn’t you use the toilet at the theater?” I asked. He blushed and bit his lip. 

“They were out of o-order.” he stuttered. I nodded and faced the road. Soon we were there. He hopped out of the car and sped into the restaurant. I followed him inside quickly. As he got towards the toilet, he stopped and groaned in agony, openly gripping his crotch. The door was open, but they were cleaning inside, and no one was allowed to come in. I put a hand on his back. 

“It’s okay. We can go home after this.” I lied. We were going to his party after, but there were working toilets there. 

“Can we go home now?” he asked looking at me with his pleading green eyes, and golden blonde hair. I looked down at our shoes and scuffed the floor. “I-It’s never mind it’s fine I can wait. And look there’s Tammy and-” he stopped, and gave a small moan. He gripped his crotch tighter. He was starting to draw curious, and disapproving eyes. 

“Come on. I said grabbing his arm and pulling him to the table. “We have to cut this short.” I told Tammy and Sammy. They both nodded and stood up. 

“Happy birthday Hunter.” they sang. Hunter didn’t seem to hear them as he limped back towards the car. “Is he okay?” Tammy asked. 

“We gotta hurry.” I said as we rushed outside. We all got into the car and began to drive. Hunter whimpered and crossed his legs. 

“Babe..” he whispered “I’m about to pee any second. I’m so sorry.” he cried quietly. Tammy and Sammy exchanged sympathetic looks. 

“You’ll make it. I’ll stop at a place where you can relieve yourself.” I said. He moaned and leaned forward, his head touching the window. We stopped at the Recreational community center. 

“Why here?” he asked. None of us answered as we got up. Hunter however remained seated. 

“you guys go inside, we’ll meet you there.” I told Sammy. They nodded and went inside. 

“Ar..iel” he moaned squeezing his eyes close and rubbing his crotch. I could see a small wet spot formed. I helped him up and we walked slowly toward the double doors. We were inside, and it was dark. Suddenly the lights sprang on.

“SURPRISE!” Over thirty people shouted “HAPPY 21 BIRTHDAY!” they yelled. Hunter jumped. He suddenly doubled over in pain, and sank slowly to his knees. I watched as his pants became damper and damper, he was grunting and moaning quietly, his hands still gripping his crotch, desperatly trying to stop the stream. I kneeled down next to him, my knees touching the urine. The crowd began to whisper, and a few of his friends began to laugh. The crowd was shocked, and Hunter was humiliated. He stood up slowly, and walked out. I followed him and put my hand on his shoulder. I realized that his shoulders were shaking. 

“I’m sorry.” he whispered, shivering from the cold. 

“Theres nothing to be sorry about..” I said pulling him into a hug, not caring that my clothes were wet. We stood like that for a while. 

“You’re a great girlfriend.. I love you Ariel..” he said. I stood there, shocked. This was the first time he’s ever said that he loved me. 

“I love you too..” I said without any hesitation.

I know I’m guilty of partaking in cringe culture too but you know what

MLP is a good show

Homestuck is good but not for everyone

Steven Universe is a great show with a horrible fandom

Idk about Supernatural/Sherlock/Dr. Who but let people enjoy stuff as long as they don’t go overboard

Anime is pretty awesome

Let people love youtubers as long as they don’t go too far and as long as the youtuber is comfortable with it

Honestly furries aren’t that bad

And everyone can stop pretending they only watch certain shows or movies “ironically” because sometimes you like things even though they’re bad

And as long as it’s not underage/incest/noncon people are allowed to draw nsfw art of things as long as they take precautions to make sure young children don’t have to see it in a google search

Dear SC,

I’m glad we’re in agreement about PLvsAA too (though maybe not so dramatically), and I liked the bonus episodes as well, especially how they presented the puzzles that had been discarded from the game in such a creative way.  There’s one last thing I’d like to praise the game for, and that’s the multiple-witness testimonies.  These not only made the cross examinations more interesting; they also threw in a new objective – finding where the witnesses’ statements contradict each other, in addition to where they contradict the evidence.

I see what you mean about the plot twists in Layton Brothers.  My predictions about each case seem to be getting less accurate as I go.  I wish I had the same confidence as the “Prof.”

I’d love to know what kind of math he’s using to reach those conclusions.

And I might have overreacted a little about my identity being discovered, but it’s not because I’m wanted for anything.  I was just sort of embarrassed that I hadn’t taking any measures to keep that a secret, since I’d already mentioned in a previous letter that I wouldn’t be disclosing anything about myself.  I guess it’s not entirely my fault, though…  It’s the internet.

Dear Layton Fan,

This almost makes me glad I haven’t played any of the Layton series yet – I didn’t see the ending coming either, but I thought it was awesome how they kept the truth a secret until the very end.  I can understand why it would be disappointing for Layton fans if they’re used to a different style of foreshadowing, but that’s the kind of game (or book or movie, for that matter) that I enjoy – one that keeps me guessing about what’s really going on until I’ve made it to the end.

I probably won’t watch the movie, since movies and shows based on video games tend to be either somewhat disappointing or flat-out disturbing for fans of the games from my experience, but I’m definitely itching to see what sort of adventures Professor Layton and his young apprentice discover in their series.

-The Co-Mod

P.S. My apologies for posting this a little later than usual, as well as for the recent pause in the flow of letters.  I’ve been away from home for the past few days, and have just barely had the time to keep the queue full.  I’ll try to prepare better for that next time.


Mr. Fizzles Strikes Again.

Pairing: Dean x reader w/ Garth and Sammy 

Titled: ‘Mr. Fizzles Strikes Again’ 

Word Count” 

Warnings: FLUFF, daddy!dean feels, Dean feels, etc. 

A/N: This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean ‘Do It Like Dean’ Writing challenge! I had so much fun writing this piece!! And for the sake of this fic Garth did not become a werewolf. 

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Saturday mornings with Dean and Sam home at the bunker from any sort of hunt were hands down your favorite days. Especially after you started popping out babies one by one. You would make a nice and big breakfast, and you would all gather around the table and act like a normal family.  

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