this move is so difficult to colour


We often go with Kana to used books stores to find interesting materials. Last time I bought an old album about Japanese bridges and found in it one that I know pretty well - The Full Moon Bridge in the Koishikawa Korakuen Japanese garden. I go there to paint often because it’s one of the few gardens that don’t mind if you use a tripod (or two).

I did this picture during a pretty long session (about 5 hours). I first made a really basic sketch in 2H pencil and then painted with my Schmincke set. The foliage proved to be really difficult to paint in this style with just watercolours so I used some white poster colour paint (NIKKER brand) and mixing it with the watercolours added some details.

The light kept changing drastically because of fast moving clouds and I got rained upon halfway through the painting. I managed to finish it somehow just before a huge storm approached.  

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: HOLBEIN saunders WATER FORD natural 300g/m2 cold pressed F4
  • Sketch:  Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil 2H
  • Colours: My Schmincke 48 colours watercolours set
  • White details: NICKER poster colour





  • 紙:ホルベイン工業(株)ウォーターフォード水彩紙 ナチュラルホワイト 300g 
  • 下描き:Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆  2H 
  • 着色:48色のシュミンケ水彩セット 
  • 白ディテール:ニッカー ポスターカラー
Boy’s Night: ReggiexReader! Mini Fic Part 1

hey guys! here’s another reggie oneshot :) feedback in my ask would be appreciated! edit: i decided to make this into a mini fic so if you want a part 3 with smut, lemme know!

Summary: Drunk Reggie texts when he’s at the bar with the bulldogs!

Warnings: Swearing. Mentions of alcohol.


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It’s You (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Promt: “can I have a jasper hale x reader anything to do with soulmates please” (requested)  

A/N: As I said before, i’m getting used to write again, so sorry if it’s not one of the best ones yet, but I’m quite happy with it!

(Gif is not mine)

Feedback is always appreciated. Don’t be shy if you want to leave an ask or just want to talk to me, I’m always here!

Soulmates AU: Everyone has heterochromia, one eye is your natural colour the other is your soulmate’s natural colour. Once you meet all eyes return to natural colour. (For this particular fic, the reader will have one brown eye and a golden one, so if you have another eye colour, sorry! But it’s easier this way)

Since you’ve been born, you had different colours in your eyes, just like everyone, you had a soulmate, and apparently, your soulmate had a particular colour in their eyes. You had brown and golden eyes. It always amazed and scared you a little bit, it wasn’t common for people to have such beautiful eyes, and just thinking of the possibility of knowing/meeting someone with such eyes seemed impossible, but you kept your hopes high until you moved to Forks.

So used to the busy city of Los Angeles and the huge amount of people that you saw every day it was difficult to like the idea of moving to a town where the population was 3,175, also adding the fact that it was always cold and raining; but since your Mom was transferred to work on Fork’s Hospital, you couldn’t argue, so you simply made your mind on possibly never knowing your soulmate.

But little did you know that your soulmate was going to be even closer than you thought.

Jasper always thought that his soulmate was no longer alive; after all he is 174 years old, so he no longer cared about having different coloured eyes even if his family told him to never lose hope, especially Alice, who lately has been bothering him with his soulmate being “closer than he thought” but she never told him when or who his soulmate was, even Edward ignored his pleas to know more about it, so he just waited, as he always did.

 The first day of school was always hard, no matter who you are and your “status” in school is, but being a new student in a town where everyone knew each other proved to be a tad bit harder.

Since you arrived at school on your car (which wasn’t the newest or the oldest car in the world, but it was decent) all eyes were on you, or it felt like that. Eventually, you reached your first class.

History, what a wonderful class” you internally scream at the thought of having History first thing in the morning, but you entered anyway. After the whole “presentation” thing and all the whispers from the whole class when you mentioned where you were coming from, you finally sat down next to a small girl who had a big smile.

“Hello, I’m Alice and I think we are going to be excellent friends” she said once you sat down, you smiled at her and laughed a little.

“Hey, I’m (Y/N), and sure, I’m in to have some new friends”

The rest of the class went slowly; Alice and you spent the entire class whispering to each other, getting to know better and at one point when the class ended you both parted ways but not before she told you that she would see you later.

Lunchtime was something that Jasper never enjoyed really, there were too many people and pretending to be something that he wasn’t, was boring to him, that and Emmett’s jokes were getting old. But that day he felt different; before when he entered the cafeteria he would be overwhelmed by the number of feelings he would get from all the people in there, but that day when he entered he felt nothing but joy and anxiousness. Once he sat down he scanned the room with his eyes, at first he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but suddenly his eyes fell on a girl that he never saw. She was sitting alone reading a book, clearly entranced by it as she seemed to not pay attention to the crowded and loud cafeteria, but his intense staring was cut off once Alice spoke up.

“Her name is (Y/N) and if you go talk to her, you will be surprised!” his brows knitted at this, he knew that Alice knew something that he didn’t.

“What do you mean, Al?” she simply shrugged and turned to talk to Rosalie, making Jasper roll his eyes and simply forget her comment, if something had to happen it eventually would.

You sighed happily, the first day of school was over and you were more than happy that it went better than expected; of course, you were the centre of attention on some classes but nothing you couldn’t handle.

You started to walk towards your car when you heard a familiar voice calling your name.

“(Y/N)! Come here one second!” It was Alice, she was standing a couple of metres from you and you could see more people behind her getting into some cars, you supposed those were her brothers and sister that she told you about before.

You walked slowly trying to not step on any puddle of water that was on the floor signalling that it rained earlier and you didn’t even notice.

“Tomorrow we are going shopping, you want to come?” she asked with an easy smile.

You smiled as well before answering “Yeah, sure, my mom wouldn’t mind me making some ‘friend time’ as she calls it” she laughed with you and you saw how her face changed and she seemed excited about something, you thought that it was because you said yes at her question. You looked behind her for a moment and your eyes locked with one of her brothers and you felt something changing in you but not only that, you also saw how his eyes changed from brown/golden to only golden.

He slowly got closer to you, his face revealing his evident shock and before you could even say something he spoke, a smile getting into his face.

“So it’s you

Is That A Promise? (Rob Benedict x Reader)

Your friend Brianna invites you out for drinks with some of her friends, but one guy in-particular makes it his mission to embarrass you as much as possible.

Warnings: Fluff, Almost smut, Flirting

Word Count: 4387 (oops)

(This was originally just a one-shot but I’m gonna turn it into a two part piece.)

“Y/N, you never do anything with anyone, it’ll be fun!” Briana shouted down the phone, she seemed determined to deafen you until you agreed. You grunted in response. She was trying to convince you to go out drinking with her and her friends, but she’d be the only one you knew well and you weren’t the most outgoing person in the world, that’s putting it lightly.

“I’ll go for half an hour.” You grimaced, immediately regretting agreeing to even that.

“Y/N!” Briana shouted once more.

“Fine, one hour. That’s all though. Then I’m straight outta there.” You ripped the phone away from your ear as she squealed in delight, straining your ears once more.

“See you tonight!” You heard her shout before she ended the call. You fell to your bed and let out an exasperated sigh.

“You can do this, it’s just an hour.” You said, trying to convince yourself that you would be fine. If you weren’t so anxious all the time you’d be fine. There was no use thinking over your mistake now, you’d already agreed, so you went to your wardrobe to look for an outfit for tonight. God you hoped tonight would go quick.

- - - - -

You were stood outside, basking in the chill air of the winter night, watching the people walking down the sidewalks to wherever their night led them.

“Y/N!” You jumped as two arms pulled you into a warm body, belonging to Brianna.

“Hey…” You said, trying to seem happy for her sake.

