this moment i swear i cried

Empress Part 2

Summary: You’re apart of the one-hundred and you’re really bad ass. People you don’t agree with start to put themselves in charge. You, however, have a different set of plans. 

Ship: Bellamy Blake x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, angst, flirting, swearing, MENTIONS OF PHYSICAL ABUSE, etc. 

Tagging: @kiralivelove @thalia-prior-of-ravenclaw

Your P.O.V

I rest my hand on the dirt, muttering a prayer that Vera use to sing to me. Clarke stood over me, weeping. The moment we got here, Clarke and I became mutual friends. I was always there if she needed a shoulder to cry on. I stood up, glancing at her. “I’m sorry about Wells. I didn’t know him very well, but he was a good guy.” She cried, but smiled. “Yeah, he was a good guy. H-He took the blame for my father’s death.. He even forgave me for how I had treated him..” I put my arm out for her to take. She embraces me, whole heartedly before releasing.

Bellamy enters a few seconds later. Clarke wipes away her tears. “I’m sorry about Wells.” His voice came out as genuine. Which was odd to me? She thanked him and then walked back into the camp. I followed her, making eye contact with Bellamy. My heart skipped. It was a strange feeling. Not exactly unpleasant, just unusual. Maybe it was because his gaze was intimidating? Yeah, that had to be it.. I shake the thought out of my head. Clarke and I head back to the tents. I walk into mine, plopping down to sharpen my knives. After I’m done, I make my way out to hunt. Out of the corner of my eye, Bellamy seethed with anger. I could tell this bothered Bellamy greatly. But I didn’t care. We need food.

Third P.O.V

Clarke ran into Bellamy’s ten, huffing.”Where’s (Y/n)?!” He shrugged, even though he knew quite well. He worried about her. “Hunting, why?” She shoved a knife into his hand. “What is this?” Finn comes in seconds later. “That is the knife that killed Wells-” She turned it over to show him the embroidered side. Murphy. His eyes went wide. “Do you know for sure?” Clarke was too deep in her grieving state. Blaming. That’s all she wanted to do. And Murphy was the perfect target to direct her pain. She didn’t bother to listen to Bellamy’s reasoning. “He needs to pay for what he’s done-” Before Bellamy could intervene, Clarke stormed out of his tent, barreling towards Murphy. 

She pushed him, hard. Tears threatening at her eyes as she cried out. “YOU KILLED HIM, YOU BASTARD!” He rolled his eyes, scoffing. “What’re you talking about princess?” She threw the knife at his feet. “This is your knife, found by Wells’ body!! With his blood on it!” People began to form up against him. “Woah, guys- I didn’t-” But before he could continue, they started to shout. “HANG HIM!” Another voice tags along as the crowd forms. “HANG HIM! HANG HIM!” They start to chant in terrifying unison. Murphy looked at Bellamy with a pleading expression. “Bell, I didn’t kill him-” All of a sudden, he was grabbed by a group of guys who already begun to bind his wrists. The poor boy kicked and screamed, practically begging for dear life. Clarke gasps and watches in horror. “BELLAMY! YOU HAVE TO STOP THEM!” 

He turns over his shoulder, gawking before glaring down at her. “THIS IS ON YOU, CLARKE! IF YOU HADN’T KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT, THIS WOULDN’T’VE HAPPENED!” He stalks away from her, looking up at Murphy, who begged from above. “Please, Bellamy! You have to believe me! I didn’t kill him!!” Before he could finish, Bellamy kicked the chair from under his feet. Murphy coughed and spurred, blood rushing to his face. The kids cheer, maliciously. All of a sudden, a dark mass jumped from the trees, causing the kids to gasp. As it reached the ground, an arrow ripped through Murphy’s binds. His body falls into the arms of the stranger. Murphy looked up to see.. “(Y/n)?” He questions. She unties his wrists, taking off the noose. When she stands up, the kids fall silent. “Are you okay, Murphy?” He nods his head. 

She then turns her gaze back to the crowd. “What is the meaning of this?” The 100 kids can’t help but quiver and cower at her tone and stature. An unknown voice yelled from deep within the crowd. “Murphy killed Wells!” A few voices speak up in unison. “Justice!” She growls back at them. “Justice?! This is not justice?! It wasn’t Murphy. He wasn’t guarding last night.” Bellamy questions with a bite. “How do you know that?” She scoffs, looking him up and down. “A queen always keeps track of her people.” He rolls his eyes. Soon enough, tension began to rise. It was thick. Nobody knew of who’s identity of Wells’ killer. Then, a small voice spoke up.. Charlotte. “I did it! I killed Wells!” 

Everyone’s eyes went wide. With lightning like speed, Bellamy took Charlotte to his tent for interrogation. Finn, Clarke and (Y/N) followed his tail. “Why’d you kill him, Charlotte?!” He asked, kneeling down to face her. “You told me to slay my demons-” Clarke eyed him, suspiciously. “What does she mean, Bellamy?” His hair tousled as it shook. “She must’ve misunderstood. She was having nightmares and I told her to slay them. To be strong.” Muphy yelled from outside the tent. “HAND HER OVER BELLAMY!” Finn shook his head, pacing. “She’s just a kid.” (Y/n) glare down at her. “She’s old enough to know what she was straight up murder.” Clarke nodded, fuming at her. “You’re right. You killed a boy, Charlotte. You took his life! YOU KILLED HIM!” 

Your P.O.V

She choked back her tears, trying oh so desperately not to cry. Clarke continued to scowl down at her as she sniffled. Bellamy looked between the two of us with pleading eyes. I sigh. “She needs to be punished-” Bells eyes went wide, only to be silenced by my hand. “But I do not think death is the answer. Why spill more than we need to?” He breaths a sigh of relief. “We sneak her out of the camp.” Finn suggested, with hope in his eyes. I look to Bellamy and Clarke. “Take her and go.” Clarke looks back at me, with pleading eyes. “Come with us. You know the woods better than anyone.” I wait for Bellamy to speak up and stop me but I am not his concern right now. Our quarrel is not now. 

They need me and arrogance won’t help our case. Instead, Finn nudges my arm, nodding with determination. “Go, I’ll distract them.” I nod, sneaking out of the tent before we bolt away from the camp. Murphy and his followers trail not too far behind us, shouting tauntingly. “CHARLOTTE! WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!” All of a sudden, the little girl took off in the opposite direction, yelling out. “MURPHY! I’M OVER HERE!” Clarke’s eyes went wide. “Charlotte! Shut up!” She hissed as Bellamy bolted to catch her, covering her cries, now muffled. But being sneaky and small, she got out of his grasp and ran again. She stops at a drop off, tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry..” Bellamy stood in front to protect her from Murphy and his followers. 

“Give us the girl, Bellamy.” Clarke and I stood in front, growling at them. “It doesn’t have to be this way.” Clarke tries to reason, quietly. Before either of us could comprehend the situation, one of Murphy’s guys wrapped a knife around her neck while Murphy put a knife to my neck. I watched Bellamy tense up, his guard still on Charlotte. She tried to push against his insanely strong grip. “Bellamy, let me go! I can’t let them kill Clarke and (Y/n)! I’m not worth it!” I growl back at Bellamy. “Don’t let her go, Bell.” He nodded, however, Charlotte looked between us, crying. “I’m sorry.” And then, she did something I wasn’t prepared for. She jumped. 

Right off the cliff. Bellamy and Clarke cried out, lunging forward to grab her. But it was too late. I lean against the railing, shocked. She just jumped into the chasm. Bellamy got up faster than I thought humanly possible the stalked over to Murphy, who was just as shocked. He punched him, repetitively. After a minute, Clarke pulled Bellamy off him. “We can’t kill him!!” He looks at her with wide eyes, like she had grown a third head. “Are you serious, Clarke?! What do you suppose we do then?!” He shouted back at her. Before she could speak, I stood up, wrapping my hand around Murphy’s neck, slamming him against the tree. “We banish him.” I growl, lowly. I throw him to the ground, stalking back to camp. Bellamy, hot on my tale. “It’s not your fault..” I say to him before heading up to the drop-ship. Little did I know, his eyes followed me all the way. 

It had been a few days since the incident with Charlotte and everyone has been on edge. Murphy no longer lurks around the camp and it seems to calm them. Bellamy continues to bark orders at people, as if they were his dogs. But their real loyalties resided with me. I help as much as I can, which, to everyone, seems enough. Clarke and Finn left not too long ago to go get some more supplies. I sent the rest of evening restocking the medical bay. I don’t know what time it is before I head out but it must’ve been late considering that it was pitch black out. All of a sudden, a massive crash came a few miles ahead of the camp. Everyone got out of their tents to see what the ruckus was. 

I look over my shoulder to find a girl, almost naked, latched onto Bellamy’s arm. For some reason, in that moment, I felt nauseous and mad. Why was I mad? Bellamy can do what he wants? However, I tear my gaze away, ignoring my emotions as I grabbed my weapons. On instinct, as if he knew, he chased after me. “No.” Still shirtless, he sticks his chiseled arm out in front of me. “We can wait until the morning.” I wanted to fight back but I just couldn’t. For some reason, I don’t know whether I was too tired or too mentally drained, in that moment, I couldn’t fight back. However, I didn’t trust his motives. “Fine.” I say, he eyes me, not trusting me either. A mutual distrust. I head back to my tent. That night, I didn’t sleep at all. But then again, I usually don’t. Considering my past. 

My nightmares were worse than ever. Though, I know I won’t see…him here, it doesn’t stop me from worrying me any less. In fact, it builds up my already horrible paranoia. The next morning, I got dressed, glancing over my scars and bruises that he left on me. I cover them up before heading out. I was happy to have the weather on my side, it not being too cold or too hot outside. As I headed out, Octavia stopped me, asking. “Have you seen, Bellamy?” That bastard. “No, but I think I know where he went.” She catches my drift, rolling her eyes. “He left, didn’t he?” I nodded. “I figured he’d pull a stunt like this.” Octavia and I have grown quite close since we arrived on earth. She’s great, funny and smart, a warrior. Though I met her a long time ago, well, she met my eyes, not me. It was nice to get to know her, face to face. I grab my equipment and head out to hunt. I make my way towards the water. 

