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We only have one regret. It’s that we let Kakeru die. Even if it were an accident, we still wouldn’t be able to save Kakeru. I want him to let us carry his troubles with him. I don’t want him to choose death as his resolve. Please… I want you to save Kakeru’s heart.

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to “Bayformers” !!! :D

it was around this time (late June & early-mid July), 10 years ago in 2007, when the first live-action Transformers movie made it’s big debut on movie screens around the world!

whether we hate or love these movies, there is one hugely important thing that the vast majority of us can agree upon: this movie changed our lives. it’s what got us into Transformers. we owe a great deal to the people who brought this movie to life. who knows what state the Transformers franchise might be in otherwise? without it, we’d probably have no TFA, no TFP, significantly fewer comic series, and we wouldn’t have met all our wonderful friends through the fandom!

this is one birthday I’m glad to celebrate. this movie completely changed my life, and it’s been (mostly) a great source of happiness over the past 10 years. so Happy Birthday Bayformers!! thanks for everything! :D


Here’s a bullet-point list explaining why it is important to include real, substantive, and positive, LGBTQ storylines in your movies, tv shows, etc. 

First and foremost; positive representation can change/save lives!

- Think of all the people who you can help by offering positive representation to a marginalized community. Your stories would be far more accurate of the world’s population, which includes a large number of people who identify as somewhere on the queer spectrum. There are so many great stories of people who’s lives have changed, all because they saw a little bit of themselves on their tv screen. They found someone they can identify with and relate to, someone who makes them feel less alone. Just imagine how many more people won’t commit suicide, who won’t be afraid to live a lie anymore. YOU can change that, YOU can help.

 LGBTQ people WILL go see your movie!

-And most likely we will see it two, three, four+ times in theaters because we are so starved for representation. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the LGBTQ fanbase is probably the most loyal set of fans you could ever get. Ask any of the actors in popular shows like Rizzoli and Isles, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, and many many others that LGBTQ people support based solely off imagined/implied non-canon relationships! We latch on to projects that even so much as hint at a gay relationship and suffere through endless hours of heterocanon just to feel a part of something. Imagine what we would do if you portrayed a homosexual relationship as the main story!!

That loyal fanbase will promote the hell out of your project.

-FREE PROMOTION! What’s not to love about that?! Have you heard of Tumblr? Social media? We will signal boost info about your movie to anyone and everyone, begging them to go see your movie. We will vote for your movie (and related characters) in every online poll, share all the links, and beg allies to join in. We will make fanvideos, fanart, and all sorts of stuff to help promote your movie. Why waste money on expensive ad campaigns, when we are more than willing to help in anyway we can.

We will buy your DVDs and other movie related merchandise.

-We want you to do well, consider it a thank you for telling our story, but most importantly, if you do well that opens the gate for other LGBTQ projects to be greenlit. We will throw as much of our money as we can at your project and related merchandise to boost your sales. I have bought movies and their soundtracks before I even seen or heard it, SOLELY because I knew they included a gay character. Trust me there are plenty more people out there who will do the same.

Someone has to be the pioneer, YOU can make history!

-Like mentioned above, we want you to succeed so other queer stories get to be told, but in order for that to happen, someone must pave the way. Society is moving in the right direction of inclusion, even if it’s slowly. One day diverse casts and genres will be the norm, and you can help launch us there. Imagine how you will be remembered in history, about how you were the first major studio to have real LGBTQ representation that wasn’t just the “token gay character.” One day people will tell your story, imagine the documentaries and biopics made about the studio and the people behind the scenes who fought for that story to be told.

Beauty And The Beast Tag Thing

I’ve seen a bunch of these things going around online, so I figured I would make a Beauty and the Beast themed one.

Enter the following words into the tag and place the first result other than the word itself:

Rose, Mirror, Magic, Disney, Love, Kiss, Beautiful, Change, Spell, Curse, Book, Eggs, Fool, Yellow, Dress, Dance, Castle, Tale

If no tag exists for one of the words, keep deleting a letter until a tag appears on your tags list.