“You’re freezing, let’s get you inside.” She grabbed your hand and yanked it before you could argue. Before you knew it you were in a large, crowded bar. The lights were dim and it smelt like whiskey. The noise was already hurting your head. God I’m so out of place. You thought to yourself, looking around.

Briana walked you over to a large table where several people were all situated in different places. There was a lot of guys and one other girl, as if you weren’t uncomfortable enough.

“Hey, guys! This is Y/N! She’s a little shy but she’s a blast once you get to know her.” Briana introduced you to everybody and they all turned and waved at you, shouting out ‘hey’s’ and other words. “So in order, we have Mike, Billy, Stephen….then over there we have Jason, Kim and Matt. And those two idiots over there are Richard and Rob.” Oh no. You thought. Rob’s hot. You were panicking already and you hadn’t even been here five minutes. You hoped for your sake that Brianna planted you next to her at least so you didn’t feel so bad.

You followed her as she clambered over to her stool, next to Kim and Richard. There was no room for you on her side and you wanted to scream as she ushered you to sit down next to Rob, but you did anyway.

“So, Y/N….Briana never told us you were hot.” Richard spoke, confidence in his voice as he leant over the table slightly, eyeing you up. Your face instantly flushed pink.

“Wh-what?” You stammered, nerves threatening you.

“Rich! Leave her be, she’s nervous as it is.” Briana said, coming to your aid. “Take no notice of him, he’s an ass.”

“I am not!” Richard denied, looking really offended, making you giggle to yourself. “Got a laugh out of her already, see?” He winked at you and returned to drinking his beer.

Half an hour of chatting and joking passed quickly, you were so distracted you weren’t even aware of how long you’d been there. Though you’d never admit it, you were kind of enjoying yourself.The guys were hilarious and entertaining, not to mention some of the stories they had from their conventions. You were on your second vodka and lemonade. You’d always been slow at drinking, especially compared to the people you were with, some of which who had four empty glasses in front of them.

“Rob….Robbie? You’ve barely said a word for half an hour, you alright, bud?” You heard Richard talking to Rob who was sat across from him and next to you. You felt bad. He was stuck on the end of the table, maybe he felt a little bit left out from his friends. Or maybe he didn’t like you. You weren’t really sure.

“Oh I-I’m…..I’m….I’m fine.” He gave Richard a genuine smile that you just caught from the corner of your eyes. Somehow it still managed to take your breath away.

“Who’s up for a game of pool?” Matt bellowed across the table. A few nodded and cheered in response, all heading over to the pool table. You’d decided to sit at the table instead, not being a huge fan of the game. You held your vodka and lemonade, feeling nervous again now that you were left alone. You stirred the liquid slowly with the cocktail stick, watching the ripples flow and break away.

“You alright?” A strong hand had grabbed your shoulder, startling you and causing you to knock over the rest of your drink. “Shit! Sorry! I-I-I….I didn’t mean to do that, I’m so sorry! Crap!” Rob began to grab the napkins from the table, placing them all down over the spreading liquid in some attempt to mop up the vodka before it got to the floor. He glanced over your figure, noticing that you’d managed to get some of it on your shirt. He instantly grabbed a bunch of napkins again and without thinking started to dab at your shirt, trying to dry it for you. He didn’t seem to realise how personal he was being to somebody he’d just met.

“Rob, it’s fine, it’s just a bit of vodka!” You complained, trying to get him to stop but he kept going. This is the opposite of what I want right now! You thought to yourself. “Rob, stop!” He listened. His hands came to a halt and you looked up, straight into the blue ocean that were his eyes. You didn’t realise till now just how close he was to your face. You noticed some of the stray freckles he had on his nose, as well as the lines etched on his face. He was fucking gorgeous. “Oh fuck..” You said.

“What?” Rob asked, cocking his head to the side. Shit. You’d said that outloud. Now you were screwed.

“Nothing.” You clarified.

“Listen, I’m….I- I’m really…..really sorry about…your drink and the…..and this.” He looked down to your chest and realised his hands were still on you, sure the napkins were between his hands and your skin but they were still there. He quickly moved them away, sitting down next to you. You could see his chest was heaving up and down pretty heavily. He must have been as nervous as you right now.  

“Rob, it’s fine…stop panicking. It’s not like you spilt acid on me.” You gave him a small smile, trying to make him feel better. He looked down at his lap for a few moments before looking back up to you.

“I’ll get you another one….” He ignored your complaints and attempts at arguing, continuing to walk toward the bar.

“Rob….wait….it’s fine, I was gonna go now anyway…” You had caught up with him but it was too late, he’d already ordered you another drink and a beer for himself.

“What’s the point in just coming for an hour?” He asked, waiting for the bartender to bring your drinks.

“Bri made me come, an hour is all she could get from me. I wasn’t going to come at all.”

“I’m glad you came anyway.” Rob said, staring at the bar and refusing to look your way.

“Why? I barely do anything….I just sit there quietly.”

“I’d be talking to myself right now if you weren’t here. I’m the only one who has zero interest in pool.” He grinned at you. “That and……it’s nice to have something to look at.” The bartender planted your drinks down in front of Rob and he picked them up straight away, carrying them away to the table.

“What? Rob? I don’t get it, what do you mean?” He chuckled to himself as you followed him close behind.

“It means you’re nice to look at.” He sat down, placing your drink in front of your seat and taking a big gulp from his. Taking your place next to him you began to laugh. He stared at you a little miffed as to why you were laughing. He furrowed his brows which only made you laugh more.

“Hold on…” You said, taking out your phone and holding it up to him. You snapped a picture and turned the photo around to show him. You bit your bottom lip, trying not to laugh as he clapped eyes with the foam mustache he now had above his upper lip. You picked up a stray napkin and reached up to him, gently cleaning the foam from his face. He watched you with a smile on his face the entire time.

“Why are you smiling at me?” You put the napkin down, taking a sip of your new drink. Rob chuckled.

“You’re cleaning me up now.” He shook his head, laughing.

“Hey I could have handled myself before you got all hands on, Mister.”

“Really? Cause you didn’t stop me for quite a while. Maybe you wanted my hands on you.”

“So what if I do?” You contorted.

“Sorry? So what if you do? Don’t you mean, ‘So what if I did?’” Rob was teasing you pretty damn aggressively now. And the way he’d moved his seat subtly closer to yours and sat facing you with his knees either side of yours did not go unnoticed.  

“I- I meant…I meant ‘So what if I did’….” You tried to correct yourself but it was too late now, Rob was smirking at you and your heart was melting like butter.

“So…you don’t still want my hands on you….?” Rob asked, glancing to your chest and then back to your eyes.

“No.” You answered, swallowing hard.

“No, you don’t, or no….you do?” He arched his back so that he could lean closer to you again.

“I do!” You shouted.

“You do?!” Rob shouted back, raising an eyebrow.

“I mean, I don’t! God, you’re really confusing me” You sat up straight, shuffling away from him a little, but all he did was move closer again. His laugh grew a little dark, making your heart race even faster.

“You’re so damn cute.” Rob sighed, smiling at you. You could feel how red your face was and you knew full well that Rob could see the colour. You tried to distract yourself by drinking your vodka, looking away from him. It was so difficult to drink when you could see him watching you from the corner of your eyes.

“Can I drink in peace, please?” You asked him, narrowing your eyes.

“But you’re pretty. I told you I like to look at nice things.” He moved his knees so that they were leaning against yours. As if it were possible you grew even more red.

You opened your mouth to say something back when Brianna sat down in front of you, followed by the rest of the gang.

“So what have you guys been up to?” Richard asked, staring at the two of you. Everybody had noticed how close Rob had moved to you which made you pretty embarrassed. You turned around so that you were facing the table again. But Rob stayed where he was, leaning on the table with his side, watching you.

