this movie!! i still want to talk about it sometimes!!

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So I have a friend and I *think* I have an aesthetic crush on her. I always want to be around her and I've become super clingy. However, we r both girls and there are quite a few homophobes at my little private school. Since I'm gray-ro ace, I dont know how to tell her that I think she is super pretty and I wanna hang out. PS the main reason I am super nervous is i had a similar crush on another girl and she ended up being homophobic and we lost our friendship and I dont want it happening again

first, talk to her about gay relationships & stuff to see if she’s homophobic. if she is pretty welcoming, you might want to start doing romantic type things that could still be considered platonic. go on random “dates” & watch movies at each other’s house or something. then sometime you could talk to her about being gay & possibly wanting a romantic relationship with her

People don’t understand what I mean when I say I can’t sit still too long. I say that as a way to make them understand, people know what it’s like to be restless. In reality, I can sit still all day, I prefer not to but I can. It’s my mind I can’t keep still, I can’t focus on one subject, mentally I have to keep moving. I can’t sit through a movie, I can’t focus that long. It’s hard to have a conversation I hate to keep changing the subject, I’m sorry but I got bored I couldn’t talk about it anymore. When every joint in my body aches and moving hurts my mind just keeps going sometimes I wish I could get it to slow down.

-I just want peace

so i’ve been thinking and i just want to give a shout out to certain aromantics. these are things that i’ve noticed about myself, and i have no doubt that other aros struggle with the same.

i wanna shout out to the aros that are romance repulsed, but want romance at the same time. society has been pushing the idea that romance equates to happiness since the beginning of time, and i think no matter how much pride one has in being arospec, that they still have internalized amatonormativity and will battle it for their entire life.

even as a romance repulsed aromantic, who complains constantly about romance to myself, i can admit that there’s still a small part of me that wants romance so badly. people talk about how beautiful romantic love is, they make movies about it, they make it their ultimate priority, and sometimes it just makes you think: maybe it is.

so shout out to the aros that cringe at the sight of people kissing but will think about themselves doing the same with others.

shout out to the aros that feel disgust when romance is brought up but get an ache in their chest when listening to angsty love songs.

shout out to the aros that see happy couples and get that flare of jealousy, even if they’re thinking about how gross they are at the same time.

shout out to the aros that felt romantic attraction and liked romance in the past, and wish they could be like that again.

shout out to the aros that hate romance and everything about it, but deep down know that they want it.

it will take a long time to unlearn the importance of romantic love that society has ingrained into us, but your feelings are valid nonetheless. wanting romantic love is okay. being sad because you can’t feel romantic attraction is okay. questioning if everyone is right about romance not being a synonym for happiness is okay.

we’re only human after all, and the thing that everyone strives for is happiness. and while your feelings are completely valid, please remember that romance is not the most important. romantic love is not the epitome of happiness, although it can contribute to it.

the power that you need to be happy is already inside of you.

i’ve never seen eyes like yours. grey like clouds, silver like their linings. i’m always checking my phone to see your name. remember when we walked through the city and pointed out lights in windows like they were stars and we were standing on a beach somewhere further away from home than here. god, i kept wanting to take your hand but i couldn’t. we talked for hours about the universe and love and i kind of thought i was in a movie. i don’t think i’ve ever started a conversation with, ‘sometimes the universe seems so big and i realise that i am so useless within it,’ until i met you. you said, ‘fuck, yeah, we’re nothing really.’ and i’m still not sure how you can think that about yourself when i look at you and i see the constellations reflected in your goddamn grey irises. how you can look in the mirror and wish to be any different than you are. i’ve never seen eyes like yours. and now i don’t want to look away.
—  things i’ll never say // r.e.s