this movie is also really good

They’re so beautiful. I always had an active dream life and there’s something so profound and wonderful about a movie. It’s so alive. It’s so shared. The thing of sitting in an audience and going into a dreamlike state with several hundred other people that are sharing exactly what you’re feeling is a profound event. To me, it’s simply something that nothing else quite did for me. It also was something I proved after many years of searching for a voice. I did many things in my life, I painted, I played guitar, and wrote and did many things, but it all seemed to come together in making movies – almost accidentally. I was pursuing a career in writing and went to New York to make movies almost out of desperation of finding something that I really felt happy at and all of a sudden I was good at it, really fast. I made my first feature a year and a half after not knowing anything about making a movie whatsoever. So it simply was there and I was there, and we crossed and it was love at first sight between me and movies.
the first miyazaki film i saw probably and it’s so great you guys

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Summary: Two little girls befriend a benevolent forest spirit after moving to a new house in the country. They make trees go and play wooden flutes and there are dust sprites and everything is wonderful and childhood is magical. Also a goat shows up for like five seconds and bleats at the camera and scares the shit out of you for a reason you can’t identify when you’re six and you never quite trust goats again, but that’s not really the movie’s fault, in fairness.

This is such a good movie, you guys. It’s sweet and magical and lovely and they make trees grow and squish dust sprites and ride in a dangerously overloaded moving truck and have adolescent crushes on boys who are awkward and turn out to be sweet and I wanted to be Satsuki so bad when I was little even though I was really Mai. Also there are umbrellas and scenes at the bus stop in the rain and there is a sentient bus-cat hybrid that makes scary noises and doesn’t obey traffic laws but is good and safe because the world is ultimately a good place that doesn’t want to hurt you. Also the girl’s mother is in the hospital and you watch it and think about the time when your own mother was sick even though you barely remember it and it’s kind of just a scary nebulous background to your memories; and you feel better and safer about it because even though Mai and Satsuki’s mother is sick she’s still kind and beautiful like your mother and you know she’s going to be okay like your mother’s okay and someday you will grow up to own a small stuffed totoro and love your mother very much.

Disclaimer: We owned this movie on VHS for as long as I can remember and the version we had was the early English dub distributed by Fox. I’ve never seen the subbed version or the newer Disney dub so I can’t vouch for the quality of the voice acting in either, but honestly of all the movies it would be hard to ruin with a shitty dub this is pretty high on the list; the dialogue is sweet and I have discovered writing this mini-review that I have kind of a weird amount of it memorized considering how long it’s been since I saw this (which is too long and I should watch it immediately) but it’s not really the Point. Any version should serve you fine

Tl;dr: See this movie immediately and then message me and we’ll talk about it because it’s important

List ten favourite characters (one per fandom), then tag ten people.

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1. Bruce Banner (Marvel)

2. Spock (Star Trek)

3. Monroe (Grimm)

4. Gary Bell (Alphas)

5. Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

6. Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

7. Joe Kido (Digimon)

8. Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

9. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

10. Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

Forgot this: I’m tagging at least iloisuus spiccan allassankari bankaikala sartag kichiotp frinia trammelsb ellewritesfiction blueringlady

If you have done this then no need to do it again! I’m just curious. (:

Why Fixer Upper is By Far the Worst Song In Disney History

1. The Trolls are Terrible: They are probably the most unlikable charecters Disney has ever created. Even Frozen fans don’t seem to like them. Their designs are really ugly and they don’t do anything except offer exposition. They even scare the crap out of Elsa when she’s young. Yeah, lets scare the girl who has powers and doesn’t know how to use them. Sounds great

2. The Song is Pointless: We did not need this song. Like at all. It’s also our last song so it ends on a somewhat sour note.

3. The Song Brings the Movie to a Halt: Okay now in a musical, songs must progress the story. Good musicals know this and they do it right. Fixer Upper, however, brings the movie to a complete stop. Yes, In Summer did the same thing but the difference is that it at least serves some purpose: learning about Olaf. 

4. Anna is Literally Dying in this Scene: Anna’s heart is slowly freezing and apparently, the rolls give zero fucks. Yes lets sing a terribly written song instead of helping you try to live. I mean the reason they came to the trolls was so they could help Anna right?

5. They Belittle Kristoff: Now I know this is suppose to be funny but I really don’t find the trolls teasing Kristoff to be funny. Like at all. It’s constant.  They’re his family and they’re basically airing all his dirty laundry.  That’s rude. Yes, it’s suppose to be funny but it comes off as mean spirited to me.