“Not much.” You answered.

“She spilt her vodka all over herself and then she bullied me for it because apparently it was my fault.”

“Excuse me? That is so not how it went down.” You scowled at him and gave Brianna a disapproving look, making the whole table laugh.

“Oh? How did it go down then, Ma'am?” Rob asked, leaning in close to you and nudging you with his elbow. You gave him a death stare, not wanting everybody to know just how ‘handy’ he had been with you. You simply sighed and returned your lips to your drink.

“That’s what I thought, darlin’.” You watched him as he polished off the rest of his beer. Richard and Brianna gave eachother a glance. You didn’t know what they were up to but it made you uncomfortable.

Richard stood up with his phone out, making his way around the table.

“Smile, everybody. S’ picture time.” Everybody turned to Richard, all facing the camera. You gave him a small smile, waiting for it to be over. Before he took the photo you felt an arm snake it’s way over your shoulders, then seeing a hand fall down over your shoulder, next to your face. Rob was really frustrating you now. He couldn’t give you a break for one minute.

“Nice.” Richard said, snapping the photo. He then made his way around the table getting selfies with everybody and taking photos of certain trios or duos in the gang. He then came back to his seat and stared directly at you.

“What? Why are you staring at me?”

“He wants a photo of you, Y/N.” Brianna explained, smiling away.

“Don’t you have enough?”

“I only have one!”

“One too many!” You argued back, making him laugh.

“Robbie, come on. You too.”

“Wait, no….no, no, no. Not with him.”

“Why not with Rob, Y/N?” Brianna asked you with a shit-eating grin. You knew exactly what she was doing, she was trying to get you to admit you had a taken a liking to Rob. But you weren’t going to.

“Come on, babe.” Rob said, making you blush again. He placed his arm around your waist this time, pulling you so close to him that you could feel the warmth radiating from his body. You were dying inside. He leant his face against yours and your entire body froze. You couldn’t move. Why did this man you’d only known for two hours affect you like this?

You didn’t want to know really.

You gave Richard a smile so he could snap the photo and you could leave.

“Richard, take the goddamn photo already!” You were growing more and more impatient as he messed about with the camera. You could feel Rob shaking with laughter, he knew full well what his partner in crime was doing and why he was taking so long. Snap. He’d finally taken the photo. You went to move away but Rob’s hand wouldn’t let you.

“Wait, I want a photo too!” Brianna said, pulling out her phone excruciatingly slowly.

“Why? Just save Richards photo!” You complained, loudly. Rob was giggling adorably next to you.

“Come on, it’s just a picture.” You turned to face him, forgetting that he was so close. You dragged your nose against his by mistake and tried to shuffle backwards, but his arms were too strong for you to get free. He laughed at your shyness. “You’re so damn adorable…” It was a whisper, as if he didn’t want anybody else to hear him say it.

“Alright, ready! Do something!” Bri shouted, holding her phone up to you guys. You simply smiled at the camera again and she clicked the photo. You heard the three second timer go off which confused you at first until you felt Rob’s face move and his lips press down against your cheek. Why am I stuck with a gang of complete assholes. You thought to yourself. Everybody on the table was laughing at your reaction to Rob kissing your cheek, but not as much as Brianna and Rich were laughing at the actual photo. She turned it around to show you and Rob. There he was with his lips on your cheek…..and there you were with wide eyes and a face of complete shock. You planted your face on the table and groaned. You felt Rob place his hand on your back, rubbing it in circles.

“Y/N, come on, it’s a gold photo!” Rob said.

“Eat me.” You retorted from the table. It was muffled but he heard you alright. Rob leant down to the table and you could feel his breath by your ear.

“Is that a dare?” He whispered down your ear, giving you chills. You looked up at him, completely mortified.

“Jesus, Rob….keep it PG.” Richard said. Oh fuck they heard what he just said. That was it you were so done. You were ready to go home now. This man was driving you insane. You felt like God was on your side when Billy stood up, declaring him and the rest of the band were ready to go home. Once Billy, Stephen and Mike had left, everybody else started to slowly leave. First Matt left and then Kim left next. That left Brianna and Richard sat across from you and Rob, who was refusing to leave, sitting next to you with his thigh against yours. After another twenty minutes of talking you stood up. “I’m gonna head home now.” You grabbed your bag and placed the strap over you, letting the small purse fall to your side. Rob was watching you again, you swear he wasn’t blinking.

“We’re leaving now too, we may as well come with you.” Richard replied, grinning at you and his buddy. You gave out another free death glare. You were made of them tonight.

You stood and waited for the other three as they all put their jackets on and collected their belongings.

“You drive in?” Bri asked you. You shook your head as you walked out with her by your side.

“No I walked in. I kind of like the walk in.” You answered.

“I’m gonna go get a taxi home, text me when you get home, yeah?”

“Yes, mother.” You mocked. She squeezed you tight in a typical Brianna hug, before she waves the boys off and walked away. You turned to start walking before you noticed Rob and Rich were still stood there.

“You don’t think it’s a bit late to walk home? I mean it’s really dark.” Richard said. He pointed to what you assumed was his car. “You want a lift?”

“I’ll be alright….thanks. I don’t mind walking.”

“Alright, suit yourself then. It was nice meeting you tonight, by the way. I stole your number from Brianna so expect me to invite you out again soon.” You didn’t understand why he’d decided he wanted your number or why he wanted to hang out with you again, but you were glad he liked you somewhat.

“Come on, Robbie.” He said, walking toward his car.

“Oh I’m…..I’m gonna walk home.” Rob said. Richard froze in his spot.

“Robert….you live 40 minutes away from here.”

“Yeah I- I’m gonna….walk….home….” He glanced to his side then back at Richard a few times before Richard finally understood what he meant.

“Ohhhhhh. Right. Alrighty. See you tomorrow then.” Richard got in his car and drove off. You were stood with Rob, your nerves eating away at you.

“See- see you later.” You said shyly, beginning to walk away from him. God you wished this man didn’t make you so nervous.

“I don’t think so.” You heard Rob say before you noticed he was walking next to you.

“What are you doing?” You asked, furrowing your brows up at the goofy man.

“Walking you home like a gentleman should.”

“And you’re a gentleman, are you?.” You asked, chuckling to yourself.

“I sure as hell am. Watch this!” He shrugged his leather jacket off and placed it over your shoulders. “See? I’m a gentleman!” You had to steady yourself from laughing too hard, but Rob was there to grab you before you could stumble or fall. He placed his hand on the small of your back and you both continued to walk down the road. You spent some time laughing and talking on your way home before you finally made it to your front door.

You shrugged off his jacket and gave it back to him. He put it back over him straight away, he must have been freezing for the whole time. Now you felt a bit bad. But it was very sweet of him. He stood there smiling at you as you stood in the doorway of your home.

“Do you wanna come in, Rob?” You asked him, you didn’t mean that you wanted something to happen. But you recalled Richard saying he lived quite a while away and you didn’t want him stuck out in the cold.

“I- I really shouldn’t. I’ll just call a cab when I get back into the city center.” He was looking at his feet and scratching the back of his neck.

“Rob…I don’t mind. You can sleep here if you want. It’s pretty late. You must be tired.” You don’t know why you were trying to hard to get him to stay. Sure you really liked him, but you didn’t realise you liked him this much. Besides, you didn’t have his number and he didn’t have yours. You didn’t want him to walk away and to never see him again. This man was amazing, he was gorgeous and he was funny and he was a gentleman. He was just perfect.

Rob was biting his bottom lip as if he was contemplating coming in.