As I pass a cave, I swear I hear a stick crack from behind me. Turning my head over my shoulder to see what it was. Nothing. I grip my knife tighter, wary. Then, someone put their hand over my mouth.The hand was big, meaty and calloused. Definitely male. My screams being only muffles now. Grabbing my shoulder with exceptional power, he turned me over to face him. I stop fighting against his grip, scanning him up and down, looking for a sign of weakness. A flaw to win in this fight. But then, everything goes still. It was as if his eyes spoke for me. Be quiet. We both look around the corner to see a group of men dressed just like the guy in front of me, run past us. They spoke in a harsh, unknown language before making their way past us and out of sight. My heart was thumping. I’d never seen people on the ground, and up so close. I knew we weren’t alone. But then it hit me. He was one of them as well. We look back at each other. Male. Definitely a guy. He’s tall, I would say 6′2. Toned with deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, tousled and messy. 

He was gorgeous, beyond so. Sporting dark fur and wool, baggy pants and a few shirts with a big brown jacket. A mask covered the lower part of his face. He motioned to the hand that covered my mouth. It was as if he was non-verbally saying that he was going to remove it. Maybe hoping that I didn’t scream or cry for help. He let go of me, warily, waiting for me to attack. I don’t, which confuses him. “Why did you save me?” I ask, curiously. Though my heart beat is practically out of my chest, my voice is strong, steady. He doesn’t answer me. However, his eyes trial up and down my body, almost scanning me. His confused expression was as if I wasn’t what he expected. For some reason, I felt awkward- tense under his gaze. I have the pure audacity to pry once more. “What’s your name?” He continues to ignore me. My brows furrow as my gaze travels down to his stomach. Blood

“Woah! What happened?!” He follows my eyes trying to cover it up with his hand. I take a step forward, touching the outline. He jumps back, grabbing my hand, roughly. I flinch at the contact, it brought back a horrible memory that made my skin crawl. I grit my teeth. Suppress it, (Y/n). I think to myself before growling up at him. “Either you let me fix that, or I can hand your ass to you on a silver plater?! You’re choice.” He ponders my words for a second, though he knows he has no other choice. Letting go of my arm, we walk further into the cave to find a bed and casual homely attire. This was his home. He watches my eyes scan the room with curiosity. When I look back at him, I can’t help but think that he is just as intrigued and curious about me as I am about him. He groans in pain as he sits on the bed, I can’t help but flinch at the thought of what pain he could be in. I pull out my mobile nursing equipment before sitting on the bed next to him. His feet dangle at the edge as he props himself up with his elbows, groaning again. 

With one hand, I push him down flat on the bed. He growls in discomfort, glaring up at me. “What?” I ask, innocently. It takes him a few seconds to realize that I he has to be shirtless for me to have enough access to the wound. He looked wary, not just because I could be a threat, but he looked almost nervous about the whole endeavor. As if this were the first taste of any sort of intimacy he’s ever had in his life. Slowly but surely, I help him out of his shirt to reveal his washboard abs and a stab wound. Though I was suppose to focus on his wound, my eyes subconsciously continued to travel to his pelvis. I’d also be lying if I said his grunts of pain weren’t sexy. After stitching him up, I clean the outside of the wound with a cold towel. I don’t feel his gaze on me until I’ve finished sealing it completely. His ocean blue eyes boring into the side of my head. I start to put the equipment away, hoping to distract myself with something other than his eyes. He grabs my arm, not as hard as last time but enough pressure to show me that he didn’t want to be left alone. “Dimitri..” He said, softly, almost inaudible. Almost. “What?” I questioned, knowing I’d heard it clearly but secretly egging him on to say it again. 

“Dimitri. That tis my name.” Jaw tight as he sat up. Though he was only sitting, he was now towering over me. If I thought he was beautiful before, he sure looked gorgeous now, especially this close to me. “Dimitri.. It’s nice to meet you.” My voice came out a lot shaker than intended.Which was odd, considering I usually have a strong voice. I cough, clearing my throat. “I should get going-” I stand up, turning over my shoulder only to be held back. He tugged my wrist, gently. A feeling that I quite enjoyed. And, for some odd reason, when I looked into his eyes, not for a second did I doubt the inability to leave this place. “Will I see you again?” For some odd reason, I felt a pull, a strong tug, to see him again. I wanted to get to know more of him and I knew by the way he was acting, he wanted to get to know, or understand me as well. We were both aliens to one another, aching to understand one another. My mind ran with how sudden and wrong this was. I shouldn’t do this. He could be the enemy. I shouldn’t. But then again, when have I ever gone by the rules? My mouth was moving before my mind. “I’ll be here tomorrow.” A promise. One I had to keep. 

He nodded, eyeing me with pure fascination. Something I did not too long ago. For some reason, I felt in my gut that he wouldn’t go after me. Not when I just saved his life. That would be stupid. As I head back to camp, I thought to myself. I shouldn’t be meeting with the enemy. Was he even the enemy? I just assumed. But then again, he did save my life. That has to count as something, right? I head back with half of the rashen’s I intended to catch. I drop the food off and almost run right into Octavia. “(Y/n)! Glad I found you. We need your help.” I pear over her shoulder to see Clarke and Finn holding someone up. Just when this day couldn’t get any weirder. “This is Raven, Finn’s-” Clarke pauses, pain in her eyes. Oh, fuck. I take Raven’s weight. “Go set up. I can carry her in.” I say to Clarke. She nods, thankful for the distraction. I smile down at Raven. “You’ll be fine, hun.” I help her into one of the medbays, glaring up at Finn. He looks down, ashamed. 

I’m smart enough to know that Clarke and Finn had a thing. And here his girlfriend was, half dead in front of us. Finn held her hand, not daring to look up at my hard gaze, probably scared I’ll kill him where he stood, and he was right. When I look away, I swear I see him relax a little. “Raven, honey. I’m gonna stitch you up, okay? This is gonna hurt.” She nods, growling back with determination. “Do it.” I pour some alcohol on the wound, she hisses before biting her lip. The moment I finish stitching her up, she sighs in relief. Clarke comes in a few seconds later, avoiding Finn’s heavy gaze. She motioned for me to follow her, I do. I close the tarp, following her down the drop-ship steps. Clarke begins, her voice full of frustration. “Bellamy jacked Raven’s radio. It’s our only means of communication with the ark.” 

I nodded, hesitantly. I, like many others, wanted nothing to do with the Ark. But deep down, I knew we needed them. Their resources, anyway. “Okay, let’s get a search team and scout the area.” Bellamy came up to me as we left, trailing behind. He looked ashamed, sad. Though, I knew why he really threw the radio away. He killed Jaha in attempts to save his sister. I understood that desperation. The way he walked around me made me think I was ashamed or angry with him. The rest of our group scattered to look around. The second I’m in the clear, I talk lowly. “I know why you did it.” Bellamy looked at me with hope and confusion. “What?” I press on. “You killed Jaha to protect your sister. And getting rid of that radio means that you live another day.” 

He stopped dead in his tracks, petrified. “How’d you know about that?” He asks, threateningly. Bellamy towered over me, trying to be scary. It didn’t work, though his gaze made my heart race. I press my hand on his chest, smirking as I push past him. “I know everything, Bellamy Blake.” He looks at me over his shoulder, not satisfied with my answer. I continue. “I heard that it happened when they tried taking me from my cell.” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Don’t worry. Your secrets safe with me. But Octavia’s gonna know, eventually. You should start practicing your apology speech.” He looks like he wants to say something but before he can, a voice not too far away yells. 

“I FOUND IT!!” We rush back to camp. I follow, going my own pace. As we make our way back, I can’t help but look for Dimitri. A small part of me wanted to see him again. Maybe because he was considered to be a bad boy and a bit of a mystery to me. I mean, he is a grounder. I’m not suppose to talk to them, or even know about them. But then again, when have I ever followed the rules. And truth be told, whether I saw him or not, I knew he was watching. I slow down, in no need to rush. “C’mon, hurry up, princess!” Bellamy yells from outside the gate. I walk past him, scoffing. “I’m an empress. Get it right.” Swiveling my hips as I walk past him. I could feel plenty of eyes on me, especially Bellamy’s. The next day, I head out at the same time to hunt, well, to meet Dimitri. I arrive early, hiding behind the cave wall. 

Dimitri’s P.O.V

I sneak out of the city, staying close to the walls. They’ve become my best friend during my secret excursions. Every step I take is with delicate meaning. Once I get to the outskirts of the city, I run to meet (Y/n). I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was strong, tough as nails. Beautiful, gorgeous even. Though I’ve only met her once, there was something enticing about her. I take off my scarf and head into the cave. I look around for her, almost desperate. Nothing. All of a sudden, I’m flipped around and tossed to the ground. Groaning in pain, I lifted my head up to see (Y/n) smirking down at me. Her waist sat right above my pelvis. I gulp, nervously. When she spoke, I swore I shivered. “You’re gonna have to be faster than that.” She pulls herself off me, giving me a hand up. 

I grab it, smirking. She pulls me up but I’m fast to slam her against the wall, placing her hands above her head. “You sure about that?” I ask, towering over her. I let go of her hands, walking away as I take off my jacket. It being suddenly very hot in the cave. She smiles, an action I’m sure she isn’t use to doing. “So, tell me about yourself, Dimitri?” I organize my bookshelf, nervously. “I live in a village not far from here. What about you, (Y/n) of Skikru?” She smiles again, I’m sure at the name. I could get use to seeing that smile. Dimitri, you’re flirting with the enemy. A voice in my head whispers. I ignore it and listen intently to (Y/n). “I”m from space.” I question, sitting down. “What is it like out there? In space, I mean?” She sits down next to me, pondering. She scrunches her nose in a cute way as she thinks before speaking. 

“Beautiful, but, extremely cold and lonely. We’ve been up in space for a long time. That’s all anyone knew. But the view of earth was extraordinary.” I watched her face as she spoke. And then, a thought hit me. My place. My secret place. She had to see it. I grab her hand, excitedly. “Come with me.” At first she wobbles on her feet before meeting my pace, tuning in like I thought she would. “Dimitri, where are we going?” Instead of answering, I smile down at her before nudging her to look up. She does so, gasping. Her face lit up. An image that would be etched within my brain forever. I lean into her, memorizing her facial features. “You saw everything from space. I wanted to show you my point of view.” She doesn’t say anything, all too captivated. (Y/n) then looked down before meeting my gaze. “Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance? Why do you trust me?” I smirk, blushing slightly. “Why do you trust me?” 

