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What exactly are the rules of Contract Zero? And would you mind if anyone else used the idea? (With credit of course) It's really interesting

I’d have no problem with anyone else using it but would definitely want a link so I can check it out! Feel free to change the rules as well.

As I’ve currently got them, will sometimes take advantage of America’s privatised prison system to ‘acquire’ mercs off death row (or from life sentences if they can’t arrange otherwise).

These mercs sign a private, mostly secret contract called ‘Contract zero’ that states that owns them and all their assets in their entirety for the next ten years.

All access to current funds are cut (and since most mercs have their death’s staged they would probably lose access to them anyway). The merc’s are only paid a small amount, less than minimum wage, to keep them going.

Any and all behaviour that deems inappropriate or rule breaking can lead to extra months or even years being applied to the contract.

On top of this, the contract only officially starts after a three month probationary period. If a merc  doesn’t prove themselves in that time they either get shipped off elsewhere or are disposed of.

Mercs can be disposed of at any time. This bit is written in really really small type on the contract. Really small. 

After the ten years (or possibly more) the merc will be set up with a completely new identity and released back into the wild. Or at least they say so.

  • comics are expensive
  • even if comics weren’t expensive you owe it to no one to keep up with every title published. not finding everything interesting doesn’t make you a bad fan, it makes you enjoy comics and not do this out of necessity. it’s not your job, you’re not getting paid for it. may as well do only the things that make you have fun
  • i go through periods of time where i don’t touch comics for months and then come back to find approximately two things and a half changed because the pacing is slower than a turtle being gently patted down. people died? nice, they’ll be back in two weeks
  • if it takes longer, they never physically died
  • it’s a rule
  • i don’t know who agreed to this but it’s a rule just take it
  • if you have this insecurity because of someone “calling you out” on this send me their address so i can eat them
Close Your Eyes

Summary:  Soulmate AU where your eyes turn their true color once you kiss your soulmate. After a disastrous first kiss, Kent starts wearing colored contacts and swears that he won’t kiss anyone ever again. Too bad he never was very good at following the rules.  
Rating: T
Wordcount: ~1,000
A/N: Patater Week AU day

He’s been hooking up with Tater for a little more than 8 months when Alexei leans down to kiss him. Kent stumbles backwards. His pants are tangled around his ankles and he goes crashing down to the hardwood floor of Alexei’s apartment.  Kent yanks his pants back up and ignores Alexei’s outstretched hand.

“No kissing,” Kent says, hands braced in front of him as though he’s going to be attacked.

The only person Kent’s ever kissed was Jack. It was slow and sweet and achingly perfect until they broke apart and there were grey eyes looking back at him. Three days later Kent went first in the draft. 

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Like, can I just ramble for a second about the child empress and why playing as Emily is just so thematically pleasing.

Emily Kaldwin has been through some shit. There’s no denying that. Her mother was killed in front of her. She was kidnapped. Her father was arrested for the murder and kidnapping and she was told he was executed. She is locked in an attic room of a brothel for months. Then she gets rescued and brought to a “safe” place only to find herself surrounded by just as terrible people and is kidnapped again before finally being rescued again, and she’s just ten years old.

But the thing is, her life was never really in danger then.

No one who wanted any semblance of authority is going to kill Emily Kaldwin. Hiram Burrows isn’t going to kill her, at least not until his rule is secure and she proves that she won’t be his pawn. The Loyalists won’t kill her because again, pawn. Emily might be locked in a room, neglected, lied to, and fed all kinds of propaganda, but no one is going to kill her. No one is going to harm her in any kind of physical sense. They need her to be her puppet if they want any kind of legitimacy. And honestly, a ten year old Empress is almost certainly someone’s puppet.

But she’s not. Corvo saves the day and she’s put on the throne with guardians who plan to and eventually do step down once she’s old enough to rule on her own. But’s she’s still Empress. She’s a ten year old who is the face of four nations and is privy to every political happening. Even if she doesn’t have absolute power and can’t just do whatever she wants, she’s in a position a ten year old should definitely not be in and has burdens most adults don’t face. And this is immediately after witnessing her mother’s murder and every other horrible thing that happened to her. That’s a hell of a way to grow up fast.

She asks her father to teach her how to kill people because she knows one day he’ll be dead too and she’ll be alone again. She sleeps in the safe room that only she and Corvo has a key to, where she could survive in for a month if she needs to.

What was left of Emily’s childhood was taken up by getting a crash course on how to be ruler she’s already supposed to be, how to not get stabbed in the heart, and expecting something bad to happen at any moment.