“Y/N….if you let me in…..I don’t know if I can keep my hands off you.” You were once again staring into those ocean blue eyes. You were breathing heavily again, thinking about what he’d just said.

“Is that a promise?” You asked, smiling bashfully at him. He nodded at you. “Good.” you stood to the side, letting him walk in. You felt his shoulder graze across your chest as he slid into the hallway of your house. You closed the front door, locking it behind you. You turned around, only to be shoved back into the wall by two strong hands. You let out a quiet squeal as your back collided with the wall. Rob’s chest was pressed against yours, one of his hands was securely placed on your hip and the other had your hand pinned against the wall above your head. You had just about registered what was happening when Rob hungrily took your lips between his. You remained there for what felt like an eternity. Your blood was rushing fast, you could barely breathe and Rob wasn’t letting you go anywhere. All you could think about was how soft his lips were and how you never wanted this moment to end. The smell of his cologne, the feel of his soft lips moving with yours and the feel of his beard scratching against the skin of your face. You could have sworn you’d died and gone to heaven and you never wanted to leave. Between the moans that Rob was making and the heavy breathing coming from his nose, you somehow managed hear your phone go off. Rob broke away, resting his forehead against yours and closing his eyes. You grabbed your phone from your pocket and noticed it was Brianna calling you. You’d forgotten she’d asked you to text her when you got home safe. You answered the call, holding the phone up to your ear. You placed your index finger across your lips, telling Rob to keep quiet.

“Y/N, I told you to text me when you get home, are you alright?” Brianna asked over the phone.

“I’m fine, I’m home. Sorry, I got distracted by something and forgot to text you. Im safe.” Rob’s lips found your neck and he began to kiss all down the side of it, giving it a nip here and there. He was making it exceedingly hard to make a phone call. Brianna was busy talking about tonight and saying how she knew you’d have fun. She mentioned Rob’s name several times and he heard everything she said. After about three minutes he was growing impatient and he began to tug you toward the stairs. You followed him slowly as he grabbed your hand and guided you up the stairs in the dark. You were still talking to Bri on the phone as you walked up. You stopped dead in the middle of the upper hall way, answering something she’d said.

You let out a loud squeal as Rob slapped you on the ass and stood behind you, leaning against your body with his own.

“Y/N? Are you alright?!” Brianna sounded scared.

“I’m fine! I’m alright, I just….I fell up the stairs. That’s all. Listen, I’m gonna head to bed…I’m really tired after tonight. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, bye!” You had spoken so fast in the last few seconds that Brianna couldn’t even stop you from hanging up on her. You placed your phone back into your pocket and turned around to face the culprit.

“Rob! What if I’d have shouted your name?” He was too busy giggling to care at this point. He made his way back over to you, his lips finding your neck again, now peppering kisses all over the other side of your neck.

“It’s-Ughh….It’s this way.” You tried to speak but god did his mouth feel good. You led him into your bedroom, letting him close the door and throw you down onto the bed. Tonight was gonna be a long night.


More fabulous photos of the Beatles performing at the Washington Coliseum on the 11th February, 1964, taken by photographer, Fred Ward. (More, in colour, here!) You can see the sweat on John’s forehead!

“The Washington show was difficult because they were in a boxing ring with the audience all round and they had to play to all four sides. They had to go to a different side of the stage for every song, so we had to keep moving the mikes. Ringo was sitting on a round turntable in the middle of the stage, which we also had to turn round - and the bloody thing got stuck! All this chaos was going on, but it was actually a good show for all that. After that gig, it was back to New York.

“I found out twenty years later that the show had been filmed for subsequent telecasting throughout America. Kids all over the States had paid to go to theatres and watch it. So when they went back and toured America in August, a lot of the people in the audiences had already seen them live in concert, via the telecast. The Beach Boys were on as well, and another act; put together and relayed to cinemas.”

[Neil Aspinall, Anthology]

Pics: Fred Ward, courtesy of the Award Agency. 

Klaus Imagine

Anon - can I have a Klaus imagine were your Aprils twin and a person who loves art even though you can’t do any art it yourself. you got an invitation to the Mikealson ball and while your there you look at all the art on the wall. Klaus sees you looking at his paintings and he takes you away from the ball so that you to can bond over his other paintings.

TW: I apologise for it getting pretty dark and depressing, my mind was in a mood while writing it.

Hope you enjoy! I’m slowly but surely getting through the requests :)

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Continuation of the Imperial vs Rebellion! (post/162562983761/everyone-from-the-elgang-are-battling-their-own) The Transform is dragged and have to fight both Imperial and Rebellion! XD

Some more spacetime shenanigans occur and the transform classes are, very unceremoniously, dumped straight into the sparring matches of the other two El Search Parties. A quick introduction occurs after the spars are halted, and most of the transform classes are willing to spar as well. Though, to be fair, since the other two opponents have been quite worn out from battling each other, it’s somewhat of an unofficial 2v1 for most of the characters against the newcomers.

Infinity Sword is unfazed at having to fight two of his alternate selves. He might have two opponents, but he has hundreds of swords, so there’s more than enough to go around for the both of them. He does have to be be cautious at leaving his back open, but for the most part he directs streams of his swords for crowd control and forces the other two into where he wants them to be.

Dimension Witch throws the other two Aishas off guard at first. When she charges in for a melee attack, EM is frozen in place, forcing VP to intervene and block the hit. It’s a little shocking for the both of them to see DW fighting using Aisha’s rather sub-par strength, but her bursts of magic strengthen her attacks in ways that the other two never imagined. After EM and VP properly collect themselves, their spar becomes more like a light show, with all the various coloured magic balls fired everywhere.

Night Watcher has an air of arrogance about her that leaves the other two slightly irritated. However, WS finds out the hard way exactly why NW was so confident she could take on the two of them at once. There are traps everywhere. She makes it difficult for the two Renas to reunite and attack her together by setting her traps carefully. One false move and some vine has grabbed her in place, or something explodes under her, sending her to the ground. GA does her best to keep her distance and fire arrows, but NW excels at pouncing on her prey from afar.

Veteran Commander starts off rather passively, but as time goes on, the other two feel like his attacks are getting stronger and more violent. Though because his own system takes a toll on his health, VC sticks with his usual grenades and missiles for the most part, and only uses his more powerful skills when he’s either backed into a corner or confident he can do devastating damage.

Code: Battle Seraph hardly gives the other two a break with her constant barrage of lasers. Her Energy Needles chip away at the defenses of the other two. The fact that CBS seems to have an endless supply of energy and that they chase their targets almost indefinitely is difficult to deal with, and forces CEm to use her servants as a barricade while CN zips through the skies, trying her best to outrun the relentless lasers.

Tactical Trooper is a huge fan of his artillery, and this makes him quite slow and stationary compared to the other two. However, he’s also quite resilient, and as long as he has his various fields set up and is constantly firing away his infamous Siege Shelling, it’s quite difficult for the other two versions of himself to approach safely.

Asura goes into her incomplete Eun mode from the very start, giving her a sharp advantage in speed and energy. Her combat style is almost entirely feral, a sharp contrast from the elegant martial arts of the other two Aras. Eun’s claw swipes could knock down stone walls, so the other two have to navigate carefully to avoid being hit by those. Only with coordinated strikes are they able to stop Asura from one sidedly crushing them individually.

Crimson Avenger seems to hesitate about this sparring match at first, but soon a dark shadow falls over her eyes and she charges wildly into battle. CrA using her own health in battle shocks the other two, but they don’t have times to ask questions before another sawblade gets thrown at them. Because of this, she wears herself down thin quite quickly, since to heal she needs to do significant damage to her opponents, and her alternate selves are much more skilled than the average run of the mill demons she’s used to. Nevertheless, she still hits like a truck, even if there’s blood dripping from her mouth from internal bleeding, worrying the other two greatly.

