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I have a very tiny bathroom. Why am I sharing this? 

Well, the point is that at some time in the next few days I am going to be sharing my very small bathroom with my three chickens. 

Fucking cyclone. 

Look, if it was just going to be a category 1, I’d let them stay in their coop. But it’s looking like a 4 now. Here’s a quick scientific reference for those of you unfamiliar with storm categories: 

I have nowhere secure to put my chickens, apart from my bathroom. I have a car port, not a garage. And my verandah, although secure against burglars, is not secure against cyclones. So the bathroom it is. 

I hate cyclones, because basically it means being locked in my house with a bunch of increasingly stir-crazy cats. And now every trip to the bathroom will be an adventure in chicken-wrangling. 

I feel like I have everything else under control at the moment, and I’m as organised as I can be… and then I look at the chickens, and I think of my tiny, tiny bathroom, and I wonder how awkward it’s going to be trying to pee with a chicken on my lap. 

I’ll keep you all posted! 


BTS was amazing last night! The solos were incredible. The ARMY’s surprise rainbow lights and how we were singing and dancing along to every song was amazing. I can’t point out a single moment I would want to change because everything was perfect. Jimin slapping Jungkook’s ass and Jungkook’s American flag just topped it all off. It was so incredible to see them live because you could see how hard they were working and how much they cared. V looked so nervous for his solo and it was breathtaking. Hoseok was a ball of sunshine, per usual, and looked so happy during his solo. Jin hit an amazing high note and showed how hard he has been working and that he is an incredible vocalist who deserves as much respect as the other members because he is so talented. Jimin and Jungkook’s solos blew me away and Suga and Namjoon’s solos had so much emotion in them that I almost cried. Suga, Namjoon, and Hoseok slayed Cypher Pt. 4. ALSO, JIMIN IS A BRUNETTE AGAIN!!! Last night, day 1 at the Prudential Center for the Wings Tour, was incredible and I will never forget it. #ARMYforever

Artists List has been released!!

Hello guys, thank you very much for being patient with us. We received quite large number of applications we need moment to sort everything. We are very grateful for the huge interest in our zine, it’s a wonderful feeling to see everyone’s love for Josuke and Giorno ^^.

We have sorted all the participants! we’re very sorry that we can’t accept everybody due limited page quota, but we promise to give the best result with the chosen artists list. Artist who are chosen will get email from us, if you felt you ever submit to our application, please check your email :). The complete Artist List could be checked here.

We also thinking about making bonus which will come along with the zine, perhaps stickers, buttons, or even enamel pin!. Let us know your thoughts in our ask! 

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(studyblr: thefashionstudies) ok so crush story, here we go: when i was 14 i think? i fell in love HARD with my best (guy)friend. now, this was bad because he already liked another girl and i knew i had 0 chances with him, so naturally i tried to kill my feelings but i'm as discreet as an elephant so everyone knew about it (except him). it was AWFUL bc he was so nice to me and made me laugh and we stayed up all night talking and aaah it was terrible!! BUUT one day we were at a friend's birthday+

party and we were both kinda drunk?? so we were really flirty and everything and in one moment we were alone and hE KISSED ME and i was like “wtf what is happening didn’t you like another girl??!?!??!?!” and he said to me “you know that’s not true” !!!!!!! and long story short guess who found her soulmate at 14 and has been with him for 2.5 years :’)

SHUT UP. That is so cute!! I love it when best friends fall in love x

sleepover friday!

Come What May

Sequel to Together, At Last enjoy! 

