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So I was reading your headcanons for how the 104th sing and I really like the idea of them having squad karaoke. Do you have any headcanons for what happens during their squad karaoke?(like some particular person keeps getting asked to sing or something xD)

Oh boy, this is so fun! Thank you for this opportunity! 

  • Squad karaoke is an event. They try to go at least once a month, at a restaurant or bar or at someone’s house/apartment. It’s one of their favorite things to do as a group because there are so many opportunities for shenanigans.
  • They have a rule that everyone has to sing at least once unless there are extenuating circumstances that include 1.) Emotional distress (which is their blanket term the cover any emotional things they might be dealing with such as family issues, job or school trouble, anything that could prevent them from wanting to be crazy that night,); 2.) Sickness; and 3.) You sang so good last time you can’t possibly one up yourself this time. That’s it. Otherwise, you have to sing something. 
  • Duets are highly encouraged. They will often throw everyone’s name into a cup and pick duet partners that way. Sometimes they make it a competition. Best duet wins OR the duo has to “fight” and the group picks who sang it better. 
  • Musical theater numbers are thrown in here and there to keep things interesting. This is great for the people who have the range to be theatrical and those who don’t because those who don’t can make up for it in theatricality (and do they ever. Connie has never been on a stage in his life, but you’d never know it with how all out he will go if ever given a song from a musical. They’ve actually had to ensure that he never gets a Les Miserables song ever again for reasons.) 
  • The people constantly pressured to sing are Eren, Historia, Bertholdt, Marco, and Sasha. Bertholdt is the only one who tends to refuse more than he agrees, which means they pressure him ten times as hard. 

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PSA: Officially Back From Hiatus & Re-sharing Old Links!

Hey guys, I’m now officially back from a semi-hiatus!

I still have a few personal things to deal with but I’m getting there. I still have some of my own Tsubasa translations to finish off too BEFORE I go back to finishing off FIVE also!

Now that a month has also passed since the incident that caused me to remove all of my links. I am NOW re-sharing what I have shared so far! 

But, the rules have changed! I have made them more stricter and the main performances (The CDs are just zipped WITHOUT a password) have been zipped and NEED A PASSWORD to unzip it! There are also a few other things you will need to do before sending me an ask for the things I am currently sharing!

So please read the rules before asking me for the link! I will be re-blogging my download posts with the new rules OR you can look in my Downloads Masterpost! OR you can look at them here:


With the Big Hero 6 TV show premiere right around the corner, I thought it’s a good time to revive the love for one of the most adorable relationships in the series. This is Hirogo Week, and it will officially be starting a month from now. If you love Hiro, GoGo, and their relationship in any form, this is the event for you!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Tag all entries with #hirogoweek2017 so I can see them 
  • Please keep all entries sfw (PG-13 or below)
  • Any kind of fanwork (fics, art, etc) are fair game, but they should he newly created for this event
  • Platonic or Romantic Hirogo are both allowed
  • You can include other characters/ships in your work, as long as Hiro and GoGo are the main focus (Note: if you’re going with platonic Hirogo, I ask that you please don’t include any other romantic Hiro or GoGo ships with it)
  • Late entries are okay, but I’ll probably stop checking for them two weeks after the event ends
  • Lastly, be creative and have fun!

Here are the prompts–you can interpret them however you want, or do something else entirely. It’s up to you!

  • Day 1 (12/17): Science/Technology
  • Day 2 (12/18): Superpowers/Double Life
  • Day 3 (12/19): Past/Future
  • Day 4 (12/20): Friends/Family
  • Day 5 (12/21): AU/Vacation
  • Day 6 (12/22): Confession/Affection
  • Day 7 (12/23): Adventure/Domestic
  • Bonus Day (12/24): Free Day/Holiday

That’s all there is from me! I look forward to seeing all you lovely work in December. See you all then!

Editorial Issue 806

November 17th, 2017

  • Caption Contest will go week 1(submit entries), week 2(TNT shifts through entries), week 3(vote on entries), then wait until the first of the next month.
  • Coming soon will be updated every Monday
  • No plans for real life merc, but isn’t being ruled out
  • While mobile friendly Neopets won’t be mobile focused(so those on computers will still have fun)
  • Thoughts about bringing back neocams next year

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I am the 4 part anon... i am neither Pro Meghan nor am the anti. I am someone who knows what happened and whats going on in both Toronto and in London. Avoiding pappz means no more photo opportunities for her. She is coming here for 2 weeks before visiting her mother for xmas. Harry has given her a long list of rules that she must follow. Before new year she will be back for 1 month. Whoever told you Harry is not not with her is Wrong.

Prove it, I don’t know you. You should be private chatting with me not doing anon

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read this because is very important:

tomorrow is election day in my country but that is a bad new because if the actual government win, my country (Venezuela) is going to be communist (plus its an illegal election) the current president, a drug trafficking and dictator, would rule as he wants and that means:

  • there will be no means of communication
  • no internet
  • no more democratic elections
  • no more banks or credit/debit cards
  • if i want to travel to another country i’ll not be able to
  • i’ll not be able to decide my religion cause the president decides for me

not to mention the economic and social crisis we already have. In the last months they have killed almost 100 (or more) people for thinking differently, have been tortured and put in jail without reason! And everything could get worse!

I don’t know if you would read this, but please help us. Many countries have opposed to this situation (we don’t have food or medicines or even toothpaste who is fucking expensive here). 

Help my country, pray for us or send help. Do something! People is dying here, is like a war disguised as democracy. Or to put it in terms that understand: it’s like The Hunger Games but worse

NHLers and the Olympics (hypothetical)


Alex Ovechkin goes to the Olympics. No one questions his many carry on bags, or why one looks suspiciously like Nicklas Backstrom.

