this movie does this so well

Thinking about it & crazy enough that Deadpool was actually ever made into a movie at all (making his big screen debute this weekend) but the fact that Ryan Reynolds had been wanting to try and get the movie not only made but done the right way for fans and himself after 11 years is crazy. The passion he shares with us over this unique complex fun character with all the amazing promos, interviews and otherwise has just been the best. Plus the R rating if this does well can be used as a gateway for other darker comic films to come out too.

I have not been this passionate over something in a long time & will probably fangirl with every emotion while watching it. It’s like nerdy Christmas right now.

Anyway, point being please go see Deadpool multiple times if you can opening weekend & make Wade/Ryan proud ;D

Deadpool was enjoyable enough but post-viewing, I am mainly worried about two things:

  1. Assuming it does well at the box office (and I am sure that it will), it’s going to inspire a cavalcade of imitators (for both comic book movies and basically any sort of R-rated action comedy) which will most likely not work at all and will subsequently spoil the subgenre. Because none of those efforts will have Deadpool (or audiences’ established love for a character like Deadpool) in them. Sort of like how so many R-rated crime movies tried to be Pulp Fiction after Pulp Fiction, in the latter half of the 90s despite none of those movies having Quentin Tarantino or the “wow, this is different!” luster of Pulp Fiction
  2. Deadpool cosplayers – who are already, pound for pound, some of the most unbearably annoying unsolicited “performers” at conventions – will feel emboldened to be even more annoying in their unsolicited “performances” at conventions.*

That being said:

I want a Negasonic Teenage Warhead** movie like yesterday. Despite her very limited screen time, my main thought as I left the movie was “wait, why haven’t they made a superhero movie about a sullen, disaffected teenage girl who is drafted into being a do-gooder because of her innate abilities but generally – like any teenager – doesn’t feel all that invested in much of anything?” 

Basically like Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club crossed with Jessica Jones. Make that movie, please. Like right now. 

* Sorry, it’s true. I admire the commitment but seriously… you people really don’t have to constantly be “on” and doing bits with every single person you see. Please. Less is more.

** The movie version of her, though – the Emma Frost student/psychic comic version is whatever. This movie changed her for the better.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Review:

  • It was good. Not as good as Kung Fu Panda 2, but good.
  • Great animation!!! The opening sequence was amazing, and I loved all the heavily stylized sequences, they looked super cool.
  • Stellar voice work for Oogway, Mr. Ping, and Li Shan.
  • J.K. Simmons as Kai was too recognizable for me because of his roles in The Legend of Korra and Gravity Falls. And Mei Mei’s character was clearly made for Rebel Wilson, although Kate Hudson did the best she could. I wish we could’ve had Mads Mikkelsen and Rebel Wilson.
  • [spoilers under the cut]

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Star Wars Music + Reylo?

Okay, so @reylo-trashlord asked me to write this post up about Anakin/Padme vs. Reylo music parallels.

So, Across the Stars is Anakin and Padme’s love song, and, you may have heard some people say “Oh this proves Reylo is legit!” Or something like that. And, well… they’re not necessarily wrong.

There are some funky music “coincidences” going on here. 

Okay, so as you can see here the overlapped sections of Rey and Kylo’s themes are the same three notes IN REVERSE of the begining notes of Padme and Anakin’s song!

There’s a better comparison for ya. Mirror image.  Mirror.

So, what does that mean? Anakin started the (prequel) movies on the Light and faded into the Dark, right? His love and obsessive codependecy with Padme led him on a path to destruction.

But, Kylo Ren, he starts out this trilogy already Dark side, and if the music is suggesting romance mirroring, or progressing oppositely from Padme/Anakin’s story, wouldn’t that mean Kylo Ren comes back to the Light? That his love for and with Rey is strong and healthy enough to heal him from his evildoings on the Darkside? 

Well, I don’t know, but even if it’s not, it’s still fantastic music, right?

*crosses fingers for Reylo*

MCU Ladies Week - Day 2: Unsung Hero - Agent Sharon Carter/Agent 13

I just feel like she gets a lot of negative thrown her way. Especially for someone who had about ten minutes of screen time in the entire movie. 

Sharon Carter is probably the most criminally underused character in the Winter Solider. However what little screen time she does have she uses so well I wish she had more. I mean she literally saved people’s lives in the control room and so I don’t understand why people don’t love her.


I’m so happy that Angelina Jolie keeped being the voice of Tigress over and over in every movie. She started to love Tigress right from the beginning. She felt in love with her character. With everything she is.
Tigress is a strong leading ladie that kicks butt and protects those who she loves . She had such a rough past and she was hard as a rock in the first movie and it’s so beautiful how much she warmed up and she is still tigress of course she is well iron hand, iron foot, iroon …. you know what i mean.
All those things that she does makes her so beautiful and strong ❤

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So question: why is Aidren taking the metro when he has a driver that I'm pretty sure his father insists on him taking?

