this move is the shit yo

You member how wiishu said her appendix story was boring? Well i decided to fix it. She ain’t lose it cause it decided to be a little bitch and say “imma just stop and fuck yo shit up lol” naaaah. u see she waz in re7 ya’ll just ain’t see her and the bitch ass son of jack and margerite “can’t remember that bitch name” did one of dem puzzle shits and she wuz locked in a room with a knife and a bomb. That bitch ass son was like “yo, i burried a key to the door in yo appendix. Why? idk fam i waz high as shit but if you wanna live you gonna cut that shit out.” And you know what? She did that shit fam cuz signe ain’t a lil bitch. Here’z proof she did dat fam.

Now not only iz this bitch a fucking artist, photographer, and a fashion idol but she a doctor. Dr.stooplstein fake ass doctor bitch ass better move out the motherfucking way. This mofucka can do appendix surgurey she just didn’t tell yall cuz we’d be overwhelmed by the level of cool she iz. I’m onto u fam i’m onto u. @wiishu

What if:

YOI Season 2 for starts like how Season 1 started, except instead of Yuuri being the one introducing himself,

it is Yuri Plisetsky starting the season and narrating the series!?



“Yo, I’m Yuri Plisetsky, the Ice Tiger of Russia”

“If you call me an ice fairy I’ll murder you”

and then when he starts to explain Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship and how they’re all in Russia…..

“That stupid old man met drunk Katsudon at the GPF banquet two years ago and afterwards when Yuuri uploaded a cover of him skating to Viktor’s FS he flew all the way to Hasetsu and a shit ton of things happened. Anyway, these two idiots got engaged, Katsudon moved to Russia, and now he trains with Viktor and the rest of us at the same rink.”

“Sometimes I wish these two train somewhere else because they can’t keep their hands and eyes off each otheR WILL YOU TWO STOP IT OH MY GOD VIKTOR STOP CLINGING ONTO YUURI YOU’VE BEEN LIKE THIS FOR THE LAST 2 HOURS GODDAMIT”

credits to @uniwurm for we were having so many talks about Yuri and YOI yesterday xD


Yo thank you guys for coming seriously. 

It’s an honor to have so many kids fuck with what we’re doing. You guys keep checking in every time and we see the business you have grow and shit, like these kids got their thing “Grail” and they wear their shirt with the civ hat and idk it’s just really tight. 





Bts reaction to girlfriend doing Aerial Acrobatics.

Anonymous said: yO HELLO!!! can you do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend does aerial acrobatics? thank you so much in advance and happy holidays!

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Rap Monster: You: “Did you like it??” Him: “Yeah, all that swirling around and shit, seem pretty cool.”

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Suga: “When you coming down? you not superman, there’s a higher chance of a accident happening up there, than down on the ground where I am.”

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Jhope: Demonstrates all your moves you did, well of course the way he demonstrates them….isn’t how you did them though.

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Jin: You wanted him to try it, but he wasn’t bout that life. “Honey, I love you I really do, but If you think I’m bout to get my ass that high, you can kiss that thought far fucking away.

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Jimin: You begged him to stay and watch you You: “OK, come on, now you try.” Him: “Um, you ain’t say all that.”

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Taehyung: Very dumbfounded at the moment. At first he found it dangerous and was going to wrap you up tight, but then when you took off spinning and swinging, he forgot all about safety first. 

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Jungkook: Kind of Nervous and a little frighten from the fact that your that high in the air. Starts making all sorts of noises that keeps distracting you.

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Jungkook As Your Boyfriend

Seokjin || Yoongi || Hoseok || Namjoon || Jimin || Taehyung || Jungkook

You’ll notice that a lot of stuff is crossed out in Jungkook’s. That’s because he’s a shithead that likes to tease you and he’s going to act like he’s not doing anything. So yeah. Have fun! xP

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  • the biggest meme to ever meme
  • your whole relationship was memes
  • you two are hanging out on the couch
  • the doorbell rings
  • jungkook reluctantly gets up to answer it
  • and when you call out
  • “who’s at the door?”
  • he always answers with
  • “ay yo it’s dat boi!”
  • and whoever’s at the door calls
  • “oh shit what up?”
  • when that meme gets old
  • it’ll never get old for jungkook, but eventually you’ll stop groaning
  • he moves on to another meme another one
  • also dj khaled never gets old get used to it
  • you normally communicate through memes
  • if someone were to look through your texts to him
  • all they’d see would be meme after meme
  • or a whole lot of sexting
  • that boy is horny 24/8
  • but he likes sexting more than flirting in person
  • because he can do it at any time
  • and he can always save sexy texts or pics for later
  • he’s very cocky over the phone
  • in person he’s more cute/sweet/shy
  • he put his head in your lap while he played games on his phone
  • grabbing your hand and putting it in his hair so you’d play with it
  • or pulling you into his lap
  • tucking his chin into your shoulder
  • and wrapping his arms around you to hold his controller
  • he didn’t really pay much attention to you
  • just playing his game
  • blowing air in your face if you try to pester him
  • but then he beats a level or dies
  • and starts paying attention to you
  • always calling you jagi or baby or yeobo
  • saying it like it’s the most natural thing in the world
  • sure, he was embarrassed to say it at first
  • but now it was just like calling taehyung “taetae”
  • and he’d always say “i love you”
  • after you did the most simple task for him
  • like bringing him a snack from the kitchen
  • or turning up the tv when he couldn’t reach the remote
  • but the moment either of you did something romantic
  • something as simple as a kiss
  • or as cheesy as a candlelit dinner
  • it was as if the words were foreign
  • he couldn’t say them, and he didn’t understand when you said them
  • just blushing and looking away
  • the boys always teased him for that
  • they liked to tease him about anything they could
  • he teased them so often that they finally wanted payback
  • so whenever you hung out with them
  • they wanted to know everything about your relationship
  • and if jungkook was ignoring you for another video game
  • you’d gladly tell them whatever they wanted to know
  • so jungkook always made sure you were close
  • - not close enough to touch, since they’d just tease him about that -
  • and that he listened when you spoke to him
  • stopping whatever he was doing to respond
  • so he liked just spending time with you alone
  • that way he didn’t have to pay as much attention to you
  • wait no he means he likes spending time with you alone
  • because he can kiss you and dote on you and love you
  • he loves you please don’t be mad
  • speaking of alone time
  • sex was always great
  • whether it happened after a date
  • or in the middle of the day after sexting for a little while
  • he was all over you
  • his hands and mouth touching whatever skin they could
  • going fast and hard
  • not coming fast
  • he makes sure you know that he could go for hours
  • and sometimes he proves that to you
  • afterwards he still has energy somehow
  • except he’s starving
  • so he gets up and gathers all the after-sex food from the kitchen
  • which has it’s own cabinet because there’s so much of it
  • and he drops it all on the bed
  • either eating alone and playing a phone game while watching you sleep
  • or eating with you and laying his head on your stomach
  • pulling your hand to his hair so you can play with it
  • calling you jagi and yeobo instead of his sex-only pet names
  • as if you both aren’t covered in sweat and other sticky fluids
  • you guys could just take a shower together later
  • and again, you wonder how he can even think about sex
  • after the rounds of sex you’d just finished not ten minutes ago
  • but that would just lead to another round
  • because jungkook didn’t like his skills to be doubted
  • he was the golden maknae, after all
Whatever It Takes - Chapter 18

Summary - Y/N has moved to Seoul and landed a job working at the company that her godmother Kay composes for. Four months after her heart was broken, she’s left to figure out how to be away from her widowed father for the first time in her life.