Diabolic Esper would generally much rather just open a portal and go back to his own timeline than spar, but his other selves pique his interest enough for him to stay. He mostly just toys around with the other two, not really intending to do any real damage. Just enough dodging and harassment to incur their anger and to provoke them into using their skills. It’s pretty clear that all three of them are trying to analyse each other’s attacks, and it’s also pretty clear that whatever DE did to end up looking like a starved madman, his research is still probably the most advanced out of the three of them.

Diabla chooses to mess around in her normal form for a while, but then NB manages to land a hit on her, causing her to start cackling from pain. Just moments later, demonic energy starts to swirl around Demonio, and his transcendence form appears. Nothing they do to him makes him flinch, and he constantly chases after his enemies indiscriminately, forcing them to duck behind the poisonous garden he had created earlier. When he finally runs out of steam and gets subdued, the other four end up having a bigger problem on their hands, when a fully grown DB stands there, concentrating a massive amount of demonic energy, ready to fire a massive beam at any moment.

Apostasia impassively sends explosive orbs after the two of them. Whenever they get close, he erects a damage reflecting barrier that makes it dangerous to attack him. He almost lazily uses skill after skill, slowly corroding the ground under him into a field of swirling chaos. When he seems to have had enough, he tears open a portal in the area above him, with a powerful suction dragging the other two towards it, forcing them to use their strongest skills to force a triple knock-out. Many trees were harmed that day.

Cost of Freedom (14/??)

Summary: In which Shinichi and Kaito put their plans into action. (The escape, part i.) Prison!AU

[Beginning]      [Previous Chapter]     [Next Chapter]

May the third.

If not for their plans, it would be an average day. And for the most part, it is.

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Contraband (Jimin x Reader, Gang!AU) - Chapter 8

And so the plot thickens! What did you guys think? I really hope you enjoy it and will send reblogs/likes my way to let me know I’m doing okay. As usual I love hearing from you, and hope you all continue to enjoy the story! Also it’s so late and I’m exhausted so sorry if there are a load of grammatical errors.

Title: Contraband

Member(s): All, Jimin Focus.

Genre: Gang!AU

Word Count: 2363

Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

A car horn sounded directly in front of you and you blushed with the thought of how ridiculous you must have looked, screeching and jumping out of your skin. It was understandable that your emotions were a little unstable at the moment. Being assaulted, watching someone come close to death, and having your entire view of your brother completely shattered was enough to push you over the edge; and when you had stopped running after god knows how long, you had been too caught in your own head to notice you’d collapsed in the middle of a side road, where you now sat. You stood up abruptly, bowing to the driver and scurrying off to the side.

You cradled your injured hand, scrunching your eyes closed as the haze of the last hour or so washed away and the throbbing pain in your broken fingers came back. Before you had dropped off the shopping outside Yoongi’s house, not daring to go inside, you had taken the bandages you bought out of the bag, and realised now was probably a good time to wrap your fingers up; spending your entire run with your fists clenched most likely hadn’t done them any good. Bruises were still present on the worst broken areas, your pinky was sticking out at an uncomfortable angle, and you were still unable to fully straighten a few other fingers. The swelling had gone down considerably but it was clearly in need of medical attention, yet you had outright refused to let Jin correct the breaks no matter how much he insisted. It seemed stupid, but you almost wanted them to remain damaged. It acted as a reminder that you had to change your view of Yoongi. He was in charge, and he wasn’t afraid to assert that; it was dangerous to think otherwise.

And now, after your conversation with Jimin, your broken hand held a whole knew representation of Yoongi. It was a stretch to use Yoongi lashing out at you in anger as a good enough justification to believe what Jimin had told you. Regardless of whether Jimin made you feel safe around him, he was still the man who tried to kill Hoseok, working for the man who tried to kill Yoongi. You had absolutely no reason to trust what he’d said, but you couldn’t help your thoughts becoming infected with the idea that Yoongi had killed Jae. Your brothers had always had issues with one another, and if Jae had jeopardised Yoongi’s position in the drug scene somehow, could you really put it passed him to murder Jae? The sadistic look on his face when he had slammed his foot into your fingers was enough to tell you he wouldn’t let anything compromise his power.

Glancing up from your wrapped fingers, you noticed the car hadn’t moved on at all. In fact, the two men in the front were staring at you vehemently, occasionally exchanging words whilst scanning your face, the back windows blackened out. You certainly didn’t recognise the men, and as you began walking away you glanced around the street, realising you didn’t recognise the area either. You hadn’t been running for that long, had you? You’d spent enough time with Yoongi in Seoul that you could usually get some general bearing of where you were, but this area looked completely foreign to you. Had you really ran far enough to be on the other side of town? 

Into Namjoon’s territory?

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[Labyrinth] Jareth & Sarah || Imposter
Finally made my first Labyrinth video! x

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GOM (Akashi, Aomine, Kuroko, Kise, Midorima, Murasakibara) + Takao and Izuki walking in on their S/O lip-syncing and dancing to ridiculously sugary pop music like an idiot and try to get them to join in (success rates vary.)

this is so cute! sorry for making you wait so long (* >ω<)

Akashi would stand in the doorway for a few minutes, watching his partner dancing around the room with an amused smile on his face. While the music wasn’t exactly to his tastes, he would admit that his partner looked rather cute. When his partner finally noticed him and tried to make him join them in their dancing and singing, he’d decline with a small smirk before suggesting to dance to some more tasteful music.

Aomine would stand in the doorway with his eyes glued to his partners body as the danced around the room, just admiring them (and thinking some perverted thoughts). He’d laugh and go up behind them and pinch their butt, laugh loudly at their reaction. When his partner started to try and make him join in, he’d decline at first but if they pestered him enough, he’d join them in there dance, pulling out his best moves.

Kuroko would stand in the doorway, a blank look on his face although there was definitely amusement in his eyes. He’d spend quite some time just watching them, apologising when they finally noticed him and fell over from the shock. As he helped them off of the ground and his partner asked him to join in, he’d decline, opting to instead watch as they had their fun.

Izuki would grin widely at the sight before him, laughing at his parters interesting dance moves. He’d get happy over the fact that his partner was enjoying themselves so he’d end up standing on the bed and acting as their own personal cheer squad, coming up with the worst cheers that were packed with puns. When his partner told him to come and dance with them, he wouldn’t have to be asked twice, immediately jumping off of the bed to sing and dance along.

Kise would pull out his phone the moment he saw them dancing around the room and begin to take a video, encouraging his partner as he did so. He’d grin widely at the sight and get so excited that his partner wouldn’t even have to ask him to join in. He’d bounce over to them and start lip syncing dramatically as he danced around the room, his dance moves worse than his partner.

Midorima would watch them from the door, a blush slowly beginning to colour his face. Just as he was deciding to leave the room, his partner would notice him and excitedly drag him into the room, pestering him to join in. This would result in him giving a straight out no before beginning to scold them. While it would be a difficult task, if his partner was persistent enough, they’d managed to get him to join in.

Takao would be the one dancing would laugh loudly at the sight and excitedly move next to his partner and pull them against him, beginning to start doing some strange dance that kind of resembled the salsa. He would love dancing and would sing along to song at the top of his lungs, doing his best to make his partner laugh. It would become a common thing for he and his partner to dance around together.

Murasakibara would walk in to the room and immediately ask what they were doing as he stared at them, a bored look on his face. He’d begin to complain about not only the lack of snacks, but the song that was playing, saying that it was to annoying and that he was going to leave. When his partner offered to give him some snacks if he joined in, he suddenly changed his mind, dancing lazily around the room with his partner, listing off the foods he wanted.

