this movie brings me so much joy

how am I going to explain to my future wife that watching Kung Fu Panda 3 at 1 in the morning on a school night brings me immense amount of joy? Or the fact I’ve seen Zootopia 5 times now. Or that I don’t enjoy Criminal Minds but I will sit down and watch Young Justice for a whole day, or that my ideal date movie at the moment would be to see the lego batman movie

like, I’m honestly not that big of a nerd anymore, I’m an intelligent young woman, how will explain a love for children’s cartoons ugh

my thoughts about dan's younow last night

so as i was saying~
this is honestly my favorite dan’s live show now.
it’s just the way he is so soft and quiet and kind in this it just feels so comfy and relaxing to watch (plus his sweater makes him even “warmer” to look at).
when he was talking about how he feels sorry for all the people out there who can’t have a great christmas because of the family/health/other personal issues and that he hopes the gamingmas will bring them a little joy on holidays. he is so sweet omg
also when he told people to write in the chat who is working/studying on christmas so “we need to pray for you”. this also made me happy so much.

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I find it interesting that some people find bliss from taking off with only a backpack to hold their belongings, from sleeping in a different place night by night, or that others find it by dedicating themselves to a higher purpose or career, a feeling of lending themselves to the birth of something else, that a sense of being content can come from such varying pursuits. I feel this sense of being content at home, watching the movies I love while lining up the perfume bottles that bring me so much joy. The smell of something baking and the chime of my phone from a friend that I know has my back. It really is the simple things. As I grow, I become more sure of it.

Cars 3 and Representation

The world is changing so fast, Miss Fritter means so much to me bc I’m gay and I grew up with cars, it will always be my favourite and forever brings me so much joy and nostalgia and to have them bring in a character I can relate to on such a personal level, someone like me, makes me love the franchise and love pixar even more, and Miss Fritter’s only one of the many examples they’ve shown us so far (she’s just the one i relate to most)

I respect them so much for embracing change

To know that my kids in 10-15 years will be watching movies and shows that represent an accurate and truthful version of the society we are living in today makes me beam with pride, because they’re gonna see a family of 2 mothers and know that it’s okay, it’s okay that they have 2 mums and their friends have a mum and a dad or 2 dads, because every family is different

There is no carbon copy cut-out of the perfect situation anymore, because everyone’s idea of a perfect situation is different to their own life

I finished it! Happy three year anniversary, rise of the guardians! I know I’m late, but better late than never.

This movie has to be my favorite movie ever. It has its faults, yeah, but it brings me so much joy. This fandom has to be one of the nicest fandoms I’ve ever been in and I’ve stumbled across some of the most fantastic artists and fic writes ever. 

So to celebrate I drew Jack Frost, my favorite character. Perhaps next year I’ll be good enough to tackle North! 

I hope everyone has a good day and life and I hope Rise of the Guardians has brought ya’ll the same joy it has brought me.


I’ve seen all of Steve’s movies but for me, Steve is never better or more appealing than when he plays a caring dad, “Father of The Bride”, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, and “Parenthood” will always be my favorite of your movies and I wanted to take this weird public opportunity to tell you how much I love you in those roles and also how much joy it brings me to know that you’re a dad now in real life. And yes, that is a patronizing thing to say. But people say dumb stuff like that to women all the time. So I just need you to just take it. 

-Tina Fey talking on stage at the 2015 AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Honoring: Steve Martin. [x


I’ve been helping spookylumpkins do some promotion stuff for our new favorite movie (What We Do In The Shadows, now playing at the beautiful Del Mar theater in downtown Santa Cruz).
We put some fliers up at the Boardwalk the other night and today my boss at the costume shop let me put Vladislav in the window!

1. your smile. the way it’s not perfect. the way it sometimes slants. one side lifts up while you talk. the closed smile while we talk and look up at the ceiling. so much happiness comes to me from that smile. it does more than light up a room. it brings joy to each person touched by it.
2. your eyes. the way the look when you look at your favorite band. when we talk about your favorite books and movies. the crows feet you get when reading poetry. the way your wisdom can be seen in them. the pain you can see, despite the expression on your face. you hate the color, but eyes are so much more than a pigmentation of light.
3. your brain. the way you talk about and describe things. it’s one of the most magical feelings to listen to you. to read what you write. to see how you think inside your brain. sometimes what comes out isnt great, but that too, thats part of the magic. magic isnt perfect, magic has a beautiful dark side too.
4. your voice. the way it rasps after you wake up or are tired. the excitement in it as you tell me all about this new show you found. the way it sounds on the phone, slightly different, but still paints an image of you in my mind.
5. your hair. the way it moves and the way i just want to run my fingers through it. the way it gets after rain. the way it looks when you wake up, rugged and messy.
—  5 things i love about you

Just had a stupid hilarious thought I felt the need to share: Ulysses Klaw, who gets his left arm casually lopped off in AOU is a regular Black Panther villain, and Bucky is in Wakanda now, having just lost his left arm (again). So, we could get a Black Panther movie featuring two white characters and zero white left arms.