I was wondering that too until I saw the subbed version! I mean, it made no sense, right? His driver usually takes him everywhere, even from his mansion to the school like we saw when he thought he forgot his phone there (in Copycat).

[image source]

So why would he take the metro when he has a driver for such a short distance? Well, Plagg made it quite clear:

Somehow those two got rid of his driver, the Gorilla, and decided to take the metro and go to the movies together. Adrien does mention in a webisode that he loves being Chat Noir because he can do whatever he wants like that, so it’s not really surprising after all that he wants to experience this freedom as himself as well.

BamBam as your boyfriend~

•sweet texts

•snapchat updates when he’s free 

•constantly taking selfies 

•baking together 

•him teasing you about your height

•but you don’t care because you know he loves you 

•and he really does 

•shopping sprees 

 •him teaching you thai phrases 

•learning a new language together 

 •making choreographies together 

 •watching movies 

 •going to the park 

•traveling together 

•him making sure your airport outfits are on point 

•being a cute couple

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i got really pissed because i did this once on my phone as a draft but when i was adding a gif my fucking phone froze. So i did it again and its not as long as the original one but oh well.
Queen Latifah scores victory at SAG Awards for playing bisexual blues singer in Bessie
Queen Latifah was the Screen Actors Guild Award on Saturday (30 January) for playing bisexual blues singer Bessie Smith in the HBO movie Bessie. The actress took the stage at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and admitted: ‘I’m in shock right now.’

Latifah won in the Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries category over Oscar winning actresses Susan Sarandon and Nicole Kidman as well Christina Ricci and Kristin Wiig. She used the occasion to encourage her fellow actors to persevere and not let others define them and what they can achieve.

‘I hope that anyone out there who does not come in the package people say you should. Keep fighting for it. Flip those rocks over. Keep pushing, keep turning. You can do it. You build your own boxes, not people. So knock that thing away, and do you!’



Starbucks Is Canon (T | 8,335 | 74days)

Bucky’s been trying to book Captain America actor Steve Rogers on his show for longer than he can remember. But when the actor does agree, he’s not expecting their first meeting to be quite so… well documented… by social media.

Off The Record (E | 9,100 | Brenda)

“This is a serious coup, James. Steve Rogers has never sat down with a member of the press and given an interview. Ever. Do you know how rare that is for the fourth-string star on a cable reality show, much less the biggest movie star in the world?”

the Steve Rogers problem (M | 36,996 | relenafanel)

Bucky doesn’t consider his Steve Rogers problem as a problem so much as the solution he hadn’t realized he was hoping for to help him through the transition from the Bucky Barnes he’d been before his accident to the new, shiny version of himself.

No, the problem isn’t with Captain America and The Howling Commandos fandom.

The problem is the amount of porn Bucky managed to write and draw about Captain America before finding out that he’s less than one degree of separation away from Steve Rogers. ‘Less than’ as in he’s sitting across the table from him.


Like a Plane Crash That Never Hits the Ground (E | 15,423 | DisappointMe)

Bucky finds himself cock blocked by Steve Rogers. Which is unfortunate, since it’s Steve’s pants he’s trying to get into. (Or the meta one where they’re making a movie about the Winter Soldier and Steve’s the Ice King.)

Unwanted Celebrity (T | 72,446 | Kryptaria, rayvanfox)

Fifteen years ago, a skinny kid from Brooklyn went to an arts summer camp, where he met child movie star Jimmy Barnes. Their unlikely friendship faded as the years passed. But now, a threat to Barnes’ career brings Steve back into his life, in the most unexpected of ways.

Or, the one where Bucky is a smooth celebrity, right up until Steve the snarky photographer shows up, and Bucky’s whole world gets blown to pieces.

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In the episode of today, we learned that Adrien ditched the Gorilla so he could go watch a movie, according to Plagg. Seriously? So he does try to get some time to himself despite getting in trouble for it. Not so good boy now! So he does have a rebellious streak, I feel this is really important, it is a big deal!

I know!! Last night first I was like “but you have a driver!! why the hell are you in the subway?! Do you even know how to use it? You are gonna get lost, boy!!”

Hahaha but I guess he knows the city too well to get lost thanks o patrols :P


Deal of the Week: The Mesa of Lost Women

Here’s the plot: There’s a desert, and a mad scientist, and these people, and a guy who looks a bit like WC Fields, and then there’s a sexy woman who does a dance and then there’s these other people in a plane and they crash and then SPIDER!

Robechet Alert!

How much would YOU pay for a movie like this? A million dollars? Four million dollars? INFINITY MILLION DOLLARS? Well, the insanity can be yours for a special price for a limited time only, so hurry to to grab this unique piece of cinematic gibberish while you still can!

