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Okay, so I need some of your genius for a moment. In my story, my MC gets stabbed in the upper abdomen (like right under the ribs area). She is pretty good shape and is 4-5 months pregnant. Now, I guess my question(s) would be, would getting stabbed there result in a punctured lung (like I want it to) or should I move the wound up? How long after being stabbed would she be able to still live without treatment? Also, how would it (stab wound/collapsed lung/trauma) affect the baby?

Hey there nonny! I am far from a genius – in medicine, they say that the smarter you are, the higher up in the hospital you work, and there’s a reason I work outside and down the hill – but I’ll try and give you a hand! I know I have one around here someplace

Okay. First, with entry under the ribs, the trajectory of the knife wound would have to be tracking up to get to the lung. This is totally possible. It would also damage the diaphragm, which may or may not be significant; if the diaphragm itself is too damaged, it can’t really cause the negative pressure that makes humans inhale, and makes this whole thing about 8,000x worse.

The lung can collapse easy-peasy, which is the really dangerous part. Unless someone smart puts a needle in her chest (needle decompression), puts in a chest tube (tube thoracostomy), or cuts down to her lung (finger thoracotamy), she’s in deep doodoo.

Pregnancy means she’s breathing for two, and the nightmare scenario here is that the fetus is only 16-20 weeks gestational age (medfolk use weeks, not months, for gestational age). That’s not cooked enough to be viable on its own. Unfortunately, fetuses are very sensitive to oxygen deprivations, and moms need enough oxygen – and enough blood movement – to support two lives.

The problem with a lung collapsing is that it not only puts pressure on the lung itself, reducing gas exchange, it also winds up putting pressure on the heart and great blood vessels; it’s called a tension pneumothorax. Again, it’s relieved as above. It can develop over a few  minutes.

But if it’s not relieved quickly, baby and mom are going to have some serious trouble ahead, and it may be fatal for at least one of them.

The awful truth in trauma is this: if a pregnant person (remember, trans men dads can be pregnant too!) is dying from trauma, the first thing to do is to deliver the fetus – viable or not. The procedure used to be called a perimortem C-section, but it’s now getting called a resuscitative hysterotomy to make a poinnt: This procedure can (in later pregnancy stages) save two lives. Mom no longer has to act as a life support unit, and baby can get treated all on its own. This is the end stage, the last hail-Mary. It’s a once-in-a-career thing for most emergency providers, and many will never do one.

In your character’s case, the fetus isn’t viable. Viability is only considered around the 25th week mark, and even then it’s more likely to die than not. So it’s only mom’s life it would save. (You can move the pregnancy forward – for realism I’d go for at least 30 weeks – if you want her to nearly die but have baby survive, or have both of them survive).

In terms of a timeframe, the tension pneumo can develop over 10-30 minutes, and be lethal in about 5-15 minutes after it develops. So your character has less than an hour to get herself some care. 

Good luck with your story. Feel free to send follow-ups if this isn’t as clear as I hope it is.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I think something a lot of people dont realize is that you can be intelligent and stupid at the same time. You can understand complex quantum physics and conduct wickedly difficult experiments and understand them but like. You can also say things like “what if the sky was the ground? thatd be fuckin weird, right?”
An issue it seems like the RT/AH community has had for ages is that people compare Slo Mo Guys Gavin to Achievement Hunter Gavin and they think one is a facade. But like. Just because you ask silly questions or you confuse yourself doesnt automatically mean youre a complete idiot. The smartest of people can have dumb moments. You cant expect someone to be a perfect genius 24/7, you really cant.
So instead of saying like “is Gavin secretly a moron?”, just realize that he’s a fucking human being, he’s more complex than a one dimensional personality. He can easily be crazy smart and also ask some of the most ridiculous questions and still be 1000% valid, jesus Christ


30 day bias challenge
Day 22 - favourite funny moment
Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D aka GENIUS

I don’t have only one moment. It’s impossible! I choose BTS Gayo, but there are episodes of Rookie King, so many moments in Bangtan Bombs, interviews and fansigns…

What a change???

Yoongi 2015 vs Yoongi 2017

The scene in BvS where Bruce brings Alfred some coffee is such an understated moment of genius in the subtext of their relationship.
This is one moment that gets overlooked by people all the time. Because we’ve always seen Alfred as the butler, the servant, but in this moment, with Bruce bringing Alfred a drink, it feels more like they’re partners in this crusade.

And that just fucks me up. I adore that detail.

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i see that you are taking prompts, maybe you could write something about tony & rhodey going on their first date and tony being incredibly nervous, so he you know, blurs out stupid things, knocks things over, does something stupid etc.

