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Wounded, but ok

hhhhhhhh i finished all of my assignments and exams this week yaaaay~ Have a crying geno bois because why not ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. I had fun drawing this one too, with the gold paint and stuff hehehe~ 

Geno- @loverofpiggies

Tomoya Naka- Rainy Song

This right here will be cinematic history. This shot will be studied in film classes. This moment right here is the greatest hero shot I’ve ever seen.

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okay but imagine if wade made it into an mcu movie and removed the lower part of his mask so clint could understand like he does in the comics and tries fingerspelling something at some point and clint is like “sorry man i never learned sign language” and wade just is so confused and pulls out a hawkeye comic and rifles through it and just looks up like “those motherfuckers”

In celebration of Mother’s Day (which btw, Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers out there! You’re beautiful, amazing, and wonderful in every way! <3) I decided I would take this time to share some picts of the kids I believe Johnny and Ash would later adopt.

HUGE thanks to @thewinterme, who by many a conversation, we came up with Johnny and Ash’s beautiful kids. <3

After many years of marriage, Ash and Johnny felt as if adoption was something they’d want to do since it’s impossible for them to have kids naturally. Their first adopted son Josh (a year old abandoned gorilla from Rwanda) and five years later is when they adopt little Ashlyn Jo/AJ (an orphaned infant porcupine from a remote region in Africa). Ash and Johnny are kind of dorks so naming their adopted kids of course they had to put their names together lol.

This is the plane ride back and Johnny and Ash pick up Josh from Rwanda. The little baby boy would be a little antsy so Johnny has to hold him, wrapping him in a blanket to make sure he’s comfortable. Ash would be overwhelmed, wanting to hold him but has to settle for giving him snacks and touching his cute little face and holding his hand. <3

This is when Ash and Johnny introduce their now six year old son to his new little sister AJ (who he was so excited to meet). 

Anyway, just wanted to share a bit. ;-p Hope y’all have a great day.

In celebration of Father’s Day (which, by the way, Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there!) I decided to showcase a bit more of family moments that Johnny and Ash have with their adopted kids, Josh and AJ.

Again, huge shout-out @thewinterme for collaborating in the creation of JohnnyxAsh’s kids as well as some of these precious scenarios! You’re the best! ^_^

If you missed my Mother’s Day post that I did for Ash, the basic synopsis is that Johnny and Ash cannot have kids naturally so they decided to adopt a few years after the got married. Their first adopted son Josh (a year old abandoned gorilla from Rwanda) and five years later is when they adopt little Ashlyn Jo/AJ (an orphaned infant porcupine from a remote region in Africa).

Ash would so buy little Josh this onesie to surprise Johnny with. <3

The first pict is much like I did with Josh instead this is when they’re bringing AJ home. I picture at first Johnny being terrified to hold his daughter; how small and delicate she seems to be. But with gentle prodding, Ash is able to convince him to hold her for the first time. <3

The next is another sweet father/children moment where Johnny reads to his kids before bed.

And I can’t finish it off without how their kids would end up in bed beside the couple. Little AJ has a hard time adjusting to sleeping alone and Josh, not being able to be left out, sneaks in bed with them as well. Johnny and Ash are more than happy to allow their kids to sleep between them. Just one big happy family. <3

Totally unrelated to Father’s Day but I just wanted to add a sweet moment from the first time Josh gets to hold his darling little sister. They’d be such amazing siblings and love each other dearly.

Anyhoo, just wanted to share some more picts and scenarios with Johnny and Ash’s children. Hope you enjoy. :-)

So I wanna try this Inktober challenge thing. Couldn’t last year because it was too late, but this year! I must try. They’ll all be probably quickly doodles due to schedule but still!

I recently watched Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart and I absolutely loved it. The movie just. Gah. So well done, the art style, everything gah. Go watch it.
(And pardon my terrible handwriting, it was hard to see.)