Fic Recs #22

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21

I haven’t picked up a physical book in months, but I’ve been reading enough fanfiction to baffle a Cambridge scholar.

Let’s continue on this journey together. But wait until I’m done with this chapter.

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Lady in Red by @felicityollies - Oliver really, really enjoyed that red and white outfit Felicity wore in 5x21. Including a brief Curtis cameo.

The Unexpected by @faeriefantasy - Oliver and Felicity got back together… physically, at least. But they have some unexpected news for everyone…

Cuddle Quota by @deadlybingo - Felicity is having a hard time letting her newborn baby sleep in the nursery. Oliver tries to get to the bottom of things.

What Happens In Vegas by @realityisoverrated-fic - Felicity is in Vegas for a conference and she’s having dinner with Donna. After revealing she’s “ended” her relationship with Oliver (to avoid the whole polyamory discussion), Tommy shows up to entertain the Smoak women.

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Nobody Else Could Love Me Like You Do by @charlie-leau - Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen are famous actors. Seven years ago, they starred side-by-side in a movie that changed both their lives. Five years ago, their engagement ended with heartbreak. Now, writer John Diggle is back with a movie sequel guaranteed to change their lives again.

Edelweiss (Bless My Homeland Forever) by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog - Sequel to “The Sound of an Arrow.” Olicity and Co. are hiding in the French countryside from the Bratva, but that’s no way to live. Unfortunately, as soon as they decide to go after the Bratva to take back their lives, Felicity makes an unexpected discovery.

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Words We Couldn’t Say by @dmichellewrites - Felicity goes to Donna with some news. But Mama Smoak has some news of her own, and it isn’t as good.

The Long Way Home by @ohemgeeitscoley - An update! An update! Felicity was hired by Tommy Merlyn, Band Manager to film the tour of Green Arrow. She gets more than she bargained for when she starts to see beneath the band dynamics and its broody lead: Oliver Queen.

Honey, I Shrunk the IT Girl by @felicityollies - Felicity is working with Barry and Cisco on a shrink ray. Unfortunately, it explodes.

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Got to Give It Up by @machawicket - Felicity and Oliver meet at Tommy and Laurel’s wedding. They both have interesting relationships with the wedding party, and end up connecting. In more ways than one.

Not Just A Sock Fetish by @alexiablackbriar13 - Oliver really just wants some socks.

Begin Again by @releaseurinhibitions - Olicity. College professor/student AU. Sometimes this trope can fall flat for me (like it’s creepy? idk), but Olicity just JUMPS off the page in this AU. I love it so much!

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What’s in a name by @jasminemai - Oliver and Felicity are back together and engaged, but in dealing with the fallout of S5 and taking care of William, they just don’t find the time to get married. Then the renaming of Palmer Tech comes up.

Smoaked by @hope-for-olicity - Felicity and her daughter Molly moved to Star City to escape Felicity’s crazy ex, who insisted Molly was his daughter despite all evidence - and a paternity test - to the contrary. Now, she owns a coffee shop. Then one day, Molly’s father - a man whose last name she never knew - shows up and says he’s hunting for her ex and it’s his job to protect her.

Secrets Don’t Make Friends by @felicityollies - Bev, back at it again with the THIRD FIC on this list! Idk how you write so much, girl. Anyway, enjoy a oneshot of Felicity accidentally stumbling into Verdant’s basement and having a spicy encounter with the Hood.

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The Summetry Will Keep Me Close to You by @theshipsfirstmate - Olicity S3.5 bliss. On their way back to Star City, Felicity stops to get a mani/pedi.

Running Hearts by @nodecaff4me - Felicity Smoak is working for her father, Noah Kuttler, until one day she disappears from her apartment. Noah claims she stole highly confidential company information, and hires Verdant Inc. - a PI company - to find her. Little do they know, there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

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Somewhere With You by ME! - I know what you’re thinking. Madalyn, you haven’t updated this story in ages! And you’re right. I’m sorry! Real life has been rough lately, but I AM slowly working on the next chapter of my high school-beach town AU and it will be out soon!

