this movie is also really good

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Haha, I keep sending in requests, but they are SO GOOD!! Reddie, with Richie and Eddie coming out to the Loser's Club (accidental or on purpose), and being really nervous/freaked out about their reactions?

No worries at all! Sorry I was so slow to get this one written! <3 <3 <3 This ended up not really being exactly what you asked for and I’m sorry about that! I hope it’s still okay. also i felt like also adding in some backstory about how they got together so there’s a bonus haha. This is semi-canon compliant? Except that none of them leave Derry except to go to College/no one forgets each other.

requests are open!

- Eddie realizes his feelings for Richie pretty early on (around age 12 probably) but doesn’t dare say anything to anyone

- he’s really struggling with his sexuality and doesn’t really start to feel comfortable with the fact that he’s gay until after he finishes high school, and leaves Derry lbr

- Richie is fucking oblivious. his feelings for Eddie start around 8th grade but he doesn’t realize what they are until they’re like 16 years old.

- when he does realize he is kind of a mess tbh. he loves Eds so much but doesn’t know how to tell him and mostly doesn’t want to bc whenever the topic of dating comes up Eddie’s reaction is always something along the lines of how kissing is so unsanitary and he doesn’t want to date anyone ever.

- obviously that’s a total lie, Eddie has been daydreaming about kissing Richie since they were kids, but he doesn’t want anyone ever to know so they spend the rest of high school pining after each other but not saying anything about it.

- Richie dates a few girls publicly in high school (and hooks up with a few guys in secret), and seeing Richie dating those girls is all Eddie needs to see before he decides that his feelings are totally hopeless

- Beverly is the only one who knows about Richie’s experiences with guys; he told her once when they were high and begged her not to tell anyone and of course she didn’t. she just hugged him and told him it was okay and that she still loves him (she also tells him that she thinks she might be bi too).

- this is also how she finds out about his feelings for Eddie in their senior year and she has suspicions that his feelings are reciprocated but doesn’t push it when Richie insists that it’s hopeless.

- Richie takes some girl to the prom. when Eddie finds out, he refuses to go, but Bev convinces him to come with her and Ben. She doesn’t tell Eddie that she knows what’s going on; she knows he would just be defensive and upset and that’s not what he needs right now.

- Richie’s date isn’t stupid either and can tell right away that she doesn’t have anywhere near Richie’s full attention that night and yells at him in the hallway that if he was going to spend the whole night staring at Eddie, maybe he should have just taken him to prom instead of wasting her time.

- Richie is feeling very unlucky because when she walks away, Eddie is right there in the doorway to the gymnasium where the prom is being held having left to get away from all the loud noise and flashing lights and had of course seen the whole exchange.

- long story short, they spend the rest of the night sitting alone out on the steps outside the school fumbling through the most awkward conversation they’ve ever had like “so…do you…” “i don’t know! do you?” “ugh you’re impossible!” “what? i didn’t even say anything!” “that’s the problem, trashmouth!”

- Eddie get’s so frustrated that he just grabs Richie’s face and kisses him hard (but his aim is terrible and he lands on Richie’s chin instead of his mouth)

- Richie is s h o o k and is totally speechless for long enough that Eddie starts getting really pissed off and right before he’s about to be like “you know what fuck you”, Richie lunges back to him and kisses him back (it’s a much better kiss this time)

- anyway they spend the rest of the summer secretly dating behind the rest of the losers’ backs. Richie really wants to tell them - at least Bev, but Eddie is still not super comfortable with his sexuality and is afraid.

- Richie tries to explain that he’s sure Beverly won’t care, and Bill and Mike and Ben are all so sappy and shit and it won’t matter to them, and Stan won’t give a fuck either, but none of it makes Eddie feel any better.

- He can still remember the lepers taunts about how everyone will hate him and when Richie pushes it a little too far, Eddie freaks out and doesn’t talk to hm for a week.