Olly Alexander isn’t just a musician – he’s an LGBT activist and part of a new wave of progressive creatives

Being a pop star today isn’t just about being a pop star. Yes, there are still tours and festivals. Still the expectation to make an album and get tracks on the radio. But in 2016, that’s not always enough. If we give an individual superstar status by buying a ticket to their show, watching their film or following them on Instagram, at times, we need something back. We want to hear what they have to say. Sometimes, we like our pop stars with a slice of integrity. Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander has hundreds of thousands of followers across the world. His fans connect with him not just through his music, but also his message. So to some, he’s a pop star. But to others, he’s their hero. 

When we meet Olly, he’s in a studio ripping up some colourful prints. There are tins of paint everywhere and large sheets of paper strewn across the floor. Why? Well, we asked Olly to make something new, something special, because right now, he’s one of the most inspiring artists around. At 18, he moved out of his mum’s in the Forest of Dean and saw out his teenage years in a windowless room in London. It was a difficult time, but he got by and landed acting roles, including Skins and The Riot Club. But musically, his big break came in 2010. That was the year his now band mates, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen, asked him to be the lead singer in Years & Years. Since then, we’ve seen the band release a number one album and sell out arenas, but we’ve also seen Olly become a voice of his generation. He’s talked openly about the stigma attached to depression and the issues affecting the LGBT community. As a performer, he entertains and excites and, as a human, he inspires and provokes. He speaks out in the face of adversity and refuses to be silenced. In a world that can feel a bit scary, Olly is affecting change and creating a new future.

So we asked him what he’d like to do for ASOS to express this theme. He chose collage and painting, we gave him a blank canvas. ‘It’s fun getting to use the pinks, purples and floral prints,’ he explains, picking the paint off his hands. ‘I would have felt uncomfortable doing that at school. I was afraid of presenting myself as “femme”, but now I enjoy it, it’s part of my identity.’ Over a hundred years ago, artist Henri Matisse said that ‘creativity takes courage’ and, as Olly explains the process behind his work, whether it’s the collage he’s just made for us or his platinum album, that couldn’t ring more true. In March, Years & Years released the video for their track Desire and it was a similar story.

‘A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to make it,’ Olly admits. If you haven’t watched the video, it features Olly kissing a man and stars several other LGBT couples and was made in reaction to the dominance of heterosexual romantic narratives in today’s music videos. ‘I wouldn’t have had the personal confidence before,’ says Olly. ‘I’ve always been an out gay artist, but I had to figure out how to express myself. I realised I wanted to push myself more. I used to be afraid of being “too gay”. I used to get teased for being camp at school, so I was too scared of doing that, but then, embracing it started to feel good.’

Alongside the video, Olly shared a letter on Facebook, which has been reposted, liked and commented on over 30,000 times. In it, he asks, ‘Why is it that in 2016, a pop video featuring people expressing their sexuality, who aren’t cis-gendered or heterosexual, feels at all unusual or progressive?’ The video provoked a lot of moving reactions and praise from fans and critics alike. ‘Witnessing those reactions made me like – “I need to do this, I need to keep pushing myself,”’ Olly says. ‘I see the darker side of people, too. I get really horrible stuff said to me on Twitter, but mostly the reaction is amazing. It gives me faith in people, especially young people – they’re so socially conscious, they’re woke! 

‘It’s always good to feel like you share something with someone else. It does seem that in the past year I’ve seen more articles and news stories about mental health than I ever have before. Whether it’s anxiety or depression, it’s good to know someone else is going through it or feeling a similar way. It can be hard to remember that sometimes.’ When we tell Olly his wisdom seems to defy his 26 years, his reaction is, ‘Oh my god! Really?! I don’t feel wise!’ but the fact that he’s still ‘very much working it out’ is exactly why he’s so relatable and relevant. Sure, he may not have all the answers – but what’s important are the questions.

‘I want to keep having a conversation,’ he says. ‘I’m a human being. We all have a responsibility – if we want – to encourage progress and change. This is the stuff I care about and so I want to keep questioning things.’ With that, he puts down his paintbrush. The collage isn’t finished – there are still blank spaces and wet paint, and before the end of the day it’ll change again. But right now, it’s fun, messy and colourful. Exactly how it should be.

This interview appears in the Autumn issue of ASOS Magazine.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could give me any loki sif pre-canon fic recs?

This has been in my ask box for two months I am so sorry!

First, check out the secret relationship rec post I made, pretty much every fic on there is set pre-canon!

In the interest of avoiding super repetitive posts, I’m not going to rec any of the ones on there, so here’s some more pre-canon fics! This category is huge, and so many fics could fit in here; therefore, this is nowhere near comprehensive. But hopefully you will find some stories that suit your interests!

After the Fall by damalur

And epic tale of Loki and Sif’s relationship from childhood up until the coronation. Favorite!

The Tenth Realm by Margo_Kim

Five hundred years before Thor’s coronation, Loki and Sif adventure in search of a legend.

Stolen Fire by Ias

The tragedy of the present is contrasted with the happiness of the past. 

Through the Glass (Of a Two-Sided Mirror) by OhMisterBlueSky

Where Sif ran, he chased.

Body Heat by murdur

Trapped in a cave, Loki and Sif share a sleeping bag for warmth.

so long to the headstrong by murdur

Sif must rush to save his life.

See It Coming by murdur

Heimdall watches his sister and the man who plagues her

You don’t so it on purpose, but you make me shake by residualaffection

Sif and Loki each have reason to be discontented with their lot in Asgard

had joys no date by sabinelagrande

Loki and Sif through the years, a love that was only ever leading to one conclusion

Consequences of Boar Hunting by venomandchampagne

Loki is left alone to care for an injured Sif.

A New Game to Play by silverducks

Like a fight, a dance, they circled around each other, neither stepping any closer. But it was time now for a new game to play.

Put it on (& Don’t Say a Word) by AloryShannon

Sif walks in on Loki trying on her dresses and decides to play along

Of Kisses and Kings by tvconnoisseur

I do. Fancy you, I mean. As a warrior.” 

Frostbite and Sunstroke by sabinelagrande

Loki has always been cold, and this is the game they play.

Lies for the Liars by bhaer

Sif remembers Loki in three ways.

Moment of Accord by fauness

Loki and Sif take a vacation

Star Bodies by M_Leigh

Sif and Loki grow up

…In Velvet (in her hand she holds the the Moon) by dame_ordsmeden

How a Yule feast, mead, wine, and seiðr bring Loki and Sif together. And this fic shows it fall apart.

Hunted by twofrontteethstillcrooked

“It must have been difficult for you,” she said in a voice that felt like a whetted blade being drawn across his throat.

Gold by Mithlomi

Loki cannot resist Sif in his colours…

So Will You Swim for Me by newredshoes

The vine had him bound and Sif came for him.

Lady’s Choice by cupiscent

Loki perfected the art of wear his brother’s face. Unrequited love triangle-ish

this way we dance is lore by theleonhearted

They move with the advent of the seasons, a tradition as certain as the coming of Yule

Betrayer by mythopathic

She always came to him whenever something happened to quicken her blood, be it battle or joy or grief

Hair fics

Symbol by ZionAngel

Sif asks for Loki’s help in cutting away her past doubts and uncertainties

Warrior by incandescent

He takes her hair as a prize. She takes something else.

Between Two Points by LorienEUrbani

Hair cutting, jealousy, affection.

Unintended Consequences by Lizardbeth

Sif’s change of hair comes with unintended consequences

Fighting fics

Like a Shotgun Needs and Outcome by Barkour

They spar together and it turns to something else

A Straightforward Invitation by newredshoes

She invites him to spar

A Warrior’s Heart by illrain666

She sparred with him when they were younger.