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'Beauty and the Beast' Wins Movie of the Year at 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards
Fans have made Beauty and the Beast their guest of honor at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards. The Bill Condon-directed adaptation of Disney’s beloved 1991 animated classic of the same name …

Fans have made Beauty and the Beast their guest of honor at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

The Bill Condon-directed adaptation of Disney’s beloved 1991 animated classic of the same name has taken the awards show’s top film honor, earning Movie of the Year over the likes of The Edge of Seventeen, Logan, Get Out, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at Sunday’s ceremony.

Stars Emma Watson (who won Best Actor in a Movie earlier in the evening) and Josh Gad invited Condon to join them on stage as they accepted the award at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

“This is so exciting, thank you so much,” Bill Condon said. “Thank you to the audience who embraced this movie so much, but especially thank you to the women because women have proven that they’re a huge and powerful audience, and it’s gonna change the movie business.”

Activism for ourselves

The powerful always think that any and all the activism we do is for them. That we’re always looking at them, caring what they think, trying to change them. So if we make a movie about trans lives, it must be to convince cis people to accept us. If we blog about our lives, it must be to convince those in power that we are human. If we celebrate Pride it must be a display for the cis straight audience. If we march in protests, it must be to change the minds of those in power. 

But a lot of the time our activism is for us, about us and has absolutely nothing to do with them. We know those in power only respond to power and will never give what we don’t take from them. We know the things we build for ourselves are better than the things we get by asking for permission. We know we must build our own communities, our self-love, our numbers, our knowledge, strength and spirit in order to be able to change the world.  

So often when we make a movie over trans lives, we do it to show each other that we exist. When we blog about our lives we do it to heal, to share, to find strength in each other. When we celebrate Pride, we do it to revitalize and rejoice in each other, to honor those who fought for our freedom and to remember the work that has yet to be done. When we march, we do it to remind ourselves that we are many and we have the power to take over the streets. 

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Hi Leah! Quick question about Wonder Woman now that everyone's seen Whedon's script for it. Since Allan Heinberg was the screenwriter, I was wondering why he doesn't get much credit for the movie as much as Patty does? Or just in general, why are directors praised for films with great writing instead of the screenwriters? I don't know much about the film industry, so I was hoping you could shed some light on this. Thank you! :)

I’m happy to!

Luckily, Collider posted a great piece on this that makes my life a lot easier, so go ahead and read that first and then come back. I’ll wait.

Did you read it? Good.

So to answer your specific question, which is why don’t people talk about Allan Heinberg like the author of this piece, the answer is because he was really only one of over maybe two dozen people who helped make this script a reality– a significant one, but only one nonetheless. Answering the broader question that results from that– why the fuck did two dozen people write this movie?! requires a little more background knowledge.

In the broad medium of dramatic writing, there’s a drastic sliding scale in which two things operate in balance: your rights and your paycheck. Playwrights retain full ownership of their work– if you want to put on a production of their play, you must get permission from them or their estate; if you want to change a line, you need their okay first. They are the true maker of the thing– but the price of that artistic purity is financial security. Playwrights make very little money, and see less of it coming back to them in terms of long-term profits.

On the far opposite end of that scale (with TV writers being somewhere in the middle) are screenwriters. If you are hired to write a script– or if a script of yours gets bought– with a little variance from contract to contract, you are essentially signing away your soul. You are selling your work as is, with the understanding that the buyer can then do whatever the heck they want with it. The reason any artist agrees to this ridiculous signing away of their creative work is that the paychecks are big. Hollywood big. But believe me, there are plenty of screenwriters who have gone to the premieres of movies they ostensibly “wrote,” only to not recognize a single word. That happens all the time. That happened, it would seem, even to Allan Heinberg. As Roven explained, after Heinberg left Wonder Woman, the “scenes that stuck” were largely written by Patty and by Geoff Johns.