- Richie lets it go, wanting to just enjoy the time they have left before he goes off to LA for college while Eddie is going to NY.

- Eddie leaves first and they spend their last night in town lying in the bed of Richie’s truck, kissing and looking at the stars, and Richie jokingly makes Eddie swear not to meet some cute nerd in NY and leave Richie for him. Eddie (less jokingly) makes Richie swear not to meet some hot blonde girl and run off with her.

- They write to each other the entire first semester and after meeting more gay people and starting to finally feel more confident in his sexuality and writes to Richie that he wants to tell the rest of their friends when they come back to Derry for Thanksgiving break

- Richie is ecstatic and even though he insists it will be fine if they just wing it, he goes along with Eddie’s extensively detailed plan about how it’s going to happen.

- Richie is the last person to arrive in Derry and Eddie plans to pick Richie up from the airport in Richie’s car, and brings the rest of the losers along to surprise him.

- but this was a terrible idea because as soon as Richie is out of the gate and sees Eddie he runs right up and grabs him and kisses him so hard he takes Eddie’s breath away, not even noticing the rest of the losers that are hanging back behind Eddie waiting to surprise him.

- Eddie melts into the kiss at first but then his eyes go wide when he realizes the rest of their friends are right there, but just before Eddie can shove Richie off of him, Beverly lets out a supportive cat call, and the rest of the losers join her right after

- Eddie makes sure Richie knows how pissed he is that Richie blew their plan, but is secretly pleased because all their friends surge them and pile onto them in a big group hug and tell them how much they love them, and are happy for them.

- Bev waits until later on to tell Eddie she had seen it coming for years, and he blushes as she ruffles his hair and walks away.

so i just watched the crimson kimono @ the castro theater today and i just gotta get this off my chest but

honestly an excellent movie about japanese americans???????

i mean, could you believe a movie made in the 1950′s has a non-white man get together with a white woman WITHOUT punching down on non-white women even once? i was floored

there’s also just a real good mix of japanese and english dialogue in the film (its even rather cleverly employed by having joe (shigeta) begin confessing his problem to a friend in japanese, only to be forced to switch to english because his friend is “trying to practice his english” in order so the english speaking audience will be able to follow)

ALSO ALL THE VILLAINS IN THIS MOVIE ARE WEEBS. IN THE 1950′S! THEY’RE ALL WHITE JAPAN ENTHUSIASTS LURKING AROUND LITTLE TOKYO. in fact the first victim that kicks off the case is also a weeb so may i coin the term “weeb-on-weeb violence”?  can that be a thing to describe 99% of the bullshit on this site?

finally, they don’t go for an ot3 BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE because joe and charlie are…. SUPER CLOSE.  at one point they deadass talk about how “a pint of joe’s blood is flowing through my (Charlie’s) veins” so like,,, nothing subtle.  another character (Mack, who is a lovely alcoholic artiste and one of the funniest parts of the movie) says “they’re like two paint colors mixed together, you can’t separate them” so ANYWAYS Chris (the white woman who gets mixed up in the weeb nonsense unfortunately) has some nice flirty banter with Charlie, then falls head-over-heels for joe talking to him about art and music (she’s an artist)

it was also super cool how they let the biggest part of the emotional drama be about joe’s conflict as a nisei man who is best friends with a white man, competing for the affection of a white woman??? like they really get into his insecurities and his struggles to not let that destroy his relationships and it’s so nice!!! 

also charlie and chris are both lawful whites™ whose interest in japanese culture is always linked to their love for joe and wanting to take part in things that are important to and a part of joe so basically what im saying is wow 2017 needs to do so much better

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what kinda anime can you rec? :3

cowboy bebop - a classic

samurai champloo - classic too

psycho pass - but only season 1, season 2 was… weird and i don’t really remember much from it and i’ve heard the movie was meh and i trust people in that since season 2 was also meh

mononoke - i think it’s my favourite anime? the story is good and the visuals aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the pretties anime ever

shingeki no bahamut - again only season 1 season 2 is the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my life

mp100 - the anime was very well made 

and honestly this is all i can remember lmao


oh yeah that’s true fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is good too

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the guard has always been bad, lol... remember, how they let the stabbington brothers escape? and eugene too? it’s not a new thing

Conli didn’t “let” the Stabbington Brothers escape. He was headbutted into oblivion. If anything, the Captain’s fanatic need to catch Flynn Rider caused him to pit one small man with a pike against two extremely burly men with zero scruples.