Abby woke up again, it was morning, with the sun just starting to gently appear in the sky through the mansions bedroom window. She looked at Marcus who was asleep beside her. He had arrived to the island unexpectedly the afternoon before and the couple had spent every moment they could together.
Marcus had told her everything that had been happening and since she was the only one he could ever let down his guard with, had told her the aching loneliness he had felt, how much he missed her. That no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t save everyone and felt ashamed when his feelings had grown so passionate he felt like he was complaining and Abby had assuaged his feelings.
“It’s valid, Marcus,” she had told him gently; squeezing his hand in hers. “You’ve done everything you could, just like I have-like all of us.”
Marcus had given her a fleeting smile that told her he wished he could’ve done more and sensing he’d been needing someone to lean on for awhile Abby was quite willing to be his anchor, his support. The two had talked on and off about events, how they’d felt and what they’d done during their long separation. But mostly, they were glad to be together again. They had spent the night making up for lost time and Abby had fallen asleep her head on his chest.
“Hey,” his voice came soft in the morning dawn, “sleep well?”
Abby kissed him. “Mm, I haven’t slept this well in weeks.”
Marcus stroked her bare back. “Can’t remember a goodnight sleep myself for awhile.”
“You’ve lost weight, Marcus,” Abby frowned. “Has there been a food shortage?”
Marcus lowered his eyes.
“Ever since the black rain, foods been hard to find.” He said simply. “Our people needed it more then I did.”
“But you’re the chancellor,” Abby said incredulously.
“Why are you so surprised?” Marcus asked, “Abby, I’ve been without food before even on the ark remember?”
Abby looked him, her indigence faded. “I do,” she said softly.
“Come on then, Chancellor Kane,” with a loving smirk in her eyes, “time you had a bite to eat.” Marcus chuckled as he followed her to the kitchen. The others were still not up yet so he and Abby had it all to themselves. It was pure luxury compared to the harsh conditions back in Arkadia. Here was an Eden, plentiful with good food and something nice to drink.
“If we could fit everyone, we’d be rather comfortable.” Abby said matter of factedly through a mouthful of toast.
“How many could?” Marcus asked taking a sip of hot tea.
Abby narrowed her eyes taking an estimate in her mind. “With ten right now, I’d say- maybe another ten?”
“Only twenty people,” he repeated quietly, “we gotta find somewhere where we all fit.”
“Well you need your strength right now,” she interrupted, “eat your breakfast and I’ll get ready to come back with you.”
Marcus looked at her “Aren’t you needed here?”
“What more can I do, Marcus?” Abby answered. “There’s no nightblood, no rocket. Besides, you need me too and I’m going back with you.”
Marcus stood up and took her hands in his.
“You’re either the most stubborn woman I’ve ever known or the loyalist.”
Abby smiled at him and in a fit of humor bopped his nose with her finger.
“And you love me for it. You’re stuck with me, Marcus Kane.”
He threw his head back and laughed, tightening his arms around her and they kissed long and deep, happy to return together come what may.

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Dude. ShinRan. With Body Swap AU. Pretty please?

This is over 3k, and there’s still so much I could write. Hope you like it dude!

It first begins on a Tuesday.

Ran is sat eating lunch with Sonoko, savouring her home-made bento, picking up vegetables with her chopsticks when it happens. She is wondering slightly, what Shinichi is doing with his male friends, missing how he normally eats lunch with her when everything just… changes.

One moment she is sat in the classroom, her back to the sun. The next, she is standing on the school’s roof, surrounded by male classmates, leaning against the walls.

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I Feel Lost
Hey guys, hope I didn't wake you up. I've just been feeling a little lost lately and wanted to get some things off my chest. I've been on YouTube for about 5...

what i want him to know is that he will never disappoint me. whatever he goes through, i’m gonna stick by him; and i can’t talk for everyone, but i like to believe that most of you here will too. if he needs to take a moment to try and figure everything out, then dude, take as much time as you need. i’m so proud of what he’s done, and i’m going to keep supporting him whatever choices he makes.

god, he means so much to me.

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Hi! How do you think Yvonne would do as Serena Joy in The Handmaid's Tale? What do you think are her strengths and weaknesses as an actress? Thanks!

She is going to absolutely crush it in the best way. Serena Joy is one of the most fascinating villains ever written, and Yvonne has proven she’s more than capable of digging deep into roles and working with the layers of the character. I’ve said it before, but she is so good with her face. I mean, it’s a really nice face, but she does WONDERS with it.

While the writing for Sarah was great, the character never would’ve meant as much as she does to so many of us if Yvonne Strahovski hadn’t been cast. Because the smallest look conveys so damn much. In split second moments. And you just feel EVERYTHING. That stuff isn’t taught. She’s just incredibly talented. A little pinch of her mouth, downcast eyes, nostril flare… all so perfectly executed. 

