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For once, let’s take a moment to appreciate SM’s GENIUS planning and the MASSIVE influence EXO has worldwide and especially online. We never hear much abt EXO’s social media presence bc they never had a twitter and some took that as an excuse to say they were “not as powerful” “declining” unlike other groups in this day and age who utilize social media.

But the SECOND EXO opens an account, THE SECOND the account changes their dp of all things, the SECOND they make a post, #EXO, #kokobop, #thewar ALL start trending worldwide, their followers skyrocket to the hundred thousands, and everywhere from WEIBO to INSTAGRAM to TWITTER, EXO’s taken over. Twitter Korea itself welcomed EXO….they introduced exo logo emojis…..the teaser hasn’t even been released for an hour and everyone’s running round in circles

THIS is what you all forgot in the past year or so where EXO was practically inactive. When a top tier group is quiet it’s easy to pretend they’re not at the top anymore. It’s hilarious that the second EXO comes back that delusion crashed and burn. Say hello and make way for the kings 

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The Kings! X Clan Ending Poses

Where Genius Waits:

Aries: In the frenzy of moments of inspiration, in their childful dreams, in the boldness with which they live.

Taurus: In their gifting of goods, in their material creations, in their slow but steady methods.

Gemini: In the teachings they pass on, in the tales they spin, in the jokes they tell.

Cancer: In the lullabies they comfort with, in the homes they create, in the lunar madness of their dreams.

Leo: In their dances of theatricality, in the power of self-belief, in their creative bursts.

Virgo: In their understanding of the power of the small things, in their intricate minds, in looking out beyond themselves.

Libra: In their interest in connection, in their mediating minds, in the conversations that flow like poetry.

Scorpio: In the depths that they dive, in the tenacity of their will, in the rawness of their creations.

Sagittarius: In their cackling humour, in their gathering of luck, in their curious yet sceptical minds.

Capricorn: In their method and timing, in their sights set high, in their practical footsteps.

Aquarius: In their inventive eccentricities, in their innovative thoughts, in their objective humanitarianism.

Pisces: In their daydream days, in their doodling on maths books, in their channelling of source.

Muse || Peter Parker

Prompt - Y/N is an artist who tends to find inspiration in others, as in she draws other people, and she draws Peter the most. He sees one of her drawings of him and asks her about it. FLUFFY!

Warning - none. 

A/N: haven’t written anything in awhile and this might be a little short. Besides, I was getting bored. I am also in the midst of writing some smutty sin, so you can look forward to that. 

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She was a creative person, incredibly above average when it came to expressing her imagination. Her art was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, those who saw it wondered how a girl of such a young age could possibly make something so realistic. She had a talent for capturing the person’s essence in every drawing, or portrait to be more specific.

She drew everyone, whether they noticed it or not. 

But there was one person who she absolutely loved to draw.

That person was Peter Parker. 

The boy in the layered sweaters and graphic t-shirts. 

She adored that boy’s physique because to her drawing him came like second nature. In her drawings, his fluffy brown hair would be perfectly styled, his clothes exactly the way he had them; disheveled. 

But there had been one day when he had been late to school. He walked into their shared class, his hair tousled, his clothes in disarray. He had ran his hand through his wild morning hair in an attempt to tame it, and at that moment Y/N had already pulled out her sketchbook to draw his rugged appearance that captivated her so much. 

She watched him for the duration of the class period to get his features perfect. Nobody noticed her watching him, it was a normal sight to see her staring at someone. Everyone knew that she was an artist and that she drew anyone that captured her eye, some people took it as a compliment, others didn’t. 

She loved that drawing, she was proud of it. 

Everyday she drew someone new, and among those new drawings was always an even better drawing of Peter. 

In the beginning, when she first started drawing him she barely knew his name, she was just intrigued by his noticeable Star Wars t-shirt. But then as time went on, she became more infatuated with the young genius. 

She tried talking to him but the moment she caught a glimpse of those chocolate brown eyes, her face would become warm and her eyes were immediately back on her sketchbook. He was her muse. 

She found comfort in sketching his cheekbones, his jawline, his nose, his beautiful hair. It enraptured her. 

She was in her last class of the day, off to the side in the last row of desks. Peter sat directly to her left.

She had already finished her classwork so she pulled out her almost completed sketchbook and opened it to an empty page, her pencils were already laid out waiting for her to use them. 

She didn’t really mind if he noticed her drawing him, maybe he’d want to talk to her about it and then she’d actually be able to talk to him without being a shy idiot about it. 

