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I am so proud of this movie. It means so much to me. The way Zack just wanders around, aimlessly, in the middle of a mine for no reason other than the fact that as long as he doesn’t stop, nothing can catch up to him. More importantly, not his mom’s illness.

Junior year, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. My big plans to go out of state for college minimized to statewide. Days spent with my friends were cut short. Drives to town with my mom became more important because to me, it felt like my time with her had suddenly been split in half. I was angry. I struggled, quietly. I still struggle to open up, to share what I fear most, which is where cancer could possibly take my mom.

My OCD got bad. My relationships became strained. I didn’t wander around mines, I jogged. I ran through forest with my headphones on full blast. I drove the long way home. I made up reasons to go to town. I watched my mom break down. I broke down myself, in privacy, multiple times.

And to see a kid like Zach, the same age as me, going through something so similar? I don’t know. It just gives a validation I haven’t felt. It was realistic. It was true.

“My mom’s the BEST,” he screams, “but she’s sick.” And it clicked to me.

I saw a mirror of myself, a person I’ve been looking to speak with, to help understand, on this screen in front of me, staring at a bonfire, tears in his eyes, admitting something that’s hard to say. My mom is sick. My mom is sick and I love her. My mom is sick and I refuse to lose her. My mom is sick and I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m terrified.

Mr. Zach Taylor, I know you. Mr. Zach Taylor, I am you. Mr. Zach Taylor, thank you.


You have become my laughter, you have become the wetness of my eyes, you have become my sky and my earth..  I began to change, began to fall and be steady.. Since I have known you, I have started to move toward you.. Every journey, every place, everywhere you became.. I thought of you as god and you have become god only..


This is the hand he holds. He prefers holding his sword to my hand, but he holds your hand dearer than any sword.

No no no but imagine because Diana is immortal
so fast forward a couple thousand years and Diana is like a space revolutionary or something and Kirk sees a small group of renegades fighting against an oppressive government and is like ok we need to help and dives in all Rescuing Hero and then they’re all fighting and BOOM THERE’S DIANA and she turns to Kirk and is just like  and Kirk is just like ??? Because HE DOESN’T RECOGNIZE HER and she introduces herself to him in a moment of calm in the fighting because she hopes so badly that he will remember that something in there will remember snow and swords and Irish singing and he just nods at her and something in her breaks but she turns back and keeps fighting because she’s fucking wonder woman and Kirk’s head is hurting because there’s something prodding him deep inside his brain but he pushes it aside and keeps fighting and he’s watching Diana block lasers and throw alien tanks and his head is just KILLING him and then there’s the moment of truth- they have a chance- and Kirk turns to this utterly familiar stranger and says
We need more time
and an expression of complete horror crosses her face and she shakes her head and says not again- not ever again- and she turns and jumps.
And Kirk watches her drive through the tower, delivering the final blow, but it’s Steve who watches her land, who runs to her unfolding herself from the crouch, rubble falling around her and he remembers the snow and a woman who knew what she had to do but wanted to save everyone on the way and he reaches her and she catches his eye and sees the change and before she can say anything he grabs her hand and sees a watch that’s not ticking.
It’s ok, he says, we can save the world together this time.