Genre - Angst/Angst/Angst/Angst

Members - Jimin (other members mentioned) - specifically Hobi and Namjoon,

A/N - Help me, i cannot stop writing angst. This story has become a complete shit show. I had it all planned out, but as I’m writing my brain is just like, ‘yo, FUCK. SHIT. UP.’ or like, ‘RUIN LIVES, BREAK HEARTS. MAKE EVERYONE CRY INCLUDING YOURSELF.’ So now i don’t know what i’m gonna do with it, but hey, enjoy the ride, and also enjoy that this is MY LONGEST CHAPTER YET. 6,500 words. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Bye. 


The next 2-3 weeks passed with much of the same.

Jimin said just enough to me to not cause suspicion that there was something going on between us, and he continued to be best buddies with Areum and Bora, the four of them (including Seong-hyun and occasionally Tae) seeming to prefer each-others company more than anyone else’s, and I became increasingly closer to Namjoon and Hoeseok.

We were at the end of September and the MAMA’s was the upcoming weekend. The boys were all extremely excited for the event and I was excited to explore Hong Kong. I was sitting on the edge of Namjoon’s bed with Hobi, waiting for him to pick out an outfit so that we could go sightseeing, when someone knocked at the door. I stood up and opened it, revealing Jimin.

He seemed relatively surprised to see me, despite the fact that Namjoon, Hobi and I had spent a majority of our time together over the past few weeks, whilst Jimin ‘’worked out his problems.”

He recovered quickly and smiled saying “I didn’t expect to see you here” as I stood aside to allow him entrance to the room. I shrugged as he went by and answered, “well, here I am” before rolling my eyes and closing the door.

He walked into the room and took my place on the bed, which irked me for some reason, so I remained standing and folded my arms across my chest, leaning against the wall.

Jimin glanced up at my defensive stance and frowned slightly, before looking up at Namjoon who was holding a black sweater against himself and checking out his reflection.

“I heard you guys were going to go explore the city, so I came to see if I could gate-crash”

Namjoon nodded, not turning away from the mirror.

“Sure! The more the merrier. Y/N has been pestering us since we arrived about going to see Hong Kong so we decided to take her just to shut her up. You’re more than welcome to join.”

Hobi started laughing and I playfully kicked his foot from where I stood.

Jimin observed the whole exchange with a sour expression, before replying “cool, I’ll invite the others too then shall I?”

He looked at me after he asked this question, and although I couldn’t have imagined anything worse than spending my day with Bora and Areum, I nodded and smiled brightly.

“Of course, like Namjoon said, the more the merrier!”

Jimin nodded curtly and pulled out his phone to text his new besties, it took everything in me not to roll my eyes a second time.

Namjoon went into the bathroom to get changed and when he came out he handed me his phone which I promptly unlocked, knowing without him saying anything that he wanted me to take his ‘#kimdaily’ photos.

As Namjoon put on his mask and pulled his cap over his head, Jimin asked “you know his password now huh?”

I turned to him and his smile was friendly enough, but I could tell by the tone that his emotions didn’t match his expression.

Instead of rising to what could potentially become an argument, I just smiled and nodded and turned back to Namjoon.“Ready?”

He nodded and stood with his back against the plain wall, I lowered myself into a crouch and began snapping away.

“We should totally take some in the city, I bet we could get a ton of really cool shots” I said as I handed Namjoon his phone back. He nodded in approval and swung his arm over my shoulder – “can I hire you as the official Kim Daily photographer?” He asked, and I laughed in return.

Jimin’s expression was growing darker by the minute, but I couldn’t find it in me to feel bad. He had alienated himself from me. He’d had more than enough time to process what had happened with his parents now and he was still treating me like a stranger. The only reason I was still on the tour was because Namjoon and Hobi had convinced me not to leave and to give Jimin time. It felt as though he wasn’t even my boyfriend anymore.

We met the rest of the group in the lobby and left to go wander around the city. By the time we decided to stop for lunch at around mid-day, I was in great spirits. The group had virtually split into 3 smaller clusters of people. I was having a blast with Hobi and Namjoon and although the mild sense of anxiety that had been following me like a dark cloud since the meal at Jimin’s parents still lingered, it was much easier to push aside.

We were seated at the restaurant and I was surprised when Jimin opted to sit opposite me when there was a space free next to Seong-hyun and opposite Areum.

Maybe he was finally starting to come round.

Namjoon sat to my left and Hobi sat opposite him, on Jimin’s left. The conversation flowed easily and although Jimin was relatively quiet throughout, the tension that I’d been feeling around him over the past few weeks was beginning to ease.

As I went to take a piece of food from one of the dishes in front of me, Namjoon did the same. We began a chopstick war over one specific dumpling, despite there being four others on the plate. I decided to go for a different one and Namjoon knocked my chopsticks away again. I whined his nickname “Joonie” coined by Hobi and he laughed and moved his chopsticks to allow me to grab a dumpling.

I laughed and told him “thank you” in the most dramatic voice I could muster and popped the dumpling on my plate. As I looked up for an accompaniment I locked eyes with Jimin, who was staring intently at me, his expression unreadable. I smiled back and he looked away, before excusing himself to go to the bathroom.

The rest of the afternoon was fun, Jimin tagged himself onto our threesome but he didn’t really say too much unless he was spoken to directly. It gave me a weird feeling, it was almost more uncomfortable than him pretending I didn’t exist -  having him there, but not being my Jiminie. We decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel around 6pm. I was absolutely exhausted as a result of all the walking, and declined Hobi’s invite to go hang out in their room for a while.

The staff and members were on two separate floors and (although by my third week on the tour it became apparent that nobody would mind if I checked into a separate room) I had opted to stay close to the staff, so I always booked a room on the floor they were on. The management team had often praised me on my ability to blend into the crew completely, even once I started sleeping separately.

They also repeatedly made comments about how impressed they were at Jimin and I for keeping our relationships under wraps – a remark which occasionally appealed to my slightly darker sense of humour, given our current situation.

