this movie is a work of art

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Hey, can we see the oldest piece of art of yours that you still have? I love comparing artist's old work to what they're making now, and your art's so amazing I thought it might be really cool to see where you started out!

Hmm, I have a few that are kept around for some reason :P

Ash and Marona from my Phantom Brave fangirl days c: (2010?)

A tribute to the Moon Boy manwha (2009, omg)

The Little Mermaid movie (not Disney) (2010?)

I started out with lots of fan art! It’s just a neat juxtaposition as I don’t draw much fan art nowadays :c

Best Fic I've Ever Read

Holy fucking shit I just finished this amazing piece of art.

It’s a Drarry Titanic AU- but not really based on the movie (the ending had me sh00k)

Harry’s a magically repressed wizard; he doesn’t even know that he IS one. He’s been raised by the Weasleys after his parents are killed in a factory fire, and has set off to America to see Ginny and marry her, not to mention meeting his son for the first time. Draco’s an aristocrat who has his family after him, trying to kill him. He rushed into marriage with Pansy and got on the Titanic to escape the world of Wizardry in Europe, and start completely over with Pansy’s fortune in America.

This is one of the best, if not THE BEST Drarry fics I’ve read. It’s historically accurate, Harry and Draco are characterized perfectly, and so are the other characters, like Seamus and Pansy were PERFECT.


If you ship Drarry, I beg you to read it. It’s honestly a masterpiece.


Here’s the thing about Dunkirk: It is a work of art. Yes, there is very little dialogue and I’ve heard people complain that the characters weren’t super well developed but that is the point. Soldiers weren’t looked as people and the humanity and innocence that they did have were promptly stolen from them after every horrible event they underwent. Young men who fought in the war were seen as tools of winning and Nolan does such a wonderful job of exploring that idea. He even has an older character in the film refer back to a familiar statement, “War is old men talking and young men dying.” Nolan doesn’t flesh out the characters a ton because he wanted to show the dehumanization soldiers had undergone during war. 

Let’s talk about this motherfucking score by Hans Zimmer because oh boy. Hans Zimmer is my absolute favorite film soundtrack composer for a reason. He just knows how to capture a scene. Because there is so little dialogue, this film relies heavily on the soundtrack and the sound mixing, which were both executed masterfully. The intensity of each scene is highlighted so well by the score and there were moments where I would sit up straight because the score just made me feel so many intense emotions. I do not know who did the sound mixing in the film and I wish I did because it added so much to the film. The clock ticking in the back and the sound of the gunshots, the bombs, and the planes were fantastic. 

This film needs to be seen by everyone. 

i need a pool of players for the #”great” Anime Campaign (Titled: Movie Campaign) I am planning.

 Im looking for between 2/3(if we stay with the same every episode players, not necessarily characters. which would be up to them) or maybe 4/5 (if the player roster changes every once in a while). 

I would like to have everything ready for the first session (a One off probably adding 0 to the universe unless PCs in there become recurring) sometime next month, preferably the weekend of the 25th (with at least one 1-2 hour RP session either that week or something) so that @hellyeahmagicbitch will be able to play,  but if you don’t think that could work I understand.

The one off is Titled “Liable Foci Taunts” and will be based somewhat on old Chinese martial arts movies. DM me if you are interested at:

Ballast McMeme#7488 on Discord

You will need to possess a working mic (as i plan on having it streamed, just working quality doesnt matter)

 I will update this when the spots have been filled.

stolen from @hardboiledheavies

5 things you will find in my bag:

-either computer or tablet (sometimes neither)
-assorted pens and papers
-lined paper notebook for doodles
-leftover food from lunch
-gun (jk jk im only 12 lmao)

5 things you will find in my room:
-bunk bed
-literal horde of old sketchbooks under said bed
-gamer chair which also functions as a clothes hanger
-lots of old avengers and other fandom posters and prints

5 things I have always wanted to do:
-visit Europe and South America
-finish an actual comic for money lmao
-meet my online friends
-work in movies and television
-buy all the birds at the botanical gardens and give them loving homes

5 things that make me happy:
-sonic characters
-all my friendos!!!
-all the birds in the world!!!
-good art
-talking about movies

5 things I am currently into:
-sonic forces hype
-ratchet and clank
-timer timbre

5 things on my to do list:
-turn the script im working on into a proper comic
-survive my undergraduate plan and get into grad school
-buy a PS4
-go to a con dressed as Courtney Gears

anyone who wants to do this, go ahead! please tag me if u do tho!



