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The Bond Plot Thickens – The Bond Boys, Danny’s Suicide Threat, and Where is David James Gandy?

Who will be the next James Bond? The question is keeping the tabloids and Hollywood watchers busy. And Daniel Craig does give a f**k.

In a recent interview, Daniel Craig said he would rather slit his wrists than play Bond again. Seems a bit like a case of a guy who has the money saying he doesn’t care about money.

That’s all right, Danny-boy, you don’t have to kill yourself. We’re done with you.
For Craig, the test will be: Can you ever stop being James Bond? Will you be Sean Connery or Roger Moore? Or perhaps you will simply go to some estate and count your “Bond” money, while you whine about how terrible it was?
A new collection of proposed Bond possibilities has been gathered. The mainstream media has its own opinions and some interesting (and funny) names have been put forward.

Here is a short list of current candidates:

Hugh Grant – Really? Notting Hill means 007. He might make a great comedy out of it, but no.

Colin Firth – Brilliant actor. Please save him for roles that require Shakespearean levels of acting. As Bond, Firth is simply too good.

Idris Elba – In spite of the slightly racist comment of the current Bond author (“He’s too street.”), Elba is a fan favorite and gifted actor. Perhaps Hollywood can find him a role that has less history, so he can make it his own..

Tom Hardy – Mad Max to James Bond. Maybe, but then who can we get to play around in a post-apocalyptic horror. Frankly, Hardy should keep the Mad Max franchise going.

Henry Cavill – He played Superman in Man of Steel. I am not sure that we want to go back to the handsome and polished Bond of Roger Moore. We like him a little dark and Cavill doesn’t really give that off.

Jason Statham – Love this guy! Love him! Not as James Bond. He is already an icon of action films. The Bond role is not for the recognized. Let’s keep Statham for every other British bad ass role.

Then there is David James Gandy. I wrote about him before. When I did I knew only a bit about him and I know only a bit more now.

What fascinates me is that he is rarely mentioned on the Bond lists, in spite of an international support base of millions.

There is a Facebook page, a Twitter furor, and even a video supporting him becoming the next James Bond.

The more I learn about the guy, the more he seems like a great Bond candidate.

He’s handsome, that’s true, but not beautiful. Frankly, when he isn’t wearing makeup and a $5000 Dolce and Gabbana tux, he’s a good-looking guy who could be working in the next cubicle. In my opinion, Bond should not be beautiful. He’s a secret agent. It’s the personality that makes him successful.
He’s smart. A university degree and his own business empire make him an interesting person. It’s easier to play the role of a very smart person if you’re actually smart.

He’s a racer. Boats, cycles, he knows how to go fast already. This was one of the things that made Steve McQueen a great action actor. Gandy has that same legitimacy.

He’s not one of the 25 British male actors that we have been watching for years. This, to me, is the biggest bonus. I want James Bond’s face to be unknown on the big screen. Frankly, an international super model would make a perfect spy in real life, why not in the movies?

David James Gandy seems like the best candidate to me. He’s got the credentials already. Now, he just needs a bit of love from the mainstream media to acknowledge his following.