this movie for best director pls!

AU where instead of the town being obsessed with the high school football team they’re obsessed with the Marching Band.

“It’s your DREAM to be drum major…”
“No dad. It’s yours.”


“This town needs you. You’re the best director to come through here in years. Those kids finally have someone to inspire them.”

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could you recommend me some european films to watch? the genre doesn't matter, and neither does the language. thank you <3

OH HEI ANON SORRY I forgot to reply to this and then I remembered now that another anon asked for movie recs ops okay I’ll try to be brief

  • italian: for comedies I love monicelli best (i soliti ignoti and l’armata brancaleone are my faves), fellini’s best is definitely 8 e ½ but you should probably see la dolce vita, leone’s movies are the best westerns (all of them) but corbucci’s the great silence is also a gem of a movie and all the neorealism is good tho my faves are rome open city, germany year zero, umberto D and the bicycle thieves. luchino visconti is your go-to for The Most Refined Director In Italian Cinema virtually all his stuff is great. for newer stuff… I like moretti’s movies but they’re not to everyone’s taste, matteo garrone is a v. good director tho not always to my taste but he might be to others, I loved they call me jeeg/lo chiamavano jeeg robot lately ;_; also ozpetek’s movies are fairly nice among the new stuff, and giuliano montaldo is where you should go for old school political movies - sacco and vanzetti is my fave
  • french: my fave french director is truffaut and I mentioned some movies of his in the post just above this, but I also really love renoir (la grande illusion will forever make me cry and the rules of the game is a gem) and cluzot (the crow is his best), I occasionally like godard as well tho with the nouvelle vague I’m… let’s just say I like truffaut best lol also ROBERT BRESSON GOD I LOVE BRESSON’S MOVIES pickpocket, the trial of jeanne d’arc, au hasard balthazar and the ladies of the Bois de Boulogne are some of my favorite things ;;
  • german: I could be more well-versed with germans but my uber-fave is wim wenders who I realize is kinda not a popular choice but hey I like whatever he makes iDEK. my fave is der himmel uber berlin along with the american friend, but I also loved buena vista social club, faraway so close (EVERYONE HATES IT IDK WHY I LOVED IT) and million dollar hotel (DITTO) and until the end of the world. I’m told fassbinder is excellent but I haven’t seen enough of his good stuff so I can’t say anything BUT out of recent german cinema I watched, the life of others and goodbye, lenin were really good, along with the downfall. however if you’re cool with silent germans, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out murnau, dreyer, lang and lubitsch and their subsequent american movies - murnau’s are all amazing esp nosferatu and the last laugh, with lang my fave german ones are M and metropolis and lubitsch is just.. everything he touched was gold okay, and same for dreyer (my favorite is vampyr but really a+++ stuff everywhere)
  • if you look here I have recommended a lot of british movies but I’ll leave a friendly reminder to check out my pal ken loach always because he’s the-best-ever, plus branagh if you want good shakespeare adaptations
  • swedish: I only know ingmar bergman fairly decently but BERGMAN IS A FUCKING AMAZING DIRECTOR so… the place of the strawberries, the seventh sigil and… ugh idk the proper english name but like, the virgin’s fountain or something of the kind are good places to start out
  • finnish: same as before, the only finnish director I know halfway decently is aki kaurismaki but he’s also a very amazing director. pls check out le havre, the man without a past and the other side of hope
  • russian: EISENSTEIN GUYS yeah okay I’m always at silent movies but battleship potemkin, strike and october are excellent ways to start out

aaand like my knowledge of spanish/portoguese classics is absolutely shit past luis bunuel but bunuel is an amazing fucking great director so anything of his you wanna watch is amazing. for the british/english language pls check out the other post. 

anyway, my only advice is avoid von trier and his pals because i’ve never seen such pretentious movies in my entire life :P


Happy 30th Birthday Robert Thomas Pattinson! (May 13, 1986) 

‘A movie is always a bet. When we sign, we never know if the result will be good or bad. I love having guaranties. By filming with director I admire, the risks are limited.’