this moment makes me emotional lol

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Can I nominate Gavin for best boy?! If I've understood properly then the idea that he would sacrifice his own happiness so Bran could be happier (making his peace with not dating Bran so he can still chase after Suri) is just aahhhh! I hope life will work out for him!

Ah you made me feel all emotional for him all over again//// 

Yeah, basically this. From the moment him and Bran met, Bran would kinda come to Gavin about his love problems, so Gavin’s been aware of this affection from the start. Imagine when he started to catch feelings, he probably felt very bad about it, not wanting to divide Bran’s attention like that or make shit difficult for him… Lucky that Bran made the first move lol, but that still didn’t stop Gavin from convincing himself that he was second best to Suri ;;;;;;; honestly, it’d be interesting to make a comic based on Gavin’s perspective of things, from the moment they met to current day. 

How nice it must be to have Bran as your crush tho, cause Bran’s too loving and sweet to say no to one or the other ;/w/; 

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Bri, uh. Odd question I know but like. In your opinion how should one continue to find inspiration in art and life. How to carve a place for myself when I do not feel worthy of one? When to push myself and when to rest... depression, anxiety and trauma all swirling around in my heart but I dunno how to channel it into meaningful pieces. Just talking to myself maybe, I apologize. Wishing you all the best

hi yah tbh i wish i could help u w this but i cant…. I mean if I knew any of the answers to these questions i’d probably be in much less emotional turmoil all the time lol …. For a while i’ve been having trouble determining any of this for myself but i talked to my teachers about it during crit the other day (making art to try to figure all of these things out/having trouble making art/ finding value in my work) and they were very understanding? and assured me that you kno like going through tough moments/ having to step back and work through things is something all artists go through like frequently… i don’t know if that helps… advice is- and i know its easier said then done- seek out mentors irl/ other artists who you can be around/ who you can talk to about making/ who you can even just reference as also being a real person who makes? Its very helpful to have a guide or someone to relate to in the real world bc of course on the internet its easy to forget that all artists struggle to be artists even if its lost in what ppl decide to share?? but anyways… i am rooting for u friend it is hard but we can move forward!

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You taking the music out of those scenes has killed me 😭 it makes them so much more raw and real and I love it. Like that's how it felt during those takes. All the emotions and subtle things was what they had to work with in the moment. Anyway I just love it so thank you!! Lol

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Aww thank you lovely! I’m so glad that you enjoy them <3

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Top 5 brittana moments during performances?

DURING performances? Oh boy. Okay bear with me bc I don’t know how to make gifs lol

1. This little moment during Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move where it looks like Santana is about to propose and Britt is all “nah, let’s dance some more!”

2. Another silly moment during Cherish/Cherish

3. This EMO-TI-ONal moment after Landslide. (Not pictured: Sam telling Artie he wishes they were as close friends as their girlfriends)

4. ANOTHER EMOTIONAL SCENE during There are Worse Things I Could Do that gives me feels to. this. DAY.

5. And to end this all on a pleasant note, this look between them during Our Day Will Come :)

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I just got back from Shinee's concert in Toronto - wasn't it so goooooooooodddddddddddd?!?!?!

OMG i’m still crying because of Selene 6.23 TT the song jonghyun wrote for international fans TT and also wrote on my birthday TT

That was the one song that I really really really wanted to see SHINee perform live one day but I didn’t see it on any of the set lists floating around for SHINee World V so I already accepted and made peace with the fact that they weren’t going to perform it and when the first note of the song started playing I started bawling my eyes out so hard (according to my cousins who went with me people were giving us major side eye but I was too emotional and absorbed in the moment to notice lol) … that concert was everything I dreamt of and more. It exceeded expectations. Definitely worth the 9 nine years I waited as a Shawol. Just thinking about selene 6.23 is making me cry again and I have to commute to school at 6am tomorrow morning aka in less than 4 hours fml

“You messed the end up here. Now I have to change it.“

Erm, no Booth, you better not have changed it!!! What could be a more fitting end to this video for Christine, than this honest, beautiful live display of love between her parents?!

The tackle hug is such a wonderful moment- Brennan is so overcome with emotion and she just has to let him know how much he means to her.

And look at that face!!!! That’s what love looks like! (Of course Booth’s speech was amazing and it makes me super emotional but I won’t go into that now because otherwise I’ll be here all day, lol.)

(Also, I love that in the video you can see Brennan’s adorable little head in the background, lol <3)

the season two finale of b99 will never fail to make me emotional because in those last final moments, as they’re standing in the evidence lock-up, suspended in a moment filled with tension and innumerable things unsaid, it’s such a classic peralta situation; jake is the one who walks away whenever he doesn’t know what to do, who’s uncomfortable with emotions despite possessing plenty of them in abundance

jake peralta just feels so much and so deeply but never quite manages to articulate or express those feelings, and he certainly never knows what to do with how strongly he feels for amy santiago

and there, in the low light, right after they’ve been sent reeling by the shock of captain holt’s departure, it would be SO easy to just turn and go. it would be so easy for jake to leave and tell himself that they were both still raw from the bad news to make himself feel better for walking away.

but he looks at her and for the first time, he sees the possibility of something wonderful and not an amalgamation of possible risks and screw-ups and hurt feelings.

so he goes for it. just this once, anyway.