Also… really? “Let?” “Let” implies they looked the other way while it happened. Eugene was literally so good at being a thief that he had to make it more interesting for himself by alerting the guards to his presence. And at the end of the movie, he had the element of surprise, the Pub Thugs, and Maximus on his side. Max has already proven to be the best guard on the force, time and time again, and this time he was working against them. The Pub Thugs and Max had a plan to get Eugene out, and the guards had to just work with what they were given. Max’s plan involved Eugene being airborne a lot of the time.

Not to say that the guards don’t seriously need the training Eugene is giving them.


The CGI looks really really good which contrasts kinda hilariously with the fact that they all look like cosplayers.

Also it doesn’t have subtitles so I have no idea what they’re saying but it looks like a kiiiinda faithful adaptation?? but then again I got half way through Attack on Titan Part 1 and just could not do it and get the sense that most live action anime movies are like that.

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What do you think of the Han Solo film?

well, i think that the biggest problem is that people just don’t care for it. like at all. everyone wanted kenobi movie, not han movie, and with all the problems that surround it it’s just *sighs*

and it’s a shame because the actors in it are actually pretty good, alden ehrenreich is really talented, emilia clarke - i’m excited so see her in something else that game of thrones, than you have the amazingness called donald glover, i mean how many emmy’s he got this year? ron howard is good director and i’m pretty sure the people working on that movie, worked on other star wars films as well.

so… i’m not excited BUT we haven’t seen any teasers or trailers, i need footage to actually make my mind. maybe it will look freakin spectacular and i’ll get hyped. and also, i mean… i’ll be there opening night either way. it’s still canon star wars film and with the fact that since then we will have to wait year and a half for another one? yeah i’ll take it. (but make it good, ron!)


Jessica Chastain was at Elle’s Women in Hollywood thing last night and she looked great.  I was going to bemoan not seeing her in anything lately and I was thinking I wouldn’t any time soon on account of it being October and me treating watching horror movies like it was a job but then I remembered Mama. She was so damn good in that.  It’s so hard to pull off the woman raising kids who doesn’t really want kids and not look like a monster.  Cause that role is usually the villain, not the hero in a movie.  But she pulled it off and you felt every part of her and she was a hero cause she took care of them anyway and fought a fucking ghost.  And I believed every moment of it because if Jessica Chastain is going to go toe to toe with a ghost I am going to believe in ghosts for at least a little bit.  She’s amazing.  And also she looked good, and she looked good over the weekend at the Hammer Museum, which every year holds a Gala to remind me that it isn’t at all a museum about Christopher Lee movies like I want it to be, instead it’s a much more boring thing with contemporary art.  Oh well, she still looked good.  Today I want to fuck Jessica Chastain.

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Hi I’m tori! I’d love a blurb if you have be time!! So I’m 5’9, mixed, chest-length curly dark hair, I love writing/reading, music, omg musicALS, concerts, history, movies and pizza tbh I just love carbs 😂 I love to sing and dance and I’m a good listener and v supportive of people and really chill and go with the flow 😂😅 congrats a million times on 500!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!!!

Thank you, sweet Tori! I hope you like this! (Also I chose a prompt for you since you didn’t specify which one you wanted, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!)

“this is a terrible idea”

You had no idea how you got here. Seriously. One minute, you and Peter were joking about sneaking into another movie after the one you’d actually paid for ended, and the next, you found yourself plastered against the door to the women’s bathroom with Peter by your side, trying desperately not to make a sound.

