this movie freaked me out


  • the costume designs in this movie    I    c a n n o t      b e l i e v e
  • the set design too, holy shit
  • this beast ain’t gonna take your shakespeare bullshit here take the whole fuckin’ library and then you come talk to me about romances this is unbelievable
  • I don’t give a fuck I will fight everybody about Le Fou
  • I’ll punch a wasp I don’t give a fuck
  • Belle can sing ya’ll— like I don’t know if the design firm behind the trailers just autotuned the fuck out of the audio they were given but she sounds great
  • okay I’m sorry I work in the CGI field and half of this movie was just me freaking out about the rendering of the beast’s fur and his expressions, they did so great, holy shit, ugh, I was so impressed I’m fucking mad about it
  • seriously dan stevens was physically in this movie for maybe three minutes and the rest of it was face/motion capture and he just shines throughout the whole goddamn thing
  • belle whacks multiple people with sticks, it was good times
  • Le Fou, again, I’mma fight people
  • adlkjflkjdg I DON’T WANT TO GET TOO SPOILERY BUT THE GROWL????? THE G R O W L???????
  • Stanley Tucci was in this movie? Like holy fuck?
  • Gaston????? Like holy shit????? He wasn’t so bad in the beginning but as the movie went on he just got creepier and creepier and creepier?????
  • Is it just me or were there a shit ton of interracial couples in this movie? I counted at least five, I think? I KNOW THAT IS SUCH A LOW BAR TO SET BUT I WAS HAPPY TO SEE IT IN A HUGE ASS DISNEY FILM
  • FUCKING LE FOU’S LINE IN KILL THE BEAST ‘Marching off to battle, yet I fear the wrong monsters have been released’
  • “some of them are in greek.”
  • “was— was that a joke? are you joking now?”

“It was reasonable to struggle, to suffer, perhaps even to die, for a more just, a more compassionate society, but not in a world with no future where, all too soon, the very words “justice,” “compassion,” “society,” “struggle,” “evil,” would be unheard echoes on an empty air.”

ABOUT ME - 11? fave films: Children Of Men (2006)

Sh*t I’m still working on

- I came out 6 months ago and it’s still hard for me to say the word “lesbian” out loud. When I do come out to someone I use the word “gay” but like I know my aversion to the word is just internalized lesbophobia and misogyny and I don’t want that to affect my word choice? I’m a lesbian and i want to feel 150% comfortable saying the word “lesbian”.

- When I see a sexual lesbian scene (OITNB or The L Word) I instantly feel a cold fist in my stomach and a compulsion to avert my eyes. I still feel guilty about finding any of that stuff attractive.

- A couple of months ago I saw a Tumblr post talking about a new movie about a 9 year old lesbian who has a crush on her friend and my first thought was “Ew, why would they make a movie that sexualizes kids like that?” and then I realized that my knee-jerk reaction was way off. Like there’s nothing wrong or hypersexual about a 9 year old girl holding another 9 year old girl’s hand. But I had spent so many years hiding that part of myself, and buying into the idea that lesbianism is innately bad and dirty and shameful that to see it be the center of a movie freaked me out. But then I thought about it and felt bad for 9 year old lesbian me who had to deal with those feelings of repulsion about herself and couldn’t even admit she was having them… And it made me realize how important movies like that really are…

Representation is so important. The first time I saw a woman show a physical desire to be with another woman was when I was 13 and watching tv with my family and an advertisement for a well-known pervy (geared towards male audiences) DVD franchise came on and of course it featured female college students making out. My dad got so upset he called the tv station to complain. Meanwhile I had a lot of feelings but couldn’t acknowledge any of them… And it made me wish that with all the TV and movies I saw I could have seen just a few gay couples… 9 year old girls holding hands, a 15 year old getting kissed by her girlfriend for the first time, college girlfriends coming up with cute ways to help each other study… just some positive characters I could have looked at and realized “Oh. They’re cute and sweet together. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s normal. I’m normal.”

