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what are your favorite movies and shows? maybe top 5-10 each? just for fun!

OK. I will do 10 each because there will be categories. The first five are movies/shows I respect and admire in terms of the form, I think they’re excellent examples of that medium and well-crafted and the second five are movies/shows that may not necessarily be the best or movies/shows and ones that don’t necessarily have my utmost respect as superb examples of the medium but they’re ones I consistently rewatch.


1. Do The Right Thing

This movie is always relevant, there are so many layers and I’m introduced to a different theme or issue every time I watch it, it is an extremely important movie and it is well-crafted and well-written and well-executed.

2. GoodFellas

One of the very few movies that can pull off a voiceover. Scorsese is my favourite director and this movie is well-acted, well-directed, brutal and entertaining.

3. Raging Bull

Like I said, Scorsese is my favourite director and Raging Bull is heralded as his masterpiece. At the time he thought it would be his final film and De Niro is credited for saving his life by persuading him to make it.

4. Boyz N The Hood

Boyz N The Hood lacks subtlety but then again it’s not supposed to be a subtle movie, it is extremely powerful and tragic and had a very big impact on me at a young age.

5. The Godfather

I mean, it’s a masterpiece.





1. The Wire

It took me 11 tries to get into The Wire but I have yet to watch a show that is so thorough in its crafting, in its acting, in its perspectives, it is excellent television.

2. The West Wing

Like everything, there are issues with The West Wing but it is well-written, witty and well-acted.

3. Underground

Listen, I just found out that this show got cancelled and I’m hella pissed right now but it was a beautifully-acted, beautifully-shot, important, powerful show.

4. Breaking Bad

A very tight show, well-crafted, no season, no episode is wasted, extremely well-done.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This is a show that goes into both categories. One I can watch over and over again and one that I deeply respect as a show.

*bonus* Avatar The Last Airbender

A study in plot, character development and world-building. Excellent.


6. LOTR Trilogy

It’s epic, it’s grand and I find it extremely comforting. If I’m having a really bad day or if I feel really anxious or upset, LOTR calms me down. During my time in the mountains (which sadly ends this week) every time I’ve gone on a hike or a long walk I make an LOTR reference. I just love this trilogy so much.

7. POTC Trilogy

I watch any of the three movies when I need to go to sleep and I put them on for background noise and the cinematic nature of it, the panoramic shots, they usually help me write.

8. The Breakfast Club

I grew up watching this movie because my mom had it on tape (which I don’t know why, she is not someone who would like this movie at all) and every year I got a new joke and I of course appreciate as a teen classic.

9. You’ve Got Mail

Very smart, very witty, very light, very funny, very feel-good, like everything it has issues, but it’s just, it’s the perfect romcom.

10. The Mummy

So much nostalgia.


6. Goblin

I could go into it as I’m sure my followers know so I just won’t.

7. Sons of Anarchy

I don’t know what it is about SOA that I can just rewatch consistently but I do and often.

8. Spartacus

There is gratuitous sex and gratuitous violence, but it is also really funny and really intriguing and really suspenseful and entertaining.

9. That 70s Show

I mean, it’s That 70s Show.

10. Archer

So raunchy, so smart, so funny.


Now stand aside, worthy adversary.
-‘Tis but a scratch.
A scratch? Your arm’s off!
-No it isn’t.
What’s that, then?
-… I’ve had worse!

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I swear to god if Lance and Hunk don't get the proper multi episode Arc they deserve I'm going to scream. But yeah the fandom is assuming that just because the trailer focused on them that it has any weight. Like the trailer for Snakes on a Plane almost has no relevancy to the movie. So trailers aren't always reliable.

All of the Lance and Hunk in that teaser looked to be from one episode, which is why i’m afraid it’s gonna be another thing like s2 where they had one episode to themselves and then BAM back to the keith and shiro show. the fandom thinks we’re getting lance and hunk focus in s3 because i have no idea nowhere official does it say that’s what’s happening. it would be fucking awesome, but i’m not very trusting of this whole “oh yeah don’t worry im SURE s3 will have more hunk and lance.” shit 

Fandom Fridays Spotlight: Zootopia

This week’s spotlight is on Disney’s new movie Zootopia and how it explains to children an always relevant lesson: discrimination, in a really honest way. Warning major spoilers ahead!