The NHL is curious as to why Henrik Lundqvist has been playing so poorly for the Rangers during the time of the Olympics. Joel Lunqvist must be feeling off too..he called in sick to work all month. 

Carey Price builds a small wall in his net, then leaves and goes to the Olympics. No one notices the difference. 

Sidney Crosby wants to go to the Olympics but he does not want to let down the Penguins or break the rules. Fleury and Letang put melatonin in  Crosbys PB&J. He wakes up on the Plane next to to Jamie Benn. 

A displeased Jamie Benn is duck taped to a giggly Tyler Seguin. 

Brent Burns smuggles  Joe Pavelski to the Olympics in his beard. 

Shea Weber fires a fake slap shot. It fake hits Markov, Plekanec and Pacioretty. They are all out for the month  with fake and vague injuries. They get fake beards and go to the Olympics under fake names. 

Erik Karlsson is very handsome. He tells the league he is going to the Olympics, they are distracted by all the handsome and tell him its fine.

No one wants to have to tell Tuukka Rask he cant go to the Olympics, so no one does.

Dogs are not communal property.

Hi friends. I’m currently on a rage because my best friend & I are service dog handlers and people have zero respect for us as handlers.

If we are in public:

  • staring is rude
  • petting is rude
  • distracting my dog is rude
  • taking photos are rude
  • “OH MY GOD DOG” is rude
  • do not let your dog meet mine
    • mine is life-saving medical equipment, yours just peed on your foot

……Have you really never seen a dog before?

If we are in dorms/halls and not working our dogs:

  • yelling at our dogs is rude
  • pushing our dogs is rude
  • smacking or negatively interacting with our dogs without explicit consent from the handler is unacceptable

In training service dogs are not perfect especially when young and not working. Dogs are not robots and they are not yours. My service dog is mine and no one but me has the right to interact with, punish, or do anything with my dog without my explicit permission. This should be common knowledge even for pet dogs- you wouldn’t punish a strangers child.

A dog in training will not learn if 10 people are yelling at them for what the handler wanted to be a recall training session. A dog needs constant and consistent rules and I don’t care if you had a dog as a kid, a service dog is an entirely different ballgame and you don’t know about it until you are a disabled service dog handler.

My dog is the only reason I can go out in public most days and no one has the right to ruin that for me. A single distraction/bad interaction for my service dog can ruin our whole day. One bad interaction with my dog set us back months in training. It could even wash my dog out of work- wasting thousands of dollars and hours of work.

Dogs are not communal property and fuck you if you feel that you petting a dog is more important than me being able to function like a regular human being. You aren’t entitled to anything from me or my dog.

There’ve been quite a few create-a-sim challenges floating around tumblr lately, but I wasn’t really connecting with any of the prompts, so I decided to make my own! 


- May only use ONE sim. Download someone from the gallery, create your own, use an EA townie, whatever. Make sure you’re 100% pleased though because you’ll be stuck with them till the end!

- CAN NOT change Sim’s genetics, body shape, etc. (Hair, contacts and such are free game, but try not to alter anything that couldn’t be easily changed irl.)

- I’d appreciate it if you included a link back to this post. Thanks!

- Since this was inspired by the style of lookbooks, try to include each outfit’s corresponding CC links when applicable. Not only is this super helpful for fellow simmers, it will also save you from having to answer tons of WCIFs.

- Get creative! Take your screenshots right from CAS, pose your Sim in a parallel in-game setting, or PhotoShop your own backdrop. The choice is yours!

- I tried to make each category as gender neutral as possible, so feel free to interpret each prompt however you see fit! Just make sure to stick to the rules (or not, it’s just a game) and have fun!

P.S. - don’t worry about trying to post one a day, or finishing in a certain amount of time. Skip over prompts you don’t like, go out of order, or wait 5 months between posting them (like I did) if you want!

Day 01: Your Favorite Color
Day 02: Business Presentation
Day 03: Destination Wedding Guest
Day 04: Dance Class
Day 05: Meeting the Parents
Day 06: Home Improvement
Day 07: Lazy Sunday
Day 08: Music Festival
Day 09: Hiking Trip
Day 10: Graduation Day
Day 11: Royalty
Day 12: Secret Agent
Day 13: Comic Convention
Day 14: Ski Trip
Day 15: Grade School Teacher
Day 16: Disco Fever
Day 17: Springtime Picnic
Day 18: Pop Star
Day 19: Professional Athlete
Day 20: Day at the Beach
Day 21: Red Carpet
Day 22: Flight Attendant
Day 23: Stepford Housewife (or husband)
Day 24: Teenage Emo Phase
Day 25: 60′s Bohemian


If you decide to partake in this challenge, I’d love to see your results! Post your screenshots with the hashtag #aop lookbook challenge so I can give ‘em a like / reblog!

Okay so I get so many messages asking how I lost all the weight in three months and I can’t be bothered replying to everyone so i’m just going to write a post about it. So basically my weight loss took exactly one hundred days and I set myself a lot of rules that I didn’t break in order to lose it all.

1. Sit down as little as possible. There’s so much you could be doing that doesn’t involve sitting on your phone like cleaning your room (wiping all the surfaces, making your bed, vacuuming, doing a load of washing etc.), organising your draws and cupboards, pampering yourself (painting your nails, washing your face, moisturising, doing a face mask, tanning etc.). Just basically anything is better than sitting down, even when i’m on tumblr I walk around my room I never sit still.

2. Only ever eat one meal. I actually never counted calories when I was losing weight. I would have a coffee in the morning and allow myself to eat one meal at any time with any calories during the day. I found as long as I kept up all my other rules and only ever ate once I would lose weight so yes I was still eating McDonalds while I was losing weight and no I would not gain.