I closed my door behind me and plopped down onto my bed, relieved to finally be able to take off my sneakers and massage my tired feet. I looked up at sparkly silver dress hung up on my wardrobe for the MAMA event tomorrow.

Most of the staff would be spending a majority of their time backstage, but the management team had a separate table (away from all the celebrities of course) and I had been allocated a seat on there. I was incredibly excited to get dolled up and watch the show.

I padded into the bathroom and took a quick shower, opting for an early night.

We had to be up super early tomorrow to get to the venue for prep, the boys sound-check slot, and placement confirmation.

I was setting an alarm when Jimin’s name flashed across the top of my screen.

We’d barely texted over the course of the past two weeks so I couldn’t help the flutter of anticipation I felt as I swiped my thumb across the screen and read the message.

“Hey, any chance we can talk this weekend?”

I blew out a puff of air and tapped out “sure” as a reply. I thought about asking what about, but I decided to just wait until we got to speak in person. Jimin read the message and didn’t say anything more, so I was glad I hadn’t pushed the subject.

The next morning went by in a blur. Everyone was so busy that I’d been recruited to do my fake job, helping the stylists where I could, making sure buttons were sewed on properly and that there’d be no Janet Jackson style fiasco’s.

There were showers tagged onto most of the green rooms so when all the prep work was done, at around 5pm, the boys were taken away to get dolled up for the red carpet which was set to start at around 6pm, and finish at 8pm.

The boys were ready for about 6.30, and they looked incredible. The concept was in line with the entire Blood, Sweat and Tears era and unlike last year, there was not a leather pant in sight.

I wished the boys luck as they left to ‘’arrive at the event’’ and went to get ready myself. I’d been briefed on appropriate attire for the occasion, and the day before I was set to go shopping to find a dress, a delivery arrived at the hotel for me from Kay.

She’d sent me the most beautiful silver, sequinned dress, with a cowl back and long sleeves, which fell around mid-thigh.

I’d called her up ecstatic and she’d been just as happy that I’d liked it. We’d chatted a little and it turned out my dad was in town and had been staying with her, so I got a chance to chat to him too. This made me feel a lot better.

I didn’t tell him what was going on with Jimin and I though, choosing instead to talk about how close I’d gotten to Hobi and Namjoon.

I sat in the chair after my shower as Dah-sol applied my make-up, I was extremely excited and not even the obvious hostility being shown by Bora and Areum about the fact that I was  getting to attend the event could bring me down.

Once Dah-sol was finished I felt like a celebrity myself – she’d gone for a classical 50’s type look, with no eye-shadow, just perfectly winged eyeliner, “natural” false lashes and red lipstick. I was so pleased I jumped up to hug her causing her to giggle.

Bora and Areum looked over and the latter scoffed, “Bit plain for an awards ceremony, isn’t it?” Dah-sol rounded on the two girls and told them straight.

“Please stop being bitter about Y/N getting to attend the show. It’s really not a good look on you.”

The demon stylists looked appalled but didn’t dare respond, and Seong-hyun laughed loudly and clapped Dah-sol on the back, causing the pretty, petite make-up artist to smile.

He added, “yeah, and don’t forget, Y/N isn’t here as staff, she’s Jimin’s girlfriend! Of course she’d get to attend!”

The two girls rolled their eyes and took a seat and I went and changed into my dress, grateful to my friends for defending me, but feeling slightly uncomfortable.

About 10 minutes later, one of the managers came in to get me. We weaved through the crowds backstage and made our way out to the table.

For the next hour we just watched people filing in to their tables, eventually I spotted Jimin’s blonde head weaving through the crowd and they were seated on the table directly in front of us. My side of the table was reasonably close to theirs, and although we were just outside the camera’s catch-all for the celebrity tables, I could have reached out and touched Jimin had I wanted to. I imagined that us being seated back to back wasn’t a coincidence.

I noticed a little further down that Taemin and the Shinee boys had been seated and I managed to catch Minho’s eye, who smiled and waved before nudging Taemin to his right and pointing over. He waved and sent a heart in my direction, which caused Jimin to turn around. He smiled at me and my heart thudded. How was it that he could still do that almost 9 months in…

The show had a lot of breaks for adverts, but the performances were incredible. I had turned my chair away from my table to face the stage, so I was awarded a full view of the back of the Maknae-lines heads.

The boys had just got up to go and prepare backstage and I was so excited for their performance. I knew how much they’d practiced and how much they’d been anticipating this so I couldn’t help but bounce up and down slightly in my seat when they were introduced.

The lights were dimmed and the boys delivered the most amazing (and sensual) rendition of Blood, Sweat and Tears I’d ever seen. Despite having watched them perform frequently for the past month or so, I was once again blown away by their unbelievable stage presence - especially Jimin - whose stares into the camera borderline made me forget everything that had gone on between us.

When they finished I jumped up to applaud and scream with the fans and the managers, and didn’t sit back down until I was breathless. When the boys were once again seated at about 11.30pm, it was all I could do to not stand up and hug each one of them tightly, but I think they could see from the smile on my face that I thought that the performance had been incredible.

As I watched the nominations for the next award be announced by Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung, I felt my phone vibrate in the clutch on my lap. A couple of minutes later it went off again, so I reached in and pulled it out. The first message was from Jiminie and my heart lifted, but when I saw who the second message was from, it thudded down into my stomach.

Im Jae-bum.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hadn’t heard from Jae in a year and now he was texting me out of the blue? I swiped to read the message from Jimin first, which said, “how was I? :)” I tapped out a quick response of, “amazing, as usual. You all were!” Before opening the message from Jae.

“Did I just see you at the MAMA awards?”

I frowned and my heart thudded in my chest. Had I been caught on camera? Should I text back? I bit my lip and thought for a moment before tapping out a response. “Uh yeah, haha. Was I on TV?”

The response came back immediately. “Nope. I’m here too.”

I almost spat out the water I had just taken a sip of to calm my nerves. WHAT?! HE WAS HERE?!

I tried to look around stealthily my phone vibrated again.

Im Jae-bum – “Turn all the way around, I’m one table back to your right. I saw you jumping and screaming for the BTS boys.”

I swallowed and felt myself beginning to blush. I turned slowly in my chair and there he was. He was still unnervingly beautiful, wearing a black t-shirt and a leather jacket and – oh god. Was that a silver hoop earring?!” He smiled slightly and waved and I returned the gesture in an awkward wooden movement.

Okay, what the fuck? Really. My ex-boyfriend and I were at the same fucking event. In CHINA. AND, he was only seated about 15 metres away from me.

I turned back around and swallowed. My phone buzzed again.

Im Jae-bum – “You look really good, Y/N.”

I tapped out a furious response. “What are you doing here?”