And what she did with Hannah McKay was phenomenal, too. She was only given one and a half seasons in Dexter, and she made Hannah the most fascinating and nuanced character in the show. 

Astronaut’s Wives’s Club, she was amazing. The best.

The thing about Serena Joy is that while she’s the villain, she’s just as impacted by this terrible society. At all levels, there’s oppression. Even for the wealthy wife of a high-ranking official, a woman who supported the rise of this society that makes women’s bodies into baby farms and takes away their personhood, their names, etc. She suffers, too. So Yvonne is going to have to make us absolutely despise her, hate her so so so so much……..while also giving us a glimpse into the constant unhappiness and self-hatred she feels while no one’s looking. That’s not to say Serena Joy gets a pass. But those levels of hatred and pity are going to be crucial to making that character work, and nobody can do that like Yvonne, in my opinion.

It’s going to be amazing. We’re going to basically get to watch her slowly crumble, all while putting on this facade of power and grace. And I cannot WAIT to see it.

Honestly, I have yet to see a weakness in Yvonne’s acting. Granted, I didn’t much like I, Frankenstein but that was mostly because Aaron Eckhart is annoying and the writing was subpar. 

It’s going to be so hard to watch The Handmaid’s Tale because it’s such a ROUGH story. It just hurts on every level. But Offred’s struggle is essentially one of perseverance in the face of that struggle, so it will be important to take that to heart, especially in our current climate in the US and in Europe right now.

Basically, Yvonne is going to do some miraculous GREAT things in The Handmaid’s Tale and I cannot WAIT to watch it all unfold. Keep your eye on The Nerd Machine, though, because I’ll be recapping each episode as it comes out!
Donald Trump’s truck moment tells us nothing and everything about his presidency
Honk honk.
By German Lopez

“Trump came into office expecting to, basically, Art of the Deal his way through the job — striking the best, most beautiful deals to repeal Obamacare, eliminate trade treaties, chase out undocumented immigrants, and bring back jobs. This was all a great act on the campaign trail, and Trump’s supporters loved it.

But much like Trump’s driving in the images above, it was all an act. And Trump is now learning that no amount of miming and showmanship will let him move the parked truck — or Congress — on the current debates about health care and future pieces of legislation if people and lawmakers just don’t like what he’s proposing.”

misery and company • self-para

Stepping out onto the court is like walking straight into a dream. Well. More like a memory. A vision of the past.

Theo’s waiting for them at the starting mark. They lock eyes across the court, and for a moment, everything else fades away. The deafening noise of the crowd. The erratic thud of his own pulse reverberating in his ears. The nervous sweat slicking his palms, coating the back of his neck. Theo hasn’t changed. At least, not in any way that matters. His hair is shorter. He’s a little taller. His jersey is red and gold, instead of the familiar black and green he’d donned in high school. But… They’re still here, the two of them - facing off across a divide that feels insurmountable. A chasm that’s only grown since high school, morphed and warped beyond recognition by resentment and misguided blame and regret and hesitation.

They had been brothers, once (before they were friends, after they were rivals). Maybe. Even if only in name. But, regardless, they had undoubtedly understood each other. Theo had always known the right things to say. To motivate him or push him or anger him.

That, at least, hasn’t changed.

“I’m surprised you showed up.”

“Nice to see you again, too.” Arlo passes his racquet from one hand to the other, trying to channel all the patience he can muster.

Nonplussed at Arlo’s lack of reaction, Theo takes a step closer, tapping their racquets together in “greeting” with just a little more force than strictly necessary.

“How’s the season going? I’d love to hear an insiders perspective. From what I’ve heard, it’s been a predictable Palmetto train wreck. Fist fights, arrests. Typical behavior from the trailer trash Wymack manages to scrap off the bottom of whatever trash heap he find them in.” He laughs, but there’s no real mirth in it. When he speaks again, his voice is lower. Barely audible above the intense, excited hum of the stadium. “I still mean what I said, after graduation. After what happened.” He pauses - as if either of them had forgotten. “You don’t belong here Booth. Not even with a team like them. You had your few seconds of fame in high school, riding my coat tails. I let you do it then, because I felt sorry for you. I’m not going to be so forgiving, this time.”