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well one reason i would consider the JD in the musical slightly less 'sociopathic' than in the movie is that the one in the movie literally comes to kill Veronica as revenge for being dumped, and he only doesn't because he finds her hanging and thinks she's dead. in the play he comes to try to convince her to come with him to do the bombing thing. it's not like he's a great person by any means lmao, but the one in the movie freaks me out a little more idk.

he does the same thing in both the musical and movie actually :0

“i was gonna kill you” - movie jd

“for that, you should be dead” - musical jd

upbeat and bittersweet // a playlist for the blue paladin

i. fred astaire san cisco // i’ve been thinking lately that you don’t need me any more // you’d be better with fred astaire, he could take you anywhere if you asked him to // and i can take you out for breakfast but he could take you around the world

ii. we don’t believe what’s on t.v. twenty one pilots // i need to know that when i fail you’ll still be here // what if my dream does not happen? would i just change what i’ve told my friends? // i don’t care what’s in your hair, i just wanna know what’s on your mind

iii. colours grouplove // i am a man man man man up up in the air and i run around round round round this town town and act like i don’t care // just know i’m just like you // it’s the colors you have, no need to be sad, it really ain’t that bad // we do it for love

iv. re-do modern baseball // i wanna start from the top // your unrequited love for life will surely - halt that, i’m thinking way too much // but i love loving, watching movies, sitting back and also breathing // oh the future freaks me out but i guess i could just curl up in a ball and think

v. i wanna get better bleachers // i hear the voice of a preacher from the back room calling my name // the love the love the love the love the love that i gave, wasted on a nice face // i chase that feeling of an eighteen year old who didn’t know what loss was, now i’m a stranger // i wanna get better

vi. shake me down cage the elephant // shake me down, not a lot of people left around // i have seen people walk into sea just to find memories // i don’t want to know the future, i’m like rolling thunder // even on a cloudy day i’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

vii. twin sized mattress the front bottoms // this is for the lions living in the wiry broke down frames of my friends’ bodies // i will help you swim, i’m gonna help you swim // there are lessons to be learned, consequences for all the stupid things i say // i wanna contribute to the chaos, i don’t want to watch and then complain … that is a decision that i have made

bonus happy track: take to the sky by owl city

listen here

Peterick vs Ryden #67
  • Patrick: Hey babe, can we not watch a horror movie? They kinda freak me out...
Pete: Aw, that’s ok baby. You can pick out the movie tonight
  • Vs
  • Brendon: Hey babe, can we not watch a horror movie? They kinda freak me out...
Ryan: your face freaks me out but you don't see me complaining like a little bitch

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Anon: Tyler and the reader spent the night together (nobody knows that they’re sleeping with each other/ are a couple) and in the morning the reader gets a call from mark but Tyler picks it up thinking it’s his phone that’s going off. Then mark being all “why do you have her phone?!? Is that her snoring?????!!!”

@sam-cheyenne-mcg:  Hey I wanted to make just a little request but, could you do something where like the reader goes to marks house , meets Tyler, you like watch a movie or something and cute things happen, you fall asleep, and wake up in his bed and like more cute stuff? Sorry this is so messy but I just had a thought and I can’t write a story for shit , lol if you do make this tag me in it so I can see it sooner and don’t miss please thanks and sorry for bothering. ❤

It was movie night at the Iplier house, which meant that the whole gang, including Y/N, was cuddled up in their designated spots in the living room. Mark was sitting in the chair in the corner with Amy on his lap while Kathryn and Ethan were on the couch. Tyler was going to sit on the couch but that would leave Y/N alone on the other solo chair, so instead he offered to sit with them on the floor in front of the couch.

“You really don’t have to do this. I’d be okay sitting alone.”

“Nonsense, I can’t-”

“Who says nonsense anymore?” Mark snickered. Tyler blushed a little but shrugged and sat down anyway. After the movie started, everyone went quiet so that the only sound in the living room was the screams from the horror movie playing on the TV. A particularly loud jump scare popped up, causing Y/N to jump and hide their head in Tyler’s shoulder. His eyes widened and he heard the snickers from the others but tried his best to ignore them as he hesitantly put his arm over their shoulder.

“Sorry, horror movies just freak me out.”

“U-uh no it’s fine.” His face was red and he hoped that they couldn’t see through the darkness of the room, but does not remove his arm from around their shoulder. Mark and Amy notice and snicker, but do not otherwise remark on it and continue to watch the movie.

