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Guess He’s really into Her, Mate

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Plot: Harry really likes Y/N and is surprised when his friend is less supportive.

Warnings: None. 

Pic isn’t mine but I love how it practically screams ‘cozy’.

“Hold on. Are we talking about the same person here?”

Harry’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip as he tried to bite back the embarrassment rushing through his body and painting his cheeks pink. Admitting this type of secret was to him as awkward as it had when he’d been 18 years younger. And now his uncomfortable feeling increased by the tone the question had been asked in as it was enough to let Harry immediately know that Jeffery wasn’t at all happy with the confession he’d just heard. Jeff arched his brows at his friend, making Harry shift in his seat once more before he focused on his manager with worried eyes. 

“S’no one like her out there,” Harry muttered, heartbeat increasing when Jeff’s forehead formed a deep frown, “So yeah… we’re both talking about her.” 

“But this is Y/N,” Jeff said almost defensively, “She’s… she’s… I mean… how? And why?”

Harry slid off his chair and walked around the counter in Jeff’s kitchen, for one so he could reach the coffee machine and pour himself the drink he very much needed after the long night he’d had, and for two so he could bring some distance between himself and his friend. His knees felt uncomfortably jelly-like and he hoped Jeff couldn’t notice how wobbly he was walking.
This he had not expected when admitting that he felt more than just friendship for the girl Jeff had made a habit of bringing around. Sure, he was aware of how protective Jeff and pretty much everyone else who knew the girl was of her, but surely him liking Y/N was a good thing wasn’t it? Y/N always appeared to care about him, too, so why would Jeff oppose the idea of them together so much? Harry could make Y/N happy, he was sure of it. She was kind and she was soft, her mind was bright and to him there was nobody more beautiful than her. And what she needed was a person who could be as kind and as soft with her as her soul was, someone who cared for her gentle being and would always appreciate her. 
Harry could do that. He wanted to do that and to learn that his friend doubted him hurt. A pout tugged at his lips. Sensing where his mind went Jeff cleared his throat.

“M’sorry, mate. Sounded like a prick, didn’t I? I want to be supportive of this, really I do. She’s a good girl and you’re a great lad s’just…”

“What?” Harry asked, unable to keep the tension out of his voice.

Jeff sighed as he desperately searched for the right words. “I’ve known her for quite a while now and I truly love that girl. I really do, Harry. She might as well be my sister by this point.”

“Good to know,” Harry muttered, not liking how his heart had dropped the moment Jeff spoke of loving Y/N even though he was of course very aware of Jeff’s girlfriend and knew that Y/N shared nothing beyond a brotherly bond with his friend.

“Anyway,” Jeffery continued, “I know that she’s been through a lot of crap with boys. Things that took their toll on her and though she doesn’t really talk about it anymore I know she’s influenced by it still. You’re great. Of course you are, s’just… I want you to know that you got to be careful with her. Make sense?”

“Well, kinda,” Harry moved to sit back down next to his friend, “But don’t you know that I would never do anything to upset her? Not as her friend and certainly not as her boyfriend should she ever allow me to be that for her. She’s… she’s so tender with me, you know? And she gets me and she cares for me and… I never had that before. With anyone, Jeff. I never felt like someone would be there and take care of me the way I do when I’m with her.”

Harry frowned at his fingers momentarily before meeting Jeff’s eyes. 

“Do you not think that I could be good for her?” 

“You could,” Jeff soothed Harry quietly, “You already are, no doubt. You’re not one of those shitty boys she’s been disappointed by. But I also know that you like the adventure sometimes, the excitement of something passionate and short lived with a woman who’s fascinating to you for the moment. And there’s nothing wrong with that, at all. However if you want Y/N it has to be with purely honest intentions and because you want her for more than just a week.”

“I do!” Harry argued, voice loud and desperate, “She’s not someone I want for the moment. I want her for every moment.”

“Awe,” Jeff cooed and Harry flipped him off. 

“Besides,“ Harry smirked, brows arched, “What would happen if I were to not take things seriously with her?”

He was joking of course and Jeffery took a long swig of his coffee before shrugging with a smug smile, “I’d kick your arse.”

“Oh yeah, right.”


Harry’s heart could have burst in his chest. Ever since stepping into Jeff’s house that night he’d been happy to find that Y/N refused to leave his side and instead stood by him and occasionally even brushed his arm with her soft hand in a sweet gesture. He felt like he could rejoice and his heart filled with hope. Y/N was so close, his skin was covered in a shiver.
When he tilted his head he could rest his chin on the crown of her beautiful hair, when he shifted his body he could press into her side and feel the curve of her chest against his ribcage and when he breathed in deeply all he smelled was Y/N’s sweet scent. She was so close to him and so adorably clingy he had to physically hold himself back from wrapping her into his embrace and never let her go again, oblivious to Y/N feeling just the same about him. Her fingers itched to fist his jumper in her hand, the tip of her tongue burned to say all the words that could describe how incredibly lovely he was to her. But she wouldn’t let herself. Not when it could mean losing him.

“Harry?” her voice spoke next to his shoulder. 

When Harry looked down his heart melted at the sight of his favorite person peering up at him with bright eyes and his stomach dropped when she leaned in and nudged him with her nose to get more of his attention. As if she wasn’t possessing all of it from the moment she’d murmured his name.

Harry chuckled and hummed against her temple as his lips pressed to her skin softly. “Yes, sweetheart?” 

She let out a small whine before her forehead pressed into his arm. “I want to go home. Take me there, please?”

Harry frowned at her quiet words, not liking her request. She wanted to leave? Already? On the other hand, she wanted to leave with him

He kissed her again, this time her head. “Of course, my love. Are you alright, though?”

“I’m okay,” she nodded quickly, not wanting to worry him, “S’just that I can feel how I’m coming down with a headache and Sarah drove me here but she’s having so much fun and I don’t want to trouble her.”

“Oh, so I look like I’m not having fun?” Harry joked, nudging her shoulder with his.

Y/N rolled her eyes before pinching his hips. “You know what I meant.”

“I do,” he laughed gently, “And the tube’s a pain at this hour so I wouldn’t want you taking it anyway.” 

“There’s nobody I can ask other than you,” she murmured into the fabric of his shirt, “Nobody I would want to ask anyway.”

Now his heart really was going to burst. Without thinking about it Harry let his arms drop around her shoulders so he could pull her against his chest, loving how easily the two of them fit together. If they ever needed to prove to someone that they belonged together, them fitting like two puzzle pieces was evidence enough. His fingers brushed her warm skin, her lips graced his neck.

“Let’s grab your coat, love.”

He began to move away from her but a pull to his arm made him still.

“Didn’t bring one,” Y/N peered up at him with guilty eyes and teeth biting back a smile as she knew exactly what reaction Harry was about to have.

His forehead was pulled into a frown she wished she were allowed to kiss away and his arms crossed, the words to scold her ready to fall from his lips.

“I wasn’t cold!” she argued with a laugh, “We got here so early it wasn’t even dark yet. Oh, stop looking at me like that.”

“S’damn windy outside, Y/N,” Harry sighed, remembering how last time they’d spent 5 minutes outside with the sun not out, she’d fallen ill for three days, “You’re bloody asking for it you know that right? You want to get sick again, don’t you?”

His fingers pinched her waist and she shrieked, quickly apologizing to the people around them who were disturbed by the loud sound.

“Oh, cut it out,” Y/N fought to raise her hands so she could press her palms against Harry’s lips but failed when his fingers wrapped around both of her wrists. Harry laughed and dodged her when she tried to kick his shins.

“M’not taking care of you again I can promise you that much,” Harry threatened.

“Of course you would.” Y/N’s smile made his heart flutter.

Harry nodded, finally letting himself grin at her. “Yeah, I would. Still, you’re gonna have to wear my jacket. C’mon.”

Harry’s fingers laced with Y/N’s and her cheeks blushed as he slowly began to pull her away from the couch where they’d been standing and over to where Jeff stood, chatting to his mates. Y/N felt happy. Harry was just such an easy guy and once more he proved to her that she could rely on him looking after her when she needed someone.
In all honesty Y/N didn’t want to leave. Ever since he’d entered the house Harry had at least one hand touching her somehow, be it by resting his palm at the bottom of her back or by squeezing her shoulder. But the back of her head ached and she knew the music Glenne had chosen to play would only make it worse.

“Hey, Jeffrey!” Harry called out, “We’re heading out.”

The manager looked up, frowning at first but quickly biting back a grin upon noticing that his two friends were holding hands. He moved to walk towards them.

“So soon? You’re really an old person stuck in a young man’s body, mate.”

“Leave him alone. S’my fault,” Y/N apologized, “I’m the ninny who’s getting a headache. I’m sorry, Jeff.”

“Oh, no, sweetheart,” Jeff cooed and again Harry felt an unnecessary sense of jealousy kick in. Without thinking about it he pulled her closer, standing so he was touching her back with his chest and away from Jeff’s hands.

“Chill out, Harry, would you?” Jeff laughed, noticing the lack of space between the two of them, before turning back to Y/N, “Take care of yourself, alright? Don’t want you to get sick. Though I suppose you have someone to look after you.”

“I suppose I do,” she smiled with a blush. 

After saying their goodbyes Y/N laced her fingers with Harry’s once more and guided him out of the living room, blushing when she felt his jacket wrap around her back.

“What’s up with those two?” Tom, Harry’s friend who’d gotten acquainted with Jeff stepped closer to him, looking after Y/N and the guy looming over her as they left the house. 

Jeff shrugged. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

“I bet you they’ll tell each other tonight,” Glenne chirped, her head coming down to rest on Jeff’s shoulder. She sighed. “S’like watching our babies grow up, isn’t it?”

Tom laughed. “I knew it! She was so obvious about it, wasn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Jeff sighed, “He was, too. Guess he’s really into her, mate.”

And Harry really was very much smitten with Y/N and when he stood with her pressed to his chest as she was pushed into the door of her apartment building, their lips molded together while their hands explored the skin they managed to uncover by pushing away the fabric of their jumpers, Harry realized that he was lost. Lost in her scent, hair and soft voice. 
Y/N whimpered when Harry gifted her with another heavy kiss and he smiled before nudging her nose with his. 

“I never would have thought tonight could have ended like this,” he breathed against her cheek. 

Y/N nodded, lips kissing his jaw, his chin and then his lips again. “I’m so happy, Harry.”

“Me too, Y/N,” he swore, wrapping her into his arms as she cuddled into his chest, “Finally. God, fucking finally.”

One request done! Hope you liked this! It’s finally autumn ahhhh!! I’m so happy haha. x 


Far, Far Away

Summary: To move on with your life after your break up with Yoongi, you had to get away from him mentally and physically. While Yoongi can’t get you off of his mind, he knew he needed you back but once he returns from tour to apologize, you were long gone.

Word Count: 4594

Song: Far Away (ft. Chris Richardson) - Tyga

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You were both standing in the middle of your messy bedroom apartment, with red faces, heavy breathing, with the sound of heart strings getting pulled to their breaking point. You put a hand on your forehead and ran it through your hair and sighed heavily.

“So that’s it?” Yoongi picked his gaze up from the ground to finally look at you. The yelling, the screaming, the items that were being thrown it took a lot out of him. He was surprised to even hear a calm voice leave you right now. “You ignore me for a few days, apologize, then you come over and end things?”

“Y/N this isn’t working and we both know it.” You scoffed, licked your lips and turned your head to the side with a smile on your face and looked down at the ground with your hands on your hips.

“Could have fooled me Min Yoongi, I was definitely not expecting this.” You picked up a sweatshirt of his that was on the ground and walked over to him and slammed it to his chest while striding past him. He held the sweatshirt with both of his hands and followed you, like a lost puppy.

You opened up the front door and stood to the side. “Now get the fuck out of my house.” And Yoongi walked out, and the last thing he heard was a door slam and a picture frame falling to the ground.

That was it. He was out of your life. But why wasn’t the weight that he felt on his shoulders being lifted off? It wasn’t something he could worry about right now, he had other problems to focus on.

While you were on the inside of your apartment, your tough facade came tumbling down as you fell to your knees and the water droplets left your eyes.

Your world was tumbling down.

*End of flashback*

Walk a thousand miles

Just to see her (see her)

And he knew, as he was twirling around in his chair in his studio at late hours, why he wasn’t focused. He knew, that every time he stayed late, that exactly at 2:05am his mind would wander, and it would wander to you. No matter how hard he tried to get rid of you, to get you out of his thoughts, you always resurfaced.

And with time, he started doing it on purpose. He started staying late just so he could think about you. How he could hear your laugh perfectly in his mind, how your voice would be heard in his ears whenever he did something, it was like you were a ghost following him around - and he found joy in it.

“No.” Yoongi threw his pencil at the sheet of paper and laid back in his chair while adjusting his hat. Everything he wrote down, it somehow managed to be about you. He closed his eyes, and it was like a dream, like you were there, massaging his shoulders and telling him to take a break. And with that, he startled awake and turned around to make sure you weren’t actually there. But the door was opening, and the only person that came in was Namjoon.

With a yawn, he managed to say, “Yoongi we gotta go.”

