this movie is a masterpiece

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Mulholland Drive just got voted the greatest film of all time in a BBC film critics poll. Thought you'd appreciate that :)

It’s a horror-drenched noir, it’s a tearful doomed romance, it’s a self-cannibalizing tone poem about film itself and all the lies that go into it, it’s the ultimate David Lynch movie. It’s a goddamn masterpiece, one of my alltime favorites.

Just finished watching Hugo again.

And I feel like an idiot. I just sat there and cried for the last twenty minutes of it. I “blame” Asa for most of it. He is such a good actor–100% convincing! :)

New things I noticed this time:

  • Isabelle is such an endearing character. 
  • Ben Kingsley was snubbed at the Oscars.

However, I’m really pleased with Hugo’s Oscar results! Deserved every single one. 

This is the only movie where I’ve cried, laughed, and smiled; almost all at once. 

Thank you, Martin Scorsese.

like i find it really fucking insulting how every single EVERY SINGLE movie about a white male psychopath who murders women is considered a masterpiece if its done as a “psychological thriller” that “gives insight into a deranged mind” and most often ends with the killer winning and the women dead. like angst (1983), sombre (1998) the vanishing (1988) henry portrait of a serial killer (1986) simon killer (2012) etc forever these movies get so much more critical consideration and read deeper into than slasher films with final girls EVER get even if theyre more popular. it seems like the latter gets more due bcs were in a relatively cloistered environment on this website where feminism is #1 and we all refer to the same sources on women in horror BECAUSE THERES REALLY NOT THAT MANY! most horror theory is by men entirely unrelated to women despite some recycled ideas from women scholars they include as tokenism. “serious” movies abt the disturbed psyche of male serial killers given more serious consideration is offensive bcs it operates on the basis that we dont already know what the killers are thinking or it makes it more disturbing when trust me WOMEN KNOW. in real life WOMEN are literally being killed by male serial killers ALL THE TIME. women are CONSTANTLY dying by male violence. male serial killers always have cults and worshipers while their mostly female victim’s names are almost always forgotten or theyre deemed less interesting. we do not need movies giving us “insight” into the banality of a serial killers mind unless the “we” is assumed masculine and it takes a movie to get it into your head that male violence is as simple as your next door neighbor or the average joe you take out for drinks after work. women are already uncomfortably familiar with this fact. male simulated fear is women’s everyday fear - but its only a masterpiece if male understanding is prioritized.

You ever watch a movie that you know is going to change your life? It’s rare. But every few weeks you’ll just find yourself sitting back somewhere staring off into space thinking about that movie, it’s characters, the writing, the story, the everything. It gives you pause and a new perspective. It affects you in almost an existential way and you wonder how another human’s brain was able to make such a masterpiece. 

That movie is called The Frame by writer and director Jamin Winans.

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I just saw Kubo this evening and was blown away! This movie was an indescribable masterpiece! I'm going to have to go back and watch it again and again.

WOOHOO! Glad you liked it so much! Honestly it was a work of art! Next time I watch I need to take in all the details because there were SO many. This one’s gonna need a lot of viewings to be able to catch every little amazing thing <3