By the end of the movie, Kathryn, Ethan, and Y/N had fallen asleep, and Y/N had progressed from leaning on Tyler’s shoulder to laying in his lap. Amy looks over at them and ‘aw’s.

“Tyler maybe you should let her sleep in your bed, the floor’s probably really uncomfortable.” There was a hint of a joke in her voice, but Tyler pursed his lips in thought before nodding and picking Y/N up from the floor.

“You’re right, can you guys wake those two up so I can sleep on the couch?”

He’s very careful as he carries them up the stairs, trying not to move them too much so they don’t wake up. When he gets to his room he lays them down and sees their phone fall out of their pocket, so he grabs it and puts it on the bedside table. He then noticed that they’re still holding onto his shirt, and after trying to remove their fingers for a little bit, he decides that he’s too tired to bother. Instead he  just lays down as well, putting his own phone next to theirs. He stays above the covers since he was already pushing the boundaries by sleeping in the same bed. Plus, if Mark and Amy walked in on them they would never let him hear the end of it, and both of them being under the covers would only make that worse.

The next morning Tyler wakes up to the ringing of a phone, and thinking it’s his, he picks it up.


“Y/N, have you hear from Tyler? He was supposed to sleep on the couch but he’s not out here-wait, Tyler?”

Tyler looks down at the phone, startled, and notices that the phone that he had picked up was Y/N’s, not his. Hesitantly, he puts the phone back to his ear and looks to his left to see Y/N snuggled up to his side. Part of him wished that he hadn’t picked up the phone so he could stay like that for a bit longer, but the other part wished he didn’t pick it up because Mark was going to freak out.

“Uh, listen Mark, it’s not-”

“Tyler why do you have Y/N’s phone? Is that them snoring???”

This was going to be a long morning.

The Future Freaks Me Out
Motion City Soundtrack
The Future Freaks Me Out

I’m on fire and now I think I’m ready to bust a move

Check it out I’m rocking steady

To the beat in my head

It goes oh, oh-oh-oh

I know that she’s the only one

I’d rather waste our time together

Yeah, ‘cause we can get down.

These are some songs I think are great or whatever.


[get to know me meme] 15 Movies (14/15)Casper Meets Wendy

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for the drabble post, 37? for bechloe?

So sorry this has taken so long!


“I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed,” Chloe said, her voice threatening to break.

“Wait… what?”

Chloe had been avoiding her all night. Ever since they’d come off the stage having almost certainly won the ICCAs for the first time.

As they headed for their seats, Jesse had stopped her and said something lame about endings and then suddenly they were kissing.

Chloe had seen and felt like she had just been plunged in cold water. Her instinct was to turn and run but Aubrey caught her by the wrist.

“Don’t you dare,” she said, her voice a harsh whisper. “Do not let her ruin this for you.”

Chloe had nodded and blinked back tears as she took her seat. Aubrey’s hand never left hers and squeezed it occasionally as they watched the rest of the competition.

Suddenly, winning didn’t seem so important anymore.

Beca and Jesse’s kiss ended after barely five seconds. They both cringed and laughed.

“That didn’t really work did it?” Jesse said.

Beca shook her head.

“It was worth a try though,” he said, laughing.

Beca had looked around for Chloe, disappointed to see her sitting at the end of the row.

When they’d announced that the Bellas had won and they all ran triumphantly to the stage, Beca had wanted to hug Chloe first, but the redhead was wrapped tightly in Aubrey’s arms, so she hugged Stacie instead and tried not to feel hurt that Chloe hadn’t come to her like she usually did. Chloe and Aubrey had wanted this for so long, it felt right that they should celebrate this moment together.

At the afterparty however, Beca realised that Chloe was avoiding her.

Every time they made eye contact, Chloe would leave the room, or turn her back to her.

Beca couldn’t deny that it hurt.

She ended up sitting by herself in one of the rooms of the hotel suite they’d booked in New York. The Trebles and Bellas had all chipped in for a suite big enough for them all to stay in, two to a room.

Beca was supposed to be sharing with Chloe but she figured that would probably change now.

She had sneaked a bottle vodka from the party and taken it to the room with her. They were a Capella champions, but Beca had never felt less like celebrating.

She settled herself on the floor, by one of the wall-length windows, and steadily drank as she watched New York buzz beneath her.