6. The Lyrics: Oh god these lyrics are terrible. But the worst one has to be this:

Re-read these lyrics.

Now yes, this is a movie with an audience that consists of children. Some of them might not listen to the lyrics fully. However, we know kids aren’t that stupid. We know kids ask questions and these lines raise a lot of them. Not to mention that the trolls flat out ignore the fact that Anna is engage and continue to try to pair her off with Kristoff.

Who the hell wrote these lyrics?!

7. Anna Doesn’t Get a Say: The trolls not just ignore Kristoff but Anna doesn’t seem to have any say in this at all. They never ask for her opinion nor do they seem to wait for her to give one.

I know people may think I’m focusing too much on this but I just cannot stand this song and I hate how this is the last song in the movie. Did you really want to end with this massive pile of horse dung?

Dating Jinyoung would include...
  • Him randomly giving you backhugs, wrapping his arms around your waist
  • Him reading a book to you in English 
  • Cuddling up on the couch, sitting on his lap while you both read a book together
  • Sleeping facing each other, with him gazing at your face adoringly
  • Pillow talks with him - it would be sometimes cute, nonsense chatter but also at times serious
  • Him cooking breakfast for you in bed, and eating it together - and it would actually taste really good
  • Discussing your favourite books and movies
  • Him trying a lame, cheesy pickup line on you 
  • “If you were a booger, Y/N, I’d pick you first.” - he’d say, laughing at your reaction
  • Asking him to re-enact the Heartbreaker dance for you, and he groans  
  • Him calling you aegi, or baby
  • Walking into your house only to find everything dark, except the living room, which has candles shaped into a heart and Jinyoung in the middle, holding a bunch of flowers; the most cheesy, but romantic events.
  • You getting jealous because Jinyoung shows so much affection to Mark
  • “Baby, you’re like a dictionary - you add meaning to my life.”
  • Passionate make-out sessions, your lips molding together
  • Slow, gentle and romantic sex with him peppering kisses all over you

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Seriously though, this movie is actually really clever.

I love the idea of a secret invasion taking place, and how all these aliens/pod people have infiltrated everything from news channels to grocery stores. They are like Changelings, cunning, vicious and ruthless. I love it!

Besides the work of director John Carpenter always feels personal, original, and has a lot of punch. Even when the technical aspects are limited (the masks of the aliens are so obviously just masks) he manages to make it work so that it doesn’t break your suspension of disbelief. Also the acting is really good, especially from the two protagonists, Keith David and Roddy Piper, who have the most brutal and entertaining fist fight I’ve seen in a while.

It makes me a bit sad to say that I discovered this movie after Roddy Piper’s death, and it feels quite bittersweet to see his talent now that I know he’s no longer with us. But I guess that’s not really a bad thing. He is still in this movie, his performance will be remember, and his sentencing one liner will always be quoted.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to go outside and see what else these glasses reveal. This is going to be fun.

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A descendants AU where Nico is a son of a that guy from princess and the frog the one who used the dead (idk his name )and Will is a son of Cinderella and her prince or whoever you think is best

Okay, so this is reeeally late but in my defence - I don’t really watch Disney movies so I had to watch The Princess and the Frog as I had no idea who this guy that uses the dead is, and also to think of some kind of good plot. (I might have failed with the latter.) 

Also, The Princess and the Frog is about the 20s of XX century (I might have made a small research) and Cinderella is into some sort of magical medieval world but for this story, let’s pretend that they’re in one universe. 

Nico couldn’t help but gasp as he entered the big palace. He hadn’t seen, let alone been to, such a big and beautiful place before. As a son of one of the most hated persons in the world, there weren’t a lot of opportunities for him to do so. Almost everyone knew who his father, Facilier, or as he liked to call himself, Doctor Facilier, was. The truth is, he wasn’t any doctor at all. He was an ordinary, but evil nonetheless, bokor. People called him Shadow Man because of his ‘powers’ and when they heard his name, they didn’t stay around much to hear the rest of it. Nico knew this better than anyone, learning it the hard way. 

As a small child, Nico was left to his mother’s cares. However, when Maria di Angelo had gotten very sick and unable to take care of both of them, his father has appeared in his life. He took the child with him. But his intentions were never good. Most of his life, Nico hadn’t seen anything different than misery and hatred. While he lived with his mother, he didn’t know why people threated him, both of them, this way but when he had met his father, everything had became clear.