This is a terrible idea,” you hissed, gripping Peter’s hand tightly. He shushed you and peeked out beyond the wall to see if anyone was coming. 

“It’s not, I swear! They’ll never catch us. And they don’t care, anyway!” he exclaimed quietly, tugging on your hand when he realized that the coast was clear.

He pulled you down the hall into one of the dark theaters that was showing a rated-R movie that you certainly wouldn’t have been let into in the first place if you’d tried to buy a ticket.

“Come on, let’s find some seats,” he whispered, nudging you up the stairs in the direction of a mostly-empty row. 

“I still don’t think we should be doing this…” you frowned, guilt making your insides churn as you sat gingerly on one of the smooth leather seats. 

“Don’t worry so much, Tori! Look, nobody’s even gonna realize that we shouldn’t be here,” he spoke softly, his warm breath tickling your ear. 

“Excuse me,” someone whispered loudly, standing over their hunched bodies. 

“Oh no,” Peter said under his breath, looking up slowly to find the frowning face of an employee. “How can we help you, sir?”

“We have reason to believe that you two sneaked into this movie. Can I see your tickets, please?” he asked, holding a hand out expectantly.

“Uh… um, you see the thing is… We, um, well….” Peter stuttered while you watched, wide-eyed and stiff.

“I’m going to have to ask the two of you to leave,” the employee pronounced, standing to the side so you could get up and move past him.

“What did I tell you!” you hissed, pulling Peter quickly out of the theater, attempting to hide your face in embarrassment. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” he apologized, following you to the door of the building.

When you reached it, you pushed it open, blinding yourself temporarily as the bright sun shone down on the two of you.

“We are never coming back here again,” you vowed, marching down the street in the direction of your apartment, not bothering to check if Peter was following.

midtownsparker’s 500 follower celebration!


Nerve (2016)

‘Welcome to Nerve, a game like truth or dare, minus the truth. Watchers pay to watch. Players play to win cash and glory. Are you a watcher or a player? Are you a watcher or a player? Are you a watcher or a player? Watch? Play?’

I’m glad you noticed <3 

!!! I thought that they would be good friends the first time I saw seung gil too ;v;
doggo buddies !!!

@osnapitzhanaa ajdfgfjkg I misread the eyebrow part but that’s amazing

eros and doggo buddies <3

I love seung gil lee and his doggo!!! the second-to-last panel is my favorite hahah

@novocaine-sea awww, I’m glad you liked it!!

@perdizzion thank you so much ;v;


1/5 back to school 2017 masterposts

school is starting soon (or has already started) and i also wanted to somehow thank you guys for 7k in a way other than the usual blog rate or blog awards. keep a look out for the other 4!

this is a collab with @studyruels. his masterpost is on making an aftetschool routine which you can check out here!

now, i’m naturally a morning person. i just am, and i always have been. no matter how late i go to bed my body thinks it’s a great idea to noT sleep in and wake up at 6 am every day (’: here are a few things i do to make it a little easier and enjoy my mornings!

1. GO TO BED EARLY. this is honestly a no brainer but STOP SPENDING HOURS ON YOUR PHONE WTH like it’s so harmful for your eyes and your mind and your brain and your body will thank you in the morning when your eyes aren’t burning with exhaustion. 

1.a. when i decided to stop being an irresponsible smol child who tried to stay up every night, i started setting alarms for going to sleep. so like at 9:00 (ok ik thats pretty early but thats usually when i go to bed), or maybe that’ll be like 10:00 or 10:30 for you so that you can go to bed around 11. but anyways, when you hear this alarm, it’s time to get off of your phone or laptop (-: send your gn streaks and texts, close insta (log out if u have to), and shut it all down. soon after, you will start to notice how tired you actually are without all that blue light distracting you !!!

