this morning i was hoping for more pd to make my shit day better

A Very Sick Kookie

I’m back from California guys! Since I haven’t posted in so long I wrote a fluffy little one-shot on the plane ride back home. Hope you enjoy! Requests are now back open!

His eyelids slowly fluttered open; letting  morning light flow into his vision. He squinted at the light, scrunched his nose in protest, and rolled over in his soft and warm bed. Nothing could get him out of this cozy cocoon, or at least that’s what the golden maknae thought.

A harsh alarm broke through the calm air of the dorm, and tired groans emitted from the seven boys. Jungkook swallowed: his throat stung badly. He groaned some more and waited for someone to come get him up. He really felt like shit.

The other hyungs slowly rose from their beds, their hair sticking up in every direction, tossed the covers aside, and began to get ready for the day. Their schedule was the usual; get up and wash your face, get dressed, head over to the restaurant next door for breakfast, walk to the dance studio and practice, then work on music until dinner. There were no interviews or anything like that today, so the day overall would be pretty chill.

Kookie rolled in and out of sleep until someone gently started rubbing his shoulder. He peered out from the fluffy sheets and saw Jin kneeling over him, his face sleepy and puffy.

“Come on, Jungkookie. We have to get up now.” The hyung cooed as he continued to rise Jungkook from his slumber. The maknae just hummed, immediately regretting it from the condition his throat was in, and heaved himself into a sitting position. He felt a type of hot pressure on his head, but discarded it as just having a lack of sleep. 

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anonymous asked:

Could write tuckington law vs order au?

Thank you so much for your patience, Anon! I have had a horrible case of writers block, so I hope that this is okay. Something short. Not super Tuckington, but it’d be the start of something beautiful.

I do believe the Law vs Order AU belongs to @lawvsorder :)

Tucker must have been wearing a shit-eating grin because when Agent Washington looked towards him, Tucker could see the exaggerated eye roll.

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