3. Set yourself a daily beauty routine. Not only did I want my body to look good but I wanted to look good too so I started a beauty routine for my hair, face and body that I did everyday. Not only was it a good distraction but I always looked good and got a shit tonne of compliments.

4. Exercise for at least an hour a day. This is where heaps of people fuck up. And no i’m not talking about going for a walk for an hour or sticking strictly to cardio I did a lot of ab and glute exercises because if you’re only doing cardio you may be losing weight but you can still be flabby, if you want a body that you see on tumblr you’re going to have to tone yourself up. I always did my muscle building exercises after dinner.

5. Drink 2L water everyday. Every single night before bed I’d fill up my water bottle and put it in the fridge without fail so every morning I would have 2L of cold water for the day.

So yeah, it’s more about being consistent and having a routine that you don’t fuck up then being really obsessive about calories and then accidentally slipping up and binging.

The Bedroom Mentor

Originally posted by a-marvelous-bean

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Request: Hey doll :) I had an idea but I’m not sure if you like it. You’re a recruit for SHIELD and get trained by the Avengers and your Mentor is Bucky. So during the time together you slowly fall in love with each other but you reject him one time cause you don’t want to get in Trouble and leave the Training upset. Later that evening Buck Comes to your room and wants to have a talk with you but he can’t contain himself and you both end up having sex :) then he holds you and asks you to be his ? :) -anon

Warnings: language, smut/unprotected sex (18+), nsfw, some oral (male receiving)

Word Count: 2.9K

A/N: I listened to Africa by Toto on repeat while I wrote this whole fic. I don’t really have an explanation why, but it happened. I really enjoyed this three-day break from my first week of school but now it’s back to classes tomorrow. Anyways, feel free to send in more requests! Hope this is what you were lookin’ for!

A few months ago, Nick Fury had hunted you down in the middle of one of your freelance missions and offered you a position working for S.H.I.E.L.D. Naturally, your first instinct was to laugh in his face. Working for him and the organization meant having to abide by someone else’s rules, which, up until that point, you had always taken whatever missions you wanted, and never had to follow any other rules besides your own. But here you are, three months later, lacing up your shoes to get ready to start your training with the Avengers. Each new recruit - no matter how much experience they’ve had prior to joining S.H.I.E.L.D. - is required to go through the training, and are assigned mentors. You haven’t been told who your mentor will be yet, but honestly, you just wanted to get this over with.

You sigh and push up from the bench in the locker room, and saunter down the hallway leading to the training room as you threw your hair up into a quick, tight ponytail. Pushing through the door, you’re greeted by a bright, natural light streaming in through the skylights of the training room, and spot Fury standing near the main entrance.

“Y/N, glad you could join us,” Fury’s sarcastic voice rings out through the air as you jog up to them. You immediately recognize the other man towering behind him as James Buchanan Barnes - the Winter Soldier. Like everyone else on Earth, you were very well aware of who Bucky is - or, more accurately, was. He was strikingly gorgeous. His thick, soft locks of hair were pulled back into a bun, and the scruff on his face made his jawline look even sharper than usual. The tight black t-shirt stretched across his broad chest looked like it could rip if he breathed too deeply, and it was paired with slouching sweatpants and black tennis shoes. The smooth metal of his left arm glistened in the light. You were convinced you had never seen a man more beautiful than him, and you tried your best to brush away the steamy thoughts surfacing in your mind.

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Humans are Space Orcs

Humans love destruction. Not crush entire planets and wipe out civilizations kind of destructive. Although we have done so in the past. To our own people too.
Not all alien species know about the human history of destruction. Those humans classified with psychopathic tendencies don’t qualify to go into space and leave Earth. So most aliens haven’t experienced the human destruction.

We love it. We knock over towers of cards our friends built. We tear up paper for the fun of it. Don’t even mention bubble wrap. Pop pop goes the plastic. There is no purpose other than our enjoyment.
Martial arts and war games online. It is simply in our nature, no matter how kind and peaceful you are.

Some aliens notice after months on a ship with a human member. Some don’t say anything because the galactic court rules humans to be a loyal and peaceful ally. Some ask about it.

“Human Jade, why have you ripped the schedule?”
“Oh, hey Jolac. I was just bored. I didn’t really need it anymore.”
Jolac made a head motion and tilted his head in confusion.
“You could have put it in the recycle shute as it was.” He added.
“Don’t worry, I’ll put the pieces in the recycle…”
“That’s not what I was referring to…”
Mark was walking by in that moment and stopped by them.
“What a mess you are Jade. My sister did the same thing. Clean up okay?”
Mark pointed at the paper scraps.
Jolac turned to Mark.
“Is reckless destruction a habit of boredom? Is it a common trait among humans?”
Mark and Jade glanced at each other and shrugged.
“Yeah, sort of. But we don’t mean anything bad by it.” Mark said and went on his way.
Jade stood as well and scooped up the paper pieces, heading for the recycle shute. Jolac was frozen with confusion.

Another instance was a conversation between Jolac and his brother Kamo. They had both gone down to a surface mission with the two humans Mark and Jade. They were on a break at the moment.
Mark had picked up a thick stick and called over to Jade. The female human picked up some of the round and hollow fruit shells that were shattered around on the ground. She tossed the shells at Mark and he swung at them. Some were shot up into the air while others bust open into pieces and dust. Laughter erupted from the two.
“What are the humans doing?” Kamo asked his brother as they ate from their food supplies. Jolac huffed.
“I think that is a game of theirs”
“Hitting things until they break? I thought our humans were peaceful” Kamo asked. Jolac tilted his head.
“That’s the thing. They are. It’s a complex thing, human nature.”
They continued to watch their humans as they beat hollow shells and laughed loudly.