Sweet things Daddy does for me

Gives me cuddles 24/4 🤗

Loves me more than he should❤️

Buys me cute stuffies🐋

Helps me when I get anxiety😖

Always makes me feel loved/welcome/happy☺️

Makes sure I eat well/ makes yummy foods for me🍳

Watches the movies I want📺

Gives me lots of kisses😘

Helps me when I have to do things like clean my room🗑

Makes sure I’m not feeling insecure😔

Overall ensuring my well being and happiness😃

And so much more 💕

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Gruvia for the ship meme. (You know you wanna~)

Kitten, my love. 

You know me so well. 



1.) Who cries when someone dies in a movie?

Juvia. Oh my MAVIS, does she cry. She blubbers on and on about how sad it is and how she can’t imagine if that were Gray Sama or any of her friends. Gray always has to stop the movie and calm her down to the best of his abilities, which isn’t much because his ability to handle crying females is very, very limited. 

2.) Who wears the ugly holiday garb?

Ah, see, this is where Erza felt inspired to have Juvia teach her knitting. Juvia and Gray are the ones who originally had the tradition of wearing matching knitted sweaters for Christmas, and Erza really wanted to do the same. Nobody had the heart to tell Juvia her sweaters were ugly either, not even Natsu. Nobody likes to make Juvia cry. Erza, however, genuinely thought they were adorable. 

3.) Who pays for the meals?

Gray mostly. Juvia actually brings in a bit more Jewel than him due to Natsu going overboard so often on missions, but he insists on paying most of the time because he enjoys being able to do things for her, even if it is something simple like buying her lunch. 

4.) Who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone?

Juvia, like Erza, is very noisy in the kitchen. She goes overboard frequently. Neither play trombone. 

5.) Who brings home stray animals?

Juvia. Gray always tells her no, so she sends the rejected animals home with Jellal. 

6.) Who leaves the bathroom door open?

Gray. Similarly to how he forgets his clothes, he sometimes forgets that he now shares a home with Juvia. 

7.) Who tells the ‘dad jokes’?

Juvia. Her brand of humor is special. Although, Gray’s isn’t much better.

8.) Who wants kids more?

JUVIA. Gray low key wants kids, but he is more than happy to wait a few years for that. Juvia, however, is very open with her constant baby fever. 

9.) Who travels more?

They both travel an equal amount. Sometimes Juvia goes on solo missions, sometimes she goes with Lisanna, occasionally she teams up with Levy, Lily and Gajeel and every now and then she tags along with Team Natsu if she is asked to come along. Gray sometimes goes solo or pairs up with Juvia, but mostly he sticks with his team. 

10.) Who spends more cash?

Gray. His stripping habit is not wallet friendly. 

11.) Who buys the things in infomercials?

Juvia. She is like Erza in that way as well. All she needs is a single reason. 

12.) Who draws in the dust on their cars?

Both. Although Gray isn’t usually one to say how he feels, he sometimes leaves her little signs of love. Juvia constantly leaves him messages. EVERYWHERE. It’s embarrassing, but he appreciates every single one. 

13.) Who starts the snowball fights?

Gray. Juvia always reigns supreme, though. Gray didn’t understand how Juvia was able to defeat him in his own element, until Erza brought to his attention that it is her element, too. 

14.) Who throws away the directions to things?

Gray. But then he swears he doesn’t need directions and can do it on his own. Juvia cheers him on and gives him the “You tried, but Juvia is still proud of Gray Sama!” speech when he fails. 

15.) Who puts up holiday decor?

Both. They both enjoy the holidays equally and love decorating together. Even Gray will admit that decorating with Juvia is pretty fun. 

16.) Who is more likely to forget to bathe?

Gray. Juvia is too nice to say anything to him, but Erza and Lucy are not. They have given him many “Juvia is suffering. Take a bath!” talks. He is learning.

17.) Who gets more obsessed about things?

Juvia. Gray is very relaxed about most things, but Juvia plans things out to the last detail. She is a perfectionist and no scenario goes without thought. 

18.) Who sings in the shower more often?

Juvia and Gray both sing in the shower. Both enjoy listening to the other, but neither know it. 

Had to go boostin to get money up today . which I really didn’t want to do seeing as I just spent a week in jail from doing the same exact thing, stealing bluerays from Walmart (just a different Walmart) so I risked jail again n my place to live for sure if I got caught to get 33$ for $200 in movies if not more from reading them at movie stop. But my dude hooked me up w 6 for 33 so its cool I guess. My bag n a half shot I did in the car to finally feel well. Does anyone sometimes feel even sicker for a few mins after the rush from their first shot of the day or is it just me?