He texted back immediately with “Lol, I’ve missed you too. I’m here for work, I’m not stalking you. Relax :)”

I didn’t respond. I just sat chewing my lip nervously and thinking. For work? What did he mean?! He studied music, I knew that – oh god, was he an idol now too?!

My phone buzzed again and, as if he’d read my thoughts, Jae replied.

“I’ve landed a job as a producer at JYP. I just started but they wanted to fly me out to this event ahead of my official start date next week.”

JYP? They were headquartered in Seoul, like Big Hit… I tapped out a response quickly. “You’re working at the HQ?”

Jae’s answer was a simple “yes” and my heart sank even lower in my chest. I inhaled deeply and tried to console myself. It would be okay. So what, the boy who broke my heart was moving to the same city I lived in. Who cares that he’d somehow become even more handsome than he was a year ago, and had scored an amazing job. The fact still stood that I was madly in love with him and he hurt me beyond reasoning.

I nodded to myself and stuffed my phone back in my bag, reassured by my mini internal pep talk and tried to focus on the EXO performance that lit up the stage.

The boys had been nominated for 7 awards, 3 of them Daesang awards, which was amazing in itself. So far, they’d won Best Dance Performance, sweetly allowing Hobi to lead the way to the stage. All the other nominations had been awarded apart from Artist of the Year, and Album of the Year – the two final awards and the two of the three Daesang awards.

I knew the boys were happy just to be nominated, and to have a spotlight cast on their achievements, but when they announced the nominations for Artist of the Year my heart thudded against my chest. A couple of minutes before the announcement, all of the nominated groups had been taken to sit closer to the stage to make it easier to ascend should they win. As the winner was announced I craned my neck to get a better view of the boys.

I screamed like a banshee when I heard the words Bangtan Sonyeondan, and seeing the reaction of the boys, I immediately burst into tears. I was so unbelievably happy and proud of them. I watched as they made their way to the stage and stood to get a clearer view of their acceptance speech. To see them all so overcome with emotion and gratitude sent me into a blubbering mess.

They were so humble, despite their talent and their success in the face of so many adversities. Namjoon speaking English to his international fans was so typical of him, always an amazing leader through and through, ARMY at the forefront of all his thoughts.

EXO won the final award and I cheered and shouted, but all I wanted was to be back with the boys, to congratulate them on their deserved win and bask in their elation. Unfortunately for the BTS team there would be no after-party because we were flying back to Seoul early the following morning for a week or so.

As soon as the show was over, our table began filing out. We were lucky, most people looked to be sticking around to finish drinks, catch up with other attendees, or figure out their next plans, so we made it to the exit relatively fast.

The rest of the staff and the boys were already in the cars, and I was anxious as I climbed in behind Sejin, hoping that I’d get to see Jimin. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the car, but Namjoon was, and he’d saved me my usual seat beside him at the very back.

He smiled up at me as I made my way towards him, his dimpled cheeks flushed with excitement. I plopped down next to him and gave him a celebratory hug.
“Well done, you were all so amazing. Your speech was incredible. Gosh, you really deserve this, well done.” I gushed.

He laughed and bowed his head, suddenly shy at my direct praise. I put my hand on his shoulder and he glanced up at me.

“I’m serious, Joonie. You are amazing – you deserve this, and the world.”

I realised I wasn’t just talking about his music and I dropped my hand to his.

“I want to say thank you, you’ve been an amazing friend to me these past few weeks. If it weren’t for you I’d have left the tour, and you’ve always helped me to stay rational and try to see things from Jimin’s perspective. In some ways, you’ve saved our relationship a few times, and I want to thank you for that. I love Jimin more than anything, and it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who knows him and loves him too. Especially with this thing about his family…”

I trailed off and glanced away and Namjoon squeezed my hand to regain my attention.

“Stop worrying, things are going to work out with you and Jimin, I know they are. Anyway, since you’re so filled with gratitude about me helping you with Jimin, maybe you can return the favour…”

I looked at Namjoon puzzled, and then it clicked and my eyes widened.

“Joonie, you’ve met a girl?!” He laughed and attempted to shush me, and I took his other hand in mine and pulled him forward.

“Tell me everything, who is she and where did you meet her?” I whispered.

Before he could answer we were interrupted by the door of the minibus being opened, and Jimin climbing inside. He immediately located us and his smile faltered as he took in how close Namjoon and I were sitting and then his hands in mine. He immediately averted his gaze around the minibus and said brightly

“Oh I didn’t realise you guys were full.”

Namjoon and I were both about to respond but he was already stepping back down and sliding the door across. I sighed and removed my hands from Namjoon’s, before leaning back into my own seat. Jimin had a habit of jumping to conclusions, and although I didn’t for a second believe that he would have thought anything weird was going on between Namjoon and I, I knew he’d feel a little put out, or even replaced. Kind of how I’d been feeling lately…

Namjoon pulled out his phone, “I’ll text him, hold on.” He typed out a quick message to Jimin before checking out a news app to read about the coverage from the show. I decided to do the same and pulled out my own phone but before I could unlock it Namjoon slammed his hand over mine.

I looked up at him in shock to see concern and anxiety written all over his face.

“What?” I asked, immediately panicked. Had I misread Jimin’s reaction earlier? Had he really thought something was going on between Namjoon and I?

Namjoon took a deep breath. “There’s a picture…” He closed his eyes and then started again, “I don’t know how the media got it. It’s got the netizens… They’re saying – look - I don’t want you to freak out when you see it, okay?”

I couldn’t answer, I just nodded. What the hell was this picture? Was it me? Was it Jimin and me? I couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread if it was the latter. I’d always wanted to be public with Jimin, but not now, not when our relationship was in such a fragile state. I didn’t think we’d be able to handle the backlash.

Namjoon unlocked his phone and showed me the image.

It was Jimin, but it wasn’t me.

The picture was of the boys backstage, but the focal point of the photo was my boyfriend. My boyfriend, who was looking down into the eyes of none other than Areum, who was dabbing at his forehead with a cloth, as he grinned at her. If it weren’t for the fact that his smile was so wide that his eyes were no more than crescents, I might have said he was looking down at her lovingly.

I swallowed the bile threatening to creep up into my mouth and took a deep breath as I scrolled down to read the headline, which read;


I scrolled down further to read the article itself.

“Netizens have been speculating that Park Jimin may be going home with more than just a Daesang this evening. After this photo of a so-called stylist affectionately wiping his brow backstage at tonight’s award show was leaked, fans have been left in shock. Scroll down to read ARMY’s comments below.”

I didn’t want to read anymore, I felt quite ill. I scrolled to the top of the page again to look at the picture. It really did not look good. I tried to make myself think rationally. I knew that there was absolutely nothing going on between Jimin and Areum, just as there was nothing going on between Namjoon and I, but after everything that had happened over the past month, I couldn’t shake the pure, unadulterated rage that was building up in my chest.