She scoffed, folding her arms, defiantly. “I asked you first.” I sigh, defeated. “I have been watching over you and your people since you have arrived. At first, I thought you to be potential enemies. But all I can see now is a bunch of delinquent kids, scared and unsure. In a world they do not understand. And then I saw you-” I hesitate but recover. “I saw you hunting, sacrificing yourself for- Charlotte, I believe.” She winces at the memory of her. Guilt washing over me, I knew what it was like for someone to pour salt into an open wound. “My apologies. But I noticed how protective you are with the kids and your clan. All you wanted to do was protect them. That’s why I didn’t kill you.” She fiddles with her hands, almost like she was nervous. An emotion, I could tell, she liked to suppress and rarely broadcast. 

(Y/n) stood up straighter, as if she was trying to compose herself. “Thank you.” I can’t help but laugh at her adorable discomfort. “You look like you’re going to hurl. Deep breaths. Nobody is watching you. You can relax. You always seem rather tense. Why is that?” I ponder. She stops, her smile completely wiped clean from her face, as if it was never there. “I have my reasons.-” (Y/n) pauses, moving her eyes back and forth, conflicted. There was a pull, a need to tell me, someone, anyone for that matter. I didn’t pry as she continued. “Maybe one day I’ll tell you about them.” I nod, understandingly. I was in no rush for her to learn about my secrets. And neither was she. Lord knows we both have things to hide. Things we’re probably not proud of. We chat for a little longer, well, I wouldn’t exactly call it chatting. It was more of witty remarks and quick playful banter. It was casual, very comfortable. 

But then, the worst part came. Saying goodbye. It was my least favorite part. I hold onto her arm, with a pleading expression. “Will I see you again?” She smirks, eyeing me happily. “Tomorrow, same time.” (Y/n) winked at me, leaving me speechless, flustered and on the tip of my toes, wanting more. What a tease. I thought to myself as I headed home, a smile plastered on my  face. There was something enticing about her. That pull made me want to see her all the time. She was strong, wise and beautiful. Not to mention a sarcastic smart-ass. (Y/n) gave me quite a hard time and I loved it. We met up at the same time and place for the next couple of days. We’d talk for an hour or two before heading back to our second lives. It was kind of like Romeo & Juliet, a story that (Y/n) told me about. We lived two completely different lives but when we were together, we were able to be ourselves, live freely. 

All those days (Y/n) and I spent together, we taught each other many incredible things. I learned about literature, stories, tales, and all sorts of things. I taught her more about the land and harmony between people and animals. When we are reincarnated, we transform and are reborn. I felt like I could really be myself around her. But deep down I knew my life and what I wanted were two very different worlds. I can’t help but think about what could happen with (Y/n). But it was all a lot bigger than the both of us. I had duties- responsibilities to live up to. And I was scared that (Y/n) wouldn’t be apart of that life. Of that world. But maybe, just maybe, that was a good thing. 

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i think i ended up having the worst moment in the history of the world today. i had ordered pizza, right? because, duh, it’s pizza so why would i not? anyway, i’m just hanging around, practically starving to death, waiting eagerly for the delivery person to get here. thirty minutes later, my doorbell goes and i am SO excited about this freakin’ pizza that i threw open my door to greet him, tripped over my own feet, then landed right into his arms after he threw my pizza on the floor to catch me. the guy then thought it was the perfect moment to take a chance because all i heard after that was “hey, i see you’ve fallen for me?” and i swear i nearly cried because i couldn’t believe i was being hit on while my pizza lay on the floor - out of the box and on the gross dirty ground. i also can’t believe that i would have rather the pizza guy didn’t catch me, just so my pizza would have lived. priorities, am i right?

some of my favourite bits/random thoughts from beauty and the beast (2017)

(Warning: spoilers ahead) (this is long and goes through the entire movie cause i need to talk about it alright

  • the pretentiousness of the prince at the beginning and his face when he handles the rose - amazing face by dan stevens might i add 
  • how the entire castle kinda looks like a rose and when it crumbles whenever the petals fall - that shit was wild man 
  • that the town was actually diverse??? amazing and beautiful
  • “she hasn’t made a fool of herself to gain my favour. What would you call that?” “Dignity” (same)
  • that mother fucking groan in ‘belle (reprise)’ that every woman can relate to
  • when cadenza had that ‘oh shit’ moment 
  • maurice trying to act all chill before freaking the fuck out 
  • lets be real - every moment between lumiere and cogsworth
  • “Who are you?” “Who are you?” - same adam 
  • why doesn’t this castle have any railings? like, i understand its a dungeon or whatever….but like,,,safety people???
  • “or as i like to call it, the only wing” nice save lumiere 
  • table dancing in gaston….so many feelings for it 
  • “You can’t judge people by who their father is, now can you?” YASSSS GIVE ME BACKSTORY I LOVE THIS SHIT
  • the fact that adam/the beast struggles with having a normal conversation cause he’s an idiot who hasn’t interacted with people properly in yearssssssss
  • the fact that mrs potts is okay with belle leaving. she’s so sweet and i loved her in this
  • also, the amount of extra lumiere was in this scene? amazing 
  • does the beast sleep in a nest or a bed? like….i have a lot of feelings about this okay
  • (dan stevens knocks me out every time he talks in this movie okay. SO MUCH EMOTION)
  • the fact that the castle has a doggy door????
  • The way that the beast fainted, was like… very human and i love it okay
  • do you think agatha was fucking tired of waiting for a girl to come around or do you think it’s destiny that led her there - too many rose motifs have forced me into these thoughts
  • how nuts is gaston tho??? like the fuck is up with him really??
  • “My favourite is romeo and juliet” *beast eyerolls for days* (like same dude)
  • (also, highly sure the library scene is where beast realises he likes belle) 
  • the beast imitating the horse; beautiful and adorable 
  • snowball scene
  • “What do you say we run away?” - YAS BITCH YASSSSSS
  • “too touristy?” - i love him 
  •  the water from the bath splashing on lumiere….brilliant
  • the dress was beautiful and i will fight everyone who says it isn’t great 
  • The bit where the beast sees belle run away, that sharp exhale of like shock and sadness 
  • in evermore where the beast closes his eyes to go with the line “i close my eyes and she’s still there’ - LIKE, THAT ACTUAL HEAD SHAKE OF HIM REALISING HOW IN LOVE WITH HER HE IS. FUCKING RUIN ME
  •  “I am not a beast” - YAS BITCH, YOU TELL HIM 
  • also…..adam fucking jumped across the castle to get to belle….goals 
  • the beast was shot 3 times in the back….i mean….tough as shit he is 
  • He just wanted her there, to say goodbye and he’s in love with her and i’m dead inside 
  • when all the servants transformed….i cried 
  • i love dan stevens so i will defend his ridiculous hair until i die 
  • plus that kiss was gold and i loved it 
  • (tho i do wish he had said something to her in that moment, just something) 
  • i loved lumiere and plumette - so cute (but also it should have been lumiere and cogsworth)
  •  that final dance tho….amazing 
  • the growl
  • i’m done. i am dead inside because of this fucking movie i swear to g 
Fic Rec - The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life... Or Death)

The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life… Or Death) by LovingCup (@iamjaggerme​ on Tumblr)

AU- After dying in a vehicle accident, Louis Tomlinson arrives in the Afterlife. Not Heaven and certainly not Hell, Louis finds himself in Judgment City UK: a pristine city  where the food and entertainment are divine and the newly departed must undergo a Review of their life on Earth to determine if they have lived a life worthy of advancement in the universe, or if they must be returned to Earth to be born again in a new body.

On his first full day in the Afterlife, Louis meets Harry Styles, and the two have an instant connection. Over the course of their Reviews, Louis and Harry fall in love and they begin to find that even though they didn’t know each other on Earth, they are nonetheless linked to one another in the most perfect ways. Both are hoping to move ahead in the universe together, but they are challenged with the threat of separation if one or both of them is sent back to Earth to be born again.

Loosely based on the Albert Brooks’ film “Defending Your Life” starring Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. One scene in particular is taken heavily from the movie, but other than that scene and the general concept, this story veers far far away from the film. There were no blowies in the 1991 movie, I swear!

PLEASE do not let the length of this fic scare you off, it is sooo worth the lengthy read!! (and don’t let the length of this fic rec scare you off either, I just can’t help rambling about this fic!)

So this fic, y’all. THIS FIC!! 

From the get-go with this fic, I was hooked. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I sobbed, I cheered, I sighed, I cooed, I giggled, I had light-bulb moments, I was on the edge of my seat,, I was invested in the characters, I was rooting for them, and I just could not stop reading. The writing is amazing!

There’s love, there’s angst, there’s drama, there’s fighting, there’s laughter, there’s communication, there’s miscommunication, there’s romance, there’s dread, there’s happiness, there’s sappiness, there’s dread, there’s relief, there’s hope.

(Those aren’t in order, teehee!)

I’m a fast reader, ok? Especially when I read fic. I blow through it, skim some sections, and generally don’t retain much. Reading a WIP doesn’t bother me because I’ll just read it again later and not really remember details about what I read before.


There are so many little details and clues that the author has put into the writing. As I was reading, I had theories about what might happen, how a detail I just noticed might come into play later, or I’d go back and re-read something because I picked up a detail later on that had me re-evaluating something. But it’s not overloaded that you feel like you have to study the fic in order to follow it. I want to talk to other people and compare notes about this fic. Did someone else pick up on details I didn’t? It’s entirely possible and I wanna know!

I started reading this fic a few months ago, and ever since, it has stuck with me. I’ve still been going on to anybody who would listen how great this fic is and that they should read it!

There are several quotes that I absolutely love, but I’ll just give you this non-spoilery one:

“Oh come on now. Don’t play coy. I use forty-eight percent of my brain, remember? I know that you know that your ass is one of your best features. Hell, you probably walk into rooms backwards just so that ass of yours can enter first.”

If anybody wants to chat about this fic, I am MORE than willing! My messages are open!!

Fall For You (Calum)

“But you love him!”. You pushed open your front door and sat down on the steps, staring out into the road. “Yea, I do, Ashton” you grumbled. Your friend sat down next to you. “Then why are you giving up?” he asked. “Because he’s given up” you replied, sadly. “He hasn’t though! Y/n, I am constantly with him, I know he hasn’t given up”. “Ashton, please” you sighed “This is already so hard. I can’t fix us”. Ashton was silent for a second, probably noting the tears welling up in your eyes, “You know. If you love someone then you just don’t give up on them”.