 Needless to say, despite what most people thought of it, Nico hated his father’s way of living, hated him. But there was nothing he could do about it. That was until his 18th birthday had came. Already on age and fully able to take care of himself, the boy had turned against his father’s dark plans. It hadn’t been easy at first but eventually he had managed to get free from Facilier’s control and continue on his own. However, everywhere he went, people ran from him when they heard who his father was. Eventually, the boy learned to either shrug it off somehow, or tell that both of his parents were dead when being asked. 

Nico shook his head at the memories of his past as he stepped further in the palace. It was all different now. He had to try hard but he had eventually managed to settle down after he had traveled on his own for a while. Now this Kingdom was far, far away from where he had came from. He doubted that his father would come this far which meant he was safe here. Even if people have heard of the Shadow Man, they probably wouldn’t know he had a son. Nico could finally life his life happily. And it started with tonight. 

There was a big palace at the Kingdom. The KIng and Queen’s son was ready to get married, at the age of nineteen, so his parents were organising a big ball in his honor. Nico wasn’t really used to big crowds and lots of people around him, they somehow made him feel uncomfortable, but he had decided that he wanted to be, he was another person now. So here he was, entering the Great Hall. 

Another gasp came out of his lips before he could stop it. It wasn’t like Nico to run out of words but this time, he really couldn’t find words to describe his surroundings. The hall was indeed ‘Great’. It was at least ten or more times bigger than any ‘home’ Nico ever had. Taking a central place at the other end of it, there were two thrones, for the King and the Queen, along with a smaller one, for the Prince. All around, there were tables for the guests, covered in white and with  the same big, blue ribbons that were holding the curtains to the big French windows and terraces. In the center of the hall, of course, was the dancefloor. Nico never took a real interest in women’s dresses or clothes in general, mostly wearing what he could afford or find, but this time he had to admit, everyone looked stunning. All the couples were dressed in gorgeously-looking clothes and were dancing around two figures - the King and the Queen. Even Nico had heard their story. How at first the Queen was from a very poor family but then, one day she went on a ball in the very same palace and he life changed forever after losing her shoe. He had always thought that it was ridiculous and maybe a little made up but now, standing there, something told him it was all true. Even after so many years of being together, the couple still looked incredibly in love with each other. After staring at them for some more, Nico decided it was time for him to go find somewhere to sit. 

It was already past midnight when Nico decided he needed some fresh air. Despite his previous doubts, the ball had turned out to be really good actually. He had met some people around his age, even started a few friendships. Of course, he never really mentioned who his father was. He didn’t dance much, he rarely ever did, but nonetheless, it was a magical night. And it would continue this way. 

However, there were a lot of dissapointed young, and not so young, ladies, because the Prince hadn’t showed much through the whole evening. No one seemed to know where he was most of the time but there were rumours that he already had someone or that he had decided to hide on purpose. Nico didn’t know for sure but he also didn’t cared much about it. He wasn’t there because some kind of royalty was ready for marriage and in search of a bride. 

After excusing himself from a conversation with a girl, named Hazel, and her fiance Frank, Nico made his way towards one of the terraces. Hazel and Frank were really nice but he needed some time alone, aside from all the people. After trying, and failing, a few times, Nico finally found an empty terrace. The cold air hit him when he went out but he couldn’t care less. It was fresh and it cleared his thoughts. 

The boy was just getting comfortable when the door suddenly opened. Nico wasn’t one to sneak but he really wanted to be left unseen. So he made something that he hated. He merged with the shadows. This was some kind of inheritance from his father. Nico couldn’t say he was proud of it but it did helped him sometimes. Like now. 

He quietly stood in one of the dark corners as a figure slowly went out of thew crowded hall and went to lean on the railing, breathing deep. At first Nico had felt uncomfortable and out of place with his simple clothes. However, the man that was now standing before him looked even worse. His clothes were old and worn out. They were covering him in a way that made him almost unrecognizable. Yet, the way he was standing, his movements, it all made Nico think something was wrong here. Without much thinking, he slowly left his hiding spot, approaching the stranger. He looked young, around his age. There were golden locks of hair, going out of under his old hat. The same locks the Queen had.

Nico had probably took in a deeper breath or something because the next thing he knew was that the stranger jumped and turned around to look at him, blue eyes, locking with his brown ones. The other one didn’t seem very pleased that he was being watched. 

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” managed to say Nico. 

“How did you get here? I didn’t hear the door opening.” said the other one. 

“I was here earlier.” answered Nico. 

“Impossible.” argued the stranger.  “I would have seen you.” 