I just turned 22 and I’ve never had a boyfriend or really dated. I was always focused on school. In high school I was focused on getting into university and when I was in university, the one I went to never really offered any guys worth dating or spending time with. Therefore I focused on school again. After I graduated in June I wanted to spend my summer differently and just enjoy it. So I went on a couple of dates, did things differently than I usually would. Then I met the work in progress. We talked for 2 months. Basically hours on the phone everyday, our longest conversation lasting 4 hours. He was older, 29. I think the idea that I’ve always been an old soul, made me romanticize his age. I thought this meant he was older and wanted things differently.

We discussed how we didn’t understand how people could just rush into relationships within a month, how do you really know someone? We agreed on all of these things. We’d discuss the most random things and started to have inside jokes. He expected me to call him and talk to him on a regular. We would have arguments and then talk about it, and go back to our regular programming. This was all different for me, because he taught me how to communicate with him when I had a problem. It took me awhile because I’ve always hated confrontation. We never slept together because I’m a virgin and he was okay with that. I was an exception to his rule, “I don’t do virgins”. We’d make out, fondle each other, cuddle, but we’d always just stop. I thought he liked me tbh. I was starting to develop feelings quicker than I expected. I never catch feelings for anyone. So i’d start doing that thing, where you get crazy. He told me he could see himself settling down with me. I never believed it, even though he’d reassure me that he didn’t have any other potentials. He never made me feel secure. Based on how he’d talk about other girls in front of me. He’d talk about their beauty as if I were lacking in areas they flourished. He was so different from other guys I had come in contact with before. He was mature in terms of discussing issues and understanding the world, but as someone who had been hurt before, he was a boy in a relationship sense. He’d say he could see himself with me, but he didn’t want to put any title on us, it was too soon. He’d say this, but his effort was lacking.

I understood that. I did. I didn’t want a title, but reassurance he wasn’t meeting any knew girls and talking to them. I’m so used to being pursued, I wasn’t used to the feeling of having to show someone my worth. I was used to someone already seeing it and thats why they were pursuing. I got to the point where i’d try to show my worth sexually by sending him nudes and I never felt like it was good enough to him. So because of that and other external reasons, I decided to end it before he could string me along. I told him if he couldn’t see my worth, I wasn’t going to waste months and months for him to see it.  He was changing for me, I could see that, but I don’t want to change someone. He said “let me make that decision, because I was doing that for you”

I didn’t want to let go and sometimes I wonder if I should have just stayed around so I could see where it would go. But I feel like I can do better. Someone who’ll want to take me on dates all the time or want to talk to just me, not entertain options. Someone who is emotionally ready. I do feel like he liked me, but wasn’t ready. Or maybe I was expecting things too soon? I’m old school so I don’t understand this generation of “hooking up and not being with someone, but liking them, but not being ready to be with them, or I’ve been hurt before so I like to take my time”. Everyone is so afraid of being hurt they won’t put effort in or worry they’re putting to much. I know I was worried I was putting in too much after he told me he could see himself settling down with me. I just think if you know your worth, you’re wise not to be fooled by words and watch actions. You also wish not to settle for less than what you deserve. Half ass efforts may be enticing to a girl, but to a WOMAN, you’re just wasting her time. My time.

Mystic Messenger Masterlist Fanartists [14|11|2017]

Here we go, the ultimate fan artists list. There might be holes in it. I will be updating this once per month. If you know of any artists that are missing or you do MM art yourself please write an ask to me or a comment on this list with the name and I will make sure to add it on the updated version.  
Sincerely, YooshixLucy

In order to be featured on this list. The artist will have to at some point have made MM art. Please don’t abuse artists art. Respect each artist's rules. <3 

We all love the MM community!
Some of the artists haven’t posted MM art in a while, but if you dig a little you will find gems.

Guide to get the most out of Masterlist

1. Go to artists blog

2. Write /archive behind the link in the address bar

3. Enjoy the search!

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“How’s school going?” Tony asked as he walked besides Peter. 

Nodding nonchalantly, “It’s going good, you know, same old, same old.” 

“Right, all that millennial stuff.” Stopping in his tracks, “Say,” putting a rough grip on Peter’s shoulder, he squinted his eyes. “Do you know a [Y/N] [L/N] by any chance?” Shaking his head, Tony scoffed. “Of course you, you’ve taken her on what? Four or five dates?”

“Uh, yeah, why?” Peter started to get a little uncomfortable. He hated that Tony kept tabs on him. 

“Why? Oh, nothing other than the fact that she’s my daughter.” 

“Wha? What? Daughter?!” He sputtered, not being able to breathe at the fact that he had been seeing [Y/N] for the past few months now. “But, but, uh, what? How? I mean her last name-”

“-is [L/N]. I know, she took her mother’s maiden name.” Looking around him, sounding slightly offended, “Said that she didn’t want people to know we were related.” Clearing his throat, “Since [Y/N] didn’t tell me not to say anything, I feel obligated to clear the air.” 

“Clear the air?” 

“Yeah, you know, the rules of dating my daughter.” 

“Mr. Stark. She doesn’t even know I’m Spider-Man…..” 

“She doesn’t?” Frowning, Tony shrugged. “Well, she’s going to be one pissed off puppy when she finds out her boyfriend works for me.” Patting his back, he snickered. “If you think my temper is bad? Boy, you better take shelter. She’s a perfect hellacious balance of myself and her mother.” Moving away from him, Tony smirked. “Tell you, what. I’ll ‘clear the air’ with you after you tell her who you are because I might not have to waste my breath with it.” Clicking his tongue and winking, he backed away slowly before leaving the teenager standing terrified. “Good luck, kid.” 