“Are you okay?” Namjoon asked. I simply nodded tightly in response, and clearly the anger was rolling off me in waves, because he didn’t attempt to say anything else.

I was shaking. For the past month, Jimin had treated me like a stranger, and now this? I was furious, and even though I knew a lot of my anger was completely misplaced, I couldn’t do anything about it.

I wanted to scream. I wasn’t even allowed near him, even before the lunch at his parent’s house and yet she gets to drape herself all over him backstage! Where there are hundreds of cameras?!

Ok, that was an overstatement, but it was still more than I’d ever got.

I unlocked my phone and pulled up the image again, before taking a screenshot and sending it to Jimin, with a text saying, “this is nice :)”

I knew it was petty but I really couldn’t help myself.

He read it a minute later and immediately replied with “what the hell?!”

I responded with, “yep, that’s exactly what I said” and seconds later my phone was ringing.

I declined Jimin’s call and tapped out another text.

“I don’t want to speak to you about this over the phone. Let’s talk when we get back to the hotel, I’m room 440.”.

Jimin responded with “Okay” and then seconds later added “I love you” words he hadn’t said to me in weeks.

Instead of replying I locked my phone and attempted to calm down before I arrived.

It seemed like we were back at the hotel in no time at all and I stepped out of the car and headed straight into the foyer.

The atmosphere was awkward and I guessed from the tension in the air that the staff and all the members had been alerted about the ‘scandal’.

Behind me I heard one of the managers answer his phone and start barking out instructions. He was yelling about the new order BigHit had put in place to protect the boys and I felt childishly smug about the fact that a rumour concerning Areum was being treated as a malicious and damaging story, worthy of legal action. Although, I knew they’d probably have done the same had it been me in her place.

I didn’t bother to look behind me to see if Jimin was following and decided instead to make my way immediately to my room. When I arrived, I kicked off my shoes and made my way into my bathroom to wipe off my make-up. I knew Jimin would probably have to go to an emergency de-brief meeting about what he should say in their upcoming interview tomorrow, and so I decided to take a quick shower before changing into a pair of sweatpants and a tour hoody.

I was sitting on my bed towel drying my hair with one hand and scrolling through my phone with the other (I couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly BigHit had managed to get the story taken down from any reputable news sources) when i heard him knocking,

I padded over and opened it before walking back to my bed, not bothering to greet Jimin properly. I most definitely hadn’t done a very good job at calming myself down.

I sat back down on the bed and said nothing as Jimin closed the door and made his way into the room, opting to perch himself on the desk opposite. He ran his hand over his face and then through his hair and I stared at him blankly.

“Y/N, you know there’s absolutely nothing going on between me and Areum, I’m sorry you had to read that story.”

I continued to gaze at him, expressionless as I replied “so?”

He looked puzzled for a minute and then a little annoyed, but he laughed it off.

“What do you mean by so? I came to apologise because I didn’t want you to feel hurt by that article.”

I smirked and nodded. “Okay, understood. You didn’t want me hurt by the article, got it. Well you’ve apologised so I guess you can go now?”

Jimin didn’t try to cover up his annoyance this time as he asked “what the hell is your problem Y/N?”

I shook my head again. “I don’t know, I just find it funny how you don’t want me to be hurt over an article, when you’ve spent the past month hurting me. Maybe this would never have happened with Areum if you hadn’t traded me in for her. You begged me to come on this tour Jimin and since that night at your parents you’ve made me feel like shit.”

I started to cry as my feelings of frustration and pain at the way things had been for the past few weeks, took over. Jimin’s anger melted and he looked beyond guilty, but my anger held firm and I carried on.

“I tried to give you space, I knew it was hard for you. I know you’ve never had an issue with your parents and I felt awful that I was the one to cause it, but not once did you try to comfort me. You didn’t stop to think how seeing you with a girl that you and I both know has feelings for you, would make me feel. You practically ignored me for almost a month, and now this has happened.”

Jimin’s head, which had been hanging low snapped up, and the anger was back.

“Wait, you’re saying this picture was my fault? Areum was just doing her job and we were laughing about the fact that one of the stylists had a meltdown about Hobi’s mic almost falling off, nothing weird was going on! Anyway, she apologised to you-“

I cut Jimin off with a humourless laugh. “Oh yeah, that really genuine apology. Give me a break Jimin, you know that was just as fake as our relationship has been for the majority of this tour.” I wiped my tears and stood. “I’m leaving.”

Jimin, who was still reeling from what I’d said about our relationship, blinked in shock at my finishing statement. “Wha- what do you mean? What do you mean, you’re leaving? Y/N answer me.”

I ignored him as I pulled my case onto my bed and started packing away my things.

Jimin reached out and grabbed my arm and I wrenched it out of his grasp. He looked mortified and I knew that my expression was cold as I told him,

“I mean what I’m saying. I’m leaving. I’m done living like this, I’m done feeling insignificant, and like your feelings are the only ones that matter in this relationship. I’m going home. Tonight.”

Jimin looked lost and then he grabbed my hands frantically and tried to search my face for some indication that the girl who loved him unconditionally last month was still there. She was, but she was buried underneath a lot of hurt.

“Y/N, please. I know I’ve screwed up and I know I’ve been selfish. So, selfish. You deserve so much better than what I’ve done these past few weeks. I’ve been so blind, I’m so, so, sorry. Just please don’t leave me. Please.”

I pulled my hands away from Jimin. I still loved him more than anything but it felt as though my emotions were frozen and that frost was seeping out through my skin, and all I could do was play the part of the ice queen.

I shook my head. “It’s too late Jimin. You’ve seen how much you’ve hurt me, and you’ve looked right through me. I can’t stay here any longer. I can’t watch you with her, even if you are just friends. It feels like you’re both rubbing my nose in it.” I looked away and continued to pack and Jimin was silent for a moment and then he suddenly began shouting, causing me to jump.

“I’m rubbing your nose in it?! What about you? What about you and Namjoon, or should I say “Joonie” your new best friend. Or Hoeseok. You don’t leave either of their sides, even if I wanted to get you alone I couldn’t! I tried to sit with you today and I find you already in the minibus, holding Namjoon’s hand!!”

Jimin was a little breathless after his rant and he ran his hands through his hair frantically before rubbing his face. I remained calm as I replied.

“I wouldn’t have had to cling to Hobi and Namjoon if my own boyfriend had bothered to do so much as reply to my texts, or even tell me good morning once in a while, instead of skipping straight past me.”

I turned back to my case and continued packing and Jimin raked his hand through his hair once more, before yelling loudly and kicking the trash can across the room.