“Joon, I’m almost done.” Namjoon rolled his eyes, and approached Yoongi to look over his shoulder at his work. He wasn’t surprised to see a song about love again.

“Going back to Y/N?” Yoongi just nodded, he couldn’t say no, Namjoon was right. He always went back to you, you were kind of his motivation right now.

“Yeah,” He stood from his chair and turned off the desk lamp. “It’s like she won’t leave my mind.” He pushed the chair in, and grabbed his wallet and notebook.

“That’s what love does.” Namjoon replied as they walked out of the studio and shut the door behind them. Silence fell over them for a bit, but not long until Namjoon spoke up again. “You’d still do anything for her wouldn’t you?”

And without a heartbeat Yoongi replied:

“I’d walk a thousand miles for her Joon.”

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“You have sent the fanbase into a frenzy! And why’re you wearing like three layers of clothing? It’s barely cold out.”

Harry looks at his surroundings when he receives the text whilst simultaneously unlocking his car door.

“What do ye’ mean? I’ve not done anything! But how do you know what I’m wearing? I’ve not even started the drive to yours.”

“I think you underestimate my fifth sense when it comes to you, babe! Haha no, woke up to tweets about your long-expected-finally-showing curls. But seriously Haz, aren’t you burning up under all that?”

“Oh, I knew I wasn’t walking alone! You’d think I’d be used to it by now. But not really. Feeling a bit under the weather actually.”

“Harry, meeting my parents can’t be that bad that you’re faking being sick. They’re gonna love you, trust me.”

“I’m not trying to get out of going to your parents, kitten. M'really not feeling well. Been taking medicine so hopefully I’ll be better before we make our trip out.”

“Uh huh, let’s hope you’re not lying to me! It’s probably just anxiety, you’ll get over it.”

“M'not! Promise. Heading over now though. I’ll see you in a bit, pet. Love you xx”

“‘Kay! Love you, too! xo”


“Should have really at least taken the hoodie off, babe. Your hair’s damp and I don’t think it’s from rain!”

Y/N opens the door as soon as she hears his car alarm beep, Harry making his way up the steps to her place. He’s wearing his beanie, hair curling out from under it, and she can see why his fans went crazy.

She opens the door further to allow him to step inside, receiving him with a peck to the lips before shutting the door and helping him with his bag.

“Yeah, feeling a bit hot now, actually.”

She watches as he toes off his shoes. And she really shouldn’t gawk at how broad he looks as he raises his arms up and reaches to grasp the hoodie from behind, ridding his body of the thick garment in one swift move as he pulls it over his head. And then again to remove yet another sweater, leaving him in a white tee.

She walks over to the sitting area and sets his bag on the sofa when Harry throws his shorts over her head, chuckling loudly before walking over and engulfing her in a hug, pecking her head in adoration.

“Harry!” She whines, grabbing the shorts and aimlessly throwing them on top of his bag.

But her whines are drowned with the sudden press of Harry’s lips on hers, pecking lightly at first. One peck. And then he pulls away to look down at her, her lips pulled up into a smile now. Another peck. And he pulls away again, this time earning a light giggle. On the third kiss, he keeps his lips on hers a bit longer, his hands now on the small of her back, pressing her flush against him.

And for a minute Y/N had forgotten Harry is wearing a pair of white tights, but she’s suddenly reminded when she feels his bulge pressing against her, not in a sexual way or anything, but it makes it all the more…innocent? Having Harry so close. Being able to reach out and wrap her arms around his neck, playfully tugging at his beanie until she finally takes it off and puts it on her own head.

And it’s then that he breaks the kiss, with a light whisper of “m'gonna get ye’ sick, too, poppet.”

But she disregards the comment, instead she looks him over. The crinkles by his eyes from how he smiles down at her, puffy for some reason, his lips plump and pink from having just kissed her, his hair just a tad disheveled from having just taken the beanie off.

“If you’re as sick as you say, on you go for a shower!” She pecks his lips one last time before bringing a hand down to his bum and giving him a playful pat.

“M'not fakin’ t'get out of meetin’ ye’ parents, kit'en.”

Harry knuckles at his eyes, his other hand running down her arm to take her hand in his, his rings cold on her skin. He brings it up to his lips and kisses the back of her hand lightly before taking a few steps backwards. And he smirks when he sees Y/N’s eyes linger down south. But she doesn’t even try to hide it, eyes dancing on the verge of lust at the view of Harry’s outlined cock. Tights much too tight that it leaves little to the imagination, and they surely outline it perfectly. It’s when Harry clears his throat that she finally comes back out of her own thoughts.

“Can take a shower with me if ye’ wan’, poppet. Wouldn’t mind it at all.” And he brings his fingers down to the top of his tights, thumb sneaking past the waist band to adjust himself.

“Harry, stop!” Y/N’s laugh echoes through the house and she glares at Harry, but he just winks at her, “but as much as I’d love to, I have to finish packing. Now go!”

With out another word, Harry begins his walk to her room, but not before wiggling his bum her way, earning a giggle.

And Y/N can’t believe that after all this time, Harry still has the power to make her feel weak. Heart thumping, chest tightening, butterflies in her tummy weak.


The drive to her parents has been nothing less than a nightmare. Y/N would have counted on a complying Harry, but all he seems to be doing is complaining. At first, the car is too hot and the air is barely “breathable.” Then, after turning on the A/C, in which moment Y/N has to put on a sweater because even though Harry is hot, she is rather chilly, he complains about a headache. And after that it becomes too cold, and not only does Y/N have to take her sweater off for the third time, but now she’s also having to take her top off. And she would’ve appreciated Harry’s comment about how much he loves when she’s not wearing a top any other day, but at that particular moment the compliment’s only made her all the more frustrated.

So now, the drive’s become more of a chore than she would’ve liked. She doesn’t wanna press on Harry’s illness, knowing he’s probably just feeling anxious. But she does think he should maybe tone it down a bit and stop being so melodramatic.

Harry’s really beating himself up though. Doesn’t want Y/N thinking he’s actually trying to avoid meeting her parents. He’s been eager to make the trip ever since he first pitched the idea, and c'mon, if he didn’t wanna meet them he wouldn’t have even brought it up. Y/N was always going on about how she thought it might be too soon. How she didn’t want her parents to over step their boundaries and judge him because he’s Harry Styles and he might not be living the lifestyle they’d want their daughter to surround herself with. But after much convincing, she’d caved, and Harry’s been ecstatic since then.

So yeah, he really doesn’t like upsetting his Y/N, and he’ll prove he’s not backing out from this even if he ends up in the hospital.

After hours of silence, they finally arrive, but Y/N still doesn’t utter a word. Instead, she opens the car door as soon as Harry’s pulled into the driveway and putthe car on park.

She opens the boot and helps out with the duffle bags, leaving Harry to carry the bigger suitcase. And he has to find the strength in him to pull it out of the boot, stumbling back a bit from the force, his eyes blurry and head woozy. But he takes a deep breath and continues to lock the car before catching up behind Y/N, who’s leading the way to her parents’ home.

From the moment he steps foot inside, he feels it. He feels the warmth that a home should have. Pictures decorate the walls, personalising its surroundings. Y/N’s parents meet him with tight hugs and comments of how happy they are to finally meet Harry. Y/N’s mom makes a comment on how handsome he is, and he swears she might have even blushed when Harry smiles at her. Her dad greets him with a ‘son’ and Harry likes the sound of that.

Y/N excuses them after a moment, telling her parents she’s gonna settle them in her old bedroom real quick before having to head down for an early dinner.

Harry trails behind her, luggage in hand. She sets their stuff down on the end of the bed they’ll be sleeping in, shuffling about to unpack the necessities. Harry just watches her body move around the room, clearly still remembering where everything should go. He stands by the door quietly, fiddling with his rings and biting the inside of his cheek because he really just wishes she’d stop being mad at him, wishes she can just look at him at least. And he can feel the worry lines begin to form on his forehead, his lips pulled into a line in thought of how he’s gonna make this up to her. Not that it’s any of his fault, but he just can’t stand to see her upset.

But he continues to stand there, fingers running through his damp hair, eyes drowsy. And it’s not until he yawns that Y/N finally pays him any attention since they left her place.

She walks over to him and brings a hand to cup his cheek. She stands on her toes and brings her lips to his forehead in a light kiss. “Take a nap, babe. I’ll come get you when the food’s done.”

Harry complies easily at that, toes his shoes off and sneaks under the covers.


Y/N isn’t sure why Harry’s still asleep. She dragged making dinner as long as she could so he can rest longer, but for some reason Harry’s still upstairs.

“Be right back mum, gonna go get Harry.”

She makes her way to the room, peeking the door open, the room just a bit brightened by what’s left of daylight seeping through the window curtains. It’s odd, when Harry’s asleep there’s usually a wheezing sound, a sound that soothes her ears when they’re laid in bed. But the room is oddly quiet. She sees his body stir a bit, and it’s when he painfully grunts that she walks to stand over him, peeling the covers back just a bit.

“Oh my god, babe,” her heart just about stops at the sight of him. Paler than usual, lips a bright pink against his complexion. “You’re soaked in sweat.”

She removes the cover all the way then, tugging at his arm for him to sit up.

“Harry, why didn’t you tell me?” The worry in her voice breaks Harry’s heart, he thinks he really should have taken more medicine.

“Tried t’.” His body is weakly slumped, head hanging because he doesn’t even have enough strength to hold it up.

She’s working to get his drenched shirt up and off, tossing it elsewhere before pulling the covers around his shoulders.

“Oh I’m so sorry, sweets. Crap I’m really really sorry. You did try to tell me.”

“S'fine, kit'en.” He’s rubbing at his eyes tirelessly as Y/N walks away and back, towel in hand. She runs the soft cloth over his face, down to his chest, and wherever else she can reach before bringing it up to his hair. Seeing how week he is, she then helps him put on another shirt.

“It’s not.” She takes her hand to his forehead, and she almost loses it at how hot he feels. And god does she feel awful. Knows she should have believed him, or at least made sure and checked him.

With out a single word, she runs out of the room, and explains to her parents how sick Harry is before running back and taking a seat next to Harry who’s now lying back down, covers tucked under his arm.

He feels her tap at his shoulder to get him to face her, and gulps down the spoonful of medicine she gives him before she tells him her parents have called their doctor over.

“M'sorry for ruinin’ our first day here, lit'el one.”

“Oh no no,” as if she hadn’t felt bad enough, now HE’S the one apologising for being sick, that’s just like Harry to do that.

She wraps an arm under and around Harry’s shoulder, shushing him as she pulls his body closer to hers, her fingers trailing under where his eyes have swollen before tangling in his hair in soothing strokes. She kisses where his eyebrow arches, and Harry can only bury his face in her neck then, pursing his lips to lay a gentle kiss on her neck.

“G'na take care o’ me now?” His glossy green eyes look up at her, the lines on his forehead prominent.

“Until you’re all better, babe.”

Harry hums at that, and even though he’s sick and feeling awful, having Y/N with him, fingers running through his hair, help more than he can ever ever express.

Worth While (Tyler x FemReader) aghast fluff

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(A/n): real sad though

Request:  Can I please request a fic? I’m partially requesting this because I need some comfort :( I read that Tyler said in a stream that he “knows his clock is ticking”, and my heart immediately dropped into my stomach. Like, had my husband not been in the room, I would have started crying. I’d like it to be a fem reader (high school sweethearts maybe?), who heard Tyler say that, and struggles to hold it together during the stream, but when it’s over, has to leave the room. Much hurt and comfort ensues.

Warnings: Tears wtf


“I wouldn’t put that there.”

“Well why not, Ethan?”

“Because that’s not where it goes!” Ethan cried out a laugh.

Mark continued to shove his game controller into the depths of his plush couch. With a goof-ish grin stretching his cheeks, he allowed Ethan to pull away his arms.

“Well that’s usually where you lose things, and apparently I lost this match, because you claim to not have cheated.”

Slipping out a few laughs of her own, (Y/n) patted Mark on his shoulder.

“Not apparently, you did lose. Because you just suck.”

“(Y/n)!” the brunette squealed “Not the time for–”

“Facts.” Ethan finished.

The three of them erupted in giggles. In came Tyler, holding an open phone. Swiftly, he pecked (Y/n)’s hair and sat on her right.

“It’s time for the twitter Q&A, you idiots.” he said.

As a whole, Mark, Ethan and (Y/n) calmed themselves enough to stay seated, and stay silent. Placing herself over Tyler’s shoulder, the girl read aloud the first tweet on she could see.

“On a scale of one to ten, how difficult is dyed hair?”

“Very.” answered Tyler almost immediately.

Mark sputtered himself to a stop and turned over to view (Y/n)’s boyfriend.

“How would you know?” he asked.

Tyler defended himself “I have to hear the both of you whine about it all day.”

Laughing again, (Y/n) nodded enthusiastically, earning a smile from Tyler himself.

“Gimme’ that.” Ethan demanded, swiping the phone from Tyler. Both Mark and Tyler chuckled at Ethan’s reaction.

“Why is Mark so small?”

“Next question.”