The boys were finally home from tour and you should have been excited, a month ago you would have been excited. They were some of your best friends, and you were dating Callum. But recently everything just seemed strained. The boys were always busy, you understood that, but Cal had always made time to call you or even just send you a good morning text. They were far and few between now. When you called him there was always some distraction on his end and he would tell you he’d “call back later”, which barely ever happened. And you were starting to feel like he was ignoring you altogether.

“Come over tonight” Ashton told you. The boys were having a party and, when you texted Luke saying that you wouldn’t be coming, Ashton had shown up at your house. “I’m not” you replied, refusing to look at him. “Y/n” Ashton groaned, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees and putting his face in his hands. “He wants to see you, you know” he said, his voice muffled by his hands. “He couldn’t even invite me himself” you nearly shouted, startling Ashton. “He thinks you’re mad at him” Ashton replied. “Well he’s right”.

You got up and turned to go back inside, hoping Ashton would take the hint and leave. But he followed as you stomped back in. “Leave” you practically growled, spinning around to face him. He grabbed you by the arms instead, “Just come over tonight. Give him one more chance”. “I can’t keep doing this” you told him with tears spilling down your face. “Just one more chance” Ashton said softly, pulling you in for a hug and letting you cry on his shoulder.

Ashton waited as you cleaned yourself up and got ready for the party. You were silent as you slid into the passenger seat of his car. “You’ll bring me home if I need to leave, right?” you asked, your voice barely a whisper. “Just say the word” he responded as he backed out of your driveway.

You shyly followed Ashton into the house. It was already crowded and friends kept coming up to welcome Ashton home and give you both hugs. Suddenly arms were wrapped around you and lifting you into the air. “Y/N! I missed you so much” Mikey shouted as he squeezed you. When your feet hit the ground Luke was standing next to you, holding a beer out. “I think you’ll need this” he said, handing it over. “Thanks” you said with a small smile. He leaned in to give you a hug. “Cheer up sweetheart” he mumbled as you clung to him.

You were following Ashton into the kitchen when you froze. Calum was across the room talking with a group of people. “Word” you said as you hit Ashton in the side. “Y/n” Ashton mumbled, rubbing his temple. You took a step back to hide yourself behind him. “Y/n. He is your boyfriend. Stop acting like you’re hiding from a wild animal” he said, not bothering to turn and look at you. “Ashton, I can not do this right now” you whispered, starting to feel anxiety gathering in the pit of your stomach.

You glanced up and saw Ashton nod. You peeked around him to see what was going on and saw Calum staring in your direction. “I need to get some air” you told him before you hurried away from the kitchen and out the back door. Ashton had started to call your name as you left but you noticed that he trailed off and had a feeling that it meant Cal was following you.

You leaned against the house, taking a sip of your beer then closing your eyes to focus on breathing properly. The noise from inside got louder when somebody else stepped outside. “Y/n?” your boyfriend called to you. You sighed and took another drink from your beer. It was so quiet with the door closed that you could hear him flick his lighter. When you looked up he was taking the first drag off a cigarette. He offered it to you and, while it was tempting, you looked down and shook your head silently.

“Remember when we would sneak away from parties together? We’d share cigarettes and continue to drink, just the two of us” he said, sounding nostalgic. In response you looked out at the tree in the yard that you used to sit under, laughing and sharing kisses, booze, and smokes. Calum walked over an nudged your shoulder. “I miss those days” he told you softly. “I bet I miss them more” you mumbled.

Calum took a step away from you and sunk down to sit on the stairs. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” he asked. “I can’t believe you even have to ask that” you sighed. Now it was his turn to take a deep breath. “I guess I don’t really have to ask” he said. “It’s because I am constantly away and I hardly talk to you, right?” he flicked the ash off his cigarette and stared at you expectantly.

“It’s more than that, Cal” you responded, shaking your head slightly. You sounded more sad than angry as you went on “I know you’re always busy. I knew that before we started dating. I knew that you would be away often. I knew it would be hard and I thought I could handle it. But I don’t know if I can. I fucking tried, Cal, I tried everyday. But a relationship requires communication and communication requires two people. You’re busy, I get that, but I just feel like you stopped trying, that maybe you had given up”. You sat down, still leaning against the house. “Calum, it was hard for me but I actually tried. I don’t even know if it was hard for you because we rarely talked. I was lonely. And being ignored didn’t help anything” you told him. You gave a sad laugh and stared at the beer in your hands “You know, when you didn’t call back I’d listen to Amnesia just to hear your voice” you admitted.

The response was silence and it felt like it would drag on for hours. You listened to the muffled noises from the party and thought about going to see if Ashton was sober or if you should just start walking home by yourself. “Fuck” you heard Calum whisper to himself. When you finally dared to look up you saw that he had his head in his hands, his cigarette had gone out but was still tucked between his two fingers, forgotten. You drank the last of your beer and set the cup down beside you. It was still quiet and you were unsure of what to do now that you had told him.

You heard shuffling as Calum got up and he nudged your knee with his when he sat down next to you. You curled in on yourself in response, wrapping your arms around your legs and resting your forehead on your knees. He remained silent and when you turned your head to look at him he was on his phone. Tears were blurring your vision, you turned away so if he looked up he wouldn’t see.

Music drifted up into your ears, not music from the party but music that the boy next to you was playing. “This is what I listened to” he said quietly. You recognized the song immediately, you had put it on repeat a few times when he was away. In an effort to prevent yourself from crying, like you always did during the song, you hugged your legs tighter and hid behind your hair.

The best thing about tonight’s that we’re not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before?
I know you don’t think that I am trying
I know you’re wearing thin down to the core

You couldn’t fight back the sob that shook your body. Calum wrapped his arm around you and you leaned into him out of habit.

But hold your breath
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don’t make me change my mind

You gave up fighting the urge to cry. The song was perfect in that moment, they were the words, the promises, that you had been hoping to hear every time you called him. He set his phone down, music still coming from the speaker. “Babe..” he whispered as he pulled you in closer and held you against his chest as you cried. “I don’t want this to end, Cal. I don’t want us to end” you cried, gasping for air between your words. “Then don’t let it. I’ll try harder, I swear to you, I’ll try harder. I don’t want to lose you” he breathed the pact into your ear before kissing your temple. “A girl like you is impossible to find… I may have failed but I have loved you from the start” he echoed the song back to you. “Tonight will be the night I will fall for you over again” he added after a few seconds of silence.

Inspired by Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade

i see you fanfic writers...

😞so, i’ve noticed a trend among many writers lately that does not sit too well with me, so i would like to take a quick second to acknowledge their frustration.

see, i follow many talented writers after stumbling upon fics that i end up falling in love 😍 with bcuz of how it made me feel or how my fave character (im trash for Bucky😏) was portrayed or even bcuz i want to binge read every piece of work made available on these author’s masterlists. even after ppl complain, constantly ask for the next update, ask for re-writes (😐seriously?!) & other self-centered behavior, these artists continue to be gracious writers😌.

however, i haven’t been a very good job as a reader as i was before😔. prior to this semester, i was honored to be a beta reader for some of you as a way of showing my support but since classes started, it’s been hectic! sometimes when school/hw/kids/time allows, I’ll read a fic until the next distraction comes up & keeps me from giving feedback or commenting at that moment or when i miraculously DO get a breather😥.

so what does that mean? it means that the author doesn’t know how they wrote a scene so vividly that i swear i was there or how i cried😭, laughed😂, loved😍, felt & experienced in a particular chapter or even how i learned about things i never knew were “things"😲!

for this, i wanted to acknowledge your passion💗& creativity🤔💭 to write a fic, imagine, drabble, etc.

i want to acknowledge the time⏳ you spend writing on laptops💻, tablets & even *gulp* cell phones📱😨 instead of sleeping/relaxing 😴, doing homework📚✏, hanging out w/friends, family, kiddos or bae💋.

i want to acknowledge your gifts 🎁 in forms of writing that you don’t even have to write or share at all but am grateful that you do😊 & all for 🆓💸!!!

so, I’m gonna give my all to be a better reader 💯 bcuz really…what is it that’s being asked for in return😕?
▪FEEDBACK (w/o being ungrateful or critical)
▪ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (of your time & efforts)

that’s all.

if i have the time to read a fic, i should have the time to do my part by supporting you & your work whether by a “this was awesome!” or “i loved this ending/chapter/_____”, a gif, emoji 👍/😂/😭/💜, or if given time, a lil feedback with some details but WITHOUT SPOILERS (c'mon ppl, stop doing that😐). bcuz i really do appreciate you writers as well as your talent. i know i couldn’t do what you do…i can barely get thru writing dissertations without pulling all my hair out😠😭!

ok im gonna wrap this up but one last thing before i shut up🤐…i apologize to the incredible authors i personally follow. i 💜 you guys & all that has been given to me with your work: @bxckyfxcknbxrnes @caplanbuckybarnes @sebbytrash @a-tale-of-two-comics @opagued @emilyevanston @thatawkwardtinyperson @annadier @angryschnauzer @maddydallas1 @lancefuckrr @imaginesebastian @winterwolf57 @plumfondler @ghostofasoldier @asseret-sarim @punkpeqqy @softcorehippos @buckyskorpion @just-some-drabbles @hellomissmabel @ourpeachskies @marvelous-fvcks @therealjamesbarnes @imhereforbvcky @lenavonschweetz @redgillan @marvel-ash @austinamelio @beccaanne814-blog @hymnofthevalkyries @abovethesmokestacks @mellifluous-melodramas @volklana @writingbarnes @bovaria @marvel-lucy @writingismyhappytime @buckysbackpackbuckle @avengerofyourheart @sexiyarnlover @avengersandchill @buckyssinbin @avasparks @carabarnes13 @theycallmebucky @buckyywiththegoodhair @wakandasoldier @capsbuchanan @knittingknerdy @daisykane535 @sebbys-girl @bionic-buckyb @mangosoldier @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @just-call-me-mrs-captain @fvckingavengers @no-love-for-the-sick @smuttypariah @ylove-bandimagines @whotheeffisbucky @chrisevans-imagines @catwomvn @whitetigrrrr  @sketchbookthingz @harleyqueen7 @whatsbetterthanfantasy @mrs-squirrel-chester @totheendofthelinepal  @cumonbucky & all other writers that i follow but may have not mentioned (tumblr not showing everyone i follow for some reason but I 💜 you too!

In less than 24 hour my heart shattered because of...

First - This one happened

 And then!! THIS!!!

My reaction:

and Hima’s blog updated and then this happened!!!


 My heart shattered into pieces! but I didn’t expect for it to even get worst! ! cuz this happened!

