this motivates me a lot and

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Today I felt proud because I made an LGBTQ+ support group for my school! Already a lot of people have told me how helpful it is and how much more comfortable they feel with themselves C:


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“Hate to break it to you, but no mere human can just waltz in here.”

“I can handle a little intimidation from your sibling. After all, you have to go through all of  that with mine, too. Every single one.”

“This dream is starting to feel a lot more like a nightmare instead.”

“Stop growing. You’re already taller than me.”

“I’ll never let this hold me back.”

“I’ve been trying to motivate myself for thirty minutes now.”

Taking a small break

Firstly i’d like to apologize for being so quiet lately. I know I posted that update where I said I would be catching up on everything I missed but some personal stuff happened. Its left me drained so i’ve trying to take it easy. I still don’t feel 100% so i’ll be gone for a week or two until I am. Until then i’ll be unusually quiet and won’t be posting anything.

I don’t have a lot of motivation to draw right now so i’ll prob be playing some video games (for once lol), focus on my chinchillas more, and work on clay roses until then. I won’t stop drawing completely, i’ll still doodle but i won’t be posting anything. It’s best this way so I don’t burn myself out and lose interest completely. Sorry I hope you all understand.

Until then I wish you all the best! :)

Also, unrelated but I love these ;’D

Also Digit and Pixie being cute ;w;

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Hey! I just wanted to tell you I absolutely love your comic (and read it start to finish in one setting yesterday). I'm queer and my partner is nonbinary and it makes me so happy to see such a great and fun story. It's also motivated me a lot to pull my webcomic out of storyboarding hell to actually start doing the first pages! Wishing you all the best and hope to send some cute fanart your way soon <3

Ohmygosh that’s so good to hear!! I wish you all the best with your own webcomic <3333 

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Any advice for beginners in comics? Also I really adore your comics! Hope you're having a good day.

umm i think it depends on what kind of comics you want to make! my style is pretty simple and its based on my life and experiences, so it makes it easier for me to not have to plan plots/characters/etc.

i dont have very good advice for original comics with ongoing stories. im very bad at those, its really hard for me to stick to a schedule and make every page perfect

but for whatever you want to make, you just have to start it. and i know this is said a lot, but its true; dont wait to be motivated. you literally just have to do it. and yeah it can be hard, but i really like making these comics so i keep doing it. if you want to make comics, you totally can! but you have to actually do the work which isnt fun sometimes

this is my first ‘serious’ comic, as in one thats been ongoing for a while. ive tried doing full color pages in the past and that is difficult for me. personally id say start simpler, less panels, less detail, stuff like that. but if you wanna dive in, go for it! theres no right way to start.

i hope this helped a little??? thank you too <3

🌸 Taking a break 🌸

Hey ARMYs, I seriously don’t know how to start this. A lot of you wrote me anonymous asks about that I don’t post as much as I did in the beginning and you seem to notice that I’m not in a good mood. There is a big reason for it: I lost someone who was very important to me and I can’t handle all the emotions. I won’t be posting stuff the next few days (main reason because it wouldn’t feel right), but there are a few gifs left in my queue (yea I lost motivation in giffing after all that did happen, so there won’t be many). Just wanted to let you know why there won’t be any things posted the next few days. I hope you all have a wonderful day and please appreciate the time you spend with someone who’s important to you.

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A Very Short Recess

Hello All!

For those of you who are sticking with me through the second part …

Thank you!

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You will not be disappointed.

With that being said … I am, however, disappointed.  I am quite disappointed in myself over chapter 1.  I started off with a lot of motivation and big plans for it and a TON of enthusiasm and as I watched the viewing numbers plummet on it and I received DMs and other communique concerning it and the direction of it.

In short, I allowed those criticisms to change what I had planned for it and looking back at what’s been done so far, I am disappointed that I allowed myself to stray from the course of my original plan.

I don’t want that to happen again with chapter 2, but sadly it already has begun.  The plan for it is already solidified in my mind and if I continue to put out a part a day, I think I might get deterred again by readers who have doubts about the direction of my story and the characters within it.