Trying to focus on reading and not laughing Ethan said “It’s because he shoved so much of his dick in his personality, that by cause and effect, it actually made the rest of him physically smaller as well.”

“What do you mean ‘the rest’ and ‘as well’? The rest apart from what?” Mark asked in an touchy, offensive voice.

“Donate now to find out!” Tyler grinned at the camera, pointing at its lens “Links below!”

Bubbling with laughter, Ethan managed to state the next question.

“Did surgery scare you at all? Do you feel any different on your views?”

The question was for Tyler, therefore everyone in the group directed their eyes to the brunette; giving him their full attention.

“Well,” Tyler started. “I wouldn’t say that it scared me. It showed me a lot though.”

The air had been light up to that moment. (Y/n) wondered precariously as to why she felt as though it might change.

“You know; that life, as a whole, is a valuable gift.”

Mark and Ethan both offered him polite, understanding nods.

“It’s a privilege and not right. But, even now, I’m more aware that my own clock has began to tick.”

There it was. The sentence that hung sour within the air, almost palpable. Turning the atmosphere very quickly from joyous to real, especially for (Y/n). At the very least, he ended his answer with an honest smile.

“Well, I feel my surgery scared the shit out of me.” Mark soon cut in. It was very obvious he wanted to change the topic “Because it hurt so much, like holy shit. Flashbacks.”

A ridged laugh came from Ethan as he nodded and said

“I, myself, have never had surgery. And frankly, Mark’s horror story is good enough to scare me.”

Their jokes twisted with each other, once again pulling up a light ring around the group.

(Y/n) couldn’t bring herself to openly joke after something like that being said. Especially from someone like her high school sweetheart. Slowly, roughly, she felt her heart tumble to her stomach. Something wasn’t right with her, not at all.

“But anyway, that’s the only thing.” Tyler concluded, glancing quickly at (Y/n). The brunette noticed a blunt fatigue in her eyes.

Hours and hours passed through the stream. More questions were answered; some silly- some serious.

But as the hours passed, so did (Y/n)’s thoughts. She couldn’t focus on any charity games, couldn’t make any humourus jokes, couldn’t even get herself to spare Tyler a thoughtful look.

(Y/n) was grateful, though, for Mark and Ethan. The two of them took duty in carrying on the atmosphere; keeping her quaintly sane.

“Alright, it has been I don’t know how many hours, but it seems that we are wrapping up here.” Mark eventually said.

He took time to thank everyone that donated- to thank his three friends for joining him.

Mark did his outro, and then he was done. The stream went down and the camera was shut off.

(Y/n) immediately left the room.

It wasn’t her fault that she could not tear her mind away from Tyler’s statement. It wasn’t her fault that she wanted to suck it up for the sake of the stream. It wasn’t her fault that she didn’t want Tyler to die…

Such a vague thought it was. Having someone so seemingly important to you just suddenly one day die. It seemed almost selfish. Why did it have to happen?

Quicker than she had anticipated, (Y/n) found herself in her shared bedroom. Lord, when she looked up she cursed for two reason. Her eyes, had become childishly watery. And her gaze, inevitably fell upon her bed. The side closest to the door, Tyler’s side.

If he dies soon, who will lay next to her?

Tears, and nothing but tear, stabbed her eyes. She spun furiously to slam a closed hand against the door. Instead, the sad girl ran into her boyfriend. He had followed her.

“(Y/n).” he mumbled.

(Y/n) did not look up. She did not move, nor did she say anything.

“(Y/n), I…” Tyler raised his hand, very gently, and brought it down upon her soft locks.

“I’m going to die… sooner or later.”

The male pulled his beautiful girlfriend in for a hurting embrace. The sunlight wandered politely on the floor, crawling in from under a drawn curtain. The room was visibly grey.

“Don’t say that to me.” (Y/n) demanded.

If he dies soon, who will hold her when she cries?

Tyler relished the soft tears that came from (Y/n) as they gathered on his shoulder. Tightly wrapped around her chest, his arms became her blanket of comfort.

“I’m happy now where I am.” he said.

“I was happy until now, as well.”

Tyler’s words brought upon the girl more sadness.

“And darling, I’ll be happy when I die, knowing you made my life worth living.”




Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Baekhyun

Rating: PG

Warning: Descriptions of Lupus

Word Count: 6,926

Summary:  Lately, it seems that all your time is spent in and out of hospitals. A dreary place, even in the best of times. Until you meet him. [Genre: fluff]

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Dive In;

Summary: Y/N wasn’t much for dancing, until Bucky Barnes swept her off of her feet.

A/N: The Avengers actually managed to stay together and they all still love each other, ESPECIALLY BUCKY.

“It’s beautiful, it really is,” Y/N complimented the way Tony (more like Pepper) decorated the main lobby of the Avenger’s building. After the events following the Accords, the fractured- yet healing- team needed a positive publicity event to remedy their relationship with the general public; Tony decided to fulfill the task by throwing a gala. It was quaint enough that all the team members would be comfortable, but a few journalists would be allowed in to report on the team.

Tony grinned with pride, tossing an arm around Y/N’s exposed shoulders, “Thanks, kid. You look pretty beautiful yourself.” Y/N’s complexion became flushed at the compliment. The black, long-sleeve, cold shoulder dress Y/N was wearing made her anxious at first; she usually never dressed up, seeing as she generally never had much of a reason to. The fanciest place she would ever go would be to kick the ass of some bad guy in a foreign country she’d never visit again. 

“I’m going to find Pepper and check on the band, you have fun, kiddo,” Tony pecked her quickly on the cheek as a goodbye before wandering off into the crowd. 

Looking lost, Y/N glanced around the crowded room to find a familiar face. Natasha was busy flirting with a new Stark intern, and Wanda was interviewing with a reporter who wanted to know more about her past and Pietro. Clint was introducing his lovely wife to the press as well, probably so the rumors would stop about an affair between Hawkeye and Black Widow.

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Special Programme: Perfume "Collaboration" Excerpts

Morisanchuu: How will Perfume be like when everyone turns 50?
N: I think we’ll still be together.
K: Yeah, We do talk about it quite a bit huh - how the 3 of us will be like. I wonder if we’ll still be able to dance when we’re 50.
A: That is a problem huh. 50 years old - that’d be around the same age as my mom.
K: So it wouldn’t be weird to have a 20 year old daughter huh.
N: Well, but I get the feeling that there’ll definitely be something interesting that we can’t imagine. Don’t you think so?

Kimura Kaela: If you were to change your hairstyle, how would it be like?
K: Since I’ve always had long hair, I want to try having hair around as short as Nocchi’s, or maybe even Kaela-san’s.
A: Since Kashimama’s is short too, it’ll probably look good.
K: What about A-chan?
A: Huh, I don’t have any in mind.
N: What about the colour?
A: Ah, well, it seems like it’ll be really fun to wear black clothes with hair that’s browner and brighter.
K: That’s true, huh. It’ll change their impression on others.
A: So I guess, maybe a bright colour or something?
N: In my teens, I had hair about as long as Kashiyuka’s. But right now, I really feel like having a fringe again.
K: You haven’t had a fringe in some time huh.
A: Nocchimama has that hairstyle too. (Laughs)
N: Yeah, all of my female family members have started having that hairstyle.
K: Well, since everyone has more or less the same image, it probably looks good on everyone.

Takahashi Yuu: How do you keep the things you treasure?
N: Well I do have a treasured items box.
K&A: Me too.
N: With like our matching bracelets.
K: And straps.
A: And costumes, as well as letters from fans - as much as six boxes.
N: That’s amazing!
A: That’s why I keep mine above.
K: Ah, so you’re the above type? I’m the below type. The things I don’t have space for at home I leave at my parents’.
N: I guess I’m the below type too. But they’re all scattered about in various places.
A: Please keep them together! (Laughs)

Yuusuke Santamaria: What do guys do that make your hearts skip a beat?
N: I like nasally voices. Nasal inflammations are the best! So if we’re talking about actions, I like it when they cough. Like “eghem” or something.
A: Ain’t that no good! (Laughs)
K: I like it when they make a face like nothing’s happened after they almost fall. Like when they think no one saw, and without letting out their voice, they gaze off to the side.
A: Something that makes my heart skip a beat… The person I like!

MIKIKO: What are the moments that make you most happy for joining Perfume?
N: Though there a plenty, recently it’s been when we receive choreography from Sensei, and being able to dance that really cute choreography makes me go, “This is the best!”
K: For example, when we have our first lives at overseas locations, the moment we start, I often think, “Our dreams are coming true! Right now! Ah, I’m so glad that it’s the three of us, I’m so glad that it’s this team. There really isn’t any moment that’s happier than this!”
A: Yeah, I understand that. We get really nervous, right? But somehow, standing on stage, overcoming our nervous selves, being together with our precious comrades, and at the very end, we say “Well then, we’re Perfume! Thank you very much!” And then when we bow, I often think that I’m really glad to have joined Perfume. Like, nothing can replace that sense of accomplishment, and I can’t get enough of it.
N: It’s a bit complex, but I get it. And I’m sure Sensei thinks the same.

Miyagawa Daisuke: What are the parts about the others that you dislike, or wish would be changed?
N: Well, I mean it’s not like I wish for it to change, but if I had to say it, there is something… So A-chan likes to eat tasty things, but she has a small appetite, so when she gets full in the middle of a meal, she’ll become a little moody. The first bite is her peak, like “it tastes so goood!!”
All: (Laughs)
K: I also have something about A-chan.
A: Oh no! What could it be? Why is everyone choosing me? (Laughs)
K: It’s not like I dislike it or want it changed, so it’s like just some info, but there are times when she really gets into the choreography, and gets into a groove, and becomes unable to dance normally.
All: (Laughs)

Pornograffiti: What kind of house do you live in right now?
N: I’ve tried out various spacious floor plans, but the clutter began to build up, so now I’ve tightened it up.
A: You remodeled a lot huh.
N: I did. It’s left me worn out.
K: You threw away quite a lot of things, right?
N: Yeah.
A: All at once, right?
N: Yup.
A: As for me, my kitchen doesn’t have partitions to separate it from the rest of the living room, so I have to keep it clean. Other than that, the scenery is pretty.
K: Because it’s high up, huh.
A: Yeah.
N: Kashiyuka’s room is the probably the one I’ve seen the most photos of.
K: Ah, maybe so.
N: Inside anan (the magazine).
K: It’s scary how much of it is available to see. (Laughs)
A: She has plants, and she’s an animal person too. She really loves raising things. (Laughs)
K: Yeah, I have many living things.
N: If you look it up in anan you’ll probably more or less understand how it’s like. (Laughs)

Maeda Kenta: Do lives feel good?
A: Well, it feels suuuper great.
N: Feels suuuper great. Nothing can take its place.
K: I want to experience even more of it.

Chatmonchy: What kind of pajamas do you wear to sleep?
N: Recently, I’ve been wearing rompers, the one that look like a pair of shorts and a T-shirt joined together. The thin one.
K: I’m finally wearing the one I got from A-chan.
A: Really? I’m happy! The organic cotton one right?
K: I got it for my birthday but I thought I’d be too cold if I wore it in winter since it’s thin. So I’ve finally gotten to wearing it recently.
A: Recently I’ve been particular about the materials. To begin with I already have 80 or 90 sets, but I really really love pajamas, so there are times when I’ve bought one before I know it. Like, why’s this in my bag? (Laughs)

Maximum the Hormone: If you had to get a tattoo, what and where would you get it inked?
N: I think, I’d get something tattooed onto my scalp after shaving my hair.
K: How scary!
A: Wouldn’t that be troublesome for the tattoo artist? (Laughs)
K: I’d tattoo a triangle onto the back of my neck.
A: Ah! The fashionable sort.
K: If I got something like that, I wonder if it’d make feel like an android.
A: I can’t imagine it, but I like the kanji for strict (厳) because I think it’s the most balanced.
K: You’ve mentioned it before, huh. (Laughs)
A: Yeah. I’d tattoo that.

Manabe Daito: What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced from using technology?
N: The pressure from Cannes was overwhelming, huh.
K: Yeah.
A: We had to wear the machinery on our shoulders for about an hour huh.
K: Yeah, on standby.
A: Yeah, after putting on the costumes and turning the switch on, the nervousness continued to build. Usually for our lives we put on our costumes right before the performance begins. But for Cannes, we didn’t know when our turn would come, and we didn’t know if we could smoothly put on the machinery, so we decided to get dressed earlier.
K: But overcoming that slow build-up was really fun, right? Like, the feeling of slowly getting closer to our goal was really enjoyable.
A: Yeah. That’s why we’d like to continue to challenge new things, so we’ll continue to await any new proposals too.
N: We’ll be in your care.