Peter gulped, “Why me? The one girl who finds me remotely funny and attractive, it has to be his daughter? Why? What did I do?” 

I was doing you a favor by playing the long game...

I too was playing yet another long game by holding on to this for so long.

SO I had read earlier today the owner of a previous job of mine passed away. This was a place that tried to screw me pretty hard and I took some pro revenge on. It drug up some angry old feelings, so why not take an equal dose of catharsis?

WARNING: This is a doozy so strap in if you dare, no TL;DR it wouldn’t do justice.

So this takes place almost a decade ago. I was working as a department manager for a fairly large privately owned pest control company. Their color scheme was black and yellow, much like the taxi’s the owner’s dad used to drive. Since the taxi industry would be around for ever(hello Uber/Lyft) so would this pest control company, (this is important later) or so the owner used to parrot constantly. My job was to over see the techs doing treatments and set their stops and generally manage assorted insect control services, inventory, payroll for that dept, etc etc. I had taken the job from the owners son who took it from the previous manager who they demoted and yet stayed in the dept…this is important later. The owners son was a late 30’s early 40’s man child. I mean if he had dialed it back a few degrees he would have been an awesome guy, but anytime booze was involved he was a mess. If it was weed, he turned into the stereo typical obnoxious stoner making nothing but bad Jamaican accented jokes. He also hit on anything younger than him that moved…while being married w a pregnant wife. But I digress, the owner was a piece of work too, old Jewish guy who was as racist as he was old, not with any kind of seething hatred. Just a “this is the way it is” type attitude. My fave line of his, “The sky is blue, Ch#@ks know math, N@&ers are lazy, Jews know gold. What else is new” Like it was the most clever thing of all time. Finally now on to the revenge and need for such.

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Bts reaction to you having a mommy kink

Request 1:  I don’t know if you are taking requests, but if you are can you do BTS finding out you have a mommy kink?

Request 2:  Hi! Please can you do a bts reaction to finding out that their gf (who is younger than them and she look so innocent) has a mommy kink?

Request 3:  Can you do a reaction post of BTS when you confess to them you have a mommy kink? (although I personally think only the maknae line will be into it) Especially Jungkook always screams “mommy kink” to me since he likes older women and being called “baby” XDD

Request 4:  I don’t know if I already asked, but could you do a Reaction where the boys find out Jimin calls you Mommy? And Jimin’s Reaction to them finding out. Also, could you do one where you’re their GF, and they find out you have a Mommy Kink by going through your phone?

A/N: My Darlings are into Mommy kink bitches, get over it. Mommy approves.


“Fine. Okay. I have no problems…mommy.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


“Y/n, what things are you into, baby? Ok,ok,ok…sorry, mommy.”

Originally posted by yoonseok


“No. No way. Y/N, I’m your daddy baby. Fine, only once. In the bedroom, if you are a really good girl. Yes, I promise.”

Originally posted by thisisjustforfunval


“Ok. I think is strange, this whole parenting kink. But fine. I can try. Is this okay with you?” 

Originally posted by itsrapmonster


“Mommy, Jiminie always knew this. Jiminie will be mommy’s good boy.”

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung


“Only in the bedroom. This won’t go out of there. If you are okay with this rule, I am okay too.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia


“ We split. Six months I’m your bunny, six months you’re my princess.Deal?”

Originally posted by bangtan


Request if you have the patience. Those who request one-shots, darlings, I’m working on them. I won’t write anything fast and shabby. I made that clear. Quality before quantity.


I’ve been thinking about professor!magnus and soldier!alec since yesterday and idk if I want to commit myself to writing something like that when I know nothing about the army but I feel like there could be something very heartbreaking about it. 

Like maybe Alec is about to be deployed and it’s his what… 2nd? 3rd? tour and he’s happy to be unattached, despite what his siblings always say, because he knows how hard it is to be separated from the ones he loves but also to be left behind and he doesn’t want to do that to someone. So he doesn’t date and he doesn’t have a lot of close friends apart from his family and it’s ok, hes doing something important, serving his country and following his family’s footsteps (ofc they’d be a big military family) but then he meets Magnus … Idk where, somewhere random like a bookstore or grocery store or the outdoor market Izzy dragged him to and sparks  f l y. And Alec is confused/overwhelmed and reluctant despite Magnus flirting 110% with him. Maybe they exchange numbers maybe not, maybe they randomly meet again and Magnus is like uh funny twist of fate *flirty grin* and Alec is just…. abort mission holy shit help ???Because even though he’s had flings and hooks up, he’s never had a crush or somebody that made him go w o w  like this and it’s new? But he kinda wants to break his rule and say yes when the hot college professor asks him out and that’s new and kinda scary but he blurts out yes before he can fully think about it or change his mind. Of course, he has a nervous breakdown afterward and Izzy is like pls find your chill but he can’t find his chill cause he’s going away to get shot at in less than 3 months and the timing couldn’t more off and that’s not fair to Magnus to get him involved like that… Because, of course, Alec is the type of person to worry too much before anything even happens. Anyway, so they go on a date maybe a walk at dusk and some ice cream?? Idk why but I’m imagining this is set in a small coastal town? They can walk near the water while talking about everything and nothing?? I’m seeing a make out session on top of a lighthouse? Anyway, when Alec tells Magnus what he does and where he’s going he’s all sorry about that I should have told you straight away when you asked me out but Magnus is all its ok lets just see where this goes, it doesn’t have to be serious since you’re leaving so soon and they agree to have a fling… but feelings happen and it’s inconvenient!!!