She began with the outline of his face. She had done these steps so many times that she could probably do them in her sleep. 

She continued to sketch him, but she was so engrossed in her drawing that she didn’t notice Peter’s eyes flickering to her paper. He recognized the face as his own and his eyebrows furrowed together. 

She’s drawing me. She’s actually drawing me,’ he thought. 

A ghostly grin etches its way onto his face as he watches her, the pencil running over the paper, her index finger smudging the graphite for the appropriate shading, her bottom lip in between her teeth in concentration. 

He noticed that she didn’t even need to glance at him to complete her drawing. Unknown to him, but she had his face permanently etched into her brain. 

The bell rang signaling that it was finally time for the poor students to go home. Y/N packed up her stuff but carried her sketchbook in her arms. 

As the students began to excitedly file out of the room, Peter followed behind Y/N to try and talk to her. 

Y/N liked to take her time when she left school because she didn’t really like being in a crowded subway surrounded by tons of people, downside to living in New York. She walked slowly as she let her beat-up converse hit the newly polished school floors. 

Peter tapped her shoulder making her turn around. When she saw that familiar face looking down at her with a gentle grin, her heart fluttered. 

“Hey,” she said trying to make it seem like she wasn’t dying to run her fingers through his fluffy hair. 

“Uh hi, I’m-uh, I’m Peter,” he managed to say, she smiled at his nervousness. 

“Yeah, I know. You’re in most of my classes, you’re not invisible,” she clutches her sketchbook tightly in her arms. 

He’s talking to me. He’s actually talking to me,’ she thought.

He blushed cherry red, “I um, I noticed you drawing me during class and I-” she wanted to let him finish but she had to ask. 

“I didn’t make you uncomfortable, did I?” She asked, he shook his head vigorously.

“No! No, you didn’t make me uncomfortable. I just know that you draw everyone and I was curious as to why you were drawing me,” he explains.

“Because you’re beautiful,” she blurts out without processing the words as they left her mouth. 

Peter’s grin then turns into a full blown smile, cheeks blazing red. 

Y/N knew that she should feel embarrassed about what she had just said to the object of her artistic affection, but she wasn’t embarrassed. 

“You think I’m…beautiful?” He couldn’t stop smiling, his cheeks were hurting from how hard he was smiling but he couldn’t help it. 

A gorgeous and talented girl had just called him beautiful.

“Yeah. You’re my muse, my inspiration,” she wished she would just stop talking, but she had already started so there was no point in stopping.

“I know it’s a bit awkward but I-I draw you all the time, I find your features…fascinating,” she tells him, he chuckles. 

“Well maybe we could hang out sometime and you can draw me as much as you’d like,” he offers awkwardly sliding his hands into his pockets, she hides her absolute joy by looking down at her sneakers as her cheeks turn a bright red. 

“Um yeah, yeah I’d like that,” she accepts.


They leave the school together and he walks her home only for her to insist that he stay so she could take him up on his offer of making another portrait of him. He accepted, but this time it wasn’t a drawing…it was a painting. 

He flipped through the pages of her sketchbook as she prepared the materials that she needed for the painting. 

“Don’t you ever get tired of drawing me? I mean, I’m nothing special.”

She laughs, “Not at all, like I said…you’re my muse.”



A/N: I hope this was satisfying enough. I’ll probably be posting another fic this week because I’m having lots of inspiration. <3 


I can’t believe this moment of genius was ten years ago.

The greatest Eurovision moment of all time.


Some things from this interview:

1) I fucking love Janel.

2) When Aria whispered in Mona’s ear in 511: that really did mean nothing in regards to the grand AD storyline, and it was simply just Aria saying “you’re not welcome in this family” because she was dating Mike. Actually, Janel forgot they even shot this!

3) Avery Drake isn’t happening. She acknowledged that she accidentally confirmed it’s not happening.

4) Janel had an odd reaction to Bethany Young’s name popping up. It kind of came across like “Bethany who?” but maybe she’s been trained to act like that.

5) The finale is “jaw dropping”

6) The liars solve who AD is at the same time that AD reveals themselves. It all kind of happens together. And that’s what makes it so brilliant, she says. I imagine it being a moment of “we know who you are” and “it’s about time, took you long enough” right before AD takes off the hoodie.

“You’re watching it happen as an audience and you’re just like ‘ohhh she just figured it out! they just figured it out!’ It’s all one moment.

7) Breadcrumbs have been left for seasons and seasons.