Seki Kazuaki: What MV(s) did you dislike filming?
A: Wasn’t the reverse playback really difficult?
K: That’s what I thought of too.
N: (Groans)
A: (Laughs) But, y'know, wasn’t Seki-san waiting for that answer?
K: All that hard work…
A: In the second chorus of Magic of Love, though it looks like we’re dancing normally, the truth is that we danced it in reverse.
K: From the way our hairs fly up, and the balls move backwards, you can tell that it was in reverse.
A: Yup yup. And the movements were a little weird too. (Laughs) That really was difficult..
N: We had to download a reverse playback application.
A: Yeah, and we recorded a lot with it, and because it was so difficult, we had to save all of it.
K&N: (Laughs)
A: And when we tried doing it for real it looked really bad.
K: We took quite a lot of takes huh. But it turned into an interesting MV, huh.
A&N: Yeah.
A: I really love that MV.

Notes from the Nakata interview
- It’s been about 14 years since they became acquainted. Nakata was about 22-23 at the time. Perfume were around 14-15.
- Nakata used to look much more like an uncle than he does now. His hair was short, and was blacker. He was wearing sunglasses too. It’s because he thoughts adults were cooler, so he wanted to look like one sooner.
- A-chan practiced hard to get the strange rhythm for Oishii Recipe down, but Nakata was very cold during the recording, which made her feel frustrated and tear a bit.
- Nakata talks about why he gets his vocalists to sit down while recording but I don’t really get what he means because it’s too abstract.
- Nakata uses auto-tune just because he thinks the songs would sound better and cooler with it.
- It’s not like Nakata has always had confidence in his music. But from some point, he began having confidence in the tracks he gives to Perfume.
- Computer City was the changing point in Perfume’s attitudes towards Nakata’s music. It was the song that made Perfume understand what Nakata was going for with his music. They brought the single’s poster to their high school to promote it. Before that, they used to be embarrassed about and keep quiet about their activities.
- Nakata has never told them, but he has always planned for their music to go in a cooler direction when they grew a little older. And looking back, they went in that direction earlier than he expected.
- The reason Nakata doesn’t really go to Perfume’s lives is because he doesn’t want it to change his impression of what songs he should be making for Perfume.
- Nakata thinks it’s important where a person is born, and he tries not to make music that can’t have its place of origin identified by the listener. So he doesn’t really go overseas much because he’s afraid of having his music sense changed.

Secrets And Lies - Two

Reid x Reader

Another three months had gone by since that night in the hotel room. It hadn’t gone down as Y/N had envisioned it, Spencer hadn’t broken it off with her and broken her heart.

Instead he’d gently coaxed out of her the words she’d been so scared of speaking, replying with his own declaration of love and adoration for her.

“So what happens now?” she’d asked.

“I’ll leave Georgia so we can be together, if that’s what you want.”

“Spencer, this isn’t just about what I want. This won’t work if it’s just about me. You have to want this to. Because it’s a big ask for you to hurt the person you’ve been with for so long.”

“But if I don’t hurt her, I’m hurting you. And myself. I want this, I want you. It’s wrong how this has happened, but it has. We have to accept that. We did something wrong and we have to make it right.”

So when he’d crept out of Y/N’s room that morning, it was with a promise that once Georgia arrived home that evening, he’d end things. And that he’d let Y/N know as soon as it was done.

So she waited, all night. For a phone call, a text message, a knock at her door that never came. And by the early hours of the morning she’d convinced herself that their conversation earlier had been a lie, and that Spencer just hadn’t been able to handle letting her down to her face. She berated herself for being so dumb, so stupid. For believing the words of a man that would cheat on his girlfriend. Y/N worked herself into a state and when it was time for work the next morning, she had one hell of a job trying to cover her puffy eyes and dry lips from all of the crying.

She was sure she’d managed it though until a moment on the teams jet. Y/N had gone to the bathroom and when she opened the door to leave, JJ was standing there waiting for her.

“Everything okay?” she asked, her concerned blue eyes searching Y/N’s face.

“Erm yeah. Everything’s fine.”

“Are you sure? You’ve been very quiet this morning and….. Well, you don’t seem yourself right now. If there’s anything you want to talk about, we can you know.”

She very nearly tugged Jennifer into the bathroom with her then, ready to break down and spill all of the details of hers and Spencer’s sordid affair. But she glanced down the aisle and saw Spencer look up from his book, catching her eye.

“Everything’s fine JJ. I just didn’t sleep well last night that’s all.”

The blonde profiler chose to let it go as Y/N moved passed her and back to her seat, avoiding Spencer’s gaze.

Later that night when the team were at their motel, Y/N heard a knock on her door as she was getting ready for bed. Thinking it was JJ coming to pry again, she opened the door to see it was Spencer and immediately tried to close it on him. She wasn’t in the mood for this. Not here, not now. He blocked her move and pushed into the room, closing the door behind him.

“I need to explain,” he said quietly as she looked every where in the room but at him.

“No you don’t, it’s fine. I get it.”

“Y/N……Look at me, please.”

When she didn’t, Spencer crossed the room to her and gently cupped her chin with his hand, turning her face to his.

“I couldn’t do it yesterday. I will do it, I swear it. But I can’t do it right now,” his hazel eyes were full of conflict and emotion and Y/N wanted to pull away from him but found that she wasn’t able to make herself.

“When Georgia came home yesterday, she was a mess. Her Dad called her whilst she was driving home, her Mom died.”


“You see, as much I want to end things with her, I can’t hurt her anymore right now. I need to stay with her until the funeral is over at least, possibly a bit longer. I don’t want to stay with her though but I have to right now, please don’t think that this is an excuse. I can show you the messages from her that she’s sent me today if you don’t believe me.”

Did Y/N really want to be the person who asked for proof of something like that? No. Even though a tiny part inside her head was saying that it wasan excuse, she didn’t think it was. And as much as she wanted to be truly selfish here, she understood Spencer’s reasoning. Georgia was going to need him.

But for how long? Because she needed him too.

“You’re still…. You’re still going to end it. You still want us?” she asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

Spencer nodded and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, embracing her and she buried her head into his shirt.

“I still want us. More than you’ll ever know. I just…. I can’t give you a time frame here. I want to say a few weeks, but it could be a month or so. I know it’s a lot to ask but… can you give me that time? Will you wait? I’ll understand if you can’t, it’ll kill me inside but I understand.”

“Spencer, I’ll wait for you. I love you.”

“I love you too. So very much.”

So time passed by, Spencer and Y/N continued their affair behind Georgia’s back, leaving both of them feeling terrible after each brief encounter.

Because Georgia had taken some time off from her job to deal with her grief, that meant that Spencer and Y/N didn’t get much time with each other. A few snatched moments when they were in a motel when out on a case was really all they had, something neither of them liked doing because they were in such close proximity to the team. A phone call here and there at the weekend, text messages which Y/N knew Spencer would delete straight away.

She hated this but she didn’t realise that he hated it even more. She didn’t know the pain he was going through trying to be there for someone he no longer loved, trying to soothe them and to assure them that everything would be okay when he knew that he was going to make everything not okay as soon as he felt able to do it.

Which was another sore point between the two lovers.

Y/N wanted a date, a time limit on how long she’d have to wait. When the first month turn into two months and then stretched to the third, she because increasingly frustrated with Spencer and it showed when they were together. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep this a secret.

Every time her phone sang out Spencer’s ring tone, she answered eagerly, wanting it to be him telling her he’d done it. But it never was.

And whenever she pressed the subject, he’d tell that he loved her but that the time wasn’t right yet; that Georgia was still a mess.

And so she continued to wait, hating herself, hating him, and hating Georgia because she had the one thing that she wanted. Spencer.

Y/N knew the woman wasn’t having an easy time with life currently. She constantly stalked her Facebook and Twitter, and Georgia was regularly leaving messages on her Mom’s Facebook wall telling her how much she missed her.

Still, every time she saw her update it to an activity that included Spencer, she seethed onside.

“Watching the new Dr Who and eating a home cooked steak with the boy. Can always count on him to cheer me up.”

Nope. Nope nope NOPE.

Status’s like that made Y/N want to drive around to Spencer’s apartment to show Georgia just exactly what her boy had been up to. But she didn’t. Because she didn’t want to end this for Spencer. He had to do it.

Later on in the evening when Y/N would be lying in bed, Reid would normally text her. She knew that meant Georgia was asleep. He’d apologise, he knew she checked up on them. And then he’d assure that he loved HER, and that they’d be together soon.

Y/N just felt lost now. She was stuck in limbo. She’d told Spencer that she’d wait, but so far she couldn’t see that he was making any movement towards leaving his partner.
She understood his predicament, but it didn’t make it any easier on her. The last two times they’d managed to spend time with each other she’d ended up sobbing uncontrollably after he’d left.

He shouldn’t be leaving her, he should be staying the night, holding her tight. They should be waking up with each other, spending everyday together.

But they weren’t.

And he just kept asking her to wait.

She couldn’t confide in anyone about this or ask for their advice. Even JJ had stopped asking her if anything was wrong whenever she saw her puffy eyes. Y/N wondered if the team actually suspected anything. No one said anything to them and Y/N thought they did a pretty good job of hiding things when they were at work, but they did work with profilers after all.

They also had to have picked up the fact the Reid hardly mentioned Georgia now unless he was directly asked about her. And whenever he did, Y/N would bury her head in whatever paperwork she had in front of her, trying desperately not to listen.

When the three months stretched into another, Y/N came to a decision. She called him up and made him meet her at a small café they’d discovered together.

“You have three weeks Spencer. Til the end of this month. I can’t wait any longer than that. If you don’t tell her then…. ”

“What, you’ll tell her?” was secretly what Spencer was hoping she’d say. He was too much of a coward to do it himself really. He knew he was dragging this out for far longer than he should. He knew he was hurting Y/N terribly but he just…. Couldn’t. Every time he thought that he was ready to tell Georgia, something would happen. She’d find an old picture of her and her Mom or she’d be reminded of an old memory and she’d start to cry again. And Spencer couldn’t bring himself to add to those tears.

“No. I’m not telling her for you. You have to do that yourself. But if you don’t tell her, I’m gone. I’ve been speaking with Hotch, letting him know that I’m looking into transferring out. He’ll support my application to move. At the end of this month, we all have our two weeks mandatory leave. I’ve rented a cabin by a lake to spend some time either by myself to get over you, or to spend it with you. I’ll be leaving at nine am on the Friday morning. If you’re not waiting at my apartment by nine am, we’re done. And when I return, I’m handing in my transfer papers.”

With that, Y/N stood up and walked away, leaving Spencer sitting shell shocked at the table.

A/N: Lemme know what you think!

I Despise You - Edmund x Reader (Pt.3)

Warnings: none

Characters: Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan Pevensie and (Y/N)

Setting: The Golden Age, Narnia

Blurb (???i think???): (requested by @alwaysinnarnia) The reader is a Swordswoman/Knight of Doorn and visits Narnia, soon getting off on the wrong hand with King Edmund. She stays in Narnia and they train together, and they become friends and maybe something more…


There was only one thought itching at the back of (Y/N)‘s brain.

“Come on, you’re too slow.” The king laughed as she was once again knocked to the floor.

Killing King Edmund.

She huffed a piece of hair away from her face and leaped back up, her knees were bent and she held her fists in front of her chest. The young king, in response, positioned himself and began to throw punches towards (Y/N)’s upper torso.

Peter’s order for King Edmund and (Y/N) to spend some time together to train was an absolute waste of time. She could have more affective progress training by herself, let alone a king she despised.

(Y/N) had been planning to rest until at least until noon to catch up on sleep she had missed on her travels here. Yet, there was a thunderous knock on her door at dawn and she had opened the door to a wide awake and annoyed looking Edmund Pevensie.

“What are you doing?” The King had asked as if (Y/N) was doing something utterly disgusting.

“Sleep,” she croaked underneath the pile of blankets she drew over her head.

He had scoffed with one eyebrow raised and shoved a set of tunics, trousers and two pairs of training boots into her arms.

“Be outside in five minutes,” he demanded to (Y/N) who was half disoriented. “We’re going for a run.”

“For a what!” She whisper-screamed furiously. “At dawn?!”

King Edmund rubbed the bridge of his nose. “You’re helpless.”

(Y/N) obviously went with him to prove him wrong, only to see that he was a much faster runner than her.

There were certain things about this king that made her want to strangle him. She couldn’t think of any at that moment though, because he had just punched her in the gut.

(Y/N) tried to ignore the pain and keep fighting, but she needed a break. She held her side and began to limp towards the bench area of where they were training. With her mouth set in a straight line and her teeth gritted together, she took a seat and let out an exhausted sigh.

King Edmund approached the bench and wiped his face with the ice cold water he had collected from a river nearby.

(Y/N)’s stinging stomach made it clear that he had bruised her. But she didn’t say anything about stopping; then he would think she was a quitter.

“We could stop if you want.” The King said. “I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.“

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” She winced as she pressed her finger around her bruise. “For me to give up.”

He lowered his head and chuckled, the rays of the bright sun caught in his hair and lightened his dark eyes. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat as he squatted down in front of her.

“No,” he replied, his lips slightly upturned. “I thought you’d want to check if you had any broken nails.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened and her heart began to pound with fury. She shoved him onto his back and stood to keep a foot on his chest.

“Patronize me again and I swear I’ll kill you.” She said with a tone of terror in her voice.

“I was kidding.” He grunted. “Get your foot off.”

“No, no I don’t think I will.”

