this movie is a work of art

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What would it be like to go on a date with mj or ned?

MJ: you guys probably go to museums together and make fun of the art work.
Trips to bookstores together.
Coffee Dates!!!
Record shop dates!!!

Ned takes you to the movies for your first date.
Going to Conventions together.
Being a grade A nerd with him.

~Mod Lillian

2017 Creation Tag Game

@writingsofawaywardnerd BEGGED me to rank my memes in this so here we go

rules: it’s time to love yourselves! choose your 5 favorite works you’ve created this year (fics, art, edits, etc!) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world in 2017. tag as many writers/artists/etc as you want (fan or original!) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works.

5. this technichally isn’t a meme but i’m super roud of it okay. i started the calogan ship and even named it. it started off as a joke but within a day it wasn’t a joke anymore and after i saw the movie it DEFINITELY wasn’t a joke anymore. here’s a thing that @tomhortons made she also predicted the deleted umbrellla scene before the movie even came out

4. tycutio hate. while technichally not a meme, i did make a lot of memes based off of it, resulting in a bunch of 23 year-old women blocking me because i was putting memes in their homophobic hate porn tag.

3. mr. gay. i ruined an entire mario discord with hundreds of people in it using just two images where i edited mr l’s speech box to make it say “i’m gay” and people thought it was real. when someone said “maybe he meant he was happy” i quickly made an ‘i love men" one.

2. i’ve made so many gnomeo and juliet memes that it should just be its own category of media at this point. i love them all.

1. WHAT IS THE DEAL?! Why are all you fan-girls trying to turn me into an ask meme?! god. my proudest fucking moment. the peasley rant meme, originating from a christian lady in her 20s on deviantart, made it all the way to memedocumentation. i’m even going to make a live action version in march. this is my meme baby.

anyways any of u who make legitimate content should totally do this lmao bye


“That day when the stars came falling. 
It’s almost as if a scene from a dream.
Nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view.

- Your Name


Positive Weekly Aesthetics

Monday: New week, new motivation, a pile of finished homework and a nicely organised pencil case. A clean, fresh bullet journal spread and empty to-do lists. Your outfit is ready for you when you wake up, prepared the night before. 

Tuesday: Getting into the rhythm, your favourite tunes and morning runs. Your journal starts to fill up, cute drawings decorating the pages. The world seems slow, the week long as it has just started; yet it is chaotic at the same time.

Wednesday: Hump day. Early morning coffee and messy lecture notes, sticky notes with reminders and to-do lists, scribbling on white boards and collapsing in bed with blankets and a good book after a long day, the distant sound of rain hitting your windows.

Thursday: Grabbing brunch with friends and laughing at old memories, green smoothies and almond croissants. Friendly curious talks with your teachers and professors. Working on an assignment due weeks away and watching a movie by the fireplace.

Friday: Looking forward to the weekend, early morning study and typed notes. Going through colourful flashcards at a local cafe, friendly smiles and latte art. Going out at night and loud music blasting through your ears, walking home with friends under the cool air and peaceful stars.

Saturday: Green tea and cold water, warm showers and sleeping in. Readings and PowerPoints, looking out into the busy streets from your beautiful desk. Getting dressed up, sharp eyeliner wings and meeting with friends, engaging conversations during dinner and later crawling into the warmth and comfort of your bed.

Sunday: Lazy mornings and making pancakes in your pyjamas, finishing homework and getting a head start on next week’s readings. Dancing freely as you clean and organise and being comfortable in your own skin. Watching your favourite TV show at night and going to bed early and ready for next week.

OKAY WOW this took waaay longer than I expected but I’m a lazy bitch so, really, no surprises. I really love the Beyond the Beef quest so I wanted to make Bee the star in a 50s movie poster. I worked super hard on this so I hope yall think its good lmao :’^))

What To Get The Signs For The Holidays

*Check your sun sign, moon sign, venus sign, and 5th house*

Aries: active gear, concert tickets, surprise vacation/trip, expensive items, personalized items, intense and striking fashion (bold colors), sneakers or slip ons, face masks and washes

Taurus: books, vintage items, old novels, record players and vinyls, comfy socks, pajamas, sweaters, home decor, art supplies, classic artists merchandise, instruments

Gemini: gift cards, planners, journals, books, new phone/tablet, pens, colored pencils, sketchbooks, small plants, prank gifts

Cancer: movies, snack sets, candy, chocolates, bath and body sets, robes, sweaters, kitchen ware and decor, jewelry, scented candles

Leo: tickets to shows or movies, fancy clothes and jewelry, gift cards for nails, hair, or spa appointments, expensive chocolates and candies, beauty items

Virgo: books, notebooks, planners, personalized items, home and work appliances (such as for cleaning, cooking, etc), electronic devices, pampering kits/sets, phone essentials (chargers, cases, aux cords, earphones)

Libra: beauty items (makeup, hair products, hair straighteners, curling wands, nail polish, brushes), CDs, band/artist merchandise, arts related items (instruments, paintings, music players, sketchbooks, easels)

Scorpio: psychological thriller movies or books, horror movies or books, dark colored fashion, crystals, tarot or oracle decks, pop culture merch

Sagittarius: books (preferably educational books: foreign languages, science, psychology, cooking,etc, basically go off of their interests), tickets to shows, band/artist merchandise, travel kits and travel gear

Capricorn: home essentials (kitchen utensils, home decor, leggings, blankets, bedroom decor), books, wax warmer and melts, dark eyeshadows and lipsticks, massage and spa treatment gift cards 

Aquarius: journals, salt lamps, incense, crystals, astronomy/astrology related items, fossils, vintage items, posters, paintings, unique fashion

Pisces: metaphysical or religious items, slippers, boots, soft blankets, cardigans, crystals as jewelry, bath salts and bubbles, perfumes, art supplies