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Go Nowhere Tonight by Anonymous for Glittermint

Written for the 1D Canon Based Fic Exchange

As always, the easy nonchalance with which he treats the rumors hurts, stabs Harry in the gut, twists the knife. Because it is hard for Harry; it’s hard to know people think they should be or are together because he wants that. Wants it so fucking badly, and it would be one thing if he could just silently quarantine that part of himself and pine secretly, but instead he’s faced with fictionalized accounts of his and Louis’s nonexistent love life and photoshopped pictures of them being coupley every time he’s on the internet. It is hard, and the fact that it supposedly isn’t for Louis functions as proof that it’s unrequited. “It’s gonna be a rude awakening for them,” he starts, gazing into his empty glass, “when we eventually come out but are dating other people. No one likes being half-right.”

Or, the aftermath of a very tense dinner party.

Oh good lord this fic is 12K+ words of total brilliance. I read it before bed and woke up the next morning still thinking about it and needed to read it again! The way this author captured the pining and the pain, while also writing such pure adoration and full on lust, and in between sprinkling in hilarious moments and truly great characterization, is just pure gold. Please do yourself a favor and read this. I really, really loved it!

Watching TBBT season 10 finale
  • Ramona : *plants a big kiss on Sheldon's lips*
  • Sheldon : *stunned* Excuse me a moment
  • Sheldon : *gets out, gets in a cab, to the airport to fly to New Jersey to show up at Amy's door*
  • Me : *can't stop laughing and crying and shaking from laughing too much the whole way*

So Today I Watched… Wonder Woman // Warner Bros (2017)

And so it is. The day has finally come. Before making the mistake of saying “The first ever Woman led Super-hero film” let’s remind ourselves for a minute that before this release we had over the past 25 years Supergirl, Tank Girl, Barb Wire, Catwoman and Elektra. No, Wonder Woman is not the first effort by a studio to have a leading superhero female character. BUT it’s the first one they finally get right. This movie it’s a letter of love to the character, one that Gal Gadot carries on with tenderness, strength, innocence and purity. I swear to God.  The best part of this film is this woman’s acting. She embodies all the traits of Diana of Temyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta. A child born from clay, and given life by the grace of Zeus to make the world a safer place.  She doesn’t know about her destiny and she’s refused to be told so by her mother who cares for her more than she should. Diana’s stubbornness and eagerness to learn make her the Amazon’s fiercest warrior until one day she meets Steve Trevor, a British spy on a mission to uncover a ploy by the Germans in WWI to strike the allies with toxic gas.

Diana’s first knowledge of the world of men by the words of Steve wakes her  warrior spirit but despise being a very wise woman in the ways of the Amazon she knows nothing of the world of man. Once she’s out of Temyscira she has to face the nuisances of the world in London on the year of 1918. From here on it’s an amazing experience to see this warrior woman who sees the world on terms of right and wrong, learn about compromise, patience, love, hypocrisy, the measure of principles, the way the world works and how this affect in the outcome of the conflict she faces. Every relationship Diana builds in the film reveals a new facet of the character; she truly is an ambassador for humanity, caring for everyone. As every origin story, this movie has “The hero’s realization” scene (the moment when the hero knows he has to step up and make a stand to prove his/her worth) and while we have seen this played out a thousand times over in a lot of super hero films over the past 12 years Diana’s realization is pure gold and a one the best moments to watch in the film despise being blown over in the trailers already. Diana is not an infallible hero she’s learning as she goes and as such she makes mistakes. Some of them cost her dearly. Some of them haunt her to this day and that’s why she put on the mantle again in Batman V Superman.

The movie did not receive the hype BvS had with a 3 years in the making process and that’s a good thing. This is a very solid film. One of the best origin stories ever told. Patty Jenkins outdid herself with this movie. The aesthetics are great and they suit the period the film is being set in. The music while not the most memorable makes good companionship to the drama unfolding over the 2 hours of story. Every actor is efficient on their contributions. You’ll get humor. You’ll get sadness. You’ll get moments of reflection. You’ll get empowerment. You’ll get action. But above all and everything else… We, the fans, finally have a Wonder Woman feature film and it’s an awesome one. If you are one of the few who haven’t watched it yet go and buy a ticket. You are in for a ride.