The king looked up at her, dead in the eyes, and said, “Are you seriously-”

“Edmund!” Someone called out, and Lucy approached them with a skip in her step. “Breakfast is ready! What are you two doing?”

“Sparring. With our fists.” (Y/N) smiled as she clapped her hands together. “Isn’t that right, King Edmund?”

He grinned towards his younger sister who also added, “Oh and (Y/N); a letter arrived from Doorn.”

“Thank you, Lucy.” The swordswoman responded with a wide smile on her face.

“Don’t be late!” Lucy called back as she ran towards the castle.

(Y/N) drew her gaze back to her opponent who now had his hands underneath his head. She took her foot off of his chest and unwrapped the bandages from her knuckles.

“You haven’t learnt to fist-fight in Doorn.” King Edmund pointed out.

“No, we haven’t. It’s pointless.”

“What if you didn’t have a weapon in combat?” He asked.

“I would use anything else but my fists.”

“But let’s say you don’t have anything else.”

(Y/N) pulled her boots on and stood in front of him. “I don’t need weapons. Give me one piece of rope and I could kill someone in more than five ways.”

“You really are up yourself, aren’t you?“

“You really want me to kill you, don’t you?”

He flashed a smile as he stepped forward, making the space between them slightly shorter. She kept her eyes trained on his dark, yet playful looking ones. She felt something brush her waist and soon realized it was hand. He felt the new bruise located there and (Y/N) held back a wince.

“Sorry about that…” he said quietly.

(Y/N) ignored her slightly rapid heart beat and drew away from him after stating firmly, “Think about where you hit next time.”

He laughed softly. “I will.”

She rolled her eyes and turned away from him to walk back up towards the castle.

She still felt his fingers on her waist.


(Y/N) took her time bathing and grooming herself. Her room began to smell like the fig and vanilla scented soaps, filling the air around her and making her sink deeper into the tub.

She hasn’t gotten around to reading the letter from Doorn yet, and her mind began to wonder as to what her parents could possibly want. (Y/N) had often taken care of businesses that her parents couldn’t solve. She was intelligent and an excellent problem solver.

Although, she couldn’t figure out why the young king was acting like that during their training session. When he touched her waist, it felt strange; and it wasn’t because of this bruise he created there.

(Y/N) was confused by that sudden action and why he did it. She had thought it was to catch her off guard, which worked.

She drew a hand through her tangled, damp hair and began to dry herself off and dress for breakfast. She settled on a long sleeved, white tunic and a crimson floor length skirt. The stitching of multiple flowers with a golden looking thread made it seem more vibrant.

(Y/N) shut the door of her chamber and pulled on her shoes.

“Lady- I mean (Y/N),” she King Peter’s voice to her right. A smile appeared on her face as she greeted him.

“You and Edmund seem to butt heads quite a lot.” He laughed as he guided her to the dining area. “I hope this training has done any good. You know, making you sort out problems between you.”

(Y/N) scoffed. “It’s difficult to talk to someone so ignorant.”

“I wouldn’t say he’s ignorant; just very stubborn.”

“Well, if you say that then you must be correct. I should make him a friendship bracelet to express how sorry I am.” she stated sarcastically, earning a laugh from Peter.

They arrived at the doors of the dining room and entered. (Y/N) was greeted by Lucy and Susan who both complemented her on what she was wearing.

“You know, if you really like the skirts I could get more for you,” Susan said kindly. “They look beautiful on you.”

(Y/N) smiled. “Thank you very much, Susan. I’d love that.”

“Sorry I’m late,” someone stated from behind her. She rolled her eyes as she recognised it as King Edmund who walked to the empty seat across her.

Just as he took a seat, two fauns appeared into the room and began to distribute the almost unreal looking dishes.

“You make it look like you’ve never seen a pancake before, (Y/N).” Peter chuckled.

“I haven’t,” She stated truthfully.

The sound of sputtering surprised her and she turned to King Edmund who was choking on water, his younger sister patting him on his back.

(Y/N) sent a death glare his way and he responded with another cough mixed with laughter.

“Come on, Ed.” Susan sighed, exasperated. “You should at least understand that she’s new to a lot of these things.”

“Oh, yeah.” Edmund held back a laugh. “I know all about that.”

(Y/N) let out a bitter laugh. “Oh, do you now?”

“Mhm,” he hummed confidently. “You really are something special.”

Silence fell across the room as she gripped her fork tighter, all the while having a stare down with the Just King.

He took another sip from his silver goblet as the fauns disappeared from the toon. (Y/N) leaned forward and placed her elbows onto the table, a sarcastic smile on her face.

“Oh, then do tell, your Highness. Maybe you should also address how abnormally thick-headed you are.”

“Oh look!” Lucy exclaimed worriedly. “Eggs.”

The king retorted, “But you definitely outweigh that supposed thick-headedness of mine. It wouldn’t be fair to not address the queen of big heads.”

“Um, guys we should start-” began Peter, who has then interrupted by (Y/N).

“You’re inconsiderate and annoying, and honestly the only way that it could be worse is that you don’t know how to treat other people.”

“And earlier today?” He said, his eyes dark and the corners of his mouth drawn in a straight line.

(Y/N) stopped suddenly. She put aside her rage for a couple of seconds and remembered how he touched her. “What?”

He scoffed. “Nothing. Because apparently I don’t know how to treat other people.”

“Alright you two, stop it.” Susan demanded. “Whatever it is that is going on, you should discuss this later.”

“I’d rather not.” Edmund Pevensie said. “Definitely not.”


(Y/N) felt the day go by extremely quickly; her training and sitting in the library made her lose track of time. She was now sitting by the fireplace in her room with a cup of tea by her side, reading about the history of Narnia.

Of course, she knew her own history. But she didn’t necessarily know the history of Cair Paravel, and how the Pevensie siblings came around to becoming kings and queens of this country.

Sunset seemed like hours ago, and as soon as dinner was over she approached her chambers and hadn’t come out ever since. She definitely didn’t want to face ‘him’.

(Y/N) hadn’t seen King Edmund all day after breakfast what happened at breakfast, and dinner seemed much more quiet and peaceful. She did feel quite guilty about saying how he didn’t know how to treat others. But she also knew it was somewhat true.

(Y/N) closed the book and turned to her tea which, she noticed, had gone cold. She sighed and removed herself from her comfortable armchair with the teacup in her hand.

As she exited the room, she heard the sound of crickets and the coldness of the castle hit her hard. She shivered in her nightgown and hurried faster towards the closest kitchens of Cair Paravel, the candlelights along the wall guiding her.

Upon arriving, she noticed how large the kitchen was. With multiple benches made of marble and shelves filled with hundreds of cutlery and plates. As soon as she found a small pot, (Y/N) immediately began to prepare some herbal tea.

She began to wonder around the kitchen in search for biscuits and some sugar before she heard the door open. In a panic, she grabbed a small knife hidden under the sleeve of her nightgown and leaped towards the door silently. The figure who had entered had her knife pressed underneath throat. The swordswoman then discovered who it was…

“What are you doing here?” King Edmund whispered.

“What are you doing scaring me like that?”

“I asked you first.”

She let out a quiet sigh a removed the knife from his neck. “I was just making tea.”

“No, I mean what are you doing up so late?”

“What’s it your business?”

He moved towards a cupboard on the left, taking out something. He placed an intricately detailed teacup besides (Y/N)’s before jumping on the counter himself.

“You wouldn’t mind pouring me some, would you?” He inquired quietly.

(Y/N) still couldn’t see his face in the dim candlelight.

“Are there any more candles around here?” She asked.

“Yeah, in the cupboard beneath you.”

She found a small candelabra sitting in the cupboard with stubs of candles. It was just decent enough to last for a couple of hours. Not that they were doing to sit here for hours.

“You put sugar in your tea?” King Edmund asked.

(Y/N) nodded in response as she lit the candelabra. She placed it on a large counter in the centre of the room and noticed that the king was now off the bench and looking in a cupboard.

He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of breeches, and his hair was sticking up in all directions. (Y/N) noticed sweat marks on the back of his neck which plastered his hair down.

“Did you go for a run?” She said.

He turned around and looked at her calmly. He looked different; like he was off guard and tired. What happened to him? He doesn’t look like this usually.

“No,” he replied.

(Y/N) began to hear the whistling of the pot and rushed towards it, careful not to burn herself. She removed the kettle from the fire and took it out as the king asked her how much sugar she liked.

She didn’t imagine herself in this situation; pouring tea for someone she deeply disliked.

“I was reading.” (Y/N) answered his question from earlier in the dead silence as she stirred her tea.

King Edmund sipped his tea and began to break his biscuit into little pieces. “What were you reading?”

She shrugged. “Just some history.”


(Y/N) peered towards him. “And you, King Edmund.”

He looked at her with his dark eyes that somehow looked golden in the candle light. “I was sleeping.”

“You’re sweating and it’s freezing in here. You probably had some dream about training. I reckon you were doing terribly.

He chuckled softly as (Y/N) added, “I was definitely beating you, I could tell.”

She smiled softly and felt her stomach drop a bit. This wasn’t a conversation she imagined having. Was he messing around with her to get her off guard?

“No,” he said in response, snapping her out of her thoughts. “It was just some nightmare.”

“Oh,” she said.

“Listen, (Y/N).” He began, scratching the back of his neck. “I apologize for today; I’m not usually like that I was just worked up.”

“Is that an excuse for every insult you’ve thrown at me for the past three days?” She said angrily.

“No,” he stated. “But I apologize. I shouldn’t have said stuff like that.”

His tone of genuineness surprised her and she brought up what happened earlier. “And when you touched me?”


(Y/N) mentally screamed at her rapidly beating heart to calm down. “When you touched the bruise you gave me, why did you do it?”

He peered at her with kind eyes and placed his hands around his teacup, his long fingers intertwining. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just wanted to see if you were alright.”

(Y/N) stayed silent, debating whether she should apologize to him or leave it be. But she spoke up: “I’m sorry for what I said today at dinner; I didn’t mean for it to go that far.”

“You were only saying what was on your mind.” He stated moving just an inch towards her. “It’s alright.”

(Y/N) looked away towards the candlelight and sipped her warm tea.

“Thank you, King Edmund.” She muttered almost under her breath.

She felt his eyes on her but she didn’t turn to him, instead she looked down and smiled. “You still have a big head though.”

“Like I don’t hear that everyday,” he laughed. He then placed his teacup on the counter and stated, “Call me Edmund.”

Hopelessly Waiting

Summary: When a well respected Lord Rumlow takes interest in you, will your Prince Charming come rescue you?

A/N: Here is that Steve “candy” I promised @poe-also-bucky Its pretty angsty though soooo

Word Count: 2367

Smoothing out your dress you looked at yourself in the mirror once more, still not used to the reflection that stared back at you.

This didn’t look like you, you never wore fancy dresses or lots of makeup- you were just the local seamstress in your small village. But when Lord Rumlow decided you were to be his wife after he visited your village, your father readily agreed- for it would bring your family money and honor to your name.

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just me or has the fandom recently been fuking up a lot,,,like the problems i’m seeing on dash are all causes by the fandom and not some anti asdgjasdg

Radiant Beauty

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: smut
Requested by: @missmewtwo

Summary: Gaston easily gets jealous. You show him, that there is no reason for him to be.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ANGEL!!!!!! I honestly hope you have a fantastic day and that this is a nice present!!! <333 thanks for all your support, it means the world to me!


Weddings truly were something wonderful.

A day filled with so much happiness.

And then there was also the food and the dresses. Because you loved those two things just as much as the wedding itself.

And in a small village, such as the one you were living in, everyone was invited to a wedding. Everyone was there to celebrate the love of two people.

You got there a bit later than everyone else, mainly because you had promised to bake a cake for the happy couple and had burnt the first one.

And when you walked up to the table where everyone had placed the food on, you didn’t even realize how many eyes were on you.

No one could blame them, though.

You wore an ankle-length, auburn dress, with flowers embroidery, as well as a corset, but one that was relatively low-cut, so the dress did not only complement your figure, but also your breasts. It wasn’t so that they could be falling out any second, but it looked really good that way.

Summed up, you looked stunning.

And everyone at the wedding seemed to think so.

Especially one man, who stood at the back and smiled at you, while you were trying to find the perfect spot for the cake.

His smile faltered mere moments later, though, when another man approached you.

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Falling In Reverse - One

Spencer x Reader

Y/N was not ready for this. At all.

Flying, she hated it. But it was a necessary evil if she wanted to visit her family. Which she did but she also didn’t. Y/N going home for her sister’s wedding. Her younger sister’s wedding. And she was going alone, armed with a barrage of replies to the ‘why are you single?’ questions she knew she’d get from her relatives. None of her answers would satisfy them though. But she’d cope. There was a free bar, that was going to get her through it.