A glittering jewel by epistretes

Loki is forced to visit the training grounds


Steel ‘verse by Mira_Jade

War and Trickery have been, and always will be, entwined. A huge, sprawling series exploring the history and future of these two.

Transformations ‘verse by meritmut

An in-progress series detailing the history between these two. nor i we like to gods and a delicate fire especially delve into pre-movies.

Ok I’m stopping. I need a drink…

Aaaaand I have another whole list of pre-canon fics with these two as kids that I’m gonna post separately since this has already spun out of control. Other fic recs for these dumb space vikings can be found here!

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Name your top favorite bands/ singers and your fav songs from them.

how am i supposed to pick???!?!??!?!?

  • fireside- arctic monkeys
  • re stacks- bon iver
  • lua- bright eyes
  • sleeping sickness- city and colour
  • candles- daughter
  • kiss me- ed sheeran
  • shes a riot- the jungle giants
  • she moves in her own way- the kooks
  • the john wayne- little green cars
  • heavy feet- local natives
  • as tall as cliffs- margot and the nuclear so and sos
  • resolution- matt corby
  • time to pretend- mgmt
  • bloodstains- passenger
  • its not my fault im happy- passion pit
  • new slang- the shins
  • sad dream- sky ferreira
  • sweet disposition- temper trap (i’ll always love)
  • riptide- vance joy
  • girls- the 1975

this was really difficult and can you tell i went in alphabetical order lol

Home Sweet Home - Luke Hemmings

Luke’s lips pressed softly against yours as you entered the now furnished house, your very first home as a couple.

You have to admit it, when he first asked you to move in with him, you weren’t very sure if you should be living together. You’ve always felt like that is such a big and important step in a relationship, and it makes everything seem so serious and complicated. And that scares you. However, what you feel for this boy is far bigger than doubt and fear.

He spends so much time away, and you want to make sure you spend as much time together as possible when he’s around, since you can’t go on tour with him because you’re stuck with school.

Luke’s eyes are a deep tone of blue, making you wonder what he’s thinking that’s making him stare at you like that. They only turn this shade when he’s angry or horny, and you’re pretty sure he isn’t angry at you. His eyes are kinda like a window into his mind. If you know him well enough, you’re able to actually see what he’s feeling. He’s terrible at hiding emotions anyway, but not everyone can read him like you do.

You smile, pecking his lips. “Whatcha thinking ‘bout?” You ask, throwing your arms around his neck as he closes the front door.

He bites his bottom lip, taking his black, shiny lip ring between his teeth. "Dunno… it feels weird.” he chuckles slightly, letting go of your waist and taking your hand in his, leading you inside the house.

You two move slowly, looking around, taking in every detail. It isn’t a palace, hell, you wouldn’t want one, but it’s yours. Only yours.

The hallway is large and comfortable, but it has no comparison to the living room. Two sofas are positioned near the TV and Luke pushes you into the biggest one, letting himself fall next to you afterwards.

“Comfy, huh?” he smiles widely, tucking you into his arms. “I still can’t believe it…” Luke squeals, hugging you tightly.

“This was the best idea you’ve ever had.” You say, more like in a sigh. It feels so good to be laying there, in his arms, in your home.

You rest your head up high on his chest, wrapping your arms around his large torso. Within a minute, small kisses are planted on your head, trailing down to your forehead, and you feel Luke’s urge to kiss you on the lips by the way the thin skin of his lips feels dry against your own, and he rushes to touch every visible part of your skin he’s able to.

You tilt your head up, your noses brush against each other and you smile again. As you stare into each other’s eyes, both your breaths mixing up into the atmosphere, you’re sure both of you are doing your best to frame this moment in your memories.

Luke attaches your lips, swiftly caressing them together, and you feel yourself melting inside. Your stomach flips as his tongue brushes your bottom lip and his hand comes up to cup your chin, probably trying to get some support, and you feel the anticipation growing in between your thighs.

For minutes, you stand there, lost in each other’s arms, completely unaware that you still have to unpack stuff and get things in order. Your mind wanders off to all the work you still have yet to do, but it’s quickly slipped back into reality when you feel Luke’s large hand caressing your side, making sure to touch the skin beneath your blouse. Goosebumps form where his hand touches and you can’t take it much longer, heat and lust completely consuming you.

You moan and connect your right hand with Luke’s scalp, massaging him and slightly pulling on his short hair. He moans in response and the way his deep voice vibrates into your mouth, down your throat and sinks in your stomach, is driving you wild. You could already feel the hard on underneath his black skinny jeans digging into your leg and you sigh in complete desperation.

“Bedroom?” Luke asks, when you move your face away from his, catching your breath; something that was very difficult since the thick air surrounding you was composed by the lustful one that once filled your lungs.

“Bedroom.” You say and hurry to get up but his grip tightens around your wrist and causes you to fall back on the sofa. You roll your eyes at him, “What?”

He smirks and you swear the deep colour of his eyes soften a tone and you melt again. “One more kiss, beautiful.”

“You’re so lame!” You laugh and slap his thigh.

You love it that even in the most heated up moments, he still makes it possible to laugh and be chilled. It makes you feel deeply comfortable. God, you love this boy. No matter how many times you’ve laughed together, cried together, played together, kissed, made love, you still feel the exact same way. You think the overwhelming passion has been gone for a while, for both of you, but the love… the love is still there, and you’re sure it won’t ever go away.

You lean in and kiss his lips, making sure to bite his lip ring the way he likes it, and your hand makes its way up his thigh, eagerly pressing down on his bulge.

“Y/N…” Luke whines, taking your hand away from him and carefully pushing you off the sofa.

You get up and take his hand in yours, helping him up on his feet. His tall figure hovers over you and you feel your knees getting weak as Luke takes off his shirt, throwing it on the sofa. “Can’t you wait till we hit the bedroom?” You grin. “We just arrived and you’re already making a mess.”

He pouts and looks at his bare chest, you do the same. It’s not exactly toned and it’s pale, tiny freckles cover his shoulders and you remember the first time you saw them. You were on top of him, legs on each side of his body, you were sat on his bed and you’d be dating for a month already. He was nervous and tried to push you away as you tried to take a good look at them, you tried to kiss and nibble at the skin but he was too shy and insecure to allow you to do so. You were too. To think about the long way you’ve walked together is truly incredible. Now he takes off his clothes and makes you suck his dick with no shame or discomfort. And you love it.

Luke’s hands grip your arse and pull you close to his body, a cheeky grin covering his face. “You get me hot, I couldn’t wait any longer.” he kisses your cheek, and pinches the back of your thighs, in a sign for you to jump and wrap your legs around his waist, so you do as he commands.

He carefully walks you out of the living room, your grip tight around him, and you move your face to the crook of his neck, kissing his skin and sucking harshly, intending to leave a mark. Your mark.

“Baby, I don’t want us to fall.” He groans as you reach the stairs and you laugh slightly.

“It’s your fault if we do, Lucas.” You say, nibbling on his jaw. “You’re a clumsy ass.”

He chuckles and hurries up the staircase, carefully enough that he didn’t trip.

You reach the bedroom’s door and Luke kicks it open - he probably doesn’t want his hands to leave your butt - and as you enter the large room, you just want to look around at the decoration you chose together, but he doesn’t give you the time to do so, throwing your body on the king sized bed, and positioning himself on top of you.

After kicking your shoes off, you spread your legs apart and wrap them around his waist again, sappy kisses being exchanged between you. You hurry to take your shirt off and his hands move down to unbutton your jeans, then sliding them down your legs and throwing them somewhere in the room.