“Everyone has their secrets, Your Highness.” said Nico, holding the blonde’s gaze, daring him to argue. He did not. Instead, he let out a heavy sigh, returning his gaze toward the gardens that were revealed under the terrace. 

“Congratulations, you found out.” he said, his voice low and… did he sound sad? “Now you can go and tell everyone where have I been all this time. I’m sue they’ll be happy to know…” he removed his hat and threw it away, fully revealing his shaggy blonde hair. 

“I..” Nico started, moving to lean on the railing next to the Prince without realising it. “I wouldn’t tell them!’ he said. “Why should I?” 

This seemed to confuse the Prince who, once again, turned his blue eyes towards Nico. 

“You wouldn’t?” he asked. “But… why?” 

“I don’t see a single reason to do so.” said Nico simply as it was the most obvious thing. “You don’t want to be seen obviously. So why should I reveal it? I won’t win anything. Becides…” he took a deep breath, knowing that he was now entering dangerous waters. “I know what it is to be trying to hide something.” 

The other one looked at him for a while, then suddenly snorted as he turned his gaze to the gardens once more. 

“I doubt you’ll know what I feel. Being a Prince, everyone wants something from me. Everyone wants to dance, or talk with me. I should be the perfect person, never to dissapoint anyone. One day, I’ll be a king and I should act like one. My needs are not important.” 

Nico couldn’t help but roll his eyes. 

“Really? Then what are you doing here?” he asked half-amused, half-annoyed. “Why are you not inside, where you are expected to be, Perfect boy, rather than standing there, with those clothes,” the dark-haired boy pointed at the Prince’s clothes, “and talking with me? Believe me, I know what it is to have a rough life. At least you have a family and somewhere to stay at, right? Well, some of us don’t.” 

A part of Nico was telling him that he should have shutted his mouth, he had said too much, but in this exact moment, he couldn’t care about it. The Prince also looked confused. He opened his mouth a few times but nothing came out.

“I-I’m sorry.” finally said the Prince. “I didn’t mean to upset you with this.” he let out a small, humourless laugh. “I’m just being selfish.” 

“Sure you are.” muttered Nico without looking at the other boy. If he had heard it, he didn’t said anything about it. 

For a while, the two of them went silent, the only sounds being from the big hall behind them and the night creatures. It was a comfortable silence, Nico thought. They were just two strangers, sharing each other things, about life, no matter of their social statue or their orgins. 

“I just don’t want to be there.” the Prince finally said. “I don’t-I don’t want to find a bride. But you see, I couldn’t tell this to my parents, not after all their hopes for me to find someone.” 

“So you decided to run away?” asked Nico, softer than before. The Prince nodded. 

“I just couldn’t go there and pretend that everything is alright when it’s not.” 

“Look,” said Nico as he took a deep breath. “From where I come, my desires were also always put on second place. But unlike me, your parents would understand you, I believe. Everyone knows the story of the shoe of true love and all…” he trailed off and both of them smiled. 

“Thank you.” said after a while the Prince, smiling at Nico. “Maybe you’re right. I’ll have to talk with them and face the consequences. I should be myself, no matter who is happy with me and who is not.” 

Nico only nodded. 

“I think it’s time for me to return already.” said Nico after a while. “Good luck.” 

“Hey, you would not turn into a pumpkin or something, right?” asked the Prince, amused. Nico rolled his eyes but smiled anyways. 

“Who knows.” He turned around and was already halfway to the door when he heard a voice behind him. 

“I hope we will meet again.” the blonde spoke. It made the shorter boy stiffen. People rarely talked to him, let alone, wished to see him again. 

“Me too.” he quietly answered, the feeling unfamiliar to him. Then, without any other words, he left the terrace, leaving the Prince alone. 

After two or three hours, Nico was sitting with Hazel, Frank and some of their friends on a table, talking. He was already really tired from the whole evening and wanted to go to sleep. However, he was really starting to feel comfortable around those people, to feel like maybe, just maybe, he had found a place to stay. That’s when someone tapped him on the shoulder. Confused, he turned around only to be met with a pair of blue eyes. But this time there was some kind of glint in them… nothing like the sadness from before. 

“I never learned your name.” said the Prince softly. He has changed his clothes, Nico realised. He was now wearing robes, worthy for a royalty, nothing like those before. 

“Nico.” answered the shorter boy when he finally found his voice again. If the Prince looked handsome before, now he was gorgeous. 

