this moment was so incredible


My favorite part about this kiss is how intense Dylan/Stiles’ face is. He’s kissing her like she’s his lifeline, the air he breathes. He’s so consumed in this moment, in this kiss, in Lydia. You can feel how much he loves her and how much this moment means to him. This is everything Stiles has spent the past 10 years building up to, and the intensity with which he kisses Lydia is like none I’ve ever seen. Lydia holds onto to Stiles, kissing him back just as forcefully, and we get this incredible moment that seems to stop time. I just can’t get over how much you can tell that this is quite possibly the most important day of Stiles’ life just by the expression he makes when kissing Lydia. It’s gentle and intense and heartbreaking all at the same time. You can feel the gentleness he possesses for Lydia, but it’s also this intense fire that burns hot enough to consume them both. It’s so amazing that these two completely opposite things can exist simultaneously in just one expression. Dylan never ceases to amaze me with how much he understands Stiles as a character and his unconditional love for Lydia.


5 years ago today (9 January 2012), The King Thierry Henry returned to Arsenal and scored the late and only goal to beat Leeds in The FA Cup 3rd round. His goal on his second debut for the club was almost written in the stars for the Arsenal legend. Henry described the feeling as amazing and the first time he had scored for the club as a fan, and not just a player


this moment was adorable and so incredibly soft, but it also showed us just how much isak cared?

it was a winter night, it’s now a winter morning. but he’s letting even have the whole cover. he’s wrapped him with it, he’s covered him up to his chin. it might be cold for isak but he couldn’t care less. there could be no heater on and he’d still let even have the whole cover. because at that moment, all isak cares about is even. and he’s willing to make all the sacrifices, however big or small, for even to feel better

and his whole attention is on even. he’s being so careful and paying so much attention. he notices the small portion of his back that isn’t covered, and he covers him. he won’t let even feel even the slightest bit of cold, he will do anything in his power to make things good for even 

My top 5 for #MissUniverse:

#Haiti: Just stole my heart the moment I saw her. She’s PERFECT.

#Kenya: Is so incredibly beautiful, smart and strong. I’m captivated by her beautiful mind everytime she speaks. If Haiti and Philippines won’t get the crown, I hope she does!

#Philippines: She’s beautiful despite the hate she’s getting. She’s representing us so well and i’d love to get a back to back win! 

#Canada: Breaking that Miss Universe Body Stereotype! A previous Miss Universe winner openly body shamed her and i’m SO GLAD that she made it to the top 9. Shows the world that women of all sizes are BEAUTIFUL and CAN win the Miss Universe.

#USA: Just like Kenya, USA is so incredibly beautiful and smart. And the fact that she’s from the US Army is so amazing; representing women who served and made a real difference in the US.


Please you all have to remember this moment … Its so touching and so incredible ❤💔 Kai was on tears and so emotional, Kyungsoo was aware of that so he tried to cheer him up , he choose him after him to give a talk in a surprised way he want kai to laugh and change his mood to be happy (T^T) And then Kai lean on him and hugged Kyungsoo shoulders and Kyungsoo touch his hand to make him feel alright , Kai choose Kyungsoo to be with after being on tears and after that he felt good and he laughed while he still hugging kyungsoo shoulders.. You all can see here how Kyungsoo really care about Kai and want to make him smile (T-T) god how they treat each other make me speechless 💔❤ (Cuddlekaisoo) on IG talked talked about it .. This moment always make me feel beautiful pain in my heart cause their love is so deep and amazing .. They just make me feel like hdjdjfjrmkfkeiudbfk 😭

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i just hope he feels as loved as he is.

i hope he looks back at this, and us, and remembers that life was fucking tough and he went through such an incredibly devastating time in his life, but that he was able to smile despite it all, that in those moments of darkness, there was just a little light. i am so incredibly happy that we all banded together to do this, just because we wanted to make our boy smile, even if was only just once, just so that he knows he’s not alone, and that he’s loved, and that there are things worth fighting for. that he is worth fighting for.

i’m so proud of all of us. only we could do this with this little promo or help from others, and i love to see all our forces banded together to do something good thanks to @projectjholdon and all the people around it.

number three for christmas, it’s fucking amazing. and only someone special could evoke that kind of response, could get that many people (not just fans, but people around him too) to fight for him. louis is extraordinary, and so is jay for raising him this well. 


OK Go - The One Moment - Music Video




sooyoung + winking in mvs (part one)


Look at her face she’s so sweet! And she can sing really well!

Coffee Talk

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words: ~1,414
Warnings: None
Summary: Reader and Sam fall in love while they spend their nights talking about anything and everything
A/N: Inspired by Coffee Talk by Broadside
Tags: @fangirl1802 @jared-padaloveme @disneychic8 @impalaimagining @ellen-reincarnated1967 @fernandasvaldi @tmccarney @atc74 @supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad

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You were lying in bed scrolling through some website about vampires you had heard about when you were working a case earlier. You were sighing every few moments as you realized how incredibly stupid these girls sounded. What was so great about being a vampire that made every girl want to become one?

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@taylorswift Hey Taylor, ❤️
My name is Marina and I talked to you on the phone October 6th 2014 on the Radio NRJ in France 🇫🇷 I still can’t believe I talked to you because you are so important to me. I’m so happy you know now that I exist and that I love you to the moon and back. I never see you yet and I never meet you yet but someday I’ll see you and I hope I’ll meet you and it will be one of the best days. You are so important to me and to millions of Swifties all around the world. You have no idea how much we love you, how much I love you.

This moment on NRJ when I talked to you was one of the most magical moments of my entire life. It was so incredible to hear your beautiful voice. I can’t believe you heard mine. I’m Swiftie since your music video of You Belong With Me. It’s the first song I heard from you. I completely felt in love with your voice and after that, I felt in love with your personnality.

Thank you for everything, your words were so good to me. I miss you already… Also thank you for inspiring me to write songs and I hope I could become an artist someday. Always remember that I love you and I’ll forever love you Tay. Swifties will always be there for you and I’ll always be there for you. Promise ❤️


i’ve hit 1.2k (holy shit) and it’s christmas so i wanna take a moment to acknowledge some incredible people who have made my gmw tumblr experience thus far so wonderful and full of joy. without further ado, i present lauren’s 2016 follow forever :)

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Andrew Lincoln Appreciation Week: Day 5
Favorite Acting Moment → The Walking Dead 3.04 ‘Killer Within’
And Your Favorite Red Carpet Look Was...
It was Charlize vs. T.Swift in the last round

Best of 2016: Your Favorite Red Carpet Moment Was… (Drumroll, Please)

Four days later, and you’ve finally picked your winner.

Like we said before in our initial post, it’s been a tremendous year for red carpet style. We pit so many incredible fashion moments against each other—like Ciara’s ruffle-licious Roberto Cavalli dress vs. Beyoncé’s latex Givenchy number, Lily Collins’ couture Valentino vs. Selena Gomez’s Prada and Julianne Moore’s incredible sequined maxi vs. Brie Larson’s uber-feminine Oscars look—and you rose to the challenge by picking (or rather polling) an ultimate red carpet champion.

After additionally ruling out Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Taraji P. Henson, Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins and even Bella Hadid, you were down to the final two: Charlize Theron and Taylor Swift .

So who won? (Drumroll, please…)

It’s your girl, T.Swift!

Turns out, you’re not over that sultry Alexandre Vauthier number she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party (and you may never be, judging from that 66.4 percent lead).