this movie gdi


Yondu and his toys

Shiro: Why aren’t you rehearsing?

Lance: I’m through! They said I’m an intolerable egomaniac. I don’t even know what that means!

“You can dress up like Tron all you want, but he’s still dead.”
                                 “That’s what they tell us.”

Tron Uprising - 1x01 Beck’s Beginning

before i go to bed

Friendly reminder that y'all shitting about la la land STILL, and making posts with dumb ‘hahaha white people’ jokes while making it pass as a shitty movie

A) weren’t funny then and aren’t funny now
B) couldn’t recognize a well directed movie if it hit you in the face
C) need to find better hobbies

gdi get over your idiotic hatred for that movie already