I like imagining Alec walking Magnus to his classes when he’s stayed over the night before (Magnus teaches history in this, I feel it). And maybe on mornings he wasn’t at Magnus’ he does a little detour on his morning run to buy him breakfast and he leaves it in his office during the 8am lecture that Magnus hates so that he’ll have something nice after that hardship, a little muffin and a coffee with a cute note on the cup ‘cause Alec is sappy af even though he tries very hard to hide it. And maybe he buys Magnus peonies at some point, just because they’re pretty and Magnus is pretty and he’s never bought flowers for anyone before and he wanted to… And Magnus keeps teasing him flowers are not casual Mister!! because it’s easier to flirt and tease than to acknowledge the fact that Alec is leaving really soon and he might not come back, and Magnus isn’t even important enough to be considered someone he’s leaving behind (or at least that’s how he feels). Magnus tries not to think about it but he’s obsessing over the idea that he doesn’t even know Alec’s family and friends, doesn’t know anyone who would tell him if something happened??? But he doesn’t want to bring it up because it’s supposed to be casual and meaningless, something that ends when the semester ends. So they keep going on dates and Alec cooks for him and Magnus tries to ignore the uneasy feeling growing in his chest as time flies too fast. Until there aren’t any time left and Alec is leaving. So they take a walk just like their first date and they have ice cream and they make love and they definitely don’t talk about it even though they both know that they should and Alec just… leaves. 

And Magnus tries not to have a hard time about it but it’s tough and he’s grateful it’s the end of the semester ‘cause at least he’s busy between marking terrible essays and correcting exams. He goes out with his friends from the history department once they’re all done and he tries to have a fun time, but truth is… he’s worried. He starts watching the news a little too obsessively and his friends don’t like it but he can’t help himself. 

Alec has been gone three weeks when the first letter comes. It takes Magnus by surprise at first because in all the times they’ve been together Alec has always been a man of little words. That’s not to say he was emotionally unavailable or unwilling to discuss things and his feelings, but this is new, the way the words flow easily on the page like it was no hardship at all to put it all down, descriptions of his unit and where he is, a full paragraph about how much he misses Magnus’ cat and nothing about them at all. But Magnus gets it, he sees it for what it is, a peace offering maybe or a stubborn unwillingness to let go, so he writes back. He talks about his students, their successes and their struggles, and his friends, little things that have reminded him of Alec since he’s been gone. Soft stories for a soft boy in a hard place. And they keep going back and forth, sending each other little pieces of their respective lives and it should be enough, it’s more than Magnus expected, but it’s tough and he misses Alec like a limb, misses him in his bed and in his kitchen, misses him when summer classes start and he has no one to hold his hand on his way to work, no callused fingers to wrap around his… But every new letter is a blessing. It says many things but underneath it all, the most important message is I’m still here, I’m alive and I’m thinking about you. 

Okay so maybe it all comes to a halt one day when his phone rings and it’s Alec on the line, after all those weeks, all those months, and he sounds like h e l l  and he’s there on the phone, apologizing to Magnus because his phone bill is gonna be awful but I …. I just… I needed to hear your voice Magnus, I’m sorry. You… you c-can send me the bill if you want, I just… and it takes everything Magnus has for him not to break down and cry right there and then because Alec really doesn’t sound okay and he has no idea what happened and he has no idea what they are but that’s his boy there on the phone who’s hurting and he hasn’t heard his voice in weeks… So Magnus is like Please shut up about my phone bill, I don’t give a fuck about that. How are you? Are you okay? What happened? And Alec is reluctant to talk about it, doesn’t want to give any details, just keeps saying rough day, Magnus, rough day in this small voice and Magnus hates it more than he’s ever hated anything in his life. He doesn’t want to push Alec too hard so he just asks what can I do? and he hates the way his voice shakes, he wishes he could be stronger than this but Alec doesn’t seem to mind, he just sighs like he’s tired deep in his bones, deep in his soul, and says: just talk to me. So Magnus does, he rambles on nervously about what he had for breakfast and what he taught today, his lecture plan for tomorrow, his neighbor’s hatred for his cat and his favorite designer on the new season of Project Runway. He just babbles on, hoping it can help. All he wants to do is help. Alec hums here and there, asks a few questions, especially about Magnus’ work and at some point he runs out of things to say. There’s a beat of silence before he whispers I love you and he knows that won’t help but he can’t keep it inside anymore, he can’t live with this trapped inside of him, fighting to break free. Alec sighs again. I.. I w-wish… You… you shouldn’t say that. Don’t say that, please. It shouldn’t take Magnus by surprise but it does and it hurts. Me not saying it won’t make it untrue Alexander. Alec groans in frustration and Magnus can picture it perfectly, the way he’s probably bent over, head between his knees, one hand harshly buried in his hair. I didn’t want to put you through that. I didn’t want to put anyone through that but especially not you. He’s so noble and he’s so caring and Magnus knew that already but it hits him again, hard, that this is a man who puts others before himself every single time and who will fight tooth and nail anyone who dares try taking care of him. So Magnus does his best to sound as stern as he can:  Well just too bad because I’m here and you’re there and I love you. And you wishing it hadn’t happened won’t change anything and if you like me even the tiniest bit you’ll call me again because I have been worried sick. 

Alec calls every week after that. There’s a new kind of anxiety that comes with waiting for the phone call, waiting for the confirmation that Alec is okay, but Magnus is happy to live with it when it means he can hear Alec’s voice once a week, warm and soft when he asks Magnus what he’s been up to and insists to be put on the phone with the cat. I don’t want him to forget me! 

That boy. 