2. read! this is a personal favorite just because i’m a huge nerd but reading right before bed is just killing 2 birds with one stone: you’re exercising your mind and subconsciously improving your writing skills (vocabulary and grammar) while making yourself very tired!! if you think reading, especially at night, is boring, you aren’t reading the right books for you.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. prepare yourself for the morning so it seems less dreadful. OPEN YOUR BLINDS BEFORE BED JUST DO IT OMG you will wake up with the sun. do a little miniclean of your room before bed so you’re not waking up to yesterday’s disaster. make your coffee the night before and leave it in the fridge if you like it iced in the morning. plan out what you’re going to wear tomorrow, as well as your lunch. shower (so u sleep better and/or dont have to do it in the morning) and brush your teeth. pamper yourself. set up fairy lights. just do anything that will cause you to wake up and go “jeez glad i did that last night; now i have more time and peace of mind”. 

4. find something to look forward to in the morning. this might be going to get coffee or tea with a friend in the morning, getting to wear the cute outfit and eat the delicious lunch that you prepped last night, or remembering that you’re going to see a movie after school. whatever it may be, let it motivate you to get up and start your day as soon as possible. 

5. turn off/disable snooze. do it. if your alarm app can’t do this, install an app that can. i also like to set up my alarm so that i have to do some challenging mental math to turn it off. 

5.a. make your alarm something that will cause you to get up. it doesn’t necessarily have to be something really annoying. it can be something upbeat and light that puts you in a good mood for the day. however, if you’re a really heavy sleeper then you might want to make it some obnoxious and loud sound so that you will be motivated just to get out of bed and turn it off. 

6. put your phone across the room. we’ve all heard of this one but most of us are too lazy to do it. at night, when you whip out that book, log off all your social media and then put your phone somewhere so far that you’ll have to physically get out of bed and turn off the alarm.

7. make your bed suit your aesthetic. this derives from the basic “make your bed” tip. sure, you can make your bed, and sure, it might motivate you to not get back in. but if you really struggle with this, buy one of those prepackaged bed sets that has a nice color scheme. once you make your bed, you’re not going to want to ruin that aesthetic tbh

8. keep a consistent sleep schedule, even on the weekends!! i’m not saying you have to wake up at 6 am even on saturdays, but don’t go from waking up at 6 to waking up at 12. maybe push your wake up time to 8:30 or 9 latest on the weekends. as you get used to waking early (and sleeping early, too!) you can slowly push back your weekend wake up time earlier and earlier until it’s almost identical to the time you wake up when you have school.

i hope this helps! good luck with this school year, everyone!

You all: Spider-man Homecoming was so good! But we should have gotten a Miles Morales movie :( but Tom holland is SOOO cute and we FINALLY got a perfect peter Parker movie that really understands him!!!

People that read Ult. Spider-man: Homecoming ripped many crucial elements of Miles Morales’ story off to give to Peter in an attempt to make the story fresh and new. By doing this, Marvel could still have a revised take on a modern day spidey story but also play it safe by casting a white boy in the lead, even if that means glossing over the things that made Peter Parker an interesting character in the first place. But now when Miles’ story is adapted to the big screen, core aspects that are unique to his character and lore won’t feel as iconic, because we just saw them in Peter’s latest movie. But Tom Holland is likable enough to stop people from acknowledging these issues so Marvel can have its cake and eat it too

you all again:

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I don'tknow if you already answered this but do you have any anime recommandation?

i’ve never been asked for anime recommendations in my inbox before usually i just recommend some to ppl that message me or my friends irl but IM ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED TO DO THISSS -

okay here are 15 anime i’ll recommend to you anonie :)

these are in no specific order 

1: Boku No Hero Academia - character develoment? check. Non-neglecting of side characters? check. Bomb af graphics? double check. Loveable best boy? yep yup. Great fandom that collectively hates Mineta? yesh