The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 


Captain Underpants | I read the books when I was little and honestly, never would have thought I’d someday help make the feature! Both the team at DreamWorks and Mikros were some of the most wonderful people I’ve had the fortune of working with and I feel their upbeat energy and passion for the project are evident in the final film! The movie comes out today!! Please go check it out :) and here are a few paintings I did back when we were figuring out the design of the world.

So I just did a post about how I manage my time and my daily schedule and such, and I felt like this part is really important and was getting lost in the minutiae of my day, so I made it a separate post. I was talking about various ways in which my life is not necessarily “normal”, like how I go to bed at 7:30, which people treat as one of my eccentricities, and rightly so. But while it is weird it speaks to the crux of my life philosophy, which I’ve spoken about before as regards dealing with anon hate:

My time and attention are finite resources and they have a value I can bestow where I wish. If something is not necessary to survive, does not solve a problem, or does not provide joy, I stop doing it.

I pay my bills and do my dishes and wash my clothes because you have to do those things. I engage in activism and try to stay current on the news because I believe I have a moral duty to contribute to society, and I run because it’s good for my heart and my body. I have friendships, engage in fandom, play the ukulele, write, go to concerts and movies and art galleries because it brings me joy to do so.

Going to bed early solves a problem for me: I wasn’t doing anything useful with that time anyway, I wasn’t enjoying myself or feeling happy. If I wasn’t getting any benefit from that time, how could I put it to better use? Sleeping is beneficial, so I tried that, and it worked; I get more sleep and I don’t miss anything I can’t catch up with. Work doesn’t make me especially happy or fulfill me in ways we could all wish, but that’s okay. Work is necessary to survive, so I do it. I don’t date much because I tried dating semi-recently and the promise of future joy did not outweigh the lack of joy that dating itself brought to my life; it was painful, ugly, and boring, and so I stopped doing it. 

The dating thing may change in the future, if eventually the promise of a relationship becomes more enticing, but it’s an example of how the pursuit of happiness is non-standard, and you are allowed to weigh the cost against the payoff based on your own personal feelings, not on society’s dictates. Because it turns out when you are doing what makes you happy, when you feel joy, you could give two shits about what everyone else thinks should make you happy. 

Sometimes, what brings me joy is sitting on the couch listening to a podcast I’ve already heard ten times and playing a stupid mindless flash game; I often catch myself thinking “I could be doing something more useful, something cooler, something more active” and remind myself “But this is making me happy, and it’s what I’m capable of doing right now.”

“Does this make me happy” or, if you’re struggling with happiness, “Does this calm and soothe me” is a great metric for what you should be doing in life when you are on your own time. It’s a good way to check in with yourself and lead yourself towards a more fulfilling life on your own terms. 

If you are out at a bar with friends, stop and ask, does this make me happy? Because there is no way in which asking that does not help. If being at a bar doesn’t make you happy and if it’s the only time you see your friends, maybe it’s time for a change; you are now free to pursue something that will make you happy. If being at a bar doesn’t make you happy but your friends do, and this is one way to bond with them of many, then it’s a cost with a later benefit, and you’ve now become conscious that while you aren’t happy right this minute, you are paying into future joy. And if you like being out at a bar with friends and are having a good time, then you’ve reaffirmed to yourself that you are happy and this is where you want to be. And affirming that you are feeling joy is a great thing to do. 

You don’t have to be happy all the time – but on your own time, when work and chores and the duties of the day are done, you should devote yourself to finding joy in whatever form that takes, be it a nap or a party or a date or your kids or, I don’t know, watching people make fake food on YouTube. 

Believing that your time and attention have value and should only be bestowed on the worthy means coming to believe that you have value, which is so hard to do that I’ll take any shortcut I can get. Devoting your time time and attention only to what is necessary or what is pleasurable means learning a great deal about what you value, and I truly believe leads you to a more fulfilled life.

So when people ask me about time management, I have real tips and tricks to offer – but I think the most important think I can offer is the suggestion that whatever time you have, you should believe it has value because it is yours, and you should direct it appropriately. 


Song is Itsumo Nando Demo music box, original from Spirited Away