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Barry is banned from the kitchen because he threw eggs with parachutes off the second floor:

“Why in the FUCK would you waste my organic free range eggs??!!?” Lup asked,

Barry only nodded solemnly, quite drunk and under the influence of at minimum four (4) psychedelic substances, and then said,

“For Aerodynamics!” 


Well, lookie here. The third set to be revealed this week is none other than the Season 2 hoodies themselves! Together with Tea Matsus and Nordic Matsus, we’ll be getting this new 3-star Raglan Hoodie set on the 20th at 18:00 Japan Time!

So let me know! Which background sprite concerns you the most? Are you happy that Jyushi the Conehead has returned? Or maybe you’re more into Ichimatsu-sama? What the ever loving fuck is Kara doing? Answer down in the tags!

~Mod Ichi

  • Shiro: What’s going on, Pidge?
  • Pidge: I’m assisting Coran with his repair of the drive core shielding.
  • Shiro: Oh. I should leave you to it then.
  • Pidge: We can talk if you like, Shiro. It is routine proced… Uh oh.
  • Shiro, panicked: What?! What happened?
  • Pidge: Nothing… unless you have strong feelings about gamma radiation.
  • Shiro: …Not funny, Pidge.
  • Pidge: I almost had you there.

anonymous asked:

I have really bad anger issues and I really hate that because I don't like hurting people just because I can't control my feelings. I know you're still get mad sometimes but you've been much better than before, so I was wondering if you maybe have some suggestions that could help that aren't "exercise more" or "go see a professional" or "just calm down"

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