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Loki, trying to forget

He can never go home.

Not because Asgard is no longer there; he truly cannot fathom a universe in which Asgard isn’t there, in its perpetual splendor – the realm eternal. But because the era in which he could have called it home is gone. Knowledge has stripped him of it. Home is now a state of ignorance, forever lost to him.

Or so he thinks, until he discovers an alternative.

For a long time, he vacillates. It is a vulnerability is he not in a hurry to subject himself to. But the weight of the knowledge of his own monstrosity is a heavy thing, and day by day he can feel himself cracking a little more. And much as he might perform at it, part of him fears the oblivion of madness. Surely it would be better to excise a part of his mind with precision, like a surgeon cutting away gangrene, than to let all his faculties fester?

He hates the lies, but he longs for them too. Longs not to know better, as bitter as he may be about being played the fool for all his life. And even as he’s tried to escape from the knowledge into the void, or into hel, it has always followed him back into the realms of the living. Death is no escape. But forgetting–

(He can never go home. But he can forget the reason why.)

The potion, it turns out, is a reasonably simple thing. It tastes foul, but it’s nowhere near as hard to swallow as the truth. 

When he wakes, he does not know where he is.

He does not know how he got there, or why his clothes are strange, or his hair too long.

He does not know that creatures from the void between realms are hunting him.

(But the latter, he finds out soon enough.)

When they catch up to him, he stands and fights just long enough to realize he is outmatched; then, because he’s always been the sensible one, he flees. 

He feels for the soft places in the weft as he runs; the fragile places where he can slip between worlds and evade his captors. But the terrain is unfamiliar and he is being chased by strange, chittering creatures who are heavily armed. 

He finds a tear and goes to dive through it a second too late, and feels one of their weapons catch him right before he tumbles through–

– and falls –

- and lands.

He does not know this realm.

It is loud. The buildings are tall and gleaming, but made of steel and glass and brick instead of gold, and there is a patina of filth over everything. The air reeks with the stench of refuse and burning fuel. And it is almost enough to overwhelm the smell of burnt flesh and blood.


He staggers past mortal beings in odd garb, stuffing a hand into his tunic to staunch the flow. He needs help; he needs shelter; he needs to hide. 

Somewhere, alarms shriek through the air. He isn’t sure if he was followed; he’s losing blood too quickly to think straight, and there’s no healing stones on his person. He isn’t sure whether or not he can trust this world’s medicine, though he may not have a choice. 

Ducking into an alleyway, he lets himself sag against the side of a building in an attempt to catch his breath. His chest aches, and he can’t seem to draw a full breath – every exhale comes out wet and tinged with the taste of copper. A moment, and he’ll keep moving. A moment–

He wakes, and a man is standing over him. For a brief moment, he mistakes the golden hair and broad shoulders for Thor – but no, the hair is short, and the man is not so brawny as his brother. Though the stormy expression would give Thor’s thunderous moods a run for their coin. 

“What are you doing here?” the man demands, coldly. It is hardly a pleasant welcome.

“My name is Loki, of Asgard,” he tells him, waiting for a flash of recognition; all he gets is a deepening frown. “I require… aid,” he pants. “Asgard will reward you well for your help. I–”

He breaks off with a cough, and something hot and bitter fills his mouth. Darkness swims in his vision. “Please,” he gasps, wetly. 

The man’s expression grows troubled, and a muscle in his jaw bunches and loosens. “What happened to you?” he asks, a little gentler. 

Loki laughs, as he has for days now of running wondered the same thing: 

“I forget,” he wheezes honestly, before slipping back into the rising dark. 

I have fucking chills watching the vegas opening show. introducing a first responder and having a player skate out with them? warriors by imagine dragons? #VegasStrong everywhere? I was already near tears.

and then they had some survivors of the shooting do the puck drop? 58 seconds for each of the individuals who lost their lives? and then they projected their names onto the ice and i think the band that was playing during the shooting sang the national anthem and I just -

This was a beautiful memorial opening show that was respectful and sad, but with a tone of hope and strength. Well done, knights. Well done.

2007: literally every ytp has at least one moment with the cd-i cutscenes or mama luigi. golden age

2012: dark ages of youtube poop, “spaghetti dinner” illegal under the geneva conventions

2017: an old candle burns once more; a light of hope pierces this dreary night of infinite blackness. i hope you’ve come prepared with lots of spaghetti, because w

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This is the face of a woman who starts to understand her feelings towards someone she regarded as a total stranger. The fear of losing a man who is an endearing mystery to her has taken control of her. Her breath starts to speed up and feelings take charge of her actions.

Something to lighten the mood:

  • Mahdi once came over to Evak’s place for a pre game, but Isak and Jonas and Mags were running late

  • Even wasnt feeling 100% that day and was a blanket burrito when he came in (Even had opened the door and buzzed Mahdi in but then retreated to his former place, sitting on the bed with his back against the head board)  

  • Until then, Mahdi had not seen Even be down or down-ish and at first it was very awkward bc Even didn’t talk and only gave him a tired and weak smile when he attempted to make conversation

  • So Mahdi decided to do what he always did as a child, when his mom was stressed and he wanted her to cheer up  

  • Mahdi made waffles

  • And at first Even didn’t feel like it but the heavy delicous waffle smell made his stomach grumble

  • So they ate (”Even, my man, dig in!”) 

  • And Mahdi noticed that Even relaxed when he talked but seemingly didn’t have the energy to talk back 

  • So he just rambled on

  • Which let to Even being the first person to learn that Mahdi lowkey wanted to become a chef

  • And when a few days later Even was feeling better, they discussed various recepies

  • And thats the story how every tuesday Mahdi comes over now, and the two of them cook together

  • (Isak is loving it bc FOOD and Even is so excited and well CUTE but of course rolls his eyes and joins in when Jonas and Mags drag their ‘dinner dates’)

Some moments from tonight’s interviews

• Marlon ships Eva and Jonas, he said they’re golden.
• Ulrikke played FMK and she chose Elias, Noora, and William respectively
• Simo brought actual Balloons when they arrived
• Marlon would FMK PChris, Girl Chris, Even
• Cengiz wants to marry everyone! He would fuck Even and kill himself.
• When the interviewer asked Cengiz who he would choose for random sex he just looked shocked and replied “I’m not like that.”
• Iman said that the most difficult thing about playing Sana particularly in season 4 was being angry.
• When she read that Sana smiled her reaction was “Finally!”
• To the theory of Eskild x Elias, Carl responded that it would be cool.
• Henrik feels that with Even there is this an entire story that hasn’t been told.
• If Adam could be any character he would be Sana because of how important her character is to Muslims
• Simo took forever in FMK and he decided he’d marry Sana, kiss Linn, and friendly kill Yousef.
•Henrik said it was challenging to portray someone with bipolar disorder because he did not want to create a stereotypical character because you have to respect those whom you portray.
• Josefine said the biggest difference between her and Noora is that Noora doesn’t wear mascara.

• Iman is enlisting in the army

• Tareji and Henrik both went to continue scting.
• Ina has two years left at theater school.
• Ulrikke says there are many things she wants to change in the world and she’ll be focusing her attention on that.
• Marlons favorite moment is when the girls pick up Sana in Los Losers.
• Iman hopes that people have gotten a positive experience of Muslims after the season and her massage to us is that regardless of everything we are all the same.