this movie is a milestone for comedy movies i think

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No, don't you understand? Ghostbusters is a super-serious franchise that deserves more respect than God and our parents combined! I mean, I guess it was kind of silly before, but once they decided to fill it with feminaz--er, women, reviving it suddenly became cultural brain surgery that we all need to be really concerned about... OR ELSE!!!!

The sexist comments are dumb, and some of the critiques are silly or I don’t agree with them entirely, but there are some legit criticisms too. Granted, the huge backlash is really silly, but that doesn’t mean everyone who doesn’t like it is some sexist asshole. Not that I think that’s what you’re saying here, just something I’ve noticed in a lot of the GB discussion.

And while women being the leads does not determine whether it’s a good movie or not, I think it’s very important culturally. It’s so rare to get an action/horror/non-romantic comedy with female leads, and leads that are of all different body types and aesthetics, who are allowed to be loud or ugly or silly. It’s a huge milestone, I think, and something I’m glad for, even if it turns out the movie is a giant, steaming turd. 

Wanna know what my biggest gripes about the trailers are (mostly the second trailer)? 

1) Giving away the ending basically.

2) The over-emphasis of Chris Hemsworth, because the studio thinks he is more marketable than the female leads. And don’t get me wrong, he’s a great actor and I don’t have a problem with what I’ve seen of his character, but it’s pretty shitty for a movie with all female leads that they’re basically pushing for the male supporting character. That’d be like if the original GB trailers kept emphasizing Annie Potts like she was the main focus.

All that aside, GB has great franchise potential, and I’m totally cool with expanding it to other characters. The GB aesthetic is so awesome, and has so many different directions you could take it in. I, for one, really want to see a GB live action TV show, with an ensemble of both sexes. I liked Extreme Ghostbusters, and I bet a similar idea could translate well for TV nowadays, especially with how great TV has become in recent years and the nostalgia kick everyone’s in.