Tony’s known Rhodey for an incredibly long time. Which means Rhodey’s seen all his best and worst moments, seen him at his press smile best and his dumb genius worst. He knows everything about Tony.

Which, truth be told, is kind of what has Tony worried.

Tony knows Rhodey’s stuck around over the years for some indescribable personal reason, that it’s not just the money and connections and gadgets. Rhodey’s told him, and Tony knows. But honestly, Rhodey knows what a mess Tony is, and while maybe it’s okay to be friends with such an utter mess, Tony can’t understand why Rhodey would want to date such an utter mess.

“Should I…Paris?” Tony asks Pepper, sitting in her office. “Or is that too cliche? Somewhere more special, right? Or are cliches cliches for reasons, and I should stick to the classics so I don’t fuck things up, and…”

“Tony,” Pepper interrupts smoothly, talking right over him, which is probably smart, because it’s like his brain has split open and is spilling out of his mouth. “Think smaller.”

Tony pauses. “That new place in new York?”

“Smaller.” She seems to take pity on him, and reaches out to squeeze his hand. “Somewhere you and Rhodey would actually like. Somewhere you’d go if you were still just friends.”

Tony rears back at that, because he doesn’t want them to still be just friends, but Pepper has that look and she tends to understand people.


He makes the reservation, then changes his outfit. And changes again. And again. And again.

There’s a knock on his bedroom door and he curses, but opens it to find Rhodey, smiling, but the smile slips off.

“What’s wrong?” Tony asks, worried Rhodey’s going to cancel and it’ll be over already, before it even started.


Tony looks down, flushes, shuts his door and pulls his pants on. No time to check the look; this one will just have to be the one.

He drives them to the restaurant, which is a tiny little Italian place that requires an act of God to park at. Rhodey’s got a small smile.

“Like that place in the North End we used to go to sometimes,” Tony says quickly.

“I remember,” Rhodey says. The small smile remains and Tony’s pretty sure he picked right, he should send Pepper a fruit basket or a raise or something for reigning him in.

Their table’s ready and they grab a seat, and Tony pulls out his napkin–paper, he was dedicated to the cheap Italian of their college days here–and puts it in his lap.

“I, uh, I…you have a good day?” Tony asks.

“Yeah, Tony,” Rhodey says. “It was fine.”

“Good, I…that’s good.”

Their waiter brings water and a wine list, but Tony hands it to Rhodey, not wanting Rhodey to think Tony’s going to get drunk tonight or anything.

“I think we’ll stick to water,” Rhodey tells the waiter.

Of course, that’s when Tony knocks his glass over, because as soon as Rhodey said it Tony decided he needed a sip, but moved too fast and the over-filled glass went toppling. Rhodey jumps when some lands on him and Tony feels like mud on a shoe.

Their waiter cleans it up, efficient rags moving across the table as he smiles gently and ignores Tony’s hurried, choppy apologies.

“Tony, what’s going on?” Rhodey asks.

“What…do you mean?” Tony hedges, staring at the little cheap candle. It can’t be over already. Rhodey only agreed to date him ten hours ago.

“You’ve torn your napkin to shreds,” Rhodey says, and Tony looks to see that he in fact did. “And you’re knocking things over, that’s not like you. And it’s like you forgot how to talk to me. Me. C'mon, Tones. You’ve known me forever.”

“I just…don’t want to mess this up,” Tony admits. “But I guess I did anyways, which, typical, right? Right. I’m sorry, and…” He’s just about to tell Rhodey to enjoy his dinner, even if it’s without Tony, when Rhodey gets up and moves around the table, crouching down a bit by Tony’s chair.

“Nothing’s changed,” Rhodey says softly. “We talk like always. We eat at the same restaurants as always. I’m just…gonna kiss you tonight, if you’re up for it, and hold your hand across the table if that’s okay, and steal your food and you’ll let me, now, it’s in the rule book.”

“There’s a rule book?” Tony asks, looking over, finally.

“Rule one says you have to let your date steal your food,” Rhodey says, smiling softly again. “Deep breaths, Tones. Nothing’s changed.”

Rhodey moves back to his seat as the waiter comes back with another class of water and a plate of bread. When he leaves again, Tony rests his own hand on the table, shy and unassuming. Hoping.

He doesn’t have to wait. Rhodey reaches for it, squeezes it, and continues to hold it until their entrees arrive.

I read somewhere that while Laurens says this line onstage they share an intimate moment??????? So I drew this?????? 

Then I looked up the Genius annotation on it and it turns out I got it backwards and it’s Alex who’s clutching the back of LAURENS’ neck, but OH WELL, I’m down for any amount of neck clutching tbh.