2: Diamond no Ace - sports anime that actually shows the struggles of different teams? yesss. epic scenes that are so great it could be a meta anime but it still retains the basic functions of baseball? huehue double yes. the mc is such a ball of energy and genuinely wants to be the Ace and has so much development as a character that you honestly start wanting him to get that number? yes yes yes yes yes

3: Nichijou - one of the greatest work anime has produced. really its so effing hilarious and it really pinpoints the things everybody does in everyday life. like flip a police officer for mistakenly confiscating your boys love manga. accidentally stabbing your thumb with a mechanical pencil, the struggles of ordering at Starbucks or even..

Originally posted by leonardotaku

yeah.. ordinary life ha

4: Magi - a smol baby boy tryna bring peace to the world? check. fucking strong girl that can beat any kind of wild beast there is? heck yeah! magic? yup. loads of backstory that actually makes sense and relates to the arcs? checkity check. villiains that really arent villains and good guys that truly are the bad guys? ho boi yessss. a magical recorder? you got it. also the graphics are great

5: Mob Psycho 100 - another smol baby boy just tryna navigate middle school. blessed with amazing psychic powers but powerless in terms of popularity and friendships. truly such a great anime that teaches a lot of moral stuff and has A M A Z I N G fight scenes. our boy mob is such a freaking god and the art style is very different but so expressive 10/10 would recommend

6: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - [Daily Lives of High School Boys] like nichijou, this is another anime that is at the height of comedy gold. every episode is such meme worthy. the main protag really isnt the main protagonist, so many puns, great side characters, and i cant express how much of a feel good anime this is

7: Bakemono no Ko - okay this is a movie. and when i say this is such a fascinating movie, i mean it. this really smol boy gets adopted by a bear after he runs from home. this big bad bear™ is actually so pure and best dad. the uncles are great and so punny i cant. okay, they also have some really epic sword fights.. i really cant explain this movie without giving spoilers lmao but go watch it if you want, you wont regret it

8: Hunter x Hunter - young fisher-boy and young assassin-boy walk into a hunter exam together, who survives? friendship.. and the newly acquired dads they found along the way [honestly go watch it, i was skeptical at first but i never loved anything more in my life] also the arcs are so monumental, really great plot and friendship!!

9: Yuri On Ice!!! - edgy ice skating and gay couples that reaffirm what love is? check. little smol bean yurio tryna act all mighty and tough? yep. amazing soundtrack? heck yeahh! great characters that in no way hate on homosexuals? you got it. amazing graphics? best boys? well dang, you got it!

10: Shokugeki no Soma - food. food. food wars. great scenes that have food giving you orgasms? basically a sports anime but about food? great mc that really deserves all the love he gets. when they tie a bandana on their forehead, shit is about to get started. food. food. food wars.

11: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - as i write this, i cry. this was so good and i was wary of watching it bc there was/is so much hype around it but alas IT WAS SOO GOOD I CANT. like two brothers? amazing morals? the fact that nothing is as it seems? kickass female characters. alchemy. the hype is real with this one, but its so worth it and i 10/10 would lower you down FMA hell.

12: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - [also known as Reborn!] i found this by mistake and my life really hasnt been the same. mafia story. first few eps are just comedic and really dont tell you jack shit about the storm thats coming afterwards. holy heck, a main character that set standards for how to demolish your enemies? friendship! fight scenes that make you wanna fite anyone? so many powers that actually make sense? checkity check. friendship!!

