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11:11 5: Rogue Nation

(note spelling: it’s rogue, not rouge. Why tf is that screwed up so often.) Here I am answering the questions of @wetsammywinchester​ – ty for thinking of me, Paula. I did already come up with a list of questions on my answers for Silver, tho, so I shall not double-down, but here goes:

1. What’s the worst thing you ate as a child?

Oh, man. I wish I could be one of my brothers for this one–apparently once my mom made something from a ‘70s cookbook called the “Enchanted Broccoli Forest”. Decades later, this dish still gets brought up, but I was (alas) not yet born to hate it. Personally, I can’t really remember anything that bad. Worst was probably being a guest at someone else’s house whose mom had Italian family and so claimed that she was Italian and so she obviously made the ‘best Italian food!’, you know, the way that people do. No. That shit was tasteless af, bland and awful, but you had to choke it down to be polite. Ugh.

2. What’s your favorite swear word? How often do you say it?

Wonderful question. Probably ‘Christ,’ but that shouldn’t really count–I’m more likely to drop a mild ‘shit’ when something is going wrong. I guess I have a pleasant seasoning of swear words–those people who drop them all the time usually seem like they’re self-consciously trying too hard–but honestly, they’re just words that have a very faint additional tang. I hate the ‘naughty word’ police. 

3. Which do you prefer against your skin - cotton, silk or wool?

Oof. Silk. It’s like nothing else. But cotton for everyday, of course, because I can’t live a silk-cloud life.

4. What was the first R-rated movie you saw? 

Can’t remember. My parents didn’t believe in/bother with coddling–the real world is out there, and the sooner you know about it the better. (This may have something to do with my hatred of bowdlerization, hm?) I think I saw Pulp Fiction pretty damn early, like when I was five or six; I know I saw Fargo in theatres, when I would’ve been… what, seven. I thought the sheriff lady had a funny accent. :)

5. Who is your favorite sibling (if none, aunt or uncle?) and why?

What a hard question. I’ve got three brothers, and they all have their good and bad traits. They’re all older than me, and so while they were sort of around when I was very little we didn’t really have ‘traditional’ sibling relationships. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite, because it’s all so dependent on mood (theirs and mine); what I can say is that I’m not truly close with any of them, so statements like ‘I share everything with my sister’ are fairly alien to me.

6. Cookies, cake or ice cream?

Er, none. A cookie maybe, if need be, but those are all too sweet/rich for my blood. A nice sorbet is a delight sometimes, tho. At birthdays, when you have to have cake, I usually eat about half a slice. I’d rather have more entree than have a sugary dessert. (If blackberries/rhubarb are involved, though, all bets are off. I will annihilate a tart thing.)

7. If you could publish a book, what would it be about?

Magical realism paired with ultra-realistic complicated relationship work. I really like a note of the fantastic paired with stark verisimilitude. Just because you have superpowers doesn’t mean you can escape the mundane needs of a marriage. (Why do you think I like SPN so much?)

8. Are you a lark or an owl?

Um. Owl. I do sometimes say hoo and I have big eyes, tho luckily I don’t vomit up pellets of my half-digested enemies. 

9. Have you ever kissed someone inappropriate? 

Pft, only inappropriate for me, long-term–but not like a boss or an underling or something like that. Though sometimes I do get random urges to kiss people I’m talking to, in that ‘call of the void’ sort of way. Don’t know what that’s about.

10. Ever had a psychic experience?


11. How should SPN end?

I’ve gone back and forth on this a lot. At the moment, I think what I’d like is for them to close out some arc which is hard and bitter, brings with it terrible loss and seriously difficult decisions–like, the kind of thing fandom would shriek about. Jodi dies, Cas dies, etc. Something truly awful. But then, Sam and Dean stand up, bleeding, and patch each other up, and curl together in a tight hug for a minute because they can’t believe they survived–and then look at each other with solid resolution and say that they still have work to do, and they keep going, together, into the future. I’ve stopped wanting a blaze of glory, ‘death as the only reward’ ending. They’re not martyrs, and they’re truly happy to do this, together, until they die. I’d like an open ending where you can imagine that that’s possible.