Glancing around the plane briefly Y/N saw that it seemed full of tourists, people visiting Vegas for the first time. There was that sense of buzz and and excitement in the air. The buzz and excitement that she no longer felt. Having lived there for eighteen years it quickly wore off, as did the constant, “Oh you’re from Vegas? Can you count cards?” No, she couldn’t. But she was a pretty decent poker player so she did at least fit that one stereotype. Y/N had moved away for college when she was eighteen and now ran a small bookshop in Virginia. It wasn’t what she’d expected to be doing at 26 years old but she loved it all the same. There was just something about books, the smell of them, the feel of them in her hands knowing that the pages contained an entirely different universe sometimes, one that she could immerse herself in. Y/N had started working there at college and when the previous manager had left, Sally the elderly owner had offered her the job. As she wasn’t particularly doing very well in her chosen studies, she’d taken it.

Slipping her book between her leg and the side of the seat, Y/N clutched her bottled water and cursed herself for not buying any hard candy to suck on. She hated flying, taking off and landing was the worst, and sometimes she suffered from an intense pressure build up in her ears which gave Y/N a headache for days. At the moment though it looked like she was going to be lucky enough to have an entire row of three seats to herself, it was approaching takeoff time and so far no one else had claimed the other seats.

“Excuse me, excuse me.. ” a tall man with brown hair that looked like it hadn’t seen a hairbrush let alone touched one in years was trying to skirt around the air hostess that was helping the family in the row behind. Managing to slip by, he took out a few items and then stashed his satchel in the overhead locker before flopping down into the seat at the end of the row.

Guess you weren’t going to have the row to yourself after all, Y/N thought to herself

She tried not to look at him as he fidgeted, trying to fold his long legs into a comfortable seating position for the flight. Finally getting settled, he gave Y/N a quick look and then pulled out his book, burying his head into it.

The crew got ready for take off, neither Y/N or the man sat by her paying any attention to the safety instructions the air hostesses went through. Y/N was a seasoned flyer as much as she disliked it and she assumed he was too. As the plane sped down the run way Y/N closed her eyes and breathed deeply, her hands clutching the arm rests as the palne took off.

As the plane gained altitude Y/N started to feel that familar pressure building in her ears. She began to swallow, wishing she had some candy to suck on, it always helped in the past. Her ears popped once and then almost immediately the pressure began to rebuild.

“Do you want something to suck on?”

A voice came from her right and Y/N’s eyes flew open. It was the man sat next to her looking at her with concern. Y/N swallowed hard, her ear giving a little squeak.


“Would you like something to suck on?” he asked again, clearly not realising how his offer sounded. Y/N stifled a laugh, wincing slightly as her ear went again.

“I think they frown upon that here,” she told him seeing his brow furrow.

Y/N could almost see the penny dropping in his mind and his cheeks blushed a furious red as he fumbled in his pocket pulling out a packet of hard candy.

“Sweets, I meant sweets!”

He was cute, a little squeak to his voice.

“Are you sure? Cos it sounded like you were propositioning me…..”

He fidgeted again looking extremely uncomfortable and Y/N grinned, the interaction with this cute stranger distracting her from her own discomfort.

“Look, do you want one or not?” he thrust the packet towards her and Y/N took one, popping it into her mouth and tasting the sweet but tangy taste of lemon sherberts, her favourite.

“Thank you. I appreciate it…. And I’m sorry for making fun.”

“It’s okay. I do realise how it sounded,” he sounded more relaxed suddenly and Y/N turned to study him.

He was definitely attractive, even despite the messy hair. Strong jawline, hazel eyes and plump pink lips. He was dressed in courdroys and a pale blue button down shirt with a navy cardigan thrown over the top. One leg was tucked under the other and he had converse on his large feet. His hands rested on his lap, twiddling with the ends of his cardigan and she could see a watch worn over the sleeve of his jacket rather than under. Y/N wondered how old he was, she couldn’t quite tell.

“I wonder if that line would ever work on anyone?” she pondered out loud.

“Probably not. Now I think about it, said to the wrong person and it would probably earn someone a slap round the face.”

Y/N laughed and she could see the corners of his lips twitching upwards.

“Good job I’m not the wrong person then.” Hearing a ping she looked up and saw that the seat belt sign had flashed off. Phew, that meant the worst of it was over and Y/N just had to endure the rest of the flight praying there wasn’t any turbulence.

The man beside her unbuckled his belt immediately, readjusting his position slightly. Glancing down he saw Y/N still had hers fastened.

“Erm… You can take your belt off you know. The seat belt sign is off.”

She raised your eyebrow at him. “Wow. First you offer me something to suck on, now you’re trying to convince me to take my belt off.”

The man turned red again.“ I… I….. I…” he stuttered. Y/N burst out laughing.

“It’s not nice that you’re making fun of me you know. I’m just trying to be helpful,” he looked like a puppy that had just been kicked and she suddenly felt bad.

“Shit… I’m sorry. I just… It’s just… I didn’t mean to upset you….”

When he smirked, a glorious smile crossing his face reaching up into his eyes, she knew that he’d been messing with her. He spoke again.

“Truce? No more innuendos? At least I’ll try… ”

“Haha. Okay, truce. You don’t proposition me again and I won’t tease you about it. I do have to thank you though. You’ve distracted me so far. I hate flying and you’ve made taking off much more enjoyable than it usually is.”

“Well… I’m, erm.. I’m glad I could help. I think… ” he tucked a loose lock of hair back behind his ear and then coughed slightly before continuing, “I’m Spencer.”

Attractive name for an attractive man.

“I’m….” Y/N glanced upwards quickly. “I’m Charley.”

Spencer narrowed his eyes and then the corners of his mouth twitched upwards again.

“You’re not, but that’s okay. I’m a stranger and you don’t want to give me your actual name, I get it.. That’s very smart.”

“How… How did you know?”

“I work for the FBI. I’m a profiler so I’m trained to read body language amongst other things. You looked up before speaking, first sign someone is lying.”

FBI? Wow.

“Oh… Okay. I’m sorry, it’s just I don’t know you and the last movie I watched where someone befriended her fellow plane passenger, well. He tried to kill her.”

“Red Eye, right?”

Y/N nodded and he continued, “I’m no Jackson Rippner trust me. Those are the type of guys I catch. But like I say, I understand.”

“So Spencer, are you heading to Vegas on business then? Is there a bad guy I should be aware of?” She kinda wanted to keep talking to this guy despite not wanting to tell him her real name. Not yet anyway.

“Not business. I’m from Vegas actually, I’m visiting my mom. What about you, Charley.. ”

Y/N smiled at his use of her fake name.

“I’m from Vegas too. But I live in Virginia now. I’m going home for my sister’s wedding, something I’m not looking forward to at all.”

“Can I ask why not, or is that too personal?”

Over the next four hours Y/N and Spencer talked about her family and her upbringing. He told Y/N about his job and then about his Mom, looking suprised with himself and then revealing that he rarely talked about her. When the plane started it’s descent he distracted her again, talking about his favourite books. When Y/N eventually disembarked they walked together to the luggage terminal and Y/N and Spencer both hesitated, knowing they had to go their separate ways.

Digging in her bag, Y/N pulled out her cell phone.

“So I guess it’s my time to proposition you. Could I maybe get your number? Maybe we could hang out here, or when we get back to Virginia?”

Spencer blushed again but recited a series of digits which she saved in her phone. She quickly called him, seeing him pulling out his phone with her own number flashing up on the screen.

“There, now you have my number too,” she told him.

“So I do. But what do I save it under? Charley or…?” he asked and she smiled softly.

“Y/N. Save it under Y/N.”

Title: Attacked
Pairing: Alex Karev x Y/N
Requested?: Yes; “Can you do a alex karev imagine where you get attcked really badly and he goes crazy :)”
Word Count:
POV: 3rd Person

It wasn’t expected. It never was. But, when you’re a trauma surgeon, things can get out of hand sometimes. Y/N experienced that firsthand when a patient became violent. She wasn’t in a public area. When the man, who overpowered her rather easily, attacked her, she was in the operating room. Just leaving, actually. Seeing her walking out of that room was enough to set him off. He automatically charged at Y/N, making her go into shock mode. She was scared. It was in that moment that everything became a blur. The remainder of the attack that left her hanging by a thread was over rather quickly in Y/N’s mind. Alex was the one who found her as he casually walked through the corridor as another option to taking the elevator. Y/N was in and out of consciousness as Alex hovered over her, worry covering his face. Anxiety swept it’s way into his body as he thought about what could happen.

“Y/N! Y/N… I-” Alex cried over and over again until someone finally found a gurney. Y/N was delivered to trauma 2 where everyone was basically waiting for her. Waiting to see her condition. They weren’t just her doctors. They were some of her best friends. And, now they stood around her, giving her the care to save her life. She felt the pain searing through her body as Callie broke her jaw. Her screams pierced the rather quiet atmosphere. Everyone saw the pain on her face as it happened without so much as a warning. Everyone of the doctors was doing what they could to ensure that Y/N would stay alive. Except Alex. He couldn’t look at her without feeling as if it was his fault

“We should get her to surgery.” Owen ordered and the rest of the doctors nodded. Y/N felt herself start moving and she began to panic. Y/N was no stranger to surgery. She’d had so many operations that she’s lost count. This one scared her, though. She felt as if she wouldn’t make it this time. Like it was different. Her had was waving frantically and, almost immediately, Alex was by her side, grasping her hand tightly in his own.

“It’s alright, Y/N.” He whispered in her ear, trying to calm her down. Alex was trying to stay strong, even though he knew he’d break down the moment that Y/N was wheeled into that operating room. The same one that she was attacked outside of. “Can I…?” He gestured toward the gallery where he’d be able to watch the entire surgery. Bailey looked hesitant but she nodded her head and, immediately, Alex was off running. He watched the entire surgery with tears streaming down his face. The monitor began beeping erratically, indicating that something was going wrong. Callie, Owen and Jo frantically packed her full of lap pads as they concluded that she had been under anaesthesia for too long. That’s when Alex basically lost it. Rushing out of the gallery and into the operating room. It was like everything suddenly froze and all eyes were on him. For a second. Then they were right back on the operating table, trying their hardest to keep Y/N alive.

“Suction.” Alex mumbled, putting the mask on his face. No one seemed to acknowledge him even though they all knew he was there. They looked more tense than they were before. “Suction.” He said louder this time. He was desperate to get the surgeons to listen to him. His voice cracked when he said that one word. Yet, no one used the suction. Not one person picked it up. “Dammit! Use the freaking suction!” He yelled, nearly lunging across the table. It seemed as if Callie thought that that would happen because she was the one who stopped him before he actually grabbed the suction tool. She set her surgical tools down before physically removing him from the OR.

“Stay out of here, Karev. If you want her out alive, you need to let us do our jobs.” Callie’s tone was meant to be stern but her words were reassuring. Alex felt himself slide down the wall. Hopelessness consumed him as well as an upset stomach. He knew that the best thing to do now was to wait. Wait for the news that could either make or break him. 2 hours later, that news came. And it sure as hell wasn’t what he was expecting.

“She’ll make a full recovery. It’ll take a while but she should be fine. You should go see her.” Owen informed him. Alex stared blankly ahead. And then he did something that no one was expecting. He hugged Owen. When he pulled away, there were tears in his eyes and he quickly wiped them away.

“Thank you.” He whispered quickly before walking toward Y/Ns room. She wasn’t awake yet. The anaesthesia was wearing off and, soon enough, he’d have his girlfriend back. And that’s all he ever wanted.

Daddy’s promise 0.1

Request from anon: 083 would be awesome

Category: Pregnancy
083: “I can’t be pregnant… or….OH, MY GOD! ”

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader 
Warnings: Girltalk where the word “sex” is mentioned a couple times (idk if that’s a legit warning tho), mild swearing (I think there’s like… three curewords or something), and a bit bad writing in the beginning.
Words: 3516 

A/N: Just thought I’d give you the reason why I didn’t post Cinderella part 2: it’s pretty much because it’s been a while since I wrote last time, and I want the second part to be perfect, AND I didn’t have so many ideas – just thought you guys deserved an update quicker…


When it came to sneaking in after a long night, Y/N Y/L/N wasn’t the best. Was the girl inexperienced? Well, maybe, but she blamed it more on her dominant gene of clumsiness. As expected, the door wasn’t on her side when she tried her best to get into her and Mary’s apartment inaudibly.

Squeak! It was moments like these, Y/N regretted not getting their door fixed. Though she excused her laziness with the argument that it was a great (cheap) alternative for an alarm in case of thieves (as if anyone would break the law for her stuff, hah!), it wasn’t funny when you tried your best to sneak inside after a long night out.

“Good morning,” Mary, Y/N’s best friend, and roommate smirked at her, two cups of coffees in her hands. 
“We really need to oil those hinges,” Y/N tried her best changing the topic, as she took the mug her friend offered her. 
“Nice try, go shower and get dressed. You’ve got a lot to tell me, and I don’t want you to be hung over while you’re at it,” at that moment, Mary was so determined, Y/N didn’t dare nor care to tell her she wasn’t that hung over.

“You had sex with Barry?! I can’t believe it! I mean, you guys are like… the definition of cinnamon buns!" Mary exclaimed in shock.
"Ugh, stop it, Mary. Now that I’ve told you everything about last night-”
“He asked you to take som drinks with him and Caitlin, then you just ended up having sex? Who are you?" 
”-can you just be the bestest best friend in the world and don’t remind me about it for the rest of my life?“ Y/N continued as if her friend hadn’t just interrupted her, and hid her face in her hands.