They don’t talk about what they are again and it takes until Alec is back on American soil, his head buried in Magnus’ neck so no one can see him cry, for him to say I love you back, but it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t need it. For now, Magnus cherishes every time his phone rings and he gets connected to Alec, he cherishes every time he can make him laugh, he cherishes every single plan they start making, every single hint that they can have a future together. 

It’s enough. 

Friends With Benfits

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Warnings: holy lord, a lot of sin.

Words: 3627

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I’ve written that’s actually one of Dyl’s characters, and I love Stuart so I picked him. I got the idea from my best bb Caitlin. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for reading it over, proofreading, and lurking around when I was writing it last night. Hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines


I’ve known Stuart for literally most of my life and ever since he’s left for college we haven’t had the chance to meet up and see each other. A lot of people don’t really know this, but Stuart was ultimately the one who took my virginity. A few days after that night, we couldn’t stand being away from each other, and managed to find our way into his bed again. That night, he made me cum so many times that I lost count. They way his hands, lips, and tongue felt on my warm skin it easily became addictive, especially that wonderful cock of his. For not having sex that many times he really knows what he’s doing and I’m loving it, so much that he’s ruined it for other guys. After so many times that we had fucked we decided to become friends with benefits, none of us declared the whole “no strings attached” rule, because I’ve honestly had a crush on him since we were kids, I just don’t know how he feels about me. It’s been about four or five months since me and Stuart have fucked and I’m going through major withdrawals.

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How the August 21st, 2017 eclipse in 28 degree Leo will impact you by house :

1st House Eclipse.

The 1st house solar eclipse focuses strongly on how a person’s projects themselves.  Since it represents new beginnings and endings the 1st house eclipse can change how we project ourselves.  Behaviors and attitudes may no longer serve us, and the eclipse is letting us know.  For a long period of time the attitude projected may of blocked growth and caused a rut to develop that needs changing.  The signs will be there that a change is needed.  

Developing self confidence or changing the self image can be equally as important and highlighted here.  Situations or people may be starting to come into life to bolster who you are; helping you believe in yourself.  If there is negative aspects to the eclipse there could be danger of people not liking who you project yourself to be wanting to crush your confidence.  Be careful as these situations can make you UN-necessarily change who you are.  

Conversely a person may be very egotistical and need the “reality check” to realize their over-confidence may be causing issues with others around them. The eclipse in this house is all about coming to understand who you are in the world.  It can be a very humbling experience.

2nd House Eclipse

The eclipse will shine a light certainly on what is valued in life.  Finances often come to focus.  Old ways of making money can be on the way out; and in exchange the universe is bringing to you new ways to boost your income. Caution must be taken because aspects to the eclipse are important to.  For every financial boosting possibility that exists there can be financial issues occurring as well.  Perhaps your savings are called upon and start to run dry over the next 6 to 12 months.  New ways of saving money and budgeting might be required and actually hinted at; so look for the clues.

The 2nd house also rules possessions so look for changes in this area.  Perhaps you’ll suddenly start to feel different about what you own, wanting to sell old things and bring in new items.  Maybe you have been collecting something or other for a long period of time and the eclipse is telling you it’s time to go. Conversely maybe you attain a desire to stockpile a new form of possessions worth working for.

3rd House Eclipse

The ways we learn or find information can be subject of change in this eclipse.  It might be that pursuits we have come to depend on have reached their peek. New ways of learning and absorbing information can be coming in.  An example might be you have been learning from a book, but perhaps your friendly suddenly tells you about these awesome YouTube videos.  New ways to learn are found.

New ways of communication in general can be brought into life.  Your friends may of been using a text group, but now prefer a form of social media like facebook.  Perhaps on a personal level prior ways of communicating don’t serve your life anymore and new ways are coming in.  It might be a good time to learn a new language or way of communicating; perhaps find new ways to meet people and interact in general will be presented to you.

Siblings, Neighbors and Relatives are highlights of the eclipse here as well.  An obvious perception can be coming and going from your life.  A new brother or sister can be on the way.  Relatives that no longer serve you could be on the way out.  Perhaps there was a marriage and new ones are on the way in. Neighbors could be moving in and moving out more likely now then ever.

4th House Eclipse

The 4th House eclipse can center strongly on family.  The relationship with the family can change for better or worse.  It can mean many things though.  Your birth family ties may be strength-ed or beginning to sever seeing you go your own way.  Maybe there is formation of your own family out in the world beginning. Either way the emotional ties are either being strength-ed or cut off, so look for the signs and calls from the universe.

The home can in general be the target of beginnings or endings.  It can be that the eclipse highlights that moving is in your future.  Home renovation can be another way this manifests, as well perhaps building or buying a new home.  Maybe people move in or out of your home as well.

Another thing to be on the look out for is changes in your emotional security and stability in general.  Things you depended on could be changing.  On the flip side, you may also see over the next year situations coming into your life that help your sense of comfort balance you out.

5th House Eclipse

The 5th house eclipse is all about who we are.  For some it’s an ending causing a dramatic experience and for others such an experience may be a good thing. These experience can serve as a means to high-lite an injection of creativity. Over the next 6 to 12th house and influx of creativity could come which makes for a way of expressing who we are and what we are about.  Perhaps new avenues for art, music or dramatic expression pop up to utilize this.  For writings new writing material may come.  This eclipse can help some get over “writers block” but may also bring it in for others.

Since the 5th House rules over children this could be a time a new child comes into your life.  It might not be that you have a child, but perhaps someone in the family, a friend or a coworker you know has a baby.  The relationship with children can be strengthened in general at this point.  Not out of the realm though is a desire suddenly to have your own - the 6 to 12th window first in perfect alignment for creating life.

This house also rules over risks.  The universe can be pointing to the need to stop taking risks that are foolhardy and unproductive.  You may also see opportunity for taking risks that can be beneficial as well.  New hobbies and wants of fun can also be introduced into life over the next year.  Perhaps older ways can be running their course and feeling dry.

