this moment is pure gold

«… so awkward», muttered Minseok, loosening sheepishly the already unfastened collar of his white shirt as he made sure to avert his costumer’s eyes. He had no chance to notice Lu Han’ subtle, embarrassed chuckle, since he was so focused on looking away. 


@neoomlet : “I was wondering if i could get an imagine where the reader is about 5 and shes the daughter of Joker and Harley and shes kind of half insane so like shes a normal innocent child and every so often she would kind of switch (like if someone got hurt)”

Pairing: Joker X Child!Reader X Harley Quinn

A/n: I hope you don’t mind but I changed the age to eight instead of five because at that age, I’m pretty sure the child still wouldn’t have a good sense of their surroundings yet.

“Daddy?” you mumble with a big frown on your face. It was another day without your beloved mother, and you missed her to pieces. She’s been gone for four months now, and everything around you seem to have become dull and glum, even your own daddy couldn’t put a smile on his face. He sits in this room, surrounded by knives and weapons he could find in his arsenal, even your old baby clothes were placed in the corner.

You waddle over to him, small arms wrapped around the worn down jester stuffed toy and you sniffle. Immediately when he hears you, he points his gun toward you. You don’t flinch, knowing how normal this was. The split second he knew that it was you, he puts his gun away. The fake drawn smile on his tear-streaked face made you even frown deeper, knowing that smile could never compare to his real silver grin.

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SCILIAM || Scott x Stiles x Liam || PARENTING 101 || Stiles couldn’t be more parental if he tried || S5E01 || TEEN WOLF ||


SethKate Fandom Celebration 2017

Day 3 (May 22nd): Favorite Episode (3x10 Dark Side of the Sun)

This one was tough.  There are so many good ones to choose from and there are so many moments that are pure gold.  It was really hard to pick but I had to go with 3x10 because that’s when we got that epic tunnel scene and then the flash forward.  The fandom was blessed in the finale.

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LOTS OF FLUFF! Clexa or Lexark, idc. I want it to be so fluffy I'll die

“A kiss for every scar you have, not just in this lifetime, in every single lifetime. The ones where I could save you, the ones where I was too late, those times I never got the chance to know you, and the best ones where you were my entire world for years.”

Hands intertwined as a soft wind lifted soft cotton. 

“A kiss for every tear that’s been shed through the centuries that have passed between us. The ones I got to wipe away, the ones I may have caused, the ones that fell without me knowing, and the ones that came from moments of pure joy.” 

Gold glinting in the fading sunlight. 

“A kiss for the moments we’ve shared together and the ones that are still to come.”

Smiles now, warm and full of hope for a future together. 

“I’ll never stop kissing you as long as you’ll have me. Every time I find you, every time I lose you. I’ll give you a kiss and remind myself that no matter what our souls will continue to merge together.” 

The ring slide easily onto her slender finger as the remaining light started to fade. 

“You’ll never be alone and you’ll never be without love.”

The second ring slide on and hearts were now racing. 

“My Heda.” 

A whisper meant for the two of them. 

“I’ll always find you.”

A kiss, one of a countless number, each one told a story. They held lifetimes between them and it was enough for them to just have that one kiss for now. 

No matter what they knew there would be more. The love that had captured them transcended anything this world or anything else could ever hold.

Now as always, together and bonded. 


Some flowery doodles of my favourite Misery Brigade Buddies to go with that one I did of the Exile a while back. They didn’t fit in the last post so here they all are together!

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, I make fun of these terrible people because I love them.

After watching the sneak peek between Abby, Clarke, & Bellamy these are my thoughts/reaction for Bellarke. moments like this are pure gold. we are getting the real of it all, everything leading up to this point. we’ve been through so much with these two and seeing them this way makes not only for great TV but great developments. I think it’s important we get to see Clarke & Bellamy alone after all that happened and that tension between them that’s bound to explode because Clarke will want to talk about everything and Bellamy won’t want to talk to her at all unless he has to. I am beyond excited to see whats to come with them even if it hurts. 

♫Unsteady- X Ambassadors//Marauders Era: Sirius Black x Reader

Request:  hey idk if you’re still doing requests but can you do “unsteady” by X ambassadors for a sirius x reader (angsty but happy ending) please and also i love you a fuckton

A/N: Hello my loves! Firstly, lovely, I’m sorry this has taken so long, hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Just to point out, this is kind of an AU where Sirius doesn’t end up in Azkaban. Secondly, I am currently working on all requests as well as taking all requests! However, it will take me a while to do them, as school has started back up and I have quite high target grades to achieve. I’ll be doing my best to upload at least two requests a day, some of them may not be very long, but if that bothers you please don’t hesitate to let me know! Much love, hope you enjoy this xoxo

Boys don’t cry, he hears in his mind again and again, as tears fall, their heat burning trails onto his cool, pale skin, because boys don’t cry even when everything around them is falling to pieces and there’s nowhere to go, even when there is no light at the end of the tunnel and the weight of the world settles on their heart.

The wind shakes a few blossoms from the trees, and fully bloomed lilacs move to and fro in the languid air. The summer’s day feels more like early Spring, the air crisp, the wind chilling, leaving goosebumps on Sirius Black’s skin as he sits under a willow tree, a torn envelope on the ground beside him, graced with a vermilion seal, and an unfolded letter in his hand.

A sigh escapes his lips, a temptation to rip the frail parchment into pieces instead of unfolding it and wasting time reading another lecture from his pompous parents, in whose eyes he could never do anything right.

Rough fingertips unfold the creases, and their owner finds the paper is almost completely empty. Relief floods him until he reads the curved black letters at the top of the letter.

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