He says a moment ago but…

it will… heal…. right… a—-

and then.. 






(Hetalia and translation don’t belong to me, belong to himaruya hidekaz and the one that translated it)


kakasaku baby 1/3 - still thinking in the name (suggestions?) 



“You can’t- You can’t do that. She won’t like you.” Ed muttered nervously. “Are you kidding me? Of course she’ll like me, I’m you.” said a deeper voice that still sounded like Ed. “Except… I’m more of a man. She’ll love me.” he sighed deeply, whining. “You’ll hurt her!” Ed yelled. “I won’t let you hurt her!” 

You walked down the hall to the bathroom door, which was cracked open, and peered in. Ed was standing at the sink, leaning over the basin panting. Suddenly, he straightened and stared into the mirror, an unfamiliar and terrifying smirk on his face. 

“The thing is,” he scoffed, only it wasn’t him. The man in that mirror was not Ed, not your Ed, anyway. “You can’t stop me. And did you ever think Y/N might like to be hurt?” he winked. “Did you ever think Y/N might want to get fucked by a real man?” he chuckled deeply. “Don’t talk about Y/N like that!” Ed screamed. 

“Eddy?” you whispered, pushing the door all the way open, making him jump. 

“Hey… Y/N.” he stuttered. 

“Who were you talking to?” 

“Huh? What? Nobody…” 

“You were talking to yourself.” you let him know you knew… You’d know for a long time that something was going on with him but you didn’t know how bad it was until that moment. “Eddy…” 

He looked at you emotionless for a moment before he sank to the floor and you sank with him. “There is an evil inside of me, Y/N!” he cried. “He takes over my body and makes me do terrible things! He told me to-” he stopped himself, crying violently into his hands.

“He told you to what, Eddy?” you asked softly. “What did he tell you to do?” 

“He want’s me to kill…” Ed admitted quietly. “Please don’t leave me! Y/N, I swear I would never hurt you… I just… I need you to keep me from hurting anyone else.” 

You knew he was telling the truth. He would never hurt you, no matter what kind of force compelled him to do so, Ed would die protecting you from anything, including himself. “I’m not going to leave you, Edward.” you sat against the wall beside him and he fell over onto you, allowing you to hold him close. 

“Please…” he cried. “Please help me…” you just held him close and let him cry into you, assuring him you would never leave him and that you would never let him fall to darkness. 

Prompt: “You think she’s serious?” “Only one way to find out.” - have fun! ~ @impala-dreamer ++ “Use words with three syllables or less. ” By @imagining-supernatural

A/N: this was really fun to write! The ending is slightly rough but I really like it :D thanks to both ladies :) -entirely unedited by the way-

“Pay attention to me” you groaned, rolling on Dean’s lap and throwing your feet over Sam’s long, Jean clad legs. Both brothers glanced at each other amused, then spared you a look and turned back to the movie playing on the TV. “guuyyys” you groaned, turning your face towards Dean’s stomach.

“Y/n” Dean laughed, trying to move away from you by instinct. “Stop, what are you doing” he pushed at your shoulders, trying to push you away from his belly. You pulled back and stared at him in a half squint.

“You’re ticklish” you accused, mischief clouding your eyes. The right corner of your mouth tugged upwards in a smirk.

“Don’t you dare” he warned, bright green eyes studying every tiny movement​ and dancing between both of yours. Sam’s attention was now on both of you.

The stare-down continued for around thirty seconds and the moment Dean’s eyes turned to Sam’s, you jumped and let your fingers dance over his belly. Dean squirmed and pushed against the couch cushions in attempt of escaping. You laughed as warrior-like cries left Dean’s mouth along with laughter.

The fun stopped, however, when his fingers gripped your wrists and stilled them. Your eyes met his.

“Oh you’re in for it now"he said and smirked. He glanced at Sam and you knew you were screwed.

Suddenly, two pairs of hands pinned you against the couch, you squirming and kicking

“I swear to God, Winchesters, I do bite” You struggled, half serious, half laughing.

“You think she’s serious?” Dean asked his brother, smirking.

“Only one way to find out” Sam shrugged. And suddenly four hands were all over you and the whole bunker was filled with shrieks, laughter, curses and beautiful memories.

@deanssweetheart23 @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester @potato-that-needs-therapy

‘I’m Not Gay’


male x male

If you’re homophobic, get over it. 

Enjoy the gay


“You’re so stupid. I hope you know that, mon ami.”

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Like She’s Mine (part four) - Stiles Stilinski

wow i got such immediate feedback when i posted part three guys, I thought my phone would literally blow up ur all amazing xx

part one
part two
part three

warnings: swearing, pregnancy, sadness, lots of time jumping i hope it’s not too confusing

PART FOUR (august)

“SHIT!” I screamed, whipping the apron over my head, and quickly untying it from behind my back.  Allison came running into the store from the back room.

“What? What? What’s going on?” She asked.

“Can you drive me to the airport?” I asked, hanging up the apron and checking my hair in my phone’s camera.

“Sure when-”

“Now” I said.  Allison’s eyes widened.


“Stiles is flying out today” I begged.  “Please, please, if Lou catches us, I swear Alli, I will cover for you, I will tell her it’s all my fault, please let me say goodbye” Allison sighed, bouncing on her foot for a moment.  The undoing the knot of her apron.

Fine.  But you owe me coffee for a week”


The car ride to the airport was ten minutes.  It was 4:15 now, and Stiles left at 4:30.  My legs were shaking, no, my whole body was shaking.

“Alli, when I next see him, I will have had a baby” Allison parked the car, and looked down at her phone.

“y/n we’ve got six minutes!” She yelled.  We ran out of the car and sprinted through the airport.  “What gate!?” Allison yelled.

“15b!” I said back.  

“y/n we’re not going to make it on time!”

“Yes we will!” I was panting.  Just as we passed 15a, I could see him.  The tall boy with messy soft brown hair.  He was turning, looking everywhere.  A blue paper in his hand, and bags by his feet.  “Stiles!” I yelped, and he spun to look at me.

“y/n!” He called back.  I ran faster until I jumped and was in is arms.  My legs were around his waist and he held me tightly against him.  “I thought you weren’t coming” He cried into my hair.  I shook my head, pulling back and looking at him.  I stood flat on my feet, my arms still wound around his neck.

“Of course I came of course” I cupped his face between my hands for a moment, before letting them fall to his shoulders.  “I couldn’t let you leave me for a year without saying goodbye Stiles”

“If you tell me right now, I’ll stay I swear I’ll figure something else-”

“No, no Stiles I’ve told you all summer this is what you were meant for” You said, rubbing his shoulders slightly.  “And you’re gonna come back next summer, and you’re gonna have the first step of becoming a detective done” I wiped my eyes and stared at him.  “Stiles, I know I’ve told you a thousand times but I’m so incredibly proud of you, this is what you’ve always wanted, and you’ve actually achieved it.  You’ve done amazing, really” He hugged me again tight, and I silently cried, not wanting him to know how much it really hurt.

“Promise me you’ll keep in touch” I nodded.

“Of course”

“And when I come back we’ll pick right back up”

“Stiles it’s not a long distance relationship” I said, laughing through a breath.

“But it is, I just don’t want anything to change” I closed my eyes tight, buying my face further against him.

“Then it won’t” I hummed.

“Take care of Scott for me, Allison can’t handle him on her own” I chuckled slightly, and pulled away, seeing Stiles laugh quietly too.  The brunette a few feet behind me smiled bashfully, and walked up to us.

“Now boarding flight six to DC!”

“That’s you” I said softly, gesturing to the gate.

“Yeah that’s me” He responded.  I hugged him once more, and he squeezed me so tight I almost feared for the baby.  I could tell Allison practically read my mind.

“Alright alright me too” She said quickly, and Stiles released me to give her a hurried side hug.

“Miss you Stilinski”

“You too Argent” He looked at me again, and I gave a small wave.

“I’ll see you later Stiles” I said softly.  He waved back, putting on his backpack, picking up his duffel, and extending the handle of his suitcase.

“You better keep in touch with me y/n”

“Promise” I said, crossing an x over my heart.  I watched as he turned and walked up to the gate, handing the man at the desk his blue ticket.  The man stamped it, handed it back to him, and Stiles made his way onto the plane.  Tears welled in my eyes again.

“Oh, honey” Allison came forward, wrapping her arms around me, and hugging me gently.  “You’ve got me and Scott” She whispered as I cried onto her shoulder.  “We’ll take good care of you” She murmured.  “Whatever you need, we’re here for you, always” I nodded, holding my arms tight around her.  “I told you once how much I loved you and I’m going to give you the support you need, and I still will, I always will”

“Thank you, Allison”


Apparently, you become a whale six months into a pregnancy.  Yes, of course I knew I’d inflate like a blimp, but god, this was ridiculous.  I gave all my converse and any boots I had to tie to Allison and Lydia.  I couldn’t bend over to tie laces anymore.  My life was quite restricted these days.  Sleeping on my back every night.  No more long showers, my feet would hurt.  I gave up on fashion, because god knows nothing cute fit, and maternity clothes were too expensive to deal with.  I lived in sweats.  I barely went out, too nervous someone would recognize me.  After I found out that I was having a girl, I told Lou about the pregnancy. I was now on maternity leave.

Did I mention I got that apartment? It’s nice, because it’s basically a tiny house.  One floor, and a few rooms.  Two bedrooms, two baths, a nice kitchen connected to the dining room, and a pretty spacious living room.  It wasn’t overly expensive, but it put a slight dent in my bank account.  But once I get the ball rolling, get my job back, and stop having to take thirty pills a day, then I’ll be back on my feet.  Hopefully I can see them at the end of all of this.

Allison and I have been looking through many files of parents who want to adopt.  Here and there I’ll see a nice looking family, but it just never seemed good enough.  I wanted the best for my little girl. and as bitter as it sounds, a family could have five stars, but the mother’s smile could be just slightly downturned, and I’d throw the file away.  Allison would give me a look, but she never mentioned the way I judged the new parents of my child.

I mean, their child, that I was just carrying.

“Honey I’m home!” Allison called with a giggle as she entered the apartment.  She didn’t really live here, but when she wasn’t staying at home or with Scott, you’d find her here.  I smiled and waved from where I lay on my back on the couch.  She set her purse down at the kitchen table and kicked her shoes off by the door.  “How was the day?” The brunette asked.  I barely saw her walking into the kitchen.