So Dishonored 2, Emily is 25. She’s 15 years into her reign and has been Empress longer than not. She doesn’t remember what her mother looks like most days and doubts she’s living up to be the person Jessamine wanted her to be. She has exactly one family member living, who before she couldn’t even refer to as her father. She’s seven years younger than Jessamine was when she died, but she’s been Empress for two years longer than her mother’s reign. There’s been peace, but there was peace when Hiram Burrows brought over diseased rats and hired Daud to kill her mother. Something is going to happen.

In short, Delilah happens. Unlike the Loyalists and Hiram Burrows and his conspirators, Delilah doesn’t need a child empress. A dead empress is more suitable. A dead empress leaves no opposition and no one to deny her claims, and a empress executed in a “just” trial, an empress who has killed several of her political rivals and who wasn’t even supposed to be empress is the empress Delilah needs.

There’s just Emily at this point. Corvo is trapped, indefinitely to her knowledge. Wyman is away in Morely. Alexi is killed by traitors. There’s just Emily and a whole bunch of people who want Emily dead.

The one person she has to turn to is a complete stranger who had a very direct hand in killing her mother, though she isn’t aware of that at the time. She has her father’s sword which he used to rescue her and avenge her mother ten years ago, then she has the “gifts” from the outsider.

She has the literal spirit of her mother in one hand and the metaphorical spirit of her father in the other–through his sword and training–and she has to go out and decide whether she’s going to be the empress her people need or the empress who Delilah and her conspirators made her out to be. Her mother might be there in a vague sense, but she tells Emily that she’ll get no guidance. She’s on her own. She’s not the child empress that had to be hastily guided in how to rule. She’s not her father’s pupil that is being trained in a safe environment where she cannot and will not be actually hurt. She’s not the puppet of a conspiracy that is being kept alive to put on a show of legitimacy.

She’s just Emily Kaldwin. Possibly the Empress of the Isles, but she has to decide that for herself and figure out what the means.


Bless you all for being excited and wanting to join me in doing this challenge! I think it’s great that you’re thinking of ways of doing it that will suit you! 

Artists/creators of any skill level are welcome, and if you wanna fill a page with words instead of sketches then go right ahead! This is literally the chillest challenge I could possibly think up, so just do whatever works for you <3

Success is my revenge, and kindness is my weapon

I work as a free sampler, so I make food and serve it and explain the product details to potential buyers. The items to which I’m assigned I tend to sell out. This will be important for the revenge. At my work we have a few important rules: your name tag has to be visible, you get 1 half hour break (unpaid), and if you are going to bring food home you have to put it away in the office.

I have a coworker that even the boss cannot stand. She is never friendly toward the customers, constantly grimacing at people. She wears her name tag flipped backwards so that people do not report her by name (she told me this months ago.) She takes an extended break every day, always an hour, and at least 4 bathroom breaks per day of close to ten minutes. Let’s call her Grimace.

Yesterday, she got personal. I got my boyfriend’s mom a job where I work because the money is good. While she isn’t my MIL yet, she will be known as MIL here. Remember that “you have to put it away in the office” rule? She tricked MIL into packing things away outside the office in front of the cameras, trying to get her in trouble it would seem. “Oh don’t let Shift Lead see you take things home. She hates that and she tells the manager everything.” This leads takes food home more than anyone, and doesn’t care if people do. Grimace knows this. MIL, being new, doesn’t.

Grimace has serious disdain for me because I’m really proud of my work. I’m good at the job and am never ashamed to show actual happiness, because it’s good work. She seems to think I’m annoying and an overachiever for this. Understandable. However, she didn’t know until yesterday that MIL and I were even connected how we are. After she found that out is when the food thing happened.

So now every time Grimace is stationed near me, I give the best happy performance of my job ever. I get a lot of compliments on how nice I am and how my energy never seems to fade. It doesn’t, because I love my work. I now just put on a show, glancing at her every time I make a sale while she sits at her cart glaring at everything that walks by. I’m selling the store out of items left and right. My goal is to make her look as awful as I can. A couple customers have asked me for her name because they want to report her for being genuinely mean. Can’t read her name tag, so I give them her name and directions on where to find my boss. Customer service is fun.

TL;DR: Don’t sabotage the people I love, or my passion for my job will make you look like dirt.