I looked at him blankly and he rushed back over to me, before getting on his knees and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Y/N, I’m sorry I said that, I just wanted to provoke some sort of reaction. Please, you’re scaring me. Please stop being so cold. I can’t take it.. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I can’t let you end this. I’ll go downstairs right now and I’ll make a public announcement, I’ll tell the world that you’re mine and I’m yours. Please, please. I love you, you can’t do this…”

Jimin trailed off and began sobbing loudly. He was clutching my waist tightly and I very nearly thawed, but right before my hand landed on his head, as a reflex to comfort him when he was sad, something stopped me.

I had to get out of this environment. It was toxic and I was unhappy. I was making myself unhappy to be around Jimin and that had to stop. What was once the main source of all my joy had become too draining. I needed to go home. So instead of kneeling down and holding Jimin, and kissing him softly, telling him everything was going to be alright, I detached his arms from around my waist.

He let them drop to his sides and slumped down, staring blankly at my sweatpants.

“I’m sorry Jimin, I can’t and you telling everyone about us wouldn’t fix this, it would probably do more damage than good. I need some time and space to think about this. Nobody can say we don’t love each other and I really think these minor problems would be easy to solve under normal circumstances – but these circumstances are far from normal. Your parents still don’t want us to be together, we still need to keep this relationship a secret, you still have tours, and fans, and girls that would rather see me dead than accept that I got to be with their precious oppa. There was a time when I genuinely believed that none of those things mattered because I loved you more than I’ve ever loved anyone, but now I don’t know.”

Jimin inhaled, his breath still shaky, then he put his arm on the bed and pulled himself up so he was stood facing me. “I love you so much Y/N” he said, starting to cry again. “I really love you so much, I don’t think I can go on without you. I don’t.” Jimin pressed his palms against his eyes and tried to compose himself.

I reached around my neck and undid the clasp of the necklace before pulling his hand away from his face and placing the ring and the chain there.

As soon as Jimin registered what it was, his legs semi-buckled and he sat with a thud down onto the bed. I didn’t say anything, I just walked around him into the bathroom and collected the last of my things, before putting them into my case and zipping it up. I glanced over at Jimin who was sitting staring at the ring in the palm of his hands with his back to me around the other side of the bed.

“We’re coming back to Seoul tomorrow for a week, am I allowed to see you?” he asked, his voice thick with emotion.

I shook my head, even though he couldn’t see me. “No, I don’t think so. I think we need more than a week Jimin. We need time to figure out what we want”

I’d barely finished my sentence when Jimin whipped around. “I want you, I won’t stop wanting you. I don’t need any more time. I’ve had time, I screwed up, but I gave you this ring because love you, and I want to marry you.”

The intensity of his words and his gaze took me by surprise, but I held my ground.

“I’m sorry Jimin.”

I pulled my case off the bed and left the room. I managed to hold it together as I rode down the elevator and as I checked out. I got to the airport and booked the next flight to Seoul, and I even held it together during my two hour wait and my three and a half hour flight. I was still perfectly collected as I collected my bags on the other side and as I rode my uber to the duplex, but as soon as I walked through doors of our home and saw his shoes, and the pictures of us on the counter, my whole world came crashing down around me.

Drunk History of Dan and Phil

It was the Fall of 2009, Dan meets Phil and he’s like “Yo, I know about editing tips.” Then Phil’s like “Yo, I know MORE about editing tips” “That’s impossible! Do you wanna be roommates?” And Phil’s like, “Yeah, that’s cool.” And then, he’s like, “Yo, this is a train station; it’s not a flat.” And then they met at Phil’s house. So Dan’s wearing black jeans, and socks, and a shirt. Phil has a cordless hammer drill for some fucking reason. And they start filming pinof 1 together and they’re like “Oh, let’s film some other videos together.” It was like blindfolded cat face game, and fuckin’ pinof, and fuckin’ christmas shit. Phil said to Dan, “Yo, we gotta change this shit up. Yo, let’s move to manchester” And so Dan is like, “Yo, that’s dope, but we need a fuckin’ flat.” Because they’re filming videos and they’re youtubers. Phil’s like “Yo, I got tons of lions through the mail,” and he’s like “wait, how do you have lions?” And he’s like, “Yo, watch this: RAAWRHAHAHEHRRAAGHG!” And he'a like, “Oh my god, that sounds like a lion!” And they made videos like pinof 2, pinof 3, pinof 4 pinof 5, amazingdan, everybody loves it.

“It’s called Phil is not on fire"

It’s called phan, and it’s real and it doesn’t matter.

And Dan talked to Phil and he was like “Yo, what the fuuuuuuuck? Yo, this is gonna be fuckin’ dooooooope!” So they made a show and it was called the superamazingproject. They made it, and they moved to London together. They met other people were like Pewdiepie, Joe Sugg, the dudes from one direction, the other one was like the guy from like BBC Radio 1 or something, and they’re like “Yo, we want you to have a radio show to fill this time slot. Fuckin’ do it.” And they did it, and they killed it, and Dan and Phil were like “bigidalililililillla, pshhh!” Killin’ the show, taking requests, playin the music, playin’ the shit, killing these bitches with Dan vs Phils.

You’re getting a fucking radio show right now? What the fuck is going on?

We should do a gaming channel, ‘cause this fanbase knows what the fuck is going on. And they were like “Yo, we’re planning a surprise for you guys" Phil was like “Yo, we got this gaming channel that’s fuckin’ doooooooope, dude it’s called DanandPhilGAMES It’s gonna be fucking huge.” And then Dan’s like, “I gotta keep it real, I gotta keep it artistic, these are games that are we’re gonna play and they’re called (BURP) The Sims, Undertale, and random shit we find. And they made this channel that was fuckin’ dope, and it fucking hit on the charts like one, two, three, two, one, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ten to ONE. DanandPhilGAMES hit like one million subscribers, two million subscribers!. And Phil was like “That’s gooOoOOoooOoOOoOoOOOoOOd” Dan was like, “Yo, fuck you, I can do whatever I want.” And he did the blindfolded make up challenge like, “Make-up is fuckin’ great for a guy because it makes a guy look beautiful, which a lot of times, a guy is not beautiful, and I wanna change that. I wanna make sure that everyone thinks that guys are beautiful.”

I’m good so far. Yeah, I do.


Oh, fuck, alright alright.

Dan was like, “Oh my god, I’m so done with these tumblr memes.” And then I saw the memes and was like “Ah, they’re not bad.”

Dan Howell is not a bad meme. Let’s be real.
They’re like, “Yo, people want to meet us, yo, fuck these dudes, we’re gonna fucking go miles above, we’re gonna hit every fuckin’ continent there is known to man.” So the Japan trip happens, they fuckin’ have three-four years of awesomeness. Like people are coming on themselves cause it’s so big.