“You look nice” I said as I caught a glimpse of her navy blue skirt and red short sleeved knit sweater.  A short sleeved sweater.  Only Alli could make it look normal.

“Yeah I’m going out with Scott tonight, just went on a tiny shopping spree” She said, coming into the living room with a glass of water in one hand and a chocolate chip cookie in the other.  “I’m eating your cookies by the way” She announced, mouth already full.  I shrugged, rubbing my hands over my belly.

“They only sounded good for an hour.  I ate one and was satisfied” I asid.  Allison grinned.

“Good, cause there’s like ten left and they’re really good” i smiled and waved my hand dismissively.

‘Thanks, they’re all yours” I said, and she jumped slightly.  I shook my head as the water came out of her glass and droplets fell onto the carpet.


“It’s just water” I said, waving my hand again.

“So how’s baby Allison?” She asked, walking closer and inspecting my stomach.

“We’re not naming her that- we’re not naming her at all” I half scolded, dragging my hands down my face.  Allison frowned.

“Why not? What have we got to lose?”

“Because when you name something, you get attached.  Personally, I can’t afford to get attached to her, so we’re not naming her” Allison sighed.

“Fine” She said, taking another bite from her cookie.  “But I’m still calling her Allison” I rolled my eyes.

“Can you do me a favor and hand me my phone?” I asked, reaching my hand out towards the coffee table where it sat, just out of reach.  Allison nodded, giving it to me.  Five missed texts.  Two from Lydia, one from Stiles.

“I’m gonna go do my hair” Allison announced, heading to the bathroom as I went through my messages.

Lydia: heya girly! How’s the little girly
Lydia: (also don’t tell Alli but her name would have been Lydia, not Allison)

I rolled my eyes.  Don’t they get I can’t keep her? She can’t be named.  I clocked on Stiles’ chat.

Stiles: morning sunshine
Stiles: you’re probably sleeping.  You have been a lot lately I hope you’re not up all night on your internet college
Stiles: I miss you I wish you were here.  Wanna ft later?

I texted back. Saying I was busy with work today, and that I wouldn’t be able to catch a long enough break.  He responded immediately.

Stiles: that means we’re texting all night then, I hope you’ve got K cups left cause you’ll need the caffeine.

I told him that it sounded good, and I’d mark it down in my schedule.  Then again saying that he should get back to class because I knew he was sneaking his phone.

After that I just scrolled through my social media.  Not a lot was there, seeing that I’d just done this a few hours ago, but hey, it was a way to pass the time.  I’d already finished my online classes for the day, and grew bored.  Not a lot for a pregnant girl to do.  Just lay down, watch tv, marvel at how large I’ve gotten, shower shortly, cry while eating ice cream, and pass out randomly.

At least I wasn’t puking anymore.

Eventually I’d gotten myself off the couch, and walked back to my room.  I sunk into the bed, and stuck my feet out in the air.  I laughed to myself at the fact I could only see the blue toes.  Allison painted them last week much to my protests.  She didn’t think that me saying ‘I can’t see them what’s the point?’ was a liable excuse not to do it.  But I chuckled as I continued rocking, sticking my feet out over and over and laughing bitterly.

I did this until I felt a slight pushing sensation in my stomach.  My eyes widened, and a small smile pulled on my lips.  I held my hands over my stomach, feeling another push.

It was a kick.

“You like that Madi?” I asked softly, lifting my shirt just enough to show the skin of my stomach.  I rose my feet again and quickly dropped them, earning another kick.  Tears welled in my eyes.  My little girl was kicking.  My little Madison…

“Hey y/n did you move the hair dry-” Allison walked in, hands holding a towel as she quickly rubbed her hair with it.  I froze, staring at her practically petrified.  She gave me a knowing smile, and crossed her arms.  She looked at me like she just found out my biggest secret.

“I thought we weren’t getting attached?” I whimpered, hanging my head down in my hands.



“ALLISON DRIVE FASTER!” I screamed from the backseat of her car.

Okay, rewind to a few hours ago.

Allison was eating lunch with Scott, he’d swung by my apartment to pick her up, and I promptly stayed back in my room so he wouldn’t see my baby bump.  Which was actually more like fucking jupiter now.  But I still hollered a goodbye and told them to have a nice time.  I’d laid in the living room, reading a magazine on Brad and Angelina’s divorce, when suddenly-

“Did I just piss myself?” I muttered in embarrassment.  Two seconds later I could’ve sworn someone grabbed my intestines and ripped them out.  Oh no.

I’d hastily but shakily dialed Allison’s number, and told her to get me now.

“Now- now you’re having the baby?” She stuttered.  I could hear Scott yelling in the background but I was freaking out too much to care.

“Yes now and I NEED you to come drive me to the hospital!” I was crying now as the pain of the contractions just worsened.  There was a few muffled whispered that I barely caught wind off, but again I was too hurt to care if Scott knew.

“y/n, y/n we’re getting in the car right now it’s all going to be okay we’re on our way” Allison said calmly.  I could hear the smile in her voice.


“You want me to stay in the phone with you?” I nodded, before realizing she couldn’t see me.

“Ye-yeah yes please yes”

She continued to coo to me, telling me it would be okay, and how there was just a few more moments before she would be here.  I never really responded, I was crying to hard and groaning to much.  I could tell it made her since but she kept her soft tone and sweet words.

I was halfway for passing out when she burst into the apartment, and the world was in slow motion around me.  Allison was grinning, as was Scott but he had eyes that held more questions than I had answers for.  

“Stay awake, stay awake it’s okay” Allison’s arms wound around me, leading me out of the room and out of the apartment.

“Hurts-” I whined.

“Shh… shh it’s okay” I don’t really remember getting into the car.

The next thing I was conscious of was a man in a white coat setting me down into a wheelchair.  He asked me a question I didn’t quite hear, and I looked to Allison.

“Do you want me to stay with you?” She said to me.  “He’s asking if you want me there” I nodded.

“Please” I whispered.  Allison smiled and nodded back, quietly giving me an ‘of course’ and walking with me as I was wheeled into a room.

Screaming, a lot of screaming I almost thought I was going to die.  It legitimately felt like every bone in my body was breaking.

“y/n, y/n we just need you to take deep breaths, and push”

I didn’t even remember getting onto the cot, or holding onto Allison’s hand but I realized when she yelped.  I squeezed too hard.

“S-sorry” I panted.

“It’s okay, you’re okay, you’re doing great” She assured, squeezing my hand as well.

I think in the three hours it took, I scarred Allison in ways that were irreversible.  The doctors and horde of nurses took my baby to the nursery while I rested.  Allison was sat in one of those uncomfortable hospital chairs next to me, still holding my hand on the mattress.

“Does it feel better now?” She asked softly, holding a cool wet rag against my head.  

“Hell yes.  Don’t ever have kids, adopt mine” I chuckled, then felt a pang of regret in my chest.

“What?” Allison asked, brows furrowing in worry.  I raised a brow in silent question.  “You just looked like you were thinking, the hurting kind of thinking” Her fingers stroked gently over the back of my hand.

“Does… does it make me a bad person? Giving away a child?” Allison pondered for a moment, then shook her head.

“No.  If you truly believe you can’t give her the life we know she deserves, then no, it makes you a responsible person” I bit my lip, and her brows furrowed again.  “y/n look-”

“Miss l/n” We looked up to the door, seeing a nurse from earlier in blue scrubs, and holding a pink bundle of blankets.  “I have your baby here, would you like to hold her?” Yes.  But I didn’t answer right away, just continued to think about whether or not I was doing the right thing.  I looked over to Allison, who gave me a sweet smile, as though saying I could choose what I wanted to do.  The woman stood patiently, beginning to softly rock my little girl.

“Yes please” I answered her so quietly I was sure she didn’t hear me, but sure enough she smiled widely and came over to me, carefully placing her in my arms.  Tears grew in my eyes as I looked down at her.  She was beautiful.

She had Theo’s light eyes, but hers a much brighter blue.  Her nose was a tiny button, and her skin was fair.  I could tell her hair would grow to be like mine.

“Wow” Allison whispered next to me, and Madi- the baby’s- eyes went to her.  Instantly she giggled a small hiccup of a laugh, and held her arm out towards my face.  I admit, I cried when I reached my finger to her and she clasped her small hand around it.

“Allison she’s… she’s beautiful” I cried in a whimper.  “Is Scott still here?” I asked, rocking my girl back and forth slightly.

“Yeah, he’s waiting in the hall” She told me.

“You can let him in” I said with a small smile.

“You sure?” I nodded, and Allison stood swiftly and left the room nearly silently.

“Hi Madi” I said softly, smiling down at the girl about to fall asleep in my hold.  “You’re a beautiful little girl” I told her.  “I wish I could have more time with you, I know you’re going to be such a great kiddo” More tears fell down my face, and her smile fell.  She gave my finger a squeeze that was feather light, but noticeable.  “I hope one day-one day-” I choked.  “You’ll let me s-see you” The door opened again, and Allison was smiling, talking with her hands.

“Oh Scott she’s just ador- y/n?” Allison saw me crying and hurried over.  “Hey, hey honey what’s wrong?” She asked.  But I shook my head, unsure of the words to say.  “Hey…. shh it’s okay” She cooed softly, petting my hair, then petting my child’s bald head.  I could see Scott growing closer.  He smiled gently at me, and it was like we were at a silent understanding.  “y/n? What’s going on?” I sniffled, stroking the backs of my fingers against Madi’s face.

“I can’t give her away Alli” I said, tears still rushing down my face.  “I can’t give my little girl away”

drumroll please! aaaaaannndddd BOOM.  CONFLICT!

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299 or 104 with Jamilton please? Also wanted to take this moment to say I love your writing :)

how about i give you both for being so sweet? :D enjoy!

Word Count: 476

Warnings: swearing 

“He’s such a loudmouth,” Thomas hissed to James as he glared at Alexander across the classroom. The debate club was taking a break from their heated discussion wherein Alex had destroyed the opposing team. “He’s the worst. He’s just so cocky.”

James snorted, and Thomas was offended. “What?” he demanded of his shorter friend.

“You two are perfect for each other,” James laughed.

“What?!” Thomas cried again. “We are not! You’re crazy!”

Wanna bet?” Jemmy chuckled, giving his friend a sly look.

“What are you talking about?” Thomas asked, rolling his eyes.

“I dare you to go up to him and start flirting. I guarantee you’ll be making out within minutes.”

Thomas considered it. “Fine. Twenty bucks.”