As the rest of the players take their marks, Arlo tries to stem the tide of aggression rolling in his gut. This was what he was afraid of. And, in the same breath, what he had been craving. What he had been missing for the past few games. This fire. The kind that can only be built by a delicate mix of desperation and hatred and longing and determination.

Even if the future of his Exy career is uncertain, even if he’s not sure if he’ll be coming back to play again next year, this game? This game he’s going to win. Right now, this game is all that matters.

He’s going to prove, once and for all, that he can exist outside the reach of Theo’s shadow. Outside the influence of a past that, despite his best efforts, he still can’t seem to shake.

“Do your worst.” He invites, expression grim as he shoves his mouth guard and face mask into place.

Beside him, Theo tenses for a fight.


It’s not even half time yet, and already Arlo’s aching. Theo’s taken advantage of every tender spot. Every vulnerability. Every weak point. He’s been checked into walls and tripped and met at every turn with equal force. Of course, it’s USC. His checks are completely legal. Just…undeniably excessive.

Worse than the physical toll and the frustration at being utterly matched in his position are the taunts. Theo was always good at trash talk. Always knew the right buttons to push. Arlo had forgotten what it was like to be on the other side of that.

Arlo fumbles a pass, barely managing to keep it from Theo’s clutches. As he takes off down the court, the other striker is at his heels.

“You’ve gotten faster! Not surprising.” Theo huffs, still talking shit, even at an all-out sprint. “You’d have to have a good amount of speed to outrun all your problems.” Theo laughs, slightly winded but undeterred. “Speaking of which, how’s dear old dad doing these days? Still a deadbeat, druggie piece of shit enjoying mooching off the system? …Or, are the rumors true? Did he finally kick the bucket?”

Arlo turns on his heel and passes, taking advantage of Theo’s distraction. It’s all he can do to keep his aim straight. He’s seeing red, gasping for breath because his throat is so tight he can’t breathe. He hasn’t thought about his dad. Not seriously. Not since the funeral. He hasn’t allowed himself to. To dwell. To question. To drown himself in “What ifs?” He’d been doing so fine. Avoiding it. Getting by. But now…

Unburdened, he rounds on Theo.

“Do you need some help climbing off your goddamn high horse?“ Arlo skids to a full stop, almost tripping over his own feet. He grapples with his face mask. Unable to free himself due to his gloves, he settles for spitefully spitting out his mouth guard. His hands clench painfully tight around the handle of his racquet, knuckles turning white with the pressure before he abruptly lets go, tossing it to the ground. Theo’s eyes are a little wide, one brow raised in surprise. He’s suspicious. But not scared. Never scared. That, somehow, only manages to piss Arlo off more. He takes a few steps forward, crowding into the other striker’s personal space. He’s breathing hard, whole body trembling with the force of his anger. Regret. Confusion. Other players are beginning to take notice, gameplay slowing down in anticipation of some kind of fight. Arlo can’t see the refs yet, but he knows it’s only a matter of time.

Fuck. Theo’s had no problem dishing it out all night. If he’s going to get a yellow card anyway, so be it. He’s gonna speak his mind first. For once, he’s going to say exactly what’s he feels.

“Why can’t you just admit that you’re as miserable as I am?” He doesn’t give Theo time to answer, just barrels on, pushing up into the other man’s space, trying to make up for the slight height difference between them with sheer will power alone. “You may be fooling USC, and the media and everyone else, but you’re not fooling me.” Theo rolls his eyes, feigning nonchalance, but Arlo can see the heat in his gaze. The way the skin around his lips tighten as his jaw clenched in anger. “You’re a prick. A self-loathing, self-entitled, spoiled prick. You’re a fucking asshole because you just can’t cope with the fact that your parents would rather try and replace your dead brother with a fucking foster stray than spend more than five seconds alone with yo-”

He trails off suddenly, attention drawn to the inner glass where Joel is staring him down, animatedly banging on the court wall in warning, brow furrowed deeply in concern. Arlo can’t make out what he’s saying.