"Wait, what? Why? Was he so bad?”  
“NO! Jesus, Mary, no, he- he was good… But the sex is not the point!” Y/N shook her head. 
“Well then, what’s the problem?”
“We’re friends, and… and… and did you not just hear what’s happened?! We had intercourse-”
“Don’t say intercourse, Y/N/N, it’s old and it’s weird,” Mary interrupted.
“Well, we did it-”
“You’re not five, Y/N, I believe the word you’re looking for is-”
“Oh my God, Mary, can we just not talk about this?! Please?” Y/n couldn’t do this conversation anymore, and with a short “OK” from her noisy friend, Y/N left their living room. 

It had been days since her and Mary’s conversation about Y/N’s wild night with Barry. Luckily for her, Barry was needed in Star City for a week, so the awkward meet was yet to come. Of course, Y/N knew that it had to happen sooner or later, though later had worked out just fine for the past days, hence why she was still rooting for that method – despite Mary’s constant nagging.

The morning came quicker than usual as Y/N woke up by the sudden urge to throw up. This confused her, considering Y/N was never sick – well, excluding the days she actually happened to be, of course. So when she found herself hanging over the toilet, she couldn’t help being both frustrated as well as disgusted. 

“Y/N, are you ok?” Mary’s voice came from the other side of the locked bathroom door. Y/N never locked the bathroom door – she feared she would get shut in and stuck during a fire – which happened more often than you would think (let’s just say that Mary wasn’t the best at cooking, or with fires).
“Uhm… yeah, just-” She was interrupted by a second and hopefully last round of vomit.
“Yeah, I’m fine, just a sec, Mary!” Y/N was panicking. Y/N was throwing up. Y/N never threw up.
“Y/N Y/L/N, I demand you to open this door before I get creepy Jack  down the hall to kick this door open for me!” And that’s how Y/N got herself in lockdown.

It was never fun to be at home, sick. Especially when one wasn’t sick, but one’s crazy overprotective roommate and best friend forced one to stay home because one acted a bit off and looked a bit pale in the morning. Y/N was currently in this situation. She didn’t like it. At the moment she was walking around their apartment, feeling 100% good to go to work. “You look terrible today as well, Y/N, you’re not going anywhere. I’m telling Mrs. Norman, so if I get a phone call that your toe has even touched the air of the other side of that door, you’ll be dead,” Mary had told her. 

This was it, the last drop, she was done, finished, finito with staying home any longer. Y/N had just finished her third film of the day, and just laying there was getting her a migraine. ‘OK, I’m going out! I’m a grown woman! A big girl, an independent girl! I can do whatever I want to! My best friend can’t make me stay at home!’ Y/N went for her purse and was ready to walk out the door, but as if Mary could read minds, Y/N’s phone rung.
“Hello?” Y/N sounded as chirpy as she could, feeling nervous as hell.
“Hey, Y/N! Just wanted to make sure you haven’t left!” Mary knew her better than anyone, and it was almost scaring Y/N a bit. Almost. 

Three knocks on the door followed by the sound of a pair of keys, and then the door opened. The familiar squeak made its way to Y/N’s ears as she laid on her bed in misery.
“Hey, Y/N, are you alright?” It was Barry. 'Barry? Is he back home?’ Y/N tried not to let her panic take overhand. Anger suddenly washed over her, if this was Mary’s work, a certain brunette would be in deep trouble when she came back from work…

“Hey, I uh… I brought flowers,” Barry’s voice could be heard from the living room, and Y/N’s mind was twisting and turning: Should she go on and play sick? It would certainly delay the awkward conversation that was bound to happen… Deciding it was her best option at the time, Y/N made out a weak cough, and answered her friend:
“In here, Barry!” as sickly she could manage.

“Hi, how’re you feeling?” Barry stepped inside carefully, as if the floor would cause her more pain. 
“I’m ok, my head hurts a bit, and I’m a bit nauseous,” Y/N thought that her breasts being tender were a fact she didn’t have to share.
“Uhm…” looking as Barry’s ears had just turned tomato red, Y/N scolded herself for saying her thoughts out loud.

“Mary told you to come here?” Y/N tried her best changing the subject quickly as well as keeping her act. 
“Uhm, no, heard it from Caitlin actually. She was.. uh… on the phone with Mary I think. She, uhm, she’s a loud talker,”
“Caitlin or Mary?”
“Both,” the two laughed, Y/N throwing in a couple of coughs. When the laughing calmed down, and the tension started to grow, it was as if her guardian angel saved her, and Barry’s phone rung.
“Uhm, sorry, I have to go, Captain Singh needs me at the office…”
“Yeah, of course, you just go and save the city by stirring in chemicals,” her good-bye made him laugh as he made his way out the door in a hurry. 

“Y/N?” Mary asked. They were currently sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching How I Met Your Mother. 
“Pee on this for me, will you? I think you’re pregnant,” the brunette said, throwing a box at Y/N – who were almost choking on her food.
“Excuse me?!" 
"Just do it, it won’t hurt, and you’ve been feeling bad for days. Now be quick and get it done already before I eat this up," 

"This is stupid,” Y/N said. It turned out that Mary had seen the episode airing on TV “a thousand times”, so they were now hovering over the white stick somewhat curious and excited.
“Because I can’t be pregnant… OH, MY GOD!” Y/N couldn’t believe it. It said positively.
"Is it Barry’s?” Mary broke the silence
“Well, you’re obviously not Mother Teresa, and you’re not the one to sleep around; I mean, I’m just tying up the loose ends…”
“Oh my God, Mary, can we just not talk about this?! Please?” Y/N was still trying to cope with the fact that a living creature was growing inside her vagina.
“Yeah, yeah of course…” And the night continued, Mary planning out how she would be the cool aunt of the unborn baby, and Y/N denying the scary fact that she would become a mother in roughly nine months.

“You need to tell him, Y/N,” Mary said, looking at her best friend while trying her best not to tick off the ice cream-eating bipolar monster.
'I thought we agreed not to talk about this,’  Was what Y/N wanted and meant to say, though because of the piece of heaven that was melting inside her mouth, it rather came out sounding more like: “Eh ohuph uh a-edh umph uh ahk a-ou es!” Mary, on the other hand, managed to translate the faded message by the clear look in Y/N’s eyes.
“That was three weeks ago," 
"Ugh!!” And the monster sunk her head in the pillows surrounding her, letting out a loud cry of frustration.

“What about Coby?” Y/N asked her friend. 
“Because Cody is too common for you?” Mary answered, still skimming through her magazine in the other end of the sofa. 
“I don’t know, he just feels like a Coby,” Y/N answered, looking down at er stomach – if she really just concentrated hard enough, she could see the little bump forming.
“Yeah, you’ve just begun the first trimester, so sorry hun, but the kiddo doesn’t even have a face, let alone a pair of good functionating lungs," 
"You’re right, but what about Bia? Or Dory? What do you think about those?” Y/N asked, and at this, Mary set her Vouge away and looked her friend straight in the eyes.

“I think that if you want to name your child after a Pixar/Disney-cartoon fish, you better talk to the daddy…”
“Yeah, Dory was a bit too creative maybe… How about Elza? Elza is cool, or Logan? He was always my favorite. Though Jess was also-” Y/N’s attempt on ignoring her friend’s change of topic failed hard when Mary interrupted her.
“Y/N this is getting serious. You haven’t even hung out with Barry much for the past weeks. Remember when you two couldn’t stay away from each other for more than six hours? I remember that very well. I also remember him being your number one topic to talk about 24/7," 

She was right. Mary was right and Y/N knew it, though she couldn’t help it! All she could think of when picturing their first real talk since the one four weeks ago was BABYBABYBABY. Imagine how stressed he would be? He made one mistake, and now he was forced into a huge commitment. In addition to that, this was not what Y/N wanted herself. She wanted to get kids with the man in her life. And currently, that was her dad, considering her status on Facebook was still remaining 'single’. 

"But how Mary? How do I confront him with this? He’s going to be a dad! And when I tell him, he will have two options: A, to agree to all terms and conditions, to become a dad and parent with me, or he can B, politely decline and leave my life forever! Mary, I can’t bear a life without him!” She hadn’t even realized the tears running down her cheeks before now. 
“He won’t leave you, do you hear me? He will never ever leave you,” Mary tried her best reassuring her friend, patting Y/Non the head while whispering soft comforting words.

“You know, having a pregnant roommate is way more expensive than you would think,” Mary came in the door with four bags full of food.
“Yeah, yeah, where’s the pickles?” Y/N asked frantically, to which Mary gave her one of the bags.
“I mean, not only does it drench your wallet, but also your mentality. Here you go by the way, bought eleven jars, just for you,” Y/N went for it, and opened the first one in sight. But just as she was about to open the lid and down all of the juice like she had done for the now empty seven jars in their fridge, she stopped.
“Yuck, how disgusting is this? Do we have any chocolate?" 
“Like I said, drenching my wallet and mentality…” Mary said looking up to the roof, shaking her head.

Y/N was currently in her thirteenth week, and her clothing style had changed drastically for a couple of weeks. 'They are meant for comfort and coverage,’ she had told Mary when her friend had commented that she couldn’t leave the apartment in 'the biggest sweatshirt in the building’ and her pajama pants. So you could imagine Barry’s shock when he not only saw his once best friend and crush clothed in uncharacteristically clothing but also for the first time in months. How Y/N had managed to avoid him for that long?

Y/N laid in her bed, computer on her lap, popcorn within her hand’s reach, and sipping on a coke. Her mind was parallelled set on the kittens in the video she was watching, and how cool it would be when her stomach finally would grow to a proper, usable size AKA when she could drop the coffee table in the living room, and do a Phoebe Buffay. 

Interrupting her thoughts, her phone started ringing, leaving her annoyed as she had to pause her YouTube-watching.
"Hello?” She said unaware of whom it wa son the other side of the line. 
“Hey Y/N/N, just wondering where you-” It was
Barry. Her Barry. What was she to do?!
“Sorry, wrong number,” Y/N said in the deepest voice she could muster, as she quickly hung up on the poor, oblivion guy.

Though that wasn’t it, Y/N really was creative with her avoiding methods. She needed to go to the store? She asked Mary. Mary said no? She asked Mrs. Norman. Mary figured that out, got mad at her, and told Mrs. Norman not to worry about it? Y/N asked creepy Jack down the hall, whom she knew Mary wouldn’t dare to talk to. But how about her job? In addition to having a feminist extremist as a boss, Y/N was a writer for a magazine. So simply explaining her situation, adding a couple of white lies, and finishing with a strong apology with a touch of ‘I promise to work twice as hard at home,’ Y/N was off the hook. 

But just as any hormonal pregnant woman, Y/N got enough of her hiding – it should be him hiding, not her! To this Mary had told her that Barry didn’t have the knowledge to why he had to hide (which apparently, Mary didn’t have either) and she was being ‘irrational and not herself,’ which Y/N obviously ignored. Hence why she left their home to get the right chocolate milk, because creepy Jack simply didn’t do the job properly. 

“Y/N? Is that you?” Barry couldn’t be too careful when it came to assuming  – let’s just say this wasn’t the first time he had “seen”  Y/N in public. Though at the mention of her name, Y/N turned to see who had said her name. Her eyes locked into his for mere seconds before Y/N turned away in hope her invisibility powers would quickly appear and hide her. Such a pity Y/N wasn’t a meta…

“It is you!” Barry jogged up to her. Great, what was she to do now? 
“Hi…!”  Y/N answered back, holding her basket with milk in a tight grip.
“How’ve you been? I haven’t heard anything from you for so long…” Barry said, just standing there in front of the girl he loved. 
“Uhm, a bit ill actually… Yeah, that’s why I haven’t had the time to hang out,” quite happy about her explanation, Y/N stood there ready to go. 

“For three months?” Barry asked, not completely convinced.
“Yeah,” Y/n faked a cough, “really bad flu," 
"I see, well, do you want to grab dinner Friday?”
“Friday? As in now Friday? in three days?” Barry nodded, and Y/N shut her eyes as if she had to think of her plans for the rest of the week.  'Should I say yes? It would be quite suspicious if I told him no… But he will know! On the other hand, Big Belly Burger does sound tempting…’
“Big Belly Burger?” Y/N asked with a smile on her face, which Barry gladly returned.
“Yeah! Good, I’ll pick you up at six,” Barry winked at her, then left. 'What have I gotten myself into?’

“This is good, Y/N! Now you can finally tell him!” Mary said, proud of the maturity her friend was showing.
“Telling him? Are you kidding, I’m not gonna tell him anything! We’re just grabbing some burgers…” Y/N defended herself. Wouldn’t that be scandalous, her telling him? He would flee the country to just get away from her.
“You’re not serious now, are you?” When Y/N didn’t answer her, Mary took a deep sigh.
“You are aware of that you’re pushing him away from you, right? Because that’s why you don’t want to tell him because you don’t want to lose him? So I’d use some more time to think before you just go on your date-”
“It’s not a date!”
“- later today, and keep your secret safe,” Mary finished and left the room for Y/N to remake her decision.