“Deal,” James said, and they shook hands. Thomas was surprised. James normally wouldn’t take bets over ten dollars… he must be really sure about this one. Thomas started sweating. What if his friend was right?

Trying to look confident in himself, he walked across the room to his enemy. He was aware that James was following behind, most likely to watch whatever was about to go down.

“Hamilton,” he said loudly. “Can we talk outside?”

Alexander turned to look at him cockily. “Whatever,” he replied.

As soon as they were outside, Thomas tried to lay on the charm.

“Hey… I just wanted to say, I know I’m supposed to hate you and everything, but… you’re really smart. You won that debate hands-down, and, you know, I really respect you.”

“What the fuck?” Alexander said, taken aback by Thomas’ sudden kindness, but feeling a blush creep into his cheeks.

“I just… I feel like we could be friends, you know? Or… more than that?” Thomas shot him a smoldering look, knowing full well that James was watching from the window of the classroom door.

I hate you,” Alex said, his voice faltering a little.

Thomas glanced over Alexander’s shoulder at James, who was looking quite pleased.

No you don’t,” Thomas said, taking a step toward the indignant student.

Thomas bent down to place a firm kiss on Alex’s mouth. He expected Alexander to pull away. He truly did, or else he wouldn’t have taken it so far. But their lips met, and Thomas felt a warmth begin in the pit of his stomach as he wrapped his arms around the smaller boy. Alexander reciprocated everything, holding tight to Thomas, he leaned into it like he needed the kiss to survive.

When they pulled apart, they were both significantly redder, each sporting swollen lips.

“Maybe I don’t,” Alex said weakly, looking up with Thomas with a new emotion behind his eyes; longing.

“Fuck.” Thomas said.

“What?” Alex asked.

“I don’t hate you either,” he laughed, and brought his lips down to Alex’s again. When they pulled apart, he saw James grinning through the window.  He laughed. “Plus, I’m out twenty bucks.”

I saw this post and just had to write a bunch of oneshots based on it. I couldn’t choose one ship so just did them all XD

“Mahiru, the alarm. Why is the alarm going off on a weekend?” Kuro mumbled and buried his face into his pillow in a feeble attempt to block out the sun. The alarm continued to ring and Kuro groaned. “Mahiru, make it stop!”

Kuro pushed himself onto his elbow despite sleep still weighing down on him. Beside him, Mahiru was still asleep and he was curled into a ball. A smile spread across Kuro’s face when he saw Mahiru defenseless expression. He had stayed up late for a project and he must’ve been tired. “You overworked yourself again. Can’t you take care of yourself before everyone else for once?”

Honestly, Kuro loved that aspect of Mahiru. That kindness saved him and Kuro would do anything to repay him. Kuro reached over Mahiru and turned off the alarm. He also pulled the curtain closed so the sunlight wouldn’t wake Mahiru.

“Kuro?” Mahiru voice was thick with sleep. He shifted next to him and Kuro thought that he had woken up. But Mahiru only turned in his sleep and wrapped his arms around Kuro’s waist. He couldn’t move without waking Mahiru so he laid back onto the bed. Kuro could hear Mahiru’s heartbeat and its rhythm sounded like a soft lullaby to him. Kuro began to drift off again until he was asleep.

A long time ago, Kuro wouldn’t have thought that he could have a such a peaceful morning. He never thought he would be able to feel someone’s warmth next to him. He never thought that he would wake to a soft smile. He thought he didn’t deserve it.

But now, Kuro couldn’t imagine a morning without Mahiru.

“You cold, Chibi?” Tetsu asked Misono who was trembling slightly. They were cuddled under a blanket and watching a movie. Tetsu was tall and he took up most of the blanket. They didn’t have a larger blanket at the Alicein mansion so he pulled Misono closer to his side and adjusted the blanket around them.

“I’m okay,” Misono blushed when their arms brushed. Tetsu didn’t react and merely continued watching the movie. But Misono was becoming so flustered that he could barely concentrate on the movie. “Wait, why are they going out of the spaceship without a spacesuit? They do know that they’ll die, don’t they?”

“Maybe it’s magic.” Tetsu suggested despite the movie setting place in the real world.

“Maybe the writers are just dumb. Even a monkey can write a better script by banging his head on a typewriter!” Misono criticized and wondered why Mahiru would suggest they watch the movie. He could point out countless inaccuracies and found himself ranting. He felt Tetsu’s eyes on him and turned to him. “What? You don’t think it’s bad?”

“I was thinking that you’re really smart. I like that.” Misono could never understand how Tetsu could compliment him so casually. But his eyes were honest and full of admiration that Misono knew Tetsu was only speaking his thoughts. Tetsu could make him blush without trying and Misono wished that he could make Tetsu flustered as well.

“You want some more manju? I can get DoDo to get us more.” Misono tried to distract himself from his racing heart. The plate was still half full but Tetsu didn’t comment on it. Misono had ordered Mitsuki to buy them for Tetsu since he knew they were his favourite.

“Can you feed me?” Tetsu asked in a surprisingly small voice and Misono’s sharply turned to face him. He was blushing slightly and scratching his cheek. Seeing Tetsu blush was rare so Misono had to give in when he saw it. He took one of the manju and feed it to him. When he would’ve pulled away, Tetsu leaned forward and innocently held a manju against his lips. “Here.”

“Thanks,” Misono ate the manju and it tasted sweeter than usual.

“Lawless!” He jumped when someone called his name and he followed the voice. Lawless ran into the great hall just as someone came barreling towards him. He was disorientated for a moment and a torrent of frills landed in his arms. He still hadn’t fully orientated himself when he felt warm hands cupping his face. “Thanks for saving me, Lawless.”

“Why did you leave me like that, Ophelia? You’re my Eve so you can’t just go disappearing on me.” Lawless insisted but she only gave him a carefree shrug. Earlier she had sent him to get some cookies from the kitchen but when he came back, she was gone.

“The kids came by and said they wanted to show me something right away.” Ophelia explained. “Anyways, I know that you’ll always find me.”

Lawless blushed at her words and quickly changed the topic. “So what did they want to show you?”

“We’re dancing. Take off your shoes and come join us!” Ophelia held out her hands to him. He looked around the hall and saw that children were sliding across the floor in their socks. The floor was freshly waxed and that allowed them to glide smoothly. “Be careful, this is a little trickier than those kids make it look.”

Ophelia held both of his hands in hers and they struggled to stand as one because the floor was slippery. Even when they fell again, Ophelia only laughed. It sounded like a bird song to him and he knew that he would follow that song no matter where it led him. She was a princess and he was a vampire so he knew that they could never be together.

But he was greedy and would take every moment she would give him.

“Hold onto my hands.” Lawless told her and she nodded. She didn’t question him for a moment or hesitate. He floated in the air slightly and helped her to her feet. Through all the battles and wars, he had always been someone she could depend on. Still floating above her, he lifted her knuckles to his lips and kissed them. “May I have this dance.”

“You may, good sir, but you must come down from there.” Lawless lowered himself in front of her and she placed her hands on his shoulder. Together, they glided over the floor. She rested her head on his shoulder and whispered so only he could hear her. “I wish everyone could know peace like this.”

“It’s a nice thought.” Lawless had to agree. He couldn’t have known how dangerous that wish was. Because in the end, they were both greedy.

“Lichtan, protect me with your angelic light!” Hyde cried when another jump scare appeared on screen. The popcorn they had went flying and scattered on the ground. Licht didn’t know if he should sigh or scowl at Hyde. He settled on a scowl when Hyde began to cling onto him. “Aren’t you scared, Lichtan?”

“Of course not. If those demons try to attack me, I’ll just send them back to hell. You’re a vampire and you’re afraid of these kinds of movies?” Licht clicked his tongue. Hyde was sitting behind him but Licht could feel his arms shaking slightly. Licht had seen so many sides of him, from his boisterous personality to his insecurities, but Hyde was always surprising him.

“Hey, Lichtan, if those guys come for us, I’ll protect you. It doesn’t matter how scared I am, I’m going to protect you.” Hyde whispered. Licht turned his head to see Hyde’s expression but he was already hiding his face in Licht’s neck.

“I don’t need you to save me. I can protect myself.” Licht told him and felt Hyde’s grip falter around him until it tightened around him once again. Hyde refused to let go and he had no intention of doing so ever again. The last time he let someone he loved slip through his arms, he lost them. He didn’t say the words out loud but Licht knew he had those thoughts.

“You don’t need to protect me because I have no intention of dying on you.” Licht told him with conviction. Hyde didn’t respond or lift his head from his shoulder. He felt Licht’s hand thread through his hair and its warmth spread through his body.

Suddenly, Licht tugged at his hair. “Hey, are you watching the movie or trying to sneak a bite? I swear you’re impossible!”

“Wait, I wasn’t trying to do anything!” Hyde cried when Licht kicked him off the couch. He had to dodge the kick Licht aimed at him. “Why are you being so violent after we were having a moment? Is this because you were getting shy? Lichtan!”

“Something smells nice in here.” Tsurugi commented when he walked into their apartment. A pleasant smell filled their home and it made the dreary apartment a little more welcoming. He lived in the C3 headquarters most of his life but it was nothing more than a room to him. Now, with someone waiting for him, it was a home. “Did you order that fancy shit, Kuni-chan?”

“What are you doing back so early?” Tsurugi heard Mikuni’s voice call him from the kitchen and he walked into the sparse room. He was surprised to find Mikuni cooking since they would often order food to eat. Mikuni looked over his shoulder and gave him an annoyed expression. “I thought you had a mission.”

“I tried to finish it fast so I could see you again. I thought you would be lonely without me.” Tsurugi sat at the kitchen table and laughed when Mikuni rolled his eyes in irritation. Honestly, Tsurugi loved to tease him because his expressions were entertaining. “So, what are you making us?”

“Us? If you’re just going to sit there like a freeloader, this is for me and JeJe. If you want to eat, you better help me cook.” Mikuni answered and Tsurugi chuckled to himself. It was a battle of wills to see who would give into the other first. “Either you help or find another way to pay for your dinner.”

Me pay you? No, no, Kuni-chan, that’s not how this relationship works.” Tsurugi walked behind him and casually hugged him from behind. “You love me so much that you’ll pay anything for my love.”

“I wouldn’t pay you a yen for something you give me for free.” Mikuni retorted. He waved his chopsticks threateningly and tried to untangle himself from Tsurugi. “Hey, where do you think your hands are going? Let go of me so I can cook! One of us could get burn and it’s most certainly going to be you.”