  • select legislators in various states: we're going to make it illegal to be on snap benefits [food stamps] for longer than three months, if you're not on disability, working, or have dependents
  • me: so like what about disabled people waiting to get on disability... a process that can take years...
  • me: a process where they are exactly the same amount of disabled the entire fucking time....
  • select legislators in various states: aNYWAY we think this is really fair because what POSSIBLE REASON could anyone have for not working when they don't fall under the listed categories
“Fear Rules” in Polyamory

Some of my thoughts on:

Using “fear rules” as steppingstones for letting go of socially constructed thinking about control in a relationship…

What is a fear rule? 

“Fear Rules” (as I call them) are those knit picky little rules that we demand or require (usually) at the beginning of our journey into polyamory… It is often something along the lines of, “OK you can have sex with anybody you want but not on the third Wednesday of the month when it’s a full moon and never ever in OUR marital bed!”

Okay, okay… so maybe not that first part, but in my experience personally… my “ fear rule” was: “No sex in the marital bed!

I had decided that my partner could have sex anywhere else in the entire world, just NOT in that one super special sacred space.

There wasn’t anything special about my Target bought mattress and moderately price sheets. What this was really about was me needing to establish some sort of control over what was happening because that element of control, however tedious, made me feel like I was involved in what my partner was off doing without me… it was a tool to help ME feel like I still was in charge. It was as if, through this “fear rule” nothing could be truly taken away from me.

 Queen Lolita has made her demands known and god help anyone who would dare break this rule…

But what that rule really was, was me scared out of my goddamn mind.

 I was scared I was gonna lose control, I was scared I was going to lose my partner, I was scared everything was going to crash and burn in a fiery death of hell flames…

Of course I didn’t know that at the time!

I actually thought I was advanced! I thought I had grasped polyamory! I was happy and experienced and doing everything right…look at me I’m a progressive poly person letting my partner go of and be with someone else!

But really, at the root of everything, I wasn’t ready yet.

I had to SEE what this “fear rule” really was at the root. And identify my very valid fear and express it to my partner so we could work past it as a team. And realizing that, took some time.

Eventually my partner and I realized the rule wasn’t something we could easily work around. We honestly needed to use the bed when we had partners over out of sheer comfort, for goodness sake, and so though a bit of struggle, we finally agreed to let the rule go… We didn’t get to that place of “letting go” until we were both able to talk about what we were really afraid of - If someone else sleeps in “OUR” bed will it take away from how special the bed is to us as a couple since it’s only ever been us too?! – Well certainly not. My partner and I were not represented by some silly bed. What WE had was special regardless of this material thing we were holding on to… and that discovery, that was the first step in letting go of the “fear rule” because we grew together by discussing the root fear and getting past it together.

And don’t think just because you’re a “seasoned” polyamorist, that you’re out of the woods: 

When new deeper relationships or different relationships are established, even the most seasoned polyamorous individuals will find themselves taking steps backwards into those “fear rules” in order to re-establish a sense of comfort.

I’ve learned however, that the further into polyamorous experience you get the quicker you return to not using “fear rules” as a crutch because we learn through these experiences just how beneficial it is to say “Stop! I’m feeling scared… I’m feeling uncomfortable… I need to sit down with you and work on this as a team”

Fear Rules are helpful in that they give us some of those very first clues that we need to investigate what we are feeling and communicate them to our partner(s) so that, together, we can move forward with everyone truly feeling okay!

I’m not saying some rules (or even “fear rules”) are not needed in a poly dynamic, each of your own unique relationships will have different needs. What I’m saying is, perhaps make sure you’re all taking the time to investigate where the rules are rooting from to make sure there isn’t an underline fear or insecurity that the rules are coming from.

What are/were some of your “fear rules”?!

 I’d love to hear what others have experienced!

<3 Lolita
Long Exposure Casting Call
Deadline is March 31 Have Fun and good luck! Google Doc: Casting Call: h...

After a few months of work, finally, I have the ball rolling. @smokeplanet Has granted me permission to make a comic dub of her webcomic, Long Exposure. 

I am so excited to get this project going. Please follow the rules and regulation fro submission other than that Have fun and I can’t wait to hear you all. 


Promotional gif by the talented @rinsuokah!


There’s only one month to go until @rinharuweek’s 4th edition!

Are you ready to dive into a very special springtime edition with us? Let’s celebrate Rin & Haruka’s unbreakable bond together from Sunday, April 23rd until Sunday, April 30th!

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your virtual fishing rod. There’s going to be a couple of really neat prizes in the water — just waiting to be hooked!


The @sakurathon & @rinharuweek teams.