Out of the corner of his eye, he see’s that the refs have taken notice. They’re heading for the doors, wearing matching scowls of disapproval, and he’s not sure what he’s going to say when they approach-

He doesn’t even have time to react. One second he’s staring at Joel in confusion, and the next-

Nothing at all.

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I'm not the most assertive person and I try to be very respectful to those I care about. My girlfriend isn't out to her parents and I really respect them and I don't enjoy lying to them about our relationship. I'm not gonna out my girl, but this situation makes me timid about kissing her or anything really. How do I make this first kiss for her special and get the guts to finally do it? Date ideas?

Kiss her without waiting any special moment. Everything will turn special after that.

I worry too much about famous people.

I worry that Tyler’s nieces and nephews won’t have a normal life because of the clique following their every move.

I worry that Josh won’t find a girlfriend who loves him for a reason other than he’s famous.

I worry that something will happen to Tyler’s parents and he’ll be forced to stop making music.

I worry that Tyler and Jenna’s kid won’t lead a normal life.

I worry that Josh will forget the clique and the shows because of dementia when he is older.

I worry that Tyler’s siblings will be outshone by their brother.

I worry about families that aren’t mine, people I don’t know, and things I don’t understand. It’s wrong, and a bit on the stalkerish side. The moment that I sit back and understand that God is in control is the moment in which I understand everything will be okay. I need to trust that he is protecting the Duns and Josephs. I need to worry about the people around me, not those who I don’t know.

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Hi im comfort anon and im here for u :) come to my office child. get comfy, u want some snacks or a drink? ive got plenty! anything u want I got :) *sits next to u* dont worry everything will be ok. we all have those moments where our backs are against the wall but itll pass. just know whatever ur going through, if u need someone to listen or simply cry on there there im here :) *gives u bear hug* whatever ur going through I believe u can get fight it. if no one believes in u, know that I do! 💜

Awwww this is honestly so sweet :’) thank you, you lovely anon! *hugs you* this made me smile ^-^ ❤❤❤

Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do.
—  Byron Katie

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I have literally sooo many coldwave ideas (and zero time to write any) so: Len takes the fall when a job goes wrong because Mick has priors and all Len’s got is juvie on his record. Cue Mick being paranoid and worried about Len in prison for his first time alone.

Ok so I wrote something for this but it’s Len’s pov not Mick’s, so I’m not sure if it’s what you wanted? If you want me to rewrite something from Mick’s let me know!

Years later, when he tells himself the story, he tells himself that he had a feeling that something was wrong. He convinces himself that the rumours about him are true, that he does have an eerie sense of when things are going to go wrong, that it warned him, that it let him plan.

Here’s the truth: it was just supposed to be another job, it felt like just another job, and everything felt totally fine up until the moment when the alarms went off.

He only has a split second to think, and so it’s instinct more than rational thought that makes him tell Mick that they should split up, that Mick should go right and he’ll go left, knowing full well that that’ll get him caught and only maybe get Mick away. But a maybe for one of them is all they’ve got, and that one is going to be Mick.

It’s going to be Mick who gets away because Mick is, above all else, a pyromaniac who cannot be kept confined, away from things to burn, for too long. It’s going to be Mick because Mick has priors, and all Len’s got on his record is juvie. It’s going to be Mick because Mick hates jail, hates it with every fiber of his being, and because Len can make himself stand anything if he has to. He dealt with Lewis for Lisa. He can deal with jail for Mick, for the way Mick stares at a lighter and calls it beautiful, for the way Mick smiles in the morning, which is more beautiful than any mere fire could be, for Mick, for Mick, and for Len, too, because it makes him happy for Mick to be happy.

Maybe that’s what went through his head, made him shout “Go right!” confident in the knowledge that Mick would, as always, do as Len bid.

And if that were why he did it, he thinks he can live with himself.

