this movie is amazing ok

“Richard Spencer has controversial opinions!”  Um, no. A controversial opinion is when I say I think The Phantom Menace is a great movie. “Ethnic Cleansing is amazing and Hitler was sorta OK” is not a controversial opinion. It is just plain 100%wrong, we understand.

It has no place in polite society. 

Or impolite society, for that matter.


I can’t tell you that I understand what’s happening to you, but I do know about dreams. We think of them as stories, but really, they’re emotions. There’s a chemical trigger. When we sleep, the brain releases chemicals and we experience a rush of emotion, and then the thinking part of our brain tells us a story to explain those feelings.


30 Day Movie Meme: the most underrated movie
Thirteen (2003)

The itsy-bitsy spider dropped acid at the park…”


● petyr x sansa vs italian classic movies

The Consequences of Love[Le conseguenze dell’amore] 2004, directed by Paolo Sorrentino

There is a mysterious man who lives in an upmarket hotel. Everyday he puts on his suit, avoiding any kind of contact with people. He never talks to anyone. In that hotel’s bar, Sansa works as a waitress. Everytime she tries to speak with the man he never answers. Until one day he does.

“Every man has his own unmentionable secret.”


        ↳ movies ( 1/5 ) — Flipped
❝ Some of us are dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once in a while you find someone who is iridescent and when you do… nothing will ever compare ❞.

Wolf children

Ok honestly this movie is so amazing and I’ve watched it like 10 times already and each time I tell myself not to cuz I know I’m gonna be dead on the floor in a pile of tears. And you know what. I watched it this time. Same thing But this movie is so powerful and It tells such an amazing story about a single mom who didn’t know what she was doing but she got through it all with a smile on her face ((SPOILER DONT READ ON for anyone who hasn’t seen it)) She was a highschool dropout who fell in love with a man and decided “I can do this, because I have him” she showed her wolf man something he had never felt before and made him feel so loved. She didn’t care what he was she loved him for him. He was always there for her even when he was gone. She was distraught but she had to push through. She promised she would care for their kids and she did So now she has to rowdy kids who are half human half wolf. And she’s so lost but that doesn’t discourage her. She pushes through with a smile and even when it was getting tough she fought on and didn’t stop. She moved to the country to help them get more comfortable with themselves. She was living on her husbands savings, whose job was a mover. She farmed and she cleaned that entire godamn huge house all by herself, and still managed to be kind and smile even when she was on the brink of collapsing. She worked so hard for her kids to make sure they grew up well even though she didn’t know what to do. She let them decide what they wanted. Even after that one scene (if you’ve watched it you know it T-T) she knew something was coming but you know she pushed it aside and said “when it comes I’ll deal with it then” and when that day came she hiked through a forest she didn’t know, almost fell to her death, and saw her late husband who told her everything would be fine and that she could rest now because her kids knew what to do, she smiled and said “ok” She watched her little boy find his true identity, and leave her. Her daughter chose to be a human and she moved to the city to continue school. And she stayed in the country by herself content with what she’s seen and learned and after all that hardship, she still smiled. Most amazing anime women in my book is Hannah from wolf children:

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imagining-hogwarts  asked:

Hey, can I get a ship from the marauders era? I'm a straight hufflepuff girl. Appearence in pic + 171cm tall and curvy. I'm pretty shy but once I'm comfortable with you I can take alot of space. My friends are super important to me. One of my fears are that all of my friends will get tired of me and leave me. I hate the fact that I'm shy and don't want people to think I'm boring. I play the bass, and love vinyls and concerts and watching movies and tv-series. Your blog is amazing btw! x

ok so you’re definitely adored by:

Sirius Black

  • he would love your collection of vinyls and movies
  • most because of the #Aesthetic
  • and we know Sirius is the most likely to do anything for the aesthetic
  • dates would normally include sprawling out in the common room or your bedroom (during the holidays) and watching an old movie
  • even if he wasn’t really into it, he’d watch it for you
  • he is pretty much in love with you, and would never ever call you boring
  • you’re the most interesting person he’s ever met
  • you’re always cheering him on at quidditch games, even though you’re technically supposed to be supporting hufflepuff
  • he’d always kiss you before a game, it was kind of a good luck type of thing
  • sirius said he was superstitious but james told you that he really just enjoyed snogging you
  • when gryffindor plays hufflepuff, you’d avoid and run away from him so he couldnt complete his ‘pre-game ritual’ (which mostly just consisted of: not showering and then making out with you) for good luck
  • but since he was faster than you, he’d always catch you
  • he’d steal your glasses in the mornings and make fun of how blind you were
  • he’d try them on and ask everyone for their opinion, saying things like “don’t I look much better in them than Y/N?”
  • and then forgetting you’re not wearing your glasses when he’d ask you “what do you think?”
  • he was totally a blusher around you
  • he’d pretend he was cool and collected but james and remus would always tease him about his flushed face

hope you enjoyed x

Wonder Woman rant

Ok this movie was legitimately amazing. And I’m not just saying this bc Gal in the Wonder Woman costume is literally every lesbians fantasy but because the movie HAS A FEMALE LEAD! SHES A FEMALE SUPERHERO WITH HER OWN MOVIE AND ITS GETTING GREAT REVIEWS!!! ALSO! The cinematography of that film was fucking amazing. By far the best DC film to date. Fight sequences, editing, casting fucking everything was so good!!! I’ve been a superman/supergirl fan my whole life but I can’t believe I haven’t stanned Wonder Woman as much as well seriously. PLEASE GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY SHOW ALL THE MEN OF THE WORLD THAT THEIR PASTY ASSES SUCK AND WOMAN RULE THE WORLD