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The signs in a horror movie:
  • Aries: Questions everything and runs for their life
  • Taurus: Goes to the kitchen to grab a snack and never comes back
  • Gemini: Tries to lighten the mood with jokes but doesn't pay enough attention and gets left behind
  • Cancer: Cries in a corner till it's all over
  • Leo: Acts like they're not scared but freaks out when others are killed
  • Virgo: Is the killer.
  • Libra: Enlists one of their many boyfriends to save them
  • Scorpio: Finds the killer hot and flirts to their death
  • Sagittarius: Takes charge and uses common sense to get out
  • Capricorn: Makes bad choices and ends up accidentally killing themselves
  • Aquarius: Grabs the nearest knife and challenges the killer to a fight
  • Pisces: Hides in a closet and snapchats the whole thing

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headcanon that gunter is gay (pretty obv imo) but like near stereotypical gay and him and rosita go out for nails and stuff and are total bffs

oH YEAH TOTALLY, Gunter is absolutely not straight and he and Rosita definately keep on being friends after their performance!

lik e I imagine Rosita has been working so hard and needs a day off, so Gunter is like “we’re going to the Spa”

Norman hears about their plans and pays for everything bc he’s a good husband who loves his wife (he pays for Gunter too as a thank you and Gunter only complains for like 10 seconds, then he’s like “ok thank you bye!”)

Johnny or Ash or Meena (or all three, imagine) look after the kiddos for the day and it’s a mess but the kids have SO MUCH FUN. It ends up being a recurring thing, Rosita and Gunter going out for nails and stuff while the kids enjoy their time with the young singers.

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aaaah ahahah THANK YOU FOR TAKING REQUESTS ALL THE TIME <333 I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!! can i request yoosung x mc x seven? my ultimate ot3 doesn't get enough attention;;;

horror movie night with these boys is a trip if you don’t watch the movie

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Eren is writing an essay or something and Levi is annoyed because Eren doesn't pay him enough attention and starts distracting him getting all cuddly <3 Ahh idk im a terrible writer

Neither he nor Eren have gone to the junior prom, instead opting to watch shitty horror movies and laugh at the idiots who spend so much time and energy on something as stupid as a school dance.

Levi turns to Eren to make a remark on how strangely quiet he’s been, only to find Eren’s face an inch from his own. His nose scrunches as fingers greasy from popcorn butter hesitantly brush his cheek, and then his eyes almost fall out of their sockets when Eren leans forward and clumsily kisses him.

It only lasts a few seconds, and Levi has no idea what to say about it. Apparently Eren doesn’t either, and the rest of the evening is awkward and unbearable.

After that, Eren avoids his eyes whenever they talk, but Levi doesn’t have any room to complain because he does just the same. When he’s alone lying on his bed, he plans out how he’s going to yell at Eren for being an idiot and demand an explanation, but by the time the next morning comes his stomach’s in knots and he finds himself avoiding Eren again.

They end up in the library after school together, and they sit at the same table because that’s what friends are supposed to do. Levi can sense Eren’s uneasiness but he doesn’t say anything about it.

Instead, he tilts his head to the side and stares at Eren. He watches the way his eyebrows scrunch together, how he nibbles on his lip, how he twirls his pen in his hands. Levi can’t figure out why his stomach is in knots over something as mundane as sitting with Eren in the library.

But then he thinks of those gross fingers on his face and Eren’s inexperienced lips pressing against his, and Levi might actually blush. Eren doesn’t see, of course, since he’s doing his best to ignore Levi. Levi thinks he might get it now, though, so all he has to do is tell that to Eren.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Levi doesn’t think he’s sighed or shifted around so much in his entire life as he has in the past five minutes, and still Eren won’t raise his head to look at him. A few attempts at clearing his throat also go unnoticed.

Levi scowls darkly. So much for being subtle, then. Keeping his eyes trained to Eren’s face, he reaches out, running his fingers along Eren’s hand atop the table. Eren freezes, but doesn’t raise his head, so Levi lets his fingers keep moving, drifting along the warm skin of Eren’s arm.

Still Eren won’t look at him, but Levi can see his eyes have been boring a hole into the same spot since Levi’s first touched him. Mustering up his courage, Levi leans to the side, their arms pressed together, and rests his chin on Eren’s shoulder.

Eren’s ears are pink and his breathing is getting kind of heavy, but he still has his eyes glued to the page in front of him. Levi would laugh if his stomach weren’t full of butterflies.

“You’re a bad kisser,” Levi murmurs, even as the memory of the brief press of lips has his heart skipping a beat. As expected, Eren finally reacts, face flushing and eyebrows creasing, and he turns in Levi’s direction, jostling him from where he’d had his chin perched.

Before Eren can get a word in, Levi tightens his grip around Eren’s arm and lets his eyes drift closed, pressing a gentle kiss to Eren’s half-open mouth. When he pulls back, his own face a bit warm, the look on Eren’s face does make him laugh; the slight release of tension makes it a little easier for Levi to smile hesitantly and say, “I like you too, idiot.”

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i'm sure people ask you what disney film doesn't recieve enough attention, but i'd like to know, which film do you dislike/think is overrated that everyone seems to love?

Hercules. The plot feels so thin and my biggest issue with the movie is how formulaic it is, including the humor. I don’t care at all about Disney getting the mythology wrong, it’s a total non-factor, who cares? Hercules himself is cute but weak and slightly bland. I wish the movie had been a much more serious film with struggles and more of Hercules battling various mythological creatures and less Hercules’ face on soda and sneakers equaling to vague pop culture references. I get that they were probably trying to do something different because previous Hercules movies were very straightforward, mighty-hero-battles-monsters-saves-day-gets-girl kind of films, but the movie can tend to feel sort of cheap and soulless. I think theycould have made it more Lion King-esque, about a kid growing up and learning how he belongs with a serious tone but still having that element of fun. On top of that, I’m not a big fan of the soundtrack and I think that it’s SO ill-fitting to greek mythology/the movie in general. Gospel music, really? I might like the soundtrack better in a different movie but I just find it so odd that that was the genre they chose. Megara and Hades are two more interesting points of the film whom I might like better ( I still really like Hades, although I wish he was portrayed more threateningly) had the movie been executed  differently. To be clear, I don’t hate the movie and I enjoy watching it on occasion, but I just don’t see in it what other people do.