You’re standing in your underwear and Luke hovers over you and takes a long look at your body, analyzing the way your chest rises and falls with shaky breaths. You spread your legs again, signaling that you need him. He bites his lips at the view, your panties already soaking and he takes off his jeans, then sitting on his knees in front of you, palming himself on top of the dark red boxers. You notice the wet spot below the hem of the material and question why Luke isn’t hurrying the fuck up.

“Luke…” You whine, throwing your head back, and you hear him chuckle as you squeeze your eyes and legs shut.

His large hands grab your ankles and painfully slowly make their way up, stopping on your knees and spreading them open again. “Uhm…” He growls, and licks his lips before laying on top of you, kissing your neck roughly.

“Do something.” You manage to say, and run your hands up his back, slightly digging your hands into his skin, in hopes of turning him on.

It seems to work because he starts grinding his hips into yours, while mumbling something you can’t understand in your ear.

You shiver as he deeply thrusts into you, wishing there wasn’t any cloth between you. His right hand comes up to cup your left breast and you take your hands to unclasp your bra and taking it off, craving more touch.

You don’t know if you hate or absolutely adore the way Luke likes to go slowly and passionately most of the time. You can count on your fingers the times he’s made you cum in less than five minutes. He’s such a perfectionist, you must be soaking wet before he pounds into you, no matter how horny and needy he is, he always gets you off right and the look on his face when your hit your high and tighten your grip on him is priceless. He fucking loves to make you cum, and that makes you so fucking hungry for more.

He grinds in a quicker pace, rolling his hips and kissing your jaw at the same time. You don’t know where to put your hands, but you choose to place them on his arse to push him further into you in hopes of relieving more of your tension. “Babe…” You press your lips to his and he smirks into the kiss.

“Let’s get you nice and wet, shall we?” Luke asks and you nod, knowing that you could assure him that you were more than ready for him six hundred times and it wouldn’t make a difference. He likes to tease even though you beg him not to all the time. “Get on all fours, baby girl.” he commands.

You do as he says, trying not to lose your cool at the name calling. It’s almost impossible since every word that leaves those fucking lips is hot; mostly pet names.

Luke gets behind you and softly slaps one of your cheeks, and you shiver, anticipation drowning you. You hear him humming as his warm hands come up to strip your lacy underwear off. You take your knees off of the bed to allow him to take them completely off and he growls resting his hands on each of your butt cheeks.

You let the weight of your body fall on your arms, your face now resting on the bed, and you try to guess what he’ll do next. Million thoughts stumble across your mind and you moan, closing your eyes and hoping he does something soon.

Luke’s right hand leaves your right cheek and his index finger runs along your wet slit, gathering up the juices. Slowly, he places the tip of his finger on your throbbing clit, and draws large circles, earning one of your loud moans in response. His left hand grips tight on your other cheek, holding you in place and you try to buck your hips to get more contact and friction. You can already feel a knot forming in your stomach when his middle finger comes upwards and tickles your entrance.

He pushes his finger inwards and pumps it in at a rather rapid pace, the sound of wet skin slapping together filling the air. Suddenly, the finger that was once rubbing your swollen knob joins the one inside of you, and they both work together to push you off the edge. Your back arches as he hits your g-spot again and again.

You feel sparkles beneath your skin and goosebumps are formed all over your body, “M'coming” you breathe out, and as you utter these words, Luke removes his fingers from you. 

“What the fuck, Luke?!” you yell, feeling your insides pulsating.

He completely ignores your cry and adjusts himself on the bed, arching an eyebrow at you and you let your head fall down in defeat. Better let him do his thing and hope you don’t die with anticipation.

You try to catch your breath as your body screams for the orgasm that it had been denied, and you see Luke’s red boxers falling on the side of the bed. You mentally celebrate; you can’t wait to have his cock filling you.

You close your eyes and wait for his erection to get close to your heat but are caught by surprise when the only wet thing that touches you is Luke’s tongue. He buries it deep in your pussy, licking everywhere he can. He flicks it on your clit, along your slit and stops at the entrance, pushing it inside, carefully, proceeding to push it in and out quickly.

“Luke…” You plea, and he digs his fingernails into the skin of your thighs.

“Y/N.” He mocks you, letting go of you and you lift your head up to see what he’ll do next.

He pumps himself a few times before positioning himself at your entrance and burying in. You squeal and he starts pounding in and out, not slowly but not fast enough either. Your mouth runs dry as your sweaty bodies collide, and Luke picks up the pace, obviously eager to reach his high.

His hands move to grab your hips, profanities leaving both your mouths. “Y/N… Y/N, baby…” He moans, “Fuck…”

You gather the strength to lift your upper body and lean it against Luke’s, both of you falling back slightly. His hands hurry their way up your skin and grab your breasts, pinching at the nipples and his lips suck the skin of your shoulder. 

“Luke!” You scream, your muscles tensing up as your orgasm washes over you.

Luke keeps fucking you for a few more seconds before releasing into you. He slips out and you let yourself fall in the mattress, both of your juices running down your legs. Luke falls next to you and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“I can’t wait to fuck you in every room of this house.” He breathes in your ear.

You shiver at the remark and kiss his cheek.

“We should take a shower and get things ready.” You suggest and he huffs. “What?” You ask.

“Is that what crosses your mind after we had a mind blowing fuck?” You laugh at his words, throwing your leg over him, something that you usual do when you cuddle.

“Well, it’s true, the boys are coming over tonight.” You remind him.

Luke completely ignores you and slips underneath the blankets, pouting in hopes of making you join him. Of course you do join him as you feel tired and you don’t really want to do anything else besides cuddling with Luke and possibly take a nap.

You turn your back and press it against his chest, spooning is your favourite. His hand comes up to take your hair away from your neck, and he kisses it gently. “I love you, you know?” he asks. “And I feel that we’re gonna be really happy in this house.”

You can’t contain the smile that grows on your features. You feel it too.

Starkiller Science: Chapter 35

Summary: Journeys end as you figure out what to do with the broken pieces of your life now that the Starkiller Base has been destroyed and the First Order is in complete chaos.  But just as journeys come to an end, so too do they begin.

Word Count: 9116

Playlist: Youtube

Kylo Ren wasn’t entirely sure what he felt upon first waking; all that he was certain of was the pain. A lot of pain.  An excruciating pain reverberated through his abdomen from the bowcaster blast that made his left leg feel numb and tingly.  Then it continued through his side so that even pulling the slightest breath would yank at the newly formed scabs in sharp stabs.  Moving further up his body was the burn against his right shoulder that had sliced through tendons and torn at the rotator cuff.  He tried to wiggle his fingers but felt nothing.

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Hi! Mani again. Sorry about the spam to do with the commissions. I’ve updated the sheet now, so it’s not nearly as bad as it was before.

Ok, so a bit more information. I’m going to be able to buy the tablet at the end of this week, so this is no longer to pay for that. Every single cent you give to me for a commission now (minus paypal fees of course) will go towards me moving out. 

My household is, while a mostly loving environment, is very controlling, and often I feel unsafe and unsupported by the people who provide for me, who also use that as an excuse to guilt trip me. Suffice to say, while I love my parents, they are now making it very difficult for me to live with them, and I need to move out as soon as I can.

So any commission you could get would be really, really appreciated! As it says in the sheet, I accept the commissions in AUS, which is, thanks to the conversion rate, much cheaper than USD. For example, to get a full colour commission, while it is $25 AUS, that equates to slightly less than $20.

And even if you can’t commission me at all, please consider reblogging this to spread it around! I would be so grateful to you if you reblogging it causes someone to see it that then decides to get one. I’m really desperate to move out so this is quite urgent.