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The movie balances playing into stereotypes and deconstructing them. On the surface there is the element of animal stereotypes for comedic effect like the ridiculously slow moving and talking sloths. Then on a larger scale there is the issue of predators and prey making stereotypes about each other. More importantly, we see both types of animals asserting dominance over each other, foreshadowing that the prey are not all “docile and innocent”. 

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The movie brilliantly shows prey characters that are strong and powerful and predator characters that are clumsy and weak, through visuals like body language character nuances and well developed personalities. Consequently the plot doesn’t have to rely on cliche dialogue to get kids to understand this dichotomy. This subtle approach allows a children audience to naturally relate the characters to people and recognize how we often group each other into invalid categories. 

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The protagonist Judy Hopps is also relatable with the flaws she has. Her character teaches children that someone can have good intentions, be a moral upright person but that doesn’t mean they are  incapable of behaving negatively. Nick’s character also demonstrates that the most trustworthy people are those that are honest about their flaws. 

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The movie realistically has characters change. Judy’s bully from Bunny Burrow has become less ignorant and apologizes for his mean behaviour as a kid. Does this make him a hero? No, he’s just grown into a mature adult who takes ownership for his actions. Judy does not become friends with him because she forgives him, they just show each other mutual respect. This incident also helps Judy realize that someone is not inherently all good or all evil. The same way her bully assumed she was a pathetic weak prey animal, Judy believed predator animals are biologically inclined to revert to being savage. When Judy admits she was wrong to Nick, it is not the typical “I’m apologizing because I realized I’m in love with you and now I wish I hadn’t said those things.” It’s a genuine apology for her discriminating and for being a bad friend. 

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Another clever aspect of the movie, is the prey animals being prejudiced against the predator animals in Zootopia, forcing the audience to realize the elitist  animals are the ones they assumed would be victimized like those in Bunny Burrow. Also the clever reversal of the power dynamic between Bellewether and Mayor Lionheart, (the lion and the lamb…well sheep, a lamb is a baby sheep though, so same animal). Bellewether is the one manipulating the city with the prejudice against predator animals and Mayor Lionheart is oblivious to his secretary pulling the wool over his eyes…sorry I had to, perfect set up. This relationship easily deconstructs the stereotype of a lion being the king of the animal kingdom, and shows someone assumed to have power does not mean they are always powerful. Bellewether and Judy’s character shows that animals, or people, assumed to be weak can be powerful, and that power won’t always be chosen to be used for good. 

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Zootpia explains to children that we all develop biases and make assumptions, but what’s important is that we learn to think for ourselves and question everything we take for granted as “normal.” The movie acknowledges that every generation will deal with the issue of discrimination in some form. Moreover, it’s important to discuss this problem with children in a way that does not talk down to them or lessen the significance of the issue.  

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Also on a side note, the movie did a fantastic job of having romance in the story as a complimentary element instead of being the main focus of the plot. There was chemistry between the protagonists without taking away from the story itself and the development of their relationship was genuine. 
Thank you to the blogs I shared gifs from!


Always perfect, always relevant.

I spent the better half of 2015 working on a little film called “Zootopia”. To date, this was the most challenging project I’ve worked on in my short career. I was pushed in design, restraint, acting & subtleties, not to mention my workflow, focus and time management. I felt outside of my comfort zone during the entire film, needless to say, I learnt a lot on Zootopia.

Something I was very proud of since day one on this production, was the bold message the film delivers. With all the hate, prejudice and discrimination happening right now, Zootopia has become a very relevant movie for its message and theme.

I’ve always wanted to work for Disney Animation because of all the people it can reach and the potential these films have to make a real difference. I grew-up in the 90′s, subconsciously learning a lot of great lessons and morals from the wildly entertaining 2D animated Disney films. My hope is that Zootopia can make a positive impact, while being an entertaining film that both parents and children can enjoy.

Although a very tough project personally, I couldn’t be prouder and more excited about it’s release this weekend! Above are a few gif’d shots from the trailer that I was fortunate enough to animate. I feel pretty lousy about the work I produced on Zootopia, but I can only learn from it and do my best moving forward on Moana.

Congratulations to all the very talented artists involved and our incredible Directors Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush.

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Why do movies always have sex scenes in them even when they're not relevant to the plot? Is there something I'm not getting here?

I think the publicly-accepted answer is “sex sells”, though I can’t say for certain why that is. It’s a gimmick to get people’s blood pumping and supposedly retain interest. I don’t get it.