It had taken her blood, sweat, and tears – literally, but Mary finally made Y/N agree to tell Barry about her pregnancy. But after a brutal paper cut, an intense discussion, and while following the DVD-aerobic-instructor, Mary argued her way to victory, Y/N left their apartment in defeat.

Walking next to Barry, Y/N started to regret her choice of clothes – no scratch that, Mary’s choice of clothes. Because Y/N was supposed to tell Barry she was pregnant anyway, and 'It’s a date for fuck’s sake, and you like him, you might as well dress proper!’ So there she was. Next to the guy she loved, feeling more insecure about her body as ever, in hope Barry hadn’t noticed. And even though he didn’t show it, Barry did notice. But the thought of her being pregnant? That hadn’t nor ever would’ve crossed his mind. 

“God, I’m hungry… Haven’t eaten since lunch, how 'bout you?” Barry asked, not really sure of what to say. The conversation usually came naturally between the two of them.
Starving,” Y/N said, but kept out the fact that she ate an hour ago. “I could seriously eat a horse, or maybe even the whole team, when I think of it,” she finished, and made Barry laugh. 
“A whole team of horses?” He asked with a smile, to which Y/N chortled at.
"I don’t believe you…” Barry said playfully, loving the feeling of the normality between him and the Y/H/C girl. 
“Bartholomew Henry Allen, you’ve officially been challenged to a duel,” Y/N said in the stiffest voice she could muster. 
“A burger-eating contest?”
“Well, if you want it to sound dull, so yeah…”

“Oh Holy Moses…” Y/N sighed and rubbed her stomach. In front of her was a grinning Barry Allen, and five un-eaten 500g-Double cheese-bacon-burger with sweet potato fries.
“Told you you’d lose, though I’m impressed, not many can keep up with a speedster,”
“Trust me, it’s not that difficult when you’re eating for two!” Y/N said with a laugh, but it quickly stopped when she saw the look on his face. It was a good mixture of shock… shock… and more… shock.

“Uhm… Uh… yeah, I’m uh… I’m pregnant… Sur-surprise?” Y/N had never been this nervous ever. 
“You’re pregnant?” Barry couldn’t believe it. Who was the father? For how many months? Why hadn’t she told him before? Was this the reason she hadn’t talked to him for so long? However, he decided to keep those questions for himself, afraid of the answers – especially the first one, hadn’t he meant anything for her? 
“Uhm, yeah… Due date’s 4th of April,”

“Who knows?” He asked again, “… is the father aware?” He finished.
“Mary and you are the only ones. Mom and dad are kind of still in the dark…” Y/N felt ashamed saying it out loud. 
“Ok, well, how are you feeling about it?” He asked, his concern warming Y/N’s heart. She was so sure this would have ended completely different – hell she had cut off all contact for three months, and she’d continued if it hadn’t been for their random encounter at the supermarket. 
“It was hard to cope with in the beginning, though I’ve grown fond of the little creature," 
"I just want you to know that I’m not leaving your side anytime from this moment, Y/N. You’re stuck with me, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


•Once Upon A Dream•Sherlock x Reader•

Summary: Based on the song Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey, Mycroft has invited everyone to a formal ball, in which of course Sherlock, John, and you are too to be attending. Sherlock is absolutely breathtaken by you, and at that moment he can’t deny his feelings for you, and a new relationship blooms.

Song: Once Upon A dream, by Lana Del Rey (Please listen to it, its amazing.

Words: 1110

Warning(s): None.

Notes: Female Pronouns.

Y/N gazed upon the mirror, smiling at her reflection. She was wearing a breathtaking light blue gown, which reminded her a bit of Alice in Wonderland
The young woman tucked a stray strand of her H/C locks back into her graceful bun, as she adjusted the dress slightly. She had never looked or worn anything so formal in her entire lifespan, but she truly did feel beautiful tonight. 

A loud sound of knocks on her door rang through her apartment, as she finally snapped out of her thoughts. Lestrade would be attending her to the ball, but of course only in a platonic way, since they didn’t see each other as anything else, but good friends. They were supposed to meet their other good friends, John Watson, and the well known detective Sherlock Holmes. The young woman had grown feelings for the detective, and so she of course was scared of what his opinions would be on her gown, and looks. Y/N hoped dearly he would think she looked at least nice in her new dress, but what could she expect of the sociopath. The young woman twiddled with a floral patterned ring she had gotten from Sherlock on her birthday, which she barely took off. John had pushed him to get a gift for her, and all Sherlock wanted was to of course give Y/N a wonderful, and memorable gift. At least something that wasn’t easy to forget.                            

The car came to a stop, and Y/N leaned slightly forward, for the vehicle stopped quite suddenly. Lestrade opened the car door for her, and helped her out of the car, for it was a bit difficult to stand up wearing such a gown. He politely grabbed her hand, pulling her up, and Y/N glanced at the large building which almost seemed like a palace. Typical Mycroft, the young woman shook her head as she thought. Very typical. The two adults strided their way to the main entrance where many of the guests already were there. Of course they had to be one of the last to arrive, but they attempted not to think of it, and just escorted each other inside, where the people were babbling on and on. Y/N examined the area, and it was absolutely magnificent. There was a large crystal chandelier in the middle of the room, and a large ball dance floor. The woman hadn’t noticed it, but all eyes were set on her, and she could feel her cheeks heat up with a light crimson blush, as she tucked a stray strand of her hair behind her ear, sheepishly. Y/N met Sherlocks gaze, and sent a small smile towards his direction, and his jaw practically dropped at the sight of her (*gif*).

                          I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
                         I know you, that look in yours is so familiar a gleam
                    And I know its true that visions are seldom all they seem

Y/N stepped down the stairs that lead down to the dance floor, and she also first now noticed how the ballroom was completely silent. She reached the end of the flight of steps, and looked around at the different eyes that were still gaping at her. Sherlock stepped out from the crowd, politely and shyly offering his hand. 

“Would you perhaps dance with me?” He asked sheepishly, which only made Y/N smile even brighter. 

“I’d be delighted to.” The woman replied, grasping his hand, and setting her other hand on his shoulder. The detective placed his free hand on her waist and so on they danced with each other on the ballroom dance floor. The other guests began dancing too, and Y/N noticed one of her favorite came on which happened to be a Disney song that was sung by Lana Del Rey: Once Upon A Dream. Sherlock noticed how her face lit up as the song began to play in the speakers, and decided to ask: “Do you know this song?”

“Yes, it was one of my favourite songs as a child.” Y/N responded, mirroring Sherlocks movements. “I know it by heart.”

“Would you care to sing for me, perhaps?” 

                            But, If I know you, I know what you’ll do
            You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

The woman voice was soft, and beautiful as she sang the lyrics of the dreamy song, and yet still could waltz perfectly well as she sang. Sherlock got completely lost in her angelic voice, and smiled at her as they moved across the ballroom floor.

                          But, If I know you, I know what you’ll do
            You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

Like that they waltzed the night away, smiling and giggling to themselves, and never wanting the memorable moment to be stopped by time. Their feet got very soar after dancing around for such a long period of time, but they seemed to completely forget it, for they were absolutely lost in each other. They’re conversations got deeper, and deeper, as they got lost in each others voices and eyes.

                         I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
                        I know you, that look in yours is so familiar a gleam
                   And I know its true that visions are seldom all they seem

Alas, they escorted each other outside, to catch their breath from all the moving around, and relaxed in the comfortable silence. Y/N turned her head to glance up at him, and met Sherlocks gaze, who seemingly already was looking at her before she had.

“Y/N, could I tell you something?”

“Of course, Sherlock.” 

                           But, If I know you, I know what you’ll do
           You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

He sang those words, and she was utterly mesmerized by his soft voice, even though it was only for a moment Y/N got to hear his voice hit those tones. Sherlock didn’t hesitate to set his lips on hers before she could respond. Y/N kissed him back softly, and sweetly, keeping it simple and not to deep. She had her arms around his neck, and he held her by the waist, and Y/N had to stand on her tip toes to reach his lips. They pulled away for they needed to take a moment to breath.

“Well, now you know it isn’t a dream.”

I am to obsessed with writing about balls, sorry. Reblogs,and likes are truly appreciated! <3 I attempted to just keep it short, sweet and simple!

Lost and Found, Chapter Three

BTS Members x Reader

Genre: Fantasy AU, Fluff, a little bit of angst?

Word Count: 1.4k

Author’s Notes: This chapter was starting to get very long so I figured I could break it up and end some of the suspense for you guys! Hope you enjoy!


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Prologue || Most Recent

When it came to secrets, excuses came easier than confessions. Things like “it’s not the right time,” and “maybe if I wait, I’ll know more” were much easier to say than the truth. But these justifications were quick to grow stale, and Y/n knew she was wasting time. The longer she put it off, the more likely the boys were to reject her. She had to tell them soon.

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Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

Tony Stark x Fem!Reader

Length: 1466 words

Warnings: female reader, mentions of drinking?, could have edited it better but I’m super tired

When Anthony Edward Stark returned from the Middle East, from his three months of hell, he had about four people waiting for him to return. There was Happy, his loyal driver and friend. The Colonel James Rhodes, or Rhodey, who was a long-time friend of Tony’s. Pepper, his faithful assistant slash ‘person-who-ran-his-life’. And, there was Y/N, the woman who’d been by Tony’s side since the two were children.

There had also been Obadiah Stane, but considering he tried to have Tony murdered (multiple times), he was no longer allowed to be on that list.

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Accidentally fell for you

Title: Accidentally fell for you

Characters: Tony Stark x Reader, Clint, Steve, Natasha, Bruce, Thor, mentions of Pepper and Fury

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: mild language, Tony and Clint are assholes,

Summary: Tony and Clint make a bet so Tony could prove to his friends how he could have any woman if he wanted to. However Tony didn’t plan on someone as strong-willed as the reader.

“Request:” Or maybe Tony Stark and Clint. They seem like the types to argue who’s better with women and then they end up making a tipsy bet over a fellow Avenger (who is less scary than Nat, because even drunk!Tony and drunk!Clint wouldn’t mess with her) or maybe the reader is a temp for Stark Industries. Details later. But she’s sweet and maybe patches them up after a rough mission… Needless to say they totally fall for her. Tony x reader.

A/n: this is for my Khal Drogo anon. I know you had to wait a long time, but I really hope you enjoyed what I did with your request and it was worth the wait. <3

“You really think you could have every woman on the planet, don’t you?”

It was another yeah-we-won-again party at the Avengers tower. Due to massive destruction during the fight Fury and Pepper Potts agreed to make it a big-ish charity thing so the public would be somehow soothed. Tony of course jumped at the opportunity to host a grand, slightly extravagant party on his top floor and he had outdone himself once again, awesome food, music and tons of alcohol. To say everyone had a good time was an understatement, people had always loved a good Stark party and Tony’s flirty and charming personality made even the last critical journalist smile.

Right now it was approaching two in the morning and people were starting to leave, hopefully to write some nice articles about how the Avengers saved the day and were terribly sorry for the damage. Tony finally took some time to relax and hang out with the people this party was really meant for, his fellow Avengers. He had found Clint at the bar and soon joking around had turned into a drinking contest. Both men were laughing, finally calm and relaxed after the alien invasion of the week. This was also how the conversation turned to women, because after all one thing drunk man loved to talk about most was their conquests and remarkable experience with the opposite sex. And of course former playboy Tony Stark had more than one story to share on that topic.

“My friend” Tony grin was loose his words just hinting at tipsy “I am Tony Stark.”

“Oh come on! There has to be at least one woman with some self-respect out there.”

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House of Cards (Pt.2)

Summary: Being a new transfer cop from a small town to a crime ridden city, you never expected your job to be easy. You are assigned as the partner of a man named Kim Taehyung, who is young, handsome, and a little bit too curious for his own good. Before you know it, what started out as a simple homicide investigation turns into a full blown war against the local syndicates. You learn the hard way that life isn’t always in black and white, and soon find your morals and beliefs tumbling like a house of cards. All because of one man with a simple name: Jeon Jungkook.


Angst/Drama/Some Fluff

Word Count: 1.8k

Part [1] [2] [3]

A/N: This series is a prequel to my other mafia!au series, Cosa Nostra. You do not need to read one before you read another, both are their separate cohesive stories, taking place roughly two to three years apart.

There are descriptions of a murder scene in this chapter, so if bothered by descriptions of mild gore, please do not read

The red and blue flashes of police lights and the large stretches of police tape were a little foreboding to you, to say the least. Nonetheless, you found yourself getting out of Taehyung’s patrol car and walking with him through the gathering crowd, making your way to the crime scene.

‘On the other side of this tape, there’s a dead body…’ You thought to yourself as you approached the tape border, nerves collecting in the pit of your stomach, ‘I can’t be squeamish now. I got to get used to this at some point, since it is my job now.’ You and Taehyung flashed your badges to the officer standing guard of the scene. He lifted the tape wordlessly, the blank look on his face was very telling on how much experience he had with this sort of thing.

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