13: Bungou Stray Dogs - hidden powers that main character doesnt know about? check. good dad dazai. another mafia story. a mafia boy tryna kill the mc because of his powers and dazai has become mc’s dad instead of his [okay i’m trolling lmao] but really this is a great mafia anime. theories. villainous characters that have been blackmailed into being bad.. really it has it all

14: Haikyuu!! - small chibi boy just wants to play volleyball in peace. “i can jump™” meets skyscraper black-haired blue-eyed god who rules the court. [trollingg] but honestly, this has to be one of the most accurate sports anime i’ve watched. spiky main and side characters that are completely adorable and its kinda hard not to get sucked in, but you will

15: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! - gamer dude dies [by mistake] and on his way to the afterlife, he’s given a chance by a goddess to go to another world and defeat the demon king. grants him the possibility of taking any one thing to this new world, my guy picks the goddess [fukin dead] and whoops there ya go lmaoo. but no honestly, its great and funny and the explosion/action scenes are beyond E P I C. also best girl, Megumin, is there so you should def check it out

— obviously these recommended anime are in my opinion. im not some anime god but thanks anon for giving me a reason to finally do this *finger hearts* —

Details about D.Va to Consider

So I realize that there are some things about Korean culture that people might not think of readily, so I wanted to offer a few fun thoughts and tidbits:

  • To recap, Hana Song aka D.Va is a teen World Starcraft Champion from the port city of Busan, famous for its beaches and Buddhist temples
  • At 19 years old, she is old enough drive, but the legal age is 18, so she wouldn’t have had a license for long. Oh, and personal anecdote: The Korean system makes it so that you can attain your driver’s license in three days if you really wanted to. So, I have a license, but I haven’t touched a car since I got the license… which I got in three days…
    • Also, within Korea, Busan is known for its aggressive taxi drivers / drivers in general, aha. I did a day trip with some friends the other day and it was gorgeous, the beach was stunning, but the bus ride was… a little nervewracking…
  • Being from Busan, D.Va should actually have the Busan dialect, which sounds very different from Seoul dialect. Even if she can switch comfortably between the two, if she was raised with the Busan one, it’s probably going to be her default. Here’s an example of the dialect, and here’s an example of D.Va’s Korean voice actress, who is from Busan herself, doing the inflection.
  • Korea has mandatory military service for its men for about two years, which you can fulfill between the ages of 18 and 25. So, unless Overwatch plans to change the system in their world, D.Va is working in a military with this in place.
  • Dunno what Overwatch is going to do with futuristic Busan, but in Korea, if you’re super famous, you’re going to end up on a lot of pizza, fried chicken, cosmetics, and or air conditioner commercials. Each of those are links, but if you want an example of how excessive Korea can get about one person, look at this Kim Yuna compilation. That’s not even all of them - just some of the ones from the year 2016. If D.Va is recognized as a national hero and an idol simultaneously, I wouldn’t be surprised by this kind of treatment.
    • Further, Korean idols are held to a high standard of moral character, as they are expected to be hardworking, positive role models for children and other youths.
    • But seriously, I could write an essay on how celebrity culture / marketing in Korea differs. Heck, I have, for school.

More under the cut since this is getting long:

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The ocean chose you for a reason


narnia week: day five | favorite movie- the voyage of the dawn treader 

so now is not the time to fall to fear’s temptations. be strong. never give in. our world… our narnian lives, depend on it. think of the lost souls we’re here to save. think of aslan. think of narnia.

The whole thing with trying to assign Pennywise as an LGBT icon is just… bad. Like, the Babadook thing was due to Netflix categorizing it in it’s “LGBT Movies,” section and it became a running joke. People made memes and wrote long articles about the experiences of the Babadook to the experiences of a gay person. But AS. A. JOKE. A running joke/sarcasm based off a Netflix error. 

The thing with Pennywise is that the joke over Babadook was seemingly missed and instead it was treated as if the LGBT community randomly assigned Babadook as an actual gay icon. So now what? Every time a monster movie comes out we have to hear about how that’s an LGBTQ icon too? Do we really need that sexual/gender identities as movie monsters list? As if we’re not seen as monsters enough? 

And to make it worse you’re attempting to assign a character as an LGBT “icon” that is featured in an explicitly violent homophobic attack. A character that also homophobically taunts a boy who was seemingly characterized as closeted in the previous adaptation. My goodness.