Then Dan and Phil were like, “Yo, we gotta take a short break.” Meaning, they was like “Yo, we gotta write a book, bro.” And Dan’s like, “I need something people can physically remember, UHUhUhUHuHUUUh.” And Phil’s like, “yo, I need time to find some inspiration, the world of Dan and Phil.” And they’re like, “Alright, this writing been like a year long, We gotta fuckin’ go on tour, man, we gotta go on a book tour strong.”

You took my away. What the fuck?

“No, you poured it all over yourself.”

“Yeah, you poured it all over yourself, man, here.”

“We gotta make this shit legit, it’s gonna be fuckin’ dope, it’s gonna go fuckin’ sky high. We’re gonna make a fuckin’ book that sails the skies. We’re gonna call this book The Amazing Book is Not On Fire.” And everybody’s like “What the fuck?! A book!?“ And they began crafting.

Is this pu- what the fuck is this on my shirt? Did I puke on myself? Oh god.

Phil was like, “Yo, we’re gonna end up on a tour in the UK then all over the USA and the world!”. And that’s all, and that’s all that matter. And that’s just how the fuckin’ story goes.

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it was something along the lines of: my problem isnt as big as the other anon but i want some advice too... my friend just started cursing at me and calling me stuff that really hurt my feelings like pointing out my insecurities and all of that ... "youre no good you are too obsessive and annoying you dont know when to quit or what boundries are you arent anything but a short piece of shit who wants nothing but attention because they're self conscious"and i dont know where i went wrong..

Yo, constructive criticism is one thing. They may think they are helping you but tbh as long as they are putting you in the spot and refusing to talk to you properly they are making a dick move. Is it possible to stay away from them?

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What are the chances we can get an orange flavored Olympic AU?

“Oh my god, Raven, it’s her!” Clarke squeals.

Actually squeals and throws the remote back down on the hotel bed in excitement.

Raven comes barreling out of the bathroom, clay mask only applied to half of her face.

“Who? What?”

“Her! That girl I saw when we were watching the Opening Ceremony, remember?”

“Yo, that Australian chick?”

“Yes! Look!” Clarke points at the screen and watches as Raven grimaces.

“Equestrian? Interesting.”

“Holy shit, she’s beautiful.” Clarke stares in awe at the proud rider on top of a strapping gray horse. They center themselves in the middle of the arena. The girl’s eyes are so focused they almost pierce through the screen.

Raven sits at the edge of the bed as the rider moves her horse through the dressage course. Clarke can’t take her eyes of the elegant lines of her, her long legs, her straight back. The way she looks completely at home on the beast beneath her.

“I’ll hand it to you, Griff. I’ve never seen you this interested in something so boring before.”

Raven screeches and ducks the pillow that flies at her face, retreating to the safety of the bathroom.

Clarke watches the scores pull up at the bottom of the screen, reading the name that belongs to them.

Alexandra Woodhouse.

Quite the name. Quite the attitude.

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so i’ve been talking abt this w @joanholloway tonight & i have a lot of feelings about angelica schuyler church & congratulations, here they are

(insert standard “i’m not here to get all prescriptive and tell ppl they’re Interpreting Her Character Wrong” disclaimer here!) 

it’s interesting to me that the prevailing interpretation of angelica by fandom seems to be along the lines of “stone-cold badass not here for anyone’s shit” because. like. look at satisfied. 

the audience’s introduction to angelica is a moment of incredible honesty & vulnerability for her (it’s her “can i be real a second” moment, tbh) - in musical-theatre speak, it’s her “i want” song. the whole fuckin thing is about how deeply she feels, how badly she wants - not just with regard to hamilton himself but like? in general?? - and what that means for her in a world where that’s just Not How Women Are. like. i feel like ppl talk about how selfless and forgiving eliza is, but look what angelica did: fell for hamilton instantly (and gauged his interest in her, too), watched her sister do it too, & stepped aside. gave the toast at their damn wedding, & pushed her feelings for hamilton down & kept them hidden. like. forever. 

further, look at congratulations - so we know this was a longer song that got truncated and folded into the reynolds pamphlet, right? and i can see where the Badass thing comes from, bc “i’m not here for you” comes off like a total curve without the context of the rest of it. and i understand why lin cut it & i think to cut the first half was the right choice but i do wish the latter half had been left in. 

i have a lot of feelings about this section!!!

  • hamilton’s trying to justify himself to someone he knows he can’t bullshit. sacrifice. motherfucker, look what i sacrificed.
  • this is also the only time they acknowledge their ~flirtation face-to-face. she’s looking him in the eye & telling him, you know as well as i do what could’ve happened. both of us chose eliza.
  • not only is angelica with a man she doesn’t love, always wondering what might have been - if hamilton and angelica had ended up being the ones to get together, eliza would’ve been spared all the pain & shame & awfulness hamilton’s now caused. 

SO. i reiterate, interpret canon however you like, write her into your fic however you like, but the way a lot of fandom seems to treat her isn’t for me. she’s shown to be brilliant & strong but we also see her, pretty plainly, being honest & vulnerable - and with us, the audience, to boot, because she can’t share these things with her family.

anyway, i love angelica schuyler church, thanks. 

INTP -- Is My Inner Nerd Showing?
  • INTP: ya dont gotta be so salty
  • ESTP: speaking of salt, i think im gonna get some chips
  • INTP: yeah? Not feeling salty enough?
  • ESTP: yea- oh what do you call that process where salt like moves through a membrane i think??
  • INTP: ..i- i know this i forgot omg
  • ISFJ: osmosis?
  • ESTP: yeah that i'll absorb the salt through osmosis
  • ISFJ: or in simpler terms, diffusion basically
  • INTP: what wait no they're different
  • ISFJ: nah they're basically the same
  • INTP: no osmosis is when liquid moves through a semi-permeable membrane from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration, and diffusion is like when a liquid of high concentration meets with a liquid of lower concentration, and the higher concentrated liquid will diffuse into the lower concentrated one in order to fill the space in between the particles.
  • Everyone: [silence]
  • ENTJ: what do you study?????

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Hey! Love your blog so much! Especially the way you protray Gilen, Lutz and Ion! But if the 2ps were to see a ghost in their house, how would they react?