But he’s always been about playing the long game, has seen his father’s successes and failures and learnt from them, and he knows you don’t leave others behind, knows that whoever gets caught will be out of jail in a matter of months, but that both of them will live in the criminal circles of central until they die. if he saves himself at Mick’s expense, Mick will know, and remember, and will not forgive him. He will lose Mick. He will lose the one person in the city he can count on, the one person he can trust to have his back and keep him alive.

If that’s why he did it…

Here’s a truth he doesn’t admit to himself, even though he works it into everything he does, a truth that he can never let Mick suspect: for all that he spends a lot of time being scared for Mick, for all that he’d tear the world apart if he thought it would help keep Mick happy and healthy, he’s always been just a little bit scared of Mick, too. He always wants to keep Mick happy, and it’s not all altruism. For all that he knows Mick doesn’t want to hurt him, he knows that Mick, just like anybody else, could and would, if the circumstances were right. He can’t ever let the circumstances be right.

Mick comes to visit him in jail. He gets side eyed from everybody from the other prisoners to the guards, because they know him, know that he’s a criminal to the bone, but he’s got no open warrants so they have let him come and go as he pleases - well, according to visiting hours, at least - , and when he comes he’s all worried about Len.

And Len - Len can’t look him in the eye, because he doesn’t know why he did it, doesn’t know what was going through his head because it all happened so fast, too fast for conscious thought, too fast to really understand his own thought process and think it through. If he did it for Mick’s sake, that’s one thing. That’s noble, that’s understandable, that’s the only kind of good deed Len will ever be able to touch, with hands as soiled as his.

If he did it for himself, if he’s so inherently manipulative that it’s instinct, that he can see the long game before he has time to consciously think about it, then that makes him more dangerous to the people he claims to care about than his father ever was. He doesn’t think he could bear that. Not with the way he’s made sure that Mick and Lisa listen to everything he says. If he commands them with their best interests at heart, then that’s ok. But if he tells them what to do and they do it and he’s doing it for him, that’s - that’s horrible. He can’t live with that, can’t be that kind of person.

So the question remains - why did he do it?

Mick calls in half the favors they have, getting Len a good cellmate and keeping the gangs off him until Len tells him to stop wasting them. Even then, Mick visits more than he should, furrow in his brow, face tight and concerned. He’s worried about Len, and his care is visible to anyone who cares to look.

Len wishes he deserved it.

He gets out six months, two weeks, and three days after that heart stopping moment when he shouted “Go right!” and Mick’s waiting for him. “Hey boss,” Mick greets him. “How’d it go?”

Len knows that the question is genuine, that Mick really cares about the answer, but he can’t respond, knowing that he doesn’t know whether or not he deserves that sort of concern from Mick.

“How ‘bout you tell me what happened outside,” Len asks him, instead of responding, “partner?”

Mick smiles, and starts filling him in.

They never speak about Len’s first stay in jail again.


@lacommunarde @little-red-and-his-wolves

Sorry, I didn’t realise the word limit.

Went back and found my favorite part, so would this do? [That is perfectly fine!]

Frankly, Tobirama was becoming increasingly irritated that he hadn’t connected everything the moment he saw black fire [I actually did research on flame colors at different temperatures while deciding on Mad’ra’s appearance and the different colors of his magic. I was really annoyed with myself in hindsight because I forgot about the susanoo and how it had different colors for each user in canon. But fortune smiled upon me because even if I had taken that into account, I’m certain amaterasu has hotter flames than susanoo (if susanoo even burns at all) so I would have still gone with black as one of Mad’ra’s unique traits.] in the cafeteria yesterday, but apparently nine years was enough to blur mental associations. [“Mental associations” was a pain, btw, because it took me awhile to figure out how to phrase this sentence.]

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I love La La Land to pieces. Such a beautiful movie! I have some personal issues going on, but it helps. I've seen it 5 times already and I'm obsessed. I wish I could hug the cast and crew to thank them.

I know right? When I saw the movie for the first time I was in a really bad mood but it totally helped to feel tons better! I’ve seen it 4 times (you are beating me in this) and I just can’t get it out of my mind… I wish I had Ryan right here, this moment❤❤❤ The energy and the feeling and the songs and just everything about this movie, really makes you feel better and better!!!