this movie is absolutely gorgeous

I saw A Monster Calls about a week or so ago and it’s still on my mind. It’s such a brilliant movie with gorgeous animation, design, and story. I love it so much! Such an inspiring movie!  

Also made this my first print available on Society6 

“What if there’s an alternate universe where Thomas Sangster is just a normal average guy who likes movies and books while you’re the famous gorgeous actress he’s absolutely crazy about?”

He would be on Tumblr, reading fanfictions and being so addicted like me right now.

Six Movies I Can Watch Anytime

I was tagged by the lovely @ashzombie13 😘

I love a lot of movies so this was very hard but I did it!!

1: The Lost Boys

I watch this move religiously. These hot motorcycle riding vamps were my first crushes. Who doesn’t love a bad boy?😏 (Star is also gorgeous af) but seriously, this movie is amazing. My absolute favorite!!

2: White Chicks

This movie is an absolute comedic classic. I’ve watched it probably a million times and it never gets old. I’m also guilty of quoting it quite often.

3: Captain America Movies

Captain America has always been my favorite superhero. Give me some popcorn, an iced coffee, comfy clothes, and I can spend an entire day watching these movies over and over again.

4: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey

LISTEN! These movies are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I can’t even fathom how amazingly funny and awesome they are.

5: Hocus Pocus

A childhood classic that I still absolutely love to this day. These witches are amazing, and don’t even argue with it.

6: The Losers

Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Idris Elba? OVARY EXPLOSION. Seriously though, this is a great action movie with some comedy thrown in there and it’s really awesome!

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Kong: Skull Island mini-review

-It was fun, very very enjoyable.
-Strong human element this time unlike Godzilla 14.
-Absolutely beautiful movie, gorgeous shots throughout the entire movie, I could gush about all the visuals for hours. It was incredibly stylish.
-Licensed song usage was good.
-Score was great and memorable, Colonel Packard’s little theme was really nice to hear throughout the flick.
-References to Godzilla throughout were appreciated and not hamfisted which is cool.
-The action, human and monster, were spectacular.

-Pacing was a little off at times.
-Packard’s motivation was kinda thin.
-Editing was weird at times and not necessarily due to it being so stylish.
-Script was odd and a handful of the dialogue didn’t fit.

I’m sure I’ll think of more cons later tho.

All in all very solid improvement over Godzilla ‘14, I liked a bit more even. This is how the MonsterVerse should be.

Also the end credits scene was lovely.

We just watched one of the best animated films I’ve seen.

“Song of the Sea”

It’s an Irish animated tale about selkies, the fae, a family and stories. Oh and of course, music and tragedy because Irish. Seriously, see this movie. It’s absolutely gorgeous with a good story to boot. It is currently on Amazon Prime streaming.

I may also have enjoyed it because Mac Lir and Macha were in it but hey…


For C&CS, I’m currently working on an essay on Song of the Sea animated movie. This work is highly personal for me, because the movie reflects my personal perception of the world, views on the position of folklore in contemporary life, and the nostalgic feeling of childhood. The visual side of the movie is also of a great interest to me, and I’ve already started copying the technique to understand it better.

The thing is, that the fairy tale is fading away nowadays. Most people do not consider it a part of their life, and are more oriented to the future than to the past. So, the folklore is being forgotten. But looking closer at it, besides my personal interest, i see that remembering it is essential for a culture and particular human. And I admire Tomm Moore, for he dared to make the movie based on such idea, and he made it absolutely gorgeous. He really showed everyone, that the folk heritage is still alive, he made it interesting to children and adults. And that was a great risk for him and his studio, because normally such movies are not very popular. But the great popularity of it has shown, that folklore still has a potential as a theme in popular contemporary culture.

Here is the text of my Pecha Kucha presentation, with pictures, in which I summarised shortly all the key points of my research.

Movie Scores I like
  • Ghibli(Specifically Kiki + Ponyo)
  • Inside Out(esp. the main theme)
  • The new Little Prince movie(esp. Preparation, Equation, Parachutes, escape, ah shit nvm I love that whole soundtrack)
  • Heathers Movie(just Martha Dumptruck + Forest Chase mostly, they really stuck out to me)
  • That sorta opening music in Saint Young Men that plays at the amusement park

I’ll add more later but for the time being i don’t watch a lot of movies

monsieurlapin  asked:

Lardo, Alicia, and Georgia :)

(women of check please meme)

Lardo: What’s your favourite way to unwind after a long day?  

Taking my bra off, swallowing two Robaxacet, and sinking into bed. :D

Alicia: What’s your favourite movie and why?

Ummmmmm… a movie I really like is Ever After, which has absolutely gorgeous sets and costumes.

Georgia: What are you top three goals in life?

IDK about generally, but right now my top goals for 2017 are to set up shop as a psychologist and make an actual adult wage, to start fencing again, and to afford/take singing lessons.

Prince of Egypt Appreciation Week Day Seven: Character Appreciation 2


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Okay so it’s no secret that I adore Yocheved (just look at my icon for Pete’s sake). Even though I love her, this list is going to be a bit short because she’s not in the movie for a very long time. And as always, feel free to add your own!

Reasons why I love Yocheved:

1. Her singing in Hebrew to baby Moses, breaks my heart every time.

2. Hands down, she has the best character design in the whole movie. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Again, like Tzipporah, they didn’t give her European features which is great.

3. Her eyes are so expressive, the sadness in them is gut wrenching.

4. She’s just wearing regular women’s clothing for the time but she makes it look like a fashion statement. You go girl!

5. When she grabs Aaron out of the way to protect him from being seen by the Egyptian soldiers.

6. You can tell that she loves her children more than anything and she only has a few minutes of screen time.


8. The tear that runs down her cheek that’s so heartbreaking.

9. She has so much faith and strength. She sets her son adrift in the river, possibly to die, to try and save his life. To be able to send him off like that, she has to have so much faith that he will be okay and the strength to give him up. She does all this while caring for her other two children who are incredibly young themselves.

10. Her singing the line “Deliver us,” at both the beginning and the end of the movie. Just perfect!

Please add your own if you have any! Thank you! This week has been awesome! Special thanks to @somehow-you-will for organizing all this!

i swear to gods Pixar
  • me one week ago : hey The Good Dinosaur looks pretty great but meh maybe i won't watch it because they probably put the most beautiful scenery moments in the trailer