Good Girl (Chapter 1)

Summary: Negan plans to bring you back to the sanctuary with him, after you decided to ignore his rules

WARNINGS: Upcoming smut (yessss be ready for that), swearing, Negan fluff later on

I’ve already written up to chapter 4 of this story, so if people enjoy the first chapter I’ll continue to update. 

Originally posted by rickgrimesnetwork

His voice boomed outside of the window. “When I said I wanted all of you fuckers outside, I fucking meant all of you, and by the looks of it, we’re missing one”. All of the group, led by Rick, gathered at the center of the community called Alexandria. Negan’s group recently began terrorizing your group, claiming “half your shit” and weekly check-ups. You had only been apart of Rick’s group for a few months. However, you were growing tired of Negan’s rules. So instead of following his orders, you decided to stay inside your home, hoping it would go unnoticed. You were wrong.

“I may not remember all of you fuckers, but how the fuck could I forget a pretty face like that? Especially when she thinks I can’t see her peering through her window.” He turned towards your window, causing you to quickly duck down for cover. You crawled towards the dresser, searching for your pocket knife. Negan sighed loudly outside.

“She’s a tough one ain’t she? Dwight fucking watch these shit heads, I’ll go get the girl.” Hearing his footsteps approach your house you ran and locked your bedroom door. Your front door loudly swung open and heavy steps welcomed themselves in. You sat against the bedroom door, your heart rate increased as the steps came closer.

“C’mon sweetheart, make it easy on me will ya?” he spoke loudly outside of the door. He lightly knocked on the door causing you to jump.

“Someone clearly doesn’t know how to follow the fucking rules”. You waited against the only barrier between the two of you. He sighed


He began to count as your mind began to race. What would happen when he got to 3?

“2..” he was growing impatient now.

You quickly stood up not wanting to know the outcome of 3. Unlocking the door, you slowly opened it, hesitantly meeting Negan’s gaze. He grinned as he towered over you.

“Good girl.” his voice sent shivers throughout your body.

“Blushing now, are we?” His smile grew.

You had never been face-to-face with him, and you had to admit he was quite a sight. He was tall and slim. Sexy. And the fact he was towering over you only turned you on more. Your thoughts came to a halt when his hand brushed your cheek, placing you hair behind your ear.

“What’s a matter darlin’? Cat got your tongue?” he leaned forward.

“No.” you spoke hard, gripping your knife. You weren’t about to back down, even though you were attracted to Negan. He glanced down at your grip. He grabbed your hand and pulled it close to his face. His eyes showed amusement.

“And what the fuck were planning on doing with this?” His gaze met yours.

“It’s for protection,” you said staring back at him. He held back a laugh.

“Protection huh? Cute.” He grabbed the knife from your hand and placed it in his pocket.

“Lucille here is quite insulted you even attempted to fucking compare that embarrassment to her.”

Your anxiety grew. “It wasn’t meant to protect me from you, just in general”. You spoke softer now. He leaned even closer to your face.

“Are you saying you’re not fucking scared of me?” His voice deepened.

You nodded your head in response. “No, I’m not scared of you.” He leaned back at the answer and smiled.

“I like you, I’m taking you back with me”. Before you could protest, he gripped onto your arm and dragged you outside.

“Dwight, take half their shit and go. No fucking around. My plans have been adjusted.” He looked down at you and smiled.



#January Comics Month is a chill little challenge created by @noordzee, @internetkatze, and @pigeony back in 2014. We challenge ourselves to make a comic at least 15 pages long, and we’re inviting you to join us!

There are no rules or prizes, only the 15-page goal, and even then, we’re not gonna stop you if you go over or under! Style, content, color, fan/original work, collaboration… it’s all up to you! You can use it as an excuse to kick off that magnum opus you’ve been sitting on, or just a little one-shot you thought up last week.

You can post sketches, character sheets, progress, and finished pages to the #January Comics Month tag! During the month the three of us will be posting tips and tutorials and answering questions here at the @januarycomicsmonth blog, and you can also see everything we posted last year, of course!

We hope you join in and have fun!

It’s time to present on what I’ve been working on the past 5 months. In my final semester I wrote my own Pen-&-Paper-Roleplay “Frostlauf”. Adventurers need a thick coat and even thicker shoes, it’s an arctic fantasy setting with snowy mountains and dark caves to explore! 

It was one hell of a work. World building, writing rules and game mechanics, writing a first campaign, test playing and making the entire book from scratch within 1 ½ months taught me a valuable lesson in time management. It’s far away from being perfect but I am nevertheless happy to have a physical copy of my brain child in my hands.