The door to the room swung open and Beca looked up.

“Oh,” Chloe said, “sorry. I thought this was empty.” She turned to leave.

“Wait,” Beca said. “Why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not,” Chloe replied, looking down. She was still hovering at the door, as if she was waiting for an excuse to leave.

“Did I do something?” Beca asked, her voice quiet.

Chloe almost broke. But she remembered the feeling of watching Beca and Jesse kiss. The feeling that a lot of vodka hadn’t managed to kill.

“No,” she said. “Oh, and I thought maybe I’d crash with Aubrey tonight, if that’s okay?”

“Oh,” Beca said, looking down. She could feel tears in her eyes. She took another swig of vodka from the bottle. “Okay.”

Chloe’s hand was resting on the doorknob. But she couldn’t leave.

“Are you crying?”

Beca shook her head and wiped the tears from her cheeks. “I just… I don’t know what I did.”

“Really? You don’t know?”

Beca shook her head again and more tears spilled out.

Chloe’s had dropped from the doorknob.

She sat on the edge of the bed and tried not to look at Beca, who was hastily wiping at her eyes.

“Whatever I did,” she said, “I’m sorry.”

“You kissed Jesse.”

Beca frowned. Was that really all it was?

“You know,” Chloe said, feeling angry that Beca hadn’t realised why this had bothered her, “I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”

“Wait… what?”

“I didn’t want to fall for you, Beca. I tried so hard to just ignore all these feelings but you made it so difficult. You were always so distant and grumpy with everyone except me. You let me listen to your mixes when you wouldn’t let anyone else. You held my hand when I got freaked out by scary movies. You actually watched movies with me! You,” she was in danger of breaking down, “you actually slept in my bed with me. You played with my hair and made me breakfast. I thought… I thought you liked me. And then tonight I see you kissing Jesse and-”

“I kissed him for like three seconds and we both started laughing. We don’t like each other like that,” Beca said. “If you’d talked to me once tonight I would have told you.”

“Don’t blame this on me,” Chloe said, feeling confused. “Who just randomly kisses someone they don’t like?”

“Dude, he’s been making jokes for months that he’s gonna ‘finally get the girl’ after the ICCAs. So I kissed him to finally shut him up. I’ve been trying to find you all night to tell you how I really feel. Who I really want to kiss,” Beca said, getting unsteadily to her feet.

“I still don’t see how you kissing him was a joke,” Chloe said, trying to ignore the hopeful feeling that was climbing inside her.

“I’ll admit it wasn’t one of my funniest ones,” Beca said. “But it didn’t mean anything.”

Chloe looked at her now. Her dark makeup was smudged beneath her eyes from where she’d been crying. She was swaying slightly where she stood, no doubt from the amount she’d drunk, and her hands were toying nervously with the edge of her shirt.

“So who did you really want to kiss?”

“You, of course,” Beca said. “It’s always been you.”

Chloe laughed and shook her head.

“Why didn’t you saying anything?”

“Because I didn’t think you liked me,” Beca said. She wanted to join Chloe sitting on the bed but something was stopping her. She had a feeling Chloe hadn’t forgiven her for the kiss yet, and she didn’t want to approach her only to get rejected. She sat back down on the floor.

“You’re touchy-feely with everyone Chloe,” Beca said, looking out at the city again. “How was I supposed to know it was different with me?”

Chloe wanted to argue that of course it was different with her, but then she saw it from Beca’s perspective. Chloe was affectionate with everyone. It was in her nature. She was always the first one to offer hugs or back rubs and she had probably held hands with every one of the Bellas at some point.

Physical affection was such a big deal for Beca, but for Chloe it felt as natural as breathing.

Beca was still looking out of the window, still steadily drinking, tears
still running down her cheeks.

Chloe couldn’t bear it anymore and went and sat beside her. She took the bottle from Beca’s hand and replaced it with her own hand.

“I shouldn’t have kissed Jesse,” Beca said, still not looking at her, “even if it was just a joke. But I didn’t know it would hurt you. I just assumed that you saw me as a friend, the same way you see the other Bellas.”

“I see you as so much more than that,” Chloe said. “And I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear enough.”

Beca turned to look at her.

“So… we’re both sorry. And we both like each other. Right?”