“Don’t make that scary face, Kuni-chan.” Tsurugi let him go. But they both knew that their game was far from over. He sat at the table again and was surprised when Mikuni placed a cutting board and a bowl of vegetables in front of him. “What do you expect me to do with this?”

“I told you that you’re only eating if you help. So, cut them.” Mikuni ordered him. Tsurugi forged a thoughtful expression that didn’t fool Mikuni. He could already hear Tsurugi’s cheeky reply.

But any retort he had prepared disappeared when he saw the bandages on Tsurugi’s arm. They were fresh. Lately, Touma would send him on solo missions. If Mikuni was more honest with himself, he would admit that he was worried. He doubted someone as absentminded as Tsurugi was taking of himself or eating properly so decided to cook dinner for him.

“Hmm… Don’t feel like it.” Tsurugi elongated his words and Mikuni’s brow twitched. Why did he even bother with a person like him? Tsurugi reached up and pulled Mikuni closer to him. “Maybe I’ll feel more motivated if you gave me an advance on my allowance.”

“Fine.” Mikuni leaned down and kissed him briefly. “Now get to work.”

When Mikuni started to pull away, Tsurugi wrapped his arms around his neck to keep him in place. “Nope, not enough. I need a whole week worth of motivation!”

My method of murder is to drown my victims in fluff XD I was thinking of making this pure fluff but I just couldn’t stop myself from adding those ref to Ophelia’s death.

Side Story: She-wolf (NSFW)

A/N: This was supposed to be an entry, that’s why it’s written from Zelda’s point of view. Part two of the last post.

I should make a Smut Sunday probably. 

Enjoy, darlings.


My heart was still racing after today’s events. I was already in bed, feeling restless. I got out of bed and looked at the landscape: snow was still falling, covering all the land in white. The wind was strong, waving the banners and flags furiously. The bright full moon peeked through the storm clouds.

I had a large knot in my loins that made me feel dazed, and my breathing agitated. It was the same feeling I had when we were kissing - actually making out, in courtier terms - before for Goddesses know how long in my chamber, but it had increased greatly, for the cause -and solution- of these sensations was away from my immediate reach, but so close at the same time.

I looked at the mirror door that separated our rooms. Without a second thought I came close, opened the door, and silently went through the passage to reach Link’s room, just like I had done days before. 

The parted curtains lit dimly the place, covering all in a soft light.

He was sleeping soundly, sprawled on the middle of the bed, shirtless. The covers of the bed were piled on the footboard.

My lips parted, and my mouth went dry, preventing a gasp leaving my throat.

His body was sinfully, obscenely perfect; clearly more lean and muscular than that time I accidentally saw him in Ordon, product of his rigorous daily training. Faded scars and some freckles were sprinkled all over his tanned skin, making him even more tempting.

As I observed him in silence a tidal wave of thoughts came to my head, none of them precisely demure.

I wanted to touch and taste his skin.

I wanted to breathe his scent.

I wanted to feel his body next to mine.

I wanted him all over me.

I desired him so badly.

My fingers grazed his right forearm. His skin was so exquisitely warm despite his state of undress. It felt a bit rough, but it was such a nice contrast against my fingertips.

Would the rest of his body feel the same?

His eyes half opened at my touch.

‘Zelda, what are you doin’ here?’, he mumbled, sitting on the bed.

‘I just could not sleep’, I whispered. ‘Can I lie with you?’

Link swallowed hard, as if being more awake after those words, and nodded. He started moving to his left.

‘Stay right where you are, please’, I interrupted him, as I climbed on the bed and straddled him, lifting the hem of my nightgown to avoid stumbling.

I felt his heartbeat racing as my fingertips softly caressed his chest. He looked me up and down for a while, as if he was thinking this was all a hazy dream.

‘I will not do anything you do not want’, I cleared up, ‘if you want me to leave, I…’

‘Please don’t. I want you…’- he hesitated - ‘to stay with me’, then reached my face for a kiss.

It was soft and tender in the beginning, escalating into a hungry, wet, passionate kiss. More than enough to light the fire of lust in me. I just wanted to tear my clothes apart and melt into him.

I moaned into his mouth as his hands trailed to my neck, my hair standing on end. I grabbed the hem of my nightgown to take it off, breaking the kiss, to then throw it away.

Wanting him to ravish me vanquished any sense of decorum I might have had.

Link brushed my already messy hair behind my back, leaving my body completely uncovered.

‘Goddesses… you are… so fucking gorgeous’, he panted. ‘You’re unbelievable’.

I felt my cheeks heat even more than they already were.

‘Touch me’, I whispered.

‘Happy to oblige’, Link answered.

His hands roamed all over my skin, starting from my thighs, squeezing them softly, to move slowly to my hips and waist. He kept moving upwards, stopping on the beauty mark on my chest, then sliding them to my breasts, to end on my neck again. The tender and soft touch of his rough fingers elicited a chain of gasps and sighs from my mouth as he trailed up my body. I clung to him, caressing his back slowly, kissing his neck, breathing his scent of dewy grass.

His manhood pulsed strongly against me; I felt the silky fabric of my underwear getting wet and a warm sensation between my legs at the contact of his arousal. I grinded my hips against him, to have another taste of it, not getting enough of the delicious warmth.

‘I want you’ - I cried - ‘inside me’.

I could swear his heart stopped for a second.

I never thought such lewd words could ever come out of my mouth.

‘A-are you sure?’, he stammered, ‘there’s no way b- back from here’. He sighed. ‘we will be each other’s firsts’.

I smiled.

‘If I did not want you I would not be here’. I kissed him softly.

I undid the laces on the sides of my knickers to take them off. Link admired for a moment what was unveiled, before removing his pants.

As I grew up, I always heard the stories of the ladies of the court - with varying degrees of raciness. Their stories were certainly enlightening regarding sex, but I guess no one is completely ready to face their first time.

There’s absolutely no way that thing is going to fit inside me, I thought. I was in a strange place between arousal and nervousness.

I took a deep breath, letting instinct and lust guide me.

Since he was still seated, I straddled him again, to slowly let him go inside me. I took his manhood in my hand to place it, opening myself a bit. He groaned - and Goddesses, it was the most arousing thing I had ever heard.

I must confess I really, really liked how it felt to tease him and have him at my mercy.

Bit by bit I welcomed him into my body. Shocks of pain made me wince as I was sliding him inside me. The pain subsided slowly once all his length was in me.

‘Are you alright?’, he asked worried, as he moved a strand of hair from my face.

I nodded, waiting for a moment to catch my breath. Our bodies fit so nicely together.

We resumed kissing, as I slowly started moving on top of him. Every time I thrusted or grinded my hips I could feel every pulsation and twitch of him inside me. It felt insanely good.

Hisses, growls, and panting replaced any form of words between us, our primal instincts taking over us completely. Our names faded into moans; our bodies lost themselves in a tide of new sensations, full of exciting and unknown pleasures.

Every time his hands wandered over my back, and his mouth over my breasts or my neck, my walls got wetter and I felt pleasure rising at my core. Even despite our lack of experience, we knew each other’s bodies from memory, as if we had done this forever.

I desperately wanted more, and more, and more of it.

I thrusted and twisted my hips until the pleasure burst and spread all over my body, making my head go fuzzy, and tremble, and moan, and dig my nails onto Link’s skin. His small caresses sent shivers up and down my back.

My panting slowed down as I came back to my senses, and the glorious, blissful sensation of my orgasm settled down.

‘You good?, he whispered tenderly, kissing my cheek. My obviously wide and pleased smile made him chuckle. ‘I’ll take that as a yes’.

And then, without notice, he pulled out, held me tight, and laid me slowly, to end up underneath him.

‘I won’t let you hog all the fun’ - he kissed my neck - ‘I haven’t had my share yet’.

I was so lost in my own pleasure I completely forgot about the fact a certain part of him was still hard. Not that I complained.

He slowly slid inside me again, and rested his weight on his elbows.

‘Am I too heavy?’, Link asked me.

I shook my head.

‘I actually find it enjoyable’. I caressed his neck, grazing the nape of his neck with my nails. He shivered, and started thrusting.

I felt like I was going to melt under him, with his deep kisses, his hands now holding firmly onto my hips, the contact with his already sweaty, heated skin. I wanted him deeper inside me, and begged him for more.

He indulged my wishes, mercilessly thrusting and teasing me, as if I had unleashed something in him, something wild and feral, strangely befitting of him, despite his sweet, contained, and bashful exterior.

The tables had turned now: his savage tenderness had me at his mercy.

Pleasure pooled inside me again, more intensely, my craving making me moan and arch my back and scream his name, reveling into the blissful release for a second time, so intense and overwhelming, I could swear my mind went blank for some seconds.

He kept his merciless rhythm, even after my release, until I felt his whole body tensed and trembled; an exquisite, satisfied groan escaped from his lips. He pulled out of me so fast, I did not realize what he did until a moment later.

We panted and giggled, almost in unison, foreheads touching, then kissing each other softly and tenderly.

I could not believe we had been denying ourselves such pleasure, joy, and bliss for so long.

Once we caught our breath, Link got up and rushed to the bath, coming back with a towel.

I incorporated, resting my weight on my elbows. I noticed my belly was sprinkled with his seed, thick and abundant.

‘There is absolutely no way I’d put you honor into risk’, he said as he cleaned up my skin. ‘Even though you are the wildest thing I’ve seen in my life, you’re still the Queen of this land’.

I smiled at his remark. His protectiveness is endearing. Although him being naked was quite distractive.

He went back to leave the dirty towel in the bath, then returning to the bed.

‘I dunno how to say this…’ -he inhaled deeply -  ‘Would’ya like to sleep with me tonight? Even though I’ll get up with the Sun?’

‘I’d love to’, I answered, kissing him. 'I will have to return to my bedroom sooner or later’.

We cuddled under the covers, face to face, skin to skin.

‘Goodnight, my she-wolf’, he said with a yawn.

‘Excuse me? Why “she-wolf”?’, I demanded a decent explanation. 'you were the one with the fluffy fur and wild eyes!’

‘It’s full moon. You’re a beautiful, wild thing. I’m an innocent country bumpkin - he snuggled against my neck - I love you’.

‘I love you too’, I chuckled. ‘Goodnight’.

That night, I slept deeply than I ever had, dreaming of the grassy fields and slopes of Ordon, and woke up with the cold, Winter sun to a sight I shall treasure for eternity.






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