6th House Eclipse

The eclipse here can specifically take on the daily routine.  Over the course of the next 6 months/year things are going to shift in how you live.  This can come through many numerous ways; but the most highlighted will be the work environment.  An eclipse in this house can symbolize the shifting to a new job, but it can also means your work environment changes.  A manifestation of this may be new co-workers coming and going, or your office needs de-cluttering and re-prioritizing so you can be more efficient.

A focus on health can also be noted from the eclipse.  The sun and moon rule over the vitality and emotions; so issues with health relating to these areas may be forming.  Issues with the back, spine or heart might occur.  Stomach issues such as digestion, issues with ulcers, emotional problems or the best and breasts might occur for some especially if either planet rules the 6th house.  

Conversely since the eclipse can mean endings perhaps the universe is pointing you in directions to change your health for the better.  Look for the positive signs.  A cure for an ongoing aliment may be hinted at, or at the very least ways to boost the vitality or help emotional imbalances.  The 6th house also rules small pets; so you could be looking at bringing in a new pet or possibility in unfortunate scenarios saying goodbye

7th House Eclipse

Partnership is highlighted in this house for better or worse.  The eclipse can end partnerships that are rocky and not productive to life anymore.  Conversely when one door closes another opens.  New people who can benefit us in terms of marriage, best friendship or even business dealings can be coming for us.  In this eclipse priority can be balanced on balancing the life, so things that are making a feeling of discord can be slowly on the way out.  

The change from this eclipse may also center around people who are ope enemies and adversaries.  This can be for the better if open enemies have been impacting your life and causing stress.  One must be careful however; the eclipse may also bring a new open opponent into life.  Some people are capable of making money, publicity or advancements over their open enemies; so worry not.  Sometimes it’s for the best.

8th House Eclipse

The deepest house of the zodiac gets the eclipse shown in the house naturally ruling endings and beginnings.  Psychological transformation can be the key for this eclipse.  Something in the internal workings needs to be changed that is no longer serving your life.  Psychic talents may come to life.  For some perhaps the deceased will contact you through this house, maybe even those who are recently departed.

This house also rules over shared resources so it is not to hard to fathom the possibilities this area is impacted.  Money or possessions from another can be coming into your life; or exiting (perhaps just changing as well.)  The 8th brings with it sexual nature so the sex life may go through some form of major transformation.  A new partner may come in or a revitalization of sexual energy lying dormant with a currently existing partner.

The occult and metaphysical side can be greatly impacted here as well if interest is had in this area.  It could be a time the universe introduces new forms of such mysticism into one’s life.  New interests may include the universe pointing you towards astrology, the occult or alternative healing methods or medicine.  In some instances the new beginning can be eclipsing out of such matters. Perhaps they no longer serve a need if your life and it’s time to live more on the material plane.

9th House Eclipse

The 9th house eclipse can be indicating a new influx of ideas into life. This is actually a good thing as sometimes we get stuck in outdated philosophies and need a new viewpoint to keep growing (which after all the 9th house is about. Perhaps your religious beliefs are not keeping up with the times, or you have grown and something new is more beneficial to you.  This is the time for the universe to open up new doors.  The same can be said for a need for more schooling or education.  Opportunities may arise to increase knowledge and expand knowledge.

The 9th house can also bring the desire for travel.  The Eclipse may bring a travel or journey to a foreign land.  Perhaps it’s vacation; or maybe more in the next 6 months to a year.  New beginnings may arrive to move to a foreign land. Another possibility is a foreign person comes into your life that is new and refreshing.

10th House Eclipse

In the 10th the eclipse is shining a light dealing with structure over your own life. This could tie deeply into your career or the ways in which you want the public eye to come to know you are.  Things may not of been working or perhaps it’s time for a change.  The results can be good or bad depending on the aspects of other personal planets to the eclipse.  Be careful of the choices made now because they can be the fuel for the fire the next 6 months to a year. Scandals can be possible ; but so can elevation into the good of the public eye.

Over that time span the career can be inherently impacted.  Promotions or loss of credibility are possible.  There can be ways to gain money or possibly ways to lose notoriety or accolades.  Something may be on top or changing with bosses, leaders or even own’s own father/mother during the eclipse.  If anything is different then normal, this is why.

11th House Eclipse

Change can be coming to the friendship arena of life.  Perhaps the universe is knocking on your door indicating it’s time to consider how your friends impact your life.  Friends may be going or coming karmic-ally with the eclipse.  Same can be said for involvement with group efforts like social networking.  Are things changing because old ways are wearing out?  This could be why.

The 11th house eclipse can also high lite endings and new beginnings forth coming in your own hopes and aspirations.  Maybe there has been to much focus on “me” and not enough on “all of us”.  The 11th house rules over the structure of society so th eclipse could be beginning into your life a new way to contribute.  This may be through charity work, new charitable aspirations or because some kind of innovation you are or should be working on to better things.

12th House Eclipse

The eclipse in the 12th house can kick up the bucket of psychological issues to so to speak. So anything you repressed or didn’t want to deal with will probably in someone now be forced to deal with.  Any kind of fear that you elected not to tend to may be up for review and need to be faced.  The eclipse also highlights the 12th house of secrets kept from you, so it can be a time where things that were locked away from you start to unveil themselves.  You in turn may also be more private and contemplative by this turn.  

Perhaps the universal is now unveiling a plan for you to gain some perspective on your life through forced alone time.  A change in your stance on spirituality may be coming up for review and to ahead as well.  There can be a “rocking of the boat” to remind you there is more in this life then just work and the physical plane.