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civil war will probably kill me because I'm guessing the movie will be 89% sad tony and beat helpless tony. I also want to yell at the both of them and tell them to get along. I'll be the overprotective mother

I’m so sad. Like I wish I didn’t care much and was just hyped about a new movie but this movie will wreck me, if one trailer and one tv spot does that with me, imagine 120+ mins of the actual movie. Can I even dare to hope avengers 3 will finally be when they all stop fighting and get along well?

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Ficlet prompt: Fitzsimmons + Long ass line for ______

“I told you we should have gotten here earlier,” Jemma tells Skye primly. Her friend is wearing an incredibly clunky Iron Man costume, and the sweat is building on her forehead in the hot movie theater lobby. “The line is already so long.” 

“I didn’t expect nerds to take off of work to get here earlier! We came straight from the office,” Skye huffs. 

“I don’t know that you’re in a position to call anyone a nerd,” Jemma points out. “You’re wearing an Iron Man suit that you made. And it doesn’t even function.” 

“The hand functions!” Skye exclaims. 

“It does?” an accented voice asks behind them. Jemma turns and sees a guy around their age, dressed in an Iron Man t-shirt. “Let me see!” 

“Well, it’s kind of just a can opener,” Skye winces. 

“Is that where our can opener went?!” Jemma exclaims. “Skye, I nearly sliced myself open trying to open a can of beans this morning.” 

“Consider it a favor. Eating beans on toast is disgusting.” 

“Oi!” the random Scot pipes in. “Beans on toast is a proper breakfast.” 

“Thank you!” Jemma exclaims, throwing her hands up. “Finally, someone with sense.” 

“Not enough sense, apparently,” he says, nodding at the giant line in front of them. “My friends all said to meet her at 5:00, and then conveniently texted me excuses for why they can’t make it until 11:00.” 

Skye shifts, suit clanking loudly. “Hey, uh, Jemma?” 

“Don’t you dare get any ideas–” 

“I’m so hot!” Skye whines. “This is so uncomfortable. I’ll just run home and change and come right back. I promise.” 

“If I say no, you’re just going to keep whining, won’t you?” Jemma sighs. Skye nods, head gear clunking around, and Jemma waves toward the door. “Alright, go.” 

“Make sure no creepy fan boys grope my best friend,” Skye says to the Iron Man Scottish Guy. 

He salutes her. “Yes ma’am.” 

Silence falls over them as Skye waddles off. He lets it hang there for a moment. 

“So, do fan boys often grope you? Is this something I need constant vigilance for, or what?” 

She laughs and shakes her head. “We went to Comic Con last year and some gross guy smacked my ass.” 

He rolls his eyes with a disgusted scoff. “Men are pigs.” 

“Mhm,” she hums in agreement. 

“Well don’t worry. I will most definitely protect your ass.” 

Her eyes widen and she watches as his mind catches up with his mouth. 

“Oh, oh God…” 

She laughs. “No, please, do tell. How exactly are you going to protect my ass?” 

“You’re a right pain, aren’t you?” 

“So I’m told,” she smiles. “Jemma, by the way.” 


By the time Skye returns, they’re sitting on the floor thumb wrestling and giggling. They don’t notice her, so she ducks into the arcade room of the movie theater and doesn’t come out for another hour and a half. Jemma doesn’t even comment on how long it took for Skye to come back. 

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i have a question, universal gets the rights for red queen movie in 2014, right? so it's already 2016 and nothing about the movie??? and the screnplay??, like 2 years for write just a screenplay it's so much time.... i wanna this movie so bad): </3

Universal acquired the option (different than rights) in 2013. Basically studios have to see that a book actually does well and deserves a movie, not to mention have an audience. Hopefully Book 2 does well! Best thing anyone could do is keep spreading the word and hope RQ continues to do as well as it has!!



  “I have some errm, questions!” I have stayed out of this whole Max-Solana thing, but it looks like Solana will push me into the middle. “Do you really think Max is like…the son of some mafia boss or something? Like those movies?”

  “Umm, I dunno Sols. I mean, Max thinks so. Maximo that is. He sure seems like it.” 

  “He’s very protective of me! He doesn’t like when guys talk to me at all but it seems he’s willing to talk to anyone else. How does that work?” 

 “Umm well… just be careful with that guy! If he ever harms you I’ll convince your uncle Ben to step in!”

  “Oh that isn’t necessary!” Yeah, you better hope it never gets to that point Solana!


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I'm Indian (born and brought up), You're question about films, ahh, really fucked with me, and it's also super disgusting, because I watch a lot of Indian movies, and honestly, I cannot think of a single one with a dark skinned lead. I can think of some, where the women are you know, brown-er, but none where they are dark - dark. Does this make sense? It's a huge fucking failing of our film industry. I only speak of the Hindi film cinema here, since I am not as well versed in others. :(

Yeah :( no ones been able to give an example of dark skinned leads and that is so heartbreaking and shameful