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Nico.” answered the Prince. “I’m-” 

“Prince William.” finished Nico for him. He was suddenly very aware that all eyes were on them. 

“Just Will.” corrected him… well, just Will. “Would you like to have a dance?” he asked. 

“I-I don’t think it is a good idea.” answered Nico. Everyone was watching them and most of the couples were already settled down, only a few still moving slowly on the dancefloor. 

“That’s a pity.” said Will. “Because I never had the opportunity to dance and you know, this ball is about me.” 

Nico wasn’t very sure what happened next but he found himself nodding and slowly taking the offered hand. Soon enough, he and Will were part of the few still dancing couples. No one dared to say anything about thembut Nico knew that there were still people watching them. After finally arriving, the Prince had decided to dance with no other but just an ordinary boy he had just met. Of course, no one knew the last bit. 

“So, is this who you truly are?” asked Nico after a while. 

Will laughed softly. 

“Only a small part of it.” he answered. 

“I can’t wait to see the rest.” said Nico as he followed him around the hall. 

Okay, so after answering this request, now my ask box is finally empty. This means, feel free to send me new prompts, everyone! 

Also, sorry for the mistakes. I’m really tired but wanted to write it tonight. 

rojuuimdesigns asked:

can you recommend me some good fashion documentaries? idc if it's about certain fashion houses, the industry as a whole or how things are made. Do you know any good movies in general that aren't super wellknown? please help!

Own Visionaries: Tom Ford(My Fave), Diana Vreeland: The Eye Must Travel, Lagerfeld Confidential, In Vogue Editor’s Eye, The secret World Of Haute Couture, Valentino The Last Emperor, Signé Chanel, The September Issue, Yves Saint Laurent, McQueen and I, L’Amour Fou, Bill Cunningham New York(love this man)

Also Picture Me and Unglamourous, for modeling…

But the most important for me right now it is The True Cost… really emotional, frightening and eye opening. Just watch this one, please…

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I'm trying to broaden my taste in movies so you can just suggest some movie you like! I also have a movie blog where I post stills so movies you think that'd be good for that as well!

euo has a list of movies on her blog that are really good and she used to post screenshots from films, if my followers know any other blogs that post them pls reply

films i recommend :
closer, electrick children, clue, wet hot american summer (the movie not the tv show), nightmare on elm street, scream, 10 things i hate about you, donnie darko, boyz n the hood, kill bill, the basketball club, candy, it follows, american beauty, amelie, clueless, ferris buellers day off, bring it on, bring it on all or nothing, bring it on fight to the finish, forrest gump, inglorious basterds, moonrise kingdom, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, pulp fiction, from dusk till dawn, breakfast club

please feel free to reply any other recommendations

Reasons why you should watch American Ultra
  • Actual positive representation of panic attacks (Wow!)
  • Kristen Stewart
  • The Laugher
  • Genuine, actual human reactions to situations
  • Heart-breaking performance by Walton Goggins
  • Witty writing, not leaning on any kind of sexualization of derogatory comments to any of the characters
  • Kristen Stewart getting rad as fuck lines, being a badass and not being sexualized in the film
  • Jesse Eisenburg being adorably confused through most of the movie but also incredibly fucking cool at the end trust me it’s cool as shit
  • Go see it for Kristen Stewart if anything she has an incredible range in this movie like she did really well

Overall just a really good and satisfying movie please go see it immediately 

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the trouble video is obviously fake

There’s nothing “fake” about the video. The video is real, the video shows the real Andrew Scott and it really happened. 

Now, if you were referring to the fact that it’s STAGED, I would have said yes, you’re right. Because it most certainly is. They’re practicing between takes and having a little fun with it. A check up on the source posted with the video would have cleared that up. It was posted by the movie twitter itself and Mr. John Butler, who’s movie Andrew Scott is starring in (also the one from The Stag) retweeted it as well. I really doubt they’d post something like that on Twitter if it was really Andrew getting in a fight with someone. John and him are good friends, so yeah. 

Is it fake? No. Is it set up and staged? Yes. :)

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hey Brooke! so there are lots of people that dislike bollywood because they copy other movies and even with their songs but its sad that people completely write off bollywood as some wannabe hollywood :/ i'll watch a bollywood movie trailer and half the comments saying "oh another copy movie" not everything is copied, there are also some great original movies too idk why people can't see that?

The thing that really cracks me up is when an official remake comes out and everyone is like, “Oh it’s a copy of X movie!” It’s like……no. That’s not how it works! They bought the rights! All of this is totally legal and above board and there’s nothing wrong with it!