So the reason screenwriters often aren’t given credit for a final product of a movie is that more often than not, to give them that credit would be misleading. Obviously the more famous you are the less that happens, and sure there are writer/directors who can protect themselves, but movies– especially big blockbusters like Wonder Woman– are largely written by committee. You send it to five different people to see if they come up with a concept you like; you give it to someone to punch up the humor; you give it to someone to clean up the action. Script drafts are hypothetical, and a means to an end. Nothing is sacred until it’s on camera and you can’t take it back– and even then, there’s a lot that can be done in the editing room to streamline or re-break scenes or structure.

All of those writers get paid for the work they do. But not all of them can get credit. The writers are unionized, and so only a fixed number of people can actually be listed as the writer of a thing, regardless of who did what. All of that is settled contractually at the start– your title and credit is a part of the negotiation process, and occasionally fiddled with at the end, but always through legal means. Sometimes this can get very ugly– for example, the well publicized dispute between director Amma Asante and original screenwriter Misan Sagay over Belle a few years ago. Largely, the union exists to protect writers and their work… with a kind of unwritten caveat rule of “you get what you get and you don’t get upset,” knowing that movie productions are complex, living things and last minute changes can always alter what had been the creative product you thought you were participating in.

On the other hand, unless something truly scandalous goes down, unlike the writer(s), the director is the one who sees the thing through from start to finish. The director is the captain of the ship to the screenwriter’s metaphorical ship builder– no matter how much you participated in creating the thing, only the director tells it where to go and gets it to its destination safely. The director (barring interference from a producer) is the one with final say on everything from locations and costumes to blocking and line delivery, and then sees the film through the post-production process and editing. Hence the elevation of the director’s voice over all else when it comes to final criticism or praise of a film.

It’s not always fair, and it doesn’t always make sense, but that’s how it goes.

[2017.07.10] Fullmetal Alchemist press conference at Japan Expo (Paris) - LE MONDE

Hello there ! (^o^)/

Here is an article from the press conference held on the 2017.07.07 that Sori Fumihiko (director), Yamada Ryosuke (Edward Elric) and Honda Tsubasa (Winry Rockbell) did at Japan Expo 18th Impact (Parc des Expositions, Paris-Nord Villepinte) !

Hope you’ll like it !
If you repost, please credit !

Source : Le Monde

When we adapt a manga like “Fullmetal Alchemist” into a (live action) movie, “we can’t tell everything”

This famous manga is, for the first time, adapted into a live action movie. During Japan Expo, which just ended at Villepinte, the casting explains the challenge of the adaptation of such a manga into a live action movie.

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I’m usually more into Marvel movies, because DC has been quite disappointing so far, but I have to give it to them this time. They finally did it. I’m so proud of this movie. This is the kind of hero that little girls need, this is the example they have to follow and this is the model to be inspired by. In just two hours, this movie changed so many lives. I’m not exaggerating, I bet many young girls felt more empowered and more “worthy” just by watching this movie. It’s very well done and directed, my deepest compliments to the entire crew, and it really sends the message. Women can do whatever they put their mind to, we’re stong-willed, powerful and resourceful, and we can achieve anything if we truly believe in ourselves. A massive thank you for Gal Gadot for her amazing portrait of Wonder Woman, I don’t think this role would have suited anyone else. She’s such an inspiration.


Mysterious Skin (2004) - Gregg Araki 

5 bullet on this film:

  • This is one of those great movies that you kind of want to unsee, because it’s really disturbing. The theme, that is child abuse, is very real and present in the film, and I think this is great to warn people about pedophilia. I think the director captured in a great way how abuse changes people and how it ruins their lives. This movie makes you very uncomfortable, but it’s supposed to.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt should have won an Oscar for this, honestly. I don’t even have words to describe how awesome he was. Brady Corbet was very good as well. They had to do those super weird scenes, and it must have been very difficult.
  • I love how it has a little bit of comedy, even though it’s the darkest shit I have ever seen. 
  • The scenes are so beautiful an delicate an uuugh, the colors that match the mood of the film, I just love this so much.
  • Let’s appreciate the director for doing a movie about something people refuse to talk about. I mean, the film is based on a book, but it mustn’t be easy to make a movie about child abuse, you know?

How awkward it would be to watch it with your parents: A LOT. REALLY. JUST DON’T.