My Faith in the DC Cinematic Universe has been restored to a 100%.


SCILIAM || Scott x Stiles x Liam || PARENTING 101 || Stiles couldn’t be more parental if he tried || S5E01 || TEEN WOLF ||

anonymous asked:

Top five Prince Zuko moments?

oh but there are so many! how can I possibly choose?

1. “Hi, Zuko here.” aka the most awkward attempt to introduce oneself to the group of people you have henceforth been pursuing and are trying to convince of your good intentions. 

2. “That’s rough, buddy.”

3. literally standing on the top of a mountain and yelling at a cloud (okay so it’s also emotional and intense, but he is literally standing on a mountain and yelling at the sky, Zuko, your drama is big.)

4. Zuko doing impressions. I was trying to find a good video to link to for this but could not track one down. But “you have to look within yourself to save yourself from your other self. Only then will your true self reveal itself” is just pure gold.

5. the moment in “The Day of Black Sun” when he confronts Ozai. all the rest of these are goofy and/or awkward and I do love that, but this moment is one of the most powerful for me. it shows so much growth and realization on Zuko’s part, and him getting the chance to face down his abuser and say “this was not my fault” was just. so good. so important.


@neoomlet : “I was wondering if i could get an imagine where the reader is about 5 and shes the daughter of Joker and Harley and shes kind of half insane so like shes a normal innocent child and every so often she would kind of switch (like if someone got hurt)”

Pairing: Joker X Child!Reader X Harley Quinn

A/n: I hope you don’t mind but I changed the age to eight instead of five because at that age, I’m pretty sure the child still wouldn’t have a good sense of their surroundings yet.

“Daddy?” you mumble with a big frown on your face. It was another day without your beloved mother, and you missed her to pieces. She’s been gone for four months now, and everything around you seem to have become dull and glum, even your own daddy couldn’t put a smile on his face. He sits in this room, surrounded by knives and weapons he could find in his arsenal, even your old baby clothes were placed in the corner.

You waddle over to him, small arms wrapped around the worn down jester stuffed toy and you sniffle. Immediately when he hears you, he points his gun toward you. You don’t flinch, knowing how normal this was. The split second he knew that it was you, he puts his gun away. The fake drawn smile on his tear-streaked face made you even frown deeper, knowing that smile could never compare to his real silver grin.

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Let me know

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☽Pairing☾ ; Taehyung | Reader

☽Genre☾ ; Angst

☽Word Count☾ ; 1.9k

☽Note☾ ; I only speak from my own experience.

☽Warnings☾ ; Depression | Mental illness 

“How is it going Y/N?”

A question shot into the frigid air of any type of office room, displayed with flowers, plants and simple dull paintings from kids that has been through your stage in early age. The woman in front, tipped her glasses onto the right spot, finding the clock ticking becoming louder and louder.

“It’s going well. Still tired” You simply answered, fiddling your thumbs as a mechanism of forgetting the demons, which haunts you whenever there is an opportunity to taunt your life.

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I have to explain myself

I changed my picture for this one because I’m rewatching Chuck and I was thinking: WOAH this two are my inspiration!

1- I think that Zachary Levi is one of the most underestimate actor in the industrie. He is a wondeful actor and an amazing man.

2- He create the nerd HQ to  gather all the nerds! BUT! THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE WEBSITE IS : You can donnate to ‘‘Operation smile’‘. They raised money to help children. All money they raised are for ‘‘Operation smile’‘. For every $ 250 raised, a doctor is paid to do the operation that heals the hare’s bill. It is a malformation that makes feeding children very difficult. Moreover, this malformation prevents children from speaking correctly.
With this organization, hundreds of childrens have been blessed with the operation that gives them a smile. 

3- in another vein I choose this one because I’m in love with his relationship with Yvonne! They are so close and they know each other for so long!!! They sometimes act like a real couple without realising it.

They are goofy and I think they found each other. They are kind of soulmate without romance!

Ok so look at these dorks!

You can’t say they don’t look cute together!

And she supportes Zac with Operation smile!


And they do watch baseball

And she’s proud of him like he’s proud of her

4- Yvonne Strahovski is the most gorgeous Giant Blond She-Male of Thailand (Chuck reference) She’s a badass who are so shy when she participates in the conventions, like Convensertaion for a cause (the Nerd HQ panel in SDCC) but that is a real pearl when she no longer thinks of cameras.