I love the saying “Good artists borrow, great artists steal” because there’s very little out there that’s actually original. How many movies are essentially just retellings of Romeo & Juliet? The skeleton of a story can be exactly the same, but once you add the flesh, it looks totally different. Making a movie is a combination of so many different art forms coming together, and the story is just one of those art forms. You could give three directors the exact same story, and in the end you’d have three completely different films.

It’s okay to be critical of Bollywood, because you should always try to better something you love. But people should focus more on what it’s doing right, especially now. I think it was Shabana Azmi who said that India is a country that is living in several different centuries at once, with different sets of values and hundreds of languages and cultural variations. It’s not easy to make movies that appeal to such a diverse audience, especially not when Hollywood is nipping at your heals, essentially trying to take over the world and kill all regional film industries. Bollywood has sustained itself despite Hollywood’s cultural imperialism, and it’s even thrived. And yes, it’s difficult to find a balance between conservative values and more progressive ideas that have become more prevalent in society. That’s how you end up with awkward sex scenes. They’ll figure it out though, and in the meantime people should be more supportive of those efforts.

disneymagicman asked:

What are some other great Batman animated films like Under the Red Hood?

Most of DC’s animated films are actually pretty good, with the exception of their more recent movies (unfortunately their quality has really gone downhill over the past few years). I highly recommend:

  •  Mask of the Phantasm (tie-in with B:TAS)
  • Under the Red Hood
  • The Dark Knight Returns Part II and Part II
  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
  • Justice League: Doom (Batman plays a huge role in it)
  • Batman: Year One
  • Gotham Knights
  • Assault on Arkham

But I’d also like to suggest checking out some of their non-Batman animated works, like Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Superman: Doomsday. :D

Seven for the Win

I did put my laundry away, and then washed more. There is a book series for young adults The Pretties, where they take off their clothes and put them in a thing that just makes new clothes. I need this now.

Sunday is family gym day. I really love it when we all go.

I want to go to the gym early Monday and Friday. Do you think I can actually accomplish this?

I just wasted two hours of my life watching a horrible movie.

I don’t want to go to work, I might hate my job .

I never feel good enough, ever.

I also never give up.


Some great points made in the recent interview with Q.Tarantino:

(Vulture) Do you still write your scripts by hand?

Let me ask you a question: If you were going to try to write a poem, would you do it on a computer?

(Quentin Tarantino) That’s true. I wouldn’t.

You don’t need technology for poetry.

About “beautiful” actors:

Part of that is the explosion of David O. Russell’s talent, which had always been there but really coalesced in that movie. I think he’s the best actor’s director, along with myself, working in movies today. And The Fighter had impeccable casting. As an example, I really liked The Town, which also came out in 2010. It was a good crime film. However, next to The Fighter, it just couldn’t hold up, because everybody in The Town is beyond gorgeous. Ben Affleck is the one who gets away with it, because his Boston accent is so good. But the crook is absolutely gorgeous. The bank teller is absolutely gorgeous. The FBI guy is absolutely gorgeous. The town whore, Blake Lively, is absolutely gorgeous. Jeremy Renner is the least gorgeous guy, and he’s pretty fucking good-looking. Then, if you look at The Fighter, and you look at those sisters, they’re just so magnificent. When you see David O. Russell cast those sisters, The Sisters in The Fighter and you see Ben Affleck cast Blake Lively, Blake Lively in The Town you can’t compare the two movies. One just shows how phony the other is.

About being an angry young person:

I probably am mellowing. I’m happy about that. I was a pretty angry young man, but if I were angry now, it’d be like, What the fuck is my problem? I’ve got a really terrific life. It’s so rare to be an artist in my position. How can I get mad at anything? I get irritated, but I have mellowed. Life’s too short.

Headcanon #6

America doesn’t know much about pop culture. Growing up, she rarely had a television or a chance to sit down and watch an entire movie. Also, she is not extremely good at reading anything heavier than a magazine.

The Young Avengers —mostly Billy— tried to teach her what they considered to be the basic and more important franchises. However, America turned out to be extremely hard public.

“That’s not how medieval worlds work, Kaplan!”

“You really can’t do that in space…”

“This is stupid, I bet you I could beat Godzilla with two kicks”

“That’s not what dinosaurs look like!”

“They both fitted on the door!”

Billy, however, has his collection of favorite moments. Like when she audibly gasped in the Darth Vader revelation or when she teared up a little by the end of The Breakfast Club (of course nobody talked about it).