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The problems of the Final Problem

If this episode was a stand alone and not part of the series or an action movie, it would be… okay. It certainly has its moments. It gives some thrills. But here are the problems:

  1. This doesn’t feel like a Sherlock Holmes adventure.
  2. This doesn’t feel even like BBC Sherlock. 
  3. It isn’t nearly as clever as it thinks it is.
  4. It is completely unemotional. Series 4 achieved something phenomenal and that is that you grow unattached from those characters you loved all these years with a passion. You almost don’t care what will happen to them.
  5. There is zero chemistry between the actors, however weird this might seem to you.
  6. The villain, Eurus, could be a good villain if she wasn’t a member of the Holmes family, which is something that makes the story feel extremely far-fetched and ludicrous.
  7. Some of her evil achievements simply defy logic. 
  8. For the possibility of being the last episode of the show, secondary characters have unacceptably little screentime and importance. Ridiculously so. 
  9. Molly is used as a part of a game that leaves her tortured and feeling like a fool. 
  10. Mrs Hudson dances.
  11. Lestrade appears for milliseconds, although there is a good moment we all expected eventually. 
  12. Mycroft’s intelligence is debunked.
  13. There is heteronormativity. LOADS OF IT. Irene Adler is used unnecessarily for that purpose. 
  14. Mary Morstan is used in the worst way I can imagine. Total ridiculing of her character and her purpose in the narrative. Her appearance is totally unnecessary. 
  15. And now… Jim Moriarty. I am one of the biggest Jim Moriarty fans here, but I ‘d prefer if he never appeared again, now that I saw this episode. Jim Moriarty’s character is abused here because Moftiss wanted to keep TFP “in style”. That’s the only purpose he has in the episode: Andrew Scott offers some of his charisma and style. And this is it. His character is completely one-dimensional, completely lacks the depth of previous series and also lacks that certain awkward emotionality and undefinable fragility that made him such a distinct villain and character. He adds nothing but good looks. His peculiar relationship with Sherlock is unbelievably downplayed. His “association” with Eurus is laughable.
  16. Basically the episode’s sole attempt is to convince that Eurus is the biggest villain that ever walked the earth - and epically fails.
  17. Don’t expect a review about the relationship, friendship, intimacy, love between Sherlock and John - there isn’t any. And I am not talking about romance - there isn’t anything between them. Whatsoever.
  18. The end is unbelievably abrupt. After the case is solved, Sherlock and John barely exchange an “Are you okay?”, “Yeah”.
  19. They’ve been building the redbeard moment for ages; it’s interesting, but all the other flaws of the episode prevail and make it impossible to feel in any way shocked or emotionally engaged in what happened in Sherlock’s childhood. You simply don’t care.
  20. After all the drama, nothing really dramatic happens in TFP. In fact, NOTHING changes after the conclusion of the story and Sherlock never shows any kind of different behaviour after coming to terms with the Redbeard drama.
  21. It is an episode that makes you doubt it was written by the same people who wrote A Study in Pink, The Great Game, The Reichenbach Fall and, personally, even His Last Vow. 
  22. You won’t even understand how the resolution of this episode was resolved!!!
  23. There is no plot. It’s just an angry psychotic sister who plays a game so she doesn’t feel alone. Oh,and she’s “too clever” like Mycroft says 617848475 times. Okay. 
  24. They tried sadly a lot to make this episode very overwhelming but believe me, it’s surprisingly underwhelming. The Blind Banker has not the thrills and agony you ‘ll see in this and, yet, I prefer to watch TBB anytime over this. Anytime.

This is in no way an episode story which should be the last one. It should be a middle episode and then not a Sherlock one! An utter failure. If there isn’t a DRASTIC change in the BBC broadcast that will re-establish pretty much all the characters and their relationships, then I predict we will all end up denying this series exists and stop at series 3. From there, take BBC Sherlock inside your head and create with your imagination, write, draw, make your own story. I hope I will. Because you’re not going to like this.


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how about an enchanted!au (the disney movie where the princess is tricked into a well leading into an alternate dimension and resurfaces in the reality of nyc) where alfred is a prince in a disney movie and bc he refuses to marry a witch she pushes him down a well

and he pops up from under the sewers of london, england, almost gets run over by those humongous and obnoxiously red double decker buses, and falls down a flight of stairs and almost face first into a grumpy englishman with comical eyebrows (and his little clone)(aka his son, peter)(apparently, he’s a single dad)(al doesn’t know what the hell the term “single dad” means because divorce doesn’t exist in the land of fairytales)

and arthur thinks he’s crazy but apparently arthur is crazier because within two weeks he starts feeling awfully attracted to a man who’s seemed to have lost his marbles


“The days turn into months the months turn into years.

 So just for a moment, let’s be still.”

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: I understand the criticism of others and why they wouldn't like it but I personally think Frozen would be a great addition in Kingdom Hearts III. Imagine Elsa exploring the "darkness" and having to fight her powers in addition to fighting the darkness inside of her. Because of her fear of her own self she is more likely to give in to it and her and Anna's relationship can parallel that of Riku and Sora and it would be an interesting dynamic. Also Sora could get the coolest (no pun intended) keyblade design. Also, what about the possibility of Hans working for Maleficent/Xehanort the entire time? That would be an interesting twist to combine the Kingdom Hearts universe with that of the Disney universe established in Frozen. Arendelle would look absolutely fabulous in the new open world engine as well. Idk I mean I know some people are tired of Frozen being everywhere and sure it has its problematic moments but so do all Disney movies and I'm not saying other Disney movies don't deserve representation I just think everyone's being unfairly harsh when it comes to the idea of Frozen being in Kingdom Hearts.