If you want to see her the most natural possible just watche this moment! and honestly, all moments you can watch her during this panel is pure gold!

Yes… she’s beautiful even like this

Oh and she’s a model too…

So yeah she looks perfect

And YES! She was at the Tangle premiere!

So! If you don’t know her just go read about her and WATCH her work!!! She’s not just beautiful she’s talented!

So! euh… yeah… this is why I changed my profil picture!


SethKate Fandom Celebration 2017

Day 3 (May 22nd): Favorite Episode (3x10 Dark Side of the Sun)

This one was tough.  There are so many good ones to choose from and there are so many moments that are pure gold.  It was really hard to pick but I had to go with 3x10 because that’s when we got that epic tunnel scene and then the flash forward.  The fandom was blessed in the finale.


So, it has been a hot minute since I last did one of these, BUT I figured it was time to show some people a bit of love. Some of these RPers I’ve known for a damn long time and others I met just this last year. All of them have made a big connection with me in some way or another. There, in no particular order, here are my forever follows:


               Girl….GIRLLLLLL-bet you didn’t know you would be catapulted into a world of angst, sorrow, sarcasm, and superiorty complexes when we officially met haha! Guys, this lady right here has been one of the most INSPIRATIONAL RPers I have ever met. All the plots we’ve discussed, the little heartaches and betrayals and tender moments, have been nothing but pure gold!

And do not get me started on your writing! OH BOY! It’s like poetry straight out of Shakespeare! Every word is elegantly phrased even when your character, Freya, is throwing sass around like its confetti. Speaking of Freya, what a badass! Female muses get a bad rap on tumbler (we all know it), and you overcame that stigma and created such a diverse and dynamic muse that sooo many people have fallen for in one way or another WITHOUT compromising her core canon traits. I hope we have many more years of RPS to come!


               You precious angst cinnamon roll how glad I am that you came into my life! Noah is one of the BEST OCs that I have ever come across. What you created, his personality, his backstory, the council, the world/universe, it just shows your dedication to your creativity and I am in complete awe. From day one you made an impact with your character and now I cannot get enough of seeing Noah in action. I still laugh at the fact that Noah would put out cigarettes in Jeremiah’s plants and furniture just to piss him off after specifically being told not to—ITS FANTASTIC TO FIND A MUSE WITH SUCH BIG CAJONES BUT BE REALISTIC AT THE SAME TIME. He is the biggest thorn in Jeremiah’s side and the “sweetest” uncle to Kalanie ever. My god does that child adore him already! I cannot wait to explore more of your universe and (eventually) get to some of these plot ideas we have. You rock my socks off :D


               You, my spicy friend, are the reason the leviathans are still around today. When I wanted to quit RPing (due to a VERY busy and overwhelming schedule at the time), you told me you’d take care of the leviathan universe and that it would be in good hands. As always, you never disappoint J Your writing always inspires me and I often draw ideas from you when I go back and read over your RPs! We may not see eye to eye on everything, but I am so happy you came into my messages one day and asked to be part of the story. Best partnership ever. Calamity/Seth is such a big part of Jeremiah’s, Kalanie’s, and now Crevan’s story that I could never imagine it without him or you. Hopefully one day the brothers can resolve a few of their beefs… if our love for angst doesn’t fuck that up XD I know you’re off making more amazing characters on other blogs, but I hope to hear from ya again soon. Miss ya friend!

This is a list of people that have also impacted my tumblr life, but either haven’t RPed with much or haven’t gotten to know as strongly and hope to change that.

@glxtzy, @carnivorarium, @ex-mercenary, @bladeofthehawk, @the-final-peace, @mylittlemusebox, @doctor-2-insane-andfriends, @unholybloodshed, @kashiings, @gxxdgiirl, @evildcers; @wingsofgild

This is the list of people I haven’t gotten a chance to RP with, but would very much like to!

@the-cavern-of-scrolls, @sacredwrvth, @catastrophicur, @preciousyellowidiot, @crimsonsalamander, @modernspellsword; @white-hawk

If you didn’t make the list it doesn’t mean I dislike you or anything of the sort.