((ayyy, thanks fam! i’m glad you like those three in particular because they’re kind of unpopular 2Ps except Lutz, but the way i write him is way different than the masses and aaah, such a gr8 halloween ask heh))

The 2Ps vs. Ghosts

2p!america: *hears noise* ‘the hell was that? *grabs baseball bat, creeps downstairs* yo, who’s there– *ghost appears* ……..,,, uhhHHHHHH WHAT?? *squints, rubs eyes, looks again* …… ghosts are real? *fearlessly waves his arm through the transparent ghost* ..hOOOOOOOLY FUCK, STAY RIGHT THERE AND DON’T MOVE– *calls alfred to scare the living shit out of him*

2p!china: *hears door opening, but he mistakes it for a friend walking into his house* ‘sup? so, you would never guess who i found out was a cokehead– *glances at intruder* –and hOLY FUCKING SHITTTTTT *drops whatever he’s holding and falls over backwards* G-GHOST?? *looks closer* ……aND A CUTE GIRL GHOST TOO WHAT THE HELL–

2p!england: *hears footsteps creaking upstairs, slowly smiles to himself* my oh my… it appears i have an intruder… *raises the kitchen knife that’s already in his hand* little do they know… they are the ones to be killed tonight, teehee~ *hums to himself as he goes upstairs* fantastic. cheerio, intruder– *sees phantasm* ……, GOODNESS GRACIOUS YOU LOOK HIDEOUS, PLEASE TAKE OFF THOSE CLOTHES AND MAKEUP THIS INSTANT *assumes it’s someone playing a prank on him bc ghosts aren’t real wtf*

2p!france: *is turning a corner when he sees the spirit, stares at it* …….well? *doesn’t say much else and waits for it to speak* …..what do you want?

2p!russia: *refuses to believe any of the signs that his home is haunted until an apparition finally appears directly in front of him* what… how is this possible…. who are you? why are you here?

2p!italy: *is being haunted by a poltergeist which is seriously pissing him off* THAT’S IT *kicks chair* YOU WANNA MESS WITH ME? *flips table* SHOW YOURSELF *punches wall* QUIT WITH YOUR FUCKING GAMES AND FIGHT ME

2p!germany: *is walking into a room when he sees a ghost standing in the middle of the room* huh– *sCREAMS* ….. WHATTHEFUCK WHATTHEFUCK WHATTHEFUUUUUCK– *runs out of the house in fear* gHOOOOOOOST???!?!?!?!

2p!japan: *gets tapped on the shoulder, slowly turns around to come face-to-face with a phantom* hm? *looks the being up and down, analyzing, scrutinizing* you poor misguided soul… *lets out a breath and relaxes* you…. might not happen to have all the secrets to the universe, do you?

2p!canada: *gets the feeling that he’s not alone, turns to see a ghost watching him* …….oh fuck *stumbles away* i haven’t seen enough american horror story for this

2p!romano: *is sewing when he notices a white shadow float past the doorway* …..gehh?? *gets up and looks where he saw the spirit, finds it levitating in the hallway* oh my– *sHRIEKS* gET OUT *starts grabbing random things and throwing them* GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AAAAAHHH– *shakily keeps hurling objects and scurries away*

2p!austria: *as a necromancer he’s totally chill with seeing dead people* oh, good morning jonathon. *continues on with his usual business* ah, and did you ever find that lost arm of yours?

2p!prussia: *is listening to music in his room when he suddenly notices a young phantom half-hiding from him and peeking at him* what– *sits up and looks again in disbelief, sees the phantom’s terrified expression* no no, don’t be afraid… *he’s partially scared but he sympathizes with the phantom* i won’t hurt you… just please don’t hurt me… would you like a friend?


Things that need to happen in 5B of Teen Wolf

  • Sciles reunion
  • Kira come back and do your Japanese sword shit on Theo
  • Where is that manipulating evil bastard named PETER HALE?
  • Theo bibbity boppty the fuck outta Beacon Hills and go back to the trashcan yo ass belongs in
  • Derek please come back and rip Theo’s throat out with your teeth
  • Isaac you can bring scarves for everyone in the 65 degree weather
  • Theo can disappear
  • We see Dad and Son make up
  • Theo’s whack ass pack (except Hayden) all die
  • Subtitles for the Dread Doctors
  • Parrish can kindly move away
  • Mama McCall and Papa Stilinski finally get married
  • Coach returns and makes us laugh
  • Lacrosse Practice/Games
  • Scott stops trusting EVERYBODY that walks into Beacon Hills with a nice face and hair
  • Mason and Brett finally get together
Maybe she’ll be sitting across from you asking about the girl in the picture she found. Buried underneath a stack of old papers and letters you haven’t looked at in years. Maybe you’ll look at our faces pressed together and remember how I warmed your bones and how you set my world on fire. Maybe in a few years you’ll be able to dig out that old scrapbook I made you and turn to the page with the love letter you wrote to me all those years ago. But you won’t be able to answer her when she asks. You won’t be able to tell her that a tiny part of you doesn’t belong to her. But to us.
—  We are not something. And we are not nothing. But back then you were my everything. -gaa
The Ghost

🔸Ghost Rider is perfect. They have, so far, done a phenomenal job of encapsulating Robbie Reyes. I was soooo nervous, not gonna lie guys, but I really think they pulled it off.
🔸Daisy is a full on badass so that’s happening. Excuse me, I meant Quake. 😏
🔸 Jemma Simmons as a brilliant boss lady moving up in the ranks…i’m here for this.
🔸Who in the fuckety fuck is the Director now?
🔸 I never thought in all of my wildest Marvel Nerd dreams that I would get a fight scene in the very first episode between Daisy ‘Quake’ Johnson and Ghost Rider but that shit happened.
🔸A.I.D.A. CREEPS ME OUT but that means the actress is doing a kick ass job. 👍🏼
🔸Coulson is still the same lovable nerd. May is still the same lovable badass.
🔸Damn, Yo-Yo. Caliente 🔥 She has got it for Mack in a bad way😍😂.
🔸Fitz, please do not get into this shit. This fool is not a role model.

In summary… The episode was amazing and I am so pumped for this season. How am I supposed to wait a week for the next one?!

Seventeen as Game Grumps quotes
  • Ot13: Everyone who works for us gradually becomes more gay in their interactions because…we are always getting…weirdly gay with each other.
  • Scoups: Any self-respecting baby would be in awe of my parenting skills right now.
  • Jeonghan: I love watching you guys suffer.
  • Joshua: I like it when Luigi’s happy. It makes me smile.
  • Jun: If I took pole-dancing, I would be worried that it would be too erotic for everybody else.
  • Hoshi: Yo, when you dance you gotta use your core or as I like to call it the placentre
  • Wonwoo: You can’t open up the story of my life, and just fucking go to page 738 and think you know me.
  • Woozi: Do it, you sorry sack of shit… I’m sorry that didn’t come out as encouraging as I meant it to.
  • DK: I’m in a totally different spot now. Like a spot I wasn’t before.
  • Mingyu: I moved to Madagascar… where my best friend was a SLOTH!
  • Minghao: If it is, I’m gonna heap a lot of praise on you and if it’s not, I’m gonna scissor-kick you in the jackson
  • Seungkwan: Shut up, this is my moment of time shine!
  • Vernon: I don’t know anything about memes.
  • Dino: I do apologize for my actions, even though they were totally and completely justified.