It is so very easy to get swayed when you haven’t written anything yet, so I’m going to take a few days off so that I can write it all at once.  It will be done and no one can talk me out of it.

I am concerned about this because I actually get really helpful feedback from some people and it helps me continue on with the next part, so this might be a fool’s errand.

When I come back, I’m going to set a posting schedule as well and see if I can keep to it.  :)

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Today’s Spoon

Don’t Leave The Past Behind You

 I talk a lot about leaving the past behind and moving into the new season of my life - but reflecting on the past can be a great motivator as it allows us to see how much progress we’ve made. From time to time it can be a great tool to use - particularly when the present moment seems difficult.

In recent years I’ve changed almost every single aspect of my lifestyle and seen the benefits of those changes reflected in the people, places and things around me. The days of being unfulfilled are so far behind me that when I reflect back on who I used to be - that person seems almost alien.

When looking back into the past it’s imperative not to get caught up in who you once were or what you once did - but rather to appreciate how far you’ve come since then and identify what other changes you can make to help you progress towards your goals now.

Celebrating the wins that have got me to where I am today is part of my own healing journey and helps to put things that have happened into perspective. Understanding that I wouldn’t be where I am now without having gone through those things has helped me to put much of the past to rest.

Acknowledging who, what and where has helped and hindered me allows me to keep those lessons in mind when choosing what I want to surround myself with today. Only from having been in environments that don’t serve me have I been able to choose ones that do.

When you feel stagnant in your journey or as though your goals are hard to reach - take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come and give thanks for the lessons you’ve learned along the way. 

Nothing in this life is guaranteed - give thanks & treat each day as a gift. 

Peace & positive vibes.

i think the primary motivator behind me working to unlearn a lot of the internalized homophobia i have is rooted in my desire to be the adult that i didn’t have as a kid. like i want the Teens (& one day my students) to look at me and see someone who is secure and stable and happy so they know it’s possible for them to become secure and stable and happy, in any way that i can demonstrate that. i’m mentally ill and gender nonconforming and not heterosexual, and when i was a teenager it seemed impossible for all that to do anything but damn me. but it hasn’t. it’s made me a run-of-the-mill weirdo but it hasn’t killed me

idk i just… where i live especially it’s rare to find adults like me who are comfortable with the reality of their existence, and it’s rare for them to be out and accessible to people who need them. so i’m doing my best to be the person i would have killed to talk to at 16

i need UR opinion


so yeah I’m posting a lot less art but that’s because, ever since January, my life has kinda been harder cuz I was diagnosed with depression then and u know what the means: lost in motivation and energy

basically this just means I may not be drawing as much as I did when this blog was first made. BUT! This IS a WoH blog, not just centered around art (although that’s the main premise) but just any other forms of the characters. Like headcanons, non-drawing shitposts, and whatever basically.

but I wanna ask, do I answer I few too many non-art asks?

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The PTR buffs to my son Lucio are warming my heart and seriously enticing me to actually buy the game for myself. And then work my ass off to get good enough for competitive.

Lucio’s changes are great! A lot of people have also been pointing out that they’re both buffs and nerfs, which imo is a good way to keep him playable at lower levels and more valuable to higher skilled players. His skill floor is a little higher, but I think it’ll be easier to see HOW you’re helping the team now. The nerf to his AOE is a HUGE difference but honestly??? I would rather have a smaller AOE made up of healing that actually HEALED ME

Honestly, beforehand it felt like Lucio was motivational support who carried around a pack of bandaids and anti-septic rather than a heavy-handed healer.

Motivational Mango

Hello, I am Mango, birb of the internet, and I have heard that you have a sad. 

Did you know that I am professional sad fighter? It’s true! Mango will show you the way. When you has a sad, you may feel like doing this: 

As you can see, Mango has been there too. But I can offer you some solutions. 

Sometimes it can help to talk to a friend. It can be hard to reach out, but sometimes expressing how you feel and commiserating makes you feel less alone. Hiding in hair is optional. 

You can talk to friends online if that makes you more comfortable. Computer is also good for viewing birbs. Good for combating a sad.  

If you’re having a rough time, it’s ok to take a break and enjoy a favorite activity. Don’t feel guilty! We can’t be 100% work 100% of the time. You’re allowed to have fun! 

