this moment was so beautiful

There’s a special kind of magic to the girls cannonball performance right after winning

maybe it’s not having the pressure to sound their absolute best or they’ll get cut off;
or the joy of having just achieved what they’ve worked so hard for;
or the emotion of everything that’s to come

but comparing it to every other x factor performance, they sound particularly free and playful, relaxed and living it up, letting themselves feel everything in that very moment.
it’s so beautiful, enjoyable and wonderfully real

It’s so amazing to me that we’re all on this ball of dirt orbiting through space in a vast universe with various dimensions. How wherever we are at this moment, it is so beautiful. And to think we still have this whole earth, this whole ball of dirt, to see and experience. How small we are, cosmically - but how amazing it is that we are made up of the galaxy and have universes within ourselves.

Skam is over and I’m sad but I’m happy with how it ended.

It was nice to see Sana have a little Yousef moment, he may be away in some amazing country but is still thinking of her, it’s very sweet. I really like how open their storyline has been left, knowing that Sana will be counting down the says til Yousef’s home and how cute their reunion will be. I’m glad they didn’t make him show up and surprise her, that would have been so unrealistic and realism is why the show is so good.

Also Sana looked beautiful!

Chris and Vilde’s moment was so tender and beautiful, it’s good that we have confirmation that Vilde is definitely confiding in Magnus, they’ve only been conveyed as the cheesy couple until now. Seeing Chris in a serious light rather than comedic, in this last clip and her own has been really nice and I’m so glad we got to see that side to her. It’s good to know that Vilde has support around her.

Even and Isak just being a normal couple is one of the things Skam has always managed to get right. It was good to see one final moment, just taking about food & future holidays. I just wana shout to the writers for Even’s character being bi/pan, the representation has made this bisexual very happy. I love that it was never made a big deal of, perfectly handled.

The whole Chris/Eva/Jonas/Emma thing was funny to me, I think it was dead clever. Chris and Eva have never really laid the foundations for a relationship, they’ve essentially been friends with benefits the last 2 seasons. This season is the only time we’ve seen Chris say he wants something more (from my memory, its been a little while since I watched the last 3 seasons) and tbh I think it’s been a chase thing for him. Think of his best friend William, who would not stop until he got Noora. Him getting with Emma shows two things: 1. he’s possibly sick of the chase with Eva 2. Emma’s hot and he’s a fuckboy, that behaviour ain’t changing any time soon. Eva getting with Jonas is a good fit. Jonas was (apart from a few mistakes) a good boyfriend but Eva needed to get to know herself before she could really enter a relationship. That’s what she’s been doing the last 2 series. She’s now ready for a relationship, she’s seen other options (P-Chris) and knows that Jonas is the better way to go.

The kollectif (sorry can’t spell) and Noorhelm moment was the bit I felt was off. Eskild was rambling way too much and I’m sorry but there’s something other than Noora possibly moving out, that’s bothering Linn. Eskild has always been shown as a confident character, he’s even had vulnerable moments (s3) but this just seemed out of character for him. It was good to see Noora & William happy, despite all the haters, I like them together. Noora is more like her old self now, I don’t think she’s been like this since s2.

The speech was a nice way of bringing things full circle. The show has always championed great messages so I like that it ended on a positive note despite how dark this season was.

I’m going to miss Skam a lot. I’m in my early twenties but still appreciate the storylines and experiences the characters are going through. The writers have done a really great job and I feel sorry for them when they’ve dealt with a lot of hate. I’m sorry, but there’s having opinions & then there’s being rude, the writers created the characters you love in the first place, you wouldn’t even have anything to complain about without those characters. Plus there’s other limitations you have to think about (eg. actors availability etc) that affect a show’s outcome.

Overall Skam has touched a lot of issues in only four seasons, it’s amazing how big this fandom has become. This little show from Norway has captured us all over the world! How amazing is that? Thank you Skam. 💕

Ps. If anyone is looking to fill the void Skam has left, I suggest you go binge watch Skins. It’s a British teen drama which started 10 years ago, I’m still obsessed with it. It was very controversial at the time and it wouldn’t surprise me if the creator of Skam had watched it. I watched it as a teenager, it was my Skam. There’s 7 series, the cast changes every 2 seasons and the last season takes 3 characters and sees them in the future. I highly recommend, you’ll see a lot of similarities to Skam.

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1. The more I watch the last episode the less it makes sense, I think it doesn't make sense to Eva and Jonas shippers either, of course they are happy with end game, but honestly does anyone here think this drama was necessary? It's not like Julie used Chris and Emma to join Eva and Jonas (how I thought she was doing) since Jonas and Eva had sex the week before,

thanks for your asks!! <3 i’ll answer them separately because there’s too many to put in one post.

i don’t think the last clip makes sense to anyone, really. sure, the message was important and beautiful and it made everybody cry. certain moments were so powerful and i just loved them. but i saw so many people comment on chris x emma and the awkwardness of that part. not just mohnstad and joneva shippers! EVERYBODY thought it was akward.


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There are persecuted people all around the world who would love the opportunity to come here, but they can’t. Because the rules are different for different people. So some of them break the law and they do what they have to do to fight for better lives for themselves and their families.
And you know what? I get it.

@lauravian submitted: ok ok ok ok but how about Yuuri, Victor AND Makkachin in crop tops??

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