“Right,” Chloe said. She cupped Beca’s face with her hand, her thumb sweeping the tears from her cheek.

Beca closed her eyes, and tried to control her breathing. This was really happening.

Just as Chloe leaned in to kiss her, the door burst open again.

“Whoops, sorry!” Came Fat Amy’s voice. The door shut and they heard Amy yell, “Aubrey! You owe me twenty bucks!”

They both laughed.

“So, do you still want to stay with Aubrey tonight?” Beca asked, her gaze kept dropping to Chloe’s lips.

“No, I think I’ve got a better idea,” Chloe said.

And, finally, they kissed.

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“Oh my G—don’t do that!” Y/N shoved Dean away from her with all her might.

He laughed, his head falling back as he let her push him slightly.

“You’re such an asshole,” she huffed, scooting farther down the couch and away from her boyfriend. “You know that movie freaks me out.”

“Exactly!” he said between peals of laughter.

Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him. “I know where you sleep, Winchester.”

He finally calmed down enough to crawl over to her, trapping her underneath him and nuzzling at her neck. “I’d certainly hope so.”

“Oh my God,” she rolled her eyes. “You’re impossible.”

He nuzzled closer. “You love me!”

“How much did you have to drink?”

“…not much.”

“So, there’s no way that you and Sam got shit-faced at the bar, huh?”


“So, if I were to say, get up and go to Sam’s room—”

“No, you can’t,” he pulled her close, almost crushing her with his weight. “Don’t leave me.”

She pressed a kiss to his temple. “I’ve already agreed to marry you, loser.”

He beamed. “You’re gonna marry me.”

“Not if you don’t get to bed and sober up first,” she tried pushing him off.

He snuggled more into her, which made her cough from being crushed. “‘m good here.”

“You’re not gonna have a bride if you don’t move.”

The only answer she got was silence. When she looked down, she saw the slackjawed, sleeping face of her fiancée. She loved watching him sleep, as the worries he had, the burden he carried disappeared, even if only for a little while.

She managed to roll the dead weight to the side a little, relieving the pressure on her chest. She held him tightly, settling in for the night, happily running her fingers through his hair as she fell asleep herself.

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“I was excited for Coco until more of the movie was shown; those eyes in the skeletons really freak me out. It looks really unnatural and makes me uneasy for some reason. I wish I could pinpoint why it bothers me so much or ask Disney why they did it when they didn’t with Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas, who looked far less scary even though he was supposed to be a scary character. I hope this doesn’t make me not see the movie…”

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I have a headcanon about your lovely Syndey! She's 13, and a growing lady. And since you said she skips school, I imagine she skipped sex ed day. And when she begins her lady changes, both she and Papa D freaks out. And it's Big Sister Noodle who has a talk with her about it. And Russel buys her her first products with 2D so he can also learn.


Best moments of Bible School this week, now that I’m not dying:

- 6 year old boy came in one day with his fingernails painted teal and instead of scolding him like I expected all the old people to do, every single person there complimented his nails

- The tweens that were helping out in my group saw that I was doodling the bi and gay flags on all of our art projects, and they started asking me questions about all the different sexualities and genders. Super respectful about it too

- Halfway through the week the kids all started trying to eat bubbles instead of catching them so you’d have a field of preschoolers through third graders running around with their mouths wide open while the leaders blew bubbles

- My group was weirdly obsessed with learning how to say “I eat small children” in different languages

- We made a three year old who didn’t want her veggies try a cucumber and she proceeded to eat EVERYONE’S cucumbers

- There was a creek walk halfway through the week and everyone got in a water fight

- Little little kids asking very politely if they could spin my fidget spinner and then only doing it once and staring at the colors as they spun around

- The theme of the week was superheroes so I wore a different superhero shirt every day and on Friday I had on Wonder Woman and every single child that saw me started freaking out about the movie. Our youngest preschooler just stuck his chest out and put his fists on his hips in imitation of her pose

- I got called “Madre” the whole time by the girl helpers in our group

- The guy helper and I unintentionally both wore Superman shirts one day and the kids decided we were secretly cousins

- I honestly can’t remember a single Bible story they were told but good lord those children loved getting “anointed.” (With water from a Dixie cup)

- The one little girl in my group would always say “whoosh” under her breath while she was running