8) In response to Spencer twin theories, she said “I’ve seen some pretty good theories. I’ve read some pretty. Good. Theories.”

9) Janel’s favourite Mona episode hasn’t aired yet. It’s the episode before the finale and we see a total different side to Mona.

10) Come to the finale with a box of tissues.

11) She was not expecting this person to be AD. Even though they lay it out for us very logically, it’s still unlike the past A reveal where they go “who” then “why”. It’s unlike any finale ever done before.

12) I think she slipped up when she called Spencer’s meeting with Wren at the airport as “shady”.

13) Nothing important, but she did highlight what most reporters I think fail to understand: Janel highlights that it’ll be more fun to watch and find out for ourselves than have her tell us. If I personally had the option of receiving a text from Marlene right this second who AD is - I’d say no thanks! I agree with Janel. I want to watch it unfold. Spoilers suck.

14) We find out more about the donor’s identity next episode (718).

15) Janel greatly hinted that she’s indeed helping the girls rather than betraying them. “She’s smart. She needs to see everything up, she puts all the pieces together. It’s all got to do with who is AD. I’ve been asked to help play this game and figure out all the little pieces of it”

So Mona is probably helping the girls. Let’s not forget she took photos of the board game the other episode, hence the massive posters of the game in her lair.

16) “What’s the game gonna do to Mona, that’s the question?”

Kill her? If she gets too close… maybe. “Are you here to kill me?” says Mona in the finale.

17) “The darkness of the board game brings out a darkness in Mona”

18) the musical number was originally in colour but changed to black and white last minute. It took Janel around 4 takes to get the recording of the song. The entire scene was shot in a day.

19) Will Mona die, is the “million dollar question”.

20) The finale gives “every answer you’ve ever wanted”

21) that wasn’t Haleb’s wedding, in 717. It was more of a moment to say ‘this is where we want to go’. They’ll have bigger moments than just fake rings in a tent.

22) Marlene is a genius.

BTS reaction to feeling their baby kick for the 1st time

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Jin would be totally calm and collected and just straight up break into tears when he feels his child kick for the first time.

“Are you okay?”

“No? I don’t know?”

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I feel like Yoongi would act like it’s not that big a deal until he actually feels his child for the first time. His eyes would get big and he would be totally whipped from that moment on.

“Little Min genius junior…”

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Namjoon would be so overwhelmed he would start crying.

*wipes away tears hastily*

“That’s… cool. Totally not… life changing…”

“Are you crying?”


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Hoseok would be super excited and loud, until he actually feels his child. I feel like he would go really quiet and just hold your belly.


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Jimin would be pretty surprised when you asked him to touch your belly. The second he can feel your baby kick he would get very quiet and give your belly a kiss.

“Are you okay, Jimin?”

“I just told them that I love them and that I can’t wait to meet them.”

“I think they understood you. The baby is kicking like crazy” 

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He would be all over you, the second you feel your child kick. He would get all excited and start rambling about all you future plans, and how both of you are so excited to meet them.

“I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, little bean.”

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Kookie would be almost too shy to touch your belly. He’s so in awe and can’t really believe it yet that his little baby is right there.

“That’s our little baby in there? Hey, little one!”

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Prompt: Hey can you write something fluffy with Bucky? His fiancé is starting to have doubts about things between them cause she’s just a normal girl that works in retail? She thinks he deserves better like Natasha or a shield agent. But he reassures her and gets Natasha’s help doing something cute for her?

Word count: 2975

A/N: Fluffy relationship Bucky is my favorite Bucky xx I’m hoping to get more up soon!!

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You’d met Bucky a year ago in the small cafe you worked in, the same one you’d worked at since you were sixteen and you had no reason not to love your job. You loved talking to the regulars, people whose orders you had memorized and had ready the second they walked in. You loved meeting people from all walks of life; wealthy business owners constantly on the phone debating their next deal, tired mothers who just needed a caffeine fix to get through the day, broke college students looking for a cheap food option between the expensive restaurants that New York city offered. 

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Abt chapter 100.1

It doesn’t have a title.

It’s just called ‘100.1’ (correct me if I’m wrong).

We don’t know what the title is.

It’s literally 'unknown’.

It’s a pun.


30 day bias challenge
Day 22 - favourite funny moment
Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D aka GENIUS

I don’t have only one moment. It’s impossible! I choose BTS Gayo, but there are episodes of Rookie King, so many moments in Bangtan Bombs, interviews and fansigns…

What a change???

Yoongi 2015 vs Yoongi 2017