This book is not even my thesis but rather the foundation for what I’ve been working on the two months after: A concept art book with illustrations for this Pen-&-Paper-Roleplay. I am going to share the pieces with you very soon. 

Lots of stuff happend (of mostly troublesome nature, I really had some bad karma going on) but also some good news: I was accepted for the master degree course and will soon work on exciting subjects with an emphasis on creating information graphics and instructional design stuff for your future learning pleasure. :) 

So! I hope you’ll like what you’ll see very soon and thank you for sticking with me an my art in the past and in the future, I really appreciate your support (and I will always stalk every single reblog for your tags, hah!) You guys are awesome!

blue night radio ♡ 170216
translation: cosmicsticks

jonghyun: my company definitely gives rest days. once every few months. so when my manager goes missing i know he went for a break. he feels sorry towards me and the others so he doesn’t say anything. our company has this rule where every employee has to take leave once every few once so when he has to go and just goes without telling he feels apologetic.

The Boosting of Isaac

Herro everyone, it’s me, Tyrone again. 

Ed and I decided it’s a good idea to do a mid-week update related to the Boosting of Isaac, new mods and new items that we’ll be adding in the coming months. As of this Friday the game is a month old, yea!

OK, so to the point, it’s February, where the hell are the mods? 

To get to that I want to walk you through the entire process. Hang out for a bit, it’ll be worth it if you’re remotely interested in our expansion to the expansion to the expansion.

The first step in each Booster Pack is choosing what goes in. To do that we’re going to establish some eligibility rules. Let’s use January as an example:

- Every mod submitted from January 1st (yes, I know the game came out on the 3rd) until January 31st is eligible for consideration in a booster pack- As the month goes on Ed, the rest of the team and I will review what is uploaded to the workshop

- Within two weeks AFTER January is over (that is, the middle of February, we’ll have a final count of what will go in the Booster Pack- Now that we have the selected mods (be it items or a Brimstone charge meter), we actually have to implement them into the game (and possibly retune/adjust)

- Once that’s done, we’ll be testing those new items 

- When all of this is complete, we’ll push the Booster Pack live

- Short version: Items that we’ve selected from January submissions would go live and appearing by the end of March. Every subsequent Booster Pack will follow this step-by-step

(by the way, that doesn’t me that you shouldn’t expect regular updates to the game as needed–including deeper Mod support support, support)

So we’ve talked eligibility dates, selection and release. Something else we need to touch on is inclusion of mods into Afterbirth+. Very soon we’ll be updating the front page of the Workshop to reflect a agreement and consent which we’ll need to include your mod in Afterbirth+, which will include credit to you in the game. This is the only way we can get mods in the game without creating unwanted issues. 

That’s it for now. I wish there was more I can tell you because we have a lot planned. We’re counting on all of you to make things worth including in the game. At this point we’re almost at 1,400 mods. That’s awesome. As always, I’m on Twitter if you have questions or want to show me cool stuff.

k, bye

Good updating coming Monday!

Originally posted by xxsuperwhotitanxx

-Please read-

Black and White commission is open for once more until the new commission will be updated next month. I will no longer using this when March is over. I’m taking 3 slots for now instead of 4 this time.

rules: I will draw anything except few things such as complicated ocs, complicated poses, and fetishes. I’m not doing nsfw either.

spread or reblog would be appreciated to help me out.


Hello everyone! I started my studyblr last year and I recently reached 500 followers, so I wanted to do a giveaway to say thank you! I know I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be last semester, but I am going to really try and post more this time around. I am really excited about everything in this giveaway and I am so happy that I can give this away to one of you. Everything you will receive is in the photos and is listed below. This giveaway will END ON JAN 31ST. Good luck! :-)

Included in the giveaway

  • 12 month happy planner and a pack of happy planner stickers (IT’S SO PRETTY, I BOUGHT MYSELF THE SAME ONE heheh)
  • A ruled journal from target
  • compilation of sticky notes and stickers
  • a pencil pouch, bow paper clips, a gem pen, and some samples of my favorite washi tapes <3


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  • if you are under 18, please get permission from your parents
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Dunkirk’s first full length trailer - what should we expect?

With Dunkirk’s next trailer expected around this time next month, it’s time to get excited. Although the teaser trailer released back in August did exactly what it set out to do (tease us!), this time we could be getting our first proper view of Dunkirk. So what should we expect? Well, that’s all up to Nolan and his team. There’s no real rules on how the first trailer should go, but there’s nothing wrong with some guessing!

WARNING: This post contains spoilers about Dunkirk’s plot, including photographs.

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