You could get some rest, take a walk, or fix yourself a favorite snack! Sometimes you need to treat yo self. You deserve it because you’re awesome. So remember to be good to you. 

You just take that sad and you give it this look to let it know you mean business: 

You examine this sad and tell it that it has no power here. Give it a real good look with your birb eye and remember that you are worth more than any momentary despair this sad could bring. Here, Mango show you how: 

If all else fails, Mango will get real puffy at the sad for you to ward it off. Sad has no room when Mango is poof. 

But of course the best cure for a sad is looking at pictures of birbs. 

Hang in there, birb! You’re gonna make it. 

Okay so as basically every other person out there I am blown away by the latest Yuri on Ice episode and in a state where I just have to rant about it to even think about calming down. Prepare for lots of Viktor, and also both our precious Yuri’s.

 With just one look and one line of dialogue, the whole show turned on its head and we can now watch it from a completely different perspective, more correctly, Viktor’s.


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19/11/16 // I have quite a lot of things to do this weekend but I feel lazy 😴😴
P.S Since yesterday I’ve got nearly 70 new followers and more than 1000 reposts and likes soooo IM SO THANKFUL TO ALL OF YOU because it makes me feel like people really paid attention to me and omg I love studyblr community


01.09.17 - the first week of the year! i had a lot of fun doing this, but i’m still trying to figure it how to make it all a bit less messy. hopefully i’ll stay this motivated when school starts tomorrow. there is also a page for january before this spread, but that is apparently not compatible with my abysmal photography+editing skills so that will have to wait for now. (help me im so bad at editing photos how do people do it)

how to study as a busy student

i personally go through this a lot because i have to balance saturday band, honor band, auditions, performances, history club, national history day with school and nonexistant friends. so here u go, friend!! this is my advice to keep up with your (busy) studying!! ha see what i did there im so funny

1. have a planning system. this is a no-brainer. but honestly you’re going to need something to help you keep track of all your deadlines AND your afterschool activities. it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy; heck it can even be on your phone. but make sure you’re keeping track of everything.

2. use all the time you can to do your homework. if you’re really behind or you have a lot of homework and not enough time to do it at home, do your homework when you can during school. this does NOT mean trying to set the world record for fastest writer while your teacher is collecting the homework. this means on the bus, waiting for your food/the bus/your friends, those down periods during and between classes, during sports practice, and even during lunch. however do NOT make a habit of this!! i get that its a lot, but please still try to have a life!!!

3. set aside a day a week to solely catch up on school work, and another day just to relax. i usually have saturday as my school work day and sunday as my day to relax and prepare for the week. this may seem contradictory, seeing as you may have sports practice or rehearsal on saturday or something. but think of it this way: you’re already going to be working your butt off that day. you might as well keep that flow going and get all your school work together and catch up on any missing assignments. you can also use that sunday off as your motivation to work hard because youre being rewarded with a completely free day.

4. do your homework on friday. please. just do it. this kind of follows the same concept as above: you have school that day anyways, so keep working your hardest. now, if you have no friends like me, this’ll be easy. but if you have plans on fridays (which you should, seriously, go out), stop working 1-2 hours before you have to go somewhere. you can continue any work you havent completed on your catch-up day.

5. drop one or two things. this sounds really painful!!! but being in a lot of extracurriculars and having a nice application/resume is not as nice as your mental health. not being able to balance too many things at once will stress you out and make you sick. like, i used to be in drama club and i also had piano class on wednesdays. once i got older, i realized that these things looked nice on my honor society application, but i didnt have time for what really mattered. (plus i didn’t rly like them anyways.) if you can work your way around it, fine. but otherwise, keep the things close to your heart and drop what you absolutely don’t have time for.

6. if worst comes to worst, talk to your teachers. they will understand, if you’re struggling to be a well-rounded student and keep up your grades at the same time. this doesn’t mean lie or use your teachers as an easy way out. but rather, if everything becomes too overwhelming, talk to someone.

i really hope that helped @ the original anon who asked me this question! sorry this was so late! i’m quite the busy student myself hahaha